Title: Football
Series: Full Moon Fic(let)
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Category: M/M
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski
Tags: Full Moon Ficlet, One-Shot, All Human AU, Deaf!Stiles, First Time
Summary: Derek Hale has been sidelined for three months while he heals up from an injury. He’s lost his love of football and kind of just wants to quit until he meets Stiles Stilinski, the newest addition to Derek’s team, as a goalkeeper.
Word Count: 4,661
Year: Future
Spoilers: Everything
Notes: One-Shot for Full Moon Ficlet. No more will be written for this.
Beta: ScarsLikeVelvet

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Derek grimaced as he slowed down to a jog. He walked off the ache that was building and knew that he needed to walk home and not jog home. He was better than he had been, but he still wasn’t good enough to train even a little bit with the team. He was still isolated when he was training at the same time as the team. He hated it.

It probably wasn’t going to be long before he retired. He wasn’t sure how long he had left being a footballer. Still, Derek loved the game; he just didn’t have the heart for it anymore.

He looked at the group of people who were playing in the park. He had seen them a lot over the last few weeks when he had been allowed to run in the mornings again. He decided to work through his cooldown routine and settle in to watch them. He found that they were pretty good players despite obviously not playing professionally. It looked like how he used to be playing back at home in Beacon Hills. He sometimes missed home, but he had made his home here in the Manchester area.

“Wanna play?” a girl asked as she settled in beside Derek on the bench.

“Nah, I can’t,” Derek said.

“Well, they aren’t going to care if you can’t play. They sound serious, but they are not.”

“No, I can play. I’m just recovering from an injury, so I really can’t hurt myself again.”

A sharp whistle had Derek looking up at the man who had been playing keeper for the players. He had his fingers in his mouth, and the gloves were between his knees. He made a sign with his fingers, and the girls laughed before looking at Derek.

“He doesn’t want me talking to you. He’s missed quite a few goals lately when he’s been watching you run when you started to run in the park.”

Derek looked at the man to see that he looked upset but not anymore pissed off than he had been when the girl had been first talking to him.

A whistle happened again, and Derek was a little miffed at that, but he stopped when he saw the man signing more.

“Aww, he wants to know what I am saying since I have my head turned. He’s cute when he’s upset. Have a good day.” The woman got up and walked over to where the keeper was, and she turned the man away and walked him over to the net again.

The rest of the players were all getting drinks, so it seemed he had been noticed on a break this time.

Derek settled in to watch them play more. He had nothing to do as today was an off day on training; he was still supposed to do his own PT at home since it was the kind of thing he could do on his own. He was allowed to do that kind of thing since he wasn’t stupid with it. He did not push too hard to get back. He would rather heal up and then play again when he wasn’t going to hurt himself again.

The goalkeeper looked at Derek a few times during the play, but his eyes didn’t stay on Derek for too long.

“Yellow, you fucking shit,” the goalkeeper said when the game was done, and one of the other players had come running at him and tackled him.

Derek frowned. He wasn’t sure what he had assumed about him, but that he could talk wasn’t one of them. The American accent was a shock as well. Derek didn’t meet too many fellow Americans who lived in the area who hadn’t been there a while. Though, Derek had no clue how long he had been there.

“I’m hungry!” another of the players yelled, but his accent was more what Derek was used to.

“You are always hungry,” the player who had tackled the goalkeeper said.

“Why don’t we invite the dark and handsome?” the woman from before asked.

Derek got up then because he really didn’t want to invade whatever meal they were going to eat.

‘Hale!” one of them yelled.

Derek swallowed because he had hoped none of them knew who he really was. He turned around.

“How the fuck do you know his name?” the girl asked.

“I swear if there aren’t tits bouncing, you don’t even pay attention to anything, Erica. Derek Hale, Beacon Hills Golden boy. Though he has a few others who are fighting for that.” The man who had tackled the goalkeeper walked over to where Derek was and held out his hand. “Jackson Whittemore.”

Derek knew that name. He had no clue what the hell he was doing here when he played for Chelsea. Derek hadn’t played him yet as he had been brought over from the US at the close of the transfer window.

“The offer is fully open on coming to eat with us. We go sweaty, so you don’t need to worry about changing.”

“I shouldn’t, Derek said. He looked at the keeper who was looking at them.

