Title: Melange
Series: Full Moon Fic(let)
Ratings: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Category: M/M
Relationships: Deucalion/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Deucalion
Tags: Full Moon Ficlet, One-Shot, Alternate Universe, First Time, One-Sided Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Summary: Stiles just wanted to enjoy the movie he had been waiting years to see with the two people who would enjoy it as much as he would. But they bailed on him. He wasn’t missing it, so he chose to go alone.
Word Count: 3,197
Year: Future
Spoilers: Everything
Notes: One-Shot for Full Moon Ficlet. No more will be written for this.
Beta: ScarsLikeVelvet

story banner

Stiles looked down at his phone at the text he had just gotten. He looked around and then slipped into an alcove. He stabbed the call symbol. It rang the normal amount of times and then went to voicemail. So Stiles hung up and dialed again. It did the same, but this time Stiles let it go.

“Peter, you said you would go to this with me. You promised, and I even went to that one really nutty movie with you months ago in exchange for seeing this with me. You know that I hate seeing a movie alone, and here you are texting me that you can’t make it. Please don’t make me see this alone.”

Stiles didn’t care how whiny he got. He had been looking forward to this movie for weeks. He just wanted to see it.

“Fine.” Stiles hung up. He was near tears, and he looked at the sign for Dune. He frowned and shook his head. He could do it. He could keep himself under control and not talk loudly. He could be a normal person just seeing a movie. He could do it, and everything would be fine. He would be a good person.

“Stiles,” Deucalion said from behind him.

Stiles spun around to look at the man. Stiles had not seen Deucalion for months since he had gone to San Francisco to handle a few cases there for the firm he owned with Peter.

“Hey,” Stiles said. He laughed when Deucalion flashed his eyes at him. The pale blue eyes would fit right in with the movie they were going to see. Stiles had been there when Deucalion stepped down as Alpha and passed it on to someone else to take the Pack elsewhere while staying here in Beacon Hills with Peter.

Stiles also knew that he and Deucalion were friends with benefits, and it was something that Stiles was jealous about. He had wanted Peter for a while since he had come home from college. Deucalion had been there, but lately, Stiles thought that he had been working on Peter.

This was going to be their first date. Or that was what Stiles thought it was going to be.

“Stiles, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Why would you think something is wrong?” Stiles asked.

Deucalion tapped his nose.

“Asshole,” Stiles said. Deucalion was one of the few people in Stiles’ life that knew what his complex range of scents meant. The only others were Peter and Derek. Which pissed Stiles off to no end.

Even the great Alpha Talia Hale couldn’t figure out what Stiles was feeling most of the time. Derek was pretty good, and Peter was just behind him. Yet, Deucalion knew every single time.

“Peter stood me up,” Stiles said.

“Stiles, he is out on a date tonight. He didn’t tell you?” Deucalion asked.

Stiles shook his head. Peter’s message only told him that he couldn’t make it.

“He’s been stringing me along, hasn’t he?” Stiles asked.

Deucalion looked like he wanted to answer but also didn’t want to. That answered it all well enough for Stiles. Peter was a vain person, and Stiles knew that, but he thought Peter genuinely liked him.

“I don’t want to speak ill of my best friend, but he’s also my best friend, and I know him well.”

“Yeah, he’s stringing me along. I had hoped that maybe. Oh, well. I guess that I’ll just have to figure something else out. I think I’m gonna head home.”

“Don’t you already have tickets? I seem to remember hearing you speak about that before. When you and Peter were out when I called two weeks ago.”

“I’m not gonna be able to keep myself from making an idiot of myself, so I think it’s just best if I wait to see it.” Stiles figured that he could give his tickets to one of the staff, and then they would pass it on to someone who needed one.

“Stiles, do you know why I am here?”

Stiles shook his head. It was the biggest mall in the area, so it wasn’t like there weren’t a million stores to go into. Stiles started to think about the ones that were there and what Deucalion might be after. It wasn’t until a few stores went through his head that he realized it was midnight. None of them were open. The only place that was was the movie theater.

