EAD-Feral Reid

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 4 (2009)
Tags: Established Relationship,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 4
Summary: Aaron knew that Spencer was special. It as more than his mutant abilities. It was more than his brain. He’d always kind of figured that someone was missing. There was a part of Spencer that he couldn’t get to. Then Remy LeBeau drops into their life.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Spencer took a deep breath and exhaled. Two new scents were on the air. He hadn’t heard anyone else from the RCMP or the FBI arrive so he dropped to a crouch and waited. The two thought that they were silent but to Spencer they were not. No matter what he had an advantage on them. He could smell them but there was no way they could smell him. His gun was at his hip but when the two stepped into sight, he knew it wouldn’t work. The smell from the smaller man was strong and Spencer knew it. Another feral. Then he smelled the adamantium. Another Weapon. He wanted to growl but he waited. He didn’t know what this Weapon was doing there. He had no way of warning Hotch that there were mutants on hand.

The mutants were looking around and the Weapon was scenting the air. Spencer was happy that he had no scent and he could move so that they wouldn’t hear him. The two mutants had their backs to him and he waited. When the Weapon stepped away, Spencer dropped behind the other. Before either of them could act, Spencer had his hidden blade out and ready for action. His other hand wrapped around the mutants throat and he pulled his blade out enough for the other man to feel it. He stilled.

“Smart choice,” Spencer whispered in his ear. That got the Weapon’s attention. He turned and stared, shocked faced at him. “Take a step feral and the mutant loses his head.”

“Who are y’?” The mutant asked.

“You can call me Doctor.” Spencer shifted to look the Weapon up and down. “You are Weapon X are you not?”

The Weapon nodded. Spencer smiled and waved his hidden blade out. When he pulled it back in he held his hand out like he was holding a ball and let his needles form. He felt the mutant in his hold still. He stopped breathing.

“Do you like it? Idiots gave me nanite formed Adamantium. So Wolverine, you can heal. I can heal. What about your friend here?”

“Not ‘ere to fight, ami.”

“Yet you are here on a joint FBI/RCMP case. I can shoot him and no one would give a care. I already know that several of the victims were mutants. We have the man who orchestrated it in custody and the man who committed the crimes is slow. His brother was able to coerce him. We are hunting him now.”

“Why are you so willing to give information?” Wolverine asked.

Spencer smiled and pulled the blade against the mutant’s throat back. He leaned down and smelled his neck. The smell of spice and musk filled his nose. The musk was the same as what his Aaron carried. He never thought anyone else would smell like that. Then he smelled ozone. And it was building.

“I wouldn’t do that, Gambit,” Spencer whispered in Gambit’s ear. He could smell the charge the mutant was trying to draw in. “Don’t give me a reason to mark up your pretty skin.”

Gambit swallowed hard. “Sorry.”

“Welcome, Hotch.” Spencer let his eyes wander to where Aaron entered the barn. His boss started to pull his gun but he shook his head. “Agent Aaron Hotchner. Meet Wolverine and Gambit. Remy LeBeau, Logan, meet Hotch. They came to help with the search for Turner.”

“I see. So why are you holding, Mr. LeBeau hostage?” Aaron moved around the edge to stand beside Spencer. He moved just close enough that Wolverine’s eyebrow raised. There was no mistaking the scent of possession that Aaron was exuding from his pores. Spencer bared his fangs as Wolverine eyed Aaron up and down. The Feral took a step back.

“They tried to sneak in first and Gambit tried to blow something up.” Spencer laughed and leaned closer to Gambit again, inhaling. Aaron noticed and quirked an eyebrow. He smiled at his lover. “What did you need, Hotch?”

“The dogs are having an issue tracking him. I wanted you to head out. You can take Gambit with you as long as he promises to keep his head down. I can sit with Wolverine here.”

“Y’ would sit with Ol’ Wolvie?”

“He wouldn’t touch me. I’m another Feral’s and he doesn’t touch what isn’t his. And Doctor Reid won’t hurt you, Gambit.” Aaron stepped around behind Spencer and with a touch pulled him back. He let go of Gambit even though he didn’t want to. With Wolverine’s hearing, it wasn’t safe to talk. He knew that his eyes had to show his arousal. Aaron leaned in and kissed him. “Go.”

“Yes, Sir.”


EAD-Night Will Fall and Drown the Sun

Title: Night Will Fall and Drown the Sun
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men
Year: 2015
Tags: Crossover, Human!Gambit,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau
Spoilers: Up Through Season 10 & All X-Men Movies & Comics,
Summary: The past defines us. The past is who we are. If no one knows your past do they really know you?
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Spencer moved towards his front door, happy to be home. He’d been gone for two weeks. Two back to back cases without a night a home had run him ragged. His go bag was slung over his shoulder with his messenger bag over the other. He was tired and wanted to sleep for two days. He hadn’t heard from Remy and figured he was home but he couldn’t be sure. He stopped when he saw that the door was slightly ajar. He dropped his two bags to the floor silently and pulled his gun. He checked the safety and started forward. The ding of the elevator had him stopping and turning. Morgan was standing there with his phone in his hand. His eyes were wide at the sight of Spencer standing there with his gun drawn. Morgan pocketed the phone quickly and drew his own gun.

“What do we have?” Morgan asked in a whisper as he approached Spencer.

“Door ajar.”

It took no time at all to clear the flat. There was no one there and the only signs that someone had been there was the utter disaster that was the bedroom and food plates in the kitchen.

“What kind of UnSub breaks in trashes a bedroom and then eats food.”

“Oatmeal with blueberries, coffee, and bacon,” Spencer said as his heart twisted. There was only one reason that Remy hadn’t cleaned up after himself. He sighed. He wished that Morgan wasn’t there. It would have been easier to take care of this without the team but there was no way that Morgan was going to let this go. The meal had been made that morning. Remy had been gone just hours before Spencer had come home.


“Oatmeal, bacon, and coffee, it’s his normal breakfast when I am not home.”

“His?” Morgan looked at him in shock. “Reid, who is this he?”

“My husband.” Spencer stared at Morgan as he said the words. His friend was at a loss. A silent Morgan was never a good thing. “I’ll call Hotch. The locals aren’t going to be able to help on this.”

“Reid, you gotta explain this.”

“I will when the whole team gets here. I promise I just don’t want to tell this more than once.”

“We need to sweep…”

“Whoever took him won’t have left a single bit of evidence behind. No hairs, no fibers, no nothing. They only left the bedroom like it was as a warning. The door was their calling card.”

Morgan took a few steps closer to him. “Reid, you’re scaring me. Please just tell me what’s going on.”

“Someone broke into my apartment, Morgan and took my husband. That’s what going on!” Spencer didn’t mean to yell but it slipped out.

“I’ll call Hotch you just try and think okay?” Morgan asked. Spencer nodded. He turned towards the window in the kitchen and moved to it after taking his offered phone from Morgan. He leaned against the wall, thinking. It was his favorite spot in the whole flat. It’s what had sold the place to him when they’d looked at it when moving to DC for the academy. Remy liked it because of the defensibility. Over ten years they lived here with no issues. Now his world was shattered and he didn’t know what was going to be left of him when he managed to put it back together.

The team arrived by ones. JJ had tried to talk to him but Morgan brushed her back, leaving him to stare out the window down into the small park beside the building that he lived in. He was shocked that JJ brought Will but something told him that Morgan asked for her to bring him. Hotch was the last to arrive. When the door was shut and the team seated, Spencer pulled himself away from the window. He grabbed the carafe of coffee from the sink and filled up a cup. He popped it into the microwave and doctored it up when he pulled it out. The team was scattered all over but left him his over stuffed chair. He sat down, clasping the mug between his hands.

“What’s up?” Kate asked.

“When I was ten, just months after dad left, I made friends with a kid who lived on the same street. He went to private school and was living in Vegas with a family friend for a while. We stayed friends as I went to college and when I moved to DC, he moved with me.” Spencer looked up from his cup. “I’ve always kept my private life private for a few very good reasons. Five years ago, we got married.”

“Married?” JJ asked. She looked at him in pure shock. That shock was on every other team member’s face as well. “You got married? Spence why didn’t…”

“He’s been taken. He was here this morning ate breakfast and it looks like when he went back to change, he was jumped.”

“Reid, what is going on?” Hotch asked.

Spencer ignored him and looked at Will. “Travaillez-vous toujours pour le cardinal?”

Will’s eyes widened in shock and then narrowed to stare at him. “Yes.”


“Will?” JJ asked but Will just stared even longer at Spencer.

“You were sixteen when you met the Cardinal for the first time?” Spencer asked him.

“Yes. He came to the house with his lawyer. We had a young John Doe who wasn’t giving us a name. Papa brought him around to try and get him to crack. He never did. He was there for three days before the Cardinal came and took him. We never got a name out of him. It was rumored that the Cardinal’s younger son ended up running off with the kid years later.”

“Run off? That’s what they are saying? Your John Doe was thirteen at the time while the youngest son was eighteen. I seriously doubt that Jean Luc would have let him touch the kid before he was eighteen much less run off with him.”

