Title: Purple
Fandom(s): 9-1-1
Relationships: Eddie Diaz/Evan Buckley
Tags: Getting Together, Drag Queen Buck, Canon Divergence,
Warnings: Not Chim or Maddie Friendly
Summary: Buck’s favorite color was purple.
Word Count: 5,370
Year: 2019
Spoilers: Up Through Season 3
Notes: One-Shot for Family Fire Conflagration Challenge. No more will be written for this.
Beta: Grammarly

Purple had always been Buck’s favorite color. He didn’t wear it much in the day to day life, but he did wear it when he wanted to feel pretty.

Arriving in LA, Buck had found a club that allowed him to be who he liked to be sometimes. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled, his lips a deep purple shade that matched his dress. He stood up and looked down at the new heels he got for this. He had already worked them in, so he didn’t get a blister. He was ready for his time to shine.

Buck grabbed the necklace he would wear and started to put it around his neck. He stopped when he felt hands there, taking the strands of the chain to fasten them. He looked in the mirror and found his partner standing there. She was already made up all the way for her show which was going to be right after his.

“Gonna watch me?” Buck asked.

“You know it, honey.”

Buck was happy. Miss Suzie Q was the first person he had felt comfortable around to tell her about what he liked to do. It had been good. Buck had been able to settle into life in LA much faster. She was genderfluid and loved to live her life as Suzie as well as Robert.

“If you watch me after.”

“Always.” Buck had a spot where he sat down to watch others. Well, everyone there was allowed. They were kept apart from the rest of the people and had fun.

“Ready for the last bit?” Suzie asked.

Buck nodded his head. He closed his eyes to allow Suzie to put the adhesive gems onto his face.

“There you are, Evana,” Suzie said.

Buck smiled at Suzie when the music started up. It was time for everything to go on.

It was a packed night where they all would do more than one song, but there would be a clothes change afterward. The second outfit Buck had set out was just beautiful. He couldn’t wait to put it on.

The crowd was nameless and faceless as he danced and sang to his first song, a standard for most who lived outside of what was considered to be normal. The crowd ate up every second of Buck singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

Buck gave the crowd a smile when he was done and headed toward where the sectioned-off area was, along with the others who were sitting to watch before changing into their next outfit.

“Don’t worry, everyone. Evana Heart will be back on soon!”

There was a cheer, and Buck loved hearing that. He settled down into the area to watch Suzie’s solo song.

Everything had changed the first time Buck had seen the first Drag show he had ever gone to. He had figured it all out and found the missing piece inside. He was male and knew that, but he liked dressing like this. It was why his stage name was very much soft and gentle compared to something else.

Suzie’s song was a beautiful ballad meant to make them all cry a little, and Buck forgave her for that. It would be easy to fix his eyeliner. Once the crowd had mostly settled down for the stage change, Buck headed into the back.

Suzie was already there to take off the gems when Buck got to his station after Suzie’s song.

“You rocked it,” Suzie said.

“I did. You were mesmerizing,” Buck said.

Suzie pressed a kiss to Buck’s cheek, making him have to take the lipstick off there.

There was not a lot that Buck had to do to get ready for his next number, so he took his time getting ready. He read on his phone, checking his messages to see if Eddie had messaged him back yet. He frowned as he realized Eddie had not.

“What’s that face for?” Suzie asked.


Suzie huffed and put her hand on her hip. Buck rolled his eyes.

“Eddie hasn’t messaged me back. It’s been hours. He’s at home; I know he is. Well, he said he was just having a down night with Chris. Even paying attention to Chris, he would still have time to message me back.”

“Sweetie, just calm down. Maybe they went to his grandmother’s house. You can poke him about it tomorrow. Today was the first day of four off, right?”

“Yes.” Buck laid his phone down again, and he pushed the thoughts of Eddie out of his head. He picked up his bottle of water and started to drink it. He would have just enough time to get another in him and use the bathroom before it was his turn again. He was doing the closing tonight, which was always something to be nervous about, but Buck didn’t feel that. He had this down. He could do it and have no issues.

Eddie allowed his sister to drag him into the club that had been taken over for the weekly Drag Queen show. He blamed himself for talking about being there for another incident and seeing it. Sofia loved Drag Queen shows, and Eddie didn’t mind them. It had been watching one that told Eddie what his sexuality was as a teenager.

