Title: Triad
Series: Full Moon Fic(let)
Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Category: Multi
Relationships: Derek Hale/Jackson Whittemore/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Jackson Whittemore, Stiles Stilinski
Tags: Full Moon Ficlet, One-Shot, All Human AU, First Time,
Summary: Stiles really needed to find someone because now he was looking at Jackson like he was a candidate for a date and the hot guy who just sat down in front of him.
Word Count: 1,707
Year: Future
Spoilers: Everything
Notes: One-Shot for Full Moon Ficlet. No more will be written for this.
Beta: ScarsLikeVelvet

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Stiles looked up when he heard the laughter and he frowned and ducked his head back down. He was pretty sure that Jackson Whittemore was stalking him. He was also pretty sure that he would rather kiss the smirk off the man’s mouth instead of punch it as he had in high school. It was Stiles’ luck that the college he picked for his grad school classes had to be the same one that Jackson was going to for Law School.

Trying to stay away from Jackson seemed impossible. Every single time that Stiles turned around here was there.

This time he was having lunch outside of the little bistro that Stiles loved to eat at. Stiles was inside and he was reading as much as he was reading for the class he had next. He wasn’t going to get a lick of anything done with Jackson drawing his eye. So Stiles closed his book and started to eat with more gusto to get the hell out of there. Jackson had to be the one person who shed the asshole issues he had in high school and turn into someone who was pretty fucking awesome. Stiles had spent a few hours at a party with him and they had gotten past the issues tye had in school.

“Is this seat taken?” a man asked.

Stiles looked up into the face of a guy he had seen around the bistro a few times before. He was hot like burning but always seemed to have his head buried in a book so Stiles had never approached him. He didn’t do that when people were doing other things while eating. He wasn’t that big of an asshole.

“Depends on why you want to sit there,” Stiles said.

The man laughed, and his face transformed into something beautiful, and it took Stiles’ breath away.

“Well, I was hoping to get the chance to flirt with you.”


“You are good-looking, and I know you don’t have an ego when it comes to it. Not like my partner.”

Stiles’ brain kind of flatlined at that. The man had just admitted he had a partner, and here he was flirting with Stiles.

“And this is done,” Stiles said. He shoved his book into his bag and was about to stand up when the man’s hand came out. He didn’t touch Stiles, but he made a waiting motion.

“I’m not looking to cheat. He’s well aware that I am here. He’s a little shy approaching you, but we have been watching you for a while. Let me tell you our story. You can finish eating, and I’ll get you a coffee since your tea is almost gone.”

“Who says I like coffee?”

“You drink tea with meals and then get coffee afterward, the spiced coffee that is only on offer this time of year, and then move to the simple vanilla coffee, light on the cream and heavy on the sugar.”

“I’ve only seen you a few times.”

“Ah, but my partner has been watching you. He’s shy when it comes to things of the heart.”

Stiles settled down again and looked at his tea. He had enough to finish eating. “Coffee upfront.”

“Of course.” The man left the table, and he came back around the time that Stiles was done eating and drinking the last of his tea. The coffee was set down with the handle facing the right direction. “I’m shocked you haven’t recognized me.”

“Why should I?” Stiles asked. There was something about the man’s face, but Stiles had seen a lot of people at college that he thought he knew only to find out he had never heard of the town they were from.

“We both hail from Beacon Hills, Mieczyslaw, who goes by Stiles, used to be by Mischief when he had issues saying his name.”

It was when the man said hail that Stiles placed the facial features. Hale. There was only a single Hale around that age, and that was Derek.

“Knowing all of that, and you still want me?” Stiles asked.

“Well, unlike Peter, you never threw up on me.”

Stiles laughed and picked up his offer to take a sip. It was perfect, down to the milk being steamed at the kids’ temperature. “You may talk.”

“Well, thank you. So my partner and I have been together since he started here as a Freshman. We were attracted to each other and fell in love with ease. We found ourselves missing some by the time he was a junior, so we went our separate ways, and then about six months later, I was still missing him like a limb, and no one I dated actually made me want them for longer than a single night.

“Then one night, we were both at a club and chatting up this guy. I was doing it when he was at the bar, and Jackson was when he was on the dance floor. Then we met, and that love just rushed through us both.”

