Title: Gods
Series: Full Moon Fic(let)
Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Category: Multi
Relationships: Chris Argent/Noah Stilinski/Peter Hale, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Peter Hale, Stiles Stilinski,
Tags: Full Moon Ficlet, One-Shot, Alternate Universe,
Summary: Peter chose to invoke the ancient Gods, and it changed everything.
Word Count: 2,621
Year: Pre-series to Season 3
Spoilers: Everything
Notes: One-Shot for Full Moon Ficlet. No more will be written for this.
Beta: ScarsLikeVelvet

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Peter wasn’t sure what he was doing. He looked at Cora, who was crying still. To Laura, who was freaked out, and Derek, who was silent. It was enough that he wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing.

“Are you sure?” Derek asked.

‘Yes,” Peter said.

Derek swallowed, and he slumped down. Peter knew that Derek had something to do with this. With the death of the family but it wasn’t his fault. Peter had smelled the woman; he had seen her when he tried to get out of there. He had seen her around town a few times when he had been back for visits. Talia had been the one to choose not to have a secondary left hand step into Peter’s role while he was at college, and this was what happened because of it.

Peter cut his palm with the blade meant to hurt, and he flung that blood on the Nemeton. He said the words that were in a long-forgotten language that wasn’t used but in books anymore. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but he hoped that the children were spared.

“You called us, Peter Sebastian Hale?” a voice asked from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

“I did. I want justice for my family against those who harmed them.”

“Justice sometimes isn’t fair in the eyes of those who demand it. We judge all on their own merits. Step forward as one, and let us judge you, for he who casts the first stone must be sinless themselves.”

“Please, no,” Derek said.

There was a flash of light before Peter could do anything, and then Derek was on the Nemeton. He slammed his hands into the wall of light that was trapping him, and then it shone brighter, and Peter couldn’t see him anymore.

“Uncle?” Cora asked.

“I have no clue.”

As quick as the lights had formed, they were gone, and Derek was on his knees. Peter rushed up to him, grabbing him and holding him close. Derek gasped and cried into Peter’s arms.

“The rest, please,” a new voice asked.

Peter looked at Cora and Laura and nodded. They stepped up to the Nemeton, and the lights started up again. There was no pain, no anything really. Peter wondered what was wrong when the lights dropped.

“Your sins are nothing that we are allowed to judge. Your minor slights against those you have slighted are nothing that allowed this to happen.”

“What about Derek?” Peter asked.

“Show him your eyes, pup,” the new voice said.

Derek raised his head up, and his eyes flashed. They were yellow again.

“He holds no guilt for what happened. The ravings of an insane alpha who was pissed off at what happened are not his to shoulder. Ennis broke the covenant between him and Paige when he bit her without explaining anything. To do it without getting consent. The actions of Katherine Argent are not on him either.”

“Argent?” Derek asked. He looked up as if he could look at who was talking.

“She’ll face her crimes in a human court, and then she shall be ours, but you must be brave,” another new voice said. This one was closer, and it wasn’t coming from everywhere as the others had been.

Peter looked around, and he saw a young boy who looked to be about Cora’s age.

“Stiles?” Cora asked.

Peter swallowed. He knew who Stiles was. Stiles Stilinski, son of the Sheriff. He had no idea what he was doing out here.

“Be brave,” Stiles said, and his voice echoed like the Gods who had been speaking before.

“Who are you?” Peter asked as he stepped over to put himself between his family and this God.

“I have no name. I have never had a name. Though if there is a name I must have, call me justice.”

“Have you killed him?”

“What justice is there in killing a boy who is just as hurt as you are.”

“What?” Peter relaxed only slightly, but he looked at Stiles’ eyes.

“For our hand in the justice you seek, you will protect this boy. From his family, that, while they mean well but would rip him from his father. From those who would use him for ill.”

“Of course,” Peter said.

“Then sleep.”

Peter couldn’t fight against what came over him. He was falling asleep where he stood.

“STOP!” Noah called out from the front door.

Peter laughed to himself as he imagined the chaos in the living room with ten teenagers all having the time of their life. He figured it was time to help Derek with the gaggle of kids since Peter was supposed to be the true adult in the house. Though slipping off to get a little hanky panky with one of his two lovers was always something he was more than up for.

“Ah, Daddio, please, this is nothing,” Stiles said.

