Settling In

Title: Settling In
Series: Of Bondage, Kink, Love, and Fires
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): 9-1-1
Category: M/M
Relationships: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz
Characters: Evan “Buck” Buckley, Eddie Diaz, Christopher Diaz,
Tags: BDSM, RACK, Dom!Buck, Sub!Eddie, Established Relationship,
Summary: Buck knows that Eddie loves his son, but sometimes he worries too much about things he can’t control, and Buck is there to make sure that Eddie’s got a place to just let go.
Word Count: 7,341
Year: Season 2 (2018)
Spoilers: Everything Aired
Notes: I have gratefully borrowed Tollan Creme from Keira Marcos.
Alpha: V.Mures
Beta: ScarsLikeVelvet

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Buck reached over and grabbed the bottle of water from the table as he looked at Eddie. Chris was over on the side of the room with Hen. Buck knew that Eddie was worried about his Abuela. Hell, Buck was worried about her, but she had Pepa taking care of her. Eddie was looking at Chris like he had failed him, and that just wouldn’t do.

“Buck?” Bobby asked as he stepped up behind Buck.

“He’s just a little lost in his head. I know how to fix it, but I can’t here.”

“I don’t understand the dynamic, but I understand how it can help. What do you need?”

“Time with him to talk where no one is going to come in and bother us. I won’t be having sex with him, not even quick stuff. But he needs something. He’s worried about his Abuela and taking care of Chris since everything with Carla isn’t figured out yet.”

“I have a new confessor at the church. I talked about this a little with him. Not names, just the dynamic. He talked about studying it for a short while after a book came out.”

“Don’t read those books, Cap. Don’t. They are going to scare you more than anything.”

Bobby laughed and nodded toward Chris. “Someone coming to get him?”

“Pepa will when she can. It’s gonna be fine, Cap. Just keep him distracted for about fifteen minutes, and then we can all do something fun with him.”

Bobby clasped Buck on the back before walking over to talk to Chris. Eddie looked up at Buck, and Buck tipped his head toward the bunk room. Eddie nodded his head. Buck watched Eddie as he shoved up from the table. The man was a loose wire at this point in time.

Eddie was standing beside a bed when Buck came into the bunk room.

“Bobby’s going to make sure no one bothers us. What do you need?”

“I don’t know. That’s what’s freaking me out.”

“Okay. Then come here and get on your knees.”

Eddie did as Buck asked, dropping to his knees with ease, and he laid his forehead on Buck’s thigh. It seemed that Eddie did know a little of what he needed, or at least his body did. Buck reached down to thread his fingers through Eddie’s hair before he snagged the locks and held on. Eddie went limp to where Buck almost lost his hold on his hair.

There had only been a few small play sessions since that first they had done. It had been enough to settle Eddie down, and mostly he just liked hanging out with Buck with Chris around. Chris knew that something was going on between them, and Eddie had been upfront that they were more than friends, but he wasn’t willing to put a name to it yet for Chris. Chris accepted that with ease since it meant that Buck was still around.

“We discussed nothing at work, and there will be nothing sexual, but I can’t let you be like this, Edmundo,” Buck said. The contract that had been signed was opened ended but it wasn’t like it was binding at all. Buck would never want to keep Eddie in something he didn’t want. The first two weeks had been wonderful for the both of them, and now they were past that and happily settled into something that Buck thought could be wonderful in the long term.

“I know.” Eddie sighed and pressed a kiss to Buck’s thigh. He already seemed better. Buck wasn’t sure about that fully, but he would go with what he saw so far. He pulled at Eddie’s hair until he looked up at Buck.

“You can’t change what happened, Eddie. It was an accident, and they happen. It could have been you. You are working to make sure that Abuela only has to watch Chris when there is nothing else that can be done.”

Eddie didn’t say anything, and Buck didn’t think that he would. Buck knew that words weren’t needed right now. Eddie just needed to feel like he only had to focus on what Buck wanted.

“Did you sleep last night?” Buck asked.

“Yes,” Eddie said.

“Good. Did you sleep well?”

Eddie nodded his head. His breathing was calm, and he needed to be sinking into himself. It was what Eddie needed. Buck had debated having Eddie get a little bench to sit on when they were at his place when he needed to just settle into himself, but it looked like a pillow was the best option or a rug that would be soft on his knees for the living room and the bedroom. Buck had met a few Subs over the years that had never wanted to be on the benches, but they loved pillows.

