Acronyms & More Info

Given that a lot of what I write has a lot of acronyms and technical or analytical words, this is the page to go to. If you read a story and want something explained more, this where to go to ask for it. If you don’t know what one is inside a story and want to know, just comment on here and I’ll add it.


AD: Assistant Director (FBI)

ADD: Associate Deputy Director (FBI)

AEAD: Associate Executive Assistant Director (FBI)

ASAC: Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (FBI)

BAU: Behavioral Analysis Unit (FBI)

DAD: Deputy Assistant Director (FBI)

DD: Deputy Director (FBI)

DOJ: Department of Justice

DTTF: Domestic Terrorism Task Force

EAD: Executive Assistant Director (FBI)

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation

JTTF: Joint Terrorism Task Force

LAFD: Los Angeles Fire Department

LAPD: Los Angeles Police Department

SA: Special Agent (FBI)

SAC: Special Agent-in-Charge (FBI)

SC: Section Chief (FBI)

SSASupervisory Special Agent (FBI)

UC: Unit Chief (FBI)

2 thoughts on “Acronyms & More Info

  1. For SA it say spencer just incaae its supposed to say special if not thats fine sorry for the bother xx
    SA: Spencer Agent (FBI)

    Ps love ur storys xxxxx


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