“Mieczyslaw,” Noah said.

Peter heard the intakes of breath, and even his own heart skipped a beat. Noah never called Stiles that. Ever.

“I got word from your aunt that she’s coming to town. There has been someone who is not in the know speaking, and they fear a magic-user who is in Beacon Hills.”

“Der,” Stile said.

“I got you.”

Peter came into the living room. Noah was still in his uniform. He hadn’t changed out of it before coming home.

“Who?” Peter asked.

“Just the family.”

“So Celeste, Kais, Robbie, Helena, and Adam. When are they set to arrive?”

“Tonight. I’ve already called the kids out of school the rest of the week, throwing up. Their parents confirmed it all as well and that they would be staying here.”

Peter wasn’t shocked by that. With a group of supernatural beings like they had, it was safer for them to all be here.

“So they don’t trust that the Hale Alpha has this under control?” Peter asked.

“No, I assume not, especially since they haven’t contacted the pack through official means. So, prepare for war.”

“I think they are afraid that Stiles’ magic became unlocked,” Derek said.

“Derek, you fucking asshole,” Stiles hissed at him.

Derek reached out a hand and snagged Stiles to pull him into his lap. Stiles struggled for all of a few seconds before he just gave into defeat.

Stiles hadn’t really allowed Derek to touch him over the last while, which Peter understood. Stiles had finally learned all of the truth of what Kate Argent had done to Derek, and Stiles refused to allow Derek to even kiss him on the forehead. It had not been the reaction that any of them thought would happen. No, it wasn’t even anything close to what they thought would happen.

It seemed that Derek had worn him down on a few aspects, things that Derek would crave after years of having them. The two of them had grown close during the last years of Derek being a teenager. When Derek had gone to college early, Stiles had been bereft. Peter hated that this would have been denied them if the Alpha spark from Talia hadn’t gone to him and healed his burns.

Those two were like peas in a pod, the love they had for each other was chaste at the moment, but Peter could see it turning into something more when Stiles was old enough in Derek’s eyes.

“Let’s get dinner going and figure out everything else,” Noah said.

The teens all scrambled to get into the kitchen to work on dinner; a few came out with supplies for the light chores a few minutes later. Noah’s house had become the place where most of the teens in the pack hung out. Even if the Hale house was the main house that Peter met with most people in, the Gajos would not meet with him. They were coming to figure out what Stiles was doing.

By the time the Gajos were inside the city, Peter had figured that they would be tracking Stiles here. The Stilinski house was better set up for protection, so it was where they were going to wait for the Gajos to show up.

It wasn’t a shock that Celeste, Kais, and Robbie all hung back out of sight while Adam and Helena came up to deal with Stiles. To suss him out.

“Noah,” Helena said when the door was opened up. Even Peter was overwhelmed with the sounds of the teenagers having the time of their life playing Halo together. The game room in the basement was the biggest draw to the Stilinski house. Peter had bought enough game systems over the years that everyone could play something together.

“Hectic night?” Adam asked.

“Always. Stiles is hanging out with friends. I wasn’t aware that you would be stopping by.”

“Well, we didn’t expect that the magic-user who we need to find and train is here. That was a pretty big shock,” Helena said.

“Oh, well, we have two magic-users, a Banshee, a half dozen Werewolves, and an Alpha Werewolf here at the moment. I thought it was best to keep the pack here while you were looking around town. Of course, you have had two deputies following you since you arrived.”

Peter stayed back, making sure that he was still in the little space where he would be hidden from the Werewolves outside feeling him.

“You have a Werewolf pack in your house?” Adam asked.

“I do. Have had them here for a long time, really. Moved them into the house when theirs burned down.”

“The Hales?” a voice called out from a distance away, but the three heartbeats near there were getting closer. It was male, but the merged French and Polish accent could be either Kais or Robbie.

“Of course, the Hales. Who else would I trust.”

“SHIT. UNCLE!” Cora yelled from down in the basement.

Peter rushed over to the door in time for it to slam open, and he was flung into the wall. The room was spinning around, and Peter couldn’t hear anything but the ringing in his head. He tried to stand up but wasn’t able to. He looked around to see that there were a few of the teens in the room. Derek helped Peter to stand. He escorted him into the living room area, where Stiles stood right in front of the five Gajos.