“Buck?” Eddie called out a few minutes later.

“You calm enough to get up?” Buck asked. He started to scratch over Eddie’s head instead of holding his hair. Eddie stretched up into the scratching and hummed before pressing a kiss to Buck’s thigh.

“Yes,” Eddie said.

“Okay. Come up here.” Buck cupped Eddie’s cheek and touched as he stood up. Eddie’s eyes already looked a lot clearer. He looked like he was able to work now. “Good.”

“I feel a lot more centered. I feel like I can do what I need to do.”

“I’m glad. I don’t mind this. Something simple as just kneeling for me when you need this. How did you cope before?”

“Thigh,” Eddie said.

“Hmm,” Buck answered. He knew that Eddie’s little quirk had been hard taught from his near two years of denying himself. It wasn’t the worst coping mechanism in the world, but it was one that Buck wanted to have not happen if Buck was around. There were times that Eddie would probably need to do it. He didn’t want Eddie to break it off all the way. Buck wasn’t in Eddie’s life 24/7. There was nothing wrong with needing something to make sure that one got through it all. “I would like it if when I was around, and I can help, you come to me, but I’m not going to demand it. I have no right to do that.”

“I like your ways better. They feel better. This calmed me down quicker and better than my method. I don’t mind going for that from now on.”

The bell went off, and Eddie smiled.

“Let’s get your son with us,” Buck said.

Buck was in the kitchen looking at the recipe he was attempting for dinner. It wasn’t a hard one, but he liked to make sure that he could get it exactly right the first time to allow for making changes later that would make sense to his palate. He had everything laid out in the amounts that he needed. He really hated stopping cooking just to get something. It made things easier at work; it was a good lesson that Bobby had taught him.

After checking everything, Buck turned on the heat under the skillet on the stove and then turned on the oven to pre-heat it. He checked all of the pans to make sure they were ready for what he needed to do. It was the first of four days off, and that was why Buck was doing this. He would have a lot of clean-up to do. That would happen in the morning. He was more than happy to do dishes while he worked on breakfast. He had a good routine, and he liked it.

Buck drizzled a little oil into the pan and added in the onions and garlic. He loved this part of cooking and was glad when Bobby had taught him this kind of thing, even if most of it was for breakfast foods. He turned the heat off the onions and garlic to ensure they didn’t cook more than he wanted. He was supposed to leave them on the stove. He was reading over the recipe when there was a ring on his doorbell. He double-checked the stove before he walked toward where his cellphone was. He found no messages and frowned.

There weren’t a lot of people who actually came to his place without texting or calling first. He felt a little flutter about the thought that it might be Eddie. He grabbed a towel and wiped his hands on it to remove what might be there. Buck wondered if he had taken his time if the person was going to ring the bell again. He got to the door before they did, though, and he checked the window, not the eye hole. He had seen too many action movies. While he didn’t think that someone was out there to kill him, it still went through the back of his mind.

It was Eddie and Chris. Buck checked the time on the clock and found that it was just after six. Dinner was going to be ready around seven, and there was more than enough for Eddie, but he wasn’t sure it was something that Chris would eat. He had other things he could throw together for Chris. He hadn’t bought things for the boy at his home yet since Eddie hadn’t talked yet about coming over with him.

“Hey,” Buck said as he opened the door.

“BUCK!” Chris carefully wrapped Buck in a hug. He looked like he was tired as hell.

“What’s up, Chris?” Buck asked.

“We were out and about trying to figure out what to eat for dinner when he said that he wanted to come here. He said you could help us figure out what we wanted for dinner.”

“Well, I’m actually just getting started on cooking dinner. So you are both more than welcome to eat what I am eating; there is enough. I was going to have leftovers, but I can be nice.”

Chris laughed and finally pulled out of Buck’s hold on him. Buck looked up at Eddie to see that he was tired as well. It looked like the boys had a rough night.

“Come on in and get comfortable.”

“Chris brought two movies. You get to pick which one we watch, and I brought beer. One each,” Eddie said.

Buck nodded his head.