That got a reaction out of Will. He stood up from his seat and moved closer to Spencer. He grabbed Spencer’s arm and pulled him up. Spencer let him. He knew what was coming. Will started to unbutton the top of his button down. JJ jumped to her feet but Spencer held up a hand. JJ stopped moving. When the top three buttons were undone he looked down at where Spencer’s heart was and there was the tattoo. The tattoo predated their wedding by several years. It was well known in the Guild that Remy had married and it was even known beyond that about the tattoo that the son of the Cardinal of the New Orleans Thieves Guild and the man he married. People picked up for crimes were routinely checked for the tattoo, just to be sure. The identity of the son in law of the Cardinal was well protected.

As soon as the tattoo registered in Will’s eyes, he dropped the edge of the shirt he was holding and he stepped back. His eyes were wide in shock and Spencer wasn’t sure that he wasn’t going to faint. Spencer helped him sit down in his chair. He moved to the kitchen and filled a tumbler with bourbon. Something that Remy had shipped to him from home.

“Will, are you talking about the Guilds?” JJ asked, her voice low. Spencer could hear it though. He wasn’t that shocked that Will had told her about the Guilds. It was so much of life in New Orleans.


“Spence, what do you know of the Guilds?” JJ asked.

Spencer didn’t answer until he handed over the glass to Will and tipped it up for the man to take a drink. Will drained the whole glass, coughing.

“Kid, none of this is making sense.”

“No. Some of it makes sense. Thieves and assassins.” Rossi leaned back on the arm of the couch he was sitting on. “Rumors have always moved around of assassins and thieves. The operation has never been found by the FBI, the CIA, NSA. They are too good. This cardinal, he is in control of the New Orleans area?”

“Yes,” Spencer answered.

“How do you know all of this Spencer?”

“What has Will told you of what he used to do for the Cardinal?” Spencer leaned against the back of the chair that Will now sat in. Will was silent. Spencer was sure that he was trying to figure out how he never connected that kid and Spencer.

“That he was never asked to kill, just pass information. He’s contacted on occasion when someone escapes New Orleans but he’s never asked…”

“It stopped the moment that I started dating you, JJ. That case was the last one. I never even…I know that the Cardinal switches up who he uses from time to time, I never thought.” Will looked back at Spencer in shock.

“Jean Luc loves his son in law as much as he does his sons.”

“Oh. Fuck,” Will said. He set the glass down and dropped his head into his hands. “Has the Cardinal been told?”


“If Morgan hadn’t been here, you wouldn’t have told a single one of us would you have?” Will asked.

Spencer shook his head. “No. I would have called Jean Luc and told him. He’d handle it and he’s still going to handle it. I’ll let him handle the Thieves and Assassins. We will take Remy’s current job.”

“Are you telling us that this Remy, your husband, is…” Hotch trailed off as Spencer interrupted him.

“The Cardinal’s son? That I married into the largest crime family in New Orleans? Yes.” Spencer locked his eyes with Hotch and waited. No one said anything. “Jean Luc LeBeau has two sons, his blood son Henry and his adopted son, Remy. I met Remy when I was ten in Vegas. I saved Remy’s life. Jean Luc repaid that by helping with bills and such after dad left. Remy was never interested in taking over the family business. Henry was. So Remy was allowed to stay in Vegas. I took trips with him home all the time during summer. I wasn’t aware at the time but Jean Luc had a security detail living on the street and they protected not just Remy but mom and I as well. When I started college, Remy went as well. I’d never had a friend like him before and I figured it was normal. Then when I was seventeen, I was staying in New Orleans for a week while Remy spent time with his father and brother. I was at a coffee shop working on a class I was taking over the summer when I heard someone talking. They were bouncing between French and English but as I was fluent in French it wasn’t hard to follow. They were talking about the paramour of the Cardinal’s son. I didn’t know that Henry was serious about anyone so I listened in. It would give Remy some good taunting material. I figured out then that it was Assassins talking. I wasn’t afraid, no one in New Orleans was going to mess with me. I listened as they described this paramour and well I was listening too hard as one of them noticed me. The utter fear in their eyes told me they knew who I was. They called me gendre which is very formal son in law.”

Spencer shifted to the window to look out. He could barely see the park.

“I was livid. I closed up my books, shoved them in my bag and then marched to the LeBeau house. The guards didn’t even stop me. I knew exactly where Remy was. I threw open the doors to Jean Luc’s office and Remy was sitting in a chair with his feet on the desk. Henry was sitting in the window and Jean Luc was sitting at his desk. Remy jumped to his feet, surprised to see me. Remy could tell that I was pissed. He tried to calm me down but I ignored him. I looked right at Jean Luc and said beau-fils. Henry started to laugh his ass off. Remy looked shocked as hell and Jean Luc, well he just smiled. It wasn’t what I thought. I’d been called that since I’d saved Remy’s life. Remy though stuck his foot in his mouth.”

“He started to explain and told the whole truth?” Will asked. Spencer nodded.

“The rest I am sure you can figure out.”

“You told me once you wanted into the FBI from age fifteen. How does being around these LeBeau’s help with that?”

“If Garcia were to go back to the BAU and search Remy LeBeau and the age and all the information tied to the man I am married to. All she is going to get is what Remy wants her to find. His degrees and his job as a private investigator. I’m telling you all the truth when I don’t have to. I could have easily had Jean Luc call Will to keep his silence.


Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men,
Year: Season 6
Tags: First Time, Crossover,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 6
Summary: The BAU gets a replacement for JJ in the form of Remy LeBeau and Spencer isn’t sure that he likes him, no matter what his libido thinks.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Chapter One
Spencer followed behind Rossi as they moved through a local bar. The older man had picked him to go with him to meet someone who might be able to help. He’d been pretty tightlipped about who he was going to meet to the team but Hotch had seemed to know.

“Take a seat that the bar, keep an eye out for trouble,” Rossi said pointing to an empty seat. Spencer sat down and turned to look at the older man but was gone. He didn’t know what he was supposed to keep an eye out for, he had no clue what was normal for any bar much less this one. When the bartender noticed him, he ordered a glass of tea. The mirror behind the bar gave Spencer a good view of the place. He could see almost everything. Rossi took up a seat in a corner with a glass of what looked like scotch.

Rossi’s contact was late. Half an hour late by the time Spencer started to profile the other occupants of the bar. He’d made it through all sitting at the bar when a man sat down in he empty seat beside him. A glance at him through the mirror and Spencer noticed that he was looking right at him using the mirror as well.

“Hey dere pretty t’ing,” the man said as he smiled at Spencer.

“Hello.” Spencer hoped that barely engaging the man would have him moving on.

“Y’ look mighty lonely,” the man said his Cajun drawl more apparent. Spencer couldn’t help comparing his speech to Will and then that led to JJ which made his heart ache.

“I’m just fine.” Spencer swept the room with his eyes again, when he had done that, his eyes dropped to his hands that were gripping the glass of tea.

“Now don’t go lyin’ to Remy, cher. Y’ came in wit’ de older homme and he left you at the bar alone. Been watchin’ y’.”

“Do you always stare at people, sir?” Spencer spared a glance back up at the man in the mirror. He wasn’t looking at him using the mirror anymore. No he was facing him. Spencer hadn’t even heard him shifting around on the stool like that. As Spencer looked at him, he shifted even closer.

“I stare at dose worth staring at. And y’ are worth staring at. A few other t’ings as well mais we’ll start wit’ staring.” The leer on the man’s face was noticeable even from the side.

“Can I help you?” Spencer fought back the blush at the words. He wasn’t that used to people flirting with him. He felt safe looking at the man in the mirror now. He was slender like him but Spencer could tell he had muscle on him, even if his trench coat tried to hide it. His shoulder length auburn hair was pulled into a ponytail if Spencer had to guess his age in the dim light, he’d guess he was around Morgan’s age. The man was handsome and his attitude showed that he knew it.

“You wound Remy. I just wanted to keep y’ company since your ami left y’ to fend fo’ y’rself.” The man shifted closer again and if he had wanted to lean over his mouth would be right at Spencer’s hear. “Remy LeBeau at y’r service, cher.”

“Spencer Reid.” Spencer wondered how long he’d have to talk to him before he could excuse himself and not piss off the man. He looked again for Rossi and found him still sitting where he had been.

The bartender setting down a bottle of beer on the space in front of Remy and then a new glass of tea in front Spencer pulled the genius from his watching of Rossi. Spencer looked at the man, who only smiled at him.

“So what kind of cop are y’?”

“Not a cop,” Spencer answered with a smirk forming on his face. This he could do. Words games were fun.

“Oh!” Remy straightened up in his seat with a large smile on his face. His laughter was infectious and Spencer finally turned to face him. He could still see Rossi. The smiling man’s eyes widened at the sight of the full gun on his hip. “Gonna make Remy guess, eh?”

“It’s not worth it if you don’t work for it.” Spencer flirted back. He kept flicking his eyes over to Rossi but no one was paying any attention to him.

“Oh, I knew I’d like y'” Remy leaned forward again, resting his head on hand and that elbow on the bar. “So not a cop. Bodyguard? Dat y’r boss over dere?”

“Me a bodyguard?” Spencer laughed and when he saw the sparkle in Remy’s eyes he got that the man was joking with him. Spencer took a sip of his new glass of tea and started when he felt a hand on his knee. He looked down to see Remy’s hand there, tracing a finger in an unknown pattern on his pants. The genius took another sip to try and get moisture in his mouth. Remy smirked at him before the other man’s eyes flicked to the clock on the wall. Something strange passed across his face then.