“That’s cool. We are here every time that Stiles and I have a day off. You don’t always see me. He’s got more time off than I do, well, at least time off that he can do this. When you are allowed to play again, join us. Mostly it’s just us, but sometimes we have others who couldn’t be here due to classes.”

Derek knew that a few of them looked to be college age. Thinking about that made Derek think of Spencer, who hadn’t talked to Derek in over a year. Derek had been an asshole to him, and he knew it, but Spencer had been a right asshole back. He should text him.

“Bye,” Derek said. He pulled his cell phone out of the case it was in on his arm and opened up the texting app to text Spencer. He might get cussed at, given the time difference, but he was okay with that.

The sound of the ringtone that Spencer had for Derek played around the area, and Derek stopped in his tracks. He turned around and looked until he saw the one person he hadn’t noticed before under a tree with his head down. The man was grabbing his phone and trying to silence it.

“Smooth, Hale,” Jackson called out.

“Fuck you!” Spencer yelled back.

Derek walked over to where Spencer was still trying to act like he wasn’t there. Derek tapped his foot against Spencer’s. “How in the hell did you talk her into letting you come here?”

“Well, it helped that Stiles and Jackson were already here. Well, Stiles has been here since he graduated high school, but Jackson just transferred.

“So these are the friends you made who were older.” Derek dropped down to sit beside his brother.

“Yeah. I don’t always like Erica, but she’s a good person under the bluster.”

“Erica, who liked Stiles but then found out she only liked girls at the same time that Stiles figured out he only liked guys?” Derek remembered that bit of drama from before. He looked at the people there and realized that he could probably name all of them off with ease.

“Join us?” Spencer asked.

Derek nodded. Spencer shoved himself up and hugged the shit out of Derek, who hugged him back.

“Okay, who was going to tell me that the hottie that Stiles was lusting over was Derek Fucking Hale?” Erica demanded.

Spencer started to laugh.

On his first full day of training with the team, Derek looked at the new faces across the field. With the transfer window closing, the team had picked up a few new people who Derek hadn’t seen at all since he had last played a game on opening day at Old Trafford. He knew they had picked up the goalkeeper Mieczyslaw Stilinski from Leeds. Derek had heard there was something that pissed off some fans about that, but he didn’t follow rumors. Derek saw that the goalkeepers were all on the side of the training ground, but one was off on his own. Derek saw the name, and he started to walk over to him.

“Hey, Stilinski!” Derek yelled. The man didn’t react. Derek frowned, and he looked over at Dean.

“Oh hey, yeah. Here you go,” Dean said. He waved, and someone threw him a ball, and then Derek watched in horror as Dean kicked it toward Stilinski. It bounced and hit Stilinski on the ass before bouncing away.

Stilinski turned around, and Derek felt the world shift a little under his feet. It was Stiles.

“No one is around to signal him, so yeah, he’s used to getting a love tap from balls. Don’t worry. He said his friend used to pelt him with them.”

“If he’s talking about Jackson, I can see that.”

“What?” Dean asked.

“I met him a few weeks back. He’s a Yank like me, from the same hometown, actually.”

“Small world.”

Derek nodded and headed over to where Stiles was standing.

“I can see why you like the nickname of Stiles,” Derek said. He had learned how to say Mieczysław, but he had hoped that the man had a nickname of some kind. “So, this slipped your mind on telling me?”

Stiles glared at Derek, but there was no heat in it.

“I didn’t get to talk too much at brunch that day. Spencer and Jackson took over your entire conversation. I assumed one of those two did. I’m not all that shocked Jackass didn’t tell you, but I am shocked about Spencer. It must have slipped his mind.”

“So you are the backup, which is all good. How does a lot of this work?” Derek tugged at his ear.

“I have someone who will translate for me when I can’t understand the words said. I have been going deaf for a long time, a birth defect that couldn’t be corrected. So I had a long time to get used to this, and everything was kind of figured out before Leeds even lured me over here.”

Derek nodded his head to that. He had worked with a goalkeeper who couldn’t speak before, and it had worked out just fine. Derek was all for letting people go for their dreams. It seemed like Stiles was able to play even with his disability. He was more than happy about that.

“So, you get to tell me all of the shit my brother has done since we stopped talking that he’s too scared to tell me.”

Stiles laughed and shook his head.

A ball came flying and rolled until it hit Stiles in the foot. Stiles looked up and then back at Derek.

“Gotta go. Maybe we can talk after practice.”