“You never asked to come here. Alpha Hale has every single right to kill you,” Stiles said. Only it wasn’t Stiles. The voice was one that Peter knew. It haunted his dreams sometimes. He feared it. Loved it. Loathed it. Cherished it.

“We are hunting a magic user that could destroy the world,” Helena said.

Stiles laughed, and the tone wasn’t a good one. Kais and Robbie flinched from the sound and stepped back, pulling the others with them.

“You think that I would give this kind of power to someone who can’t handle it? I chose him while he was in his mother’s womb, only she made a very bad choice to bind her magic and the child’s when he was born. She didn’t want this life. She chose for him. I broke that bond when I was called to claim vengeance on those who wronged the Hale pack.”

“You aren’t Stiles?” Celeste asked.

“Oh no. I was called to Beacon Hills years ago by a grieving Alpha, and I chose to stay. I’ve lived in the Nemeton, using the energy of the Nemeton to make sure that I can stay here. Though there was a Nogitsune who was there, and that was the biggest thing that kept me alive on this earth.”

“Who are you?”

“You don’t get to know that, and you don’t get to keep Stiles. He’s staying here as long as he wants. So you are the ones that have to leave.”

“He’s my nephew; it’s my job to train him.”

“I train him.”

Derek stepped up behind Stiles and laid a hand on his shoulder. Peter felt Noah stepping up behind. He relaxed back into his lover and let him wrap his arms around him. The room wasn’t spinning anymore.

“Sorry, Peter. I assumed it was Kais coming at me,” Stiles said in Stiles’ voice. He looked at his family and scoffed at them before heading down into the basement again. He had a hold of Derek’s hand and looked like he would not let go of him.

“It’s okay. Your father and I will see what is up with the Gajos and make sure that they leave.”

“Noah,” Celeste said.

“No. We hid this from you because he didn’t want to leave. He was offered training by someone who came to teach him everything. He’s had more than enough training. The leak of magic that you felt and followed around was from the fight against the Alpha Pack, which we should never have to have dealt with. You need to step up and fill the vacuum that was left by the Argent family being all but destroyed.”

“We’ve had enough trouble dealing with the few families that we have worked with. We cannot control this area as well,” Celeste said.

“Well, then I guess this is done. We will protect our area, and you can take what we do up with the council,” Peter said.

The door opened, and Chris walked in. He took in those who were standing in the living room. “Why do I smell sulfur?”

“Well, Stiles’ best friend made an appearance.”

“I see. And these five?” Chris asked.

“Argent, what are you doing here?” Celeste asked.

“Sorry, the last name is Hale. I’ve not been an Argent for a long time. Even my daughter goes by the name of Stilinski.”

Peter laughed at the look on the faces.

“They missed her. Or if they noticed her, they didn’t see the bow that was nocked to kill one of them. They were just leaving. They found their magic-user and realized that they were never going to be able to control him.”

“Oh, I see. Well, that’s good. Where are the kids?”

“In the game room. Come and join us,” Noah said as he pointed toward the kitchen.

“This is the side you choose?” Celeste asked.

“Yes.” Noah didn’t even hesitate as he said it.

“Well, then good luck,” Celeste said. She ushered the others out of the house.

“Stiles said he would make sure they can’t come back as soon as they leave. They have been around town long enough for him to find them and block them.” Peter was glad of the teaching that Stiles had taken on with the lovely woman from England. She had been a perfect teacher for him and ensured that he had all he needed to excel when he finally picked what college he wanted to go to for his formal magical education and real-world education.


Peter listened to make sure that the Gajos were far enough away before he let himself relax. Chris was right there and held out his arms. The blending of the Hale, Argent, and Stilinski house had come with many growing pains, but it had worked. The Gods had placed Chris and Allison into the Hale family to make sure that they were not left to the world to turn as horrible as the rest. Peter had hated it at first, but the love between the three men had grown out of that, and Peter couldn’t regret that at all.

The world wasn’t an easy place, but with the family that the Gods had deemed Peter needed, he had found a bit of happiness, and he would make sure he kept it.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

Join me on Discord in one of the two main servers I am part of. Just Write is a working server for those who write. We have sprinting channels and a whole bunch of other channels to make it the one-stop-shop for writers. Crossroads is a multi-fandom social server. Come and check them out if you are over the age of 18. They are adult-only servers!

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