Title: Drama
Series: Full Moon Fic(let)
Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf, 9-1-1
Category: M/M
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz
Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Evan “Buck” Buckley, Eddie Diaz, Christopher Diaz
Tags: Full Moon Ficlet, One-Shot, Sterek Established, Buddie First Time, All Human AU, Crossover
Summary: LA is full of drama. It’s enough that Derek Hale isn’t sure taht staying there like they are supposed to is best for him and Stiles, espiecally after Buck, Eddie, and Chris enter their lives like a tsunami, no actually it was teh tsunami that brought them into their lives.
Word Count: 8,668
Year: September 2019
Spoilers: Everything Aired for Both Shows
Notes: One-Shot for Full Moon Ficlet. No more will be written for this.
Beta: ScarsLikeVelvet

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Buck clung to Chris, and he sighed. They were safe for the moment, but there wasn’t much to be done. Everyone had been saved that he could see or hear, and he was always on the lookout for more people, but he needed to protect Chris.

“Aloha!” a voice called out.

Buck turned around, and he saw a group of four boats headed toward them. There was only a single person in each boat. The first person was a young man who looked like he was still in high school.

“How many?” another man asked, who had a face covered in scruff and looked like the kind of man who would rather punch someone than help them.

“Fifteen on the truck,” Buck said. He had lost count of the others he had around on cars and things. “At least another fifteen everywhere else.”

“Okay, we have enough boat space for all of them. We can fit eight in each boat. The phone system is still down, so we can’t call anyone. We have a rescue center set up, and we will take you there. We have someone getting all of the names of everyone that we bring in. So far, it’s just been people who have been washing up toward us in the wave.”

“Who are you?” Buck asked.

“Well, my name is Stiles. This is Derek, Erica, and Jackson. The rest of our pack is back at the building. We just moved into the building and got things kind of set up. We had started at the top to move into that, and the lower levels weren’t-”

“Stiles, let’s get them back before you break into a long-winded way of saying that we have beds, food, and medical supplies since we were renovating the lower levels,” Derek said.

Buck looked down at Chris. “Want to go into a boat and see about getting cleaned up?”

“Yes, please.”

“Is this your son?” Erica asked as her boat got close.

“No, this is my Buck. He saved me. My name is Christopher; you are Erica, right?”

“You are correct. My, you are smart.”

Chris looked at the others on the boats, and he looked at Buck. “I want to go with Derek. He looks like he can help lift me.”

“Lift you?” Erica asked.

“I have Cerebral Palsy, and you look like you might be able to lift me, but Buck would worry.”

“I got him, Erica,” Derek said. His boat got closer, and Erica moved off to another area where there were a few people.

“You ready?” Buck asked as he looked at Chris.

“Yes, Bucky,” Chris said.

Derek’s boat was close, and Buck picked up Chris and handed him off to Derek, worried the whole time until Chris was settled down into the boat. A few other people came over to be helped down into Derek’s boat. Buck was the last one into the boat, with Jackson’s ready behind Derek’s to take the rest of the people from the top of the fire truck.

“Pretty smart what you have going here,” Stiles said as he plucked up ropes that were there to save people.

“I was just trying to save as many as I could.”

“I understand that.”

Buck wasn’t sure who these people were, but he was grateful for them. He snagged a bottle of water when it was handed over to him from the bag that was at Derek’s feet as he directed the boat back the way they came.

“Not staying together?” one of the people Buck saved asked.

“No. We all know each other and trust that we are looking out for each other.”

Buck nodded, and he rubbed at his leg. He had people like that once in his life. He wasn’t sure he still had them. The boat stopped at what looked like a dock of sorts. It was made with pallets that had been roped together and then tied to a balcony. It was kind of ingenious. It would only last as long as the water was at the level it was at right now, but things would be easier as it lowered.

A large man stepped out of the doorway, and Buck pulled Chris into his arms. The man was frowning, and he looked like an asshole.

“Don’t mind Boyd. He’s pissed off that Erica went out into the wild on her own without him. They are married,” Derek said.

“Yeah, I’m not pissed at you all. You got it, Derek?”

“Yeah. We need to get one of the chairs from the floor below with the reclining set-up up here. Buck and Chris are probably going to take it over once we get them cleaned up and bandaged.”

“I’m a nurse,” Boyd said.

“Good, Bucky’s on blood thinners,” Chris said.

“Shit,” Boyd said.

“Chris, how do you know that?”

“Dad told me. He said that I needed to help you if you got cut when we were hanging out. He didn’t want me to see you bleed a lot and freak out.”

“Your dad is a good guy,” Buck said.

“Yeah, he is. The best, but so are you.”

Buck picked up Chris as Derek steadied the boat to hand Chris up to Boyd. Boyd handed him back to someone else who was standing there, and Chris wrapped his arms around the guy’s neck.

“That’s Isaac. Isaac is also a nurse. Isaac, this is Chris, and this is his Buck. They are a pair. Buck is on blood thinners so let’s get him checked out first. I’ll cycle through the rest of the people we picked up as they get here,” Derek said.

“What do you do?” Buck asked.