Derek heard the yell, and he braced himself for someone jumping on his back. It didn’t sound like Spencer or Cora, but that meant nothing, it seemed anymore. Arms flung around his neck, and then legs tightened around his back. He smelled the fresh-cut grass from the pitch and grabbed onto Stiles’ arms to make sure he didn’t slide backward any.

“Carry me,” Stiles said.

Derek started to move again, glad that he had dropped his stuff off for the trip yesterday when he had been at practice. It made this a hell of a lot easier as he wasn’t sure that Stiles would have stopped if Derek had a bag in his hand.

The other players were mostly gathered around the bus, and all that saw him laughed. It hadn’t taken long for Derek to gravitate to Stiles. Hell, the whole team kind of did. He was a personality that was hard to ignore, but he wasn’t as smug as some were about his abilities. Leeds had stuck Stiles in the third place as far as goalkeepers went, and the times he had to step up to cover, he had done so like a boss. Derek was still unsure how their manager had seen enough to risk signing him away from Leeds, but Derek was glad that he had.

Stiles had been put into backup spot, and when a head injury had knocked out David from being able to play for a while, Stiles had jumped into his spot and owned the net like a boss. With David back now, they played back and forth on who was in the net. David still had the #1 on his kit, and Stiles had #13, but they each had their weaknesses and strengths. Still, Manchester United was in the middle of the longest clean sheet in Premier League history because of Stiles.

Derek dropped Stiles into a seat and then waited for the younger man to move before he sat down as well. He scooted all the way into the seat, pressing Stiles into the window until Stiles started to smack at him.

“Just kiss him already!” someone yelled from the back of the bus.

Derek got up enough to look back and try and figure out who said it, but there was nothing other than an English accent. A few of the guys could fake a damned good English accent as well.

“He can’t hear us,” David said from where he was getting on.

“And?” Derek asked. He dropped into the seat and huffed before looking at Stiles.

Stiles was giving him a strange look, and Derek just waved his hand. Stiles nodded and pulled out his tablet before offering Derek the headphones that were wrapped around it. They binged stuff together on trips. Stiles reading the captions and Derek listening. It worked out well.

Derek had been worried about being called out for his openly bisexual nature when he joined the team. He had been hired in knowing that about him. No one had batted an eyelid about it, and Derek made sure to act just like the rest of the guys in the locker room, just with less slapping of other people’s naked asses. Clothed asses were a whole different situation.

“Seriously, Derek, just kiss him,” David said from the seat behind.

“Not around you lot,” Derek said.

“Derek?” Stiles asked.

Derek turned to look at Stiles. “Just talking to David.” Derek shoved an earbud into his ear and then put the other in as well. He really didn’t want to get into it with the team. There was no official rule on teammates dating each other, but the unofficial rule was that if it ended badly and the members couldn’t handle it, they would be fired. Both members, or three. Derek didn’t even want to think about dating not just one player but two.

Still, the thought of dating Stiles was one that Derek couldn’t get away from. He wanted to; he just wasn’t sure that he really wanted to risk it. Stiles’ lust for playing had awakened Derek’s want to stay. The whole team was fucking hyped to be doing as good as they were. It was going to be a great hell of a year, and Derek was looking forward to it.

“Hey, you aren’t paying attention,” Stiles said a little while later. He bumped his shoulder into Derek’s and smiled at him. It was his soft smile, the one that meant he was just checking in on Derek.

Derek gave him a smile back and scooted down in the seat to where he was able to lay his head on Stiles’ shoulder. He closed his eyes and just listened to the show. It was an overnight stay for them to get early training in without coming off the bus. Derek was happy about that. He hated getting training before a match just after getting off a long bus ride.

Not sure when he fell asleep, Derek tried not to jerk when he woke up. He slowly came back and laughed when he found that Stiles had just put up everything and fallen asleep himself. Derek shook his arm when he realized they were at the hotel. Stiles stretched and rolled his shoulders before he sat up enough to look over the bus seat. He smiled and leaned back before turning his head to look at Derek.

“Are we sharing?” Stiles asked.

Derek held up his hand and see-sawed it.

“You shit. You are sharing with me, or you are sleeping in the hall,” Stiles said loud enough for the whole bus to hear.

Derek groaned at the snickers he heard from the rest of the team. He prayed for strength to get through this. He really just wanted to get through it all.

