Rough Romance Interlude III-Gratitude

Interlude III-Gratitude

Spencer watched the SWAT agent as he stowed his gear in the van before talking to the other people milling around. Spencer was wrapped in a blanket to help stave off the shock. There was a small cut on the base of Spencer’s throat from where the man who had taken the office hostage had pressed a knife there. Spencer had been the focus of the hostage taker’s ire, but Spencer hadn’t even known who he was. The man who had tried to negotiate with him, a man named Aaron, had ended up being the one taking the shot that had killed him. Spencer had seen him where no one else had, including the insane man holding a knife to Spencer’s throat.

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Rough Romance Chapter 3-6.6287879

Chapter 3-6.6287879

Set Post Season 6 Episode 6 Devil’s Night

Spencer smiled as he took his seat on the jet. He remembered the look that Aaron had given him when they had got onto the jet on the way to Detroit. Spencer had been dressed in a checkered blue shirt and a red sweater when Aaron had last seen him before the team had gathered their things for the case. However, when Spencer had got onto the jet, with Aaron following ten minutes later, Spencer had been in a new purchase. A royal blue dress shirt. Spencer had bought it on a shopping trip with JJ and Henry the weekend before and had kept it in his locker at work to save for the first case.

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The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 15


Our World

Spencer was tired. He was tired of work, and he was tired of Derek Morgan. It was Friday. Spencer was looking forward to a weekend spent with Aaron and Jack. Spencer fingered the collar at his neck. He wore it openly when he wasn’t on a case. That had come at a cost to his personal privacy, but he would gladly pay it to not have to take it off. The psychology of it as well as what it actually meant to him and Aaron was thrown to the wolves to be analyzed, but Spencer won. The contract that Spencer and Aaron had to sign basically had them as husbands in the eyes of the FBI. Since Spencer had his own insurance, he wasn’t added on as a secondary on Aaron’s so that part was easy.

“You okay, Doc?” Wentworth asked.

“I’m fine. I’m just tired. I’m looking forward to not leaving the apartment at all until Sunday morning at the earliest.”

“Sounds like mighty fine plans for the weekend.”

“What about you?”

“What I do every day, Doc when Jackson isn’t in town. I relax at home and read, watch TV, do whatever I want.”

“You don’t have a wife, husband, lover, or plaything to go home to?” Spencer asked.

“No, Sir. I like my life the way it is, alone. When I want something more, I find what I need. Jackson has access to a few of the nicer escort businesses, and I never lack for company when I want it.”

“That’s good. I know that Jackson’s not that interested in a long term, monogamous relationship, so I am sure that he has an excellent list of friends for you.” Spencer smiled at Wentworth as the driver looked back at him through the mirror. “This is a different town car than you usually use to drive me around.”

“Yes, Doc. This is yours. That way I don’t have to swap around the mini bar’s contents. It’s all ginger ale and seltzer water, and a few juice things for Jack. Jackson didn’t want Agent Hotchner to have to see the alcohol.”

“He really does love to blow money on those he loves doesn’t he?” Spencer thought back to the Jackson from the other world, wondering if he had found the perfect Sub yet. Someone that accepted him as he was and his love of Aaron.

“He’s very generous to those he thinks deserve it.” Wentworth turned in the seat, and Spencer realized that they were in the drop off zone for the apartment. “Now, don’t forget that I’m here when you need me. Jackson has another driver that he likes well enough and she’ll drive him around if you need me while he is in town.”

“I won’t forget. Aaron won’t let me. I don’t think that he wants me to drive to work or from work alone anymore.”

“He doesn’t want to lose you.”

Spencer didn’t say anything as he grabbed his messenger bag and slipped from the backseat of the car. He shouldered it as he straightened up and looked around before getting out of the full shelter of the car. His gun was on his hip, and Spencer was wearing sunglasses. He looked for a threat that shouldn’t be there, but he still was afraid. There was something on the horizon. Spencer wasn’t sure what it was, but it was making him restless.

When Spencer was inside of the building, he let his shoulders sag, and his body relax. The security guard at the desk smiled at him and waved Spencer towards the already opened elevator doors. Spencer didn’t even pause in his steps as he got onto the elevator. The doors shut and Spencer was alone. Even when the doors opened again on the right floor, Spencer was alone. The hallway was empty. Spencer pushed himself off of the wall where he had slumped and made himself move forward. He wanted solace, he wanted to just rest in Aaron’s arms after a horribly long day of work.

Aaron was standing in the doorway when Spencer got closer, he smiled at Spencer with a smile that made Spencer’s thoughts melt away. Aaron pulled Spencer into his arms when he got close enough and wrapped his arms tight around Spencer.

“Welcome home, Love,” Aaron whispered in Spencer’s ear.

“How did you know the I was here?” Spencer asked as he pulled farther into the apartment. The door was shut softly behind Spencer before Aaron stripped him over his gun, his messenger bag, and a few other items that Spencer didn’t need anymore. Spencer kept his eyes closed, relishing the feeling of peace that was over him at being in Aaron’s arms.

“Wentworth texted that you were being dropped off. JJ said that you were near dead on your feet when you go back from the case and that I needed to take care of you.”

“You always take care of me,” Spencer said. It was the truth of their life after finally getting onto the same page. Spencer had slowly given his full submission to Aaron and with it his trust. It wasn’t time yet to given the last piece of himself over to Aaron though, the blank space on his back that was left for this Aaron to fill in by the other Aaron.

“Yes but I need to pamper you tonight. I have the bathroom all ready for you. The shower is running, and I have your softest pajamas laid out.” Aaron pressed a kiss into Spencer’s hair, just behind his ear, wrapping his hand around the back of his neck, holding him into his body. Aaron didn’t like that Spencer was pushing to keep him out of the issues that he was having with Morgan in the BAU, but when the time came, and Morgan made his move, Spencer wanted to be able to cut Morgan off totally. Leave him to hang for his own stupidity.

Aaron guided Spencer back towards where the bathroom was. Spencer could hear Jack following them as far as the bedroom door. Spencer opened his eyes to see him there. Jack was smiling at Spencer and waved before Spencer disappeared into the bathroom. Aaron’s soft and gentle hands stripped Spencer of all of his clothing before directing him into the shower.

The water was hot, and it washed away the majority of Spencer’s anxiety and fatigue. He would still be tired, but it would be a level that he could handle and still feel human. He washed thoroughly but rushed it because he wanted to be back in Aaron’s arms. He craved to be held. Spencer shut off the water when he was done and found that Aaron had laid out a pair of soft pajamas. It was Spencer’s favorite pair of sleep pants and one of Aaron’s running T-shirts that Spencer had co-opted as his own sleep shirt.

Spencer dried himself off, making sure that his hair was completely dry before he slipped on the clothing. Spencer opened the bedroom door to find the light in the room was off. He had turned off the light in the bathroom before he had opened the door and so was greeted with total darkness. Spencer took a step into the bedroom and moved towards where Spencer just knew Aaron was. He found his lover in the dark, wrapping his arms around Aaron’s neck before leaned in to bury his nose in Aaron’s neck.

Aaron allowed Spencer to ground himself in the smell and the feel of him before he pulled Spencer away. Spencer felt fabric being draped over his eyes and he felt himself taken back to that day, the date, where Aaron had fed him. Spencer was led to the chair in the corner and settled down into it. Spencer could smell something slightly spicy coming near him, so he opened his mouth. The last time that Aaron had done this, it had been to seduce and arouse Spencer. This time though felt different. When a bite of something slightly thick was set on his tongue, Spencer closed his mouth and started to chew. The taste of tomato soup, just enough spices added to give it a kick burst over his taste buds followed by bread and cheese. Fried bread with cheese in between. Comfort food.

Bites of the sandwich were interspersed with spoonfuls of the soup and drinks of chamomile tea. Each bite, spoonful, or sip had Spencer calming down more and more. When the blindfold was taken off of his eyes, he looked at Aaron’s face, soft lighting making the room feel cozy.

“It’s too early for bed,” Spencer pointed out when he noticed that the bed was made up for lounging. But not for two but for three.

“Yes, but it’s not too early for all of us to pile in here and watch TV. I have the new season of Doctor Who on DVD.”

“There isn’t a DVD player in here.” Spencer looked over at the TV and saw that there was indeed a DVD player there. It looked new. “Aaron?”

“For mornings where we don’t want to get out of bed. We can watch something together and cuddle.”

“And we are going to lay in here tonight and watch Doctor Who?”

“With Jack. We ate dinner early like I told you we would but I made the soup for you. I know you like tomato soup. So why don’t you go over and get settled down in bed while I go and get Jack and clean up the dishes from your dinner.”

“Let me help,” Spencer said as he tried to stand up. Aaron wrapped a hand around Spencer’s shoulder, and Spencer thought at first that Aaron was going to push him back down, but instead, Aaron swept him up into a bridal carry. Spencer wrapped his arms around Aaron tightly as he was taken to the bed. Aaron laid Spencer down and glared at him.

“I can do dishes. You’ve had a worse day than me. You pampered me last week when I spent the entire day in a budget meeting. Let me take care of you now.”

“Okay.” Spencer let himself relax on the bed, and he watched Aaron slip out of the room. Aaron was also dressed in sleep clothes, which Spencer hadn’t noticed before that. He turned onto his side, facing the TV. The sound of soft feet had Spencer looking back. Jack was carrying three bottles of water, carefully through the room, his eyes on the floor, and his arms gripping the bottles tightly. Spencer watched him move around the bed and carefully set the bottles on the nightstand closest to the TV. Jack crawled up into the bed as soon as he was free of bottles. He laid down along Spencer’s body, grabbing Spencer’s arm that was up and wrapping it around him. Spencer smiled, pressing a kiss into the back of Jack’s head.

“I’m excited for more Doctor Who,” Jack said, his body nearly vibrating.

“I am, too.” Spencer propped his head up on his arm and reached over for the TV remote. He turned it on and found that Aaron had already loaded up the DVD player. Spencer queued up the first episode, waiting.

Aaron slipped into bed with them minutes later. The rest of the night was soft words and cuddling. Spencer fell asleep wrapped in warmth, between the two that mattered most to him.

Spencer woke to the sound of Jack’s soft breathing and Aaron’s heavier breathing. Jack was asleep while Aaron was not. Spencer didn’t move anything except his hands to tug them down a little farther. Jack was asleep on his stomach, arms and legs akimbo. Spencer was mostly on his front. Aaron was a brand of heat along his back, leg thrown over both of Spencer’s. From the position that Spencer was in, he knew that Aaron had to be laying with one of his hands under his head. The other was on Spencer’s hip, holding tight. Spencer wanted to wake up like this for the rest of his life, Jack was optional for an every morning thing, but Aaron at his back wasn’t.

“Good morning, Love,” Aaron said before his lips traced up and down Spencer’s neck. “So before you had a horrible night. Jack and I had plans for you. So that’s been put off until now. You fell asleep early, so you woke up early. We have time. How do you feel?”

“I feel rested for the first time in a while. Why?” Spencer wondered what the plans had been. If Jack was part of it, sex was off the table.

“We have a busy morning. I’m going to unhook the cuffs, and you can go and get a cup of coffee while I take a shower. Jack will sleep a while yet. He stayed up later than me I think. So get woke up and then we can talk.”

“Okay.” Spencer stretched as Aaron rolled away from him. Spencer sat up on the bed before scooting down to leave the end of it. He reached up and touched the base of his throat, reminding himself that the collar was there. There Aaron hadn’t taken it off of him in the night. He didn’t know why he checked it because it wasn’t an everyday thing. It was probably to do with whatever Aaron had planned for him.

Spencer had showered the night before so taking another wasn’t something that he needed to do. A brief thought of joining Aaron in the shower passed over his mind before he tossed it out. The smell of coffee from the kitchen lulled Spencer in there instead of heading back into the bedroom. Spencer didn’t like the idea of sex in the shower with Jack in the master bedroom anyway. Spencer grabbed his cup that was sitting on the tray beside the pot and scooped out the sugar that he needed and then added coffee from the pot. The creamer was in the fridge, where Spencer liked it because if the creamer was cold, it cooled down the coffee enough to where he could drink it when it was just finished dripping. Which it was as it usually took longer for Spencer to get out of bed.

Wrapping his fingers around his finished drink, Spencer moved into the living room. Five folders were sitting on the coffee table. Those had not been there when Spencer had left for work the day before, so it had to be part of what Aaron and Jack wanted to surprise him with. Spencer itched to open the first folder, just to get a peek at what was in store for him, hating surprises. He’d endure this one because it was Aaron and it was Jack doing it for him. Moving towards the window, Spencer looked out at the just waking up city. The sun wasn’t up high enough to where the brightness of it lit up the city, but it was just enough for him to see people moving around below.

“You sleeping in my shirt will never get old,” Aaron said as he wrapped an arm around Spencer’s stomach.

“That’s the Alpha Male in you. Me wearing your clothes tell you and other people that I’m yours. You don’t have to make an overt claim because it’s readily visible that I am taken.”

“And why do you like wearing it so much?” Aaron asked, his voice full of humor.

“Because you like seeing me in it.” It was an honest answer. Jack and sometimes Jessica was the only person to see Spencer in his sleep clothes. The shirt had long stopped smelling of Aaron and since their dry cleaning was taken care of at the same place and the rest of their clothes were washed together, everything smelled the same, there was no other reason for Spencer to feel joy in wearing Aaron’s shirt to sleep in.

“And when you steal my ties?” Aaron chuckled as he spoke.

“That’s to show the others that I’m yours. It’s subtle I know but still.”

“I thought the collar proved that.”

“Hmm, it does, but this shows it more. You don’t let anyone else wear your ties. You didn’t even let Rossi borrow that tie when you and he went to that cigar club for that case in New York last year. He had to go and buy a tie.”

“I let Dave borrow one of my silk ties once, he got Alfredo sauce on it.” Aaron sounded stern, but his voice was soft, no anger. “The worst you have done is get them wet.”

The remembrance of what Aaron was talking about set a low hum of arousal in Spencer’s body. Aaron using his own tie to keep Spencer quiet in the office as Aaron jerked him off. Spencer remembered it from just a few days before. Aaron in his office chair with Spencer in his lap. Spencer facing the door, his cock out of his pants, if Grace had come in, there was no chance of hiding his hard cock. It was a game, a game to help Spencer keep his head. Aaron would not lock the door, nor let Spencer lock it. Instead, the door remained unlocked. Grace knew during the lunch to not let anyone in, but it didn’t stop her. The feel of Aaron cock pressed into the small of Spencer’s back as he rutted into Spencer. Aaron’s voice whispering words of what the man wanted to do to him the next time they went to the club.

Trevor no longer watched them, but Aaron still went for lessons on how to use certain implements. Spencer sometimes watched Aaron learn, but most of the time he stayed at home with Jack, getting some quality time with the boy.

“So what are we doing today?” Spencer asked, pushing himself out of the thoughts of sex because it wasn’t the time.

“Well, I can tell that you didn’t touch the files, so I’ll wait for Jack before we talk. But we are going to go out to eat. Breakfast before we take a drive around the city.”


“Because Jack wants to go to a private school. I think it was something the other Spencer in his head, but he’s been looking at schools. Jack made a shopping list, and before you got off of work, we went shopping. We have enough food to last the entire weekend, and according to him when we get done looking at the schools, we are not leaving the apartment until a school is picked.”

“Most schools don’t do tours on Saturdays.”

“We aren’t going to do a tour. I’ve already called around and got the feel of the schools and narrowed Jack’s choices down to the five schools we are going to look at. Jack wants to see what they feel like.”

Spencer turned his head enough to where he could look at Aaron’s face. Aaron was staring out the window. There was more going on than that, but Aaron was staying mum. Spencer slipped out of Aaron’s hold, draining his coffee as he moved towards the kitchen for a refill. Spencer looked at the folders as he passed them. Aaron didn’t follow him into the kitchen, instead stayed at the window. Spencer looked at him. Watched him. Aaron was introspective.

Another cup of coffee down, Spencer moved into the living room with empty hands. He was looking at the files. All five of them were too slim to be files on the school, not files that held staff information, classes, and the like. No, these files were something else. Spencer hadn’t been told not to touch them, so he reached out to open the top one.

Aaron grabbed Spencer by his wrist as soon as Spencer’s fingers brushed the top of the folder. Spencer didn’t react as his arm was drawn behind his back before he was manhandled into a seated position on Aaron’s lap on the couch. Aaron pulled his other arm back behind his back as well. Looping his long fingers around both to hold him one handed.

“No, no, Spencer. Jack’s not awake yet,” Aaron whispered in Spencer’s ear.

“You never told me that I couldn’t touch. If you didn’t want me touching, you should have told me.”

“And that’s why I’m not going to punish you.” Aaron laid his free hand on Spencer’s thigh, his fingers tracing up and down the sleep pants. “Instead, I’m just going to hold you here until Jack gets up. You’ve had two cups of coffee, so you’ll be good for a while.”

“We are really going to just sit here?”

“Yes.” Aaron shifted a little, and Spencer smiled as he felt his hands being held harder. Spencer laid his head back on Aaron’s shoulder and relaxed down. When Spencer was settled down, relaxed fully in Aaron’s lap, Aaron let go of his wrists and wrapped his arm around Spencer’s stomach, pulling him just a little closer.

Spencer’s mind started to wander to the trip he had coming up to California to see the new building, and it’s finished set up before the servers were brought in. Fingers dug into Spencer’s thigh and his mind near blanked.

“Stop thinking about work,” Aaron whispered.

Spencer didn’t answer out loud. He closed his eyes and tried to think about anything except for work, either of his jobs at that. Thinking about the BAU wasn’t high on his list because it would piss him off and to think about his job with Grimes Tech, it was just going to make him want to work on the files he knew were on his desk at the office. Instead, Spencer tried to think about food. What he was going to get to eat when they went out. Aaron’s hand worked its way under his sleep shirt, nails scratching enough to cause Spencer’s train of thought to derail. He exhaled sharply and could feel Aaron hardening. Spencer felt like playing with Aaron a little, so he wiggled. Just enough to make it seem like he was trying to get comfortable but not enough to where Aaron could actually call him out on what he was doing.