“That sounds great. Go ahead and pop them into the fridge, and I’ll get Chris set up in the living room. I have a Switch that he can play,” Buck said.


Buck had liked playing a few games on the Wii during his years of traveling around, so he had bought a Switch as soon as he settled into LA. He had been in a house with roommates until he had settled into where he wanted to live. The Switch made for evenings where he couldn’t sleep but didn’t have the energy for anything else.

“I think I have a Lego game on there,” Buck said as he walked over to the living room. He snagged the remotes and moved the pillows around on the couch. It wasn’t too deep, so Chris should be able to get on and off there.

“Oh, I like Lego games,” Chris said.

“Good. Eds, make sure it’s one he can play?” Buck asked. He wasn’t sure what was allowed for Chris on that front. “I have a lot of games on there. I don’t pay attention to who the games are supposed to be for.”

“Sure.” Eddie settled in beside Chris on the couch.

“I’m going to get dinner going again. Are the beers cold?”

“Yeah, I thought we could drink them while we talk and you cook.”

“Sure. Join me when you are ready. Chris, I’ll call you in, and you can test it in a little while, and if you don’t like it, well, I’ll find something else to make for you.”

“I can eat peanut butter and jelly,” Chris said.

“Chris,” Eddie said. He sighed and rubbed his fingers over the bridge of his nose.

Chris made a huffing noise. Eddie looked lost. He laid the controllers in Chris’ lap and got up to head into the kitchen. Buck followed behind him. He thought that maybe they were here because of something wrong between the two of them. Eddie fucking loved his son. Buck could see that, but even people who loved each other fucked up.

“So,” Buck said as he began to work on the sauce for dinner.

“What are you making?”

“It’s a pasta dish. Cream sauce with spices. Kind of like an Alfredo sauce, but not really. There is cheese and garlic. The recipe is right there. You can see if there is anything that Chris won’t like. I have only got as far as the onions and garlic.”

Eddie handed over a beer from a bag that had a few other things inside of it, and it was when Buck saw it was stuff for what looked like an overnight trip that had been picked up at the store.

“Can we stay the night? I need a buffer.”

“Is this to do with the food?”

“Shannon was a good mother, but I left her with a lot of shit. I didn’t realize until after she had left that my parents did not help at all. We have been pretty good here, but I’ve come across something over the last few days after Chris talked to my mother over the phone.”

“What happened?”

“Honestly, I forgot how my mother was when I was growing up. I remember that I ate a lot of food, but my sisters had a few things they didn’t like, and it was just ‘eww, I don’t want to eat broccoli’ and more of an ‘I can’t stand how this tastes’ issue with them. Chris is not a picky eater, but he’s got some things he doesn’t like. I’ve never really made them unless I’m doing it for lunch for me. It seems that Chris was eating a lot of PB&J with my parents while I was working three jobs to keep up with everything.”

“Because they refused to work with him to figure out the things he didn’t like and realize that it wasn’t just him not wanting to eat something. I had that issue growing up, but it was more that my parents really didn’t give a shit. I learned about my own fucking allergies on my own. Thankfully most of them are really rare in foods. So it’s easy for me to stay away, but they didn’t really care, and one of them my mom loved, and she would eat. She freaked the fuck out once when I started to swell up while she was there.”

“Damn,” Eddie said.

“It is what is it is, but I had to teach myself about my allergy and other things that can trigger me. It’s when I started to Google a lot of things and started my love of random assed facts.”

“I don’t see anything in this that Chris hates. It should be good for him to try some of it and see. What do you have to make instead?”

“Well, I have macaroni and cheese with bacon in the fridge from lunch today. So he could eat it. I know he loves that.”

“He does.”

“So you came here because you were trying to figure something out for dinner, and he was telling you he didn’t care where you ate.”

“Yes. He takes in things from his grandparents that I would love to beat them over the head about. So yeah, he kept talking about peanut butter and jelly or like French fries. I tried to have a night out with my kid and go somewhere he would love, and they fucked it up. I got pissed and not at him since I understand that they have gaslighted him into burying his wants and needs so that I’m not burdened because that’s what they did to my sisters and me.”

Buck wasn’t sure how to touch that right now. He understood parents who fucked up their kids. He knew where his want of control enough to want to be a Dom came from. He knew where Eddie’s wants to be submissive came from. There was a lot that could be said about fucked up childhoods and wanting to be taken care of or be the one taking care of someone.