“Den how about a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU, eh Doctor Reid?” All evidence of the Remy was gone. He seemed to have completely changed. Spencer let his hand drop down to his gun when Remy started to reach into his coat pocket. The hand on his knee stopped tracing patterns and just settled there. “Don’t get jumpy, Doc. Just getting my own credentials.”

Remy pulled a wallet out of his pocket and flashed a familiar ID at him. Remy was an agent with the FBI as well. “How about we join Rossi at his table, cher?”

Spencer nodded and grabbed his tea before moving over to Rossi’s table as quick as he could. Rossi look at him in shock but he didn’t say a word. He didn’t care if the other agent followed him. Why had Remy flirted with him? This guy was Rossi’s contact? Questions swirled in his head.

“LeBeau, late as always,” Rossi said with a smile on his face.

“Couldn’t pass up the beau homme at de bar,” Remy said as he sat down on the other side of Rossi from what Spencer took. Rossi looked at the bar with a frown on his face.

“Did he run when you left?” Rossi asked.

Spencer could feel his cheeks start to heat up. He looked away from the two men and looked at the bar instead.

Non. He’s still here and he blushes so belle.

Spencer braved a glance and sure enough, Remy was looking at him. Rossi followed his gaze and let out a small laugh.

“I’ve only ever see him blush when the pros hit on him. Of course, you’d make a nun blush. So what do you hear?” Rossi straightened in his seat and changed from relaxed to business Rossi.

“Y’ are correct with y’r profile. Y’r UnSub is a t’ief. The goods he steals are ending up on de blackmarket.” Remy finally shifted his gaze from Spencer to Rossi and the genius was glad. He didn’t like being stared at, even if it meant nothing. “No one will tell me who, other than he’s been in game a w’ile.”

“That’s all you have?” Rossi asked, looking a little incredulous.

Non. I know he’s building up to take out his parents.”

“So a disowned son in New Orleans who is a thief. Who is setting up to go after those who left him.” Rossi’s eyebrow quirked up and Spencer was sure there was something there but he wasn’t even going to draw the Cajun’s attention to him. Remy though just started to laugh.

“Y’re funny, Rossi. I got into town a week ago. Y’ know dat. Quit tryin’ to blame dis Cajun.”

Spencer tried to merge the versions of this man that he had seen in his head. He was upset that the man had seeming flirted with him as a joke. Of course, he was used to it. The only ones that ever seemed to mean it were the prostitutes. Of course, he found they lied less than most other people. He’d be happy when he and Rossi could leave. He needed to think and he couldn’t do it with Remy looking at him. Other than quick scans of the room, Remy’s eyes never left him and Spencer didn’t know what to do with that.

Chapter Two
Spencer was the first to arrive in the conference room. He’d brought a few files to work on while he waited. He barely paid attention as other filed in, he was so engrossed in his files. The sound of Hotch entering right on time had Spencer closing his file. He looked up. His superior wasn’t happy. It was confirmed when the door was shut and the older man didn’t sit down.

“I’ve been overruled on JJ’s non-replacement on the team. It’s now become a use it or lose it position. So we have three options. We can replace her with another liaison, we can replace her with another profiler, and he we can convince the brass to give us another liaison if we can get JJ back, or we can do nothing.”

“What about getting in a trainee?” Spencer asked. Everyone’s eyes turned to him. “Then when we get JJ back it won’t be a big thing?”

“Strauss turned me down on that. She said JJ’s replacement will be a full fledged agent or no one.” Hotch looked tired.

Spencer sighed. He was sure that his face matched everyone else’s but he didn’t look around the room. He kept his eyes on Hotch.

“Who do you have in mind as a profiler?” Morgan asked.

“Dave and I have discussed what we are lacking and there is really only one person he and I would recommend to join the team. As for a new liaison, we have no candidates picked at this time.” Hotch took a deep breath and finally sat down but he was still ran rod straight in his chair.

“What are the chances if we add a profiler and then we can get JJ back that they will add her to the team?” Prentiss asked. Spencer nodded his head in agreement.

“Pretty good. We have the highest solve rate of the teams and every time we add a new member to the count that rate goes up. It would also allow for us to not have to have a full roster on every case. Not everyone would have to be pulled in on all cases if someone is on annual leave. We might be able to have a semblance of life. It also goes in our favor that the last two members to willingly leave did so on a burn out.”

“So where is this agent?” Garcia asked. It was the first time she had spoke up. She had taken the loss of JJ just as hard as Spencer had.

“He’s been in the Bureau since he graduated college, mainly bases in the deep south,” Rossi said and Spencer looked at him. He couldn’t be talking about Remy could he?

“He’s never applied to the BAU before now and hasn’t this time. We think though that he’ll do fine with us. His name is Remy LeBeau.”

Spencer held back the groan. Dropping his eyes to the paper file in front of him he left the worlds of the team wash over him. He catalogued what they said for later review and just shut the noise out. Not only was the man replacing JJ but Spencer was still pretty sore about the joke that was Remy flirting with him. Finally, Spencer tuned back in when he was sure he wouldn’t say something he regretted.

“LeBeau will be joining us in two days for a trial run. He’s closing down his house in New Orleans and from what I’ve been told he already has an apartment here. He’s wanting a change of scenery so even if the BAU isn’t a good fit, he’s taking a teaching position at the academy. Take the next two days to get paperwork done. We are on stand down for at least that long.”

The team took his words as the dismissal they were and scattered. Spencer grabbed his files and exited as well. he quickly got lost in his world and only surfaced for lunch. Hotch leaving for the night prompted Spencer to leave as well. It was early enough that the subway would still have plenty of people on it. He’d brought a thick book to read. He finished it just before his stop with a smile on his face, all thoughts of LeBeau out of his mind.

That smile disappeared as he took in the broke down boxes outside the other apartment on the floor. He’d forgot that it had been up for rent. that meant someone had finally taken it. It had been empty for six months, longer than any of the apartments had been empty before in the building.

Non, Papa. Remy’s all moved in.” The voice carried out the open door and Spencer froze. He knew it. He’s only ever really had one conversation with the owner of the voice but he knew it. He wasn’t shocked when Remy strode out of the apartment and dropped another box on top of the pile. When the other man noticed Spencer out of the corner of his eye. He looked up and a smile broke out on his face. “Papa, I’ll call y’ later. Remy’s neighbor just got home from work.”

Remy hung up the phone and slid it into his pocket before he started towards Spencer.

“Miss Stella said m’ neighbor was another Federal Agent, didn’t t’ink I’d get luck it’d be y’, Doc.” Remy smiled at him as he stopped just a foot in front of him.

“Oh, what a happy coincidence,” Spencer said a tint of hardness in his voice, hoping the other man would take the hint. He didn’t. Instead his eyes lit up.

“Ain’t y’ a snarky one, petit. It dat anyway to talk to y’r new neighbor?”

“I’m sorry, LeBeau, what did you want? A big hug?” Spencer glared at the Cajun as he spoke. The other man only smiled at him before laughing.

“So what’s de best Chinese place that delivers here?”

Spencer’s head swam a little at the sudden change in topic, he wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of it. But when Remy’s stomach growled, he knew why the Cajun had done it.

“Been too busy unpacking and forgot to eat.” Remy actually looked a little ashamed at that admisison but Spencer just shrugged it off.

“I”ll bring you out a menu.” Spencer finally turned to his door, unlocking it. He pulled it shut behind him, not sure how the other man viewed boundaries.

EAD-A/S/R Collared

Title: Untitled
Series: Please Gods NO!
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men
Year: Season 6 (2010)
Tags: BDSM, Bondage, Gags, Collars, Remy LeBeau Is a Little Shit, Threesome, D/s, Doms, Subs,/
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Remy LeBeau/Spencer Reid, Will LaMontagne/JJ Jareau, Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Emily Prentiss, David Rossi/Erin Strauss, Past Aaron Hotchner/Remy LaBeau/Haley Brooks, Past Aaron Hotchner/Haley Brooks,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 6
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Remy LeBeau, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, JJ Jareau, Erin Strauss,
Summary: For years Aaron and Remy have shared subs but never found one that would take both of their collars. Now they have but can they keep up with Doctor Spencer Reid?
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Aaron was sitting at a table, guarding his and Remy’s drinks while the mutant was dancing with a whole group of Subs and Switches. He’d stopped trying to keep track of who Remy was dancing with and instead just kept an eye on him. The rest of the team was scattered around. Dave was at the bar chatting up the uncollared Sub who was serving the drinks. JJ was dancing with her husband and Dom, Will. Prentiss and Garcia were dancing with Morgan. That was a relationship that he’d never be able to understand but the three of them were happy. And all three Agents were better settled into their jobs.

The team was at the club undercover. There was a Sub who was killing Doms at the club and tonight the UnSub was going to strike again. Aaron’s eye was on the Sub sitting at the far end of the bar. He was dressed in a purple silk shirt and a pair of black slacks. The Sub was beautiful. Aaron saw no mark for training but given that many Subs were hiding them nowadays, it wasn’t a shock. Aaron could see Remy and him having a great deal of fun with the Sub. He’d look even more beautiful all tied up and at Aaron’s mercy.