“We don’t have time for this,” Aaron murmured into Spencer’s ear before he caught the lobe between his teeth, pressing down just enough for Spencer to feel the sharp spike of arousal to settle on him. Aaron’s hand on his thigh moved to his cock, knuckles brushing down the hard length of him. The knuckles moved back up before the hand slipped down inside of his pants. Aaron brushed his fingertips on the underside of Spencer’s cock.

“It’s not stopping you,” Spencer said, gasping when the hand wrapped around his cock.

“You are lucky that I am not taking you to the bedroom and fucking you raw over the end of the bed.”

“Is that supposed to deter me?”

“No,” Aaron admitted. Aaron tongued at the shell of Spencer’s ear before taking the lobe between his teeth again. “Spit.”

Spencer waited for his ear lobe to be released before he leaned up enough to spit on Aaron’s hand when it popped out of Spencer’s pants. As soon as Aaron’s spit slick hand wrapped around Spencer’s cock again, Spencer wiggled. Aaron didn’t stop him, but his hand started to work Spencer harder.

“First person to come wins.”

“What does the winner get?”

“Orgasm because the second won’t until tonight.”

“Aaron,” Spencer whined as the hand working him started to squeeze him just a little tighter, twisting just a bit more at the end. It was a game of chicken that both of them wanted to win. Aaron’s hand worked him hard, and Spencer tried his hardest to rub into Aaron just right. Spencer kept his lips parted enough for moans and pants to come through. Spencer could slow down and let Aaron work him to orgasm, riding on that high but he wanted Aaron to lose by barely a few seconds. Aaron’s hand was maddening on Spencer’s cock.

“Do you want to win, Spencer? Do you want to orgasm right now? Or wait? Do you want to feel me paint the inside of my underwear while I rut against you? Or do you want to win and know that I’ve had all day thinking about my own orgasm? Do you want me to be frustrated to where I just take you tonight? Do you want me to fuck you mute?”

Spencer couldn’t hold back the whine that escaped his throat as he came, picturing Aaron doing what he said, taking him, fucking him until he was mute. Aaron’s hand kept working him until he was almost too sensitive, the way helped with the release that was on Aaron’s hand.

Aaron wiped the release on Spencer’s skin before he pulled his hand out of Spencer’s pants. The hand moved up, rubbing smaller bits on Spencer’s stomach and chest before it gripped his throat, just enough to squeeze a little before backing away. Spencer barely paid attention to Aaron as he sat there trying to get his breath back.

Spencer lifted up when Aaron’s pants started to be pulled down. He didn’t realize that his own were being pulled down until he felt skin on the skin except Aaron wasn’t hard, and he could feel wetness along his crack. Aaron pulled Spencer down into him, spreading it more.

“Aaron!” Spencer exclaimed. He tried to get away, but Aaron was holding him fast to his body.

“It looks like it was a tie. I was all clean until you made me come in my pants. So be a good dear and clean me up.” Aaron released Spencer’s body, letting him slide down to the floor. Spencer pulled his pants up to cover his body before he took his first lick of Aaron’s soft cock. Aaron smelled of his body wash, and that was it, the scent of it too fresh and potent for Spencer to smell Aaron’s natural scent, even at his sex. Aaron’s cock twitched when Spencer took his cock into his mouth to clean it off before he cleaned up the rest of the area. Aaron’s hand was resting on his leg, so when Spencer was done cleaning up around Aaron’s sex, Spencer rotated the hand over to where he could lick it clean of his release.

Spencer pressed kisses into Aaron’s skin all the way up his arm, before straddling his lap and kissing Aaron. “Now I need a shower.”

“Yes, I know. I got you all messy. But you look so good when you orgasm, Spencer. I can’t help it. I love you, you know.”

“I know.” Spencer framed Aaron’s face with his hands, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. “I love you, too.”

Aaron pressed forward, kissing him harder. Spencer felt Aaron lift up enough to pull his sleep pants up, even though it was going to mess him up again. Better though if Jack were to come into the room.

“I heard Jack go into the bathroom a few minutes ago, so why don’t you go shower and then I think it’s time to get get breakfast.”

Spencer didn’t want to get off of Aaron’s lap, but he knew that he needed to. Aaron needed to clean up a little and change out of the now soiled sleep pants. Spencer needed to shower and get dressed for the day. Spencer passed Jack as the boy popped out of the bathroom and moved towards the kitchen. Jack just smiled at him as they passed.

The shower took a little time at all but finding an outfit was harder. Spencer stared at the closet for several minutes while he tried to decide on what to wear. Aaron’s dirty clothes in the top of the hamper said that he was already dressed and ready. Spencer looked at what was missing from the closet that was Aaron’s. Taking into account what he had worn to Jack’s pickup soccer game and to work, Spencer knew that Aaron was in khakis and a polo shirt. Spencer grabbed a purple dress shirt and a pair of tight jeans. He left the collar of the shirt open, his collar on display. He looked good, and Aaron wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of him.

“Ready?” Aaron asked as he entered the room. The older man didn’t even look at Spencer. Instead, he was going to the dresser where his watches were scattered along with cufflinks. There was a system to it, and Spencer had long figured it out. Aaron grabbed one of the nicer watches and slipped it on his wrist. Spencer watched him slide the clasp closed. Aaron turned around, grabbing a thin metal chain off the dresser that Spencer hadn’t seen before. Aaron was looking down at it as he stepped in front of Spencer. He didn’t look up until he was right there. His eyes moved up from Spencer’s legs, up to his hips, across his stomach and chest, before stopped at Spencer’s throat. Aaron reached out and grabbed Spencer’s hand, dropping the chain into Spencer’s outstretched hand.

“What’s this?”

“I saw it in the store and debated for a week before buying it.”

Spencer lifted it up and looked at the chain. It was two pieces, and neither were very long. There was a clip at one end of each chain and a weight at the other. He knew exactly what they were for.

“For another time obviously. Stainless steel and I bought several different weights.”


“A longer chain connects together with weights as well.”

“And you are giving them to me why?”

“Oh, I’m not giving them to you. I’m just showing them to you. I figured that if you are going to go out looking like that, I thought that setting you on a slow simmer was more than fair.”

Spencer narrowed his eyes at Aaron. The smile of pure happiness on Aaron’s face though was enough to take the heat out of that glare. Spencer stepped past Aaron and moved to the dresser to put the chains down along with the longer Y shaped counterpart. Aaron stepped up behind him, blocking his ability to get away with an arm on either side of Spencer.

“Are you going to be good today?”

“Sir?” Spencer wondered why Aaron was asking that. He didn’t understand it at all.

“No baiting anyone that we talk to.”

“I thought that we were just going to see the schools?”

“We are going to look at them, yes but there is more than that. But it’s Jack’s surprise for you, not mine.”

“What are you afraid of, Aaron? That I’m going to upset Jack?” Spencer was bristling at the suggestion of what Aaron was saying.

“No. But we are going to be meeting with a lady who is very…bubbly, and she flirts.”

“As long as she doesn’t touch, I don’t care.”

“Good.” Aaron wrapped his arms around Spencer, drawing him back into his embrace. Spencer could feel that he was half hard and it had him hardening in response. Spencer was slightly ashamed of how his body reacted to that. Just feeling Aaron get hard shouldn’t turn him on but it did. As if knowing what he was doing to Spencer, Aaron trailed a hand down Spencer’s stomach before resting it on Spencer’s cock. “Do you want a cage?”

Spencer shook his head. He did not want to wear one all day. “How about you take it with you, and I’ll let you put that on me when we are heading home.”

“I like that plan. I like it a lot. Do you want me to pick one?”

“You have more than one?” Spencer turned in Aaron’s arms, looking into his face and see the smugness there.

“I went shopping with Trevor not too long ago. He helped me pick out things for you, to use on you, to use inside of you. No, you can’t know what they all are, but I will get the three different cock cages that I bought and let you pick one.”

“You pick,” Spencer said because he was afraid that if he saw it, he would come. He didn’t want that. He wanted the torture of being just on the edge of arousal all day long. It would make the sex even better when Aaron was finally fucking him.

“I’m ready,” Aaron said as he finally turned away from the closet, he had tucked something into a bag that he slung over his shoulder. Spencer wondered if Aaron had slipped other things into the bag.

The three of them left the apartment, and Spencer wasn’t shocked when Aaron moved the bag into the trunk. He didn’t relish Jack getting into the bag and holding up a cock cage or anything else really and asking what it was.

Spencer was standing in the kitchen, his mind focused on the five houses that Aaron and Jack had hauled him to that. Jack had talked about each of the five schools that each house was closest to. It hadn’t taken much for Spencer figure out which school Jack wanted to go to. The Edgewood Academy was known for its soccer team, and it’s academics. It was an excellent school and one that Spencer thought that Jack would excel at. The house that was close to it was beautiful. It was Aaron’s favorite house, but he had tried hard to show it.

Jack made sure that Spencer knew that he didn’t care which school he went to but that the two Hotchner men wanted Spencer to pick the house that he liked the best. Spencer loved them both for that, but Spencer couldn’t do it, not for that reason. He liked Edgelawn best for Jack, and the house that was close to it was a perfect house. There was a reason that Spencer wanted that house and it had nothing to do with the school or the neighborhood or how many bedrooms it had.

The house had a basement that was mostly unfinished and spanned the whole of the house. The laundry room was on the ground floor, in a room that led to the backyard. The realtor had called it a mud room. There was a room on the second floor that would be easy to turn into an office/library as well as three bedrooms, none of them huge. The master bedroom was on the third floor, it had been the attic but the previous owners had renovated it into a large open space, and it was a perfect master bedroom. There was a small circular staircase that with a little renovation would be ideal for access to the basement. It already went all the way down there as the previous owners had used the basement as an exercise room. Some of the equipment was still down there. Spencer was already thinking about how he wanted the stairs closed off so no one could access the stairs from the ground or second floor. Make it a way to get to the basement and back up.

As soon as Spencer had entered the basement, he’d seen what he wanted in a house when he and Aaron were ready to finally make that step. Jack going to a private school was a good reason for a house. Jack would be within walking distance of the school, and it was close enough to the new Grimes Tech building where Jessica was already starting to make waves at, that it wouldn’t be hard for Jack to even walk there on beautiful days. The basement had nice thick walls, and it was a very expansive room, the distance from the block floor to the wood of the underside of the floor above was fifteen feet. Even with sound proofing, it would be high enough for a playroom. Spencer wanted to keep part of the basement for the exercise equipment. He wanted to add a treadmill to it, one of the ones that would allow him to program what he wanted into it.

“What are you thinking about?” Aaron asked, wrapping his arm around Spencer’s waist and tucking him Aaron’s body. Jack was in bed, the day wearing him out before the sun set. It had put a hiccup in their plans of sex when they got home, but Spencer had been fine in the cage for the past hour. Aaron had pulled Spencer away from where the realtor was talking to Jack in the living room and pulled him into the small guest half bath on the ground floor of the house that Spencer wanted. Aaron had made him hard using just his voice before opening up Spencer’s pants and putting the silicone cock cage on him. Spencer had stayed hard from then on. Aaron’s touches and looks kept him hard even when there was nothing else going on.

“Our house.”

“So you’ve made your decision?” Aaron asked.


“The house with the library right?” Aaron asked but his body stiffened when Spencer shook his head no. “Why not?”

“Because that house doesn’t have the one thing that I want and the house close to Edgewood does.”

“What?” Aaron asked.

“A basement fit for a play room. Don’t you want that, Aaron? A room that you can take me to and play before fucking me in it? We wouldn’t have to go to the club all the time. Soundproofing can make it so that Jack won’t hear us. The spiral staircase can be enclosed on the ground and first floors. We can go from our bedroom down to the basement, and no one sees us. An intercom system can be installed easily so that Jack can talk to us if we are down there or in the bedroom.”

Aaron’s arm tightened, and Spencer was pulled into the bedroom, no words were spoken as Aaron stripped Spencer but left the cock cage on. Spencer wasn’t fully hard, but he was hard enough that he could feel the cage on him, it wasn’t painful, either good or bad. Spencer wanted more. Spencer waited, not moving, trying to figure out what Aaron wanted. Hands brushed across his chest, flicking at his nipple rings before Spencer felt a tug and looked down to see one of the chains there on his right nipple. Another tug and he watched Aaron clip the second chain onto his left nipple. Fingers moved behind Spencer before disappearing from his skin. There was a sound of rustling behind him, but Spencer didn’t look. He didn’t move at all. There was a creak of leather, and Spencer knew that Aaron had sat down in the large leather chair.

“Back up towards me.”

Spencer did as Aaron asked, stopping only when a hand grabbed his ass cheek to stop him. A single finger pressed between Spencer’s cheeks, finding his hole and pushing its way inside of him, coated in lube. Aaron slipped both of his legs between Spencer’s slightly spread ones and then grabbed Spencer’s hips to help guide him down. Spencer grabbed the arms of the chair to help control his descent, and when Aaron let go of his hips and instead spread his cheeks, Spencer knew what Aaron wanted. Spencer lowered himself a little faster until he felt the blunt head of Aaron’s cock at his hole. He pushed down until the head slipped all the way inside of him.

Aaron let go of Spencer’s cheeks and grabbed his hips, pulling Spencer the rest of the way down on his cock. Spencer cried out in pleasure at the pain of the entry, his body accepting the cock just as easy as he breathed. Aaron spread his legs apart some, forcing Spencer to give up his ability to move.

“Wrap your arms behind my head, Spencer,” Aaron demanded.

Spencer did as he asked, making himself wholly at Aaron’s mercy. Aaron’s hands gripped his hips, rocking Spencer on his cock.

“You’ve told me about your stay in Atlantic City with the other Aaron, but you’ve always kind of glossed over what happened after you two went to the club and watched, who did you say it was, Lady Heather and her Sub? So Spencer, tell me, what happened after you watched that?”

Spencer gasped and moved to drop his hands. He stopped that when he realized what he was doing. Spencer shook his head at Aaron, hoping that Aaron would let it go. He did not want to tell him about what Jackson, Aaron, and he had done.

“You’ve talked about how it was you and Aaron and Jackson and Jackson’s Sub, but you’ve never told me what Aaron did to you when you went back to the room.” Aaron wrapped his hand around the base of Spencer’s cock and squeezed, just enough to make Spencer groan in disappointment. “Tell me, Spencer. I won’t get jealous. I know that the other Aaron fucked you. Given what you said about the other Aaron, I wouldn’t be shocked if he wanted Jackson to screw you, given how tight a leash he had on his Spencer. You would be different enough that I could see him doing it. Using you to see if he could allow Jackson to fuck his Spencer.”

“No, Jackson didn’t touch me that way.”

“But he did touch you. What did he do?” Aaron asked. Aaron’s hands were holding onto Spencer’s hips, rocking Spencer on him in a steady rhythm. Aaron shifted them at the little bit so that Spencer was leaning up a bit more, the chains on his nipples swinging free from the gravity that had been holding them to his chest. The rhythm was just enough that the weight on the end of the chain was swinging enough to add to it all. Spencer looked down at his cock, seeing it in the cage and groaning at the contrast in the paleness of his cock and the dark purple of the cage. It was almost time for him to be able to change the bar in the head of his cock and he wondered if Aaron was going to choose purple.

“Aaron asked me first when we were alone. I probably wouldn’t have agreed to it if I wasn’t as horny as I was from watching the exhibition that I had seen or if I hadn’t had enough drinks to make me not second and third guess everything. I trusted Aaron that he knew my judgment wasn’t compromised by the alcohol. Dutch courage I would say.”

Aaron thrust up into Spencer harder, rocking him to where he was almost upset out of Aaron’s lap. Only his arms wrapped up and behind him, kept him where Aaron wanted him.

“What did Jackson do to you?” Aaron asked.

“He asked if I liked pain and when I said yes, he showed me the difference between him and Aaron. He had Aaron sit down in a chair and demanded that he not touch himself as Jackson used a whip on me.”

“Why couldn’t Aaron touch himself?” Aaron asked.

“Because Jackson wanted to fuck him later while I had to watch.”

“How did it feel? Jackson giving you pain?”

“He was relentless. Aaron was good, fuck it always felt so good when he used me like that, but with Jackson, I could feel that there was no emotion. He knew that I wasn’t the Spencer that he knew and he had no connection. I was a tool to work the other Aaron up and himself by hurting me. I begged to be allowed to come, but Jackson asked Aaron.”

Aaron let go of Spencer’s hips and turned his hands to grab what he could of Spencer’s cheeks, spreading them just a little more. Spencer sank down on his cock just a bit more.

“What did Aaron say?” Aaron asked, his cock rocking in and out of Spencer as he picked up his narrative again. Aaron’s cock moved in and out of Spencer just enough for him to feel it and it brushed over his prostate with almost every single rock.

“Aaron said he wanted to see if I could come untouched. Aaron wanted me tied to a chair, so I couldn’t touch at all and watch Jackson fuck him. I didn’t even know if I could do what he wanted. It only excited Jackson more. He called Aaron wicked before he moved a chair where he wanted it. I was so damned close to the bed that I swore I could feel Aaron’s exhalations while Jackson fucked him but I couldn’t touch him or myself. I wasn’t even paying attention to Jackson’s Sub at all. Aaron told me not to whine. Jackson fucked Aaron on his hands and knees with Aaron facing me. I had to watch every single thrust inside of him, every single time that Jackson hit that sweet spot inside of him. Seeing him grip the bed sheets below him as he was fucked hard and fast. The look on Jackson’s face, knowing that I couldn’t do a damned thing to stop what was happening. Jackson came first and flipped Aaron on the bed before going down on him. Aaron stared at me the whole time that Jackson was sucking his cock. Aaron told me to come when he did, and there was no chance of me denying myself an orgasm. I was so hard that it hurt. I just wanted someone to touch me. One touch was all it would have taken. One single brush of a pad of a finger or even just a single lick of a tongue. Aaron nodded when he started to come, thrusting up into Jackson’s mouth. I don’t remember coming so hard or so completely before. I coated myself in release, and when I opened my eyes, I could see Jackson and Aaron kissing. I was jealous but so tired.”

