Meant to Be

Title: Meant To Be
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Category: M/M
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Cora Hale
Tags: Sentinel & Guides Are Known, Alternate Universe, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Werewolves are Known,
Summary: Everyone knew the story of Werewolf Guide Derek Hale, even Stiles Stilinski, who had been ten at the time. So when Derek comes home, Stiles tries to stay away from him. He doesn’t need any more Sentinels harassing him all day long. Then Stiles meets a random Spirit Animal in the middle of the Preserve.
Word Count: 22,982
Year: 2012
Spoilers: Everything
Notes: None
Beta: ScarsLikeVelvet

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Derek Hale frowned as he closed his eyes as his mother’s car pulled into the school. He wasn’t ready to deal with the kids there again today. It was the third week of school, and the only conversation topic around Derek was Paige’s death. Derek had been prepared for it the first week, but as it just kept on happening and his ears weren’t able to block it out all of the way, and Derek hated it. He opened the door when his mother put the car into park. He was about to slide out when his mother put her hand on his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Talia asked.

“Yeah, I guess. The new teacher starts today in French, so I need to get in there, so I am not late.”

“Okay, but remember, I am here for you,” Talia said.

“Yeah, I know.” Derek smiled at her before he got out. He felt something moving underneath his skin and hated it. He had finally gotten full control of his wolf inside of him, but now things were changing, and they had been changing since he met Paige. He didn’t know what it was. He really didn’t care what it was as long as he could get control of it. He gripped his backpack strap tight and headed into the school. Derek went right to French class and saw that there were a few other kids in there. He found his seat and looked up at the teacher. She was pretty, but Derek dismissed it. He started to get his stuff out, and once he was ready for class, he also grabbed his math notebook. He had a few questions left, but math was his last class of the day, so he could easily work on them between classes. He was working through the first one when the teacher started to walk up and down the aisles. She stopped on Derek’s left after she had walked down his right and then up the next aisle.

“That’s math, not French,” the woman said.

“Yes, Ma’am. This problem was giving me issues last night, so I hoped that a fresh eye would help me,” Derek said. He didn’t look up at her.

“Well, you need to work on French in French class.”

“My French assignments are already done for the whole week, Ma’am, and I don’t have the assignments for next week, and technically French class hasn’t started. If you would like, I could go out into the hall and work on this in the ten minutes left before class actually starts,” Derek said. He still didn’t look up at her, but he did finish the math problem. The teacher huffed and went back up to the front of the class. Derek smirked to himself. He kept on working and had his math homework done three minutes before the bell rang. He put it up and pulled out his book that he was reading for fun.

“More homework you didn’t get done last night?” The teacher asked on her way around again.

“Nope, I only had three math problems that my brain was too tired to do last night. This is the book I am reading for fun. My uncle and I are both reading it, and we talk about each chapter as we finish it.”

“Your uncle?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Derek still didn’t look up at her.

She was gone again, so Derek relaxed. Something about her was making his skin crawl, and he didn’t know what it was. Just a few seconds before the bell rang, Derek slipped his book into his backpack and looked up at the teacher, ready to go for the day.

“Hello, my name is Kate Jones, and I’ll be taking over for Madame Poole for at least the rest of this semester. I have been substituting all over Beacon County since I got my teaching degree, and this is my first long-term assignment, so I’m excited to be here.”

Lie, something said inside of Derek, but it had nothing to do with his reading of her heart rate. That had stayed just fine. Derek wondered what in the hell was going on. He couldn’t smell her at all. He didn’t know a damned thing about her, but there was something that his wolf didn’t like.

Derek tried to focus in class, but he couldn’t. He was glad they were just going over what had been happening with the other one-day subs they had been getting in classes.

“Mister Hale, please stay behind; I’ll write you a pass for your next class,” Miss Jones said.

“Sure,” Derek said. He stayed in his seat as the bell rang, and everyone else left. As soon as they did, Miss Jones shut the door. Derek didn’t like that. He reached down and grabbed his cell phone that was in his pants pocket. It was on silent per the school rules, but he could get it out if needed.

Miss Jones walked over to him and sat down on top of the desk in front of him; she was in a skirt, and Derek looked up at her face when he realized that she planned on showing him what she was wearing under that skirt. Derek swallowed.

“I looked at your work over the past few weeks of school, and I think that you might need a little more help than I can give in class,” Miss Jones said.

“I don’t need any help, Ma’am.”

“I think you do.” Miss Jones reached out and touched Derek’s hand that was on the desk.

Derek tried to jerk it away as feelings pushed over his mind, something that Derek was sure was sexual as well as feelings of hatred. Derek started to scream in his head for his father. He wanted him here. He wanted his mother; he wanted Peter. He wanted anyone who was an adult. Miss Jones was smirking at him, and Derek wanted to throw up. He couldn’t hear her thoughts, but he could tell that she was attracted to him, and only part of it was sexual. She wanted to ruin him. He could feel all of her feelings at that moment; it nearly overwhelmed him. He jerked his hand back, using some of his inhuman strength but making sure not to hurt her, and he rushed back into a corner.

There was nothing now, and Derek liked it, but then the world around him started to seep in. He could feel emotions from a few people who were close to him. He didn’t know who. Someone was hurt and aching from a bad day, and their pain was nearly overwhelming him.

“Focus on my voice,” a woman said.

It took Derek a few minutes to realize that it wasn’t Miss Jones who said it. He opened his eyes to see that Miss Jones was in the hands of two teachers. Coach Finstock and Mister Harris. Harris was an online Sentinel and Finstock a Guide, they weren’t a pair, but they usually dealt with anything Sentinel and Guide for the school.

The teacher in front of Derek was Miss Meeks. She was the main Guide for the school, but since she was a slight thing, they usually had Finstock dealing with issues.

“Derek,” Miss Meeks said again.

“Yeah,” Derek said, and his voice croaked. He wasn’t sure why it did that.

“You came online,” Miss Meeks said.

“What? No. There has never been a Sentinel or Guide in the Hale line,” Derek said.

“Your father’s family has them, though,” Harris said.

“Why are you keeping me here?” Miss Jones asked.

“You were alone with him when he came online, Kate,” Harris said. He glared at her. “That means that something happened, and until the Sheriff gets here, we are just going to stay right where we are.”

“Why is the Sheriff getting involved?” Derek asked.

“He’s the highest-ranking Sentinel in the area, and the cops have handed this over to him.”

“What?” Derek looked at Harris and Finstock, trying to understand what was going on.

“Before you were overwhelmed, kid, you were putting off some pretty strong fear emotions,” Finstock said. Instead of the half-crazy act that Finstock put on, he was deadly serious.

“So that means that until a Sentinel and a Guide of a high enough rank clears Miss Jones, she’s staying right where she is.”

“Wanna bet?” Miss Jones asked. She moved and tried to do something to grab something on her body, but Finstock let her go. Harris grabbed her in a very different hold before putting her on the floor and sat down on her. She screamed and tried to get out, but Harris had a hold of her arms, and they were pinned to her back. He was sitting on her thighs. “Let me go!”

“No,” Harris said.

Then the door to the classroom opened, and Derek saw a man enter. He knew him. His mother had met with Sheriff Stilinski a lot since he had been rush elected the year before. As soon as he entered the room, Derek felt a lot better. His mind was reaching for him. The Sheriff looked right at him and then at Miss Jones.

“Guide Finstock, what exactly did you feel?” the Sheriff asked.

“A lot of fear and disgust. Derek was feeling disgusted at whatever she was projecting on him.”

“He’s not a Guide,” Jones spat as she finally looked at Derek again.

Derek shivered at the look that she gave him, and he tried to go back inside of himself.

“Son, what did you feel?” the Sheriff asked. He was now crouched in front of Derek, blocking his view of anyone. Even Miss Meeks wasn’t there anymore. Derek wanted to reach out and touch, but that wasn’t a thing that one did.

“She was…” Derek tried to form the words, but he couldn’t. He shook his head and tried again. “She was disgusted about me, about what I am, but also..there was…it felt like arousal. Like when I woke up and-” Derek waved his hand, and he hoped that the Sheriff understood. He didn’t want to talk about his morning erections in front of everyone, especially Miss Jones.

“Sentinel Harris, can you hold her until my Deputy can come and handcuff her?”

“I can. I can even put the cuffs on if he so wishes. I trained for that kind of stuff at West Point,” Harris said.

“Good. Then we can make sure she doesn’t escape.” The Sheriff focused on Derek again and gave him a kind smile. “Your parents are on their way. We can just sit right here and wait for them. how does that sound?”

“What about classes?” Derek asked.

“Well, since the French teacher will be under arrest soon, there isn’t going to be French class until a substitute can be found for the substitute, and you, you might miss a week or two while you get a grip on your new gifts.”

“I’m really a Guide?” Derek asked.

“Yes. We got a few reports about it before the school got a hold of me. I also felt you come online. Every Sentinel and Guide that works for the police in a mile radius reported an online Guide in extreme distress. Then the school called. I was glad that I didn’t have to figure out where the epicenter was and do door-to-door knocks.”

Derek nodded his head. He remembered the last time that had happened, and the Guide had been near killing herself due to not understanding what was happening. Derek looked at the Sheriff, and he wanted to crawl into his lap and just be held there. He felt like he would be safe there. There must have been something on his face because the Sheriff laughed a little before reaching out and touching Derek. It was like a buffer came up. He only felt a few emotions from the Sheriff. He closed his eyes and focused on him. The Sheriff was thinking of someone, and he was feeling a lot of paternal feelings. It had to be his son. Derek knew of him from hearing his mother talking about him after his mother had died.

“Derek?” Talia called out.

Derek opened his eyes to see that his mother and father were behind the Sheriff. Derek jumped up and bowled the Sheriff over. He grabbed onto his father and hugged him tightly, feeling the worry from him and the relief that he was fine.

“Sheriff, I saw your Deputy taking a woman out in cuffs. Why was Kate Argent teaching in the school?”

“Argent? Her name is Kate Jones.”

“No, that’s Kate Argent, and her father is Gerard Argent.”

“The man that I arrested this past summer for killing his men and trying to frame it on the Alpha Werewolf Deucalion,” the Sheriff said.


“I need to go. Do you have him?” the Sheriff asked.

“Yes, we will figure out what to do about school and get him trained. His father’s family has a long line of Sentinels and Guides, but as there has never been a Hale, we assumed that our children would not come online ever. I guess I will have to test each of them.”

“Keep one of you two touching him. He’ll focus on you instead of the emotions around him. Try and keep your thoughts on a single but good subject. I thought about my love of Stiles.”

Derek wrinkled his nose a little. What the hell was a Stiles?

“How is Stiles doing?”

“As good as a kid can do after losing his mother. He’s not adjusting well in classes right now, but a girl stepped up and has been keeping others from him. She’s never paid him much attention before, but she’s good for him so far.”

“That’s good.”

“I’m pleased. He’s kind of friends with many people, but this is the first he’s talked about in more than a passing manner. I just wish I knew her name. He gives her nicknames like he does everyone else.”

Derek heard his mom start to laugh a little before he felt his father starting to move. Derek moved with him as he didn’t want to be apart from him. He didn’t think he was going to let his father go until they were home. He didn’t want the world back in.

Outside, Derek looked around to see who was looking at him, but he didn’t see anyone in the classes’ windows. He was happy, but he did see a horse. The horse was pretty, but he wasn’t sure why there was a horse, and no one was reacting to it. He blinked, and then it was gone like it had never been there.


Stiles Stilinski laughed as the radio turned to a song that he didn’t like. He stopped the Jeep at the stop sign and looked around. No cars were waiting and none behind him, so he reached over to turn off the radio and turn on the police one that he had snatched from his dad’s office after it had been damaged and was going to be thrown away. Stiles had spent months learning how to fix it and fixing it up. The soft chatter about standard calls and deputies telling dispatch when they were stopping to get drinks, food, or getting out to use the bathroom filled the Jeep. He smiled at that.

The area was still empty, so Stiles checked his cell phone as well. There were no messages. He grinned and locked the phone again before slipping it into his shirt pocket. Stiles let his foot off the brake and pressed the gas, loving hearing the sound of his engine revving. He checked to make sure that nothing else was around and picked up speed to where he was going, the speed limit plus a few extra as he drove on the road that wrapped around the Preserve.

The road was empty, so Stiles enjoyed the feel of the windows down. It was full dark, even if the lights on the road made it seem like it wasn’t. He gunned the engine a little, picking up speed and shifting gears even though he was going over the limit. Before the next stoplight, he shifted down again and got his speed under control. There were still no cars around, so he was safe, but he still didn’t want to get caught speeding. His father’s disappointed look was something that Stiles didn’t like.

Stiles slowed down to stop at the light and heard an engine gunning it. He looked around but saw no lights on the crossways. He frowned. There were no paths for vehicles in the Preserve in this area. Just as Stiles was getting ready to remove his foot from the gas the rest of the way, he heard the engine like it was right beside him. He turned but then was blinded as lights flashed over the Jeep. He knew that whatever it was, it was going to hit him. He forced his body to relax as his father had drilled that into him. Tensing would make him hurt worse.

