This page will house all of the Big Bangs, Small Bangs, and all around Bangs that I write.

00Q Reverse Big Bang 2016-2017


There was nothing more than a forced vacation that Q hated except for the fact that M was sending him out without any type of technology for a month off. He knew he was going to go nuts.



Q always answered when Bond called him. He always did what he needed and then stepped back into the shadows as Bond lived his life. This time was no different.


Criminal Minds Big Bang 2017 

The Dove

The escape of thirteen prisoners from all over the East Coast, changed the way the BAU operated but it also changed the lives of Aaron Hotchner and Spencer Reid, throwing them together again years after Hotch left the BAU and then the FBI in the aftermath of Haley’s death and Hotch’s own unthinkable actions against Reid. Now they have to rely on each other in ways that they never thought they would have to.


Shattered Dream

Spencer Reid knew that he was never going to have the romantic tale to tell anyone. First, he fell in love with his boss. That meant that there was a lot of telling that could be done. Second, the man had utterly broken his heart with “We are over, Reid.” Of course, that wasn’t the end of it. No, the universe just had to kick him while he was down and now he and JJ are in the ER waiting for results of the tests to tell them exactly what happened that had messed up both of their lives.

Story (Art located within!)

Criminal Minds Reverse Big Bang 


Just when Spencer is questioning his role in the BAU a new job and an offer of another kid make Spencer take a leap of faith into the unknown.


00Q Reverse Big Bang 2017-2018
Look for this fic in January 2018

Slow Burn Big Bang
Look for this fic in January 2019

Don’t Talk of Stars Burning Above

Aaron Hotchner is just trying to do his best. Trying to do his best for his son, for his team, and for the victims that he helps. After Haley dies in WitSec, Jack comes back to him a broken boy. Jack’s not said a word since his mother died. Dave introduces him to a fellow FBI Agent, an analyst, who is mute, who Jack bonds with instantly. What follows is a whirlwind of trials and tribulations as Dave makes sure that there is only a single agent is put forth when one of the team leaves. Doctor Spencer Reid: FBI Agent, Genius, Tech Guru, Play Enthusiast, and Mute.