“So you needed a safe space. Well, I don’t mind being your safe space. Drink.”

Eddie picked up his beer and took a drink.

“So I was going to use shrimp. Is Chris okay with that? I can use it for something else tomorrow and get some chicken out for this.”

“No, shrimp is fine. He likes it. He likes it in dishes. He doesn’t like shrimp cocktail really, even without the cocktail sauce.”

Eddie stepped up behind Buck, who was working on the pasta water. He had the sauce well under control. The instructions were easy to follow, and Buck didn’t worry too much about fucking it up with Eddie there. This had turned from cooking into distracting Eddie from the issues he wasn’t fully ready to handle with Chris.

“You are scared of talking to Chris.”

“I have not talked to him a lot about his mother. Shannon loves him, I know that, but I think she’s scared of coming back into his life after leaving him behind when I was medically discharged from the military. There are times that I am afraid of talking to him about her because he hates her right now. He’s still in pain from how it all went down. I think if she and I had been married when she left, it would be better. Right now, he looks at it like she left me first and then him.”

“That’s hard. So you brought stuff that’s supposed to be used for like people who are staying overnight.”

“I have go-bags for both of us in the truck,” Eddie said.


“Well, not fully stocked but with clothes and a few things for him to keep here. You said you would be my safe space, and I am taking you up on that. I need someone else around for this. He loves his grandparents.”

“Ah.” Buck checked on the water and saw that the noodles were nearly ready. He would drain them and let them rest. The sauce was going to be warm enough for them. “The bread is over there, ready to go into the oven. Did you want to put it in?”

Eddie looked over at where Buck nodded with his head and then walked over to grab the tray of four slices of bread.

“Odd numbers of bread.”

“The first meal, I eat two and then one each for the next two. I’m not fussed about reheating the bread in the microwave, so it’s just easier to cook it all now and warm it up later. Is one enough for Chris?”

“Yes, what about you and me?”

“One and a half each. I don’t have any more garlic to use on it.”

Eddie nodded. He waited for Buck to step back to allow him to put it in the oven. The smell of the bread would hopefully help Chris get into a better mood.

“What do you want tonight?” Buck asked.

“To be used,” Eddie said.

“Hmm, so using your body to get off. I can do that. I can totally do that. How do you feel about using your mouth?”

“I got those second tests you wanted, just to be safe and have them on record up here. You were right that the doctor wanted to talk to me about a few things. I got a script for the stuff. It’s in my bag as well. I don’t even think I want to know what that stuff was being developed for until they figure out what it did for muscle soreness and bruises. There are almost no scars anymore unless someone wants them.”

“I’ve seen some weird as hell conspiracy theories around where it came from. The most insane is that it’s from space ally who would only give it to us instead of weapons, and since it’s all made of things that are here on Earth, they use it to fund the black ops military team that explores the universe.”

“Well, the name of Tollan isn’t normal, but I can see where it came from. I never asked for the stronger version.”

“It’s not addicting. No one has ever overdosed on it, but the whole thing around having two versions has all to do with making sure that people who are getting the stronger stuff aren’t being abused. There were issues with that in the small group of people who were using it initially, so it was pulled in and put a bit more under control. The BDSM community started to use it like they do was just one more thing that made the script needed. Purity assholes who try and clutch their pearls about things.”

Eddie leaned over to watch as Buck put the finishing touches on the sauce. The noodles were resting in the bowls and waiting for the sauce. The bread smelled like heaven, and Buck was more than ready to eat. He finished off the beer and laid the bottle by the sink to be rinsed out before being put into recycling.

“Is it ready? It smells ready,” Chris said.

Buck turned to look at where Chris was in the doorway. He looked hesitant to come into the kitchen. Buck looked at Eddie and waved him closer. “Stir this.”

“Sure,” Eddie said. He took over the spoon and worked on stirring the sauce as it tightened up the rest of the way.

“Hey, you can come in here. As long as you don’t come close to someone who is at the stove or using a knife, you can do it anywhere in here. If I’m taking something out of the oven, I also tell adults in the room that I am doing it.”

“Really? Grandma just refused to let me in the kitchen if she was even thinking about cooking.”