Sofia had snuck Eddie into one when he was underage and went to Austin with her. El Paso had nothing like it, at least not when he was younger. Still, it was a huge thing when Sofia came into town for her to find something. So Eddie had kept in mind the club, and Sofia had jumped at the chance to go there.

“You missed the one who has been my favorite so far,” Sofia said.

“Really? Who?” Eddie looked at the listing. He had missed Evana Heart.

“And they weren’t here when we came here two months ago?” Eddie asked.

“No, they were not. They are doing the closing, so you are not allowed to leave.” Sofia laughed, but her tone meant that she meant what she said.

Eddie was used to Sofia dictating what he was doing, but he didn’t mind. He and Sofia always had a lot of fun at these events.

“What did you order?” Sofia asked.

“You’ll see,” Eddie said. He laid the number down on the table since they also had food coming. He needed something in him, or he wasn’t even going to be able to make it through the rest of the show and remember it. They already had taken an Uber there, so they didn’t need to worry about driving home.

Eddie looked at where the other Drag Queens were sitting and watching their friends on the stage. Eddie saw one he hadn’t seen and assumed it was Evana. He cocked his head to the side; the person was someone Eddie knew. He had just enough alcohol in him. He knew he wasn’t fast enough to link it.

The song ended, and the Drag Queen Eddie was watching stood up and headed into the back. He knew that walk. He knew everything about that person, but there was just enough difference that he had issues linking them in his head.

“Like what you see?” Sofia asked.

“Very much so,” Eddie said.

The rest of the night dragged on, with Eddie wanting to figure out who it was. He was finally fully divorced from Shannon. It had been finalized two months before. Eddie had been debating whether he wanted to ask Buck out or not. It was something Sofia was going to help him with once they were settled in and settled down, with Sofia staying for a little while.

Then it was time for the finale.

The lights went out, and there was just a spotlight on the stage. Eddie remembered where the group of people was standing where they were not in the way of the tables. Eddie got up as the music started. He wanted to see better.

Evana came onto the stage and looked around, eyes spending more time where the rest of the Queens were sitting down but then the gaze stayed on Eddie for longer than anyone else.

It was the eyes that told Eddie who it was.

At first, when Evana started to sing, Evana tried to look anywhere but where Eddie was, and then by the time the chorus was being sung, Evana had given up. Eddie was their focal point.

Buck dropped down into the seat of his station to look at himself. He reached out for the make-up remover wipe but stopped when his hand shook.

“Honey, that man you were signing to wants to come back,” Suzie said.

“Yeah, when everyone else is gone. He won’t hurt me.”

“Are you sure?”

“It’s Eddie,” Buck said.

“Oh. I see. Yeah, Eddie’s not going to hurt you. He knows it’s you?”


Buck closed his eyes and got a hold of a wipe to at least get the stuff from his eyes. He didn’t open his eyes again until he knew Eddie was there behind him. Eddie looked serious but not upset. Not angry.

“Hi,” Buck croaked.

“Hello. I guess I didn’t expect to see you still in your dress.”

“Just a minor panic attack.”

Eddie stepped up behind Buck and laid his hands on his shoulders, forcing Buck to look him in the eye. “I would never hurt you.”

“No, I know that. That’s the only reason you are back here while I’m alone. No, I just never…no one in my life knows about this.”

“Not even Maddie?”

“No. Abby didn’t either. I never wanted to share it, and then there you were. You saw my first song?”

“No, I was ordering mine and Sofía’s dinner and a new round of drinks. Took a while. I saw you on the side, and I knew I knew you from somewhere. Then I realized it when you came out. You are beautiful. In either gender.”

“I’m not…I don’t feel like I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body.”

“No, but you seem to take the other to heart. I just wanted to ensure you knew I liked you both ways.” Eddie’s hand dipped down and slipped to where he could hold onto Buck’s neck and tip his head back. “Tell me to stop, and I will.”

Buck didn’t. It was the worst angle in the world for a first kiss, but it summed up the whole thing between Buck and Eddie. The worst thing at first and then getting better after that. Eddie spun Buck’s chair around when he broke the kiss to claim a better kiss.

“Wait,” Buck said a few seconds later as he jerked back from Eddie. “Is this…because of this?”

“No, it’s not. I’ve wanted you for a while, but you seemed so upset to find out about the divorce, and you were putting distance between us, and the only good thing was the distance was making sure Chris was around all the time. I wasn’t sure what you were worried about, but I kept my hands to myself.”