The impact was hard, and it threw Stiles to the side so bad that he thought he would get broken bones just from the whiplash motion of his body. There was a small embankment on the other side of the road, and his Jeep rolled down it. The vehicle that had hit him didn’t follow.

When the world was mostly okay, and Stiles was sure that he could move, he did. He grabbed the cord to the handset and pulled it close.

“Hello,” Stiles said into it and waited.

“Stiles, get off the channel,” the dispatcher said.

“I was just run off the road—stoplight at the middle area of the road around the Preserve. I was stopped at a light, and the vehicle rammed into me and rolled me down the embankment. I seem to be fine, hurt, but I can move. Send help.”

The world sounded louder than normal, everything hurt, and the smell of his own fear made Stiles want to puke. He listened for what was to happen next, but what he heard was the sound of a shotgun being primed.

“I’m exiting my vehicle and running. The person just primed a shotgun.”

“Get out of there!” one of the deputies yelled.

Stiles dropped the handset and unbuckled his body. The Jeep was on its side, so he fell into the passenger seat door. The front windshield was shattered, and he crawled out through that. The glass bits on his body felt like they were cutting into him. The sound of the person getting closer had Stiles running. He got to his feet and was gone before the guy could get close.

Running wasn’t Stiles’ biggest bit of fun that he did, but he had been doing it for a while, getting ready for lacrosse and the cross country that they had to be in for Coach to allow them on the team. He didn’t care much about lacrosse, but it allowed him to have it on his transcript for college, even if he warmed the bench. He wasn’t ever going to get a scholarship for that, but at least it showed that he did things outside of straight classes.

Stiles could hear the man still coming after him. He tripped and rolled to land on his back. His arm was hurting, but it didn’t feel broken. He looked around and tried to see the man. It sounded like the man was right beside him, but he wasn’t there.

The shotgun went off, and Stiles felt bits of it hitting his skin, but the guy wasn’t anywhere that he could see him. He got up and ran again. Stiles heard something and stopped, trying to orient the sound. It sounded like people having a party. He headed toward it, which meant a phone and protection behind walls.

The person was running fast now, and Stiles wasn’t sure that he would be able to outrun him. He turned around and looked for a big tree and hid behind it. He found one and stayed there. He hoped that maybe the guy couldn’t hear the party and wouldn’t go that way looking for him.

Stiles tried to slow his breathing as the sounds of the forest got louder and louder. It was like he heard everything. He could hear a rabbit breathing, and yet it sounded like it was close and far at the same time. The man passed him and was going to where the party was.

Something inside of Stiles burst out, and he fell to his knees as the world turned horrible and dark. When he looked up again, He could see the man like it was full-on day outside. The man turned around like he knew that his prey had gotten away from him. The man looked right past him, and Stile wasn’t sure why he hadn’t seen him.

“Fuck,” the man said. He looked around again. “Come out, little man.”

Stiles kept his mouth shut. It sounded like his breathing was echoing around the area that they were in.

“Come out, and I won’t kill you.”

Lie, something inside of Stiles said. His brain was listening better than he was, it seemed. Stiles didn’t understand why he knew that until he knew exactly why he was hearing what he was hearing. He had heard the man lie, his heartbeat, and the scent of him. Stiles had come online as a Sentinel. He knew that he was latent, and he knew what that meant. His father had been online before he was born.

“I want your father to know what pain is like after he sees your body broken and bleeding.”

Stiles wasn’t sure who this person was, but as he looked at him, he realized that he wasn’t that much older than him, and there was something about him. Donovan Donati, Stiles realized. It had been a few years since he had seen him. Since Donovan’s father had been injured in the line of duty and wasn’t his father’s partner anymore.

Everyone in town knew about Donovan and his turning to a life of crime and acting out. Stiles had heard his father complain about him time and again. He was getting worse. Now he was a threat. Stiles stood up, hearing nothing but the sound of Donovan’s breathing as he looked around and primed the shotgun again. He fired it up into the trees above, but Stiles didn’t even flinch.

“Maybe I’ll wait for your father to come looking for you and kill him. Shoot him with this, killing him, and then you’ll be just like me.”

Donovan was a threat. Stiles moved, the leaves under his feet crunching a little. Donovan looked, but it wasn’t like he had sight like Stiles did. The shotgun went off again, and it sprayed on Stiles, he felt it, but he was a little too far from him. Donovan was loading it again when Stiles moved. He slammed Donovan into the tree and got his hands on his neck.

There was a snap, and then there was nothing but the sound of his breathing and heartbeat in the area. In the distance, there was the sound of people running at him. He moved around the tree, dropping Donovan as he wasn’t a threat anymore. The people running at him were.

The first one to get to him was a girl, or at least he thought she was. It was a werewolf. He growled at her as she growled at him. Her eyes flashed, and then she let out a startled gasp.

“Stiles?” the girl asked as her face turned back to a normal human. “Mom, STOP!”

The other people stopped.

“Cora, I smell blood,” another female said.

“It looks like Stiles has been shot, and I smell gunpowder.”

Stiles looked at the woman beside Cora and realized that it was the Alpha for the Hale Pack. Cora’s mother. She was good. She was safe, and she would help him. Stiles stopped the low growls that he had been letting out and tried to relax his pose. A man came walking up beside Cora on her other side. Even he didn’t seem like a threat. Stiles felt that part of him retreating that wanted to lash out at them for coming at him. They had to have heard the shotgun going off and tried to figure out what was happening so close to their house.

“Seems like Stiles has killed someone who was trying to kill him,” the man said.

Stiles looked at him. He didn’t know him that well, but he was a Hale, looking like his sister. Peter Hale, who took Derek after Derek had come online at school, revealed a massive threat to him and the kids in the school.

“Stiles, is there anyone else?” Cora asked.


“What happened?”

“He ran me off the road, my Jeep went rolling down the embankment, and then I heard him priming the shotgun. I ran. I radioed the Sheriff’s department, and they are on their way. We are pretty far in, though.” There was still a part of him that wanted to lash out. He wasn’t fully safe until his father was here.

“Peter, call the department on the non-emergency line and let them know that we have Stiles and to send the coroner.”

“No,” Stiles said. He looked at Talia. “You do it.”

“Excuse me?” Talia demanded.

“Talia, dear, he’s a Sentinel.” Peter was still looking at Stiles with a keen eye.

“He is latent,” Cora said.

“No, he’s online. He’s just coming out of a feral episode. I was taught what to look for when I took Derek in with me in New York. Right now, he’s on the cusp of sliding into feral again. You are the Alpha; you are the danger to him at the moment. He knows Cora; she’s his best friend. He’s not going to attack her. I’m not a threat. It’s just like why you don’t deal with calling so that we don’t end up with you two squaring off.”

“That does make more sense, Talia,” another male said.

Stiles looked around to see that there were more of them a few hundred feet back. They hadn’t moved since they had stopped. Stiles kind of recognized them. They were more of the Hale Pack. Stiles thought that it was Cora’s father.

Before anyone else could say something, Stiles turned to look toward where he heard someone heading at them very quickly. His father had very good hearing; it was his best sense. Stiles reached out, trying to figure out who was heading at him when he picked up the sound of his father’s heart. When there were times that the nightmares about his mother were too much, he would lay in bed with his father with his ear over his heart. He knew the sound of that heart beating.

“DAD!” Stiles yelled, and he took off toward him. He crashed into his father a few dozen steps away and buried his face in his neck. It made his stomach hurt where he had been shot, but he didn’t care.

“I smell blood.”

“He shot me. Donovan shot me, and he threatened to kill me and then shoot you.” It was all too emotional, and Stiles felt the world slipping away from him. He knew he was headed for a zone out, but he didn’t care. He was safe.

Stiles woke up slowly, his body telling him that he was pain-free and safe. He felt sheets wrapped around him that were soft and gentle and the feel of nothing else on him.

“Stiles?” Cora whispered. She touched the back of his hand, and Stiles opened his eyes to look at her.

The room was obviously a hospital room. There was no one else in there.

“You okay?” Cora asked.

“Yeah. I’m okay. How did I come out of the zone?”

“You kind of did it on your own. Your dad bathed you, got the glass off, cleaned up your wounds, and glued them shut. It was better than stitches, he said. You are naked under those sheets.”

“Like you care,” Stiles said. He lifted the sheet to look. There were wounds on him, but he could see the edges of the glue holding the wounds shut. It was good to know that he wouldn’t be randomly bleeding.

“Your Jeep is at the shop. Uncle Peter is making sure it’s fixed up fine.”

“I don’t have the money to pay for that.”

“Uncle Peter told me to tell you that some asshole shouldn’t take one of the better memories you have of your mother. Don’t fight him.”

“It’s like that time with the Kindle, right?” Stiles asked.

“Yeah. Just smile and thank him. Maybe give him a hug.”

“Where’s Dad?”

“Dealing with the fallout. Mom heard everything the guy said to you, so there is more than ample evidence of him threatening to kill you. The Foundation is backing him because he threatened to kill your father the last time he was arrested. No one cares about you killing him.”

“I barely remember it. I remember pushing him into the tree and hearing a crack, and then you guys were headed to me.”

“Threat on threat. How are you doing sense-wise?”

“This is a shielded room, right?” Stiles could barely hear anything that wasn’t in the room with him.

“Yes. Your dad didn’t want you waking up alone, and I was here. So I volunteered.”

Stiles nodded. He was still pretty tired. He knew that zones weren’t really sleeping, and his body was dealing with a lot. “I’m gonna go back to sleep.”

“Go ahead; I’ll stay until you wake up again, I promise.”

Stiles nodded and closed his eyes. Cora would make sure he was left alone.


The sound of knocking woke up Derek from the rough sleep he had been trying to engage in. He rubbed his hand on his face and sighed before he looked at the time. It was just after six in the morning. He looked around to double-check that there was nothing in his way as he walked across the room.

Derek heard the knock again and groaned. He really didn’t want to deal with anyone. Peter was already gone, and the movers were arriving in a few hours to get everything packed up so that it could go back to Beacon Hills. The dreams had been getting worse. He used to have them just a few times a year while he was in college early. But over the last year, as Derek had prepared to take the Bar for California, they had gotten so bad that Derek was having a few a month, and now it was sometimes twice a week. Derek had passed though and flown back to New York to close down the apartment that he and Peter had shared since Derek had gone to live with him after the hell he had gone through coming online as a Guide.

Life had settled down quickly, and Derek felt like he flourished under his Uncle’s undivided attention. It was the only reason that Derek had graduated high school early, his pre-law was done in three years and not four, and now Derek was going back to Beacon Hills as a lawyer. He wanted to work as a District attorney or something close to that. He would take his time and get a feel for everything before he decided, though. He had a job at the firm that his Uncle had gotten hired on a few months before.

Derek got to the door, and he felt that it was something that he didn’t know. A brush of his Guide abilities over the person’s mind, and they brushed back. It was another Guide.

“Guide Hale, please open the door,” the female voice said.

“I think that I won’t until you tell me who you are,” Derek said. The locks were all thrown, so the female wasn’t getting in.

“My name is Jennifer Blake, and I’m the Guide who runs the local Foundation center. We need to talk about you not being able to leave the city.”

“Why would I not be able to?” Derek asked.

“You’re still too fragile to go.”

Derek raised his eyebrows, and he pulled out his phone to text Peter. Peter wouldn’t like it, but Derek had already gotten approval to leave from everyone who could actually stop him. Derek had never interacted with the local chapter of the Foundation. He had worked with the main person who headed up the one in the center of New York City as they were capable of dealing with how traumatically Derek had come online. It was why Derek had come to live here, not just because his Uncle loved him and supported him but because the pair running the branch of the Foundation was more capable of dealing with him.

“You have no right to stop me. I was evaluated by the Foundation in the center of the city and also the one who will be watching over me in Beacon Hills; they are all proud of me.” Derek heard the slight rustle of something behind him, and he turned around to see a woman entering through the window. His alarm system wasn’t working then. He grinned at Kali Blake as she looked at him.

Derek texted his Uncle to call the main Foundation and send a squad as a Sentinel just broke into his apartment while her Guide distracted him. He got the thumbs-up emoji back, and he set his phone down.

“My Uncle is calling the Foundation right now, so I would just leave if I were you both.”

“Not gonna happen. You are going to stay here, and bond with our friend, or you are going to die,” Kali said.

“I’ll take option three.” Derek pressed the button on the alarm that would send off an alert that there was a disturbance to the police department. It wasn’t set to where it could be turned off if the main system was. It was a backstop after Kate Argent had tried what she had with Derek. “You remember that I am a werewolf, right?”

Kali growled at him, her fangs dropping down and her face changing. Her eyes flashed red at him.