“Let’s go, lover boy,” the team captain said as he passed by where Derek and Stiles were.

Derek stood up and waited for Stiles to get his stuff put up before he headed into the aisle to get off the bus at their hotel. Stiles looked tired as hell as they made their way off the bus. The last start to head to where they needed to go was the team’s decision. They had trained at their usual spot and then went home to get ready and spend time with family. Derek had dinner with Spencer, and Spencer had decided to stay at Derek’s because it was closer to his university.

Spencer lived with Stiles, which was something that Derek found odd as hell, but at least he wasn’t stuck in a dorm somewhere. Derek’s place had two guest rooms, and so Spencer had kind of taken over once since they had made up with each other. Stiles had slotted into Derek’s life in so many ways over the last two months that Derek wasn’t sure what he would do about it. He was falling in love, and he was scared of it.

Stiles seemed happy to not be on the bus anymore, and he moved like he had been awake the whole trip.

Derek laughed as a few of the other guys made comments that Stiles couldn’t hear, but they were good-natured. He was known for going from not awake to too awake in too short of a period of time. There were times that David called him a little robot who got its batteries replaced.

“I need to pass out,” Stiles said as he leaned against a column in the hotel room.

Derek waited until Stiles looked at him before he spoke. “You are going to get to the room, lay down, and be unable to sleep.”

“Meh,” Stiles said.

Derek laughed and was happy when keys were tossed his way. He grabbed Stiles and pulled him along with him. Stiles probably was dead tired and would need to get to sleep as soon as possible. The ability to seem hyper when he wasn’t was something that Derek hated, but it had helped to keep Stiles from passing out when he shouldn’t. It would last as long as they weren’t in the room. Derek was tired as hell, but he was able to keep himself awake long enough to get to the room, and then he was going to pass out. They were in their travel clothes, and they were comfortable enough to sleep in.

Getting delayed for a moment in the elevator with someone who wanted his autograph, Derek found Stiles face down on the bed when he got into the room. Derek laughed to himself, shut the door, and flopped onto his bed as well. Someone would bring their shit up to them and leave it inside of the door. They were all well known, and the person who took care of their stuff always had a key to the rooms to drop it all off.

Stiles was starting to snore when Derek was passing out.

Waking up warm was something that Derek wasn’t used to when they were on the road. The room was always too cold for him, and he was always buried under blankets and still cold. He always didn’t usually have someone on his back.

“Stiles?” Derek asked, even though he knew that Stiles couldn’t hear him. He rolled his shoulder instead and waited to see what Stiles was going to do.

Derek looked around and realized that he wasn’t even in his own bed. He kind of remembered waking up to use the bathroom and then getting back into bed. Only it seemed that he had gotten back into Stiles’ bed, with Stiles still in it.

“Morning,” Stiles said a few minutes later, and he wrapped his arm around Derek’s middle even tighter. Seconds later, that arm stiffened.

Derek figured that Stiles realized it wasn’t a dream. Derek was really in bed with him. Derek wasn’t upset about it. If this was going to get them over that little bit of worry. Derek had given up already on telling everyone else to shut their mouths. Derek was just done saying no to the looks that Stiles had been giving him over the last month since that last trip where they stayed overnight.

Stiles turned into a lax, clinging creature in seconds as he realized that Derek wasn’t upset about Stiles being wrapped around him.

Derek rolled over, keeping Stiles’ arm around his middle. There wasn’t much light in the room, only the bathroom night light that allowed Derek to see a flash of it in Stiles’ eyes, but that was it. He leaned his head up and turned on the light on the other side of Stiles before he laid down again, looking at Stiles.

Stiles was adorable, with his hair all mused from sleep and his eyes soft. He wasn’t fully awake yet, and it was noticeable. Derek wanted more mornings like this.

Taking his life in his hands, Derek leaned forward and brushed his lips over Stiles’. Stiles cupped the side of Derek’s face when he tried to pull away again. Derek enjoyed it and pressed in again. It turned from something chaste and simple into hot and heavy in seconds. Derek pressed until Stiles was on his back.

Stiles tried to pull Derek back down, but Derek reached over for his phone and found that he needed to charge it. He plugged it in and then did the same with Stiles.

“We have an hour until we need to be up.”

Stiles grinned at that, and he waggled his eyebrows. He started to wiggle around, and Derek felt something on his legs, and then Stiles’ shorts flew away. Stiles scooted back and sat up to take his shirt off.