“It wasn’t the divorce but the knowledge I wasn’t ready to tell you about this, so no relationship could happen.” Buck tangled the hand he had used to shove Eddie back into his shirt. “You’ve had a little too much to drink. I can smell it on your breath.”

“Agreed. Sofia’s waiting on me out there. We can…never mind. If I come out with you, she’ll know.”

“Why is she here?”

“She loves watching Drag Shows. She took me to my first when I was underage. She snuck me into the club she was going into because she didn’t want to leave me in the hotel alone. I am still unsure what she thought I would do in that hotel room. I had fun, though, and figured out then I was bisexual. Or pan. Sofia thinks it’s more pan, but that word didn’t really make its rounds until I had embraced bisexuality hard.”

Eddie cupped the sides of Buck’s face. “You missed a few spots. Want help?”

“Sure. I’ll change once I am clean enough to not get anything on the dress.” Buck closed his eyes, and he heard the snap of the wipe container opening up and then the soft fingers of Eddie cleaning him up.

This was something Buck had never thought he would have. Not even with Eddie but just in general. There had been the fear of never finding someone who would accept this part of him. Of having to give it up to be happy in all other aspects of his life.

Eddie pressed a kiss to Buck’s closed lips. “All done.”

Buck opened his eyes, and he gave Eddie a smile.

“Abuela is at my place with Chris, but she’ll go home with Sofia in tow. Stay the night? Just to talk?”

Buck nodded. He had his Jeep but hadn’t drunk anything, so he was good to drive. He could take both Eddie and Sofia with him.

“Sure. I can do that. Why isn’t Sofia staying with you?”

“Chris had a little fit last night that if Sofia stayed with us, you wouldn’t stay the night tomorrow at movie night. Sofia didn’t want to upset him more. So she’ll be going back and forth. She wasn’t upset about it. So don’t worry about her taking it out on you.”

“I won’t. I am going to go and change. Do you mind packing up my stuff?” Buck waved his hand toward the make-up and other items on the station. “It’s all mine, and the duffel has it all. The whole kit is in there, and there are spots for everything.”

“I know how you like your things,” Eddie said.

Buck stuck his tongue out at him. He was a little obsessive over his Dopp kit. He knew it. He would rather have everything in its place.

He wasn’t sure what he would end up doing, so he grabbed the clothes he would normally wear inside the club. Eddie and Sofia might not want to stay at the club longer, or they might want to.

Eddie looked at his phone when Buck came out of the changing room. He looked up at Buck and smiled.

“I don’t think that I like you in club clothes. I’m going to have to beat people off with a stick.”

Buck shrugged. He had to do that no matter what. “How is that different than when we go out for drinks as a team?”

“Well, it’s not, but this is the first night where I am someone who can tell people to keep their hands off.” Eddie held out his hand, and when Buck put his hand into his, he pulled him in.

Buck wrapped his arms around Eddie’s neck and held him in close. He wasn’t used to being like this, but this wasn’t too different from how much they touched before.

“If we are moving too fast, let me know,” Eddie said just a second before he pressed his forehead to Buck’s.

“No, we are not. I am not sure we can move too fast. Our whole relationship has been too fast for a lot of people, I think.” Buck enjoyed having Eddie in his arms.

“Then let’s go out there. I’m sure Sofia has blown up my phone. I was ignoring her messages while waiting on you. What do we do with your bag?”

“There is a guy who will watch it. Keeps an eye to make sure no one gets back here and also watches over the bags. Or I can take it outside to the Jeep.”

“Not outside.”

Buck laughed. He reached behind Eddie, grabbed the bag, and then walked toward the door to take them out of the staging area. He held his hand out for Eddie.

Sofia was right at the doorway, her eyes looking like she was going to run into the back.

“Jimmy, mind watching this?” Buck asked as he laid his bag on the table as Eddie walked past him.

“Sure thing, Buck.”

“Where did Suzie go?”

“At the bar, and then I lost her from there.”

“Okay, I’ll go and find her. If you see her, tell her I’m looking?”

“Will do.” Jimmy’s eyes darted down to where Buck was still holding Eddie’s hand.

“Eddie? Who is this?”

“Sofia, this is Buck.”

“This is Buck?” Sofia asked. She looked him up and down. “You are the one on the stage. Eddie said he knew you. So I guess this means that Eddie can stop mooning over you?”

Eddie laughed, and he shoved at his sister.

