Title: Pajamas
Series: Moments from the Kent-Lane Scrapbook
Ratings: Explicit
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Fandom(s): Superman & Lois
Category: F/M
Relationships: Clark Kent/Lois Lane
Characters: Clark Kent, Lois Lane,
Tags: Missing Scene, Demisexual Clark, Established Relationship
Summary: Clark can’t find the top of his pajamas after Lois spends the night.
Word Count: 6,274
Year: Pre-Series
Spoilers: Up through the Current Released Episode
Notes: Since we are still learning the canon of the show, anything in this could be contradicted at any point in time.
Alpha: V.Mures
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Clark tipped his head up into the water and enjoyed its heat on him. He was glad he had paid for the high-capacity water heater when he renovated the bathroom more to his liking when he moved in. Lois had showered while he was working out. He didn’t need to, but he liked how it changed even his body, and Lois liked to watch him on the mornings she stayed the night.

Showers were something that Clark loved. A few minutes to himself after a good night’s sleep before he went out into the world. Or a few minutes to himself after going out and saving someone. He just loved that time to himself. Lois didn’t bother him when he was in the shower, which was something that he loved. Just like he never bothered her when she was drinking her first cup of coffee.

The relationship between them was good and solid, and Clark couldn’t be happier.

When the water started to turn cold, Clark slipped out of the shower and started to dry off. He snagged the towel that was hanging for him, and he dried his hair a little to stop it from dripping on him. He debated using his breath to dry off but hated how it made his skin feel. So he just dried off in the normal fashion at normal speed. There were mornings when he rushed through getting ready because he overslept and would be late for work. Usually, Lois was with him, and it made sense for him to speed through things rather than be late. He usually flew them to work those mornings, landing in the parking garage.

Clark looked at himself in the mirror, touching his facial hair and deciding to leave it as it was. It was a lazy Sunday with neither of them doing anything more than a lazy breakfast followed by catching up on something on the TV.

When he was as ready as he was willing to get to stay inside, Clark went to the bedroom. He opened his drawer of sleeping clothes. He found his pants and then dug around more to look for the shirt. He didn’t wear them all the time, but he always kept them in the same drawer. He couldn’t find the top, so he looked in the rest of his drawers. He might have stuck them into the wrong one.

Clark wondered where else the top could have gone since it was not anywhere in any of his drawers. He hadn’t worn a top in months. So the top couldn’t be in the wash.

“BREAKFAST!” Lois yelled from the first floor.

Clark looked at the mess from pulling everything out of the drawers and cleaned it all up in seconds as he used his speed for it.

Lois had just finished filling her coffee again when Clark made it into the kitchen. She was wearing Clark’s missing pajama top. Clark leaned in the doorway and looked at what she was wearing. It looked like it was the only thing she was wearing.

“I was looking for that.”

“You never wear it. You throw on a T-shirt or wander around without it. I thought I would just wear it. I like it.” Lois looked at Clark over her shoulder, and she had a grin on her face.

Clark pushed off the door and walked toward Lois. He caught her up in his arms and laughed as she nearly spilled her coffee. She set the cup down on the counter and turned in Clark’s arms.

“I like you in it. This isn’t what I would think you should have been cooking breakfast in. You might have gotten burned.”

“I do know how to cook without hurting myself.”

“I did see that you made the bacon in the oven. It all smells wonderful, but I think I have a different thing in mind for breakfast.” Clark danced his hands down Lois’ body to snag her hips. He lifted her up, and Lois wrapped her legs around him as soon as she was seated on the counter.

“Really? Now?”

“Why not? We don’t have anything that we need to do. Breakfast can be warmed up later. You didn’t make pancakes.”

“No, I did not. So what are you thinking?” Lois asked.

“I don’t know. I thought that maybe I would just see what I felt like after taking you upstairs.” Clark stepped back, taking her with him, and he carried her out of the kitchen. Just a few steps into the hallway, Clark pressed her into the wall, claiming her mouth in a kiss. He pulled the hem of the shirt up and gripped the cheeks of her ass.