“Ah, so you are aware. Good.” Derek grinned at her before he crouched down to get ready to take on her attack. The door was beaten on behind him, and he felt a little brush off what he thought was magic. So the other Blake was a magic user.

Before anything else could be done, a feeling of weight drifted over Derek. He knew that feeling. The Guide who had trained him was here and making their presence known. Kali’s eye widened, and she went to lunge, but Derek grabbed the baseball bat that was beside the door, and he cracked it across her head. It was a mountain ash bat, and the grip was wrapped so that Derek could use it. The lacquer on the bat was wolfsbane, so it was going to hurt like fucking hell.

The thud reverberated down Derek’s arm, and he felt one of his arms break, but he kept swinging through. The beating on the door stopped, and Derek heard the thud of Jennifer falling down.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. “Derek.”

Derek flipped the locks open and opened the door. Four cops entered in front of Derek’s mentor, Adam.

“Well, this went a hell of a lot different than I thought it was going to.”

“You knew someone had accessed my file that shouldn’t have. What makes them think that I would be a good bond for their friend?”

“Ennis was the one who tried to turn Paige. The information was finally matched on DNA when it was found at another scene.”

“The Alphas,” Derek said. He knew of a group of them that had been moving around the country slowly trying to build a Pack that they could try and take over the Foundation with. He hadn’t realized that one of them was who had killed Paige.

“Yes. We got the information that Jennifer isn’t her real name, and that helped. I was just a little too behind in her movements. I made the team race when your Uncle called me. He is pissy at being woken up and wants you escorted to the airport now. I’ll stay behind and make sure that everything gets where it needs to be in the moving van.”

“I’m ready to go home and be away from the politics of this place.”

Adam nodded his head in agreement to that.

Stiles looked around as he finished pumping his gas, sliding the cap back home over the opening on the Jeep. He closed the flap and looked at the girls who were giggling. They weren’t girls as much as young women, but Stiles figured they weren’t very mature with the way they were giggling.

Though maturity was very different for normal people and Sentinels and Guides. Stiles turned his head like he was looking elsewhere but focused on the girls.

“He’s so fucking hot,” one of them said.

“I know. I’ve heard Guides give the best sex. I wanna ride him so hard.”

Stiles turned his hearing nearly all the way off with how quickly he shut it down. It was another set of girls lusting over someone. Stiles turned to look and saw that Peter was standing on the corner with someone. It took Stiles a few seconds to recognize Derek Hale. It had been nearly eight years since he had seen him. Stiles, though, knew that Derek hadn’t seen him. Stiles had kept away from the young man when he had been in the Sheriff’s station to give his official statement on what had happened at the high school that day.

Shaking his head, Stiles got into the Jeep. He started it up and headed to his father’s work. Stiles was on his summer break after graduating high school. He and Cora were set to go to Beacon University come the fall. It was a pretty competitive school that he had been happy to get into. It came with a full-ride scholarship as well. He was going to be commuting to and from since it was only forty minutes away on the far side of Beacon City. Cora was going to be doing the same. They thought about maybe getting an apartment if she got the scholarships that she thought that she was. Stiles would pay for off or on-campus housing.

Cora had been looking forward to her brother coming home for weeks. He had taken his Bar exam in February, and just before Cora and Stiles had graduated, he had gotten the results. Stiles had heard a lot about Derek, but Stiles had stayed away when he was home for visits. That was Hale’s family time.

Stiles laughed as he pulled into the station to see that it was washing the vehicles’ day. It was something that the lowest deputies did on occasion when there was little else to do, which wasn’t that often, really. This was the main hub, and others had deputies stationed and someone who reported right to Stiles’ father.

“So,” Stiles said as he got out and looked at Parrish, one of the few deputies who was younger than most of them there but was something that Stiles really liked. “What did you do to get this shit job?”

“I didn’t get your father his favorite bagel but got him a whole grain muffin instead.”

“Aww, you are a rookie. You didn’t get him the good coffee did you?”


“See, that’s how you get out of that. You get him the good coffee and the special muffin, or you just get him the bagel.”

“It’s your fault I’m out here. I should make you join me,” Parrish said.

“Nah, but I’ll watch!” Staples waggled his eyebrows at Parrish, and the man actually blushed. He was like a fucking boy scout. He was almost too good for the world.

Stiles entered the station and followed the sound of his father’s heartbeat. He was pretty sure that he could find it anywhere in a mile radius if he needed it. He hadn’t had to test that out, thankfully.

“Hey, Daddio, so you might wanna up the patrols around wherever Derek Hale’s living.”

“Why?” Noah asked as he looked up from where he was eating his lunch. It looked like a salad, which was what he normally ate at lunch. Dinner was whatever Stiles made if he was home. Today was burgers.

“Because I think that the population of Beacon Hills that likes guys is gonna start up a line of gawkers. Peter was outside of a shop with him today, and I heard two girls at the gas station saying things that I hope to hell Derek never hears.”

“I’ll make sure that things are checked over well on that end. He’s staying at that new house that was built in the Hale-owned area of the Preserve. I’ll warn Peter as well. He stopped in this morning before he went to work. I guess they were out for lunch. I’m shocked you are not part of that line.”

“I’ve heard the way that everyone is talking about him. Like he’s a piece of meat. Yeah, he’s handsome and right up my alley on that front, but you and I both know I need more than a pretty face.”

“He’s a Guide.”

“Yup, and he’s got every single Sentinel in town going after him if they aren’t already bonded. Cora has told me time and again that he’s refused a search for a Sentinel. If he doesn’t want one, I’m not gonna jump in his face.”

Noah nodded his head like he understood, but Stiles wasn’t sure that he ever would. Noah had been built for not bonding. He had found what he needed in the job. It was rare as hell for a Sentinel to be able to function as well as Noah did without a Guide, but he had done it since he had come online. There was a period after the death of Stiles’ mom where he had issues, but after he had settled down, Noah had been fine.

Stiles knew that he wasn’t like that. He felt something, someone who was at the edge of his mind and had been since he had come online. His mentor, who had helped him get settled the year before, had told him that some Sentinels could feel their Guide if it was someone they already knew. Stiles had met everyone that he had been matched to, but none of them had been right. No one in Stiles’ life had felt right.

A yip had Stiles looking down. Ged was dancing around his feet before stopping and grabbing his pant leg and tugging.

“Looks like Ged’s hyper today,” Noah said.

“He’s been acting like this all morning. I’ve already done all of my errands because his ass refused to settle down. It’s summer; I didn’t want to be up at four.”

“I noticed you were on your run early when I got up and came in. So what are you going to do now?”

“I think I’m gonna head into the Preserve and walk around. See if maybe that will calm his ass down.” Stiles looked down at Ged again and smiled at him. He knew that none of it was Ged’s fault. The ADHD that Stiles had before coming online had settled down to like he had never had it. It was one of the rarest showings of being latent that was on file. Stiles always figured that he would be the odd one. That he had some kind of connection to his Guide was not a shock. If it was going to happen, it was going to happen to him.

“I’ll cook dinner tonight. You’ve been doing it since you graduated, and it’s time I stepped up.”

“I was going to do burgers.”

“You shopped already?”

Stiles nodded. Ged tugged on his pants leg again.

“Then, I can cook it.”

“Potatoes are in the fridge already in brine and seasonings. They should do really well in the oven.”

“Good. Now get.”

Stiles backed out of his father’s office and headed out. He laughed at Parrish, who was now soaking wet and had a few gawkers watching him. Stiles growled at the sight of them, and they took off.

“Where’s Lydia?” Stiles asked.

“Somewhere. I don’t know where. She texted that she was going to be busy today.”

“Oh, it’s mani-pedi day with Allison. So she’ll be all pretty for your date tonight. Finally gonna go that extra step?” Stiles asked.

“Get out of here,” Parrish said. He raised the hose up and acted like he was going to spray him.

Stiles backed away while laughing. Parrish and Lydia’s relationship was a little out of left-field, but they worked well together. Lydia would have started to date him first thing, but Parrish waited until she was eighteen. She had one more year of high school left, liking to be the older kids in the grade. Still, she hadn’t felt like leaving the friends that she had in that grade when they figured out that she wasn’t slow but advanced enough that she should have gone up a grade or two instead of staying held back a year to repeat kindergarten.

The roads were full of other cars, given it was summer, and high school kids were out in force to enjoy the summer. Stiles stopped and grabbed a sandwich and fries from the diner that he preferred. He ate while sitting in his Jeep in front of the house. He looked up at the house. Wiping his hands off, Stiles opened the door on the Jeep, and Ged tumbled out, landing in a graceless sprawl. He looked so majestic but was not in any way, shape, or form.

Ged’s coloring was Melanistic, with areas that looked like he was on fire with the orange and red on the fur. Stiles thought that he was beautiful, but many thought that he looked like a demon. Stiles didn’t need them, which was okay with Stiles, anyone who looked at him and saw anything other than what he was.

Getting dressed in his hiking clothes, Stiles slipped his phone into his strap that would hold it on his arm. He had a pair of earbuds that he wore, but they didn’t go in his ears, even at the lowest volume; they were too loud, and Stiles wasn’t shelling out money for the good Sentinel friendly ones. So he wore them outside of his ear, and only he could hear it unless another Sentinel was close by.

The Preserve was kind of like Stiles’ playground. He liked to go there to get away, and he had been allowed there by the Hale Alpha since he had made friends with Cora.

Stiles had spent hours there before when the city was too much for him, or something happened at school that made him want to be alone. He had a tracker app installed on his phone that his father could use to track him; he wouldn’t disable it or turn it off either. He would never deny his father the right to know where he was.

A sound that Stiles had never heard in person before hit the edge of Stiles’ distance on hearing when he was two hours into hiking around the Preserve with no care of where he was or what he was doing. He sometimes didn’t leave a small area just because he would turn to look at something else and head that way. He turned toward the sound and headed that way, Ged getting up a good run and disappearing into the distance.

Stiles was pretty sure that he heard a horse running. This was odd as while there were farms with horses in Beacon County, none of them were near Beacon Hills enough that the horse would have escaped into the Preserve. Stiles followed the sound, and he found the horse trotting around a clearing in full sun. It took a few seconds for Stiles to realize two things. One, Ged was on the back of the horse, sitting and seeming to enjoy the ride he was getting, and two, the horse was someone else’s spirit animal.

The horse turned and stopped when it saw Stiles before trotting up to him. The horse was beautiful. He was a Blue Roan Mustang by the look of him. Stiles wanted to touch, but he kept his hands to himself, even when the horse nickered in front of him. It looked like it was begging for attention, but Stiles wasn’t going to be that kind of an asshole, even if his fox was riding on the back of it.

“You can touch,” a voice said from behind Stiles. He hadn’t even heard the person coming up on him.

Stiles was about to spin around when he felt a breath on the back of his neck. That feeling inside of him that had latched onto his Guide a year before was pushing into a larger part of his mind. His Guide was behind him; it was his Guide’s horse that was in front of him.

“Don’t be scared,” the man said.

“I’m not.”

“Then why is your heart beating like it’s going to explode?” The tone was wry, but the voice sent Stiles into something he hadn’t ever felt before. The guy behind him was a werewolf.

“What’s his name?”

“Gandalf. I found comfort in the Lord of the Rings when I was learning how to be a Guide. What is your fox’s name?”

“Sparrowhawk,” Stiles said. He wanted to turn around, but he also didn’t. The Guide had approached him from behind; he had a reason.

“Really? Not Ged?” The Guide chuckled, and Stiles tried to hold in the shiver at the way that his hot breath hit his neck.

“You are the only person that has ever got that. I do call him Ged around my Dad, and when we are alone.”

“And me?”

Hands cupped the sides of Stiles’ hips, and he felt the power in them. A werewolf would be a good match for him strength-wise, even foot on that, able to take him down if he ever did go feral during a crisis. Stiles could feel the higher body heat even through his jeans.

“You can call him Ged if he wants you to.”

“Headstrong, is he?”

“Like his Sentinel, yes,” Stiles said.

The werewolf’s hands slid just a little further forward, and Stiles felt the body of his Guide pressing into him. He finally allowed himself to breathe through his nose, and he smelled the scent of his Guide; it was like fresh crushed leaves and pine. He had smelled that once before. On a bed in the Hale house, he had been tackled onto Derek’s bed by Cora when they ran through the house.

The scent had lingered on Stiles’ body all day, and he had enjoyed it. He just hadn’t realized that it was even though he had been online. He and Cora had been yelled at for acting like children, but he hadn’t really cared. It had been fun, and they had both needed that. Talia hadn’t been too upset, just the stern Alpha when her pups had been acting up. Stiles knew that he was on the edge of the Pack, and one day if he had wanted, he would have been brought in even though he was human. It seemed like it was going to happen, no matter what.

“Shh,” Derek said into Stiles’ ear.

“You…” Stiles swallowed as he wasn’t sure what he wanted to say. He hadn’t even known he had been making a whining noise until Derek had shh’d him.