“You were missing something but not like you needed someone else; it’s that you needed someone and him,” Stiles said.

“Yes. I’m working on my second doctorate and will be finished when he’s done with law school. We agree that finding someone else to add to our relationship is something that we want. We’ve dated around and just never found someone that clicked with us. He is sure that you are it.”

“You’ve never said his name, Derek,” Stiles said.

“No, I haven’t much like Stiles its a little more out there and therefore unique to his area. I think we’ve only come across another person with it.”

“Well, I’m not going anywhere without knowing it.”

“Hmm, I agree with that term. However, he may not. Why don’t we talk? We can discuss school and your life after I left Beacon Hills. It’ll make things easier if I know all that he does.”

It took a few seconds, but Derek’s words played through Stiles’ head again. Knowing all that the partner did mean that they were someone who was around Stiles before this. Stiles turned around to see that Jackson and his friends were still outside, but he was glancing Stiles and Derek’s way every few seconds.

“Tell Jackass he has two minutes to get over here or no.”

“Of course.” Derek picked up his phone and texted.

Stiles watched as Jackson lifted up his phone and then full-on looked at them. Stiles raised an eyebrow and pointed at the seat beside Derek.

“I knew I should not have come today,” Jackson said as he sat down.

“Blame Derek. He made it seem like his partner knew more about me than he did, and the only way that was possible was if I had gone to school with them. You are the only person in this school I knew about before today that lived in Beacon Hills.”

“Greenburg was here; he failed out.”

“Well, he’s Greenburg.” Stiles looked between the two of them. “This is not some big joke?”

Jackson shook his head back and forth. He reached out and laid his hand over there’s that was sitting on the table. “Derek saw you first. I knew you were here, but I hadn’t seen you yet. He talked about this young man that he watched while here a few times a week. There was talk about what he would like to do to your mouth and then what he wanted your fingers to do to him. Then there were more feelings, and one day, I came here to drop off something and realized that his little crush was the one person I was upset I had never got to kiss in high school. I was afraid of what you would say, given how much of an ass I was. Hate and angry sex are all good, but I wanted more than that. Derek figures that I never let myself want you until I had let go of the anger of my childhood.”

Stiles knew that there had been issues with Jackson and his parents, but he had never cared to know too much about it.

This was a hell of a lot. He hadn’t even known that Jackson was dating or living with anyone. It had never come up when Jackson had bumped into him.

“You didn’t bump into me by accident, did you?”

“No, I did not. I wanted to see how you were doing here. You are not the easiest person to talk to. You wear your headphones ninety percent of the time when you are not in your apartment. I know you hate it when people interrupt you when you have them on. Especially to flirt.” Jackson looked a little ashamed to know that, but it just made Stiles feel a little better.

Jackson had to have heard the rants when he went off on people at school back in Beacon Hills. Yet that didn’t mean that Jackson had to remember it. Still the chance they were offering him. He knew it would be weird for a while but having two hot boyfriends wasn’t a hardship. It seemed they were both pretty dedicated to school, and they wouldn’t be too pissed off with the load he was taking and working on his doctorate.

“Sure, we can do this. See about turning your duo into a triad. I’m more than willing.”

“Good. Then we can meet up for dinner tonight if you don’t have anything pressing for school.”

“I do, but I can get it done before then.”

“Jackson’s got a thing with the pick-up lacrosse team, but you and I can go and watch? I have some papers to grade, and we can just exist in the same spot, headphones on for both of us.”

“Sure.” Stiles actually thought that sounded like a perfect pre-date. Just being there with Derek while watching Jackson get sweaty. There were worse things to do.

“To the future,” Derek said as he raised up his cup. Stiles picked up his and clinked it off Derk’s before looking at Jackson, who had Derek’s water he had sat down with.

Yeah, Stiles thought. He could do this.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

Join me on Discord in one of the two main servers I am part of. Just Write is a working server for those who write. We have sprinting channels and a whole bunch of other channels to make it the one-stop-shop for writers. Crossroads is a multi-fandom social server. Come and check them out if you are over the age of 18. They are adult-only servers!

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