Aaron shifted in his seat; he needed to keep his mind on the job and not on the beautiful Sub at the bar. His eyes made another sweep of the club and when they came to look at Dave, the Sub was gone. Aaron tried to find him but he was lost in the crowds.

“Dave, the Sub at the bar, in the purple. Where did he go?” Aaron spoke into the mic at his cuff.

Dave’s head popped up and looked around. Aaron watched his eyes and noticed when Dave had spotted him. The Sub was dancing with Remy now. It didn’t take long to see that Remy had turned his entire attention to him. The other Subs and Switches were all put out but started to try and find others in the crowd. Making another scan of the room, Aaron spotted a Sub at the edge of the floor, someone who had been in the crowd with Remy. His training mark was displayed on his face. Morsus. His eyes were on Remy and the Sub and there was anger there. Morgan’s eyes were on him as well. Prentiss was nowhere in sight and Aaron didn’t like it. The Morsus Sub made his way across the dance floor and stepped up to Remy, pushing the other Sub out of the way. As soon as the two Sub’s skin touched, Aaron watched as the first Sub’s eyes flashed and he smiled. The Sub was a mutant.

The entire team was focused on what was brewing up to be a fight between two Subs over a Dom. It was rare for that to happen but not unheard of. Aaron was up from his seat as was Dave and they made their way to the middle of the dance floor where no one was dancing anymore.

“I’ve been dancing with him all night!” The Morsus Sub screamed. A knife was in his hand and before Remy could even react, the knife was in the Mutant Sub’s stomach. The Mutant grabbed the other Sub’s hand and held the blade there while Remy finally reacted and pulled out his cuffs. He grabbed the Morsus Sub and pulled him away as Prentiss caught the Mutant as he fell. She tried to hold the knife in but he ripped it out. There was blood everywhere.

Aaron ran and dropped to the side of the Sub, trying to keep as much blood in his body as possible. The Mutant laughed. Was he already going into shock?

“You’ll find the DNA of the other Doms on the blade I am sure. He doesn’t clean his blade well. I could see blood on the hilt. Before mine got all over it.”

“Why did you pull the blade out?” Prentiss exclaimed.

“Because I can’t heal with it inside of me.” The Sub’s hand was strong as it pulled Aaron’s hand away. He looked down and while there was blood all over, there was no gaping wound. “He’d had his eyes on the Mutant Dom all night long and I knew what his plan was.”

“You can read minds too?” Morgan asked.

“No. Body language and behavior. I didn’t think that you all would be watching me and missing him.” The Sub smiled as he tried to stand but Aaron and Prentiss were still a little close. He ended up scooting back some and then standing.

“Who are you?” Dave asked.

“You can call me Spencer.”

“Spencer…” Remy asked. The locals had escorted the UnSub away, leaving the BAU to deal with what happened.

“Are you asking as a Dom or as a Federal Agent?”

That got everyone but Aaron laughing. When Aaron cleared his throat the team stopped. Morgan pulled Prentiss up to her feet and started to back away. Pulling Garcia with him. Dave stayed but JJ and Will followed Morgan and the girls.

“My name is Doctor Spencer Reid. I’m sorry. I’m a little…I get mouthy when I get injured.” Spencer ducked his head down and his entire body language changed to submissive. “My friends say that it has to do with the endorphins and the rush of healing.”

“Ain’t y’ a little young ta be a doctor?”

Aaron knew exactly where Remy’s mind was going. Intelligence was a big attractor to the both of them. There were a lot of Subs who didn’t care to educate themselves outside of their dynamic and pleasure training. For this young Sub to have got himself so much education, his parents had to have been big supporters of him.

“PhDs. Four of them.”

Aaron let his eyes widen in shock. That was a great deal of degrees for someone so young and submissive. “In what?”

“Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering. I have BAs in Psychology and Sociology.” Spencer’s tone was easy and informational. There was no boasting in his words, even though given his age, he should be damned proud of what he had got done in his life so far.

“And de fourth?” Remy asked.


That shocked Aaron more than the others. A PhD in Dynamics takes at least five years of study after earning other degrees. It was inclusive and it took a great deal of devotion. The Sub or Dom that went on that path spent a year at each of the main houses and learned all that they could of Domination and Submission, no matter their own dynamic. This Sub could probably teach more about domination than most Doms. It spoke to his love of learning. That also meant that he had made the decision to get that degree before he’d done his pleasure training as one had to be a blank slate before starting it. He was shocked that he hadn’t been collared right after getting that PhD as every other Sub who completed the degree was. In fact, Aaron had looked it up once. There had never been a Sub who had earned that mark and hadn’t been collared before graduation.There was a single Dom and a single Sub who were accepted into it each year. How the hell had this Sub escaped getting collared?

“Is that how you figured out who our suspect was?” Aaron asked. There was no way that Spencer had missed that Aaron was interested in him.

“No. That was just understanding humans in general. I knew the BAU was on the case but I know that at current there is only a single Sub on the team. Ethan, the third victim, was a close friend of mine.”

“From New Orleans. Was he up here visiting you?”

“No. He was here for a concert. The all Sub choir that performs at Georgetown, trying to find a replacement singer for the bar he owns in New Orleans.”

“We knew that. What other ability do you have?”

“So you saw the flash of my eyes?” Spencer smiled and gave a small laugh. “I can borrow powers. It’s not dangerous to the person I borrow them from and I can choose if I do borrow them. The current power I am borrowing is one from a Dom who wouldn’t take no for an answer. His ability is illusions. The UnSub of yours, he has the ability to create live butterflies that die five minutes later. He was ridiculed as a teen for it and when the bullies found out he was a Sub as well…It’s what made him snap. As to his stressor…That I am unsure on.”

“Y’ know de lingo.”

“There is little in the world I don’t know a little bit about.”

The lust that he’d been feeling for the Sub earlier when watching him was coming back, strong. Aaron needed to get away from Spencer before he did something that wouldn’t be good.

“LeBeau, get his statement and contact information.”

“You have my contact information, Agent Hotchner. It’s on your desk along with my application to join your unit.”

“What was this? An audition?” Aaron looked at the Sub. There was a flash of something his eyes but then it was gone. Aaron respected Subs and when in the workplace, there was no need for submissive behavior. His dynamic was better fed in the bedroom and not in the office. If this Sub backed down right now, he wasn’t needed on the team. He was harder than any LEO or other agent that Spencer would ever encounter. If this man could stand up to him, he could stand up to them and get his point across.

“No. I was just having fun with friends when I noticed that the Sub had a lock on Mr. LeBeau here. I never thought he’d draw a knife. I came over to dance with him to try and force him into trying to get Mr. LeBeau separate from all of us. He had been dancing in the crowd on and off all night. He did not react the way I predicted. If I had approached any of you and told you that he was your UnSub what would you have done?”

Aaron knew what he would have done. He’d have watched Spencer more closely and probably missed the real UnSub until he’d already stuck a knife in Remy’s gut. That stopped Aaron cold. Remy and he had made their confessions of love years before but both of them were Doms and there was no chance of either of them ever submitting enough to the other to satisfy their dynamics. Instead, they shared Subs. They lived in the same house and on occasion slept in the same bed. They’d even fucked before but it was never enough. They needed a Sub they could share. Someone who would want to be collared by two Doms.

“I know that I have several files on my desk. With three Doms, three Switches, and a single Sub, I’ve been pressured to find a Sub for the team. Agent LeBeau will take your statement and then if your friends aren’t around one of the LEOs will escort you home.”

“Of course, Agent Hotchner.” The way the Sub caressed his name had him hardening in his pants. It sounded as sexual as when a Sub called him Sir or Master. He didn’t like Master but with some Subs it just came off their tongue when in the middle of a scene. Remy tightened his leather coat across his front and Aaron knew that he was having the same reaction. The look on Spencer’s face said that he knew the effect he was having and he was enjoying it. “We can go back to the table and settle in, Agent LeBeau.”

Spencer turned and moved towards the table.

“Better have Prentiss join Remy at de table. It might be safer, yea?” Remy’s eyes were in exactly the same spot that Aaron’s were. On Spencer’s ass. The slacks were just tight enough that the cloth showed off the swell of his ass but wasn’t skin tight. It just made him all the hotter in Aaron’s eyes.

“Not Dave?”

“I’m more scared o’ Prentiss dan of Rossi. De kid will eat Rossi alive. Not exactly sure he ain’t gonna eat me alive.” The Mutant didn’t look like it was a bad thing.


Remy sat down at the table where Spencer had taken a seat. The Sub was twirling the straw in what had been Aaron’s drink. It was what looked like a Jack and Coke just there wasn’t a drop of Jack in it.

“Who are we waiting on?” Spencer asked, his voice pitched low so that no one but Remy could hear.


Spencer chuckled and it wasn’t hard to see the laughter in his eyes. “I’ve always put Doms ill at ease since I started my Universus training. Especially since I turned down every collar offered.”

“How many collars is that, Doctor Reid?” Emily asked as she sat down beside Remy. Remy smiled at the Switch happy to have her there. He wasn’t scared of Spencer but he was scared of what he could say or do. He was in control of himself but he flirted as easy as he breathed and he hadn’t felt a strong natural attraction to anyone outside of Aaron in a long time. Right now in the limbo time of his application sitting on Aaron’s desk but not yet on the team, was about the only time that neither Aaron nor him could go after him. Once the decision was made for him to join the team or not, the pursuit could happen.

