Into the Woods

Title: Into the Woods
Series: Stiles Shipping Central Ficlet Exchange
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Category: M/M
Relationships: Chris Argent/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Chris Argent
Tags: Alternate Universe, First Time
Summary: Stiles was forced to be Chris’ camping buddy for a week since he never went alone, and Peter wasn’t available. He didn’t think he was going to survive it.
Word Count: 2,002
Year: Future
Spoilers: Everything
Notes: For the Stiles Shipping Central Ficlet Exchange.
Beta: V.Mures
Gift For: ArtisticEntropy

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Stiles still wasn’t sure why he was the one who had drawn the short end of the stick and had to go camping with Chris. Peter was normally the one to go with him, but for some reason, the other man had plans he couldn’t get out of, and Chris refused to go camping alone. Which on its own was smart, but Stiles had never been camping in his life. He didn’t like nature on most days and would rather stay at his house with his books. He just wanted to be with his books.

“Stiles,” Chris said.

Stiles looked at where Chris had gotten the tent up, and he gave him a thumbs up. It looked like it was big enough for two grown men. Which was another thing that Stiles was not sure about. Why did they have to share a tent? He didn’t understand any of this. He huffed and settled down onto the log. The Hales owned the grounds, so there was no chance of anyone trying to camp near them. It was Hale property that butted against the large part of the Preserve that was public use. The Hales owned the whole thing, and they took care of it and made a good profit off the land. It was not something that Stiles had ever figured was possible. It was a privately owned park that saw just as many people around it as the large National Parks that dotted the country.

The Preserve was a boon to the county as it brought in a lot of tourists. Chris worked as a park ranger and was one of the best, along with Derek Hale. Which was how Stiles was in this situation in the first place. Every year for a week, Chris went out and just camped. Stiles thought it was too long in nature, but he had brought along with him more than enough stuff to keep himself busy. He had a few edits he needed to do, and normally he would do them on a laptop, but this time he had printed it all and was going to read it that way.

Stiles loved the Preserve; he would spend afternoons out there writing when he could. He just didn’t want to live there for a week. He blamed Peter for all of this. If Peter hadn’t ambushed him when he was sitting and watching Chris as he stretched before going on a run with Derek, Stiles never would have been more focused on that than what he agreed to. Peter had jumped at yelling out that he found Chris a replacement.

Getting up, Stiles grabbed his pack and headed to the tent. The food had all been brought out and stocked into the small cabin that was pretty much just a place to clean up and cook. There was no heating or air, and the water came from a well. There wasn’t a bed inside, and Chris had already said that the only sleeping that would happen there was if the weather turned bad, which it really wasn’t supposed to while they were there. There was a nice place to sit down and eat breakfast and for Stiles to work at. Thankfully, Stiles didn’t need to entertain Chris; he was just there to be part of the buddy system.

Which Stiles thought was stupid. Chris had forgotten more than Stiles knew about living out in the woods. He would rather not be out here, but he had been stupid, and Peter had been sneaky. Stiles groaned and dropped his bag down. Chris’ stuff was already set up. Stiles was glad of that as he was tired as hell. They had hiked in, but thankfully the stacks of papers had been brought out with the last run of foodstuff. He still didn’t understand why there was electric run out for a fridge, but that was it. Even the cooking was all done over a fire.

“Hungry?” Chris asked as he popped his head into the tent.

“Sure,” Stiles answered. He grabbed the long-sleeved shirt that Chris had told him to pack. It was already getting cool out with the sun setting, and Stiles didn’t do well in the cold. It was still spring, but it was the cold part of spring for Beacon County.

Grabbing his Kindle that he had charged all the way up, Stiles headed out into the open air again. He looked at where the fire was going strong and really wanted to get close to it, but he also didn’t want to get in Chris’ way. He finally figured out where to sit after watching Chris.

This was going to be the longest week of Stiles’ life, and he knew it.

Stiles dropped his head down and looked at the papers in front of him. He was going to die. Chris was doing yoga outside of the little hut and right in Stiles’ view. He had already woken up hard and had to slip off to jerk himself off after Chris had gone to sleep in nothing but a pair of shorts. Stiles had tried to push that thought from his mind, but it hadn’t worked. It had been in his dreams, and Stiles was fucked.

It had been too long since he had been fucked, and that was part of the problem. Stiles had never thought he had an older man kink before meeting Chris Argent when the scruffy man had shown up when a cougar had gone on a spree attacking people in town. Before that, Stiles had never seen the man before, only heard about him from Derek.

Stiles picked up his pen again and tried to look at the words on the page. There was no point Stiles realized a few minutes later when he had read the same line three times. He shook his head and groaned. He laid the pen down.

“Not gonna get much work done?” Chris asked as he leaned in the window.