“I just finished up at the LAFD Fire Academy. I’m being assigned to the 118 to cover until their injured firefighter is back, and then if the Captain likes me, I’ll stay on as the probie for long term.”

“You aren’t replacing the injured firefighter?” Buck asked.

“Hell, no. I wouldn’t let them do that if he has a chance of coming back. That would be a huge dick move. Why?”

“Firefighter Evan Buckley, Derek. It’s nice to meet you. I hope that you find the 118 as much of a family as I did before I was injured.”

Derek’s mouth dropped open.

“OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE!” Stiles called out as he came around the building.

“Well, Buck, I think you did well at showing today you are more than ready to come back, and I hope that you can soon.”

“So, do I.”

Eddie wasn’t sure what made him do it, but he dug around in a pile of debris, but he did. He was holding onto a crutch now and walking back to the rest of his team, who were standing around and trying to figure out what to do now.

“Eddie?” Bobby asked.

“This is Christopher’s,” Eddie said. He was numb.

“What? How do you know?” Chim asked.

“He and Buck carved their names into it.” Eddie turned it over to see the names there of his best friend and his son. He gripped the crutch tight and tried to hold on.

“Okay, Eddie, you head in and figure out if you can find out anything. You can’t let yourself think that he’s dead. Buck could have left the crutches behind and made it anywhere carrying Chris,” Bobby said.

“Don’t give up hope.”

Eddie didn’t like to give up hope, but he had known for a long time that he would never be happy. He never got to keep what made him happy. Shannon changed after they got married. She changed again after Eddie had signed up for the military. Then she got pregnant. He knew his faults in it all. He knew that, but he didn’t care about them. They were the past, the different Eddie who had kind of died in the sand with the others. Eddie had come back broken, and when he had put himself back together, he had changed.

Then Buck had come into his life, and Eddie wasn’t sure what he wanted out of that, but he just knew that Buck was dead. He didn’t want him to be, but there was no way that Buck would have left Chris behind, and with the damned blood thinners he was on and taking care of Chris in this natural disaster.

Eddie kept a hold of the damned crutch as he made his way to the command center that had popped up at the VA hospital.

“Hello, I’m looking for someone. Well, two someones.”

“Names?” the woman asked. Then she looked up at him and did a double-take.

“Christopher Diaz, he’s my son. He was out with his babysitter today, and I thought they were at the movies, but I’ve found out they were here instead. The babysitter is Evan Buckley, but he goes by Buck. He’s a firefighter out on medical leave.”


“118,” Eddie said.

The woman looked at the list in her hand and then flipped to the next page. “I don’t have him, but we have another center that was set up near the impact zone. We had a few first responders helping there. We’ve never gotten names, just a few rumors from some people who have made their way here or another couple that made it to actual hospitals with rudimentary care to stabilize them enough to get there. I have no way to contact them, but if you give me your cell phone number, I’ll call it if they show up. I have a list of loved ones for first responders so that they can work with peace of mind.”

“Thank you. My name is Eddie Diaz; I’m also in the 118. Buck has a sister, Maddie Kendall or Buckley; I’m not sure if she’s changed her name yet, but socially she goes by Buckley, but I think it still might be Kendall for work. She works as a 9-1-1 dispatcher.” Eddie didn’t have Maddie’s number, or he would give it over.

“I’ll make sure that if something is found out about Buck, someone talks to her. Now, go. I guess you can’t miss the house, there used to be a makeshift dock attached to it made of pallets, but now that’s just hanging there since the water has retreated.”

Eddie wasn’t going to stop looking until he had the bodies in front of him. There was no hope for Eddie. He would just have to go through the motions until a time where he could sacrifice himself to save someone. He wasn’t going to just kill himself, but he would give himself up to save someone else.

The city was a mess, and Eddie was mentally worse than a mess.

“Hey, help is that way,” the man said.

Eddie turned around and looked at where the man was. He was standing at the base of a large building. Eddie frowned at the man before he started to walk again.

“Hey, you are going the wrong way to get out of this mess.”

“Not trying to. Trying to find my son and best friend,” Eddie said.

“You must be Eddie.”

Eddie turned around again, and he looked at the man again.

“Who are you?” Eddie asked.

“Stiles Stilinski, I work at the LAPD, and my boyfriend is upstairs with your son and Buck. Buck’s asleep after Derek cleaned out all of his cuts. Chris hasn’t left Buck’s side and refused to do anything that took Buck out of his sight. Chris is good. Shaken up from being on the pier when the wave hit, but Buck’s taken damned good care of him. He was on a path to put himself into the hospital before the night was over.”

“Why haven’t you gotten the word out yet?”

“We’ve shuttled most everyone out between the two nurses we have, Derek and myself, we have been trying to get Buck to agree to leave, but he’s freaked out that you will be pissed at him for having Chris here.”

“Never. Take me to them,” Eddie said.

“Sure. We took up a spot in our building. The lower levels are fucked, but the stairs are clear, and the building itself is pretty well sturdy.”

“So you are a cop, you have two nurses, anyone else?”

“Derek’s a firefighter. He’s going into your station to replace Buck until he’s back with the team.”

Eddie followed Stiles to a building and then up to the fifth floor, where he saw Buck asleep in a recliner that was tipped up with Chris asleep on him.