“Stiles Stilinski, speechless? Red-letter day. I’ll have to tell Cora.”

“Asshole,” Stiles said, but there was no heat behind it.

“Hmm, I can be an asshole. I’ve heard enough from Cora to tell me that you are just as much of an asshole.” Derek nipped at Stiles’ ear, and Stiles stopped stopping himself from moving. He reached down and laid his hands over Derek’s hands on his hips.

“Anyone expecting you for anything?”

“No. Dad knows where I am, mostly, and knew I was coming out to clear my head. He won’t worry until I’m not there for dinner at six. Should I have him make more?”

“Sure. Then after dinner, you can come and see the family.”

“It’s your welcome home dinner. You don’t need to-” Stiles gasped as Derek’s hand covered his mouth. Stiles wanted to lick. To taste. He groaned as he held that urge in.

“If you weren’t so stubborn, you would have been invited tonight. Cora’s tried time and again. It’ll score me brother points to bring you.” Derek let go of Stiles and turned him around. They were of a mostly even height. Derek brought his hand up and cupped the side of Stiles’ face, his thumb brushed over Stiles’ bottom lip.

Derek slipped his thumb in between Stiles’ lips. The taste of him was something that Stiles really found he enjoyed.

“My house is empty. Gandalf can take Sparrowhawk there, and we can make our way. Peter said that I would want a house for myself. I guess he was right.” Derek stepped back, reaching down and taking Stiles’ hand in his and drawing him away

Stiles felt like a kid being pulled behind an adult. He swallowed as the house came into view. They really hadn’t been that far. Stiles hadn’t realized that he had gotten that deep into the Preserve.

“It’s huge,” Stiles said as he looked at the three-story house.

“I have a horse for a spirit animal, Stiles. I need the room.”

“I get it, Dude,” Stiles said.

Derek turned around and glared at him.

“Yeah, nicknames and dude are pretty much signs of affection. You’d better get used to it, Sourwolf.”

Derek laughed at that one and tugged Stiles up onto the porch.

“I’m not in any way ready for a physical relationship outside of touching and maybe sleeping. I need a better connection.”

Stiles nodded his head. He knew what Derek’s onlining had been like. He heard Cora talk about how he was, how isolated he had to be once he had been pulled away from the school. Why Derek had gone to New York to be trained.

“We do a simple imprint. I am fine with that. I don’t need sexual bonding.”

“I want it soon, but just not yet.”

Stiles nodded his head and followed Derek into the house.

Derek brushed at Stiles’ shoulder as his Sentinel napped on the bed. The top floor of the house was all Derek’s. No one was ever going to set foot in those areas except to clean, and the lady who was going to be cleaning his house was more than willing to limit what she did up there to just keeping it clean. Peter had found her and knew that she cleaned Stiles’ house with his father as well, so at least that scent wasn’t going to be invasive.

Stiles’ mind was a wonder, even now to Derek. Stiles had fallen asleep with his head tucked on Derek’s chest but had rolled over when the sun had hit the windows. He sought out the sun and was now on his side with his back to Derek. Stiles’ skin was dotted with moles. They were in just their boxers, but still, Derek knew that moles were everywhere.

The sense imprint had left them both hard, and even though it had felt like he was stopping something horrible, Stiles had pulled back to go and take care of his erection alone while Derek had gone down to the guest bath on the floor below to do the same. Derek had been able to hear Stiles getting off with his hearing, and Derek knew that Stiles had been listening to him. It was intimate in a way that still had Derek a little off-center.

It was nearly time for them to get up and get dressed to head to dinner. He didn’t want to wake his Sentinel, though. He was sleeping peacefully. Derek figured that tonight he would sleep the same with Stiles’s scent all over his floor of the house.

The sound of the door shutting below had Derek turning to listen closely. He knew that the Sheriff wasn’t expecting them. Stiles had texted him that he was being dragged to Derek’s welcome home dinner, and the Sheriff had invited himself along. It was going to help them get it all done in one fell swoop.

“Mischief,” a voice called out, and it made Derek’s nose crinkle. It wasn’t until he focused on the heartbeat’s sound that Derek knew it was his Uncle. He didn’t know what Peter wanted. Derek stood up, leaving his bed’s comfort for the first time since Stiles had pulled him into it after their separate showers.

“Ugh, Creeperwolf,” Stiles said. He rolled out of bed on the other side and looked at Derek with a smile on his face. “Let’s go and find out what your uncle wants.”

Derek grabbed his jeans and slipped them on while Stiles grabbed the pants that Derek had slept in the night before after getting in and just crashing.

Peter was in the kitchen when Derek and Stiles came down.

“You had an audience this afternoon,” Peter said as he turned around. He pointed at a bag that was on the floor.

“Oh, clothes!” Stiles grabbed the bag and dug into it. “Oh, the youngest Hale went lock picking again, did he?”

“You reap what you sowed with that,” Peter said. He had a glass of tea from the fridge in his hand. “He also told me to tell you both that the price of his silence is not telling his mother and Cora is dinner tomorrow night where he wants to go.”

“Which means sushi,” Derek said.

Peter nodded. He smiled at them both. “You two are good for each other. I’m glad you have settled, Derek. Your mentor tried many times to make me make you search for a Sentinel.”

“The dream I’ve been having, it’s from the night that Stiles came online.”

“I well remember that night, Derek, but I never wanted to push you into something. You would meet him when it was time. I’m glad you talked. Now, let’s get going. Go and get ready. I’m looking forward to this. Cora will be pleased that Stiles is coming but very unhappy that she has to share her best friend.”

The grin on Peter’s face as Stiles laughed reminded Derek of why he liked his Uncle. He was looking forward to dinner as well, with Peter at his back and Stiles at his side.

Stiles looked at the Hale house with a smile on his face. It was home. He had stayed there enough in the years following his mother’s death that he had his own room. It had started out as something Stiles had hated, but then he loved it as he got older. Talia had never tried to replace his mother, ever. She didn’t mother him in the same way at all. She had treated him like she treated her other kids, but it didn’t feel like she was trying to mother him. It felt like she was trying to be a different mother. He wondered if she knew. If she felt with her Alpha powers that Stiles was meant for Derek.

“Sushi?” Spencer asked as he opened up the front door of the house with a grin on his face.

“If you shut your mouth right now, yes,” Derek growled.

Spencer grinned and nodded his head. He looked at Stiles and held his arms out for a hug. Stiles walked up and hugged the shit out of him, making him squeak a little with his Sentinel strength. Then Derek did the same with his werewolf strength. Spencer was laughing, though, as he was let go. Stiles looked up and saw that his father was right there in the doorway. He looked at Stiles, and then Spencer, then Peter, before finally landing on Derek.

“And how did you meet him?” Noah asked.

“He was in the Preserve. It was a very interesting meeting, Daddio.” Stiles made finger guns and pointed them at his father.

“Well, at least you went home and got changed. I grabbed clothes for you just in case you were still in your hiking stuff.” Noah stepped up to hug Stiles, and he stopped before touching him. He looked between the two of them. “After what you told me?”

“He felt right,” Stiles whispered.

“He felt safe,” Derek said.

Noah looked at Peter and raised his eyebrow. Peter just grinned.

“I get sushi,” Spencer said, which made all of them laugh.

“Well, Talia will skin us if we are late,” Peter said. He walked up onto the porch and drew Noah in with him before reaching back and grabbing the collar of Spencer’s shirt to tug him along.

“Ready for this?” Derek asked.

“Yeah.” Stiles reached out and slipped his hand into Derek’s before he started to walk across the porch and into the house.

Cora was the first to see them, and she looked pretty much at Stiles. “So, you choose this one to meet Derek?”

Stiles laughed and shook his head. “Nope.”

Cora’s face screwed up in confusion before she noticed the way that Stiles and Derek were linked. She raised her eyebrows at that and then rushed at the two of them. She hugged them both tight, making Derek and Stiles have to hold her up so that she wouldn’t fall as she jumped on them.

“You can come to sushi tomorrow as well,” Stiles said before he kissed her on the cheek.

Derek drew her over to his side as Talia and Greg entered the foyer of the house.

“Everyone else is in here,” Talia said, but her eyes locked right on Derek and Stiles’ hands that were linked. “I see. Well, I wondered what had happened to have Stiles join us for a family meal when he’s been evading them for nearly eight years. Come.”

Stiles looked at Derek with a smile before he unlinked their hand and stepped up to Talia to take the hug from her. He also wasn’t shocked when she scent marked him next. He was passed off to Greg, and the same thing happened. They had been doing that for a few years on him, protecting him from others when they smelled the Hales on him. He wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. He saw that Laura was standing behind Talia and Greg, and she looked pissed off. Stiles didn’t need to have the same abilities as Derek to understand that she didn’t like him. She never really had, and Stiles had been glad that she was at college for years and then was married and worried about her kids and her career and living how she wanted after that.

“Hello, Laura,” Stiles said. He felt Derek come up behind him and lay a hand on his shoulder.

“What are you doing here?” Laura asked him.

“Your mother and father invited me a few weeks ago so that I could finally meet Derek, but I still didn’t want to intrude on family time.”

“Then, why are you?” Laura asked.

“Because he’s my family now, Laura,” Derek said.

“How is he your family?” Laura asked.

Derek sighed behind Stiles, and Stiles felt like he had walked into something that had been going on for a while. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with Stiles, but Laura didn’t like him.

“Well, that’s what happens when a Sentinel and Guide bond,” Derek said.

“You think he’s your Sentinel? He’s a weak little human. You need a werewolf for a Sentinel,” Laura said. Her eyes flashed yellow.

“Really? Are you going to play that card? Your father was human and took the bite because he wanted it. Yet we started the same. There are few werewolf Sentinels out there, but many more Guides. You don’t understand the bond that there is between Sentinel and Guide. It’s not like there are a lot of matches out there. It was described to me as the lock finding the perfect key to open it. You don’t turn it down if you find someone who is a match for you.”

“And yet you should have.”

“Laura!” Talia said.

“No, Mom, let’s have her, and I get this out now,” Derek said. He stepped around Stiles but didn’t block him all the way. He stayed just to the side. “She’s pissed off because you told me that I’m more settled to be the Alpha for the territory when you are finally tired and want to pass on the mantle. She’s pissed because me finding my Sentinel means that it can happen quicker than she thought. That it’s Stiles, who, other than school, plans to live here means that I’m not going to be following my Sentinel to somewhere else. That means that Mom will pass me the Alpha power.”

“It was supposed to be mine!”

“No, Laura, that’s not how it works,” Peter said. He appeared on Stiles’ side, standing just like Derek was. Not blocking Stiles but making sure that he was protected. “I never once cared about having the Alpha power because my skills were suited to something else. You wanted to run when the Argents targeted us. You wanted to run and hide from an area we have held since before this was even a country. That’s not what an Alpha does. Leaving would have been weak, especially since the Pack was still strong. You ended up leaving and not coming back even during breaks at college. That’s why Derek is the heir and not you. He left to get better but still came home. We both did when we could. You think that because you are the oldest, you are the better Alpha candidate, yet that means you know nothing.”

Laura huffed and looked at Stiles and then at her mother. “If he stays, I leave.”

“If he goes, I leave,” Derek said.

“And me,” Cora said as she laid her hand on Stiles’ shoulder.

“Duh,” Spencer said.

“You would really choose him over me?” Laura asked, looking at Derek.

“He’s the hole in my heart, Laura. I’ve felt him since I came online. I knew that he was it for me when I saw him today in the Preserve. He looked so at peace in my favorite area. He heard Gandalf when no one else has ever been able to. He makes me whole, and if you can’t accept that, I don’t want you around him or me. You feel like a pit of anger, and that’s just what I can feel you projecting.”

Stiles turned to face Derek, making him look at him. “Focus on me then or Dad. He’s good to focus on. His emotions rarely ever tip too far in any direction.”

“I’m fine. The bond with you helps me a great deal.”

Laura huffed and marched to the stairs and up them. Stiles heard her slam her bedroom door shut. Stiles knew that her husband Mark had the kids at their house, so Stiles was shocked that she was going up to her bedroom and not home. Her house wasn’t too far, closer to the main house than Derek’s was.

“Well, dinner isn’t going to wait.” Greg walked past them all and into the dining room. “She’ll be saving a plate of food for when she’s over her temper tantrum.”

“I didn’t know that she didn’t like me, not like that.”

“She dislikes people outside of her control,” Talia said.

Stiles nodded.

The sound of laughter drifted over Derek as he settled down into the chair on the back porch that allowed him to look up into the sky. It had always been his favorite chair. He felt two people getting closer to him. It was Cora and Noah.

“So, we’ve gotta talk,” Cora said.

“Yeah?” Derek opened his eyes, and he saw Noah taking a seat.

“What are your plans for the future now?” Noah asked.