Buck glanced at Eddie to see him looking like he was gutted. Buck figured that Eddie had never thought about how things really were with his parents, especially how they treated Chris. Not all people who had a person with disabilities in the family actually tried to help them become the best they could be. People like Eddie’s parents seemed like the kind to stick them into a box and never let them do anything, and it was a very, very small assed box. He could never understand people like that.

“Yeah, really. I don’t hold to that kind of crap in my house. You are just as capable of cooking as anyone else. There might be a few tricks here and there to help you with stuff, but I can help teach you. I’m being taught myself. We might even try and work on your father and help him stop overcooking things.”

Chris laughed, and his eyes were full of happiness, so Buck assumed that he had helped the boy get over a little bit of what was bothering him. It might not be fully done, but it was at least pushed back for a short time.

“I think it’s done?” Eddie called out.

“Let me go check that. You have a seat at the table, Young Master Diaz,” Buck said.

Chris giggled and started to walk over to the table. Buck kept an eye on him since Chris hadn’t been in the kitchen before. Buck mostly ate at the small table he had on the side of the room since it was just him most of the time. He had a formal dining room and a pretty nice-sized table there, and he had it covered in research of various things that he and Eddie could do with Chris around town. Everything would be talked about with Chris’ doctor first.

Dinner passed quickly, with Chris eating all of his pasta and even asked for a small helping more. Buck was honestly full, and a movie on the couch sounded like a really good idea.

“I’m tired,” Chris said as he stood up and began to help clear his dishes. They made an assembly line of people with Chris picking up all of the things and handing them to Eddie, who handed them to Buck to soak in the sink for a little while. Buck would rinse them well and get them into the dishwasher to run when things got full. The pans that couldn’t go in there or needed a hard scrub would be washed up in the morning.

“Want help?” Eddie asked.

“Nah, you go and get the movie ready, and I’ll join. I’m not washing them all right now. Some are going to sit until morning. I’m gonna pack up the little bit of food that is left.” Buck looked at what was left. There was enough for another meal for Chris, and that was about it. Which was good as there was enough macaroni and cheese for Eddie and Buck for lunch the next day. He had a feeling that the Diaz men would be staying here through at least that meal.

Eddie was sitting on the couch with Chris in his arms. Chris looked like it wasn’t going to take much to put him to sleep. He settled on the far end of the couch and looked at Eddie.

“So he wants to cuddle with both of us, kind of.”

“Yeah?” Buck asked.

“It’s something that Shannon and I used to do when he was a baby. You sit like that, and I’m gonna lay down, and he’s gonna lay on me. You rub his back or whatever you can reach. It used to help him sleep when he was in pain.”

Buck could see it in his head. He had seen the pictures of Shannon in Chris’ bedroom. He knew how much Eddie would have loved to cuddle with his family like that before Shannon and he divorced. Buck knew that people would hate to be like they were before, but Buck could see where Chris might want that comfort.

“Then let’s do it.”

Buck was stripping naked when he heard the door shut and the lock being thrown.

“He loves the bedroom,” Eddie said.

“Good. You think he’ll sleep through the night?”

“I’m sure that he will. He’s not big on nightmares; despite everything, he’s a pretty happy kid. I think it was all just everything with his grandmother coming down on him.”

“I’ve noticed that he calls them grandma and grandpa, and yet your grandma is Abuela.”

“Yeah, I call her that, so he does as well, and well, my parents didn’t want to be Abuelo and Abuela. They are good people, just not a good family,” Eddie said.

“I can see that. My parents are good people, just not good parents. My sister and I have our issues left and right. I have mine pretty much under control, but my sister doesn’t.”

“You’ve not talked about her at work too much.”

“No, she’s not a good topic. She’s not talked to me in about three years. One of the days I was learning about domination and submission and how it feels to be under the control of a good Dom, I had a thought about Maddie. I ended up getting him fired from his job, and he went to jail for spousal abuse. He beat her to hell in public one day after I got him fired. She didn’t like that I stuck my nose in it all. She didn’t like it being proven right that our parents didn’t like Doug, her ex-husband.”

“How did you get him fired?”