“Given that look, I’d say you found Eddie?” a man asked.

“Yeah, Derbear, I did. He was trying to go deeper into everything. Why don’t we leave him to reunite with his friend and son, and we will get the last of the stuff ready to drop off before we figure out what we are going to do.”

Eddie was glad to be left with Buck and Chris. Chris was asleep, but as soon as Eddie got close, Buck woke up.

“Shh,” Eddie said as he combed his fingers through Buck’s hair.

“Eds, I’m sorry,” Buck said.

“Don’t be. You saved him, Buck. You saved him, and you protected him and got him someplace safe. You have nothing to be sorry for. You took care of him, so let me take care of you now.”

Buck closed his eyes again, and he pushed his head into the hand Eddie had on his head.

“I’m gonna take care of you.”

Stiles snagged a slice of pizza and bit into it. He looked at the pair of idiots who were still just sitting beside each other on a cot in the main waiting area of the hospital. Eddie had headed out to do some more work until he was put off duty, and he made his way to where Stiles and Derek had moved the last of the people they had pulled out to safety.

“Officer Stilinski,” a woman said.

Stiles looked around to see Sergeant Grant standing there.

“Hey, Sergeant Grant. Welcome to the party. Buck, Chris, Derek, and I are having a lot of fun. I am not sure if Eddie is.”

Grant raised an eyebrow and then looked around. She stopped when she saw Chris sitting on the bed on the other side of Eddie with Derek sitting beside them, and they were playing Go Fish.

“Buck and Chris were in this mess?” Grant asked.

“Yeah, Derek and I came across them.”

“Dear Lord,” Grant said. She looked like she was about to pass out herself.

“Okay, so we have pizza. Hungry? We snagged enough for us, but some of us haven’t eaten as much as normal.”

“I’m fine,” Grant said.

Stiles wasn’t sure he believed that, but he also didn’t know the woman well.

“Sergeant Grant, we have a Sheriff calling, and he’s demanding to talk to someone in charge,” a nurse said as she rushed over with a phone.

“This is Sergeant Grant. May I ask who is calling?”

The look on Grant’s face told Stiles that she was getting an earful. That it was a Sheriff calling has Stiles thinking about if his phone had finally sent out the texts he had queued up to his father. He patted his pockets and frowned. His cell phone wasn’t on him. He must have left it at the house.

“Shit, Sergeant Grant, is that my father?” Stiles asked.

“Sir,” Grant said. “Is your son Stiles?” Her eyebrows went up. “Yes, Officer Stiles, it’s for you.”

“Yeah, I left my phone behind.” Stiles held out his hand and prepared himself for what was coming. “Dad, I’m fine. Literally, Derek sat on me at one point to keep me inside until the water had calmed down. We use the boats that we got for fishing to rescue people. I was as safe as I could be. Everyone is safe.”

“You sent me messages and then didn’t answer me. None of you did,” Noah Stilinski said.

“Well, we were worried about getting people out since the water had retreated and the roads were opening up again from debris removal for first responders to get inside. I don’t even have a scratch on me as we were all home when it happened.”

“I can’t lose you like that, Stiles. Everyone here is worried about you. Parrish is on his way there to see you in person and to help in any way that he can. He’s taking a small force of men and women from here. I told Parrish you would put him and them up if the building was able to be lived in.”

“I think it is. It will have to be cleared, but it’s got a good foundation. It was checked well after last year’s earthquake, so I don’t think that the tsunami will have done much to the place. We’ve been inside of it since the wave hit until we brought the rest of the people to the VA hospital to settle in.”

“You scared ten years off my life, Mieczyslaw,” Noah said.

“I’m sorry, pops. I didn’t mean to. My phone wasn’t working, so I didn’t have it attached to me as I would normally have. I’ll send someone back to the house to get all of the phones so everyone can check-in. I won’t be out of range anymore, I promise.”

“Okay. You text me the moment you get your phone, and I want check-ins every few hours. Tell me when you fall asleep and when you wake up.”

“I will. I might get pulled in to work, though. I can’t guarantee that I’ll always be able to do that if I am working. This area is fucking destroyed, and it’s going to be a while for them to get back up on their feet.”

“I will try and take that into account as long as you tell me when you are working.”

“Got it. Love you, Dad.”

“Love you,” Noah said. The phone cut off.

“Your father is a Sheriff?” Grant asked.

“Yeah, Sheriff of Beacon County. He’s been since just before my mother died. He wanted me to get experience somewhere other than there before I moved home in a few years. The Captain of the Beacon City police department wants me, same with the Beacon Hills. I haven’t decided where I want to go. Derek’s gonna be all but guaranteed a spot on the fire department back home as well. If he hadn’t followed me out here cause he can’t live without me, I think that the Fire Chief was going to adopt him.”

“Don’t mind him; he likes to talk,” Isaac said as he stepped up to Stiles and handed over Stiles’ phone. “Derek sent me back for them once he realized he didn’t have his, and no one else did either. The house has been cleared. The team was leaving. Derek talked them into checking it so that it could be used as a launch point of any looking around.”