“Stiles wants to join the Sheriff’s department, and with him online, it’s better than someone starting to work with you to take over. He’s a strong Sentinel, and we all know that he’s stronger than you. Cora told me about that. So I figured that I would work for a few years with Peter while he was in college. I know that he’s going for at least a criminal justice degree, and then he’s going to decide what he wants. When it’s time, I’ll join him for training and follow him to the force. I wanted a law degree to help the Pack like Uncle Peter, but Laura and my roles changed. You’ve got years still on the job, so we’ve got time to figure out my role in many things. I stay in shape.”

“Yeah,” Cora said, and she fanned herself.

Derek reached down, picked up a rock on a pile on the porch, and threw it at his sister.

“What? Did you not see the group of girls that nearly walked into traffic watching you? Uncle Peter told me all about it.”

“Yes, I saw them, but that’s nothing compared to some of the shit in New York City. I chose law also because, with a law degree, many doors open up for me in many places. I could slide anywhere with my Sentinel when I found them. It worked out well, I think. I’ve never felt all that attached to any job, really. Mom said that my wolf was restless inside of me after being brought online like I was. It wasn’t the best, but it also wasn’t the worst.”

“Peter said something at dinner.”

“Guides can have dreams sometimes. Since I moved to New York City, I dreamed about the Pack finding a Sentinel in distress in the woods. I told Mom about it some, but Peter heard everything.”

“He’s why Talia didn’t do something stupid dealing with Stiles in the Preserve that night.”

“That dream went horrible in my head. Feral Sentinels can and will hurt people that they know if they feel like they are a threat. Stiles was injured, and no matter what, any death or pain that he caused would have been justified. There are reasons why teams are sent after Feral Sentinels. I learned all about that in New York City. It’s interesting because usually, the only thing that can stop them, not something that knocks them out, is their Guide. Peter’s pretty sure that it was him because he still had my scent on him from where he had come into town that day. Stiles told me about him landing on my bed last year while playing around with Cora. How the scent was something that had made him feel really settled even though his Sentinel side hadn’t been settled like that since he had come online.”

“He’s been out here more since he came online, and I never questioned it. After I came online in the Army, the scent of my bunk was the thing that kept me calm. I never questioned Stiles liking the Hales. They were like him, just a little different. When you two walked up today holding hands, I knew why Stiles was drawn to here. I’m happy he found his Guide; I’m happy that it’s you.”

“Thank you,” Derek said.

Noah stood up and prodded Cora into the house just as Stiles was heading out. Stiles walked right over to Derek and slipped into his lap, laying on his side with his head on Derek’s shoulder. Derek could feel the puffs of air on his throat from Stiles.

“I’m tired. Wanna go home?”

“Sure. Are you okay coming back to mine?”

“I can wear something of yours tomorrow until we head to get more of my stuff. So Cora and I were discussing getting a place closer to campus. We think we will have enough between my full ride and the scholarships she should be getting. That’s changed a little bit, though. I mean…you’ve got this big house, and the commute is not that horrible. So we can spend the summer and decide after that what we want to do.”

“She can move in here if she wants to get out of the main house. She’s got a room on the second floor, her and Spencer. Even Uncle Peter. It won’t be an issue to get them fully ready for them. I don’t mind Pack living with me. You and Cora get along well, so I assume that she will be fine.”

“Yeah, that could work. I love living with Dad, but I’m sure that I can visit him a lot. Invade and do my homework in the living room when he’s at home for an evening. I just knew that Cora couldn’t get a place on her own, and she needed to have a little distance from the main part of the family. Your Mom is getting a little more freaked out given that Spencer’s the only one left still underage.”

“Mom’s freaked out every single time any of us has moved away. She called me three times a day after I went to New York. She called Laura every day when she went to college in DC. She’ll get better. Cora’s staying close to home, so I’m sure that Mom assumes she will be staying here. That’ll be a fight for another day.

“But not until the end of summer. I wanna be alone with you for a while.”

“Ah, you are moving in right away?” Derek asked. He smiled before pressing a kiss to Stiles’ forehead. Derek felt Stiles shift, and he smelled it, the lazy way that his scent changed. Stiles was falling asleep on him. He grinned as he waited for the scent to change again. He could wait for Stiles to fall all the way asleep and use it as a reason to leave. He was happy to be home, but he needed to be away from the emotions of the house for a little while. He loved his family, he did, but they were stressful. Laura was still in her old bedroom, sulking that things were not going the way that she wanted. Derek was glad that Mark was the main one that had to deal with her.

Once Derek was sure that he was asleep, he moved Stiles around to where he could stand up with him in his arms. He looked back about to speak when he saw Peter in the doorway. Derek smiled at him and tipped his head toward where his house was. Peter nodded his head.

“I’ll let the office know you’ll get the week. Their bonding allotment is pretty good. You’ll be fine to start up the following week. Take the time to get to know him.”

Derek nodded and turned his head around to make sure he wasn’t going to trip over something.

Stiles knew where he was as soon as he opened his eyes. He was in Derek’s bed with the sun shining on his face. He could feel Derek’s fingers tracing the moles on his back. It was a little bit of heaven right here. He felt so fucking safe, and he hadn’t felt this safe in a long time. He knew that Derek knew he was awake because his fingers pressed a little harder into his skin. He thought that Derek’s touch on his moles would feel weird, but it never did. Derek loved to do it, and it was the way that Stiles had woken up the last few mornings. There were worse ways to wake up.

“What do you want to do today?” Stiles asked.

“Hmm,” Derek said as he did every single morning.

Stiles rolled a little more onto his stomach, giving Derek access to his whole back. Yesterday they had spent the whole day in the Preserve talking and hiking. Ged had loved it, getting to run around and chase Gandalf some. When Ged had gotten tired, he had jumped up onto Gandalf’s back and curled up there and slept for a while before they had both disappeared. It had been a good day. Stiles kind of wanted to stay inside all day and just do nothing. He hoped that Derek felt the same.

“I think that this one right here is my favorite,” Derek said as he kissed a mole that was on Stiles’ shoulder. It made Stiles gasp just like every other time that Derek had touched it.

“Yeah?” Stiles asked. He smiled as Derek moved to where he was pressed a little closer. His hand that had been touching moved down to grasp Stiles’ hip.

“Yeah. You always gasp, and you get to feel a feeling of pure bliss over your whole aura. Just like this one here.” Derek moved his hand again and cupped Stiles’ thigh, touching a mole that was just at the base of his ass. Derek’s thumb brushed over it. Unlike the one on his back, it felt intimate and made Stiles go lax against the bed. Derek pressed a kiss into the middle of Stiles’ back. It was a simple little kiss, but it made Stiles shut his eyes, and his body started to make him drift off to sleep again. He waited for Derek to wrap himself around him again, and then he was out like a light. He loved being in bed with Derek like this.

The growl of his stomach woke up Stiles later. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but the rising sun wasn’t on his face anymore. He knew that Derek wasn’t in the room with him anymore. He couldn’t hear the soft beat of his heart without searching for it. The smell of tea and bacon filled Stiles’ nose when he breathed deeply. Derek was making breakfast. Derek kind of sucked at cooking, but he could do breakfast really well. It was okay because Stiles loved cooking. He was more than happy to do most of the cooking for them. Cora also liked cooking, and so did Peter. They were not going to starve by any measure of the word.

Stiles grabbed Derek’s shirt from the evening before. He had been wearing it after they had showered to get everything nature-related off of them, and so it smelled of him and only him. Stiles found a pair of sleep pants that he had tossed to the side a few nights before after he had put them on to answer the door. He didn’t like wearing many clothes when they were home, but he did for others’ sanity. And the saving of them being ripped apart by Derek for looking at what was his.

Being bonded to a werewolf was something strange. Stiles had researched it like hell after he had met Cora. It was another spiral of his that had lasted for weeks. Being latent gave him access to a lot of things that others wouldn’t have. The drive for the werewolf to protect their mate was nearly the same as the Sentinel’s want to protect their Guide. It made balancing an interesting act. Derek couldn’t stand anyone outside of close family looking at Stiles. Stiles felt it as well, but he also kind of liked the way that others looked at Derek and knew that Derek was all Stiles’. It had been quite interesting the first time that they had gone into town together. It had been very eye-opening on the way that the town had acted now that Derek was bound to someone.

“I figured the smell of food would wake you up,” Derek said as he turned around to look at Stiles as he came into the room.

“Always. Especially when you cook bacon. Where’s my tea?”

“Over by your plate.” Derek motioned with his hip as he flipped over what looked like a very fluffy pancake before he scooped it out of the pan. It was walked over to be dropped onto Derek’s plate. There was already one on Stiles. There was an entire breakfast spread, just enough for them both. Stiles kissed Derek’s cheek as he moved over to turn off the stove. The meal smelled wonderful, and Stiles was hungry. He dug into his food as soon as Derek did. Breakfast was usually silent, with Stiles and Derek both so hungry from a night of sleep that they wanted to eat as fast as they could. Lunch was lazy, and they talked while dinner was usually a little more intimate and more about them getting to know each other in the deeper ways that were pushing the edges of Stiles’ want for the full bond between them.

Despite being tangentially on the edge of each other for years, they were strangers, and Stiles understood Derek wanting to take his time to get to know Stiles in a much deeper way before anything else happened. They were already so very bound to each other that there was no pulling them apart. Stiles felt Derek in his mind like he had always been there. It felt like they had been this for a hell of a lot longer than they had been. He was happy about it as well, but it was very, very strange. It had made Stiles wonder what his father felt that was different to him. He wasn’t going to ask, though. Noah was very private, and Stiles understood that just about as much as anyone could.

“Still hungry?” Derek asked as he sipped at the last of the tea in his cup. He filled it again from the pot on the table and then topped off Stiles’ with the last of it. The pot had been a bonding present from Peter. It was a handmade ceramic pot that had been painted. Peter said he’d had it since a few weeks after Stiles had come online, and he figured out who they were to each other. It had a wolf on one side of the pot and a man standing on the other. The man was wearing a red hoodie and in his hand was a baseball bat. It was the one that Stiles had bought to practice with on hitting a baseball at the batting cages when he had been learning about his changed body in the aftermath of everything. Stiles loved the pot while Derek threatened to chase Peter around.

“No, not at all.”

“Good. Come on,” Derek said. He stood up after finishing off the tea, and he held out his hand to Stiles. Stiles held out his and let Derek pull him along into the living room area of the house. There were wide paths and large doorways all over the house’s ground floor, and it was the same on the top floor, all to allow Gandalf to wander around the house as much as possible.

As soon as they were outside, Derek stripped off his shirt before pushing Stiles down to sit on the back porch steps. He dropped the shirt down onto the ground and then headed out into the yard. His tattoo on his back was something that made Stiles hiss in pain. He knew how werewolves obtained tattoos like that. He hated that Derek had done it the way that he had, but he couldn’t fault him for why he wanted it. Stiles was just glad that Derek had already promised that he would never get one like that again since he was bonded to Stiles now. He would do it in a safe and sane way.

“So…we are doing a strip show?” Stiles asked.

Derek turned around and glared at Stiles before he pushed at his sleep pants, and they fell down his legs. Stiles realized that he wasn’t wearing underwear. Stiles looked to the side. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he wouldn’t push Derek into doing something that he didn’t want.

“Stiles,” Derek said.

Stiles looked at Derek, ensuring that his eyes were up at Derek’s face and not tipped down to where he saw his naked body.

“You can look.”

“I know. I don’t want to.”

Derek’s face did something complicated, and Stiles wasn’t sure what the hell it was. Then Derek’s changed. He shifted to his Beta shift. Stiles had seen it before on Derek and many other times on the Hales. He wasn’t sure why Derek needed to get naked for that, but before he could ask, Derek hunched over and fell to where he was on all fours. More hair started to come out, and then Stiles was looking at a wolf. Not even just a wolfish-like person, like Talia when she was in her Alpha form but a full-on fucking wolf.

Stiles knew the rumors from others that Talia could shift into a wolf. Stiles felt his body jerk a little as Derek started toward him. Stiles couldn’t help but reach out when Derek got close. Stiles rubbed at his snout and then down his neck. He felt the rumble of a near purr that Stiles laughed.

“Holy shit, Derek. This is fucking awesome. I’ve heard that your Mom can do it, but I didn’t know that it was something that all Hales could do.”

Derek rolled his shoulders in an almost shrug.

“So, not all of them? Well, that’s interesting. So your Mom can. Can Laura?”

Derek shook his head.


A softer shake this time.


Derek nodded his head.

“So you can do this whenever you want? When were you able to do it?”

Derek leaned in and pressed his nose to Stiles’ heart.

“Since you came online?”

Derek nodded, his nose dragging on Stiles’ shirt.

“That’s kind of cool. So you becoming a full Guide helped tip you over?”

Derek nodded again before he moved again to drape himself over Stiles’ lap like a lapdog.

“You are heavy. If we do this, we are going into the yard or into the house and on the couch. I am not sitting on the hard porch so that things can dig into my body. So take your pick.”