“Oh,” Stiles said. He felt a little bit sheepish.

“So, how about we enjoy the movie together, and you can count on me to help you if you start to ramble and talk through the whole movie?”

“Yes, please.” Stiles headed toward the line that was being let in. He frowned, though, when he remembered that the theater had assigned seating. He had Peter’s ticket. He handed it over to Deucalion, who was talking to the staff member taking tickets that they had a free one since one of their party wasn’t making it.

Stiles bounced in his seat a little bit and enjoyed the way that Deucalion laughed as Stiles talked about the scenes he was waiting to see. He wanted to see it all, but he also knew that things were going to be cut.

Stiles heard the knock on the door, and he frowned. Deucalion wasn’t supposed to be by for another fifteen minutes. If it was anyone else, they would have let themselves into the place. Unless it was Peter. Derek always did, but Peter never did. Stiles thought he should have known that it was all part of him not overstepping a line that would take them from friends to more. Stiles didn’t like that Peter had been stringing him along to suit his own ego. Peter wanted someone young like Stiles going after him. He just didn’t want Stiles. Which would have been fine if Peter had been upfront about it instead of doing what he did.

Grabbing the door, Stiles opened it up. Peter was standing there with a bottle of something in his hand. Stiles looked down to see it was a bottle of wine, Peter’s favorite that Stiles liked, and it got Stiles drunk like it was no one’s business.

“Stiles, I was hoping you would be home. How about we order in some good food and get trashed?”

“You want to get me trashed as that does nothing with you, and I’m sorry, but I have plans already.”

Peter looked shocked. “You never have plans.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but I do.”

Peter inhaled, and he exhaled. “You are making my favorite meal.”

“Actually, no, I’m not. I’m cooking my favorite meal; it just smells like that one so far. Now, I need to get back to cooking, and I’ll see you later.” Stiles started to shut the door, but Peter slammed his hand into it.

“Stiles, who are you having dinner with? It’s not Derek as Derek hates shrimp.”

“It doesn’t matter. You need to leave.”

“Stiles,” Peter said, and there was a growl in his tone.

“Peter, lovely to see you,” Deucalion said.

Peter looked back at Deucalion, then he looked back at Stiles. “You are having dinner with him?”

“Yes, I am. We discussed this dish at Dune the other night. I told him I would make it for him. So please leave.”

“You are going to choose him over me?” Peter asked.

“Peter, you chose to stick your dick into that new woman who works three floors down from you when you were supposed to go see a movie with me. So I have made plans with Deucalion, and I’m not going to break them because you remembered you have a friend out there who you have bailed on for four days in a row.”

Deucalion pushed Peter away and then shut the door. He smiled at Stiles and pulled him into a hug. Stiles clung to him. They stayed like that for several minutes.

“He’s gone. I heard him stomping to the elevator, and his heartbeat is in his car now. You did so well. Not letting him walk over you anymore. I’m so proud of you.”

“I need to deal with dinner.”

“Of course,” Deucalion said. He let go of Stiles and laid his hand on Stiles’ back to escort him to the kitchen.

Stiles checked on the food and found that nothing was ruined. He dropped the pasta into the water and waited for it to come up to a boil again before turning his attention to the sauce again. He heard the bottle of wine being poured and held out a hand for the glass. It was the second time that Stiles had entertained Deucalion at home. The first had followed the day of the movie. Stiles had invited him back to his place for dinner that evening to thank Deucalion.

“How do you feel?” Deucalion asked.

“Lighter,” Stiles said.

“Good. I’m glad. Now you’ve cooked for me twice, I must insist that you come to mine tomorrow.”

“Sure. I work until four, and I can head over anytime after that. Can you pick up the bread and put it in the oven, please.” Stiles stepped to the side to allow Deucalion to slip the garlic bread into the oven. When Stiles stepped back, Deucalion stayed right there. Stiles looked at him. “Thank you.”