“Good. Parrish is bringing in people from Beacon County, don’t know who, so we will have to open up everything to make sure we have room.”

“I’ll let Derek know.”

Derek looked around at the people in the 118. He wasn’t sure what to think of them. He had a bad feeling about how the Captain was acting about Buck when Eddie asked him about him.

“Sir, I don’t think he’s ready. I’ve seen him recently, and the whole tsunami thing still has him scared,” Bobby said.

Derek frowned, and he risked a look into the office. Bobby was talking to the fire chief. Derek moved back to where he wasn’t visible again, and he debated texting Eddie to come up and listen when the man himself appeared. Derek covered his lips with a finger and waved Eddie forward.

Eddie gave him a weird look, but he did it.

“He’s just not ready. I know what his doctor has said, and I know what the therapist has said, but I truly don’t believe it, and I won’t sign off on it.”

Eddie reared his head back and looked at Derek with a frown on his face. Derek raised an eyebrow back and kept his finger pressed to his mouth.

“I see. You really don’t think he’s ready?”

“He has issues with therapists, and he’s never done well with them. I’m sure that he’s worked the one to do what is best, and that’s getting him back here. He might never be ready.”

“I see. Well, I can offer him a position as Fire Marshall. He would be happy doing that while you take the time to make sure he’s back to work.”

A chair scraped, so Derek pulled Eddie around the corner, and they hid there while the Chief left.

“I have to tell Buck,” Eddie said.

“I agree. That’s shitty,” Derek said. He tried to figure out what Bobby was talking about with Buck and the therapists. Buck had seen one since Stiles forced him to, and he had been doing pretty good. He even went with Chris to a few of his to deal with the tsunami with Chris. Buck had been adulting all over the place, and even with his issues with the blood thinners, he could work given the ones that he was on as long as he wasn’t sent into anything where the risk was extreme, but others weren’t cleared to go into things like that because of training.

“We have just half an hour left of the shift. We can go and talk to him after that. I think that Stiles is with him. They talked about doing a few things together today after they ran.”

“That sounds good,” Eddie said. He rubbed at the bridge of his nose before he headed away.

Derek texted Stiles to warn him about keeping Buck isolated and away from his phone. Derek wasn’t sure what Eddie would do, but this wasn’t like the family that Derek had learned these guys were supposed to be. Hell, no one had asked Eddie anything about Buck following the tsunami. Derek knew because he had been pulled in to start there a lot earlier than he thought he would be.

The rest of the shift passed with ease for them both, and then Eddie was driving Derek since Stiles had dropped him off the day before on his way to a shift. The building was pretty empty outside of Buck and Stiles, who was in the communal kitchen on the top floor. Derek smiled at Stiles, who had a bit of flour on the side of his nose. He looked adorable, just like he always did to Derek.

“What are you guys cooking?” Eddie asked.

Whatever tone was in Eddie’s voice had Buck spinning around and glaring at Eddie. Stiles looked at Buck strangely but then took over at the stove where Buck was trying to burn whatever was there. Stiles hip-checked Buck into moving out from behind the counter.

“Eddie?” Buck asked.

“We gotta talk,” Eddie said.

Derek walked over to help Stiles with whatever breakfast they were working on. He snagged a bit of cooked bacon and popped it into his mouth before he looked at what Stiles was doing. Derek knew what they were working on now, so he went to the fridge to get the last of the fruit that was sitting in there. He pulled it out and only glanced at Eddie and Buck in the corner.

“Derek?” Stiles asked.

“It’s gonna be okay, it might not be for a while, but it will be okay. Bobby is holding Buck back. He’s the reason why he hasn’t been approved to come back to work yet.”

“That’s utter shit,” Stiles said.

“I agree. He did the courses again, and nothing was holding him back. I think that Bobby is scared. After the bombing and seeing Buck stuck under the truck and then him coughing up blood.”

“There is something else,” Stiles said.


“I had Buck come over last night as Maddie told him that she knew that his stupid decision to just take the most aggressive way of coming back was the reason why he had got the blood clots, that he was too eager to throw his life away and he should look into finding a new job. Well, he set up an appointment at my urging, and he has a doctor report from his doctor as well as one of the better blood doctors in the area that the blood clots were not from his physical therapy and the surgery that he had to get back to work as soon as possible. The doctor is actually pretty sure that the blood clots are from the hardware they put into him, but it’s not coming out for a while. So they are changing his medications for a little while to see if that helps better.”

“You were thinking about your father and the issues he had with the screws after that accident.”

“Yes, I mean just that it works in 99.99% of people doesn’t mean that it’s good for the 0.01% of people. Anyway, he’s going to go to the union. I’m going to make sure that his ass does that instead of doing something stupid.”

Derek nodded his head, and he looked at Eddie and Buck again to see them talking still. Derek figured that Eddie hadn’t got to the full point yet since Buck hadn’t blown up. Seconds later, there was utter devastation on his face, and Derek knew what path Buck would take on this.

Turning back to the food, Derek tried not to look over too much. He didn’t want to invade their privacy.

“Is he going to be okay?” Derek asked.

“He will be, with Eddie and Chris standing beside him and then the rest of us behind; he’ll land where he is destined to.”