Clark had learned a great deal about sex in his time with Lois; he had learned what he liked and what he didn’t. He also learned what Lois liked. It was easy to get used to it all, to the feeling of liking sex. Sex had never felt good before Lois. He had done it but learned he needed that connection.

“What are you wearing under there?” Clark asked.

“Hmm, going to go with the dirty talk?”

“You like it. I like it.” Clark nose up Lois’ neck, and he nipped at her jaw. “I don’t see why we can’t just go on with what we like,” Clark said.

“Hmm, I do like that kind of thing.”

“Besides, my mouth will be otherwise involved once we get up into bed.”

“Figured out what you want to do?”

“I think so, yes.” Clark pulled off the wall and headed up to the bedroom. Clark paused at the edge of the bed, and he looked around to make sure he had cleaned up the clothes around.

“What are you going to do?” Lois asked.

“You’ll have to wait and find out.” Clark laid Lois down on the bed and then straightened up. He looked at Lois, her hair a mess on the pillows and the shirt rucked up to show off just the hint of her public hair. He wasn’t sure what kind of fun Lois wanted, but she was never upset when Clark did what he wanted. As long as she got off.

Clark had learned to be happy and willing to do what he wanted to get himself off while not worrying wholly about his partner’s pleasure. Clark dropped onto the bed, keeping his body above Lois so he didn’t crush her. The bed bounced her up slightly with his weight, and Lois gave a little screech before she laughed.

“What are you going to do?”

“I think I’m going make you guess.” Clark leveraged himself up onto one arm, and he used the other to pop a few buttons on the shirt. He pushed the edge of it to the side. The subtle swell of Lois’ breast was beautiful. He traced it with a nail of his finger, dragging it backward.

Lois inhaled, her breast heaving before she got it under control. “And if I wanted more?”

“Then I would tell you that I’m in control right now, which means I do what I want.”

Clark moved a few inches down, and he pressed a kiss just on the clavicle. Lois reached up and carded her fingers through Clark’s hair, holding on tight when Clark moved a little more and pressed a kiss to her breast. He moved downward again, unbuttoning as he went. He didn’t stop until the shirt was fully unbuttoned.

“Want me to take it off?”

“No, leave it right where it is. I like looking at you in it.”

“Just like this?” Lois asked.

“Yes, very much so, you look good in my clothes. I think I like this. You running around in my pajama top. I don’t wear them much, so it’s not like I will miss them, and you’ll look good in them.” Clark moved down a bit more, letting his legs hold his weight before he dipped down and licked.

“More,” Lois said when Clark had stopped.

This was one act that Clark had found that he loved to do that really didn’t do much for him on a physical front. He loved hearing Lois’ reactions to it, though. The moaning, the panting, and the words that fell from her lips spurred Clark to eat her out more.

If Clark allowed it, his sense of smell would help to get him going even more as the scent of Lois post orgasm was one that Clark was more and more attracted to. Clark wiggled to get his pajamas down.

“Up, up, please, Clark, please,” Lois begged as she tugged at his hair again.

Clark followed the pull of Lois’ hand, and as he got up to kiss her, he guided himself inside of her. After that, it was all just making love.

Lois came a second time, and when she did, she pulled Clark along with her, the tightening of walls pulling him in. He rolled them over when he could move, settling Lois on top of him. He got his hand under the shirt and rubbed up and down her back.

“I love it when you do that,” Lois said.

“I know. That’s why I like to do it. I love hearing the sounds you make. The begging.”

“I love you,” Lois said.

“I love you, too,” Clark said. He cupped one of the cheeks of her ass and pulled her up a little grinding her mound into him.

“You are insatiable sometimes,” Lois said.

“Hmm, you make me that way.”

“I’m hungry for real food.”

Clark looked at the rack of pajamas, and he looked back at where Lois was shopping in the women’s section for a few new things to wear outside of work. She tried to get him to pick out things, but he wasn’t too big on that. He would rather she liked what she picked out than influence her. He didn’t care about anything except her being happy.

“Looking for something in particular?” a woman asked him.

“Oh, no, just looking.”

“Well, do you need any help?”

“No. I can find my way, thank you.”