“My mother turned down seventeen before I turned eighteen.”

“That many?” Emily asked.

“I was in my sixth year of college then. I graduated high school at twelve and as soon as I did I applied for the Universus track. I knew that I wouldn’t be allowed to do it until I turned eighteen but I wanted to make sure that I had the spot. Three members of the board offered conditional collars to me before the interview was done. I started on the Cal-Tech campus just before I turned thirteen. I had my first doctorate by seventeen and two more plus two BAs before I turned twenty.”

“Dat had t’ be hard.”

“Doms wanted me as a prize. It’s why I remained uncollared.” Spencer turned to look Remy fully in the face. “It’s why the Dom or Doms that collar me are going to have to prove they want me for more than just my pretty face and my ability to be a trophy Sub.”

Remy gulped. That was a challenge if he’d ever seen on and he needed to tell Aaron soon. Emily started the interview. Taking Spencer back through the entire night while Remy his reactions and emotions under control. He asked his own questions as needed. There was something more to it though. He waited though to ask for when the cognitive interview was done.

“Y’r memory recall is astounding.”

“I have an IQ of 187, a reading speed of twenty thousand words per minute, and an eidetic memory. That would come in hand on cases, wouldn’t it? Agent Hotchner?” Spencer smiled at someone behind Remy and the Mutant turned slightly to see the other Dom standing there.

“It’s going to help in your interview. Section Chief Strauss will be getting a hold of all candidates in the morning. I’m sure that we will be seeing you soon. Did you two get everything you needed?”

“All that and more,” Emily said with a strange smile on her face.

“Then you are free to go Doctor Reid. Did your friends stay?”

“Yes. They outside waiting in the car.” Spencer slipped out of the booth and bowed his head slightly at Aaron and then Remy. He smiled at Emily. Derek watched him leave and Dave followed him to the door. After two minutes he turned and nodded at Aaron. The Sub had made it safely to his friends.

“What did you mean all that and more?”

“I know why Doctor Reid didn’t put down his Universus training on his application. He is proud of what he can do and he is proud of what he has done but he wants this job based on his ability to profile and that’s it. He was born submissive; he was born with his IQ, his reading speed, and his eidetic memory. If this was a few hundred years ago, he’d have been collared to a king or a statesman and used until his brain broke. We’ve been careful tonight. It was obvious that JJ and Will were a couple, the collar on her neck gave it away. Morgan, Garcia, and I danced with each other but we danced with others more. Rossi stayed at the bar, you and Remy swapped off sitting at the table, ‘guarding’ the drinks. Yet somehow he figured out that you and Remy are a couple Hotch. Even though it’s just this side of taboo. He saw that. He also knew that the three of us were a triad.”

“Wouldn’t his Doctorate show up on de background check?”

“No,” Aaron said. He’s looked up so much on that degree when he’d been younger. “There are only a few that have access to the records of who gets that degree. It’s been that way forever. It’s done that way in fear of someone forcing a collar on the Sub or forcing the Dom to collar someone they don’t want. His other degrees would have shown up as well as a note that for more information, they need to see whichever house the Sub applied to for the degree. There are a whole bunch of other reasons that their file would be flagged that way. I have one because while I was marked by Adligo, I completed enough sessions at Perdisco to gain their Mark as well. All I’d have to do is go to the school and get it done.”

“That’s rare right?” Emily asked and Remy nodded before Aaron could do or say anything.

“I was able to do all the sessions during summer and breaks as soon as I started college and I finished the last Perdisco one just before taking the bar exam.”

“So are we good? We can pack up, because we all need sleep. And my bed is ten minutes away.”

Remy laughed. Local cases were sometimes worse. When one knows their bed is so close but they can’t sleep in it due to the case. It was something that Remy was used to after his years with the X-Men. Of course, no one outside the team knew that. Remy had made sure when he’d finally started the process to join the FBI that he couldn’t be connected with the X-Men. The only person he kept in contact with was Logan. There were those he missed but he wouldn’t ever go back. This was his life now and he was happier here than he’d ever been.

“You guys go ahead. Dave and I’ll take care of trying to get a confession. Remy’ll stay with me.”

Remy could see the slight fear in the other Dom’s eyes. Spencer’s words had struck pretty close to his heart when he’d asked what they would have done. It was a forgone conclusion that if that had happened, no one would have focused on the UnSub until he’d already tried to hurt Remy and in the club, his charm wasn’t that great at picking out single emotions from strangers outside of a large blaring intent sign that could have come from anywhere. Aaron and Remy were connected more than Remy had ever felt with anyone else, even Rogue. He’d been willing to be different than what he had been for her. Rogue was a Switch and Remy had been in love, or so he thought. What he felt for Aaron ran so much deeper and stronger than any emotion he’d ever had for her. He wasn’t going to be allowed too far from Aaron for a while.

Of course, if they were going to start courting Spencer, there would be little time apart anyway. If Spencer was anything like he had been tonight all the time, he was going to be perfect for the both of them. Neither him or Aaron wanted a weak little Sub. That he’d applied to the BAU meant he’d passed the academy. He was smarter than Remy could even comprehend. And he was beautiful.

Their dreams until they finally got the Sub in bed were going to be rough. Remy knew that he had a good imagination and he knew that Aaron’s was exceptional as well. Need was written all over Aaron’s body so Remy made plans for the night before they finally allowed themselves to crash.


Aaron was happy to come home. There had been enough evidence to try the Sub for his crimes but a confession was always best when it was crimes between a Sub and a Dom. The lawyer that the Sub had asked for had looked at his crimes as well as the evidence and had talked him into confessing it all. Aaron and Dave had sat in on a four hour confession.

“Do y’ want me to call Lisette?” Remy asked as he stepped in and shut the door. It was close to midnight but Lisette would still be awake. If she hadn’t secured a Dom for the night, she’d come over for some play but that wasn’t what Aaron wanted.

Wiping a hand over his face, Aaron turned to face Remy.

“I know. Y’ want de boy. Mais I want de boy too but y’ know we can’t touch him until his application is processed. We are gonna have t’ settle for fucking each other or calling Lisette tonight cause Remy is too tired to go seduce a Sub.”

Aaron laughed and the smile on Remy’s face told him that it was the Cajun’s point. Just that laugh released most of his tension. The only tension left wasn’t going to go away unless he fucked something or did he want Remy to fuck him?

“What do y’ want, Aaron?”

“I’m too tired to even try seducing Lisette tonight.”

“So y’ t’ink y’ gonna fuck Remy ‘cause he’s easy?” Remy’s grin broadened on his face, to cut the sting of the words. Aaron stepped closer, catching the slightly taller man’s hair and pulling the band out of it.

“You’ll always spread your legs for a good fuck, LeBeau but tonight I think I’m going to have you fuck me.”

“Y’ say de sweetest t’ings.” Remy pulled Aaron in for a kiss. It was always so strange at first to kiss Remy. There was no give. It was a fight the entire time. But it got his blood boiling. Teeth clashed and hands roamed. Remy started to pull back but Aaron wasn’t ready to stop. He followed right after him. The husky chuckle from the Dom told Aaron that Remy was playing with him. “We ain’t fucking in the living room, Hotchner. I may be easy but I want a bed.”

Aaron chuckled back and leaned in again for a kiss but Remy shoved at his chest.

“Y’ get y’r ass up in de bed. Naked and stretched while I lock up.” A hand came down on Aaron’s ass and it stung but Aaron didn’t strike back. Instead he started to undo his tie. When it was loosened enough for him to tug it off, he slung it around Remy’s neck.

“Keep that on. I want to see you stride into the room naked except for my tie.” Aaron knew he’d do it too. Turning quickly up the stairs, Aaron bypassed the two bedrooms at the front and ignored the shut door to the master bedroom. When he’d bought this house and moved into a few years back, he’d have sworn he’d found a Sub to collar by then. Instead he fell for a snarky assed Cajun Dom. Of course, he hadn’t found a Sub he’d be happy with in that time either.

The door to Remy’s room was shut but Aaron always kept his open. He went straight for his room. Subs that were brought into the house were never taken to the master bedroom. Instead they were taken to the basement where their full play room was. It was divided into two rooms. There was the main room where Aaron’s favorite things were. Ropes and chains lined the walls. There were shelves with toys and implements but while Remy and Aaron liked a little pain in their play, they didn’t use it overly much. The smaller room was set up with a king sized bed and it was more Remy’s domain. It had a great deal more toys as well as the equipment to clean the toys. There were hooks and such for bindings but not as much as in the main room.

It had been a while since they’d had a Sub that would allow Remy to use his Mutant ability with them. Remy’s main ability was to kinetically charge items to cause them to explode. After another Mutant had got their hands on him and tried to experiment, the Dom had come away with a new twist on his powers. He could still cause things to explode but he could also tune his charge to turn more towards electricity. Anything he touched could become a stun weapon or in the case of their play, a toy that gives off electricity close to a violet wand. Aaron didn’t like it but he knew some Subs that adored it. He liked the result of what Remy did though and he loved watching it.