Derek shook his head and shoved Stiles when he knew that his lover wasn’t doing something that would hurt him.

“You and your destiny,” Derek said.

“Well, I told you that you were mine when I was five. I then spent the next twenty years making sure that you knew it.”

“You held me hostage when you were eight by faking being sick, and I was stuck babysitting you,” Derek pointed out.

“I wasn’t faking being sick,” Stiles said.

“Sure,” Derek said.

Stiles stuck his tongue out at Derek before he turned to look at the pair, who were now walking over to them.

“Why do they call you guys a pack?” Eddie asked as he pushed Buck to sit on one of the stools around the island.

“It was a joke when we were younger that we latched onto. It started because Cora and I had to do a report on wolves when we were nine. Most of us were pretty close then. I was already following Derek around like an imprinted duckling. During our research, we found out a lot about how people look at wolves and their packs. We then decided to be a wolf pack, and Derek’s uncle Peter started to call us the Hale Pack since there were three Hales in it, Derek, Cora, and their little brother Spencer. So we took the name he gave us in jest and used it.”

“That’s the guy who was here last week, right? The one who flirted with you?”

“Yes, he does that to piss off Derek, and he’s done it since I was…nineteen? That was when Peter said I finally grew into my body.”

“How did you guys end up here?”

“We’ve moved around as others need degrees and such; we are very co-dependent with each other. We had smaller groups that split off for college. Danny, Lydia, and Jackson were on the other end of the country because Danny and Lydia were at MIT. Derek was done before us, but he just followed us around while kind of working for his uncle.”

“Kind of?” Buck asked.

“He’s a stock guy and handles money. I did a dual degree for it and fire science in college. I hadn’t planned on staying with that for long, but I wanted to stay busy while the rest were still in high school. I also stayed mostly away until Stiles was an adult, and I wouldn’t get in trouble or get Stiles’ father in trouble for letting us date.”

“Yes, Stiles said that you say he wore you down on that front,” Eddie said.

“I knew what I wanted the first time I saw him going after the bully who made fun of Spencer and nearly got suspended from school for it. We all had a lot of issues with letting the others go. We picked up a few others during our college years, and Danny makes bank on things, so it was easy for him to buy the building. The insurance money is going to help us get everything going, but by the time that all of us make it back here to live, it will be fully outfitted.”

“Wait, there are a few rooms that are missing,” Eddie said.

“Nah, you just don’t know who is living together and who isn’t. Danny, Jackson, and Lydia are a weird little set of coupes. Jackson is bisexual, Lydia is straight, and Danny is gay. However, Danny and Lydia are the best of friends. Allison, Isaac, and Scott are a triad. Or throuple, if you will, I personally hate that word. Triad has been around, and it works, and yes, I will die on that hill.”

Buck laughed, and his body relaxed a little bit. He leaned into Eddie, who wrapped an arm around Buck’s side and tugged him in close to kiss his forehead.

Derek ducked his face down to allow those two a moment of privacy before he looked at Stiles. Stiles was shaking his head. It reminded Derek a lot of how he was with Stiles at the start. When they were more friends than anything and how the love had snuck up on Derek, which had Derek running away for wanting Stiles when he was underage.

“So breakfast and then battle plans,” Stiles said.

“Battle?” Buck asked.

“Well, it’s close enough. We can see about going to the union because they are going to be the best option. There are reasons why doctors are not allowed to work on their families. It’s for reasons like this. Bobby has every right to be worried, but to put that worry above you and let his worry hold you back? That’s not cool, man,” Stiles said.

“You think it’s best?”

“Yes, I do. I’ve heard the stories, man—rebar through the head and back to work pretty soon after. You broke records getting back, and then you passed again after the blood clots were under control. There is no reason to keep you away from the job, and we all know it.”

Buck nodded like Stiles was speaking words of wisdom instead of Stiles just plowing on with every single thought that came through his head. It would be a fight for Buck, but Derek was sure that Buck could get through it.

Stiles leaned back into Derek’s chest and let his lover move them both to the music the way he wanted. After two weeks of working, so their schedules didn’t line up except sometimes to sleep, Stiles was ready for a night on the town. He had tried to get Buck to come, but he had been worn out, he said, and didn’t want to be a bore.

“Well, well, look there,” Derek said as he raised his arm up.

Stiles followed where he was pointing to see Eddie and Buck in a booth on the eating side of the club. The music didn’t penetrate the glass that separated the two parts unless the door opened up. Buck looked uncomfortable, and Eddie looked like he was at the end of his rope.

“Let’s go see what these two have fucked up about their date,” Stiles said.

Derek hummed in agreement. He didn’t really let go of Stiles, but he did follow Stiles through the room to the doorway. They had eaten already and then went dancing for a while before going home and probably just sleeping.

As soon as the doors opened, Buck and Eddie both looked over at them. Buck blushed and ducked his head down.

“Yeah, that’s right, feel shame Buckley,” Stiles said.


“I lied to him about not wanting to go out with him and Derek.”

“So why does the date suck?” Stiles asked as he slipped into the seat beside Buck. He waved for Derek to settle in beside Eddie.

“I don’t know,” Buck said.