“If you do need anything, just give a wave.” The woman walked away, leaving Clark alone.

“Are you sure?” Lois asked.

Clark blushed. He turned his head to look at the clothes and shook his head. Lois loved it when Clark got flustered when other women hit on him. He only noticed it most of the time when Lois started to laugh at it all.

“Yes, I’m sure. The only opinion that I care about when it comes to my pajamas is yours. You will be wearing half of them.”

“Hmm, you pick out things well enough. I liked that one pink set you threw in. The pale ones.” Lois tapped the basket that Clark was carrying.

Lois had the cart, and it was full of clothing from the other women’s area of the store. She had more than enough clothes to do for a while. It wasn’t totally full, but it was more than Clark ever bought in one go. Most of his clothes didn’t get destroyed like Lois’ did, though, so he didn’t have the replace things. The latest had been another attack from one of the local gangs, trying to kill her for outing them.

“This is a good color on you,” Lois said as she picked up a hanger that had a pale purple set of pajamas on it.

“You too.”

Lois smiled at the words, and she tucked a bit of hair behind her ear before dropping them into her cart. Clark shook his head and looked into his basket, covering up the fancy sports bra he had bought for Lois to wear sometimes. It was pretty and would look good under the pajama top. Even if Clark ripped it to get to her skin. He hadn’t destroyed much of her clothes and especially never the underthings. She bought expensive things, so it wasn’t nice to destroy them.

“Do we need warmer ones?” Clark asked as he held up a pair of thicker plaid pajamas. They were not flannel but pretty close in the material.

“Will they bother you?” Lois tucked herself in close to Clark and reached out to touch them. She nodded her head she touched them.

“No, not the pants. That’s why I don’t wear shirts. It’s not just not always fitting well in them, but I don’t sleep in them well at all. So we can easily share even thicker ones for winter.”

“It’s not like I really need thicker ones to stay warm while in bed with you. I swear you are a heater all on your own.”

“I do run a little warmer than most. How hungry are you?”

“I could eat. Why?”

“Well, I want something from that South American place.”

“Ah, okay. So I’ll head to your place with the clothes, and then you can join me after you run to get it?” Lois asked.


“We can do that. Grab a few more pairs, and I’ll meet you at the car once you are checked out.”

Clark kissed Lois, and then he looked at the pajamas. Lois looked at them for a second before grabbing a second pair to toss into her cart. Those were a white and tan striped set that Clark had been eying.

Picking out two more pairs wasn’t hard; Clark wasn’t that picky about the sleep pants he wore, but since Lois was claiming the other half, he took a bit more care than he normally would. He wanted her to like them and use them. If he picked a set of colors she didn’t like, he would donate the outfit to the homeless shelter, where he dropped off many things.

“That’s the smile of a man in love,” James said as she stepped over to bump into Clark.

Unlike at work, Clark didn’t let it push at him at all, which made James laugh.

“What has you shopping at this time of day?” James asked as he shifted the basket in his hand over to his other.

“Needed new pajamas. Lois is around here somewhere.”

“Yeah, I heard her talking to someone else. Not shocked about her being here. Just a little shocked at you. And I saw men’s pajamas in her cart.”

“We share,” Clark said.

“You share? I think that’s more and less than I have ever wanted to hear. I know you don’t use the tops; I’ve stayed over at your place enough to know that.”

“Which is what Lois stole the other day.”

“Would that be the day that I texted you, but you didn’t answer for hours? You said you were otherwise occupied. I took that to mean rescues around the world, not a day with her in bed.”

Clark shrugged, and he knew he was blushing.

“Wow, that blush can be seen from space. I’ll drop it, but you are not going to get off that easy next time it’s our night out for drinks. So don’t even try and back out of that.”

“I don’t…”

“No, I’m not asking you to be disrespectful, but we will talk things out cause you cannot tell me that Lois doesn’t have someone she talks to you about. You need someone as well. We can head over to that new sports bar and watch whatever game we want in the little alcove section.”

“Sure. that sounds great. I should go. I need to get dinner and give Lois my stuff first.”

“Ah, she driving and you running home?” James asked with a wink.