“You are most welcome, darling.”

Stiles swallowed. Darling. It was the second time that Deucalion had called him that.

“How long have you liked me?” Stiles asked. He picked up the colander in the water and started to drain the pasta; as he checked the sauce one last time, it was fully ready.

“I was intrigued by you from the moment you stormed into Derek’s office and was screaming at him. Derek knows it as well. He’s more than willing to make sure that you don’t keep on following after Peter.”

“He is a good man. He has tried to get me to date for a while. I just hold onto people for too long. It was that way in high school as well.”

“Who did you hold onto in high school?”

“Lydia. We became good friends once I realized that she really had no interest in me. She was smart as hell, and she hid it. I thought we were destined because I saw it when no one else did. I built up this huge thing in my head about it all. I grew up though and put that away.”

“You and Lydia are quite close now,” Deucalion said.

“Yeah, we are the best of friends. It’s good for us.” Stiles dumped the pasta over into the sauce and started to stir it all together. He picked up the cheese after putting the colander back into the water. He shut the fires off. The last thing to go in was the grilled shrimp. He dropped them into the pan and gave it a few good stirs. It was all looking pretty good. The cheese started to tighten up the sauce the rest of the way. It smelled fantastic.

“Is it okay that I like you?” Deucalion asked.

“Of course, it is.”

“Stiles.” There was a hint of a growl in Deucalion’s tone.

“I’m flattered, and I like your attention. Let’s just see how this date goes, and we can discuss more dates or staying friends,” Stiles said.

“Of course, my darling.” Deucalion pressed a kiss to Stiles’ neck and picked up the wine glasses to head to the table with them.

Stiles slumped down into the bed and looked up at Deucalion, who looked smug as hell. “I can’t move.”

“Well, darling, that’s okay because dinner still has a while to bake. It’s done low and slow to make sure it’s good. We might even be able to get another round in while it’s cooking. I have a timer on my phone.” Deucalion dropped down to settle in beside Stiles on the bed. He started to trace a finger over the trail of hair that was visible on Stiles’ stomach. “So, that was a quick turnaround from maybe dating to kissing the hell out of me when you got here.”

“I don’t do things by half, and I was reminded today that life is short.”

“What happened?’

“Oh, nothing. Derek was just a reasonable-sounding board. I still am not sure if he knew I was talking about you or not.”

“He knows that I went to rescue you and that we’re having dinner tonight. He loves his uncle, but he loves you as well.” Deucalion leaned over to press another kiss to Stiles’ lips.

Stiles curled a hand into Deucalion’s hair, and he enjoyed the kiss for what it was. There was no pressure to turn it into anything more than it was. It was really good. Stiles hadn’t had a lover who kissed just to kiss, especially after sex.

“So, what else did you want to do tonight?” Deucalion asked.

“I really don’t care. What did you want to do?”

“I have no idea. I had plans for the meal and talking, maybe trying to seduce you into the bedroom while we were talking. You just kind of blew past all of that by kissing me right away.”

“We have a good solid friendship base, and I got myself worked up that we would have no chemistry. I spent an hour researching sexual attraction. Which taught me a lot about how long exactly you have been into me since I could see the way you acted around me.”

“Hmm, well, I would say I’m happy about that, but I’ve not been pining, Stiles. I knew where I stood, and I was fine with that. I knew what my life would be like. I’ve been attracted to few people who I want more than a single night. I was happy with my life.”

“Well, I’m glad that you weren’t in pain. Wait, did you stay for me?”

“I stayed for the possibility of you. I had not met anyone quite like you in a while. I didn’t want to move away and lose that, and it wasn’t like I couldn’t leave if things didn’t pan out. It wouldn’t be hard. Talia loves having me around as help, and she makes it worth it. I can help betas but not be the one they look up to most. It’s enough for me. I got tired. There is a reason why Alphas pass on their spark when they start to wear out. It’s better all around, really. I get to be an Alpha and have none of the responsibility.”