“Well, I kind of do. Stiles and I ate dinner already, but we can do a double date.”

Stiles nodded his head. He just wasn’t sure how to break it to Eddie and Buck that they had been on a lot of double dates already. Stiles and Derek had just never called them that.


“I know a place. Come on,” Stiles said. He looked at Derek and nodded toward where the hostess was. Derek could pick up the check for the night in both places. “You haven’t ordered dinner yet, have you?”


“Good. Did you guys drive?”

“No,” Eddie said.

“Buck, can you speak?” Stiles asked.

Buck shook his head no. Stiles leaned into him and hugged him from the side.

“Then let’s blow this popsicle stand.” Stiles scooted out of the booth and pulled Buck with him. He glared at Eddie until Eddie stayed with Derek.

Outside, Stiles pushed Buck to lean against the Jeep. “What’s on your mind, monkey butt?”

Buck laughed and shook his head. He relaxed into the metal of the Jeep and looked at Stiles. “You have seen that movie too many times, I think.”

“It’s a fucking Christmas classic,” Stiles said.

“It and Die Hard.”

“Well, then I guess you are invited to the pack Christmas,” Stiles said.

“I’m scared,” Buck said.

“About what?”

“Dating Eddie. I want it. I want to build a life with him, but I’m so scared that he will leave me like everyone else. After Maddie went away to follow Doug and go to nursing school, she was distant as fuck. I know why but that still doesn’t mean I felt like I had been left. I was left by my parents before I could even understand what having a parent was like.”

“And you are afraid of letting Eddie inside and him leaving, taking Christopher away as well.”

“I’m a lot to handle. I can name on the one hand the people I have met before this that keep in touch more than just a Christmas card once a year.”

“Eddie knows exactly how you are. He knows you better than a lot of people in the world. He trusts his son with you, and he loves you,” Stiles said.

“The date was awkward as fuck,” Buck said.

“It was mainly because you both are putting too much on it. Now let’s go.”

A taxi pulled over, and they piled into it, with Derek getting into the front. The back was a tight as hell squeeze, but Stiles lived with it. It wouldn’t take too long to get where they were going, well too long based on normal LA traffic. It was quiet, and Stiles was tempted to lock Buck and Eddie in a bathroom or something and not let them out until they were done being idiots.

Derek was the first out of the taxi, and he handed over more than enough money to cover the fair and a good tip. He opened the door for Stiles to get out and waited for the other two before shutting the door.

“What is this place?” Buck asked.

“Oh, it’s a dive restaurant. They have the best food, though, and the kind of drinks that would be good in any kind of drink face off.” Stiles opened the door and waved for Buck to go in first.

Buck gave him a look, but he started down the stairs. Stiles went last, with Derek going right after Eddie. The place looked exactly as it had the first time that Stiles had wandered in there just days after arriving in LA for a visit before moving here after college. It was a wonderful little place, and the owners were great. It was a Portuguese restaurant, and the food was divine, but the place was kind of under the radar as they didn’t really do ads. It was all word of mouth.

Stiles went right over to the table that he was always sitting at, and he looked at Buck and Eddie when they didn’t move to follow Derek over.

“Go sit, not be idiot,” a man said as he moved from the back with a tray of food.

“Where the hell did you bring us?” Buck demanded.

“A place where we have some fun. Now, look at the menu and order. The front is English, and the back is Portuguese. I think you’ll find plenty to eat. I’m getting the dip trio and the chips, and we are all going to love it,” Stiles said.

Eddie held up his hands for a few seconds before picking up his menu to read over it. Buck followed a few seconds later, flipping the menu to the English side. Derek tapped three things on the menu, and Stiles nodded. He liked those three things. They were all small plates, and between the two of them, they usually finished all three off.

“You dolls ready to order?”

Stiles looked up at the waitress as he had never seen her before. He frowned.

“I’m just taking the drinks, Stiles. I was told you don’t like anyone but Sela taking down your food orders.”

“Pitcher of Poncha and one of water, please.” Derek didn’t even look up from the menu as he ordered.

“It’s strawberry tonight.”

“Oh, that’s new. Yes,” Stiles said.

“Okay, good. Lime for the water?”

“Yes,” Buck said.

“Holy shit, he can talk.” Stiles laughed when Derek kicked him under the table.

“Stuff it up your ass,” Buck said.

Eddie coughed and started to laugh. Buck started to blush.

“So, I don’t know what to tell you, boys, but this isn’t your first date.”

“Yes, it is,” Buck said as he looked at Stiles.

“Dude, we have been on seven double dates since the tsunami,” Stiles said.

Eddie opened up his mouth to refute it, but he stopped and shut it. He cocked his head to the side.

“Eddie, come on. You can’t even be thinking that he is right. We have not been on seven dates before this,” Buck said.

“Seven double dates.”

“Yup. We all talked, but mostly we talked with our dates,” Stiles said. It started as something fun to do, and then by the second one, Stiles knew that these two needed a lot of help to get to the point where they were willing to actually date each other and admit it to each other.

Stiles and Derek had kept up the dates to allow the men time to get together without worrying about Chris.

“Shit,” Buck said.