“Well, have fun.”

Lois stopped when she pulled things out of Clark’s bag from the store to get the tags off before tossing them over to be washed. The bra in her hand wasn’t anything too fancy, but it was in her size. She laid it on the bed and shook her head. Part of her growing up was that she rarely ever went to bed completely naked. A bra and a pair of boy shorts were her normal dress for getting up and being able to run if needed. Her father had been a target a few times, and especially after their mother had left them, they had been alone, and Lois had to be the one who had to make sure that she and Lucy were cared for.

Clark hadn’t thought anything of her dressing again after cleaning up after sex some nights. Others, she was too tired to get dressed, and after Clark had finished cleaning her up, he just wrapped her in his arms, and they fell asleep. Clark was the sweetest man in the world, and knowing that he was Superman just made it all the better.

There were a lot of people in the Daily Planet who expected her to leave Clark for Superman one day, but while there are parts of Superman she really was attracted to, she needed someone like Clark more than she needed someone like Superman. He wasn’t the most romantic man in the world, but Clark really was sweet. Everything that he did was earnest and something she needed. There was a lot to be said for someone who did things just because, just because he liked to do it. There wasn’t an ounce of guile, and while using his powers to keep track of her had been a stumbling block for a while, Lois hadn’t just left him over it.

Lois didn’t jump at the loud shutting of the door, but she almost did. Clark only did it when he knew that Lois was there instead of scaring her by just appearing. Lois finished sorting everything before she got into a pair of shorts she slept in and put on the bra. She normally didn’t just wear stuff like that, but she didn’t want to wait for it to get washed and dried. She then snagged the shirt that Clark had worn at work the day before that was draped over the chair to be taken to dry cleaning.

“Ready?” Clark called up as she started down the stairs.

“Be down in a second.”

“That cake you like was thrown in, and I didn’t know it until I was home.”

“You left them a huge tip, and you know it. You can’t stop them from wanting to treat you right for being the one to help them when they need it.”

“I know. I just don’t like it, and you know that.”

Lois kissed Clark’s cheek at the blush that was there. He hated being recognized for things like that. He didn’t mind the larger entities doing it, but he hated the free things that some liked to give him. It made him feel weird. Lois was working on it with him. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but she didn’t like him being so uncomfortable.

“I’m hungry, so I hope you got a lot,” Lois said.

“I got enough for lunch at work tomorrow as well.”

“Good.” Lois picked up the plate that was on the table as Clark put the rest of the food up. It was all of her favorites with one of Clark’s that she hated, but there was none on her plate. “You don’t have to get so many of my favorites.”

“I don’t. You like that egg dish that I hate, but I still get that, everything else I like. I rotate through a few things, and you don’t always eat with me. I actually ate lunch there two weeks ago after that disaster at the research station in Antarctica. It was a slow workday, and I had actually gone out to get lunch when it happened.”

“I remember that. I had that meeting. So, what do you want to do for dinner tomorrow?”

“I was planning on cooking,” Clark said.

“Oh, really? That sounds great. What?”

Clark just grinned at her before snagging two beers by the neck from the fridge and then was gone before appearing again and grabbing the half a bottle of wine and pouring Lois a glass. He was gone again in a flash and then returned for his food. He walked at a normal human pace into the living room with Lois.

The TV was already on with the sound off when Lois looked at it. It was one of the more country-based news stations. Lois tucked her feet up onto the cushion and related back to where she could lay her plate on her leg. She was pretty happy with Clark’s choice for the night. She covered some national things, but mostly it was just local to Metropolis.

Superman coverage didn’t count on that since it was local at first and then just grew bigger and bigger to where it was massive now. Lois was the go-to for him to talk to after a big thing unless someone was talking to him wherever it happened.

“How is the story coming on the man who is knocking over the banks when I’m out and saving other people?” Clark asked.

“Good. It’s only two so far, so no one is really biting on it. It’s too much to chance, so even Perry thinks I am grasping at straws.”

“I don’t think you are. Even if it’s not what you think it is at the start, you are never fully wrong on things. So, I’ll help as much as possible.”