Aaron groaned, his teeth sinking into Spencer’s flesh of his shoulder. Spencer felt the flare of the cock inside of him and the warmth of Aaron’s release inside of him. Spencer hadn’t been told he was allowed to come yet though so he held on. The cock cage was still on him anyway, but he felt that even with it on, he might have still be able to come. Aaron’s hand brushed Spencer’s cock and released the cock ring from the cage.


Spencer bit his lip to stop the scream that wanted to come out as he did as Aaron told him to. The orgasm that ripped from him was the perfect mix of painful and pleasurable. Spencer felt his cock swell, pushing the restraint of the cage still on his cock and he saw white before he passed out. As he did, he wanted to curse the other Spencer for not telling him that Aaron got off on hearing about sex as much as doing it.

Mirror World

Spencer woke up drenched in sweat. Opening his eyes hurt, and his whole body ached. He shivered under the covers and felt like he didn’t want to get out of bed. The cuffs had been removed earlier when Aaron had gotten ready to leave for his conference. He was going to be gone for a week on business with the firm, then he was flying to Japan for a few days with Jinto and the leaders of his clan. Spencer knew they were going to put him through his paces, making sure he knew what it meant for Spencer to be adopted by Jinto.

Spencer couldn’t be sick. He had the kids to take care of, files to work on for pending cases, and other things to handle with some of the businesses that they owned. There was the new restaurant that Aaron was looking into investing in, the small coffee chain that had potential to be more. Aaron and Spencer were looking into buying it and renovating each location, making each location unique and different. One was going to be a mystery and spy novel bookstore and coffee cafe. One they wanted it to look like an old Speakeasy, and at night serve coffee with alcohol, small plates and desserts, all coffee themed. The one close to the Capital they had plans to play up the founding father’s idea. Reconstituted wood, distressed furniture, copies of the important American Documents hanging on the wall, and more. Spencer had proposals to write up for each, business plans to look over and other little tasks that kept him busy throughout the day.

“Petite?” Jackson asked as he kneeled down next to the bed and felt Spencer’s forehead. “I think you have the flu. I’m not surprised with as much running around as you’ve been doing. Then Hayden coming home sick last week from day care. I think you caught what he had.”

“No no no no, I cannot be sick,” Spencer whined, which clued Jackson into just how sick he was.

“Don’t worry, Petite. I can have Wanda take care of things today at the office. I didn’t have anything pressing going on, and the one conference call that I do have to take, I can do in my office over video.”

“Gotta get Jack ready, and Aria needs her lunch made, and Hayden….” Jackson laid a finger on Spencer lips to quiet him.

“Shh, Spencer. I can take care of everything, don’t worry.”

Spencer cracked open an eye and looked at Jackson with a skeptical eye.

“What? I’m not helpless. Now, you stay here in bed, I’ll get the kids ready and be back in a little bit.” Jackson placed a kiss on Spencer’s forehead, brushing back his hair. Spencer moaned as he tried to sit up from the bed, but found himself falling back down and burrowing under the covers.

He never got sick, and he already knew he absolutely hated it.

Jackson left Spencer to go back to sleep.

“Hey, kiddo, ready for school?”

Even though, for the most part, Spencer did home schooling for Aria she still had to show up once a week to go over her progress with the teachers. It was a hybrid program and it was working quite well. Aria was assimilating slowly and soon she would be able to go to school full-time like Jack and just do the special projects at home much like Jack did.

“Where’s Papa?” Jack was looking around for Spencer.

“Papa has the flu. So, I’m going to get you and Aria to school. Then come back and take care of Hayden and Spencer.”

“You promise to take care of him?” Jack’s concern was adorable, and Jackson tried not to chuckle.

“I promise, little man. I will take very good care of Spencer. Now, come on you and your sister have school. Do you think you can watch her at the schools Day Care till I can get there to pick you up?”

“Yes, Papa Jax.”

“Good, come on.”

Jackson got the baby ready to go with them. Hayden, for his part, was actually cooperating for once, Jackson didn’t expect that to last that long. Aria was all dressed, and all Jackson had to do was make the lunches.

When he went to the kitchen he stood there frowning. H didn’t know what the hell went in a kid’s lunch box. When Jack came in behind him, he shook his head and went to the fridge and pulled out the drawer that kept all of the kids snacks and lunch sized items in it.

“Here, this one is mine, this one is Aria’s.” Jack set the lunch sacks on the counter. “No peanut butter is allowed at school. Papa tried to get them to change their mind as he went over the statistics of a kid allergic to it actually getting sick. He talked to the poor principal for over an hour because he was upset I couldn’t take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Papa was mad for days because he didn’t get his way.”

Jack pulled out two juice boxes, fruit cups, and pre-portioned veggies. Jackson took each item and placed them in each lunch bag.

“Sandwiches, you’re on your own. Papa won’t let me make them yet. Even though I know how.”

Sandwiches. That he could do. Pulling out the bread, meat, cheese and other things he quickly got them assembled, with Jack’s careful directions.

“Aria doesn’t like crust.”

Jackson tried not to laugh as he cut the crusts off the little girls sandwich. He started to cut the sandwich perpendicular, but Jack shook his head. He angled the knife so it was on the diagonal, and Jack nodded yes. Jackson was smiling as he made triangles, then packaged the sandwich. Jack was fine with his uncut, and with crust.

“Now you have to put the ice things in the top so the food stays cold.”

“Are you sure, Buddy?”

Jack vigorously nodded, and Jackson rubbed his head. He opened the freezer and found the ice packs and slipped them into their pockets on the bottom of the bags, then zipped them up again.

After getting those ready, he picked up the baby and got everyone out to the car.

It didn’t take long to get the kids to school, then Jackson was driving back talking to a babbling Hayden, who was cooing in his carseat, looking up every so often to make faces at Jackson.

After getting home, he got the baby out of the car and back inside. Jackson put him in his playpen, with all the soft fluffy toys he could find, turned on the baby monitor then went to check on Spencer.

Spencer was still running a fever, and Jackson prodded Spencer out of the bed and into the bathroom.

“Come on, Petite. Let me get you cleaned up. I’ll take care of the bed after you shower. Then you should have some liquids and a little something to eat.”

Spencer looked like he was going to protest, and the little whine that he let out had Jackson manhandling him just a little more than he probably would have if Spencer was cooperating.

“I know you never get sick, but don’t whine. Come on.”

Jackson stripped himself after getting the shower to the right temperature. He then got Spencer inside with him right behind.

“Dominae,” Spencer sighed as the warm water his skin. “Mmm, feels good.”

Jackson chuckled as he reached out and grabbed the washcloth sitting on the side of the sink. He added a little of the body wash and starting with Spencer’s shoulders, gently rubbed the cloth over his skin. The little moans that Spencer was making let Jackson know he was making Spencer feel good.

“Sit, and I’ll do your hair.”

Spencer sat down on the built in bench and leaned forward a little letting Jackson take care of him. Gently he washed Spencer’s hair. Jackson hand Spencer lay his head against his stomach while he turned on the overhead that was right above them, rinsing Spencer’s hair. He then did the same with the conditioner.

Once they were done, Jackson got Spencer out and gently dried him off. The last thing he had to do was the salt water wash for the Prince Albert, making sure it was thoroughly clean. While Jackson was on his knees taking care of Spencer, a hand snaked through his hair.

“Thank you, Dominae,” Spencer’s words were slightly slurred as he swayed just a little on his feet.

“How about I make up the bed in the den. Get you some hot tea, and easy to eat food. I’ll change into my pajamas and we cuddle up and watch movies. I’ll even get the smaller play pen set up and have Hayden in there with us.”

Spencer smiled as Jackson stood.

“That sounds wonderful.”

“Okay, give me a few minutes. Why don’t you get into some comfortable night clothes and I’ll get everything ready.”

Spencer shuffled into the bedroom, then Jackson got everything ready for a day of lazing on the pull out in the den, him taking care of Spencer and Hayden, and Spencer resting so he could get over this flu as soon as possible.

Once ensconced, after taking medicine and having some tea and toast, Spencer snuggled down with Jackson while they watched a batch of so-bad-it’s-good sci fi movies. Jackson had never felt like this before. Being the one to take care of the family, it made something in his heart swell over. If he hadn’t loved Spencer already, this would have made him tumble.

When it came time to pick up the kids from school, Jackson made Spencer promise to stay put. He got some more tea, and thought to himself that he would pick-up Spencer’s favorite chinese food for their dinner on the way home.

After getting Hayden bundled up, he headed out. As he was driving, his phone rang, using the handsfree controls in the car he answered. When Aaron’s face came up, Jackson smiled.

“How’s it going?” Aaron asked.

“Spencer has the flu. I’ve made him stay home. There was no way that he would be able to do work.”

“That must be a first. Spencer never gets sick.”

“I think it was that bug that Hayden picked up at the babysitters last week. Believe me, keeping Spencer down has not been easy. But, promises of bad sci-fi movies and cuddles on the pull-out had him complying, at least for now.”

Aaron looked smug and Jackson just shook his head.

“What?” Jackson couldn’t help that he sounded exasperated at his lover’s look. “You thought I couldn’t do it did you?”

“You’ve never had a family like this, Jax. And, I’ll admit, I thought you would go hide out somewhere till I got back.”

“Hmm, shows what you know, Aaron Hotchner.”

“And you love it, don’t you?”

Jackson took a deep breath and chuckled.

“Yeah, I kind of do. Though Aria was trying to get me to get her a dog. It was very hard to say no to those big eyes of hers.”

Aaron was about to say something when Jinto called out for him.

“I have to go. I’ll be home in a few days. I’ll call Spencer later tonight. Take care of them Jax, because I don’t know what I would do if any of them were gone.”

“I know exactly what you would do, Aaron. You’d reign down death and destruction till you had your revenge. Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen. I promise.”

Aaron didn’t say anything else as he hung up the phone. Jackson just laughed and wondered about Aaron’s worry. Hayden was falling asleep in the back seat as Jackson pulled up to the school. Jack hand a hold of Aria’s hand as they walked towards the car. Jackson got them in and settled before he asked about their day.

“Hey buddy, how was school?”

“It was good, we got a new student in my class.” Jack was biting at his lip as he looked out the window.

“Jack, what’s wrong?”

Jack shrugged his shoulders and kept looking out the window. Jackson decided that maybe this conversation needed to be had at home.

“Papa Jax, I maded you a picture.” Aria was trying to give him a piece of paper.

“Honey, why don’t you hold onto that till we get home, then you can show me.”

“Okay.” Jackson looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Aria was holding it pretty hard in her little hand. He shook his head and tried not to be so charmed. They made it home and getting the three of them inside the house was a chore all in of itself. Hayden didn’t like to be woken up and he was crying, Aria was jumping up and down trying to show Jackson the picture, and Jack was sullen and looked like he had something on his mind. Sighing, all Jackson could do was usher the three of them inside.

Jackson got Hayden in his playpen where he was still crying, he then turned to Aria and finally took her picture, smiling at the finger painting that looked like it was supposed to be all of them as a family. It was brighter than some of her previous paintings that had been dark, with very dark imagery. He knew she was working through the emotions of what happened between her real parents. It had been slow going for a while, but the counselor they had gotten for her was the best thing they could have done.

“This is beautiful sweetie. Here, let’s put in on the fridge.” Jackson laughed because he never thought he would have someone to do that for. His Mother had always done it for him.

Aria took his hand and they walked out towards the den where Jackson had left Spencer.

“PAPA!” She near screamed as she ran into room and jumped on the bed. Spencer was about to put her off when Jackson stilled his hand.

“Your fever broke and if anyone else was going to catch it they would have had symptoms same time as you. Let her, she missed you.”

Spencer just smiled and held the little girl next to him, the two quietly talking about their day. Jackson then went to find Jack, who was reading on his bed.

“Okay buddy, what’s wrong?”

“I kinda like this girl, she’s really pretty. Long hair and pretty eyes. We have a few classes together. But, the new student, when they were introduced to the class my stomach felt funny and, I don’t know…”

“You felt attracted to them?” Jackson noticed Jack didn’t use any pronouns. He wasn’t sure if that was how the new student wanted it, or if there was another reason.

Jack nodded as he played with his the corner of his pillow.

“Jack, is the new student a boy?” Jackson had a gut feeling about the gender of this new student.

“Yes. Papa Jax, what does this mean?”

“Jack, it might not mean anything. Or it might mean that you like boys and girls. You’re growing up and changing. You’ll be discovering a lot of things about yourself and who it is you want to be with. Maybe try to make friends with this boy and see what happens. And know that you can talk to any of us.”

“I know Papa. Growing up is so hard.” Jack flopped down on the bed on his back rather dramatically and Jackson just shook his head.

“I know kiddo, but you have a lot of people around you who love you. And you know that none of us will ever be upset over who you choose. What feels right for you.”

Jack sat up and threw his arms around Jackson and gave him a hug.

“Now, why don’t you go play some games for awhile, I think you’ve earned it.”

Jack jumped off the bed and tried not to run to the game room. Jackson knew this was only the beginning of the end for them. Jack was hitting puberty and god help them. Rubbing his head Jackson knew they were going to be in for a ride.

Sighing he stood and made his way back to the den where Spencer had fallen asleep again with Aria still snuggled up to him. He let them be then made his way to the kitchen where he spoke with the chef, who was already making a batch of soup and some fresh bread.

Rossi was staying at his own apartment for a little while and Jackson knew Tony and JJ were out for the evening. Derek and Charlie had been house hunting, and while everyone was establishing their own places outside the mansion, he knew Aaron was going to miss seeing them everyday. Even if the man wouldn’t admit it. Puttering around, Jackson was at a loss of what to do. He knew he could go to his office and work, but he didn’t want to be in the middle of something if Spencer needed him.

He went to go check on Hayden, and the boy was standing in his playpen, chewing on the teething ring Spencer had bought him. Jackson picked the boy up, then chose a few of the kids books, then settled in the rocking chair and started to read to him. The baby sat still for some of it, but then started to bounce on Jackson’s lap, cooing and giggling. Jackson put the books down and just played with Hayden for a little while. When the boy finally fell asleep, Jackson put him in his crib. By that time, it was dinner time.

“Hey, chef made some soup, think you can eat?” Jackson checked on Spencer who was waking up.

“Need a shower first.” Spencer slid out from under the covers and stood on shaky legs. Jackson felt his forehead and noticed he wasn’t as warm.

“You’re soaking, I think your fever broke. Go take a shower, then we’ll sit down and have dinner, then decide what you want to do later.”

Spencer nodded and made his way to the bedroom. Jackson got Aria up and took her to her room to change as well. After she was settled in with a book, Jackson went to check on Jack.

“Hey buddy, dinner is ready.”

“Yay, I’m starving.”

Jackson just shook his head. That was Jack’s mantra lately. Kid was always hungry. He knew Aaron was grateful that chef kept a drawer of snacks and small plates in the fridge just for Jack. Thankfully they were fairly healthy. Aaron didn’t normally like junk food, and Spencer tried to only indulge once-in-a-while. Jack didn’t seem to care, he was getting to that age where food was food, even if he like mac-n-cheese a little too much or burgers and fries. They all chalked it up to a growing boy.

Jack and Aria were at the table, Jackson brought Hayden in and placed him in his high chair. Spencer was shuffling in, he had put on some sweatpants and a tshirt of Aaron’s. Jackson knew he was missing the man. Jackson wrapped his arms around Spencer and held him close a moment.

“He’ll be home soon,” Jackson whispered in Spencer’s ear.

“I know. Just missing him.”

“I know love, come on why don’t you sit down and we’ll eat.”

The soup was served with a plate of sandwiches and a side of homemade crisps. It was simple, but perfect. After dinner, they all piled back into the den after Jackson changed the sheets on the pull out. Snuggling all together, they chose a movie, and before he knew it, Spencer was out like a light.

“I’ve never see Papa sick. Is he going to be okay?”

“Yeah, kiddo he’ll be fine. Just a bug he picked up.”

“Papa Jax?”

Jackson turned to look at Jack.

“Yes, kiddo?”

“I’m glad you’re here,” Jack said before he snuggled down against Spencer with Aria between Spencer and Jack. Jackson didn’t even try to hide his smile.

“Yeah, Jack. I’m glad I’m here too.”

The house was quiet with almost everyone out for the night, and the staff having gone to bed themselves. Spencer’s fever may have broken, but he was still feeling off. He knew he was going to have to take it easy for another day or two. Aaron would be pissed if he didn’t take care of himself and he got sick again. Spencer had woke-up, but he wasn’t sure why. He looked next to him and Jackson was sleeping soundly. Frowning, Spencer did something he rarely, if ever did. He used the emergency release on the cuffs. He liked the ritual of Aaron cuffing and uncuffing him, it was a reassurance thing, Spencer knew. But, something was wrong. He didn’t know how he knew, he just knew. Getting up out of bed, Spencer slowly and quietly walked through the room and grabbed a pair of jeans and slipped them on, then he grabbed a tshirt. He stopped to listen, but he couldn’t hear anything.

Going into the closet, Spencer unlocked the gun safe that was in there and grabbed two of his personal guns, as well as his favorite knife. Putting the guns in belt holsters, and clipping on the wrist holster for his knife, Spencer woke Jackson.

“Jackson, get dressed. Something is wrong.”

Jackson sat up and blinked several times and it took him a moment to figure out he was looking at not Spencer his lover, but Spencer the cold-blooded killer.

“What’s wrong, Spencer?”

Spencer slowly shook his head and took a deep breath.

“I don’t know, Jax, but something is. Get dressed then get Jack and go down to the panic room. I’ll handle what this is.”