“So, let’s just treat this like any other night where we hang out together, and then you two can go do something that is better than staring at each other for your next date.”

“Nerves,” Eddie said.

“No, I get that. Just wasn’t thinking you two would have this a little more under control. I mean, you two have been practically eye fucking for a year from what I heard, and then you two were just lumps in there.”

“We were not having a good time.”

Stiles looked to the side to see Sela coming with their drinks. He tapped Derek’s shoulder, and he leaned back. “Let the party begin.”

Derek laughed as he felt Stiles drop down on top of him. He snagged the remote and turned the TV. “Can I help you?”

“I want to sleep for days.”

“You are the one that offered to take a second shift,” Derek answered.

“No one says no to Sergeant Grant. No one. She was on a tear about it as well. She was pissy with me the entire time. I don’t know what I did. I just don’t want to work.”

“Hmm, about that. I’ve been asked to not come back to the 118 at all,” Derek said.

Stiles pushed up to look down at Derek.


“Captain Nash feels that I am making it a volatile workplace. There are a few rumors that he has a few other captains who are refusing to take me into the house.”

“So, what does that mean?”

“Well, that means I’m going to talk to Peter about taking on some work from him, so I don’t go nuts and see what pans out. If they blackball me here for helping Buck with his case with the union, I’ll just work for Peter until it’s time to go home.”

“We can go home whenever you want. That might just explain what is up with Sergeant Grant if she is following her husband’s lead.”

“Hmm, the others can follow when they are done with their programs and such. The building is nearly fully renovated; we could get a pretty penny for it,” Derek said. He had thought about that, but he would never want to leave before Stiles was ready. Stiles had an open job offer to go to Beacon Hills PD from the guy who was running it at the moment.

Derek would fit in at Beacon Hills Fire Department with ease. Yet, he didn’t want to leave Eddie and Buck behind.

“Maddie demanded that Eddie tell her where Buck had moved. No one there knows that Eddie and Buck are together,” Derek said.

“Ugh, that woman. I’m sure that Buck loves her, but that woman would not be someone that I could live close to.”

“No kidding,” Derek said. He loved his sisters, but he was glad that they at least respected his boundaries on things.

“So, we should make sure the lower door is locked,” Stiles said.

“Yes.” Derek grabbed the back of Stiles’ head and pulled it down to where it was resting on his chest. Buck and Eddie were handling dinner. Derek was glad of it. He knew that Stiles was worn out, and he would want to just be like this until he had to move.

“Hmm, sleep. Wake me to eat,” Stiles said.

“I will.” Derek reached out and snagged his phone and read over a few messages on there, and then he opened up the group chat with everyone who lived in the building, and he made sure they knew to keep the lower door locked. He laid the phone down again and picked up his Kindle. It made for easier one-handed reading, and that was the main reason he used it. This right here was Stiles’ favorite way to lay on him.

Stiles’ soft breathing changed into his sleep breathing as Derek rubbed at his back with his free hand. An hour nap would be good for Stiles, then Derek would ply him with food before shoving him off to bed.

Derek hadn’t seen Eddie since the shift had ended that morning, but that meant nothing. No, the man usually stayed in his room until something dragged him out, which was usually Buck. Eddie and Chris had followed Buck to moving in here when one of the larger loft-like places was opened up on the floor below the one that Stiles and Derek were on. They had gone from not knowing how to talk to each other on a date to moving in together, much to the happiness of young Christopher. The man thought the sun rose and set by Chris and Buck.

There was a new school in Beacon County that was all for kids like Chris, only it was privately funded by someone who didn’t want to have their name all over it, and then they got others to donate. It was a damned good school too. Chris would probably love it there. The biggest issue was Eddie’s family. Derek understood not wanting to leave them behind. They were part of Eddie’s support system.

“Anyone awake?” Buck called out. He slowly came into the living room and stood at the end of the couch.

“Yeah,” Derek said. He looked at Stiles’ face and smiled at the look on his boyfriend’s face. He looked super content. It was something that Derek was still not used to when it came to Stiles. Worried was the main thing that Derek was used to. Worried about everyone but himself, but that had been Derek’s job, to make sure that Stiles wasn’t doing something stupid that would get him hurt while he was trying to take care of everyone else.

“Oh, good, he’s home. That’s what I was checking on, but I didn’t want to text as I know that sound wakes him up every time if he’s asleep. How long do you want him to sleep?”

“An hour and he just went to sleep.”

“So I’ll get started on dinner. That’s what I wanted to check.”

“Okay, good. Yeah. I’m gonna mute my phone, so feel free to text me if you need to,” Derek said.

Buck nodded, and he pointed toward the door. Derek nodded and picked up his phone to turn it silent, so Stiles wasn’t woken up.

The hour moved at a fast pace with Stiles on Derek. It was one of the biggest things that Derek loved about Stiles. Stiles was a light as hell sleeper after years of growing up, where he slept a lot of nights in a house alone while his father worked. The man worked to deal with his issues, and while it had strained the relationship between father and son, things had changed when Stiles had gone to college, and their relationship had gotten stronger. Noah wasn’t the happiest about Derek being a few years older than Stiles, but he also knew that Derek had never touched Stiles with intent while Stiles was underage.