“Well, I ordered more drinks for us as I wasn’t sure if you were coming back out or not. I can get something for you, Buck.”

“Nah, the bartender sees me with you, and he’ll send something along.” Buck kept the eye of the bartender to make sure he saw him.

“You going to be okay to drive?”

“Oh, yeah, it won’t have alcohol. Don’t worry. I don’t drink after these unless it’s at home. I like driving to and from. I never want to go on stage drunk; I don’t want to break something and have to have someone respond that I know.”

“That would be your luck.”

It would be, and it was why Buck didn’t do anything to chance it.

Eddie would rather be home with Chris than where he was. Buck had messaged him he was heading out with a few friends, and Eddie was stuck in bonding time with the 118. Since Buck was laid up, a few had forgotten to message him the team was headed out. It was strange, but Eddie didn’t worry too much. Buck had his friends from the club that he spent time with, who took care of him when Eddie couldn’t, even if Eddie hadn’t yet figured out how to explain to Chris how Buck knew many people who were not firefighters.

There was a lot that made Eddie feel like something was going on behind the scenes about Buck coming back and how everyone was treating him. Still, Eddie wasn’t going to burn a bridge if he was just feeling a little off because of everything that happened and felt like he should be protective of Buck.

Before they had been ready to come out to the team, the bombing had happened, and things had changed for all of them. Eddie hadn’t felt right telling anyone on the team about him and Buck without Buck being around day in and day out. It felt like something that needed both of them there.

“Here?” Eddie asked as he took in his and Buck’s preferred club. It was Drag night. If Buck was out with his friends, he could very well be here. “Why here?”

“It’s been pretty popular, and I remember when we went to a call-out here. Bobby talked about wanting to see a Drag show,” Hen said.

“It’ll be fun,” Karen said.

Eddie pulled out his phone, but it was snatched from his hand by Chim.

“No, you have been moping about Buck for too long. This is a night for fun.”

Eddie prayed to the God he didn’t believe in anymore that he would know the man on the door and they would get word to Buck. He didn’t want Buck going out on stage without knowing if this was what he was doing.

As luck would have it, it was Trigger on the door. Eddie still had no idea where the guy’s name came from, but he was a good man. Eddie slipped back, and the distress he was putting out had Trigger stopping to ask him for ID and keeping him back. The other bouncer let people in, pushing him back from the rest.

“What’s wrong? Do I need to call the cops?”

“No, God, I haven’t been taken hostage, well, I have, but that’s just the people Buck and I work with. I didn’t know this was where the Ubers were dropping us. Then they took my phone, and I can’t give Buck a warning.”

“Ah, I see. Who took your phone?”


“I’ll see what I can do about that, but I’ll go inside since we are nearly at capacity. I’ll go back and tell Buck. He’s already done one song so far.”

Eddie knew Buck had lamented how the cast would wreck his visage on the stage, but he just sat down and did ballads to the crowd. The funk Buck had been in about his sister nearly talking him into taking a break from surgery, and it would have delayed his healing as if he had waited much longer on the one surgery, he wouldn’t be able to do it.

He and Maddie were not talking at the moment, which had made Chim lash out a little, but Buck was glad he wasn’t at work to deal with Chim day in and day out.


“You got it.”

Eddie headed inside with Trigger behind him.

“What was up with that?” Chim asked, eyeing Trigger.

“There was something on my license, and he wanted to make sure it wasn’t something that was under the lamination. I wiped it off, and we were fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Chim, yes. I’m sure.”

Eddie heard the laugh from where he was and looked around to find where Buck was. He was dressed as Evana and looking pretty much nothing like he normally would. Even his cast was pretty. It was purple and sparkling. The shit the 118 had scribbled on the cast was long covered up.

Buck looked over at them once Trigger was done speaking, and Buck gave Eddie a grin.

“Wonder who she is looking at,” Hen said.

“Looks like it’s Eddie here. Which is good. He hasn’t even tried to date since his divorce was final.”

“I’m fine, thank you, and I am dating; I’m just taking it slow. Chris is still reeling from his mother leaving us and not wanting to see him or me ever again. I’m not going to traipse a whole bunch of people in front of him.”

“And you think this person you are dating would hurt him?” Bobby asked.

“No, I just want to be sure before we really start to do anything. It’s been mostly over the phone.”

“That’s because Evan is taking up too much of your time,” Maddie said.