Spencer could see that Jackson was going to try to protest, but Spencer again shook his head.

“Dominae, trust me, in this I know what I’m doing. I know you can fight, but you can’t do what needs to be done.”

“Spencer, you’re barely on your feet. I can’t just let you go head out into danger. If they hurt you…”

“If someone hurts me, Aaron will hunt down whoever is left and leave nothing of them. You know what and who we are Dominae. Please, you know I can take care of this, sick or not.”

Jackson knew Spencer was right. He didn’t have their mindset and the only time he could see himself killing was in defense of his family. Spencer went to the open gun safe, grabbed one of Aaron’s and handed it to Jackson along with an additional clip.

“Go, get Jack and get to the panic room. Come on” Spencer went first, he held his gun out in front of him and silently walked out of the bedroom. He stuck to the wall and slowly slid along with Jackson mimicking him behind him. They made it to Jack’s room, go the boy up and thankfully Aaron, Spencer and Prentiss had trained him in what to do. Spencer handed Jack his own weapon and Jackson watched wide eyed as the almost eleven year old checked it, then took the extra clip. Spencer led them back out and they took the back way down to the panic room.

Spencer then went back upstairs and made it to the kids room. He got Aria up, who, thankfully, stayed silent, then settled Hayden in a carrier so Spencer had a hand free. They started out of the room when Spencer was confronted with someone he didn’t know. He didn’t even think about it when he put two bullets in the man’s brain. Aria looked at him wide-eyes, but didn’t scream. She moved in closer to Spencer.

“Aria, baby, grab my belt with your hand. We are going to run quietly, do you understand?”

“Yes, Papa.”

“Good. And sweetie, whatever you do, don’t let go okay? And close your eyes if you see a bad guy. Remember, Papa loves you no matter what happens.”

“I love you too, Papa. Please don’t get ded.”

Spencer almost laughed at that as they started to run towards the hidden back elevator that took them directly to the panic room.

“Don’t worry, baby, I won’t.” Spencer was now pissed. People were in his house where his family was and this was not acceptable. When the elevator settled, he opened the panic room door, handed Jackson the baby, then Aria walked inside.

“Stay here. I’m resetting the code so only I can open it. If I’m not back in an hour, Jackson hit the emergency protocols. Jack, you know what to do, right?”

Jack looked like he was trying to be brave and Spencer was proud of him.

“Yes, Papa.”

“Good. I’m locking you in.”

Spencer shut the door, then started down the corridor. Looking in on Gideon he pressed his lips together and set the security protocols for his cell. Then quietly he headed back up stairs. This took less than ten minutes.

Getting back upstairs, Spencer started towards his secret room when he came upon two more of the people in his house. They had not seen him yet as he slipped into a doorway. They were talking and Spencer took a moment to listen to them.

“The Monet’s are supposed to be in this area, and the Van Gogh is in one of the offices. We have to be as quiet as possible. Even though Hotchner isn’t here, doesn’t mean his little leashed dog isn’t.”

Spencer narrowed his eyes and took offense at the slur. Coming out from the doorway he took perfect aim and killed the one to the right of him, and shot behind the legs on the other one. He screamed, but Spencer didn’t care as he moved close and kicked him in the head. Grabbing the man who was still alive, Spencer got his secret room opened, then pulled the man inside. Using his waning strength he got the intruder on his table and strapped down. He wiped his hands on the man’s pants, quickly drugged him so he would stay down, then went to his computer that held some of his smaller tech. He grabbed a device that showed the whole of the house on it and all of the heat signatures. The four grouped together in the downstairs Spencer knew was his family. He then picked out Gideon. The other rooms he knew exactly who was and wasn’t in them. Taking the device he left his room, saw the blood on the floor, but no one could tell there was a door there. Taking a deep breath, Spencer went on a hunt.

First thing was first when he came back to the second man down he grabbed his weapon, his tech and his walkie talkie. Spencer ran into the room right next to where they were, which was his own office, and searching through one of the drawers he found a drawstring bag he had stashed in there for some reason. He was glad he had it now as he stuffed all but the gun in the bag, and slung it over his shoulder. Using the home detector Spencer moved towards one of the dots, which was in the room with some of Aaron’s prized ceramic pieces. They were sculptures from one of his favorite artists, along with some pieces he has picked up over the years. Some were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The thief was taking their time, which meant they had safe transport, it wasn’t going to be easy to take some of the pieces.

Spencer kept a watch on the other dots as he approached the room. He slowly opened the door and peeked around on the inside. The perpetrator had his back to the door and was bending down. Spencer waited, he breathed evenly keeping his heart rate down. Master Gou had taught him well and he was using all of that training now. The intruder stood and Spencer executed two perfect head shots. He scrambled inside, and stripped the man down like he had the other one. Spencer backed out of the room and locked the door down using security protocols.

Spencer saw one of the dots moving towards him, but he knew that it wasn’t one of the intruders, the man had come from the guardroom. Once the man was close, Spencer confronted him.

“What the hell happened?” Spencer hissed under his breath.

“Sir. these guys are smart. They had the video feeds on a loop, and by the time we figured it out, the outer perimeter was down, as was the house. But they barely had seconds. The back-up protocols that you recently installed they didn’t know about. So I’m thinkin’ these guys got their info from that Simmons guy you fired last month.”

Spencer thought about it and it made sense. He and Jackson had updated some of the security protocols just two weeks before with a back-up system if the main system was ever penetrated. These guys couldn’t know about the back-up, which gave Spencer a huge advantage.

“I’ve already taken out three of them. There are three more. Two in the gallery, and one seems to have found his way to mine and Aaron’s room. I think they are going to get to the false safe first, so I say we go after the ones in the gallery.”

“Your call, Sir.”

Spencer was feeling tired. The effects of the drugs he had last taken were wearing off, but he knew he needed to hold on, to finish this. Keeping to the walls still, Spencer and the guard made their way towards the gallery on the third floor that was connected to the ballroom. Using the device in his hand, Spencer started on the new protocols and locked down the ballroom, the gun room and range on the bottom floor, and the meeting rooms that were also on the third floor. He also locked the bedrooms, keeping the intruder in the bedroom there till Spencer could deal with him.

Putting the device back in his pocket, Spencer cleared the last step on the stairs and moved toward the gallery still keeping the wall to his back. He signaled the guard to go low and move down the hall to the gallery door. It was slightly open, and Spencer hadn’t used the new protocols on the gallery because he was pissed and wanted whoever was behind this. He carefully moved to the door and peeked inside. The two men were discussing how to deactivate the individual alarms on each painting when one of them got on their walkie talkie to speak with the other members of the crew.

“Number 3 come in.” The man waited and there was silence on the comm. “Number 3 where are you?” Still nothing. That meant that number 3 was one of the men that Spencer had already taken care of. “Number 4, where are you?”

“I’m locked in the fucking bedroom. No one is here and the safe we were told about? It’s a fake safe with cheap plastic knock offs. There is a cabinet here…holy shit. Boss this is some weird shit in here.”

“What is it?”

“These guys are into some freaky S and M or something. There is a lock. I’m goin to try to pick it.”

“Wait! These guys are too smart. Make sure there isn’t some trap on the lock.”

Spencer smirked to himself. There was a trap, but it wasn’t one could see. The lock, if picked would shoot out a poisoned needle from a tiny hole at the top of the lock. It looked like the holes that locksmiths use to squirt oil into on older locks. Plus the lock was intricate one designed by Spencer after he had figured out how to pick most locks. The key was unique and it was why only Aaron had a single copy of it.

“I don’t see anything boss.”

“Just be careful.”

The guard was looking at Spencer signaling if they should go in or not. Spencer signaled back to stay put. Not wanting to shoot and get blood over any of the art in the gallery, Spencer triggered his arm holster to get his knife in his hand. Trying to decide about a distraction, Spencer reached in his pocket to see if he had anything, but he didn’t. The guard saw him patting himself down and smiled. He pulled some marbles out of his pocket and Spencer knew that they were the guards sons marbles. He wasn’t going to question the man on why he had them, but it would make the perfect way for them to exit the gallery.

Spencer held up three fingers and counted down to one, then the guard bounced a couple of the marbles on the floor loud enough for anyone to hear.

“What the fuck was that?”

“Look, Boss, number 4 said that the owners of this place weren’t in bed. What are the odds?”

“Right, like some rich asshole is going to know what the fuck to do. Get your fucking ass out there and find out what the fuck is going on while I figure out these individual alarms.”

Spencer made himself flush with the wall, the adrenaline rushing through his body was the only thing keeping him going. The man moved to the door, looked out and didn’t see anyone. The Boss yelled at him, then he stepped out where Spencer grabbed him by the arm and pulled him flush to his body while slipping the knife through his ribcage and shoving in. The man gave a grunt of surprise and Spencer pulled it out, then quickly slit the man’s throat.

When the intruder thumped to the floor, the man called the Boss rushed out to see what was happening, the guard had his gun in hand and shot the man three times and he too went down.

“Now all we have to deal with is the man in the bedroom. You go call 911.”

“But, Sir…”

“It will be alright Mathers. These men came into my house and tried to take from us. No one is going to arrest me, I promise you.”

“If you’re certain, Sir.”

“I am. Now go, I can deal with the last one.”

Spencer was already feeling the effects of the adrenaline drain as he stumbled down the stairs and back to the bedroom. When he got there he took a few deep breaths as he closed his eyes to shore up some of his strength.

“The police are on there way. Who the fuck did you think you guys were? Huh?”

“What the fuck did you do to me?” The man held his hand out where the needle was sticking into his skin.

“That’s a poison of my own concoction. I specially designed that lock. There is only one key, and only one chance to try and pick it. When you fail a poisoned needle such as this one.” Spencer angrily grabbed the man’s arm and with his finger pushed it all the way into the man’s hand making him scream. Spencer kept pressure on the painful injury as he held the gun to the man’s head.

“I will ask you again. Who the fuck are you?”

“Th-th-th-the P-P-P-Pink P-P-Panthers. Fuck, that fucking hurts.”

“Oh, it will get a lot worse for you as the poison works through your body. Doctors won’t have an antidote because they won’t know what it is and you’ll be dead long before they can even come close. Now I do have an antidote, but you need to answer some questions.”

“Please, please anything, anything, wh-wh-what d-d-d-d-do you wanna know.”

“How the fuck had the brilliant fucking idea to break into my home and who told you how to get around the security protocols?”

“Simmons, his name is Simmons. He was pissed that he got fired and when word go out that the Panther’s were looking to break in here, he contacted the big boss and told him everything.”

“And why did you break in? Why the hell did you think you could steal from Aaron Hotchner and get away with it?” Spencer in one swift move grabbed the guy’s arm, spun him around and had him on the ground with a knee at his back. “Answer the fucking question. You’re running out of time.”

“We were told you had all this valuable art. We have buyers.”

“Who has a list of these buyers.”

“No, no no no no, no that I can’t tell you. He’ll kill me.”

Spencer leaned down even more putting pressure against the man’s spine. He screamed at how his arm was wrenched up further and Spencer had the knife at his neck. He had slipped it back out of its holster after having put it back after the killing outside the gallery.

“You are already dead. No matter what happens, even if I give you the cure and you go to jail, I can assure you when Mr. Hotchner hears about this, your life will have been forfeit. So, no matter what happens you’re dead. Now, tell me who set this up.”

“Alan Woodford. He’s the head. Please, please I’ve told you all I know.”

Spencer pulled the man up off the floor and shoved him out of the room and down the hall till they got to the dining room where Spencer made the man sit. He still held the gun to his head. The knock on the door had the guard coming out and opening the door.

“There was a 911 call from here?”

“In the dining room, officers.” Several officers swarmed into the room and saw Spencer with a gun. “Please don’t pull out your guns. I’m Dr. Spencer Reid, and this man has been poisoned by trying to pick a lock he shouldn’t have. I have the antidote, which I am happy to give to one of you if you don’t try to shoot me.”

“Dr. Reid, of course. We’ll take it from here.”

“Thank you officers.” Spencer was gone a few minutes and he came back with the antidote in an auto-injector. “He has about twenty minutes before he feels the full effect of the poison. If you want to risk him dying by all means take it.”

The officer looked like he was debating on what to do, finally he let Spencer give the man the antidote, He then gave the full accounting as several ambulances arrived. Spencer showed them the dead men, handed over the bag with the walkie-talkie and other things found on the intruder’s bodies. He gave his statement as did the guard.

“Look, I have to let my children and partner out of the panic room.”

“Alright, Sir. We’ll be in touch if we need a further statement than what you already gave us.”

Spencer stood and went down to the panic room and let Jackson and the kids out. Jack and Aria latched onto Spencer, then Jackson hugged him close. Steering the kids up stairs and around the blood that was staining part of the floor, Spencer let Jack go to bed, Jackson put Hayden in his crib, but Spencer picked up Aaria in his arms and went to his bedroom with, then laid down collapsing in exhaustion. By the time his daughter settled down, Spencer was out like a light. He knew there would be questions in the morning and that was soon enough for him. He was glad the whole thing was over, but he knew he wasn’t really going to settle till Aaron got home. Aria cuddled close to Spencer and by the time Jackson got into bed, she too was asleep.

Jackson would be there for them if either had any problems during the night, the next day would be plenty of time for questions and to call Aaron to tell him what happened. He had already called their publicist and got them on the media to keep what happened out of it. He would protect the family in his own way. As he settled down, he let out a sigh thanking every deity he could that they all came out of this alive.

Our World

Some times having an office next door to Aaron’s was a problem. Spencer thought as he sat on the floor and listened to Morgan and Aaron talk about the caseload and about how Morgan was putting the team into a burnout by not making sure that there was enough downtime between cases, it really wasn’t a problem and more like something that Spencer was happy for doing. Spencer wasn’t ashamed for listening.

The sound of a knock on Aaron’s door was a shock though. Grace rarely ever interrupted meetings when Aaron was in them, and this very much was a meeting between Morgan and Aaron.

“Come in,” Aaron’s voice called out. Spencer listened as the door was opened. “Prentiss.”

Spencer sat up straighter and turned to lay his ear against the door. Aaron would probably spank him for listening in, but Spencer didn’t care. Prentiss was either looking for Morgan, or she had come to Aaron’s office for a reason. Spencer was afraid of what it meant if it was the latter.

“Hotch, I would like to talk to you, alone, when you have a chance. Grace said you had a meeting in a little bit and this can’t wait.”

“Give me a minute, and I’ll be done with Morgan,” Aaron said. There was the sound of the door shutting, and Spencer looked over at his door as Grace shut it. Spencer wondered what that meant.

“Why does she want to talk to you?” Morgan asked.

“I don’t know. Now Morgan, think about what I said. You are the one that keeps your team from breaking down.”

“I know how to handle MY team, Hotch.” The sound of a door opening and slamming into the metal doorstop on the other side had Spencer jumping. Morgan was not happy at all. Spencer dreaded the next case. Spencer grabbed his cell phone from the edge of the desk and brought up the app for the work email. He started to scroll through it. There was an email from one of the instructors at the Academy. Spencer opened it up as he heard the door shut again.

“Are you sure that you want to do this now?” Aaron asked, pulling SPencer’s focus from the phone to the room again.

“Interpol is making me an offer I can’t refuse, and I’m…listless here in DC. I spent all of that time trying to get back. Trying to figure out where Doyle was hiding and I’m just not happy here anymore. I’ll miss the team, but the work just isn’t making me happy anymore.”

“I see.” Aaron’s voice was small. “And when are you leaving?”

“I’m officially handing you my two weeks notice. But I want to…I’m worried.”

“About how Morgan is going to take it?” Aaron asked.

Spencer looked down at his phone and saw exactly what the instructor was telling Spencer about. A few of the classes had been repealed, and the instructor would like Spencer to come and sit in on a few of them. Spencer stared at the email and smiled. He had a plan. The next set of cadet training started in just a week, and it would be enough time for the team to find someone to replace Prentiss and Anderson had made mention of being willing to fill in on the team for short terms absences, like when JJ went on maternity leave the next time. Spencer would see about him taking SPencer’s place while he was at the academy. Spencer opened up a fresh email and quickly typed out his want of going back to the Academy for remedial training in all aspects.

It was intriguing to see how he would do this time around to Spencer. He wondered if he could pass the things that he had failed the last time, horribly. He was interested in seeing the weapons training and seeing if he could qualify for some of the automatic weapons that he had never even got to touch before.

There was still silence in Aaron’s office as Spencer emailed the correct people, Prentiss was really weighing her words well.

It was a full minute after that before Prentiss started to speak again.

“Yes. Morgan’s trying his hardest to live up to being you, and it’s not doing well.”

“Yes, I know. I’m hoping that Morgan finds his footing soon. There is talk about how he’s coming across to some of the LEOs on cases. I want to wait before something is done. I know that he doesn’t like what the team is now like in the aftermath of me leaving, how he didn’t get to choose who technically took his spot on the team. I hope that things level out before something drastic happens. I think that him getting to pick your replacement will help.”

Spencer nearly jumped when his phone beeped that he had a new email. SPencer saw that it was his acceptance into the Academy as a “new” student. Spencer frowned and saw that there was something attached to it. He decided to wait to open that and instead brought up the forward button and added everyone on the team and Aaron’s email to it and hit send.

“I hope that it will help him settle down. I can’t help but wonder if part of his problem is me being on the team. It took him a while to settle after I rejoined the team.”

Aaron’s computer beeped, and Spencer lowered his head. He knew that it wasn’t the best way to tell his lover what he was doing, but he knew that Aaron wouldn’t deny it to him.

“Fuck,” Aaron said in a show of emotion. Spencer heard the roll of the chair and moved as quick as he could to his desk and sat down in the chair, grabbing the mouse and opening up his email program. Spencer opened the email and was looking at the sheet that had been attached to the email when the doorknob turned, and Spencer plastered on a huge smile. He knew that Aaron would accept it, but he would be quicker if he thought it was something that Spencer was truly excited about.