“No,” Stiles said when Derek’s alarm went off.

“Yes,” Derek said with a laugh. He rolled his shoulder where Stiles’ head was lying.

“I’ll give you a blow job if you let me sleep longer.” Stiles didn’t even move. A few seconds later, his stomach growled.

“Well, as much as I would love a blow job, I don’t think that your stomach needs just that on your stomach, so why don’t we save the blow job for after dinner. Buck should have the food ready.”

“No wonder I don’t smell anything cooking. Fine. Food and sex, then more sleep.” Stiles pushed himself up to a sitting position, and he rolled his shoulders. He stretched and then all but slumped down into himself before getting up off Derek fully. He stretched fully as he stood there at the side of the couch, the shirt he was wearing raised up, and Derek saw the bruise he had left earlier that week on Stiles’ hips from holding him down and fucking him.

It made Derek interested in adding to it, but he knew that once Stiles had food in him, he would pass out. It was just good that Stiles was off the next two days. He could sleep and recharge while Derek worked on figuring out what he wanted to do. Firefighting had been a calling to him since his family had nearly been killed by fire.

“All right, let’s go,” Stiles said. He held out his hand and tugged on Derek’s when Derek put his hand into Stiles’.

Derek wrapped his arms around Stiles and clung to him as they made their way to Buck and Eddie’s place to eat dinner.

Buck inhaled deeply as he came out of the woods and looked at the backside of the station. He shook his head as he looked at where Derek and Eddie were outside talking about something. Buck walked over to them, stretching a little as he did. He needed to do his cooldown.

“There he is,” Derek said. He had a smile on his lips that Buck was still unused to. Derek’s face was usually pretty empty unless he was looking at Stiles. Since returning to Beacon Hills, despite it being earlier than Derek and his friends thought it would be, Derek had been a little different.

“What’s going on?”

“Breakfast, that is what. Come on.” Eddie wrapped his arm around Buck’s shoulder and tugged him along to head into the station. It was an older station, not anything like what the 118 was. Still, it felt good to be there.

Buck saw a man with Stiles, and it was how they were talking that let Buck know it was Stiles’ father. Stiles was dressed in clothes for work, and Buck couldn’t remember what Stiles’ shift was. He had thought that Stiles was off already. He frowned.

“The man of the hour!” Stiles yelled when he finally noticed Buck standing there with Eddie and Derek.

“What is this?” Buck asked.

“Welcome breakfast,” Captain Waters said as he came over to shake Buck’s hand. “We do it for everyone on their first shift.”

“You two lied to me!” Buck said. He laughed as Eddie just gave him a glare.

“We wanted it to be a surprise.”

Buck shook his head, but he allowed Derek and Eddie to shove him toward food. Their shift didn’t start for a little while, but eh food that was laid out looked easy to reheat if needed.

“We aren’t nearly as busy as LA, and we have more car accidents than anything but the fun stuff is going into the Preserve to hunt for idiots who got hurt and lost.”

“Should you say that?” Buck asked Waters as he loaded up a plate with food.

“Son, we have a wall.” Waters pointed over his shoulder.

There was a wall filled with images of nature areas. There were no people on there, but it looked like there were little descriptors under it. Then there was the name “Idiotic Places We’ve Saved People From.”

Buck laughed at it, and he really hoped that he could be on shift when a call came in for that.

“Beacon County used to have the county guys respond, but Beacon Hills took that over a while ago. The county was better responding to the rest of the county that is not covered by cities and to leave the Preserve to Beacon Hills,” the Sheriff said.

“It sounds like I’m going to fit in here.”

“You bet. Now go and eat some food, and then we will introduce you to the shift that is on duty when they get back. They had a call out for a catfight.”


“Bobcat,” Stiles said as he dropped down onto a chair beside where Derek was already sitting and eating.

“Seriously?” Buck asked.

“Yup. One is running around the city, and we will take over for that once we are on, take the SUV out there and take over. Then they will drive back. We don’t have a lot of units, and all of ours are out there to support the county animal unit as well as the cops.”

“And you are here?” Derek asked as he looked at the Sheriff.

“Getting breakfast before heading out,” the Sheriff said. He didn’t seem too upset at Derek’s question. “After getting about eight hours of sleep after a hostage situation. Waters offered me food, and so I came here first.”

Derek nodded.

Buck laughed at his new family. None of them were sane, and no one could convince him of anything else.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

Join me on Discord in one of the two main servers I am part of. Just Write is a working server for those who write. We have sprinting channels and a whole bunch of other channels to make it the one-stop-shop for writers. Crossroads is a multi-fandom social server. Come and check them out if you are over the age of 18. They are adult-only servers!

6 thoughts on “Drama

  1. In a world where the 118 never pulls their heads out the Diazes get a soft landing in Beacon Hills? I am so not mad.
    Love, love, love it. Love Eddie and the pack being on Buck’s side.
    Thank you. You make Fridays awesome


  2. This was awesome! Thank you for sharing your story with us!
    I loved that the pack finding them on the truck prevented Chris and Buck from being separated. I laughed so much about neither Eddie nor Buck realizing that they had been on double dates with Derek and Stiles all along!


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