“Dad said he’s almost done with the ELTs for Superman.”

“And what have you thought about telling him?” Clark asked.

“I am still not sure. He talks to me about a few things, but he’s never made it seem like he is a threat to you, Clark. If he was a threat, I would tell you.”

“Hey, Lois, I know that.” Clark set his plate down, and he patted the couch before taking hers from her. He brought her close and tipped her face to look at him. “I trust you. I never would have told you who I was if I didn’t. Do not worry about that.”

“I know. I’m more worried about Dad. He’s not exactly the biggest fan of Superman, but he doesn’t hate him. I still find it funny that he was the one who was tapped to do this.”

“He understands me in a way that not many do. I’m glad that I have him behind me with national threats. He’s got good instincts.

“I’m glad of that. He doesn’t understand Lucy and me that well.”

“Well, your father doesn’t like Clark all that much.”

“No one is good enough for his daughters. You can-” Lois stopped, and she covered her mouth before laughing.


“I was about to say that you could walk on water, and he would have issues.”

“Well, I can’t technically walk on water. I can float and make it look like it, or I can run.”

“Quit being literal.” Lois slapped his chest before she slid off his lap and picked up her plate of food. She stayed closer and draped her legs over Clark’s lap before starting to eat.

Clark picked up the remote. He pressed the button to unmute it.

“Why hasn’t Superman been called into this disaster?” a reporter asked.

“Superman isn’t needed. He cannot do much to help us that we cannot do ourselves. If someone is found that we cannot rescue in time, he will be called in,” Sam Lane said.

“You don’t think he could help with this?”

“Superman is on tap to take care of every single bump that the world gets into. If we use him for the smaller stuff, then he will not be ready and on-call when we need him for the big stuff. It’s like the National Guard; we only call them in when the local area needs that kind of support. He will be here when the next earthquake happens, and if we had time before the gas explosions, we would have called him to evacuate, but most of the staff were already gone.”

Clark turned it off again, and Lois looked at the building that was in the background.

“That’s in Wichita,” Lois said.

“Yeah, I recognize it. I didn’t hear it. I wonder if it was when we were in the time crunch at work today. I normally hear everything.”

“The tickers say that everyone found so far had been dead from the explosion. Even you can’t just bust through all of that. You have to be careful to not make all of it come down.”

Clark nodded his head.

Lois knew that Clark knew that sometimes it took telling him more than once to get something through his head when something was going on.

Clark started to eat again, which was the best for what was going on. Lois almost reached over to change the channel but she stopped when she saw the way that Clark was watching. He wasn’t trying to stop eating; he was just looking at the TV like he normally did. He wasn’t obsessing over everything. Which was for the best.

It wasn’t often when Lois wasn’t in danger that she wanted to have even just one of Clark’s powers. Today was the day she wanted his super hearing or x-ray vision, just one of the two. Then she wouldn’t be walking into her kitchen where she found Clark and her father staring each other down.

“Dad, what are you doing here?”

“I got here at the same time as Calvin did.”

“Clark, father. His name is Clark, and you know it. Keep that up, and I’ll ensure that you are taken in for mental fitness exams.”

“Well, I was in town for a few days, and I wanted to spend some time with my daughter. I thought that since you hadn’t talked about Clark much anymore, I thought that you were finally done with him.”

Lois saw the way that Clark’s hand clenched. Lois knew that her father saw him as weak and someone who wasn’t worthy of Lois, but no matter what the truth of the matter was, Clark was the best boyfriend she had ever dated. There was no one who loved her more.

“No, I just don’t talk about him because you refuse to be nice. I’m sorry, Clark. I’ll be ready to go in a few minutes. Dad, we have dinner out with friends tonight but since it’s all work, friends, you can come if you are going to be nice. James’ date ditched him, so there will be a free spot in the room we reserved. What you are wearing is fine but no weapons.”

“I don’t have my gun on me.”

Lois looked at Clark but didn’t make it obvious that she was. Clark nodded his head then he made a motion that Lois knew meant that he had to carry a knife of some kind. She didn’t care about that. There were a few guys at work who carried knives in their belt buckles when they were out and working on stories. Lois didn’t have issues with guns in general but not at a meal like this.