Stripping took no time at all. The lube was out on the nightstand already. As were condoms but those weren’t going to used. Neither of them played and took risks but when it was just the two of them, the feel of skin on skin helped calm them. The next weekend they had off, they were going to find a Sub to share for the weekend. They both needed a good long, hard fuck with a Sub.

Aaron started to stretch himself as he thought about Lisette. She was a widowed Sub who lived down the road with her three children. All the Doms on the street kept an eye on her and the unattached ones topped her when she wanted. The children moved around from house to house as wanted, playing with other children and getting watched when Lisette wanted time to herself or was entertaining. The Ardor Sub was only thirty three, young enough to still catch the eye of a good Dom but she’d never take another collar. Ardor Subs and Doms collared for life. Lisette still wore the collar of her Dom and the only time it came off was when she would need to clean it. Aaron was the only one who had that honor. He’d place her secondary collar on her neck and then remove the other so she could clean it. Hell he was her emergency contact for her and the kids. Her husband and Dom had been in Boston with him. He’d been one of the agents to loose their life in the bombing by Adrian Bale. As soon as his insurance money had been awarded to her as well as her husband’s money from the FBI, she’d moved down to Virginia. Aaron had known Albert from Seattle and it was then that Aaron had been made the emergency contact for the family if he was not reachable.

Hearing Remy’s feet on the stairs, Aaron was a little shocked. The former thief usually made no sound. Aaron dropped the lube on the pillow and bent over the bed a little, his fingers still buried in his ass, balanced on one arm. He wasn’t going to be naked and on the bed like Remy wanted. He wanted fucked not dominated. There was no sound behind him but he didn’t dare turn. He knew the head games that Remy played with him and he played right back. The noise on the stairs to let him know that the Dom was coming but it was now too silent.

Aaron pulled his fingers free from his ass, trying to listen to breathing but there was nothing. Spreading his legs and settling more, Aaron got ready to look between his legs to see if he could see Remy’s feet when he felt a hand on the small of his back and then his entrance was being pressed against. He relaxed and Remy slid inside of him in one go. He groaned it had been too long since he’d been fucked. “I thought we were fucking in bed. You said you wanted a bed.”

“Y’r on de bed, kind of.” Remy pulled out and thrust back in. “All Remy wanted was to be able to just fall over and sleep.”

The chuckle that brought forth was cut short when Remy thrust in again harder than before. While they were both tired, Aaron knew the thought of Spencer in their bed, in their playroom was something that had been racing through his mind all night and it had to have been going through Remy’s as well. Spencer naked, on his knees with a ball gag in his mouth, begging with his muffled cries for more, hands bound behind his back.

Remy and Aaron had perfected the art of tying up a Sub and using whatever rope Aaron had used to tie said Sub up and charging it. The charge would dance from one end of the rope to the other. A Master at Morsus had heard about it and had wanted to see it done to his Sub. The Sub had come just from it. He let that thought carry him closer to orgasm. That was part of why Aaron loved sex with Remy sometimes. He didn’t need to worry about being there mentally for the sex. He could make up a fantasy in his head and the other Dom didn’t care. Remy was usually doing the same.

“Y’ t’inking of our boy? Hoping it was him fuckin’ y’?” Remy’s hands settled on his shoulders and one pulled hard, pulling his body into the other man’s. The other hand though scratched down his back. Hard enough to raise a welt but not enough to bleed. Aaron closed his eyes and pictured Spencer fucking him. Remy knew his kinks better than most and a Sub scratching at his back was high on things that got him off fast. He figured it was part of why he liked to tie them up so much. So they couldn’t touch. “Come on, Aaron. Y’r so close.”

Aaron knew he was too. He shifted the focus of his fantasy. To Spencer underneath of him, hands above his head, holding onto the bar at the top of the bed, gag in his mouth as Aaron fucked him hard and fast. Spencer’s body curled in orgasm pushed Aaron over. He groaned his completion and felt Remy still. That was one thing that Remy was excellent at, holding off orgasm to satisfy lovers. It was Lascivio training at its finest. Pulling Remy down with him, Aaron collapsed onto the bed. The Dom grunted and then laughed, rolling carefully off him as soon as he was able to without hurting him.

“Strauss wants the interviews of the three Subs done as soon as possible. She’s setting them up for tomorrow. I know who she is going to want. Hell, as soon as I found out he was a Doctor of Dynamics, I wanted him even if he failed out of the academy. I had Garcia send me his file. He didn’t have the Doctor thing in it. Prentiss is right and I am not going to bring it up to Strauss. I’m also going to make sure he’s last interview.”

Remy chuckled as he stood up. Aaron knew that he needed to get up and shower. The morning was going to come too soon. A slap on his ass had him rolling over. The cold air of the room hit the sticky all over his chest where he’d dropped in his own wet spot and he shivered.

“Strauss ain’t gonna pick someone else. She is gonna pick who y’ want because she’s learned that y’ know what’s best for de team, despite what she t’inks. Now up! We can sleep in my room and worry about de mess later.” Remy held out his hand and Aaron let himself be pulled up. He looked at the messed up bed briefly but agreed he was too tired to change the bedding. He moved to his bathroom and Remy moved to his bedroom.

A quick shower later and Aaron dropped down into bed with Remy. The Mutant rolled and laid his head on Aaron’s chest and snuggled close. Aaron was asleep before he knew it.


The first two interviews went really well. Aaron would have picked either of them in a heartbeat. Erin liked the second one better.

“Why did you schedule Doctor Reid after lunch?” Aaron asked as he jabbed his chopsticks into his carton of Thai.

“I wanted a chance to talk to you. As you know, I’ve been having some issues at home. Linton and I are divorced as of this morning. I removed his collar then as well.”

“That’s why you are wearing a turtleneck. I’m sorry, Erin. Have you…” Aaron set down his food and looked at Erin. She didn’t look like he thought she would.

“The Assistant Director has already offered me a guardianship. My place here is not in question. I wanted to talk you about Dave.”

Aaron stopped at that. Dave had been in love with Erin for years. It had been part of why he’d left the Bureau the first time. He hadn’t been able to see them in love and happy. He’d bought a collar for her a long time ago. Aaron had seen it on several occasions in his safe at his house.

“I asked for the divorce six months ago and Dave is aware of this. Linton and I had to go through the mandatory marriage counseling but the crux of the issue came down to the fact that his new position at his job looks better if his Sub is sitting at home and I am not cut out for that.”

“If you hurt him.”

“I should have divorced Linton the first time that he cheated on me. Dave would have paid for it and I would have been a free woman in less time than it took now. The Judge laid the fault of the divorce on Linton as he married and collared me when I was younger but no less driven. As the Judge put it, if he thought that marrying him would make me want less out of life, he should have figured that out before he married me. Also it was stated in our contracts what I wanted and that has never changed.”

“And what do you want from me?”

“Given that I am so close from a divorce, it’s mandatory that all dates are supervised and since you know both Dave and I.”

“That’s fine. I can do that.”

Erin smiled at him and Aaron relaxed back into his seat some. He now knew why Dave hadn’t taken a Sub home in six months but seemed to be searching to not throw any suspicion on him. Dave’s bed was only ever empty by choice.

“I’m glad. Now this Doctor Reid. He was at the club last night. I’ve read over the report. His movement through the academy was a little spotty but once a teacher was found who was able to teach him hand to hand in a way he understand and was able to do, he seemed to do fine. Academic wise, he’s a wet dream for the unit. There wasn’t a test that we put in front of him that he wasn’t able to pass. Firearm qualification, once he switched to the revolver he did a great deal better. Of course, you have Morgan on your team as the brute muscle. Why did you want him to go last?” Erin had picked up on the change and Aaron knew that she would jump on it. There was a reason she was the section chief and that no one, Doms included, had ever questioned it.

“During the course of the investigation last night, Doctor Reid’s full measure as as profiler came out. We are allowed to omit things from applications that we wish to as long as we disclose all things that show us in a bad light. We omitted them from the case workup as it had no bearing on the case. I want you to be able to give him your full attention.”

“You’ve made the decision already that you want him on the team, haven’t you?” Erin’s eyebrow raised and he could only laugh.

A knock at the door stopped discussion. Erin called for whoever it was to enter. Remy opened the door but leaned on the door jamb instead of fully entering. “We fucked.”

“Agent LeBeau?” Erin asked as she looked between the two of them. It was well known about their relationship. Erin had been told when Aaron had fast tracked Remy through the academy and then into the BAU. Erin was also used to his manner of speaking when inside safe places, her office was one and the bullpen another. His language was much better when on cases.

“He’s in a suit. Tie all crooked wit’ a purple scarf. Remy caught Morgan eying his neck. De little shit is just going ta fuck wit’ us.”

“Aaron?” Erin asked.

“Doctor Reid. Spencer.”

Erin started laughing and looked between the two of them again. “I am assuming he issued a challenge last night?”

“No. He issued de challenge this morning. Striding in here showing off his unadorned neck. He’s also not said a word ta Remy. He’s chatting wit’ Morgan, Prentiss, and Garcia right now. JJ said hi and went back to her office. Rossi’s watching wit’ a smirk on his face.”

“So Doctor Reid is interested in you, Agent LeBeau?” Erin looked a little worried about that. She knew that they wanted a Sub to share and no one who was ever interested in only one of them ever got more than a single night.

Non, Ma’am. De Sub be interested in both Aaron and Remy.”