Derek huffed and pulled back to allow Stiles to stand up before he darted up the stairs, nearly tripping Stiles as he went. He pushed the door open and dashed inside. Stiles laughed and followed him. He snagged his tea and finished it off before cleaning up their plates and putting them in the dishwasher. He ensured that everything was cleaned up enough to where the smells wouldn’t get to him before he entered the living room. The large assed couch that Derek had made a lot more sense. Derek was sitting on one of the cushions, looking at Stiles as he walked around the room.

Stiles laid down on his back in the middle of the cushions, and Derek crawled over him to drape across half of his body. Stiles wrapped his arm around Derek’s body and started to scratch his head. This was fucking weird as hell. He could feel Derek’s mind still pressing on his, the weight of his abilities, keeping them linked, but knowing that Derek was a wolf at the moment was just fucking him with him. He grabbed the remote and found something to watch.

The idea of lying on the couch all day and watching shitty TV while cuddling with Derek in human or wolf form was something that Stiles just couldn’t pass up. He wanted to stay like this all day long, but he knew that he would have to get up and do something. Maybe they could head into the Preserve for a short while after lunch and then do some things around the house. It was lazy as hell, but it was good.

Derek wasn’t sure what was wrong. He looked around the courtroom that he was in and tried to figure out what was buzzing in his mind. They were waiting for the Judge to get back in a case that had taken a hell of a lot longer than it should have to the prosecution parading a bunch of people through the courtroom that was character witnesses about how horrible their client had been fifteen years ago. None of them had interacted with him after he had gone to therapy and sought treatment for his personality disorder. Having a Werewolf as the first seat meant that things proceeded a little differently. Of course, the only one to lie had been one of their client’s co-workers who was up for the same promotion. Their statement had been thrown out, but it had done enough damage to the prosecution’s case. It wasn’t going to take long for the jury to at least come back hung if not letting him off all the way.

“What’s wrong?” Peter asked as he leaned over.

“There is something…weird in my head. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe something in one of the other courtrooms.”

The doors at the back opened up, and before anyone could do a single thing, the guard at the door was shot. Derek spun to rush but stopped when he saw the crossbow leveled at him. It was a group of seven Hunters who entered the room. The doors were shut, and the cameras were shot with a sniper rifle. The Hunters were wearing masks, which meant they thought they were going to get out of this.

“Everyone against this wall. Judge, I’d stay where you are until someone escorts you. I don’t want you slipping away into your office.” The leader was a female, it seemed. “Go.”

One of the other Hunters rushed up to the courtroom’s front and slipped into the Judge’s office. He came back with a nod a few minutes later after clearing the room and probably locking the door from the inside. All of them were moved away from the windows, and the jury was escorted over as well.

“You are crazy if you think that you are going to be able to hold us here for long before the whole of the Sheriff’s Department and the Beacon Hills Police Department invade,” the Judge said.

“Oh, we are counting on the Sheriff’s Department. This area needs a Sheriff in charge that isn’t a beast lover.”

Derek slipped his phone out of his pocket but found that there was no signal. That meant that they were using a cell jammer.

“Calm down,” Peter hissed.

Derek nodded his head, and he swallowed around the lump in his throat. Stiles was in class an hour away. He was too far away to do anything if this turned ugly in the next few minutes. Derek hadn’t thought that Stiles being so far away would be a bad thing. Derek was the only Guide in the courtroom today, and his Sentinel was too far away.

“Get the Hales trapped,” the leader said.

Derek didn’t fight when he was pulled to the side, and then he and Peter were trapped in a circle of Mountain Ash. It seemed they were the only wolves in there as well.

“We should knock the younger one out,” one of the men said.

“Why?” the leader asked. She turned to look at the man who spoke.

“Because he’s a Guide, bonded to a Sentinel from what I know.”

“Yeah, a human. I bet that human’s just itching to get rid of the beast he has for a Guide. Now he can go and find a real Guide for himself after his father made him bond with the beast.”

Derek kept his laugh to himself. Whoever this was, she was letting her hatred of werewolves cloud her judgment. Everyone in town knew that Stiles hung out with the Hales more than anyone else other than his father.

“Did you know that I am married,” Peter said as he looked at the leader.

“Peter,” Derek hissed.

“I’ve heard rumors that you are spreading. A husband, and you’ve helped raise that husband’s daughter. Never who, though. I bet they’ll be happy at being able to step out into the light.”

Peter laughed at that.

Derek could understand where that was coming from. The phone up on the Judge’s stand rang.

“Ah, that would be the good Sheriff.”

“I doubt it, Victoria,” Peter said.

The leader looked at him, and her eyes narrowed behind the mask. She then smirked. “You’ve done your homework then. Good. You are still not living.”

“Your ex-husband says hello,” Peter said.

Derek knew exactly who that was. Victoria Argent, who refused to give up her husband’s last name when he divorced her. There had not been enough to throw her in jail with the rest of the Argents, so Chris had just divorced her, and he got custody of their sole child, Allison. Chris and Allison had come to Beacon Hills just before the school year had started. She had finished a few high school classes at her school in New York before coming here so that she could start her Freshman year in college at the same time as those in her age range. Stiles had taken to her easily and folded her into the family. Derek liked Allison and had since Peter had first started to date Chris. They had gotten married just a few weeks before.

Argent Arms was still being moved to Beacon Hills as the main base, so Chris spent a lot of time moving between East and West Coast.

This was not going to go well.

“Sheriff,” Victoria said.

“Actually, no,” Chris said, his voice a growl.

Of course, the humans couldn’t hear, but Derek had made sure that he could. He wanted to be ready if Chris said something that was meant for him and Peter.

“Christopher, I didn’t know that you moved to Beacon Hills? Making up for what you think your family did?”

“Oh, I know what they did, and no. I followed my fiance here a few months ago.”

Derek smirked and kept his laugh to himself. Peter had said husband, Chris said fiance. That meant that Victoria wasn’t going to be put two and two together.

“You have a Sentinel out here pacing to get into his Guide. Think about that, Victoria.”

“Why wouldn’t he be happy that we killed the beast?” Victoria asked as she looked at Derek.

“Well, you never did understand the bond between Sentinel and Guide. You don’t understand love either.”

“So, he’s a race traitor then.”

Derek heard a door open somewhere. He turned his head, and then he heard Stiles’ heartbeat along with his father’s in the Judge’s chambers. Derek looked at Peter and saw that he was looking at the six people at the back of the room. None of the Hunters were around the hostages.

Movement caught Derek’s eye, and he looked to see a red dot aimed at the floor. He followed it back and saw red dots on the corner of every single window in the room.

“Block your hearing,” Derek said.

Peter turned to look at him and then at where Derek was looking. Derek knew that the county had a SWAT team that was fully trained. Every single one of them Sentinels. He figured the red dots were the people who were breaking the windows, and then the shots would go through on taking out the six in the back. Victoria was on the phone with Chris, and her back was to the Judge’s chambers. Derek and Peter were trapped, and they couldn’t help. Derek wasn’t sure what the hell the plan was as Chris was just keeping Victoria’s attention on him.

Hell broke loose in the form of the windows shattering and then the six men dropping. Victoria dropped the phone and turned to the windows just as the Judge’s Chambers door opened, and Noah was the first through the door. Stiles was behind him and raced over to where Derek and Peter were, breaking the barrier. Derek and Peter rushed to help get the people out of the room as the main doors opened and more Sheriff’s Deputies waved for them to leave.

“Victoria Argent, you are under arrest.” Noah’s voice was hard as a fucking rock, and even Derek felt like he was in trouble.

“Ah, the beast loving Sheriff.” Victoria sounded smug.

Derek didn’t look at her but just kept on keeping himself between the hostages and Victoria.

“What?” Victoria exclaimed.

Derek turned to see her eyes on the circle of Mountain Ash powder that was now broken and didn’t hold Derek or Peter in it.

“You had my son’s Guide. Also, your men who were antsy here made Derek very upset, and Stiles could feel it. He was headed here to the courtroom when the first shot was fired when you took over the room. He’s not trained in anything other than guns, but he could break that circle while I had you here.”

“Is it good to take her out?” another Deputy called out.

Noah nodded his head as he stepped up and disarmed her while she was gaping like a fish at the broken barrier.

“We Stilinski men are pretty badass.”

“You’ll never be able to hold me.”

“You took people hostage. We can hold you on a lot of charges. Case tampering, even if that wasn’t your aim. This will now have to be restarted from the beginning with a different jury. I’m sure there are a few who will want to step back, given the trauma.”

Victoria protested all the way out of the courtroom.

Stiles grabbed Derek and pulled him close, his nose going right to Derek’s neck and inhaling.

“How in the hell did you get things set up so quickly?” Peter asked.

“We’ve had more people stationed here because there were rumblings from a few other Hunters that Chris has kept in contact with that something was going to happen here. We figured out that one of the new guards has ties to Hunters who don’t stay inside of the law. Then found out he was working here today as the guard in this hall. We were already on the move when Stiles called that he heard shots fired here. It is not quite standard to have him, but Hunters means Mountain Ash powder usually, which means that we had to have someone who can break it with intent.”

Derek tuned out the Sheriff and Peter and ran his hands up from Stiles’ hips. He found that he had a vest under his shirt. He had thought he looked a little bulky compared to normal. He wrapped them around Stiles tight and held on. He focused everything on him, keeping Stiles calm. Though that really wasn’t needed. Stiles was calmer than Derek thought he would be.

“You were calm, worried, but calm. I knew that you were as safe as you could be.”

“It was a little harrowing, but they were not too horrible. Probably trying to keep the other hostages calm. It’s the only thing in their favor. Even though I don’t think a single person in here would ever say anything good about them. The emotions were disgust all around. It was bleeding out like crazy.”

“Peter,” the Judge said as he came into the room again. “We are going to start Monday again on jury selection. Unless you have some kind of objection.”

“No, I don’t. I’m sure my client won’t as well. Emotions will not be good for any one of them if they start to have issues.”

“Prosecution wants to meet this Friday afternoon to talk to you and me. We shall see what they want.”

The Judge turned and left the room.

“Wanna bet the Prosecution just wants to let this go?” Derek said.

“I’m putting pretty good odds on that myself.”

“Derek, find a Deputy and give your statement and then go home where Stiles can settle down. I can feel him vibrating from here,” Noah said.

“Yes, Sir.” Derek tugged on Stiles, who moved with him with ease.

Getting out of there was easy. Derek wasn’t even sure that anyone even wanted to keep him longer. It had felt so quick from the time that the Hunters slipped into the room until the glass had shattered. It had been quick and easy, but it was more just something that had felt like that because of adrenaline. The Deputy drove them home as neither of them needed to drive. Their cars would be dropped off when someone could spare the time or got off of shift.

“What about classes?” Derek asked.

“I’ll email my professors. The one I was in the middle of class with excused me after I finished the pop quiz. He already emailed me the lecture notes, and he didn’t even mark me down as leaving or anything. His mother and father are a pair, and he understood that something was wrong with you without it being dire. Right up until I heard that gunshot go off. It won’t be like the news won’t spread your name over it all.”

Derek pulled Stiles over to the couch, and he pushed him down onto it. Stiles had instincts to want to make sure that Derek was okay, but Derek had them as well; the wolf side of him was going crazy. Months of being together had made sure that they were comfortable in their own skin around each other, but they hadn’t taken that last full step. Their bond wasn’t suffering for it. Derek knew that Stiles was happy and content. Stiles lacked for nothing in their relationship, even if they hadn’t even done handjobs on each other.

That was going to change today.

Stiles knew that something had changed in Derek when he had gotten him down onto the couch. Stiles looked up at his glowing eyes and frowned at him. Derek’s blue eyes had been explained, and even though he wasn’t to blame for her death, he held that guilt inside of him. Stiles wanted him to let it go, but Stiles didn’t think that he ever would.

“Der?” Stiles asked.

Derek’s eyes narrowed, and his full focus was on Stiles’ face. Derek sat up, straddling Stiles’ legs, and he stripped off his shirt. The button was ripped as he jerked it off. His suit coat had been discarded as soon as they had walked in the door. Under the dress shirt was a muscle shirt, something that Stiles loved Derek to be in, but he wanted it gone. He could feel the need, the urgency coming off of Derek as the man stripped off that shirt by ripping it off. It was like every single fantasy in the world coming true as Derek leaned down again.

The smell of arousal was hard to miss. Stiles had gotten used to that smell. While they still took care of erections separately, Derek had been waking up smelling like that and sometimes rutting into Stiles’ body. This scent Stiles loved. The smell of spice made his mouth water. Stiles pushed up and kissed Derek, pulling his head down again as he sunk into the cushions. One of Derek’s hands gripped Stiles’ T-shirt, but before he could rip it off like he had his, Stiles grabbed that hand.

“No way. You are not ripping this shirt. My jeans, you totally can. This shirt is one of a kind, and I’m not letting you destroy it.”