Derek’s mouth watered at the sight of Stiles laying down again. The blankets were hiding Stiles’ lower half, but Derek was pretty sure that Stiles slept with nothing under his shorts.

Gripping the edge of his shirt, Derek ripped it off, and he nearly fell off the bed. Stiles laughed as he reached out and grabbed Derek’s hip to stop him. Stiles then used that hold to tip Derek down onto him. Derek worked on kicking the blankets down to where they could be pulled over the both of them. He didn’t trust a few of his teammates to not just storm in here. While it would be their own fault they saw his ass, he didn’t like exposing Stiles like that.

Derek found out that, yes, Stiles was naked, and Derek was still in his shorts.

“Want help?” Stiles asked.

Derek nodded his head.

“Good.” Stiles ran his hands down Derek’s sides before he caught the hem of Derek’s shorts in his hands and pushed them down. He got his hands on Derek’s ass next and jerked, pulling Derek on top of him. Kissing Derek as soon as they were close enough for it.

Derek had to get his shorts off the rest of the way, but that’s okay because Stiles was laughing into their kiss as they fumbled to touch and move. Getting off had never felt like this. Bumping arms and legs was met with laughter and then groans of pleasure as they figured out what they were doing.

It was playful until it turned a tad too needy, and then Derek loved it even more. Stiles showed how bendy he was from the workouts and yoga to stay in shape for being the goalkeeper.

Stiles got lube from somewhere, and Derek was going to ask him where the hell he got that from and why he had brought it with them on a single night trip when he could think again. Stiles slicked up both of their cocks, and then like it was right out of the fantasies that Derek had, Stiles began to stroke both of them with the same hand. Derek pushed himself up on his hands to where he could watch Stiles’ hand holding him and stoking.

“I’ve thought about this,” Stiles said.

Derek groaned. Stiles was going to be the death of him.

“Fingers wrapped around you, inside of you, getting you ready for my thick cock,” Stiles said.

“Fucking hell,” Derek said.

Stiles chuckled.

“Asshole,” Derek said. He looked up to look Stiles in the eyes. Whatever Stiles could read on Derek’s lips was more than enough for him to be able to understand Derek. “You are a fucking asshole.”

“I’d like to fuck your asshole.”

“You fucking shit,” Derek was. He lunged up to kiss Stiles, stopping whatever thoughts were going through his head of what dirty talk Stiles wanted to say to him.

The hand on Derek’s cock turned into a torture device as Stiles stayed just slow enough to keep Derek right there but not allow him to get off. Stiles came a few strokes later and then just had his hand wrapped around Derek’s own release making it all the fucking hotter.

Derek broke the kiss to gasp as he worked toward orgasm.

“It’s times like that I wish I could hear,” Stiles said.

Derek knew that it was just a want, but it was something that Derek could do a little bit about. He leaned down, licking at the sweat on Stiles’ neck before he pressed his lips there and panted into Sitles’ skin. Stiles couldn’t hear it, but he could feel it, the ghost of breath over his skin.

“Fuck, yes,” Stiles said as he stroked just right.

Derek came, his legs and arms giving out on him; he dropped down, trapping his cock between them. He slipped off to the side enough to not be crushing Stiles.

“Ten out of ten would fuck you again,” Stiles said.

Derek laughed, and he pressed a kiss to Stiles’ forehead. Stiles laid a hand on Derek’s chest.

“How are you feeling?” Stiles asked.

Derek tapped Stiles on the shoulder with a hand to let him know he was fine. It was a signal that everyone on the team used when they were in play so that Stiles didn’t have to try and follow people who were speaking.

“Good. We gotta shower. They will keep on making more comments, but at least they won’t keep on saying shit about you just kissing me.”

Derek pushed up even though his arms hated it. He looked at Stiles.

“I do have friends who tell me the shit the guys say. I know why you didn’t, and I was fine with that. So don’t think I don’t know the shit-talking they give us. We both had to want it when we wanted it.”

Derek nodded, and he smiled before brushing his lips over Stiles’s. He laid down again, laying his head over Stiles’ heart. They had more than enough time to figure this all out.

For the first time in a long time, Derek felt like he could have a life and football at the same time.

“My father is going to hate me. Your parents are going to be up in his shit,” Stiles said with a laugh.

Derek laughed as well. It was going to be worth it.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

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