“Good. Clark, please come and help me get dressed,” Lois said.

“Of course.”

Lois loved the look on her father’s face that made him look like he had just licked the sourest lemon in the world. She headed into her bedroom to get ready. It did not take long for Lois to get ready; she only needed Clark to zip her up. She turned to him when he was done. “Are you sure that you are okay with this?”

“James will be there as a buffer. I’ll be fine. I can deal with your father’s snide remarks.”

Lois wasn’t sure about that, but she was willing to go along with it for as long as he was. It wasn’t the best option, but if Clark wasn’t to show her father that he wasn’t scared of him, Lois wouldn’t stop him.

“What vehicle are we taking? What do you drive, Clark?” Sam asked when Lois and Clark were down the first floor of Lois’ place again.

“I do drive but I don’t have a vehicle at the moment. My last one was one of the ones destroyed by the last big fight Superman was in and I’m waiting on a model to be released this fall before getting a new one. I should have enough saved up then and from my insurance payout on my car to buy the car outright.”

“A sound investment. You don’t want to get a loan?”

“Don’t really need it. I have a loan on this place that is nearly paid off. I planned on getting a different, bigger place once I get this one paid off. Moving. This was just a simple starter place for me. It’s too small if I want to start a family.”

“Shouldn’t the person you want to start a family with helping you pick out a place?” Sam asked.

“That’s not the way the Kents do it, Sir. We make our choice, and then we go through and make it the perfect place for them. My father had the house that I lived in, specifically for my mother. It was the perfect place.”

“Ready?” Lois asked before Sam could say a single thing. “We will take my car. Unless you want to drive alone?”

“No, I’ll go with you. I can always take a taxi out of there if I need.”

The ride was just as silent as Lois thought it would be. She was sure that Clark was listening to everything going on in the world, and her father just didn’t care to start anything. No matter what, he would try to put on a good face in front of the people that Lois worked with. He would be good until he couldn’t anymore, and hopefully, Clark could do something to make sure that he respected him a little more for it.

“Lois! Clark!” James said as they entered the restaurant. James’ eyes darted to Sam behind them and then rolled.

Lois wasn’t shocked that James knew Sam on sight. The friendship between Clark and James was deep and it was one that Lois was glad was based on the truth.

“General Lane, welcome. I guess you are my plus one tonight?”

Lois pressed her lips together to not laugh at the look on her father’s face.

“How about you and Clark go, and I’ll take Dad as my plus one?” Lois asked.

James slung his arm over Clark’s shoulders and led him away to the bar. The room they had reserved was just on the other side of the bar; it was a trio of rooms that all were for private events or larger parties. Then the main area of everyday dining was on this side of the bar.

“Perry’s already in the room,” James threw over his shoulder as he settled in at the bar.

“What kind of beer do you want?” Sam asked.

“They have a raspberry wheat here that I love on tap, thanks. Have them charge it to the party.” Lois walked past her father and into the room.

They were not the last ones there but it looked like it was pretty close. There were not a lot of people she was super close to but it was full of people she at least liked.

“Oh, Lois,” Cat Grant said as she stepped up to Lois with a martini in hand.

“Cat,” Lois said. She smiled at Cat even though Lois mostly hated her. It was petty, but Cat wanted Clark, and even though Clark wanted nothing to do with her romantically, Cat seemed to think that Lois was in her way. There wasn’t a single thing that Lois was in the way of. Clark would never have touched Cat with the intention of anything romantic in mind.

“Who is the old man?” Cat asked.

“My father.”

“Ah, damn, I thought maybe Clark had finally dumped you and moved onto someone who was more your speed.”

Lois just rolled her eyes and moved past Cat to where people she liked were.

Dinner wasn’t for another hour; at least Perry had already ordered all of their food so that no waitress had to run around and try to get them all down.

When it was just about time to sit down, Lois headed back to the bar to get a glass of wine to go with her food.

“Oh, hello, aren’t you an angel. Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?” a man asked as he sat down on the seat next to where Lois was standing.