“Yes?” Spencer asked.

“And exactly who is going to replace you on the team?” Aaron asked but his face wasn’t showing worry about the team, he looked worried about Spencer.

“Anderson. He said that he would cover JJ’s next pregnancy and I figured that he would be perfect for covering me while I go back to the Academy. I’m excited to try it now that I’m better at everything. See if I can get some of those scores into the passing zone and not have to have exceptions on so many. Also, the classes could be a lot of fun, looking at them less like a college student and more like a law enforcement officer that’s coming from another job.” Spencer kept the smile on his face as he stared at Aaron. He was excited about it. Passionate about giving it a go again. Being older and wiser and better at controlling his own body.

“You are going back to the Academy?” Prentiss asked as she stepped behind Aaron.

“I just got the acceptance letter.”

“You know that Morgan can’t deny it. There is no way to stop it. Not with the head of the Academy as excited as he is.” Aaron turned his phone around and handed it over. Spencer saw the texts on it from a few of the other heads. The whole of it was asking why the team’s genius was leaving. There was also a text from the director of the academy that was very childish for an adult about how he was intrigued to be teaching Aaron’s genius. As Spencer was looking at the texts, another popped up, and Spencer read it. The man was telling Aaron that he would make sure that nothing happened to Spencer while he was sequestered at the academy and to make sure that he got away for a few meals with his family. Spencer wondered if the man meant the team or with Aaron and Jack.

“He calls me your genius.”

“That’s something that everyone has called you for years. Before Bale, it was Gideon’s Genius, but after Bale and Gideon’s time away from the team, it became my genius. I never realized when it stopped being a snide thing said and when it became something that they said with fondness. A few know that it’s really MY genius now but not all of them.”

“I really am looking forward to going back. It’s been nearly a decade, and I’m better adjusted and better in control of my image. I am sorry I didn’t discuss it with you, but I didn’t expect an answer so soon or be slotted into this round. I thought we would have months to get ready. I can write letters to Jack every day. I’m sure I can get someone to give them to you. I want to do it like everyone else would. I want to do this on my own.”

“I don’t think that I am needed for this.” Prentiss smiled at Spencer and stepped up to give him a hug. Spencer allowed it because he was sure that he probably wouldn’t get alone time with her. “You’ll do good, Spencer.”

Spencer smiled at her and watched her leave through Aaron’s office door.

“Spencer, I know you are lying, and it’s for my benefit. You don’t have to explain. I know that you had talked about wanting to maybe do it after your knee. There has never been a right time. I understand that you want to show yourself to everyone.”

“I want to know that I can do it.”

“We can talk to Jack, and he’ll understand. We are heroes to him for doing what we do, and as long as we sell as it as you getting better at your job, he’ll understand.”

“I know, but I don’t want to not write him just because he understands.” Spencer glared at Aaron a little for the words he was saying.

“I didn’t mean for you not to write to him. We will get something worked out. Daily letters. Maybe we can turn this into something good. Seaver was an excellent addition to the team. She had some good insight and maybe while you are at the academy and Morgan is looking for a replacement having another recent graduate or someone like that will be good. I’ll talk to the director and see if he agrees.” Aaron leaned in and gave Spencer a chaste kiss on his lips. “Get all of your work files cleared out and make sure that nothing is left hanging. If you are needed for a court in a case, an exception will be made at the Academy, it’s been done before for other officers who are transferring. Morgan had to go back to Chicago for two while he was at the Academy.”

“I won’t be able to wear the collar while I am there.”

“We shall see. If you don’t want to wear it, that’s fine. Married men and women are allowed rings, there are exceptions made for religious jewelry. If you want to wear it, I say wear it, and everything else can be dealt with as it comes up.”

Spencer reached up and touched the edge of the collar. Feeling the weight of it. If he wore it at the Academy, there was more chance of being messed with but also that he would be seen as different. Which wasn’t a bad thing. The world was changing. There was a broader range of people.

“You have a paper being published in a week and a half. I know that I was going to take you out that day, but now that’s a little impossible. So this weekend, you and I will be going out somewhere fancy. If Jessica can’t watch Jack, I’m sure that Dave will be willing. He made mention of anything to keep the stick from my ass.”

“I’m surprised that he didn’t say anything about watching Jack while we are on a date is a reason to make sure there isn’t room for a stick in your ass.”

The look on Aaron’s face was priceless. There was something more to the look though, something that Spencer wasn’t sure what to think about.

“Hold onto that thought until this weekend. Where you and I will pick it up after dinner.”

Spencer nodded.

“You now need to call Jackson and tell him the good news,” Aaron smirked at Spencer before moving back to his office and shutting the door.

Spencer stuck his tongue out at his lover, even though the man couldn’t see him. He grabbed his mouse and opened the visual chat client that Jackson had built just for this reason. Spencer saw that Jackson had been active not too long before. Spencer clicked to start a call, and he pressed the call button that linked him to Grace in her office.

“Grace, my love. I’m going to be busy all day. Can you get me something for lunch?”

“Of course, did you want me to make a pot of the coffee that you like?”

“No, I’m going to stick with tea for today. I have a gallon of it in the fridge that I’ll fill my cup with over the day.”

“Well, the offer stands.”

Jackson’s face appeared on the screen, and Spencer held up a finger to him. Jackson just gave him an indulgent smile.

“Thank you, Grace. I’ll let you know when I get hungry.” Spencer ended the open channel between him and Grace and gave his full attention to Jackson. “With Jessica in a good position to take over some of my tasks for a while, I’ve made a decision for my career here at the FBI.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“I’ll have time to do the day to day things while I am at the Academy, but I won’t be available for on site visits.”

“You had made a comment about wanting it for maybe the next round.”

“They accepted me within minutes of sending it.”

“You did something stupid didn’t you?”

“Prentiss is leaving to go to Interpol. On the heels of Aaron becoming Unit Chief, I just…a change is needed. I want to show those who have always second guessed me being on this team that I have grown up, I have changed.”

“It will make the other units inside of the FBI think that you are looking for a new home. Those offers will pick up again.” Jackson gave Spencer a shit eating grin. “You want to scare Morgan. You want him thinking that maybe you will go somewhere else.”

“I more want to prove that I can do it but having Morgan think that he could lose me is a good upside.”

“You are going to miss sleeping in bed with Aaron. Having Jack jump into bed with you.”

“There will be a lot of things that I will miss about being at home with them.”

“Home and you actually sound like you mean it. I’m glad that you two are settled more.”

“Where are you?” Spencer didn’t recognize the surroundings that were around Jackson’s head, but it looked like a bedroom. There was a movement around Jackson’s face, and Spencer knew the profile of the man there. Spencer smiled at the fact that Charlie was with Jackson wherever he was. Charlie wasn’t saying anything, so that meant that he was still asleep.

“Toronto. I was coming here for a convention to try and woo some contracts. I have found that having a lovely companion on my arm stops a lot of the gold diggers from approaching me but having two companions keeps all of them away.”

“I’m naked, and I don’t want Spencer to see me naked,” Jessica called out from somewhere off camera. Spencer wanted to laugh at the look on Jackson’s face. Spencer didn’t want to see her naked either, not after what he assumed was a night of passion between Jackson, Charlie, and her. “And Spencer, don’t tell Aaron.”

“My lips are sealed, but you will have to deal with it when he sees the pictures. He checks the news daily for Grimes Tech info.” Spencer didn’t even blink when Jackson looked up at where Jessica had to be. There was a look of happiness on his face when he did. Spencer wondered if he could head it off at the pass but not have to say exactly why he was bringing it up.

“We can talk shop later, it’s early, and I want a little more relaxing before breakfast with sycophants.”

“Poor Jackson.” Spencer ended the call with a little smile on his face. There was a lot of work that he had to get done before everything blew up about him, about Prentiss. He wanted silence for a little bit.

Aaron pushed Spencer into the wall just outside the bedroom, Aaron’s hands were framing the underside of Spencer’s ribs, holding him right where the older man wanted him. Spencer’s hands were trying to work the belt out of Aaron’s pants, working on getting them where he wanted them, which was naked in bed.

Spencer had been out with Prentiss and JJ on a farewell shopping trip before she left for England. The transfer to Interpol had gone through quickly, and while Morgan had been upset, he had been diverted into finding a replacement for Prentiss as the team wasn’t being allowed on a case until he had at least a list of applicants ready. Morgan was swamped with work that he couldn’t foist off on Spencer, and it was good. Spencer was getting his docket clean of all case closures and even a few consults that had been earmarked for him. JJ was going to make sure that anymore that came in for him specifically made his way to him.

After the shopping trip, the girls had dropped him off at the restaurant that Aaron had booked for the celebratory meal over the newest paper that Spencer was putting out. Aaron had already been seated, a glass of water in front of him and a bottle of champagne in the ice bucket beside him. What had stopped Spencer dead in his tracks though was the pair of dark black, near painted on jeans that Aaron had been wearing as well as the fitted dress shirt tucked into his pants. Spencer had been aroused since then.

Aaron’s hands were keeping Spencer up on the wall when all he wanted to do was drop to his knees and pull Aaron from his pants and suck him off. He had embraced that side of himself with relish. Spencer loved the feel of Aaron’s cock in his mouth, the weight of it, the feel of it as it breached the back of his throat. The taste of his semen when his mouth was filled.

Spencer whined when Aaron pulled back from the kiss.

“Fuck, Spencer. I can tell what you want. You want to drop down to your knees and suck me off. Or you want me to throw you down on the bed and straddle your chest, feeding you my cock.” Aaron bit at the junction of Spencer’s neck and shoulder, moving the collar up enough that when he pulled away, Spencer felt the collar rubbing on the mark.


“Not tonight. Tonight’s something different. I am going to go into the bedroom, and you are going to count to one hundred and then join me.”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer exhaled. Aaron pressed their lips together before he stepped back away from Spencer all the way. Spencer closed his eyes, starting to count.

The slow tick of numbers in his head didn’t lower his arousal at all. He wondered what Aaron was doing. What Spencer was going to see when he entered the room. As the numbers ticked higher and higher in the back of his brain, Spencer’s imagination was running wild. Sex throughout the week was fun but generally very vanilla, well vanilla for them. It was during days off that the more extreme things happened and Spencer liked it. Waking up with Aaron and getting off lazily, whether it was Spencer sucking him off or frottage. The mornings were his favorite time.

At one hundred, Spencer pushed off the wall and opened the door. Spencer expected to see things laid out on the bed. To see anything other than what he did see, which was Aaron stretched on his back, naked. There was nothing set out, nothing sitting on the nightstand beside lube. Spencer almost felt let down about the fact that it seemed that they were just going to have sex.

Something had to have shown on Spencer’s face, or it was the way that he stopped moving because Aaron barked out a sharp bit of laughter.

“You look like a kid that wanted a bicycle for Christmas and all he sees his clothes. Come here. Naked.” Aaron crooked his finger at Spencer beckoning him forward. Spencer stepped forward, working his suit off. He hung each piece up on the back of the chair that Aaron’s clothes were on. Shoes had been abandoned at the front door, and along the way, socks had gone away as well.

Spencer got up onto the bed, and Aaron spread his legs and Spencer could see that he was hard. Spencer didn’t ask permission as he ducked his head down to lick at the head of Aaron’s cock. Aaron’s hand grabbed him by his hair and pulled him up to where he was straddling Aaron’s waist just to stay upright, his ass cheeks brushing on Aaron’s cock.

“You’d be happy if you never did anything but suck my cock for the rest of your life, wouldn’t you?”

“Not happy exactly but I could be content with it.”

“I’m glad. I could be content with it as well, but tonight, it’s not what I want.”

“What do you want?” Spencer wiggled his hips enough to get Aaron excited for what was going to happen. He knew that it was going to be Aaron fucking him or him fucking himself on Aaron, given their position. “You’ll have to let me or will have to get me the lube if you want to fuck me in this position.”

“Or I can do this.” Aaron reached out with his free hand and grabbed Spencer’s cock. Spencer hissed at the barely warmed lube that was spread on it. He couldn’t help but jerk his hips at the sensation. Aaron’s thumb played with the head of his cock and the bar there. “How do you want me?”

“Huh?” Spencer asked, looking down at Aaron, blinking. Aaron though just looked at him for a few seconds before he leaned up enough to kiss Spencer.

“How do you want me? Do you want me on my back, on my hands and knees?”

“Back,” Spencer answered before he could even fully process what Aaron was saying. Spencer had taken the other Aaron from behind after his Prince Albert had healed up. Aaron’s hand let go of Spencer’s hair, and Spencer waited for Aaron to lower his legs before he slipped back. A few seconds of moving and Aaron’s legs were spread again with Spencer in between them. He looked at Aaron, taking in the minute shaking of his body. “Finger yourself.”

Aaron groaned as he moved to where he could slip a finger inside of himself. Spencer kept an eye on Aaron’s hand and on his face as the man worked from a single finger up to two. Spencer waited until he could tell that Aaron was about to slip a third inside when he gently pulled the fingers from Aaron’s body. He picked up the hand towel that was always there and tossed it onto Aaron’s chest before he nabbed the lube from the stand and slicked up three of his fingers. Spencer pushed his pointed finger inside of Aaron, more playing than anything else. Aaron was pretty loose from just excitement than anything else. Spencer slipped a second finger inside of him on the next outward thrust.

Spencer gave Aaron a wicked groan before he curled his fingers, brushing over Aaron’s prostate. There was nothing that Spencer would ever do to hurt Aaron, so he played, varying between two and three fingers, relaxing him even more and making him so aroused that Aaron was barely holding on. Spencer spread his fingers out and then cleaned up. He made sure that his cock was still shiny from lube before he pressed the head of his cock at Aaron’s hole. Spencer gently eased his fingers out, pressing in with his cock as soon as the digits were free. Aaron’s body didn’t even fight at all, allowing Spencer to slip all the way inside of him in seconds. As soon as the skin was flush on skin, Aaron gasped and locked his eyes with Spencer.

“Fuck, Aaron,” Spencer whispered, afraid to break the spell that was between them. He had never felt something as good as what this was. Aaron reached down and grabbed Spencer’s hip as he pulled out the first time, slowly sliding back inside of him. Aaron’s eyes were closed tight.

“That…Spencer, harder.”

“No, I’m fucking you for the first time, and that means I’m going as slow as I want to go.” Spencer knew that he had his rhythm down, so he leaned down, prompting Aaron to wrap his legs around Spencer’s waist, changing the angle of his thrusts enough to rip a small moan from Aaron’s throat before Spencer kissed him. He knew that the other had enjoyed being fucked by Spencer’s pierced cock, but this was something entirely different. This was something that Spencer was enjoying more because Aaron was looking enraptured. There was a look of bliss on his face every single time that Spencer slid back inside of him. Spencer almost didn’t want to lean down and kiss him and lose sight of that look, but he wanted to kiss him.

Aaron was babbling by the time that Spencer’s thrusts picked up in speed and his strength. Spencer was hanging on sheerly for wanting Aaron to come first. There was no way that Spencer was going to be able to hold on until Aaron told him to come. Spencer braced himself up, a hand on the headboard to keep himself up and his thrusts were as hard as he dared to do them. Aaron’s mouth dropped open, and he came, breathlessly. The first clench of muscles around his cock as Spencer thrust back inside of his lover had him coming. He pressed himself in as far as he could go and emptied himself inside of Aaron.

Spencer let himself drop, his hands catching him so that he didn’t hurt Aaron but he was boneless as he laid on Aaron. Aaron’s arms wrapped around him and he was held and petted as Aaron babbled nonsense on how good it was. Spencer didn’t say anything back, knowing that Aaron needed the release of what he was saying more than anything else. He was aware that what had happened the time that the other Spencer had tried to fuck him. This was a cleansing for the both of them.

“I love you,” Aaron whispered before he drew Spencer’s face close to kiss him.

“I love you, too.”

“So the Director of the FBI sent a link to the preview of your article to me as the head of the BAU. What exactly have you been researching that you wrote a paper about the social and emotional aspects of collars as a show of love and commitment for a new range of relationships? Are you trying to piss of psychologists?”

“No. So many publish just to specific circles within the closed BDSM community, and I saw what the world is like when it’s out and there and not ashamed. I won’t be shamed by the collar that I wear. You are right that it’s like a wedding ring, but it’s more than that. It says that I am loved. Weddings happen when they really shouldn’t. I would have put on a ring of marriage from you before this whole thing happened. I would have worn it, and I would have been happy but this,” Spencer reached up and brushed a knuckle on the edge of the leather, “Means more than a ring ever could. We fought for this. Bared ourselves in ways that connect us on a level that a married couple would balk at. You see me, and I see you. If my single paper sparks something that rolls and rolls until it’s not a shame for Submissives to wear their collars out and about where the world can see, then I will gladly take that.”

“You aren’t worried about your job?”

“Until the project with Grimes Tech is fully up and running in all fifty states and with Canada, no. When I signed the contract with Grimes Tech, there was a clause that the Director of the FBI agreed to that outside of getting caught killing someone on the job or getting someone killed on the job means that I can’t be fired from the FBI until the end. I can be moved out of the BAU, but that’s it.”


“No one wants to piss of Jackson.”

“Yes, I got a lecture from Jessica that I can’t be a prude around her. She’s like my sister, and I got a matter of fact speech from her about how she’s having fun. What exactly is she having a good time with?”

“Being free I think. Jessica trusts Charlie, and she trusts Jackson.”

“So that was her in Canada with Jackson this week?”

“It was Grimes Tech business but yes.”

“I’m glad she’s happy. That’s all I have ever cared about.” Aaron wrapped his arms around Spencer and held him tight. “Let’s cuddle and then see about watching a movie while we fall asleep. One of those sappy ones that just give you warm feelings.”

“Thank you,” Spencer said. He hadn’t meant to go on a rant.

“I think that we will be doing that more. You feel good inside of me.”

Spencer grabbed the towel again and cleaned them both off enough to not feel disgusting as he moved to the side to lay his head on Aaron’s shoulder.