“He had a moral clause in his contract, and with enough proof of what he was doing to Maddie, he was fired after an internal investigation. I wasn’t around when it happened, and he took his anger out on her in the front yard of their house, and it was called in to the cops. I didn’t allow her to just push it all under the rug and talked her into pressing charges on him. With the evidence that was taken when the neighbors recorded it all and how he went off on her in the courtroom for deigning to get him in trouble, he didn’t even get a chance at bail, not even with the money he had at his disposal.”

“Well, I asked, but holy shit,” Eddie said.

“Yeah, that got a little rough there. Anyway, I’ve not talked to Maddie since the sentencing hearing. I was there for that, and she looked at me, pissed off. I didn’t make her, but I had good reasons. She was granted a divorce in settlement of the case.”

“Hmm, sounds like you weren’t close.”

“We were until this, really. She didn’t like this aspect of my life. She wasn’t okay with me and the sadism aspects.”

“Oh. I can see that given what she went through.”

Buck shrugged his shoulders. The sound of the bathroom flushing down the hall had Eddie looking up.

“You go and check on him, and I’ll get a few things set up in here.”

Eddie grabbed his shirt and jerked it on before he headed out of the room.

Buck looked around. They stayed up in Buck’s bedroom because Eddie didn’t want to be floors away from him. Buck understood it, and he was glad that Eddie loved his son. They both had parents who didn’t really love their children; they loved the idea of them.

Eddie came back a few minutes later with a smile on his face.

“He was just up to pee. He was asleep again almost as soon as he hit the pillow.”

“Good. You think he’ll stay asleep?”

“Yes. He usually only gets up once a night.”

“You said you wanted to be used earlier. Is that what you still want?” Buck asked.

“Yes. I want to stop thinking and just feel. I want to feel you all over me. Inside of me. Holding me down. Using me.”

“Well, I can do that. Not gonna jump right into that. I think I want to kiss for a while. Touch. You okay with that?”


“Good. Then get naked and in the chair over there.” Buck pointed. It was a massive thing that he loved.

Eddie sat in the chair while Buck grabbed the last thing that he wanted, just in case. They might not even get that far. Eddie might be able to let himself go and just feel with just Buck all over him.

“You aren’t like any other Dom that I have ever been with.”

“I learned from a lot of different Doms and Subs out there. I picked, and I chose who I wanted to be. There probably are not any other Doms out there like me. I like being me.”

“I like you being you as well.” Eddie looked up at Buck as Buck walked to him. He looked at Eddie’s cock, which was slightly hard.

Buck was in the same boat. He was getting harder by the second of looking at Eddie. There was something about that much man, that much fight he knew was in there, not doing it because he didn’t want to. Because he needed to not do anything but what Buck wanted him to.

“Touch as much as you want. Kiss. You feel your way through this the way you need, but you are not allowed to come. Take my hand away from whatever part I am touching if the urge gets to be too much. Don’t let me force you into coming before I want you to. Can you do that?”

“Yes, Buck,” Eddie said.

“Good. That’s my Eds,” Buck said before he crawled into Eddie’s lap and kissed him.

Just like nearly every other time that Buck got himself in the lap of a Sub and he was kissing him, time lost all meaning. Eddie was good at kissing. He was good enough that he should be paid money to kiss people. Eddie was touching but without a purpose when Buck knew they needed to get to the bed.

Eddie was a vision laid out on the bed, limp from the pleasure that hadn’t been sated but looked like it had been. His eyes were barely focused, and he looked like he was everything that had ever been inside of Buck’s fantasies.

“Look at you. Drugged on my kisses,” Buck said as he crawled up the bed and hovered over Eddie.

“You kiss too good,” Eddie said.

“I do, huh? Then I guess you don’t want anymore, do you?” Buck asked.

“Always. Forever. Many, many more, Querido.”

Buck pressed his lips to Eddie’s and reached over to snag the lube. He liked giving Eddie what he needed, and right now, this was what he needed. Hell, Buck needed it to. To feel close to someone. He was going to enjoy this for all it was worth.

Eddie opened up just like he was gagging to be fucked. Which Buck was pretty sure that he was. Buck knew that he should flip Eddie over to hold him down better, but he liked this. He loved seeing the faces of his lovers. This was one of the reasons why Buck tried not to take Subs to bed more than once. Eddie was different, and he was someone that Buck wanted to keep in his life.

