Rough Romance Chapter 5-Snogging

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Chapter 5-Snogging

Spencer sighed as he pressed the button for the elevator in the hotel in Cypress, Texas. He was coming off of a seven-hour search in the woods around the house where the newest victim had gone missing in a serial kidnapping case. Houston PD had got ahold of the BAU after the second adult had gone missing and asked for the BAU’s direct help after the third had gone missing. The fact that all of the missing individuals had gone missing from the northeast and the heavily wooded forest area and not the southwest which is grassland meant that there was a lot of hard ground to search.

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Title: Offers
Series: Love Grows With Music
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 7 (True Genius)
Tags: Accidental Child Acquisition.
Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences
Pairings: Pre-Slash Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Spencer Reid, Sammy Sparks, Jackson Grimes (OC), Aaron Hotchner,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 7
Summary: Just when Spencer is questioning his role in the BAU a new job and an offer of another kid make Spencer take a leap of faith into the unknown.
Words: 18,754
Notes: Episode 6.16 Coda went AU both parents were killed instead of just the father Charlie.
Warnings: Canon Typical Violence,
Beta: rivermoon1970
Gift For: rivermoon1970

The wonderfully fantabulous art that was the inspiration for this piece can be found here.

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Rough Romance Interlude IV-Trigger

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Interlude IV-Trigger

Spencer was nervous. He had failed his gun qualification, again. It was just weeks before he graduated from the FBI Academy and if he didn’t pass this time, he wasn’t going to be allowed to carry a gun for at least a year. Spencer wasn’t in one of the ranges that were available to the rest of the Academy, this was actually a range that seasoned FBI agents used so that they didn’t have to deal with Cadets and scrambling for time.

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Rough Romance Chapter 4-A Favor

Chapter 4-A Favor

Spencer checked the time on his watch for the seventh time since arriving at the movie theater that Aaron had texted him to go to. It was out of character. Yes they were in New York City for a case, and yes the case was over, but Aaron had disappeared just after the case was over and hadn’t been seen since. The jet was down for a repair, so they were delayed going home until the next morning. The team had known that before they had finished the case, so Aaron wasn’t dealing with anything to do with that. The pilot had it well in hand.

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Rough Romance Interlude III-Gratitude

Interlude III-Gratitude

Spencer watched the SWAT agent as he stowed his gear in the van before talking to the other people milling around. Spencer was wrapped in a blanket to help stave off the shock. There was a small cut on the base of Spencer’s throat from where the man who had taken the office hostage had pressed a knife there. Spencer had been the focus of the hostage taker’s ire, but Spencer hadn’t even known who he was. The man who had tried to negotiate with him, a man named Aaron, had ended up being the one taking the shot that had killed him. Spencer had seen him where no one else had, including the insane man holding a knife to Spencer’s throat.

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Rough Romance Chapter 3-6.6287879

Chapter 3-6.6287879

Set Post Season 6 Episode 6 Devil’s Night

Spencer smiled as he took his seat on the jet. He remembered the look that Aaron had given him when they had got onto the jet on the way to Detroit. Spencer had been dressed in a checkered blue shirt and a red sweater when Aaron had last seen him before the team had gathered their things for the case. However, when Spencer had got onto the jet, with Aaron following ten minutes later, Spencer had been in a new purchase. A royal blue dress shirt. Spencer had bought it on a shopping trip with JJ and Henry the weekend before and had kept it in his locker at work to save for the first case.

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