“I’m glad.” Spencer didn’t know what to say to what Aaron said. He was glad that Aaron had liked it. He would have been happy with Aaron never trying it though, given what had happened with Foyet. Just thinking about that meant that Spencer started to get upset that Aaron had lied to the team, and even to him for so long. He pushed that away, not wanting it to mar the good of the night.

“I’m serious, Spencer. Hey.” Aaron turned Spencer’s head up and smiled down at him. “I do like it, and it doesn’t mean a damned thing. Maybe next time, I’ll hold you down and ride you until you scream.”

“That could be fun.”

“I could ride you until you come and then crawl up you and fuck your face.”

“That sounds even better.” Spencer smiled and pressed a kiss into Aaron’s chin before closing his eyes, wanting a few minutes of just laying there before he got up and showered. Aaron chuckled and wrapped an arm tighter around Spencer giving him the peace that Spencer wanted.

Spencer heard the other cadets as they laughed and joked after a day of hard classes and even more challenging training. Spencer was used to the wake-up times of Aaron and him so that they could possibly get a run in and so he was usually up before any of the other cadets. Spencer ran most days, with the sun just hitting over the horizon. He only ran the mornings that they were in classrooms to start the day.

“Yo, Reid!” one of the cadets yelled, and Spencer turned to look at him. Marvin Motley was his name, and he at least talked to Spencer like he was normal. Everyone else looked at him as a freak. The only thing that the cadets knew about his was his degrees. The higher up in the Academy wanted it kept quiet that he was an actual FBI member. There were lots of reasons given, but the main thing that Spencer got out of it was they wanted to know how an older academic would be treated if wooed into the FBI.

“What?” Spencer called back.

“Have you heard the news?”

“What news?” Spencer folded up the letter he had been writing to Jack and stuffed it into the envelope.

“The A-Team for the BAU was involved in a shootout. No one injured but they found a homegrown terrorist cell in Wyoming. The news is buzzing about it. That’s the team I want to be on.”

“You are insane. There is no chance of you getting onto the BAU, not until you put in a few years with another unit and then request a transfer,” one of the other cadets called out.

Spencer grabbed his phone and saw that there was a text from Aaron. Aaron had gone out with the team on the case, mainly to evaluate Anderson and the new girl, Kate Callahan. The text was short, and it said that Aaron would be getting home too late and to use the same method of letter delivery that they had been. Also that the whole team was all right.

“I heard they pulled a cadet out of Academy before. Some special egghead.”

“And I heard that he put a gun in his mouth after a few years.”

Spencer kept his face blank. He had heard that rumor. The Academy was full of wild stories, but Spencer really wondered how in the hell that one got started. The only thing that he could think of was that it was after Gideon left and it was a melding of Gideon leaving and Spencer deciding to stay, despite his mentor being gone. Spencer knew that Gideon had hoped that Spencer would have followed him into leaving. He wondered exactly how long the man would have waited before swooping in and acting like a consoling father, only to turn it into something perverted.

“We have the gun range bright and early in the morning. The teacher is a hardass, and I hear that we are going to have a special guest,” Motley said as he finally dropped down onto his bed. Spencer turned off the light in his area and closed his eyes. Gun range meant that Spencer needed to run.

The morning came early for Spencer, and he was showering after his run when the others started to get up. Spencer was dressed and going to get breakfast, grabbing a courier just arriving to give the letter to. Sandra was the name of the lady today. She had been the one to see him the most. From Sandra, the letter would get dropped off by another BAU member at Aaron and his apartment, where Jessica was staying at the moment to give Jack a little bit of regularity while his father was on a case and Spencer was in the Academy. Every other night, Spencer called and talked to Jack. Tonight, Spencer would be able to speak with both of them.

“Reid,” Motley said as he sat down in the seat across from Spencer. “I heard that the guest this morning is an asshole.”

“Still haven’t heard a name?”

“No, but I did hear that he’s a former SWAT member. You said that you had some extra training from a friend who used to be SWAT. FBI SWAT or civilian?”

“FBI. I’m not giving pointers. I’m sure that you’ll do fine. Just don’t scream when your gun jams again.”

“You carry a backup gun and are the only one to do so. Come on, let me buddy up with you today?” Motley asked. The younger man’s eyes never tracked down to the collar that was just visible under the collar of his shirt. Motley was the only Cadet who hadn’t blinked once at the collar. Other cadets had made a big fuss about it. One Cadet had tried to grab Spencer’s collar, and Spencer still didn’t know if he wanted to get him on his knees to Dom him or if he had been trying to get the collar off of Spencer, but no matter what, it hadn’t happened. As Spencer had felt his collar being touched, he’d reacted just like Derek had taught him. They had been out on the exercise field, and there were instructors all over, but none had rushed to help the other Cadet. Spencer had got him to his knees and then down to his stomach hands behind his back and Spencer’s knee digging into his lower back. No one had touched Spencer since then, but that didn’t stop the remarks. No one saw him as a threat to their career goals because they all assumed he was going into White Collar Crimes given his most lauded degrees. Not the newer doctorate in Psychology that he had got or the continuation of the degree that the other Spencer had started in sociology.

“Why should I pick someone when I’ve never done so before?” Spencer asked.

Motley frowned, but he wasn’t looking at Spencer. He was looking behind Spencer at someone else. Spencer didn’t turn around to look, but he knew who had entered in.

“Who is that?” Motley asked.

“Who is he with?”

“Agent Greenlee.”

“Then I would say that he’s the guest for firearms training.” Spencer picked at his bacon and let himself smile. Today was sniper rifle training. Spencer was rather excited for it.

“Cadets, we are starting an hour early. Stuff your faces and let’s go,” Greenlee called out.

Spencer shoved the last piece of bacon inside of his mouth and grabbed his tray before moving towards the drop off area. Spencer didn’t even look at Aaron, even though he knew that he was there. He could feel his lover’s eyes on him the entire time. There was little that Aaron could do and Spencer not know it. He missed his partner so much. His body ached for him.

“Cadet Reid,” Greenlee called out, and Spencer stopped in his tracks to leave to head over towards the gun range and turned back around to face Greenlee and Aaron. Motley was on Spencer’s heels, and Spencer smirked. Motley wanted SWAT as much as he wanted BAU and SWAT was a good way to get to the BAU. “Cadet Motley. This is Section Chief Aaron Hotchner of the BAU.”

There was a smirk on Greenlee’s face, and Spencer knew that Greenlee had talked Aaron into doing a class just to fuck with Spencer. Spencer was constantly giving feedback as both an agent going back through the Academy and as an academic entering for the first time.

“Cadets,” Aaron said.

“Sir,” Spencer said and nodded his head.

“Agent Hotchner, Sir. It’s an honor to meet you.”

“Cadet Reid, I want you to go with Agent Hotchner and make sure that everything is set up the way that he wants it.”

Aaron smirked at Spencer, and Spencer knew that something was up.

“With me, Cadet,” Aaron said, and Spencer didn’t even have to fake the stutter in his step to fall into step with him. It sounded like Motley tried to follow, but Greenlee stopped him.

“How did you swing this?” SPencer asked.

“Greenlee is constantly trying to get me to help with a class or two, but I’ve always put him off. Even this round I did, but when he offered me an hour after his first class today to do what I want on the smaller range that’s limited to SWAT education, I couldn’t pass him up.”

“You are telling me that you didn’t agree so that you could see me but so that you could play with guns alone in a range?”

“No. I’m telling you that I have an hour on a deserted gun range with a camera that’s on the fritz so no one could ever tell what I am doing.”

Spencer snapped his mouth shut as he thought about what Aaron was saying.

“We got back from Wyoming in time to get enough sleep for me to do this class but the team is on stand down. We have two days off and a psych evaluation before we are allowed back into the field. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from working, so I am taking today to spend with Jack.”

“He’ll enjoy that.”

“Greenlee and I have the range set up. This is just another instance to allow me time with you. How are you really doing? I know that the calls happen when you are around others, but I’ve not heard too much from the others here about how you are doing?”

“There are still some aspects that I’m going to barely pass, but I’m going to get any exceptions this time. I’m doing a lot better in firearms as I am sure that you’ll see.”

“I had a little fear about what this would do, and neither of us needs to be sporting an erection. I know that I can maintain but you…” Aaron gave Spencer wicked grin as he pointed at the bathroom. Spencer frowned but stepped inside. It was a seven stall room, and Spencer watched as Aaron locked the door. “Show me your cock, Spencer.”

Spencer didn’t hesitate to open his pants and pull his shirt up to where it was being held by his armpits. He wasn’t wearing underwear as he never did when he was in the regular cadet uniform. He only wore underwear when out on the exercise field.

Aaron stepped up close and pulled a cock cage out of the inner pocket of his suit jacket. Spencer’s cock started to fill at the sight of it. Aaron smirked as he gently and slowly worked it onto Spencer’s cock. It was the dark purple leather one that Spencer loved and hated in equal measure. Aaron wrapped the strap under his balls, and the snap echoed around the silent room. Spencer hissed as his cock was constrained entirely in the cock cage before Aaron pulled his shirt down and tucked it back into his pants before making Spencer presentable again.

“Now I don’t need to worry about you coming while I am showing off my sniper skills. After class, you are going to suck me off in that gun range, Spencer. I might let you come, depends on how good you are during class.” Aaron looked Spencer up and down before pressing a gentle kiss on his lips. “Go.”

Spencer fled the bathroom as fast as he could, ambling down the hall towards the gun range that the class used. There was no one inside, and Aaron followed behind him at a more sedate pace.

The class that followed was an education in exactly what Aaron was like when he was in SWAT. He was more intense, more focused. It reminded Spencer of that gun lesson that Aaron had given him in the aftermath of Gideon coming back to the team. Spencer was glad that he hadn’t started to like the man yet or he would have never been able to hide what he felt in that gun range all alone.

“Only Cadet Reid has trained for backup weapons while here at the Academy. He favors a revolver for his primary weapon but a Glock 26 as his backup.”

“Really?” Aaron turned and looked at Spencer, his face was impassive, but Spencer could see the look in his eyes. Spencer reached down and pulled out his backup weapon. He had been cleared to wear it during classes, and Aaron hadn’t seen him slip it on. Spencer stepped up to Aaron and handed over the gun. The look of minute shock on his face as he took in the same backup gun that he had used to use and had given Spencer seven years before. “An excellent choice.”

“I do better with the revolver, but this gun is a good backup.”

“I’ve seen him do headshots with it,” Greenlee said. Spencer turned to look at the man, frowning. Greenlee had been the one to do his qualifications after the Dowd case. Aaron had made it so that he could retake it just after they got back. Spencer had passed with his best score ever, and it only got better over the years.

“I’m sure that Cadet Reid can do a lot when he’s scared,” Aaron mused before he handed back the gun. “You care for that weapon a lot.”

“It’s never failed me.”

“Okay, class. Agent Hotchner will be back at some point. He’s tired after his last case and needs to get some sleep so hold questions for a later time. Cadet Reid, you get to clean up after class today.” Greenlee ushered all of the other Cadets out of the range, and Aaron pointed to the secluded range that was on the other side of the room. The door was the only way in and it was sound proof.

Aaron snapped the lock as soon as Spencer shut the door. Spencer didn’t even wait for Aaron to utter a single word. He dropped down to his knees and worked open Aaron’s pants, finding him hard as a rock. Spencer didn’t even hesitate as he took the entire cock into his mouth. Spencer wasn’t going to finesse or even anything that would last. He fucked his mouth on Aaron’s cock. Aaron let Spencer do as he wanted, sucking his cock with more passion than skill but Spencer wanted to feel it. He wanted his jaw to ache and for his throat to be raspy for the rest of the day.

Spencer worked Aaron to orgasm in record time. Aaron gasped as he filled Spencer’s mouth and held Spencer right where he wanted him, finally touching Spencer just to keep him in place. Aaron didn’t let him go or pull his cock out of Spencer’s mouth until Aaron was sufficiently soft and his cock totally clean. Not a single drop of release was outside of Spencer’s mouth.

“You look so good on your knees, lips puffy, and eyes watering,” Aaron murmured. Spencer knew that to anyone else the words would have been a slight but Aaron meant that he only looked good because Aaron was the only one to ever see it. “Up.”

Spencer pushed himself up and wasn’t shocked when as soon as he was on his feet, Aaron kissed him, chasing the taste of himself inside of Spencer’s mouth and pressing him into the door. Spencer gave into the submission that his body and mind wanted. He gripped the shirt under Aaron’s suit jacket and just hung on. His cock was hard and pressed into his pants, Aaron rubbing his hip into it in a maddening rhythm.

“How are you?”

“Fine, Sir.”

“Good. Can you maintain control to get a few shots off?”


“Good. Pick your spot, and I’ll bring over the gun. I have your revolver here with me from home. The backup one that you bought. I want you to empty the cylinder.”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer set himself up on the middle lane and waited for Aaron to come over with the gun case. Spencer made sure that his weapon was just as he had left it and saw that Aaron had cleaned it recently. Spencer found the box of ammo and loaded up the cylinder of his gun.

Once Spencer was ready, Aaron was there behind him, but he didn’t give the command for Spencer to fire. Instead, he reached around and undid Spencer’s pants. As soon as Spencer’s ass was bared, he felt slick fingers work in between his cheeks. Spencer shifted his feet and braced himself. Aaron worked two fingers inside of him, just enough to lube him up before pulling his fingers free.

“Empty the cylinder. Six kill shots or you don’t get fucked.”

Spencer inhaled and focused on the paper at the end of the lane. It was a full body paper outline of a human. Kill shots were not that hard when one had the time to line them up. Aaron had put no time limit. Spencer mapped each of his shots. One shot on each side of the femoral artery. A shot to the heart. A shot to just above the neck, inside the mouth, hitting the brain stem. That would take out the spine, and another just above that would sever the jugular. The final was a shot to the middle of the forehead. Spencer opened the cylinder and cleared all chambers of brass before setting the gun down. He was hard and aching, and Aaron wasn’t touching him.

“Bend over just a little.”

Spencer did, and he was rewarded with a hard cock sliding into him. Aaron reached around and gripped Spencer’s cock, still trapped in the cock cage.

“You are so wet. I bet there is a puddle on the floor, Spencer. I miss this. Feeling myself inside of you. Feeling you try and hold on just to make me happy.” Aaron thrust into Spencer as hard as he could from the position that he was in. “You aren’t ever going anywhere ever again for this long.”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer was near breathless at the feeling of Aaron inside of him. He groaned as Aaron’s cock rubbed along his prostate perfectly. The only thing keeping him from coming was the cage. Spencer closed his eyes, not caring about where they were and only caring about the fact that Aaron was inside of him. Aaron was there.

Aaron came with a cry muffled in Spencer’s neck. A shaky hand stroked up and down Spencer’s encased cock a few times before Aaron unsnapped each strap along the cock, saving the one around his balls for last.

“Come,” Aaron whispered before he unsnapped the last one.

Spencer’s vision whited out as he came. Aaron held him up, and Spencer could feel one of his hands at the head of his cock, catching his release. When Spencer could stand on his own two feet, he looked down to see that Aaron had caught his release in his hand that had a handkerchief in it. Spencer started to put himself to rights as soon as Aaron released him. When he was done with himself, he turned around and put Aaron back together as well. Aaron cupped his face and kissed him.

“I’m not going to be able to look Greenlee in the face for a few days.”

“He’s not going to be able to look you in the face either.”

“Just a few more weeks, Aaron and then I am back.”

“I can see the change in yourself, Spencer. You are more centered. Even more sure of yourself. I didn’t think it was possible, but it is. I’m glad that you came here and you are right, and we’ll survive the next few weeks. Now I’m going to hang back, but you go on ahead to your next class.”

“Yes, Sir, Agent Hotchner, Sir.” Spencer spun away from him before Aaron could reach out and grab him. Aaron didn’t try and follow him any further as he unlocked the door and left the gun range. Aaron would clean up.

Graduating from the Academy for the second time was a lot better than it had been the first time. This time he wasn’t scared and wasn’t graduating by the skin of his teeth. He wasn’t the top of his class, but that was because a few were better at him at the physical aspects. Grades he was the best, but that was a given. The thing that made it the best though was seeing Aaron and Jack in the crowd. JJ and Will were waiting to take him out to eat, but Spencer had only had enough room for two and agreed that Jack and Aaron were more important. Henry had been able to tag along with

“So, what unit are you wanting?” Motley asked as the graduates all gathered around. The small group of friends that Spencer had made while in the Academy.

“Anders is trying to trade up I think,” Morales said.

Spencer turned to see that Aaron was indeed fending off one of the other graduates. Aaron was looking around for help, but no one was coming to help him.

“Why is Agent Hotchner here?”

“He was in the crowds with parents and spouses.”

“He’s already married,” Morales said.

“What?” Motley asked.

“That’s the scuttlebutt of the other agents. That he’s married. He doesn’t wear a ring, but I’ve heard nothing about his spouse.”

“UNCLE SPENCE!” Henry yelled, and Spencer crouched to catch the near flying boy as he leaped at Spencer. Jack was on his heels, and after Spencer settled him on his hip, Jack wrapped his arms around Spencer’s waist.

“Hey, Jack-Jack.”

“Reid, who is this?”

“My Godson Henry and my son Jack.”

“Son? You are married?” Motley asked, his eyes going to the collar.

“Spencer,” Aaron said as he stepped up close to them. Spencer looked and saw that Anders was looking at where they were. “Hello.”

“Agent Hotchner, it’s good to see you again. How do you know Reid?” Motley asked.

“I’ve been in the BAU since I graduated the Academy the first time. None of you ever asked me where I was transferring from. I’d stated I was in law enforcement.” Spencer smiled at the looks of shock on their faces. Anders was close enough that she caught what he said. She glared.

“So Agent Hotchner, you came here to see him graduate again after he what, got a lark to try the Academy again?”