Lois turned to look at the man and scoffed before turning back to the bartender to place her drink order.

“A glass of that red I love, Clarence,” Lois said.

“Coming right up, Miss Lane.”

“Are you just going to ignore me?” the man asked.

“Of course, I am. You didn’t even ask me if I minded being flirted with.”

“Why would I ask?”

“Because it’s respectful,” Clark answered. He set down a beer glass and pressed a kiss to Lois’ cheek. “Besides, she’s otherwise already engaged.”

“I’ve been watching her for an hour; you haven’t even touched her.”

“Well, we have both been talking to other people. I don’t need to have my girlfriend stuck to my side like she has no other function than to be a bit of jewelry to make me look better.”

The man’s face twisted in rage, and before Lois could warn Clark, the man was throwing the first punch. Clark caught the man’s fist in his hand and just held on while staff from the restaurant came running.

“Okay, you are out of here. You are not allowed back in. That’s your second strike,” the manager said.

“Isn’t it supposed to be three?” the man asked.

“Not when it comes violence,” one of the workers said before taking him out.

“Are you okay, Mister Kent?” the manager asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. Nothing to worry about. My hand isn’t even sore,” Clark said.

Lois tucked into Clark, and he wrapped his arms around her.

“Dinner is being served,” James said.

“Let’s go then, huh?” Lois asked.

“Do you need a statement?” Clark asked.

“No, we have cameras. The whole thing was recorded. The bar is our biggest issue, so we ensure that every angle is covered. Go and enjoy dinner; the desserts that have been ordered will be comped for the whole party.”

“You don’t need to do that,” Lois said.

“No, I do. I should have thrown him out after his first incident. I just had hoped he would change.”

Clark guided Lois into the room and James stayed right by their side. Lois knew her father was looking at them, but she didn’t care too much.

Sam sat down beside Lois while Clark walked around to sit opposite her. James took the place that was across from Sam.

“I didn’t realize he had a spine,” Sam said.

“He grew up working on his family farm with his parents. He had friends but he also got into the same kinds of fights that other kids did. Maybe more so because of his glasses and being adopted. It’s not my fault that you only ever saw his features and his normal work demeanor and didn’t look more into who he was. He’s a good man, a strong man when he needs to be, but he will not step up for me unless I want him to.”

Sam didn’t say anything the rest of the meal unless someone else engaged him in conversation. Clark kept on looking at him because Sam kept on staring at Clark. Lois was ninety percent sure that Sam had not figured out that Clark was Superman, but she didn’t want to discount it. The world didn’t see Clark for who he was because of his demeanor, glasses, and the suit.

“Ready?” Clark asked as he stepped up behind Lois, laying his hands on her shoulders. He rubbed a little.

“Sure. Dad?”

“More than,” Sam said. He stood up and frowned at Clark when Clark pulled out Lois’ chair and held out an arm for her to slip hers through. “Are you drunk?”

“No, but I am tipsy. So when I am tipsy, and in heels, Clark always makes sure to escort me around so I don’t fall.”

“After you broke your ankle at that one party.”

“We weren’t even dating then, Dad, and he was a good man then.”

Sam scowled a little at that, but he said nothing until they were outside and Clark was helping Lois into the car. “Should you be driving. I saw you drinking several beers.”

“Actually, the last three were just cider, normal cider. I had two beers before the meal and then was just drinking cider after that. I probably wouldn’t even blow anything on a breathalyzer.”

Lois patted Clark’s arm, and he squeezed back. Even if he wasn’t happy about Sam questioning everything he did, he was fine.

“Clark doesn’t have the day off tomorrow, but I do. We can head out to breakfast once Clark leaves for work.”

“He’s staying the night?”

“Yes, we bounce between our places. We rarely sleep alone until one of us is out of town.”

Lois wasn’t going to back down. Her father could accept Clark in her life or he could leave it. She wasn’t going to play when it came to that.

The End

I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to stress over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

2 thoughts on “Pajamas

  1. I love seeing the start of them sharing pajamas, and Sam starting to see Clark for who he actually is rather than what he expected to see. ❤ ❤ ❤


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