Stiles laughed, and he sat up, looking at Deucalion for a second before moving to settle across his lap. He coaxed the man up to where they could kiss. Stiles loved this, more than he thought he would, just existing with Deucalion and kissing him.

“I want to spend the rest of my days with you if you allow it,” Deucalion said.

“I think I could be happy with that. Just give me time,” Stiles said.

“I’ll give you the time in the world, darling, as long as you stay here.”

Stiles nodded his head and kissed Deucalion again. He wanted this until the timer went off that it was time to eat. Who wouldn’t want a ripped Werewolf naked in bed with them?

Time lost meaning as Stiles stayed in Deucalion’s lap. Deucalion was soft and easy, touching Stiles but not trying to arouse him. It was the kind of thing that Stiles wanted most out of a relationship. He just wanted this forever.

Then Deucalion growled and tossed Stiles down, putting himself between Stiles and the door just as it banged open. Stiles stayed down and where he had been put. Derek had done shit like this enough that Stiles knew he didn’t need to split Deucalion’s attention.

“Peter,” Deucalion said.

“Deuc, you are entertaining,” Peter said.

Stiles snorted at that. He couldn’t see Peter, but he assumed that the look on his face was priceless.

“I am, and you stormed into my bedroom, my den, without even knocking.”

“Normally, I don’t get this far, but I was so focused on my own internal thoughts that I didn’t hear-” Peter cut off.

Stiles wanted to move and look, but he also didn’t.

“Derek bought that shirt for Stiles.”

“The ‘Melange is the spice of life’ shirt? Yes, I know. I was there when Derek tossed it at Stiles when he stopped by to drag you out to lunch. Stiles loved it for the lurid shade of pink it is. Derek had it custom-made. He checked with me that it was geeky enough.”

“I see. So behind you is Stiles, and he’s naked.”

“Yes, he’s very much naked, and he’s not moving until you leave the room. You don’t have the right to see him naked.”

Stiles agreed on that one. No one deserved the right to see anyone else naked. However, Stiles did like seeing Deucalion naked. The man was built like a brick house, and he hid it well, much like Stiles hid the muscles he had in high school as he had been accused of trying to fit in the one time they had been seen.

The door shut, and Stiles finally looked over Deucalion’s shoulder to see that Peter was indeed gone.

“You didn’t hear him?”

“I was focused on you, darling. I am not proud of it, but he never would have gotten that close if we were in public. He came into my den. I think I might have to change my locks or make sure he knows to stay out of here. I don’t like him just invading my space. He’s never come up to my bedroom like that.”

Stiles nodded, and he pressed a kiss to Deucalion’s lips when he leaned close. “Let’s go deal with a pouty Peter who is probably pissed. I won’t be lusting after him anymore, and then we can get back to food and maybe something a little more…deep.”

Deucalion laughed and pressed a kiss to Stiles’ lips.

“On one condition, you have to wear my shirt I wore today out there with him.”

“Sure. I don’t get to shower either, do I?”

Deucalion shook his head.

“You are lucky I am used to all of the weird scent things. Fine. Though after you fuck me, I’m showering. You’ll just have to rely on the scent that the bed gives me.”

“Of course, hygiene is needed.”

Stiles eyed him. He had a feeling that for a while, Deucalion wasn’t going to see full reason when it came to Peter, and that was fine. Stiles hoped that the friendship he had with Peter would survive this. If not, he was surprisingly okay with that. He would just have to find new friends, especially if they pissed off Derek.

“Ready?” Stiles asked after he had finished getting dressed and slipping on Deucalion’s shirt. It was a little big on him but not horribly. It was soft, and that was something Stiles loved. He could see himself stealing Deucalion’s clothes more often.

“I am darling.”

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

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