“I was passed on a few exceptions before so I wanted to see if I could do it again but better.” Spencer smiled at Motley, and he felt Aaron’s hand on his shoulder. Motley’s eyes followed the hand, and when Spencer felt a finger work its way under his collar, Motley’s eyes widened.

“Papa, Aunt JJ is waiting for us. She has the chicken that you really like cooked. Uncle Will was manning the grill when we left.”

“I thought we were going out to eat?”

“Uncle Will got a new grill, and he wanted to try it out. It’ll be fun. Henry and I can play all we want.” Jack did look a little excited.

“So Agent Reid, where is your wife?” Anders asked as she stepped up to the group.

“I’m gay, Cadet Anders. I don’t have a wife, and if you’ve learned nothing from the fact that I wear a collar, I have a Dom.”

“Cadet Anders, I’d leave before you make another spectacle,” Aaron said, his voice chilled the air around them, and Spencer felt himself calm down as he took a step back, closer to Aaron’s personal space. Anders huffed but didn’t leave. “Leave now I won’t let the fact that you slept with seven other cadets and two instructors become public knowledge. Thankfully you had the passing grades in the classes and was only sleeping with him to hopefully get the posting that you want but you won’t. You are going to be stuck in a low-end job until you either do something stupid, or you get your head out of your ass and realize that your looks don’t mean that you get a better job than anyone else. You have a brain, Cadet Anders, I would use it.”

Anders looked like she was going to cry, her lips wobbled, and her eyes became shiny, and she looked at Aaron.

“And if tears would have worked on me, my wife would have never had reason to leave me.”

Anders turned and took off at a run away from them.

“Motley, how does barbeque chicken, southern sweet tea, I would assume bootlegger beans and enough food to kill yourself sound?” Spencer asked as the other cadets all started to find somewhere else to go.


“I want a duckling. I was told that I could have one. I want Motley. He’s going to go into SWAT for a few years and help on cold cases for the BAU and a few consults here and there and then when I feel like he’s ready, he’s coming in the BAU and going to be my protege.”

Motley looked at Spencer like he was insane.

“I think this is the point where you tell Reid that you love southern sweet tea and barbeque chicken,” Aaron said in a stage whisper.

“I’m going to SWAT?”

“Yes. I fought for the right to tell you. Grayson Dotson is waiting for you when you get done eating with us. You said you had no family and you’ve supported me through all of this, even with how different I am. I like you, and I don’t like a lot of people.”

“You had Anders pegged from the first moment that she introduced herself.”

“I’ve seen plenty of women like her. She’ll burn out the first time that she comes on to someone and she gets turned in. Or I’ll make sure that the video I captured of her and the ethics instructor going at it like rabbits in the classroom gets to someone who will do something about it.”

“That might be best,” Aaron said.

Spencer nodded and pulled his phone out. Aaron turned them, and they started to walk. Henry stayed in Spencer’s arm with Jack tucked in at his other side.

“So what’s your name?”

“Greg Motley.”

“Uncle Greg. I like it.” Jack slipped his hand into Motley’s as they started to get into more capacity areas where it would be easy to lose him.

“Don’t lose the BAU’s Section Chief stepson,” Motley whispered to himself.

“Actually, he’s Aaron’s biological son and my step son,” Spencer said to him.

“Thanks, Reid. That’s not helping.”

“Don’t worry, he won’t run away. If you feel uncomfortable with him, I can give Henry to Aaron.”

“I’ve never seen a kid get attached to someone so quick.”

“You are a superhero,” Jack called out. He grinned up at Motley.

“He calls his father and the team super heroes. The team is all his uncles and aunts. He’s only actually interacted with agents that are on the team. And you are going to be in the BAU in a few years. If you keep up.”

“So you are telling me that I have big shoes to fill?” Motley asked.


“Dad, can Papa drive?” Jack asked.

“Why?” Spencer and Aaron asked at the same time.

“I want to know if he learned the tactical driving like you this time.”

Spencer couldn’t keep the laughter hidden. He almost lost his hold on Henry and ended up wrapping both arms around the boy to stop it. Aaron was laughing but showing no sign except for the subtle shaking of his shoulders and the smile on his face. Motley didn’t know whether to laugh or not. Henry was smiling just because the others were and Jack was looking lost.

“Honey, that’s is not where your father learned how to drive like that. I solely blame Uncle Dave for that,” Spencer said when he could breathe.

“Oh, so you can’t drive like that?”

“Jack, no.” Aaron sounded a little scared. Jack deflated.

“Of course I can, it just makes your father sick to his stomach for me to drive like that. So if you promise to buckle in real tight and do everything that I say, I’ll drive.”

“I promise.”

“Welcome to the team, Motley,” Aaron said as he looked a little green around the gills already. Spencer was looking forward to showing Jack his tactical driving.

Mirror World

Aaron was keeping what was happening that night a secret and it was driving Spencer just a little crazy. He had been given the lace-up pants, and his black see through shirt. He used the black eyeshadow just on his lids along with mascara and eyeliner. Aaron had packed up a bag, which made Spencer even more curious. His two Doms were dressed impeccably in suits. But they were new. Fitted absolutely perfectly and were identical, just different colors. Aaron was in a heather gray, with a black button down that showed off his trim figure and a grey striped waistcoat, with a heather gray paisley tie. The cut was a lot closer than what Aaron normally got form his tailor.

Jackson was in a midnight black suit that matched the color of Aaron’s shirt. His button down was a dark gray, with a heather gray striped waistcoat and the same paisley tie. Spencer couldn’t help staring at them. He loved that they were all his and knew he was going to be the envy of wherever they went.

The jewelry Spencer was draped in was a black tungsten chain that had grey moonstones dripping off of it. The chain was long enough that it draped from his nipples, hooked to his belly ring, and clipped around the ends of his prince albert. The collar was a thick, wide black tungsten with moonstones hanging down and two thick rings, one at the top of the collar, one at the bottom. The earrings were large moonstone studs. Aaron and Jackson both had matching moonstone tie pins, and cufflinks. There was even two new leashes, these were thicker tungsten chains. The whole set Spencer knew cost a fortune.

Then the blindfold and cuffs. Spencer’s mind was racing as they sped along the streets of DC. He tried to map out in his head where they were going and when their driver stopped, Spencer knew it was the club, he just had no idea why he was blindfolded. When they got out, he knew they were headed towards the side door and not the front entrance like they usually went.

“Sir, Dominae, please…”

“All will be explained, Spencer. Be patient.” Spencer sighed and for the first time in a long time he was frustrated with his Doms. Finally, they stopped in a room. The blindfold was removed, the cufflinks unlinked from each other, but not removed.

“Remove your shirt and pants.” Aaron ordered, and Spencer quickly complied. Aaron ran a hand over the new, deliberate, scar on Spencer’s chest. It was put there by Jackson. A stylized triscale that had the Odal rune in it’s center. “Beautiful,” Aaron kissed along the pink scar, then a quick kiss to the rune. Spencer closed his eyes and let himself go, to be in that moment.

“Tonight we are giving you a gift. Something you’ve wanted for a long time, but I was unwilling to give you because I didn’t want to share you. The club is going to have a special exhibition.”

Spencer looked up at Aaron, his eyes wide and his breathing increased.

“You mean…” Spencer excitedly gestured between the three of them.

“Yes, Pet. You.”

“What, why? Why now?” Spencer looked between the two men and tried to control his breathing. He had wanted to be out there on a stage, exposed and Aaron had always denied him. His Dom’s possessiveness always came through.

“You earned it. You saved everyone, and for that you deserve a reward.”

“Do you want this, Petite?”

“Yes, please, yes.”

“Good, come on Pet, you’ll be beautiful.”

Walking out on the darkened stage, the three men had just enough light to see what they were doing, but behind a curtain so the audience couldn’t see. The people that were there were specially selected from the clubs roster. Only those that would appreciate the type of hard play that Aaron Hotchner was known for would be there. Dinner was elevated even above what the club normally served, a feast for the senses.

Aaron and Jackson worked in silence to attach Spencer’s arm to the chain that was hanging down. His arms were spread out to the sides and a chains that attached to his spread legs were also attached to his wrists. He stood perfectly still, spread out, open. The last thing was a multi-strap cock cage around him, and snapped between his balls, and around the base. The head of his cock was free as Aaron bent down and lathed at the head, playing with the Prince Albert moving the chain and making Spencer moan.

Aaron stood and leaned in to whisper something in Spencer’s ear.

“There is a very special guest that is in the booth at the edge of the stage. I’m sure you will be happy to see them there.”

The club manager came out on stage, the lights in the rest of the club dimmed so low that there was only a light glow from the candles on the tables.

“Good evening ladies and Gentlemen, Doms and Subs, Masters and Slaves. We have something extraordinarily special for you tonight. Three men in perfect harmony, one gives his submission completely to two who are known to you all.

“A one night only exhibition of the owners of this very club. Aaron, Jackson, and their sub Spencer. We request that you watch in absolute silence. You won’t regret it. And if a few of the Subs here tonight come without permission, Doms please be patient with them for many, after tonight, would want to feel the kiss on the whip in the hands of these very skilled men. Now, without further ceremony.” The man walked off the stage, three lights came on perfectly encasing each man on stage in their own lights. Spencer sucked in a breath as he looked down at Q sitting in James’ lap, his cock very much on display. Spencer closed his eyes to find his center, then he heard the rustle of his Doms removing their jackets, but that was all.

“Count for us, Pet. We will tell you when to stop.”

“Yes, Sir, yes Dominae.”

Aaron had a flogger in his hand, Jackson had a riding crop. After Spencer voiced his consent, Aaron struck first with the flogger, Spencer bowed his back, counted but didn’t move from his spot. Then the whoosh of the riding crop across his thighs. Aaron and Jackson circled him alternating between them and he counted. Each kiss and sting of the crop, each blow from the flogger made him sink deeper, letting his mind go. His eyes locked with Q’s as James slowly stroked his slave. Each number took him deeper, his cock filled and the thought he was going to burst had him groaning in both pleasure and pain.

“On the next hit from the crop, I want you to come, Pet.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Aaron swung and a hit his chest that was already striped with welts. Spencer cried out, but stayed perfectly still. Then the crop and his body shook with the force of the dry orgasm. His eyes were half lidded, but he could take more.

“Drink,” Aaron commanded when a straw was put to his mouth. Spencer took a few sips of water as he was being wiped down by Jackson. He wasn’t sure what was next, and when he looked at Aaron he looked as impeccable as when they first started. Spencer heard the twin sounds of canes and knew what was next.

“Count to twenty. And at fifteen, I want you to come.”

“Yes, Dominae.”

“So good for us, Petite Chou.”

“Thank you, Dominae.” Spencer looked at Jackson, and he too looked as perfect as when they walked in.

“Ready, Pet?”

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer sucked in a breath, then the first hard blow from the can struck him. He counted, and heard the collective gasp. Aaron and Jackson again worked in perfect synch with each other, Spencer knew they had already mapped out their strikes, they were too precise, Spencer was shaking by the time they got to ten. He felt the small cuts that had opened up all over him, blood was trickling and Spencer felt like he was flying. When he cried out the number fifteen his gaze was completely locked on Q, who Spencer could tell was on edge. His body shook through another dry orgasm, then the last five strikes had him crying out. Heavy breathing could be heard from all around, and it was heady for Spencer. He, with his two men were doing that, making people aroused and he loved it.

More water, Aaron was checking his eyes, while Jackson was checking his pulse.

“Can you take more, Pet?” Aaron whispered in his ear.

“Yes, Sir.” Spencer was confident and trusting enough in Aaron and Jackson that they wouldn’t let him go too far down. He was teetering on the edge of subspace as it was and any number of things could push him over the edge.

“Whip, my love?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Jackson had a short whip in his hand and Aaron had the long double tailed split whip. Spencer was flying even before his body was kissed by the sharp ends of either instrument.

“Ten, then you come.”

“Yes, Dominae.”

The audience was breathless, enraptured as they watched.

Again, the two men circled Spencer slowly and alternated the blows to his body. He was on fire and screamed out as the double tail cut into him. He kept his eyes on Q, though he was losing focus with each new blow.

At ten, he came once more, then slumped down into his chains. Precome was dripping off his cock, leaving a pool of it on the floor. His head was lifted and he was given water and an ibuprofen, which signaled to him that they were nearing the end.

Jackson dropped to his knees and undid the chains at his ankles, while Aaron took off the ones on his wrists. Aaron was there to catch him, to hold him close to Aaron’s body, but Jackson stayed on his knees. The cock cage was removed and as soon as it was his cock filled so much that it was painful. Then Jackson, still fully clothed and on his knees wrapped his mouth around the cock.

Spencer knew he wasn’t going to last as he was being held up by Aaron. The chain that was connected to his nipples was pulled and Spencer felt it all the way to his cock. He shook with the spike in pleasure. Then the chain was being unclipped from the ends of the Prince Albert, which let Jackson play with it with his tongue. Spencer was on edge, and it was the first time in a very long time that he was close to coming without permission.

“That’s it, my Pet. So good for us, aren’t you.”

“Fuck, yes, Sir.”

Jackson was working his cock and Spencer knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Thankfully the Dom stood after pulling off his cock, then Aaron’s hand was there, stroking Spencer hard and fast.

“Come, and let go all the way, Pet.”

Spencer cried out as he released, spilling onto the floor his body shook with the force of his orgasm and the headiness of being on display. He looked again at Q, who he could see had found his own release. Watching the slave as Spencer had been on display like he was had only added to the whole evening.

Jackson and Aaron held him up as they crossed the stage together, and as they took the steps down, there was light applause. When they got to a room, Spencer was laid out on the bed. Aaron took charge and stripped, then picked Spencer up and laid him down in the tub that had been waiting for them. Soothing warmth along with the oils that Aaron usually used to ease the muscles, and help with the small cuts all over his body.

“You were beautiful out there, Pet. So perfect for us. Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you want fucked here in this room, or when we get back to the house?”

“At the house, in our bed.”

“Then we will go once the bath is done.”

Two hours later, chained to the bed and completely fucked out, Spencer fell asleep knowing there was more planned for him for the next day. He just wasn’t sure what. With his Doms they could be fairly unpredictable. But, he knew whatever it was, he was going to enjoy it thoroughly.

The restaurant that Spencer had been taken to was one of the most exclusive in DC. Aaron had been wanting to try it for a long time and finally they had their chance. Spencer was being taken out for his latest achievement, another Doctorate, thanks in part to the other Spencer. He knew it would have been a few more months before he could have worked on the dissertation, but having the other Spencer do most of the research, as well as begin the thesis, Spencer was way ahead and was able to finish much faster than previously anticipated.

The food was amazing, the wine even better and Spencer felt pampered. When their dessert came, Spencer hummed at the flavors of coffee, chocolate, and hazelnut in the meringue that makes up the layers of the ‘cake’, with a soft flavored whip cream had Spencer humming his pleasure. The exquisite espresso with hazelnut liqueur and thick foam on top just added to the decadence.

“Happy, my Pet?” Aaron asked as he leaned over and kissed Spencer.

“Hmm, very. This was exceptional.”

“And I bet you liked the dessert the best,” Jackson teased making Spencer blush just a bit because he wasn’t wrong.

“It was all delicious. Thank you.”

“No need to thank us, Pet. You earned it. Now, if you are done, this night is not yet done.” Aaron signed the payment slip leaving a generous tip. Their waiter had been perfect the whole night. Spencer always appreciated good service and the young man had gone above and beyond for them. As they left, both Aaron and Jackson laid their hands in the middle of Spencer’s back. He loved the feeling and knew that he always would.

They got back to the house and instead of going to the playroom, Aaron pulled Spencer into the bedroom, Jackson trailed behind. As soon as the door closed, Aaron pulled Spencer into a kiss. Jackson started to strip Spencer, Aaron never letting his mouth leave Spencer’s. When Jackson undid the trousers and pushed them down off Spencer, his hand slid back around and played with Spencer’s quickly hardening cock. Spencer moaned and thrust his hips just a little as Jackson played. Lips at his neck had Spencer’s eyes rolling in the back of his head.

“Tonight, I want something different.” Aaron pulled back and kept a hand on the back of Spencer’s neck, keeping him grounded as Jackson walked around to Aaron and started to undo his dress pants. He moaned as a hand brushed his cock, then moved up to start to unbutton Aaron’s dress shirt.

“Sir?” Spencer felt a little confused, but watching Jackson strip Aaron made him hard, and aching.

“I want you to fuck me, Spencer. I want to feel you inside me. I want to know what you feel like with this,” Aaron played with the Prince Albert making Spencer inhale sharply, “Inside me, fucking me while Jackson watches us.”

“God, Sir, please…” Spencer was already anticipating. It was rare that Aaron bottomed for Spencer, he usually only did for Jackson.

“Lift your arms, Love,” Jackson tugged on the shirt to pull it off, then Aaron crawled up on the bed on his hands and knees, ass in the air. Spencer swallowed hard as he noticed the plug Aaron had been wearing it all night. He watched his Dom submit to him and it was always heady for Spencer when Aaron wanted to fucked by him.

“Why don’t I help you get started,” Jackson smirked as he dropped to his knees and took Spencer’s cock in his mouth. Spencer shuddered, then a condom was slipped onto his cock. “Just a precaution.” Spencer knew the concerns over possible tearing and he never wanted to hurt Aaron that way. Lube was pressed into this hand, then Jackson moved away, stripping as he went. Spencer watched as he settled into a chair that had been moved to the side of the bed, in perfect view.

Spencer poured some of the lube into his hand and slicked the condom just a little. He crawled up behind Aaron, and using his still slick fingers pushed one inside and was rewarded with a very filthy moan. The plug had loosened Aaron, but Spencer wanted to play just a little. He crooked his finger just so and brushed up against Aaron’s prostate.

“Are you ready, Aaron?” Spencer was just as worked up as Aaron, he almost couldn’t wait to be inside.