Derek chuckled, and he leaned up so that Stiles could get the shirt off. He tossed it over the back of the couch and reached out to work on getting Derek’s suit pants undone. Stiles deftly unbuckled the belt and left it hanging. He didn’t need to get it off of Derek, just open. Derek growled low in his throat and slipped down to where Stiles’ jeans could be gotten off with little issue. Once Stiles was down to his underwear, Derek shoved his pants down to his knees and then braced himself on his hands. Stiles used his hands and then his legs to get the pants off of him. They were both in their boxers, breathing like they had run a mile.

“Hey,” Stiles said as he rubbed his nose on Derek’s. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

They had said the words several times each. It was still new, but Stiles knew that Derek loved him. He could tell by how Derek stayed in bed and cuddled Stiles when Stiles didn’t want to get out of bed yet. The way that Derek knew how to make the perfect breakfast for each day. Stiles showed it in the way that he let Derek scent him every single morning before he went to class and called him at lunch. There were no secrets between them, just things that hadn’t come up yet. They hadn’t known each other for long, and things were bound to come up.

It wasn’t strange to feel this much, though, for Derek because Stiles had been inside of his mind. He had felt the way that Derek loved him when Derek brushed his abilities over his mind to check on him throughout the day. Love was being slowly built o a very stable foundation, and it felt like it was the right time.

“Let’s go up to the bed,” Stiles whispered when he pulled back.

Derek nodded and sat back again. He tugged Stiles up to him and held on tight before standing. Stiles was forced to hold on tight and wrap his legs around Derek’s waist. Stiles had muscle, but Derek was built like a brick house. As soon as they were moving, Stiles kissed Derek. He knew that Derek wouldn’t drop him or run him into something unless he meant to run him into the wall to press their bodies together. Stiles trusted Derek with everything he was, and while Derek was slow to trust, he trusted Stiles from the first meeting.

If asked, Stiles would never be able to tell anyone how long it took before Derek was pressing him into their bed, not even pausing before ripping off their boxers so that they were both naked.

Every single one of Stiles’ senses was primed on Derek, just like they always were. He felt it when Derek’s mind opened to his, and Derek was there, inside of him in ways that they had done a few times but never for this reason. Never for this.

Stiles heard the rasp of the drawer as it was opened up and then the feel of Derek’s fingers between his cheeks. Stiles arched at the first press of fingers inside of him, and he was pretty sure he was begging as well. Stiles couldn’t hear himself as he was so focused on Derek’s everything that a bomb could drop outside of their house, and he would never know. Derek could feel everything that Stiles was feeling. He knew everything that Stiles wanted. The pleasure inside of him echoed in Derek.

The feel of Derek’s cock brushing against his has Stiles trying to rock up into that feeling more and then down onto the fingers inside of him.

“More,” Stiles asked when Derek pulled his fingers free.

Derek smeared his fingers over Stiles’ hole, getting the last of the lube on him before he wiped it on the bed. Derek sat up more, grabbing Stiles’ legs and putting them on either side of his hips.

The first press of Derek’s cock into him had Stiles trying to hold still. Stiles knew exactly how thick he was, and he had been looking forward to this. Stiles grabbed the bed because he didn’t want to grab Derek and hurt him. Werewolves could heal up quickly as hell, but that was no reason to hurt him.

Derek slowly pressed in until his body was flush with Stiles’ body. He wrapped Stiles’ legs around him and leaned down, pressing their foreheads together. They stayed like that, just breathing together as Stiles’ body adjusted.

“How do I feel?” Stiles asked.

Derek snorted and turned his head to press a kiss to Stiles’ lips; he pulled out just a little and pushed back in. Stiles could feel Derek’s pleasure at the feel of it through their bond. It was an echo, but it was there, echoing off of what Stiles was feeling for himself.

“Take what you want,” Stiles said. He turned his head to kiss Derek as the wolf began to roll his hips, and the feel of that cock dragging inside of him was fucking wonderful.

Stiles wanted this for like hours, but he knew that neither of them could do that. While neither of them was virgins, they really hadn’t had a lot of sex. This was good, though.

Derek nosed into Stiles’ neck when he broke the kiss as his thrusts started to build up. Derek’s mind pressing onto Stiles more had him stuttering in the thrusts that he had going on. Fuck. Stiles tried to hold onto a slip of sanity, but it wasn’t there. He was too keyed up with pleasure as it created a feedback loop between them. It wasn’t long before Stiles had to let go of the bed. He grabbed onto Derek, one hand on his arm and the other trying to find purchase on his back. Stiles could barely keep his hands from digging in and drawing blood. He shuddered as he came, crying out loud enough that he heard the echo of it.

A few thrusts later, Derek was following him, his mind whited out in pleasure. Stiles felt it, Derek’s pleasure pushing back into him. He came again, his hands gripping tight. He had never come twice like that in so close of time, and he had tried.

Stiles wasn’t sure how long he drifted there, but the sun started its downward trek when Stiles focused on the world again.

Derek was asleep beside him, his nose tucked into Stiles’ armpit. It was something that Stiles had learned to live with. The only other weirder place was when they were cuddling, and Derek liked to have his head in Stiles’ lap; the scent of him there was pure. Derek’s words had made Stiles hard but not enough that he felt he needed to take care of it when Stiles had asked about it.

Stiles reached over with his other hand and rubbed at Derek’s head. He was content with their life. He knew that things would change when Stiles was out of college, but he had no clue how long that was going to be. He had a few things he wanted to study, to learn. Anything he took would help him be a better Sentinel, a better person to protect the area. Stiles would take over the area one day unless another bonded pair moved into the area between now and then. Stiles knew that he was strong; he had learned that when he had come online. The tests that he had been put through were enough for him to know that he could do anything with Derek with him. Derek was stronger because of the bond as well.

Derek moved, his body undulating a little as he stretched. Stiles kept on playing with his hair. It turned Derek into a giant cat, which given that he was a werewolf and his spirit animal was a horse was funny as hell. Stiles admitted he was a cat. He loved lying in the sun while in bed. It was hella nice, and he would love to be able to do it for as long as he could. He would be joining the police force at some point, which meant a few mornings of lazing in bed.

“Hey,” Derek said after he rubbed his nose in Stiles’ armpit.

“Hey,” Stiles said. He looked down at Derek and smiled at him.

“Hmm,” Derek said as his happiness pushed into Stiles’ mind.

Stiles was glad that Derek wasn’t regretting what they had done. They were both so keyed up that Stiles didn’t know what he would do if this had hurt him. Derek was happy, though. He was so very fucking happy that Stiles was sure that anyone who got close to the house would feel it. Even Stiles knew that he was projecting at the moment, but he didn’t want it to stop.


“Yes, I want pizza.”

“Okay, I’ll call in a few larges from the place you like. It sounds good to me as well. Meat lovers?”

“With pineapple,” Derek said.

“Yeah, yeah.” Stiles grabbed his cell phone. He wasn’t even sure how it had gotten where it was. Had Derek gone to get it when he had cleaned them up? He didn’t have semen dried on him anywhere, so he assumed. It wasn’t like Stiles hadn’t fallen asleep with fluids on his body before, but since coming online, even his own release on his skin would give him a little irritation.

The call took little time, and Stiles made sure to tell them to send someone who didn’t mind delivering to a pair. Most people didn’t mind, but a few were sensitive that would feel more than they probably wanted.

“What do you want to do?” Derek asked.

“Not get out of bed? Run around shirtless all day?” Stiles asked.

Derek laughed, his head turning to where he hid it in the bed, still pressed to Stiles, though. Stiles rolled to where he was on his side with a smile on his lips. He pressed a kiss to the top of Derek’s head. Derek chuckled, the sound of it hidden in the bedding. It was something that Stiles had heard a lot over the last few months.

The sound of it was something that Stiles would cherish forever. Peter had told him that Derek hadn’t laughed a lot before Stiles. Oh, he was mostly happy but the weight of what had happened to him, what had been Kate Argent’s plans for the werewolf and the rest of the Hales.

Stiles hated Hunters, who turned against the whole reason they existed. Some felt that anyone different needed to die. Usually, Hunters who were like that were also against Sentinels and Guides. Both sets had come out of the dark centuries ago. The Sentinels know that if the Supernatural were revealed, they would be as well, and then the Supernatural knowing the same about Sentinels and Guides. Before that, none had outed each other, but they had known about each other. Two sides of the same coin, both hiding from those that were normal. Meetings were had, talks between the set, and then they had come out.

The study of it was one of the classes that Stiles was going to be taking at college. It was something that was required for all Sentinels and Guides who were in college. They had to take it the summer after graduating from high school if they were not in college. There were a lot of normal kids who took it as well. History classes kind of glossed over it, but then there was a lot of history to cover, even for college. There was an in-depth study of it if Stiles wanted to take the next level classes as well, but Stiles wasn’t decided on it yet. He wanted to see how he liked the professor who taught it.

“Hey, quit that,” Derek said as he lifted his head to rest it on the pillow, he pulled down to where it was under his head. He smiled at Stiles.

“Sorry, you know how my brain gets. One thought moves into the next, and then I’m a million miles from where I started.”

“We should have enough time for a quick shower if we can keep our hands to ourselves before pizza gets here. Then we can set up in the living room with the pizza and the Marvel movies. You can finally get me to watch them.”

“Yeah?” Stiles asked. He ran his hands through Derek’s hair.


“Sounds good. Let’s go.”

The shower took longer than Stiles thought it would because they couldn’t keep their hands or lips to themselves. It was something that Stiles wasn’t sure he would ever want them to do. They were still out of the shower long before the pizza got there. Stiles answered the door, and the delivery guy was someone that he knew.

“Hey, Isaac,” Stiles said with a grin on his face.

“Hey, Stiles. Hungry?” Isaac laughed after he said it.

“Yeah, really am. Derek’s hungry as well.”

“Ah, well. It’s nice and hot. I made sure of that.” Isaac handed it over.

Stiles gave over a few bills, leaving Isaac a nice tip. Isaac wasn’t in college yet but had only got a few partial scholarships so far. Money was gonna be tight for him.

Isaac smiled as he took the tip, slipping it into his pocket before putting the rest in the cash bag that he carried to make change. Stiles stepped back and shut the door. He listened as Isaac left.

“You know him?”

“Yeah, he’s a year under me. He’s smart when he applies himself, but he spent too long scared. His father was abusive towards him. Hearing it one night sent his across-the-street neighbor online. Jackson nearly killed himself getting into the house and getting Isaac out of the freezer he was trapped in for a bad grade. Dad was called in on it. Jackson’s parents took him away. He said he was coming back. He hasn’t yet, but he was down a grade. He’s closer to my age, but he had a lot of issues in school after he found out he was adopted.”

Derek nodded.

Stiles walked over with the pizza, where Derek had iced tea laid out and plates for their pizza. There was a pile of napkins, and it made Stiles laugh. He knew those were mostly for him. He was messy, and he knew it. He snagged his plate and dropped three slices on it before he tucked himself into Derek’s side. This was pretty great.


Derek grabbed the flickering fake candle and settled it onto the table. The food was in the oven, finishing resting, and Stiles would be here soon. Derek looked at the packets that would need to be filled out and turned in soon. Stiles had opted to just get a single criminal justice degree and start being a Deputy as soon as possible. Derek was okay with that. He found that his want to be a lawyer was greatly decreased as he dealt with the backstabbing even among those on the good side.

The sound of Stiles’ Jeep coming down the driveway had Derek smiling. It was Stiles’ last day of classes, all the exams were finished, and they were just waiting on the word, but Derek felt like they needed to celebrate Stiles getting through it all.

Derek threw the tea towel over his shoulder before heading to the door. He opened it just as Stiles parked beside his Camaro.

“Why are you in fancy clothes?” Stiles asked as he got out of his Jeep and slammed the door shut. His eyes darkened as he took in Derek standing there.

“Because I feel like being fancy.”

“Well, I feel like being in pajamas,” Stiles said.

Derek could see the tiredness in his eyes. He knew that Stiles was worn out from the finals.

“Come eat, and then we can get into pajamas together.”

“You know that never works, right? We eat, we go up to get dressed. Naked skin is on display, and we fuck.”

Derek laughed. He held out his hand, and Stiles stepped up to him, letting Derek pull him into a hug. Stiles loved how tactile Derek was. Letting Derek do as he wanted helped to settle down Stiles when he was worked up. Stiles’ drive to protect was ramping up, and it was why he was just getting the one degree. Derek didn’t think he could make it through another semester, much less the needed two years for the other degree he wanted. He could do online for most of it and then was going to work with the college to see what he could do for the classes he needed to take. It wasn’t going to be for over a year, though. Stiles and Derek wanted to be settled down into their jobs.

The law firm was sad to see Derek go, but they understood him wanting to work with his Sentinel. He had an open offer to come back at any point. Even Sentinels and Guides could be hurt on the job to where they couldn’t work. Derek was sure that Stiles could work without him, but right now, Stiles didn’t want to.