“You told him?” Erin asked as she looked at Aaron again, her eyes wide in shock.

“No. He knew that from watching us all night. I never touched Remy while we were on site. Whatever body language he saw, he figured it out from that. He also figured out Morgan, Garcia, and Prentiss. That’s why we want him on the time. Also, his healing factor.”

“Yes, his application has his mutant abilities as locked. That only happens when there is a chance of abuse.”

“De homme can borrow powers. Currently he can create illusions. And he healed quick. An old friend of mine healed like that. Never found something that could kill him.” Remy turned and looked behind him, a look of pure lust filled the features of his face and Aaron knew that Spencer was outside the office now. Aaron closed up his lunch and watched Erin do the same. She grabbed the food and looked at the time. He followed her gaze. Spencer was right on time.

“Doctor Reid,” Remy said as he bowed his head a little.

“Agent LeBeau. You look well…rested this morning.” Spencer stopped at the doorway with Remy and held out his hand for a shake. Remy took the hand but didn’t shake. He twisted the hand up and kissed Spencer’s knuckles. “Aren’t you just a charmer.”

“Doctor Reid, thank you for changing your interview time. With the case last night we had a few issues that needed taken care of this morning.”

“It was no problem, Chief Strauss. I’m always at your service.” Spencer wasn’t looking at her though. He was looking at Aaron. Remy was right, he was issuing a challenge. “Will Agent LeBeau be joining us for the interview?”

“No. I’ll be going back to de bullpen.” Remy pulled the door shut with him as he stepped out. Aaron stayed standing, waiting for Spencer and Erin to sit down before he did. It was old fashioned but he always did it around Erin to show her that he respected her.

“You have Perdisco listed as your training school, Doctor Reid.”

“My application isn’t not in fact full. When needed Perdisco is the school I put down and it’s what would be listed on my background check but Chief Strauss I did not get my mark from Perdisco. I have a Doctorate in Dynamics. Agent Hotchner was keeping it quiet I am sure since he would know it wasn’t on my application but it came up last night.”

Aaron watched as Erin’s eyes moved to Spencer’s neck.

“You are aware that as a field agent, you would have to wear a guardianship collar.”

“I was made aware of this, no matter the unit I was placed in. I know that normally the unit chief holds the guardianship collar but there have been cases where someone else held the collar.”


“I’ll accept a collar from Agent Rossi.”

“Why do you not want Agent Hotchner to hold your collar?” Erin was looking at Aaron. “Do you not trust him.”

“It’s not a matter of trust. I probably trust him and Agent LeBeau more than I should. I won’t accept a guardianship collar from someone that I would submit to. My teachers share your exacerbation. I was a dream to fill with knowledge but when it came to my dynamic, I only submitted to strong Doms. If Agent Rossi is unwilling, I will take one from Agents Morgan or Prentiss.”

“That will help you in the field. Agent Jareau has had issues with Doms and even Switches in the field. I think Doctor Reid that you will fit in just nicely with the BAU team.” Erin smiled and waved them out of her office. That told Aaron that she accepted his choice and his reasonings but the smirk on her face when Spencer turned after shaking her hand told him that she was going to enjoy the courting.

Spencer had a lot to do to get his full transition into the BAU. He went right towards HR and never spared a backward glance at him. Even without the mark that placed Spencer high on the ranks of Subs, Aaron and Remy would have wanted to court him. Remy had been raised that all Subs needed courting even if they didn’t feel that it was necessary. Aaron had seen first hand what incompatibility outside of the bedroom would do to a bonded pair. Every single Sub that he’d ever tried to win over had loved his old fashioned way of treating them when not in a scene.

“Trouble, Aaron?” Dave asked as Aaron entered the bullpen. For just after lunch it was surprisingly empty. Only his team in the room, even Morgan whose office was down the hall a little ways.

“Depends on who you ask.”

“What did Strauss say about Doctor Reid?” Morgan asked.

“He’s going to HR now to get everything set to join the team. There is one thing though.” Aaron debated taking Dave aside for the discussion of the guardianship collar but he decided that it was something that the whole team needed to know. When in the field, Dave was responsible for him. If he got hurt, it would have to be Dave that made medical decisions for him. The team needed to know that so that time wasn’t wasted going to him.. “Dave he’s requested that it be you that gives him the guardianship collar. I’ll give you both time to discuss his wishes with medical issues.”

“But…” JJ looked at Aaron, shocked.

“Doctor Reid stated to Chief Strauss that he won’t allow someone to hold his guardianship collar that he would ever submit to. Morgan and Prentiss are the backups.”

Dave’s eyebrow rose at that. The sound of the elevator dinging alerted them that people were coming back from lunch. Aaron nodded up to the round table room. The team all filed up to the room, pulling the doors shut.

“Even if the reasons are spread, it’s going to look bad on you, Hotch,” Garcia said.

“Not really,” Prentiss said with a large near leering smile on her face. “Right up until the first time they see how Reid reacts around Hotch and Remy.”

“What?” Garcia asked, looking around at all of the team.

“You missed that?” JJ asked.

“Missed what?”

Hotch couldn’t help the blush that tried to creep up his neck. The team never questioned his relationship with Remy, just happy to see him at least trying after Haley had left. They saw all walks of life in their line of work and two Doms in love wasn’t anything to bat an eyelash at.

“Doctor Reid isn’t going to stay uncollared for long, Baby Girl,” Morgan said as he looped an arm around her. He pulled her close and smiled at Prentiss. “He’s caught the eye of two very nice Doms and doesn’t seem to mind trying to get their attention.”

“Their?” Garcia looked at Aaron and then Remy and smiled. “That’s so lovely. What’s he like after he calmed down after getting stabbed?”

“Smart,” Prentiss said. Her eyes tracked to Remy and then Aaron, silently telling him that she was going to let them explain the rest.

“Doctor Reid is going to take getting used to,” Aaron said.

“That’s a very diplomatic answer,” Dave said.

“We haven’t exactly worked with him. How he was last night is not predictor of how he is going to be working. He’s not weak.”

“He lasted through a Doctorate in Dynamics, they don’t accept weak in that,” Morgan pointed out. He kissed Garcia’s forehead and smiled. “And you two would crush a weak Sub.”



Aaron watched as Remy and Spencer kissed. It was hot watchin it. The top of Spencer’s shirt was undone where Aaron had worked on opening it while he’d had his turn at kissing him. Spencer’s back was to him now and he had his hands trailing on Spencer’s stomach and chest. He’d not touched his nipples yet. He was responding wonderfully. Aaron knew his control was slipping and he knew he needed to get under control soon but he didn’t want to let the Sub out of his lap. Dave had escorted Spencer to the house and had removed the guardianship collar, giving it to Aaron to hold just in case a case came up. It generally wasn’t done when an FBI agent was being courted but there were certain situations where it was done and Spencer would have said something if he wanted it left on for safety of his own mind.

“What do you want Spencer?” Remy asked as he pulled back from kissing the Sub. Aaron pulled at his hips to press the younger man’s ass into his crotch harder. When Spencer had agreed to a date with the two of them, he’d been shocked when the Sub had agreed to a date at their house. There wasn’t a thing in the world that Aaron could ever do make Spencer do what he didn’t want to do but agreeing to go to a house of a pair of Doms on the first date was rare. It was only their work relationship that made the Sub trust them both. There wasn’t a single thing that either man would do to abuse that.

“Do you know that my Adligo teacher was astounded at how well I took having options taken from me. To not have to make decisions when in a scene. After I was marked by Morsus, which was my last House I trained at, I went back to Adligo. He trained me through everything that a true Adligo Sub would have. He said that whoever finally got me bound at his feet would never let me go. I want to truly let go and I trust you both to do that with you.”

Aaron gripped Spencer’s arms tighter, pulling them back and he felt Spencer relax into his body more. He felt Spencer’s legs spread apart farther and looked over his shoulder to see Remy spreading them. Aaron wanted to never let go.

“So you weren’t just being a tease when y’ gave us dat bullet point list of what y’ won’t do?” Remy asked. Aaron groaned at the memory. He remembered the list. Once they had made their full intentions known, Spencer had given Aaron the list on his way out the door of the bullpen. He’d smiled cheekily and kissed Aaron’s cheek as he passed him. Remy had been getting off the elevator and he got the same treatment. They had taken it home and discussed it. Hard limits had been listed first with a few soft after. The list of soft limits had surprised Aaron, there were not a lot. The one limit that bothered Aaron was listed as a soft limit with only a single proviso. A collar. Spencer required a collar to be gagged, blindfolded, and bound at the same time.

“I had a very thorough education. My list of what I will not do is shorter than what I will. It’s easier.” Spencer’s body was trembling in anticipation.

“As long as we adhere to your list, you don’t care what we do?” Aaron asked whispering in Spencer’s ear roughly.

“No,” came the breathy response.

Aaron felt the younger man jerk in his arms and saw that Remy had pinched the inside of his thigh. He quirked an eyebrow but Remy just nodded up at his face and Aaron looked. Spencer was drifting. “I think that it might be time to move this elsewhere.” He was thankful that they had the next day off. It was a Friday night and unless they were on a case, it was their scheduled day off to get what they needed for their dynamic. Since Spencer had come into their lives, Remy and he had stayed home. The only person in their bed in that time had been Lisette and she had only slept there when her youngest had got sick. She’d near drove herself into the ground. Aaron had to take charge of her and the care of the youngest.