Sliding into Eddie felt like coming home. It was perfect and wonderful. He just wanted to feel this forever. Eddie tried to shift to get Buck inside of him more, so Bock got a hand loose and smacked him on the side of his ass. Eddie stilled and gave a glare at Buck. There wasn’t a lot of heat behind the glare, so Buck just laughed at him.

“Hands up, Eds,” Buck commanded.

Eddie slowly moved his hands up to Buck’s back. It wasn’t quite what Buck had wanted, but he had told Eddie he could touch. Buck began to rock slowly in and out of Eddie. He wanted to have some fun, and he figured that it was what Eddie needed. After a few more thrusts, Buck stilled and sat up; Eddie dragged his fingers across Buck’s skin like he didn’t want to let go of touching him. Which was something that Buck understood. Their arousal had their skin flushed, and they were both lightly sweating, but that was going to change.

“I’m going to pull out, and you are going to get on your side. Either side is fine.”

Eddie gave Buck a look, showing that Eddie didn’t understand what Buck was going to do. He smiled as Eddie did as he asked, though. Buck put Eddie’s lower leg between his and straddled it before pushing Eddie’s other up to get him access to his hole. Eddie groaned as Buck pushed inside of him again. He pressed himself against Eddie’s ass and just rocked slightly in and out as Eddie got used to the feel of Buck inside of him in a new way.

“How do you like that?” Buck asked.

Eddie only nodded his head. Buck knew that Eddie got non-verbal at certain points, and he loved getting him there. It would come in waves. Eddie turned his head to bury his moan of pleasure when Buck found the perfect angle. If they were in the basement, Buck would make him stop, but they didn’t need Chris waking up and coming to check on them. That would end sexy times for a while.

“Please,” Eddie begged as Buck’s thrusts turned shallow again.

“Come when you want,” Buck said. He wasn’t going to stop fucking Eddie even after he had come, but Eddie didn’t need to know that now.

It felt so good. Eddie was whining and sounded needy as hell as Buck denied him the feeling that he wanted more than anything. Buck took pity after a little while and rocked all the way out of Eddie’s body and then into it again. Eddie was gripping the sheet hard enough to come off the corner from the pressure being put onto it. Buck rocked into Eddie one last time before pulling out again. He helped Eddie onto his back one last time and got between his legs, coaxing Eddie to wrap his leg around him as he slotted his cock back inside of Eddie. He enjoyed the way that Eddie’s body gave way to him. It split like it was welcoming him home.

Buck grabbed Eddie’s hand and pushed them up above his head; he held onto both with one hand and pressed down. Eddie couldn’t move other than gripping Buck with his legs, and his whole body shuddered and then went lax. Buck could feel Eddie’s orgasm with the way his hole gripped him and the flood of warmth between their bodies. Buck kept on rocking in and out of him. Leaning his head down, he licked up the side of Eddie’s neck before kissing him again.

Letting the kissing keep track of Eddie, Buck kept on going. He rocked in and out, keeping it slow. He enjoyed the feel of how Eddie’s body was lax from orgasm and sated with his fading need. Buck didn’t stop or hold off his orgasm when it began to build. He just let it crash through him, and he settled on Eddie as he tried to not collapse fully on him.

Eddie was already half asleep when Buck finally pulled out of him and got up to clean them both up. Eddie rolled to his side, grabbing a pillow and wrapping his arms around it. Buck laughed. He was glad he had pillowcases that were easy to wash as Eddie was still messy as hell, and the pillow wasn’t going to be clean anymore. Buck took his time warming up the water and cleaning himself up with not as warm water. He left the water running as he slipped back into the bedroom. He cleaned up Eddie with the first rag and then tossed it into the hamper before getting another wet and going over Eddie again.

“Cold,” Eddie said.

“I’ll get you warm in a moment.” Buck checked the temperature in the room before getting one last rag to clean up Eddie with. He was careful in cleaning around his cock as he didn’t want to get Eddie aroused again. He tossed a pair of shorts at Eddie when he got up and laid a pair out for himself.

When Buck was finally done, Eddie was looking at him as he moved around the room. He unlocked the door and laid down after getting a pair of shorts on himself. Eddie grumbled as he picked up the pair of shorts and wiggled into them before getting under the covers. Buck laid on his back and let Eddie settle how he wanted.