Dinner was quiet, as Derek knew it would be. Stiles was too worn out to even think about chatting up a storm, but it didn’t feel wrong. It just felt right. That Stiles was secure enough in their love, in their bond that he didn’t need to talk to make Derek happy.

Even though it was barely six, Derek knew that Stiles would pass out and miss the sexy times he talked about before they ate. Derek had planned on that. They had the summer to do what they wanted. Derek had a vacation planned for them. They were gonna head in the Rockies in Canada and do some hiking and camping. Stiles was all for it.

Derek stripped Stiles and got him into a pair of pajama pants, and as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out. Derek laid down with him, and Stiles rolled onto his side, cuddling into Derek. The bed bounced a little, and Derek saw Ged jumping up on there. The fox wasn’t looking at them, though, but at Gandalf, who was settling down on the large rug at the end of the bed. As soon as he was down, Ged was on him, finding a nice spot to lay on.

“Are you guys going to keep watch?” Derek asked.

Gandalf nickered and shook his head a little before laying it down to where Derek couldn’t see it. Ged, though, was more alert, even if he was sprawled across Gandalf. Their two spirit animals were close as hell, and when it was just them in the house, Derek knew that they were around more than most spirit animals. Derek liked to think it was the bond between Stiles and him, but he figured that it was just that they were all so settled with each other.

It wasn’t strange for Ged to spend the day with Derek, sometimes in the law offices or the times he was in court. Or for Gandalf to spend the day with Stiles in classes. At first, the horse was an attraction to the other students, but Gandalf didn’t even merit an eyebrow raise after they got used to him.

Though Gandalf had been the focus of a class or two in Sentinel and Guide dynamics. Stiles had been proud as a peacock when he came home to tell Derek about it. Hell, Derek had been proud as well. Horses were rare for spirit animals outside of Native Americans and Guides who worked and lived on farms.

“Der,” Stiles said as he rubbed his chin on Derek’s chest. He was deep asleep, which was the only time that he talked.

Derek enjoyed moments like this when Stiles was so unguarded that he didn’t have a single barrier. Derek could almost see his dreams if he concentrated hard enough.

“I’m here,” Derek said. He rubbed his hand up and down Stiles’ back.

Nightmares were rare for Sentinels, even those that had protected the tribe in ways that seemed horrible to normal humans. Stiles’ only nightmares were usually around his mother’s death and how she blamed him for the disease that had been robbing her of her mind and her health before killing her. Derek knew that Stiles regretted that his mother thought that about him at all, but he also knew what the disease had done to her.

Derek heard a car pulling up and listened closely. It was either Peter or Noah. Noah’s SUV was used by Peter when Noah was on shift sometimes. Chris’ SUV sounded a lot different. Derek was loathed to get up, but he did, grabbing his pillow and giving it to Stiles to cuddle while Derek covered him up.

By the time Derek got downstairs, he could hear the heartbeat a little better and knew that it was Peter.

Derek opened the door and found a dour Peter on the steps. That was rare for Peter to ever be dour. He was usually pretty happy, despite everything that weighed on him.

“Laura and Mark, as well as the kids, are moving to New York, she asked to be let into your father’s former Pack, and they have agreed. Your mother is not taking it well and is taking a month-long vacation to Alaska.”

“I see, so I need to step up as heir while she is gone?”

A month put it a week into Derek’s planned vacation with Stiles.

“Yes, but for the week you are gone, it will be me. I told Talia that her wanting to run away shouldn’t impact what you need to do to help your Sentinel settle down. We fought, but I won. I usually do.”

“How long do you think before she fully drops being the Alpha?” Derek asked.

“A few years at maximum. I’ll work on getting everything ready for the power to be passed to you. However, everyone is happy with you and your mate. No one is going to have an issue. Your mother, though, will probably leave the area, going to where Laura is. While your mother has her as her favorite, she knew that the Pack would never follow her, given everything. You’ve settled well into being a Guide paired with the apparent heir to the running of Beacon County as Sentinel and Guide. You guys will hopefully have time enough to settle into life and be Deputies before that. Noah’s gonna be where he is for a while.”

“Thanks for letting me know.”

“I didn’t want someone else springing it on you. Is Stiles asleep? His heart tells me that he is. It’s early.”

“Today was his final day of finals. He didn’t sleep well last night, worrying about his tests. We both know that he did fine. I was cuddling.” Derek pouted at Peter, which made him laugh.

“Noah, Chris, and I will be around tomorrow morning for breakfast. Chris and I will cook. Noah didn’t want to invade tonight, and I’m glad I didn’t talk him out of it. Let me know what you need for the final Alpha training.”

Derek laughed at that. Like Peter hadn’t been training him in that since the moment he had come online. Derek was ready now to take over, but Stiles wasn’t fully ready to be Alpha Mate. Derek had known his path from the moment he had come online. Laura was crazy to think that anyone in the Pack would have followed her. She had proven time and again that she would run instead of fight.

Peter cupped the side of Derek’s face before he turned to leave. He was in Noah’s SUV. It made Derek laugh. Peter had his own vehicle, but he liked Noah’s, and Derek was sure that the smell of Peter calmed Noah down after stressful days at work.

Derek locked the door after shutting it. He listened to Stiles’ breathing and smiled when he found it was still deep from his sleep. Stiles was a deep sleeper when it was just family coming to visit. Grabbing a few snacks and a large bottle of water, Derek headed back up to cuddle with Stiles some more until he was ready to sleep.

Stiles felt something down the bond that he had with Derek. He looked around the cabin they were staying in and found that Derek was just staring out the window.

“Derek?” Stiles asked as he stood up and headed toward him.

It was like Derek was in a zone. He didn’t react, even when Stiles laid his hand on his shoulder. Derek felt wrong. He felt off.

“Der,” Stiles said as he wrapped his arms around Derek tightly and held him until he was done with whatever he was doing.

“Call your father,” Derek said almost half an hour later.

“Okay.” Stiles was loathed to let go of Derek, but he walked over to get his phone. Derek was there at his side when he turned around. Stiles pressed the speed dial for his father and waited for it to be picked up. It went to voicemail.

Stiles started to feel like Derek had felt something, but while Derek had a strong Pack bond with Stiles, he didn’t have one with Noah. Stiles was about to dial again when Derek pressed the speed dial for Peter instead.

“I wondered if Derek felt it. Stiles, your father is fine; he’s just a little busy.”

“Busy with what?” Stiles asked.

Derek switched the phone to where Stiles could hear without turning his hearing up to above normal level.

“Well, I am not sure that I should say.”

“PETER!” Stiles nearly yelled. His heart was racing.

“Turn the phone to the camera,” Peter said.

Derek reached out and tapped it. Peter’s smiling face was there, but then it moved. The room was in low light, only the setting sun lighting it up. It took Stiles’ eyes a few seconds to narrow in on the back of his father’s body as he had someone pressed into a wall. Even though Stiles had never seen himself scenting Derek, he knew the motion well enough.

“It seems that your father found his Guide. Well, after his Guide came online. How do you feel about obtaining two step-fathers, Stiles?”

“Two?” Stiles asked.

Then Stiles watched his father bite down on the neck of the man, and he moaned. Stiles knew exactly who that man was.

“When the hell did Chris come online? You said that the Foundation thought that he was dormant from how his father raised him.”

“Well, it looks like they were wrong. A Hunter got into town that was aiming to take out Chris and Allison. Noah heard them invading our house, and Chris came online because of the threat. Some Deputies are heading to the college to check on Allison. She’s in class, and her phone is on silent. You know the teacher for the extended Sentinel and Guide studies hates phones on at all in class. His hearing can’t stand the buzz they make.”

“Has there been anything like this before?” Derek asked.

“Yes, triad relationships are not all that uncommon. Usually, there is a female in there somewhere so that children are made, but two of the three of you already have adult children. No one is gonna be pushing you guys to make more.” Stiles tipped his head to the side. He could just barely make out Chris whispering words to Noah.

“So, you felt him come online?” Stiles asked.

“No, I felt your father starting to bond to him, though, Peter. I went from having a strong bond with Peter and a weak one with Chris to having Noah shoved in there as well, but the bonds were all strong.”

“Dad’s a strong Sentinel. Well, this will make things a hell of a lot easier. Dad will have a bond with a Guide, so when he steps down as Sheriff and I take over, no one will care about him staying as the leader of the Sentinels and Guides in the area. Peter, I have books in my library at the house. Go and get them, help get Chris centered. Dad’s going to want to head to his house to get settled. Where are you?”

“Chris and I’s apartment. I figure that we can get a moving crew to get things from there to here.”

“Peter,” Noah said. His voice was hoarse.

Stiles figured that he was hanging on by a thread at the moment. Peter’s werewolf abilities would help him keep the bond between the three of them strong.

“Go nest. I’ll call Parrish and give him the heads up. Dad’s not gonna be around for at least a week, maybe two since he’s going to want you bound to him as tightly as possible before letting you run around town.”

“Hmm,” Peter hummed. He turned the phone back to where they could see just a bit of the room. “I’ll check in with you both in the morning. Two days and you are coming home, yes?”


“I’ll have Cora step up and take care of Pack things. Derek, can you call her? Allison can handle her father’s business around her schooling. She’s just taking the one summer course since it messes with her biology class next semester.”

“Yeah, I’ll call Cora. Spencer can help as well.”

“Have a good-” Stiles cut himself off and just groaned.

Peter laughed, and the call cut. Derek looked at Stiles before he broke out into a laugh.

“Shut it.”

“Oh, come on. We’ve both seen the chemistry between them. If it wasn’t for the fact that your father is a Sentinel, I think that Peter and Chris would have invited him into their bed. They’ve done it before. It’s part of what took so long for them to get married even though they don’t want anyone else in their life for the long term.”

“And now Chris is an online Guide who is way older than most when they come online, and Dad’s dealing with a married couple and joining their relationship.” Stiles rubbed at his nose. He could feel Derek’s happiness at it all, and he was sure that once Stiles was home and seeing that everything was fine, he would be happy about it as well.

“Call Parrish. I’ll call Cora.”


Stiles grabbed his cell and dialed Parrish’s number. He hoped that he wasn’t waking the man up.


“Oh, good. Are you at work?”

“Yes. Just getting ready to clock off and head home. Why?”

“Well, congratulations, you get to stay longer and deal with a new schedule for the next week.”

“Why?” Parrish asked.

“Cause Dad’s nesting with his newly minted Guide and his Guide’s werewolf husband.”

“Argent’s a Guide?” Parrish asked.

“Yup. Hunters tried to attack, so you might want to send someone to check to make sure that the bodies are removed from the house. Peter’s not fully into nesting mode yet, so he’ll be good. I figure that once they are a little more settled, they will move to Dad’s, and you guys can do a better look at the house. Cora will be the contact point for all things Werewolf until Derek gets back. We head home in two days. You can handle the Station and then figure out who wants to be the point contact for Sentinel and Guide stuff.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that. I’ll just come in late tomorrow after I get this mess handled. I’ve sent Roberts and Wilcox to Argent’s apartment. Hopefully, sending them will keep the Sheriff calm. So one week?”

“Maybe two, but start with one, for the time being, just to be safe. Do you want me to come home earlier?”

“No. We can handle two days of this. You and Derek just get your mind cleared; I know the training academy starts next week for you guys. I’ll call the guy who runs it and give him the heads up about this.”

“If you need anything, call me.”

“Not gonna happen,” Parrish said. He spent a few more minutes talking about the trip and what they were having fun doing before he closed out the call.

“Well, he’s at least gotten used to rolling with the flow,” Derek said.

“Yeah, well, Hellhounds are good at that.” Stiles leaned back on the couch and let his body relax all the way. Derek laid down with his head in Stiles’ lap. When Stiles thought he could move again, he started to card his hands through Derek’s hair.

“Why? I mean, why?” Stiles asked.

“Cause it’s Beacon Hills, and everything happens in Beacon Hills.”

Stiles laughed at that. He groaned and looked down at his Guide. He smiled as Derek’s eyes rolled shut. Life was hectic, but it wasn’t going to get any better, given everything they had going on in their lives or what they had coming up.

They were ready for the life that they had planned and ready to get the next step going. Together they could weather anything and everything that was thrown at them. They had proven repeatedly that they were meant to be together, and they were going to keep on proving it.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

Join me on Discord in one of the two main servers I am part of. Just Write is a working server for those who write. We have sprinting channels and a whole bunch of other channels to make it the one-stop-shop for writers. Crossroads is a multi-fandom social server. Come and check them out if you are over the age of 18. They are adult-only servers!

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  1. This was awesome. It’s been awhile since I’ve read any Sentinel AUs. This filled a hole I didn’t know I had. I seem to remember parts of this as maybe being from RT? It was really comforting to read this. I don’t know if I’m getting this across correctly, but I feel so good after reading this.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you


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