Eddie rolled his eyes.

“Well, my son comes before everyone else, and if I’m with Buck, I’m also with Chris, so no, Buck’s not taking up too much of my time, Maddie.”


“Hey, calm down,” Chim said to Eddie.

“I’m sick of everyone putting Buck down. I hate that whenever I turn around, you are trying to make us all think he’s doing something stupid because it’s what Maddie is saying to you. Do you even talk to Buck about it?”

“Well, Maddie’s his sister. She knows what is going on with him. Or she would if he would grow up and talk to her.”

“Why should he talk to someone who doesn’t listen to him and wants him to do what she wants instead of what his doctors are telling him.” Eddie was kind of done with what was happening with this, but at least in public, they wouldn’t make too big of idiots of themselves. He was half tempted to go over there and just sit in Buck’s lap and hope he was okay with him doing it. He just wanted to have it all done with.

“Chim, we talked about this,” Hen said.

“Equating my father and Maddie together is not something you want to do, Henrietta.”

“It’s the same, though; you just don’t want to see it. She wants him to do what she wants. Your father does as well. He thinks he knows what is best for you but doesn’t know you at all.”

“It’s not the same thing at all. Maddie was a nurse.”

“She’s not a doctor who has gone to school and stays up to date with everything about crush injuries and their repair,” Eddie said.

Maddie rolled her eyes and huffed at Eddie like she did with Buck when she was upset at them.

“And now, for an extra special treat, we have four lovely ladies who will serenade you with a favorite song. Many of you who have been here before will know that Miss Suzie Q is not here, and she is usually in this, so Evana Heart is taking her place.”

Eddie jerked his head to the stage to see it was set up for Lady Marmalade. This wasn’t going to go over well at all, but Eddie was going to be there for the fallout. He knew Buck knew they were there.

Chim walked past Eddie, slamming his phone into his chest hard enough that it hurt a little. Eddie caught his phone before it fell to the ground. There were two missed texts from Buck. Buck had set up the phone to where the notifications were visible, but that was it. There was no preview. Eddie opened the messages to see that one was a tease of the nearly up-the-skirt shot. The second was just a message that Buck would give the 118 the show of his life.

Eddie was a little worried about that second one. He was probably going to piss off everyone, having lied to them, but he didn’t care. His and Buck’s relationship was bigger than the one with the rest of the 118. All of them got too into everything, and with the deal with them backing up Maddie without talking to Buck about what was going on, he didn’t want them in their relationship right now.

As the lights started to drop once the stage was set up, Eddie was sitting in his favorite spot close to the stage. The rest of the 118 settled in around him and behind him. The small stage area with chairs was a Godsend in times like this. Eddie felt something drop on his head, and he laughed before taking the drink handed to him as well.

“From your boo,” Serena said before kissing his cheek.

“Eddie, that crown is…” Hen stopped speaking when Eddie looked at her.

“Purple? Yeah, I know. I come here often enough that one of the Queens and I have a rapport. She likes to flirt and give me drinks. Thanks, Serena. Another in a few minutes ’cause I’m going to drink this down pretty fast.”

“It’s already being made. Evana said you would need the Dutch courage.”

“Evana is the one you have a rapport with?” Chim asked.


“I hope the person you are dating is okay with this,” Hen said.

“Well, some of us have made sure to have a good basis of trust, and they know I would never cheat on them.” Eddie didn’t remember what happened before he got to the 118 until after he said. Chim just glared at him, but Eddie tipped his head back to drink down the drink as the intro for the Queens started up.

When Serena came back behind him, he finished the drink and held up his hand with the empty. It was swapped out with the fresh one. There was more than enough alcohol in this that he was afraid he would get up and dance with Evana’s closing number. It wouldn’t be the first time, probably not the last.

Evana was the first on the stage, and her dress covered up the cast. She moved a little wrong, but the dress went all the way down, so with the small steps, no cast was visible. A chair on the end of the catwalk was the target, and Evana sat down with her eyes just on Eddie and a wink, then the song started up all the way.

“Is that Evana?” Hen asked, pointing at Evana.

“Yup.” Eddie didn’t look at her as he answered.

“I feel like I know her.”

“I’m sure that all of them are supposed to be like that,” Chim said.