“Yes. Please, Pet,” Aaron begged, and it made Spencer close his eyes and take a deep breath. Pulling his fingers free, he was handed a slightly damp towel to wipe his fingers on by Jackson. Then, guiding his cock, he lined himself up with Aaron’s hole, and pushed in, slowly at first.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Aaron had grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under his head and let himself sink down onto the bed. “Don’t hold back, Pet. Fuck me, and cum whenever you want to.”

Spencer moaned as he wrapped his hands around Aaron’s waist, then pushed in all the way. He had to take a deep breath to stop himself from cumming too soon. He was already on edge, but he was able to hold it back. He wanted to make this last. He started with a slow steady pace, pulling little moans of pleasure from Aaron. He dared to look over to Jackson who was naked, legs spread wide as he teased his cock.

“Harder, Pet.” Aaron demanded, then Spencer was pumping in and out, hard and fast enough to make the bed shift just a little. He heard Jackson trying to get himself off and Spencer felt himself closer and closer to his release.

“So good, you have no idea, Pet. That feels so good.”

“Sir,” Spencer groaned as he fucked harder and deeper. Spencer heard more than saw Jackson moving, then hands were on his ass spreading him wide. He shuddered as he felt a tongue swipe at his hole. He wasn’t even sure how Jackson was keeping up with Spencer, but he didn’t care as he dropped forward, pushing Aaron’s legs almost to his chest. A cock was pushing inside him and Spencer almost lost it right then, but Jackson got into the rhythm.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Aaron moaned as he watched the two men he loved moving above him. The extra weight had Spencer pressed against Aaron, and after a couple more thrusts he was cumming, painting his stomach and chest with his release.

“Come on, Petite, come for me, let me hear you,” Jackson said in Spencer’s ear.

Not being able to hold back anymore Spencer screamed out as he released in the condom. Jackson pushed Spencer all the way down, then pounded inside him hard and fast till he grunted out his release.

The three men, panting, had fallen together on the bed. Finding his balance, Jackson stumbled into the bathroom and came back out with washcloths to clean everyone up. He and Aaron sandwiched Spencer in-between them, the three traded kisses as they continued touching each other. It wasn’t long till they were falling asleep and Spencer sighed in contentment. He would always wonder how he got so damn lucky.

“Here.” JJ handed Spencer an envelope with a smile on her face.

“What’s this?”

“Just open it, okay?”

It was after dinner and everyone had been in the house for once, even Tony had come. The man had thawed quite a bit towards him, but Tony and Aaron still were circling each other. Spencer knew it was because Tony knew something strange had gone on and neither of them were telling him. It was a moot point now anyway, the device was destroyed, and Spencer had locked away the research done by Charlie and the other Spencer. He didn’t know why he kept it, the information was dangerous, but maybe that was why he had kept it. Spencer just chuckled and smiled at JJ as he opened up the card.

“A party?”

“Yes, and I expect you, Aaron and Jackson to be there, in your tux’s and being on your best behavior. Please, Spence? This is really important to me.”

Spencer smiled softly and pulled JJ into his arms. He already had an idea of what was going on. A new ring was on her finger, but he wasn’t going to spoil her surprise by telling her what he suspected.

“Of course we’ll come. I’ll get Riley from the office to watch the kids. I assume it’s adults only?”

“Yes. Hey maybe Tony can leave Ben with her. Aria, Ben and Jack get along really well.”

“That’s a good idea, Spence. I’ll talk to Tony about it.”

“Do you need any help with anything?”

“No, we have it all under control. Just bring yourself.” JJ tipped on on her toes and kissed Spencer’s cheek. She smiled as she bounced away to go find the others in the house.

Spencer was happy for her. After all she had gone through he wasn’t sure if she would ever find happiness again. Walking into the bedroom he pulled out clothes for the day. There was a lot to be done at the office. A new case had come up, and they were scrambling a little to play catch-up. Their client had fired the previous lawyer and wanted a new one. The man had money and prestige. But, as Spencer went over all of the files, the evidence that was collected, and all of the statements, he knew the man was innocent of the crime he was being accused of. Murdering his ex-wife, her new husband, and their children. Some of the evidence was damning, but it was all too convenient.

“Ready, Pet?”

“Yes, Sir. I’ve been thinking about this case and something doesn’t sit right with me. It’s all too convenient if you ask me.”

“And that’s why we are talking to him today. I want to understand what happened from his side before we officially take him on. Come on, we have some work to do.”

Spencer finished getting dressed, grabbed his things and followed Aaron out to the car. They talked about JJ’s party and what they suspected and both men agreed to not let on that they knew.

When they got to the office they went over the case again in detail, Aaron making notes and Spencer giving his opinion. There was something that was bugging him and he wasn’t sure what it was. He would let it stew in his mind till after they met with the client, then he would try and talk it out with Aaron.

As they finished their notes, a knock on the door signalled that the client had arrived.

“Mr. Caffrey, thank you for coming in. Please have a seat.”

Spencer couldn’t help appreciating the good looks, and even better suit. Even the hat that Caffrey was wearing suited him. Though he took it off in respect and sat down.

“I’ve been reading over everything in the file and I have some questions.”

“And I’ll answer any questions you do have.”

“First tell me about your relationship with your ex-wife.”

Caffrey crossed his legs and took a deep breath. Spencer was watching the man for micro-expressions.

“We had a very good relationship, to be honest. We just had different philosophies. I will be very frank here, Mr. Hotchner. I am a thief. I’m a very good thief that has made a very good living. But I understand there are people, like yourselves, that are untouchable. Sara and I had a good thing for a long time, but she thought I’d change, and when I didn’t, she wanted a divorce. I didn’t want to see her hurt anymore so I agreed. But, we stayed very good friends.

“Her kids even called me Uncle. Her husband and I got along well. I didn’t begrudge her a new life at all, Mr. Hotchner. I have absolutely no motivation to harm her or her children. But, Alan Woodford has a reason.”

“And what would that reason be, Mr. Caffrey?”

“I quit the Pink Panthers.”

Spencer shoved out of his chair and glared at the man.

“You what?” Spencer yelled and balled his fists at his sides.

“When they talked about going after you, Mr. Hotchner, I was done. That was a suicide mission. Even I’m not that stupid. I may have done some questionable things, but like I said you are one of the untouchables. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you when we talked on the phone, but I need all the help I can get and you are the best.”

Aaron didn’t register that Spencer had shot forward until he had Caffrey by the neck and was hauling him out of the chair and slammed him down in the desk.

“You didn’t think to fucking warn us? We have children for fucks sake. A baby. You just quit and decided to keep this to yourself?”

“Hey, I had no way to get to you in time. I’m sorry. I truly am and if I knew how to contact you, I would have. But, you people are hard to find other than this law office, and even at that you have so many people to get through.”

“Spencer!” Aaron commanded with just one word. Spencer growled and shoved off of Neal. He was so close to doing something really stupid. “ Go walk it off!

“Sir?!” Spencer glared at Aaron, he didn’t want to be excluded, but he was angry. Beyond angry.

“Don’t question me, Pet! Now, Go. Walk. It. Off. Then come back when you have your head on straight.”

“Yes. Sir.” Spencer growled through clenched teeth. He grabbed his messenger bag and stomped out of the office, angrier than he had been in a very long time.

“I’m sorry about that. I had been away on business when the break-in happened and Spencer and our third, Jackson were home with the children. I have to agree with his sentiment, though. Why didn’t you contact us?”

“Because I was trying to protect my own husband. If anything happened to Peter…” Neal took a breath and played with the hat in his hands. “Woodford might go after him and I can’t let that happen. I have evidence, here, it’s a conversation we had about the break-in and the security guard who sold you out.”

“Did you give this to the police?”

“Yes, Sir I did. But the police and FBI are too caught-up in the fact that they ‘caught’ me that they don’t see I’m innocent of Sara’s murder. I don’t like violence, Mr. Hotchner and I will confess to you every single crime I have committed, but I want a deal.”

Aaron sat back and steepled his fingers and took a few moments to study Mr. Caffrey. He wondered at the man who had made his 2.5 million dollar bail. Aaron had dug into Caffrey before this meeting and knew the man had money, as did his husband who was a brilliant accountant. He knew they were well off, but Aaron wondered what they had to do to get that much money that quickly.

“And what deal is it you are proposing?”

“Confessing to the crimes I have committed and getting immunity for those crimes then telling you and the DA’s office everything I know about the Pink Panthers.”

“Mr. Caffrey, I don’t know if I can get that kind of deal for you.”

“Look, I may be a thief, and very good one, by the way. But, I am not nor have I ever been a killer. I hate guns. I’ve never hurt another human being physically. And, I want to know exactly everything that the DA and the police are supposed to have on me.”

“All right. I’ll set-up a meeting, have some papers drawn just in case. I take it you have a tracking anklet as part of your bail?”

“Yes. There was another reason I quit the Pink Panthers, Mr. Hotchner. I wanted out. I was done with the life. Peter and I talked about adopting kids, but I don’t want to bring children into the life that I was leading. Peter knows who I am, and he loves me anyway, there isn’t anything I won’t do for him. Please, Mr. Hotchner, help me.”

Aaron knew he was going to take the case. It was one of those ones that was going to prove to be very, very interesting.

“Why don’t you go home, Mr. Caffrey and I’ll get the ball rolling here. I’ll contact the DA and set-up a meeting. They are supposed to provide me with all evidence they supposedly have against you. We’ll go from there and get a trial date set-up.” Aaron stood signaling the end of the meeting. Caffrey stood with him and shook his hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Hotchner. I think it might be best to meet at my house from now on. It will just be easier. You can meet Peter and speak with him as well.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll be in touch.”

Caffrey left the office and a few minutes later Spencer came back in and closed and locked the door behind him. He walked towards Aaron and dropped to his knees with his hands behind his back.

“Sir, I’m sorry that I let my temper get the better of me.” Spencer kept his eyes on the floor. He heard Aaron stand, then the slide of a belt. Spencer wondered if he was going to be punished for his actions. It rarely ever happened, but this case was just so very personal.

“I know you are, Pet. And I understand what you went through during the break-in and I’m sorry I wasn’t there. But, Caffrey is our client and you cannot treat our clients that way.”

Spencer nodded knowing he had messed up.

Aaron walked around Spencer and using the hobble belt he secured Spencer’s hands behind his back.

“Stand-up.” Aaron commanded, which Spencer did. Aaron then pulled Spencer’s trousers off him after getting them undone. Aaron pulled out a hidden drawer then grabbed something he had only used on Spencer once. The stainless steel discipline cage was wrapped around his cock and the tiny screws were tightened enough all around to make it uncomfortable. But Spencer knew that it was just going to get worse as the day went on.

“You know how I hate doing this, but you let your temper rule you today. I will not have you acting like that towards a client, no matter who they are.” Aaron was calm and controlled as he adjusted the punishment cage. He then pulled Spencer’s trousers back up and had him kneeling once again. “You’ll wear that till I take it off of you. Now you are going to stay right there for 1 hour. If you’re good for me, then I’ll let you suck my cock.”

Spencer knew the next hour was going to be torture.

Getting home that night, Spencer still had the cage on and it was more than uncomfortable. After dinner, Aaron had even fucked him with it still on. Jackson stayed out of it, this was one area where he wasn’t going to get between Spencer and Aaron. When he got hard Spencer was on the verge of tears. After Aaron was done, the cage finally came off and Aaron was lifting him off the bed and into a hot bath.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Spencer stayed wrapped around Aaron not wanting to let him go.

“I know you are, and you know I love you. I need to know that you can control yourself around Caffrey, Spencer. He’s our client now. If you can’t deal with it I’ll need to get Justin to help with the case.”

Spencer shook his head and held onto Aaron.

“I’ll be good, Sir. I promise.”

“I’m going to hold you to that, Pet. No more outbursts like that, especially with a client.”

Spencer agreed as Aaron gently washed his abused cock. He knew he wasn’t going to do anything to warrant that kind of punishment again. A little later when he was in bed, cuffed with Aaron around him, Spencer felt right for the first time since the break-in. He had been off kilter trying to shake the emotions of the last couple of weeks, but they just wouldn’t leave him. He thought to himself as he fell asleep that maybe today was what he had needed to get past it all. Didn’t mean that he liked it, he hated when Aaron disciplined him, but it was never out of malice and that was why Spencer endured.

The restaurant that Tony and JJ had picked was gorgeous. Everyone was there, plus some people that both Tony and JJ knew from other parts of their lives. Aaron looked around a moment cataloging the new faces and filing them away. Then when he looked at JJ and he saw how happy she looked, Aaron felt happy for her.

Tony and JJ stood, then Tony tapped his wine glass to get everyone’s attention.

“I’m glad everyone could make it tonight. It means a lot that you are all here to help us celebrate. We have been keeping something from everyone, and we wanted to tell you all at the same time. I, Tony Dimitri DiNozzo have asked the beautiful and wonderful Jennifer Jareau to be my wife, and lucky for me she said yes.” Tony had the biggest smile on his face as he held up his glass, which everyone toasted.

“I was surprised when Tony asked me, but he’s everything I’ve ever wanted and the best man that has ever come into my life. There was no question that I would say yes if he ever asked me. So, everyone please eat up, have fun and thank you all for being here.” JJ turned and pulled Tony to her and kissed him. Cheers from all around went up making the couple laugh.

Spencer watched and felt happy for JJ. He knew she deserved all the happiness she could get.

The meal was simple and delicious, then the music started. People took to the small dance floor, more wine was poured, groups formed, others introduced themselves around to those they didn’t know and the air of celebration was all around.

Jackson took Spencer’s hand and coaxed him out on the floor and Aaron watched with a soft smile on his face. A few moments later he had a lap full of slightly tipsy JJ.

“You look happy.” JJ exclaimed as he placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I am happy for you Jayje. As much as Tony and I have a difference of opinion on most things there is one thing we can agree on, is that we both love you.”

“Aww, you’re just saying that to make me happy.” JJ chuckled when Aaron just lifted one brow as he held her around the waist.

“No, I do mean it, JJ. And, I would like to throw you the best wedding you’ve ever had. It’s my gift to you. Of course I know you need to talk to Tony about it, but I want to do this for you.”

“Aaron,” JJ looked a little overwhelmed as her cheeks turned red. “I don’t know what to say.”

“You deserve to have the wedding of your dreams. I want to give you that.”

“I love you, and I know you don’t have many in your life that tell you that. You’ve done so much for me, especially after I lost the baby and Will left me to grieve on my own. You let me stay when you didn’t have to.”

Aaron brushed a strand of hair off of JJ’s face then placed a kiss on her forehead. He really had come to care for her like a little sister of sorts. It had hurt him when she had lost the baby and been abandoned by the man that was supposed to have loved her.

“Oh, I very much did. Spencer would probably have killed me if I hadn’t.” Aaron half teased, but JJ knew there was some truth in those words. Aaron knew that JJ would probably never fully understand his and Spencer’s relationship, but she accepted it and that was all that mattered.

“Would you dance with me, Miss Jareau?”

JJ giggled at the smile on Aaron’s face as she slipped off his lap, then pulled him onto the dance floor. Eventually the couples changed and Aaron had an armful of Spencer. They swayed to the music and Aaron kissed him softly.

“Do you ever think about it, Aaron?”

“Getting married?”

“Yes,” Spencer said a little hesitantly.

“Maybe I have. But I’d hate to leave Jackson out. We’ve become a unit, Spencer. How do I marry one of you and leave the other as the man out. I can’t do that.”

“Maybe I won’t feel left out, Aaron,” Jackson whispered in Aaron’s ear. “You know that I never want marriage. I like what we have now. If you and Spence want to tie the knot, I am secure enough in our relationship that I know you won’t leave me. Its just names on a paper.” Jackson pressed against Aaron as they danced together with Spencer in front.

“We’ll see. Maybe one day.” Aaron looked around and saw the happy couple dancing close together and wondered. Maybe someday he thought to himself as he wrapped his arms around Spencer and just enjoyed the evening at hand.

The Captain’s Booty

Title: The Captain’s Booty
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Pirate Era
Tags: Pirates, One-Shot, AU
Ratings: Explicit
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid
Spoilers: None
Summary: There was only a single thing that Pirate Captain Spencer wanted. The treasure that only Captain Aaron Hotchner had the map to.
Words: 5,463
Notes: None
Warnings: Talk of Past Child Abuse,
Beta: None
Gift For: wednesdays__child & rivermoon1970

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Rough Romance Interlude II-Pleasure Is Business

Interlude II-Pleasure Is Business

Spencer knocked on the door to the most expensive suite offered by the Hotel Ignacio in St. Louis. It wasn’t often that he was paid to leave DC for a client, especially one that he had never fucked before. He had been told to pack for an upscale weekend in St. Louis but with room for his client to add to or reject if needed. Two bellhops were behind him with his suit bag and his two suitcases which should have everything that he would need for the weekend, including his newest blood work.

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Rough Romance Chapter 2-Like the Movies

Chapter 2-Like The Movies

The flight back from the case was a happy one. Spencer was curled in the corner with his legs tucked under him reading. Morgan and Prentiss were playing a card game, but Spencer wasn’t paying close enough attention to figure out what the game was. Aaron and Rossi had been ensconced on the couch together, heads tucked over a file for the entire flight. They never moved off the first page, and whenever anyone walked to the kitchenette or the bathroom, Aaron would tuck the paper close to himself so that no one could read it.

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The Mirror Crack’d Chapter 14

Mirror World

Spencer always enjoyed New York. There was so much to see and do, his favorites being the museums and art galleries, seeing a play or musical on opening night, a trip to the opera and the food. The variety of restaurants always made Spencer a little giddy. When finding a new place that impressed Spencer’s broad palate, he would seek out the chef and talk with him, sometimes for hours after the restaurant closed. Very few ever refused the lover of Aaron Hotchner, and if entertaining the man for a few hours about the food they loved to cook, then it wasn’t such a hardship. Spencer had even seduced recipes out of many a chef over the years. Both men and women were not immune to his charms, and Spencer could certainly pour it on.

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