Stiles looked up at Chris and gave him the stink eye. He could see the glint in Chris’ eye, and he looked away. He didn’t need to think about how Chris would look if he went down on him. Looking like a fucking porno while Stiles was on his knees choking on his cock. He had already seen his cock when Stiles had left the tent too early that morning. Stiles wasn’t sure if he was a shower or grower, but he really hoped that he wasn’t the latter or Stiles would need to work on his cock sucking skills.

“You’ve never had trouble talking to me before.” Chris had a frown on his face when Stiles looked up at him.

Stiles tried to focus on the papers, and he tried not to look up at Chris at all. He could do it.

At least he could until Chris came into the hut, still shirtless and still covered in sweat. Stiles closed his eyes and prayed to the literary Gods to beg them to not let him say something stupid.

“I think I owe Peter three hundred dollars,” Chris said as he sat down across from Stiles at the table.


“He’s an insufferable know-it-all.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Stiles made a mistake and looked up at Chris to see him smirking at Stiles.

“You aren’t wearing the right pants for not showing off an erection, Stiles.”

Stiles didn’t look, it was a near thing, but he didn’t look. He wasn’t sure what the hell he was going to do about this. He was pretty much stuck out here. If Chris owed Peter money because Peter knew of Stiles’ lust and want of Chris, well, it wasn’t like anyone was going to come and get him. His father was working out of the other side of the county, and it wasn’t like he was going to leave work to come and pick up Stiles. Walking would take him days, and he didn’t have the supplies for that. The Hales were all assholes, and if Stiles called, they would make his life hell the whole trip home.

It would be better to just get through this. He could tell Chris that he got an erection while reading over the sex scene he had written. It wasn’t like Chris read his books to know that Stiles’ sex scenes were the weakest point of his writing. He didn’t get enough emotion into them, but he was working on that. He could make that work.

“Just like that erection this morning just from seeing my cock,” Chris said.

Stiles just wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole. He could run like crazy and find another ranger to save him. He started to mark something stupid on the page that he hoped that Chris understood that he was done with this. Chris covered Stiles’ hand with one hand and plucked the pen out with the other.

Chris held on when Stiles tried to jerk his hand free.

“Stiles, stop,” Chris said.

Stiles didn’t look up, but Chris’s tone was hard enough that he did what Chris said. His cock also jerked in his pants, and he held back the moan that he wanted to let out. He had learned the hard way that he liked some kink with his sex. He didn’t like most aspects of submission, but being taken care of and not worrying about anything was what turned him on. Chris was just the kind of man to be like that. He worked those under him hard, but he made sure they were taken care of.

“What do you want?” Chris asked.

“I have no fucking clue,” Stiles said. It was the biggest issue. Stiles hadn’t wanted to settle down into a relationship before this, but he could feel like he might want to with Chris. They both had their jobs, and they loved them, so it was the other times that Stiles felt like it would be nice to share a space with someone, and he felt like Chris wouldn’t hate him for wanting to write on days or during times that Chris was home.

“Is it just lust?” Chris asked.

Stiles shook his head.

“Good. Then we can work with that. Come here.” Chris tugged on Stiles’ hand and coaxed him into his lap.

The kiss was strange as Stiles had never kissed anyone with a mountain man beard. Stiles touched and enjoyed the feel of Chris’ body. Stiles wasn’t a slouch when it came to working out. He had a home gym for that reason. He could break through plotting issues while doing it, and it worked well.

“I’m gonna touch your cock,” Chris said.


Stiles shuddered as Chris’ hand closed around his cock inside of his shorts. He was already so aroused that it wasn’t going to take long at all to get him off. He grabbed the back of Chris’ head to keep on kissing him. He held onto Chris’ shoulder with the other.

A few strokes later, Stiles was coming all over Chris, and there was just a gasp and then a shudder from Chris to tell Stiles that he had come as well. Chris kept on kissing though until Stiles slumped down into him. Chris wrapped his arms around Stiles to hold him tight.

“When we get back to town, I’m taking you on a date all proper like, but it’s just me and you and this lovely little world. I’m going to have you every way that I can.”

“Condoms? Lube?” Stiles asked. He had not packed them. He felt like this was an oversight.

“Oh, I have plenty, but also Peter, it seems, stocked a lot as well. We have more than enough to do us for a week of debauchery.”

“You make it sound like it’s all we are going to be doing.”

“It is.” Stiles was all aboard the hot sex train with Chris.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

Join me on Discord in one of the two main servers I am part of. Just Write is a working server for those who write. We have sprinting channels and a whole bunch of other channels to make it the one-stop-shop for writers. Crossroads is a multi-fandom social server. Come and check them out if you are over the age of 18. They are adult-only servers!

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