A few other voices chimed in with guesses of who Evana was supposed to remind them of. Eddie barely listened, but he broke eye contact with Evana when his phone vibrated, and there was a text from Bobby about that being Buck. Eddie sought out Bobby’s eyes, and he grinned. He turned back as Evana started to sing P!nk’s part of the song. It wasn’t the traditional part that Miss Suzie Q did as she usually covered Christina’s part, but it seemed they changed the order wholesale for the song.

“I know that voice,” Hen said.

Eddie snorted into his drink. He took a few sips, enjoying the taste of it as Evana’s solo part came to a close. Everyone else was moving around, but Evana stayed on her chair.

When the song was wrapping up, Evana crooked a finger at Eddie, who stood up and moved to the barrier that stopped him from getting too close, and he leaned over to allow another kiss to be placed on his cheek.

“No wiping that one off, big boy,” Evana said with a wink.

Eddie sat back down, taking a sip of his drink as the stage darkened. There was a little visible as Evana got up and made her way to the back.

“You cannot tell me that is innocent,” Chim said.

“No, it really is,” Serena said as she came over. She leaned over Eddie to hand off the water, pressing her boobs to the back of Eddie’s head. “This one here only has eyes for his hunk of a man he’s keeping from me.”

The guitar intro for Insatiable by Darren Hayes started, and Eddie wondered how much was bet to get someone other than Evana to sing it as it was the one she was most known for since singing it the first time to Eddie.

“And this goes out to the hottie in the front row with the crown. You know who asked me to sing this for you.”

“I think we have a dark horse here, Cap,” Chim said.

“What’s wrong with enjoying a well-put-together show?” Eddie asked. He turned to look at Chim behind him.

“Nothing. I guess I just never thought you would like this kind of thing.”

“It was something me and Sofia did together. We came here after we responded to that call, and I saw there was an event. It’s why everyone knows me.”

Things were a little tamer with the rest of the members of the 118; even the ones who weren’t the tight-knit center group were a little warier of saying something.

Eddie swapped to just water after Serena dropped off drink number five, and she shrugged when he waved off number six and drank it herself but handed over the water.

Then it was the finale, and since Evana’s main song had already been sung, Eddie wasn’t sure what was coming.

The intro was a song Eddie knew well.

Trigger came through, and he opened the barrier, giving Eddie the chance to do what he wanted.

“This is for you,” Evana said loud enough that the mic picked it up as Eddie sat at her feet on the catwalk. “The world was on fire, and no one could save me but you.”

Eddie closed his eyes as Evana sang Wicked Game by Chris Isaak to him. He opened them again when she was done and looked into the shocked eyes of the 118 as they finally clued into who was on the stage.

“Ready to go home?” Evana asked.

“Yes. Please.”

“We can slip out the back. The Jeep is out there.”

Eddie was pretty sure he would regret just slipping out, but he didn’t care. The tab would be taken care of by someone and make sure a good tip was had. Right now, Eddie just wanted to be wrapped around Buck in bed and shut out the world until Chris came in and woke them up. The rest of the world could wait.

The End

9 thoughts on “Purple

  1. Hot Damn, Becca.
    This was absolutely awesome. I could see it all in front of my mind’s eye and it was beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.


  2. I am so in love with this story. Buck is singing Wicked Game in my head and I’m swooning. That was lovely. Shutting up Chim was very satisfying. Like that Bobby figured it out first. Once Buck finishes his serenade I’ll be imagining the fallout.
    Thank you
    I love Drag Queens. Love all that flourish and style.


  3. Gorgeous, though it saddens me that most of the 118 were so horrible… but Buck has Eddie and another support system which he didn’t in canon. Love this, as usual thank you! xxx


  4. I totally love this fic. It was great to see Buck having a support system outside the 118.

    Though I do have one question regarding the following sentence: “The shit the 118 had scribbled on the cast was long covered up.” Did members of the 118 really write insults on Buck’s cast? I ask because that was how I interpreted that sentence, and if I am correct, then I am flabbergasted that they would write something like that when someone is recovering from a trauma. That would be some next level assholery.


    1. I didn’t put it as insults but jokes and things just beyond get well soon and the like. Things that they should have asked before putting on something that cannot be covered up you know.


      1. I honestly don’t know if that better or worse. With direct insults, you know the person writing it is being rude. While with the writer putting a joke on the cast, the joke has a potential to be insulting. However, if Buck says he does not like the joke, then the writer would say that Buck can’t take a joke.

        Personally, I think it would just best to stick to well wishes, since I can’t imagine that going badly. Then again, that just me.


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