“I hate them some days,” Eddie said.

“That’s understandable just from what little I know.”

Eddie squeezed his arm into Buck’s body a little harder and relaxed down into Buck’s body. He let his head go fully lax on Buck’s chest and started to fall asleep.

Buck wondered how things were going to go in the future with Eddie and his family.

There were days that it just seemed that no matter what they did, there was nothing they could do right.

Getting stuck in traffic and being late to an accident had started off their shift, and it had gone downhill from there.

“How are you feeling?” Bobby asked as he sat down across from Buck on the other bunk.

“Good. It’s just one of those days, and I know better how to deal with it than most,” Buck said.

“I heard you talking Spanish to the one victim to help them calm down.”

“Yeah, she was freaked out and wasn’t understanding English from being freaked out too much.”

“You don’t have that listed on your file.”

“Oh, I don’t know a lot of it. Enough to calm her down and get her to where her brain would understand English, but that’s about it. I know a lot of words that wouldn’t do well to use in polite company. I am working on learning more. It’s slow going as I dabble in other things as well.”

“How is he?”

“Tired,” Buck said as he looked at Eddie, who was asleep on the bunk that Buck was sitting on, his hand laying on Buck’s thigh. The gunfire had caught Eddie by surprise, and it had sent him into a flashback, and when Buck had got him out of it, he had been tired. That it was dark out didn’t help. Buck found that he couldn’t sleep. He could feel that he was getting closer to it, but he wasn’t fully there yet.

“And he’s good?”

“Yeah. It’s the first time he’s been around gunfire in the night before. There wasn’t training for that at the academy. Under other fire and various things, yes, but not night. He hadn’t thought of it. The last mission he had been part of had been at night and under fire. He’s going to talk it out with me.”

“You did good with him, Buck. You should be proud. You got him calm and back to us so he could do what he needed to do.”

“Thanks, Cap. Can you get me my Kindle? I’m gonna just settle at the headboard and read. I’m not anywhere near where I can sleep yet.”

“Sure.” Bobby stood up and headed out of the bunkroom and into the proper area to hunt down Buck’s Kindle. It was somewhere in the station, probably up on a stand near a couch. Bobby was back with it in under a minute. He tossed it as Buck before laying down himself. Buck moved up the bed to settle against the headboard.

Eddie’s hand moved to where it was gripping Buck’s ankle. He looked like he was dead to the world.

There were no more callouts, so after waking up, everyone got ready for a few hours of shift, and then they were gone.

“Hungry?” Buck asked.

“Starved,” Eddie answered.

“Then let’s pick up Chris from your Abuela’s place and take him out to that buffet he wanted to go to last weekend before we all got sick.”

Eddie nodded.

“How are you feeling?’

“Good. Settled. I will call my VA therapist and see if we need to move up my monthly appointment. I think I’m good, though.”

Buck nodded his head. He looked out the window and laughed when Eddie started to curse in Spanish at the drivers who were idiots. It was a normal morning, really. The kind of morning that Buck was getting used to. At least once a week, Eddie and Chris stayed at his place. It felt good to have them around, but it also seemed to be helping since Chris opened up to Buck more than his father about how things were with his grandparents. It was evident that while Eddie’s parents weren’t trying to be abusive assholes, they were abusive assholes.

In just a few short weeks, Chris asked for things he wanted to eat and was happy to try nearly anything Buck made or Eddie ordered. They were getting closer for it all, and Buck just wondered how long that would last. He was going to keep them as close as they allowed for as long as they allowed. Buck embraced life, and that meant the good and the bad. He tried not to allow the bad to make him afraid to hold onto the good for fear of it going away. He would rather have what he could have than to never have it at all.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

Join me on Discord in one of the two main servers I am part of. Just Write is a working server for those who write. We have sprinting channels and a whole bunch of other channels to make it the one-stop-shop for writers. Crossroads is a multi-fandom social server. Come and check them out if you are over the age of 18. They are adult-only servers!

4 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. I really love this quietly confident, extremely competent Buck. I love the way his strength gives Eddie and Christopher safety and room to grow. I liked how Bobby gave them space and acknowledged how Buck was able to help Eddie.
    I am over the moon here. Thank you so much. Yay yay


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