“He’s already going again. I don’t think he’s let go since his Adligo teacher.” Aaron pushed Spencer up and he moved with ease, showing that while he was drifting, he knew where he was. Remy moved to the elevator that had been installed when they had remodeled the entire house to suit their needs. Stairs did not mix with going into or coming out of a scene. There was a set of stairs in case of malfunction or power outage. “Do you have him?”

“Y’ lock up and I’ll get our Sub into the bedroom portion. I t’ink I wanna start in there. Anything y’ don’t want me ta do before y’ get down dere.”

“No more clothes off for him. I want to finish helping undress him. I wanna see his mark.” Aaron leaned over and kissed Remy.

“That’s hot,” Spencer whispered when Aaron pulled back. “Thankfully, I have a very big watching kink. I want to try getting off that way some time.”

“What way?”Aaron asked.

“Watching you two together while I can’t touch. You or myself. Bound either on the floor on my knees or chained to a ceiling. See if I can come that way.”

Aaron groaned and pressed his palm into the base of his cock. Spencer was going to be the death of them. He was going to enjoy every single second of it. He grabbed the Sub and pulled him close, kissing him so hard that he was shocked that he didn’t split his lip. He pushed Spencer into Remy’s waiting arms and turned away, before he decided to just take. He only moved when he heard the elevator doors close. Spencer had agreed to stay until at least Saturday night with Sunday open as well. Spencer was fresh out of the academy and there was no playing at all for uncollared Subs. There was no playing for a Dom either unless they had a collared Sub for more than a year. Doms had tried in the past to collar a Sub for the duration of the academy and then remove the collar at the end. After that it was made mandatory that the Subs had to be collared a year before the Dom was allowed away to play. Finding play while in the academy with someone who didn’t hold your collar or has your collar will get one thrown out. There were different rules for Switches and those were something that Aaron hadn’t paid much attention to.

When the house was secure, Aaron made his way to the back of the house to use the steps. The stairs came out in the bedroom portion of the basement. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was going to walk into but Remy sitting in the large arm chair in the corner with Spencer on his knees in front of him with the only point of contact between them being where Remy had his hand on Spencer’s shoulder wasn’t it.

“Spencer just informed me dat his Adligo teacher did a little more dan mark him when he left de house the first time.” Remy pushed at Spencer until he turned around and then the Dom slipped down to the floor between him and the chair. He gripped the shirt and opened it a little. Aaron regretted not going after his nipples in the living room. Spencer had both of his nipples pierced and two black rings were laying down against his skin. “Y’ know what y’ want ta do, Aaron.”

Aaron dropped to his knees as Remy pulled back at Spencer to shift him from his knees to where he was sitting on his ass. As soon as he was situated, the Sub dropped his legs open. Aaron moved to where he was pressing his legs open as wide as he could and know that it didn’t hurt him. He reached out and traced skin around one of his nipples as Remy trapped the Sub’s arms so he couldn’t move. Aaron leaned over and kissed Remy as his little finger slipped into the ring, he tugged gently, hearing the moan from Spencer. He dropped his other hand down to find the hard cock trapped in pants.


“Like you’ve been doing to us for weeks?” Aaron asked. He pulled back and bit at Spencer’s ear.

EAD-Pen Pals

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men,
Year: Season 7 (Starts in January 2012)
Category: Crossover,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau,
Spoilers: All Seasons
Summary: As a way to connect with anyone, Spencer picks a random PO Box in New York to send a letter to. He writes that he is looking for a friend to just talk with. Someone he can tell anything to and has no illusions to burst. The man who gets the letter is in need of a friend like that as well. They find a wonderful connection with each other as the letters progress.
Notes: In an undetermined X-Men universe, basically, I made my own with X-Men characters.
Warnings: None

Spencer looked at the letter in his hand. It was all handwritten just like the letters he sent to his mother. The contents of this letter though was more open than anything he had ever told anyone ever in his life. A last ditch effort in his life to grab something that would make him happy, Spencer had decided to randomly send a letter to a post office box. A mathematical equation had landed him in North Salem, New York. Another equation had given him the number of one hundred and eight so he had addressed the letter to PO Box 108 North Salem, New York 10560. The return PO Box was the closest to Quantico and he’d used computer skills that few knew he had to make sure it couldn’t be traced to him, just in case. He was desperate, not stupid.

A rub down with a rag had removed prints from the actual letter and he’d used gloves when folding it up and sealing it. He’d used a self sealing envelope so that his saliva wasn’t on it as well. There was so much in the letter that could harm him but writing it had been cathartic and even now as he stood at the mail drop, he felt better for just making up his mind to send it.

Before he could second guess himself for the near hundredth time, Spencer released the letter and let it fall into the box. He sighed and let a smile grace his face.

Hello Friend,

I know that you don’t know me but my name is Spencer. I am not going to tell you my last name but I hope that we can be friends anyway. I am writing this letter to you in hopes of becoming friends with you.

To let you know a little more about myself. I turned thirty a few months ago. I have a PhD in Mathematics. I am not going to be sharing where I work but I work for the government. I will also share that I do solve murder cases and work more hours than I don’t.

When I celebrated my birthday a few months ago, I did so with no one around me. I got a rare phone call from my sick mother and it made my day but those who I consider my family, did not notice. My family is my team. I have known most of them for over seven years, the rest for over five. Finally, just two days ago the team remembered and they did throw a party but it left a sour taste in my mouth when none of them commented on the fact that they had missed it by close to four months.

It was then that I figured out that I needed someone else in my life. I am horrible at making friends, hence this letter. I hope that you reply to me. If you choose not to I will understand, this is little unorthodox but then I am an unorthodox man.

Your New Friend, Hopefully


Remy grabbed his mail out of his box with barely a look at it. It was his most personal box and only family and close friends had the address for it. He slipped the letters into a pocket on his coat and then looked at the small box inside. It was from his tante. He’d make sure and open it as soon as he got to the school. A smile for the young girl working behind to the counter and then he was gone. His car was parked down the street in front of the small bistro he was going to eat his breakfast at. He’d been up and out of the school before most were even awake. Some days that was best.

The waitress was one who knew him well and barely batted an eye at his flirting, just smiled and got him coffee before putting his order in. Pulling out his letters, Remy started going through them. The final one wasn’t from anyone he knew. It was from a PO Box in Quantico, Virginia. He didn’t know anybody in Quantico. It was handwritten, Remy found out when he opened up the envelope. It was neat, like someone who had hand-written a lot of letters. That was rare in the current technological age. Remy set the other letters aside and started to read. He could feel the heartache in the letter and could understand the want of anyone out there that one could count as a friend. He tucked the letter inside his coat, put back in the envelope and in a more protected pocket. He let his mind wander over what he wanted to do.

Breakfast was eaten with little care to paying attention. His mind was on the letter. By the time he was done eating, Remy had made up his mind. He found a store that sold unlined paper and goods pens to write back to his new friend.

Dear Spencer,

Bonjour, my name is Remy. I understand wanting to keep things private for a while. We barely know each other and with you working for the government well, I can understand not wanting certain information to get into unsavory hands. I see from your address that you at least pass through Quantico on a regular basis. That’s at least on the same coast as me.

You shared information with me and I feel I should do the same. I am thirty three and have a Masters in Art History. My job requires me to log a lot of hours as well but not all of it is active like I am sure that yours is. I work at a private school. I am the art teacher.

Je suis désolé on your friends missing your birthday. I’m happy that you reached out to someone and happy that it was me. You and me will get to know each other and become proper amis. I hope you are able to write back soon.

Your Ami,


Choice of Happiness

Title: Choice of Happiness
Series: Choices
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men,
Year: 2015
Tags: Established Relationship,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau, Aaron Hotchner/Beth Clemmons,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 10
Summary: Aaron had thought he’d let go. It took a face to face confrontation with an UnSub to prove that he really hadn’t.
Words: 5,878
Notes: None
Warnings: Canon Character Death,
Beta: Charlie_Remington

Aaron looked around the hall where the museum was hosting a fundraiser. He’d stayed away from politics and other related things for the past five years because he didn’t want to run into anyone from his former life. He’d kept in contact with Dave that was it. He’d cut the FBI out of his life and he really hadn’t regretted it. He taught classes at Georgetown and was happy. Jack had been living with him full time since cancer had taken Haley three years before. It had been caught way too late and there had been nothing that could have saved her. Aaron had paid for her hospice care and made sure that her last moments were spent with him and Jack.

Beth was milling around. She was the reason he was here. A boarding school had opened up two years previous near Quantico and the fundraiser was for them. Aaron had wondered why it needed funds if it was a boarding school but then the truth of the place had come out. It was a boarding school for Mutants. It was the first active, known school for Mutants in the United States. One like it had opened up in London and had been doing wonderful. Aaron was happy that Mutants were becoming less and less hunted in the US.

Mutants were not the scourge of the Earth. Aaron had hunted the worst of the worst and the cases that involved a Mutant being the UnSub had been on average one case per year. Cases against Mutants had averaged five per year.

Aaron knew that something was up. The noise level at the front of the hall had picked up. He looked up just to see the doors being pulled shut by two men with ski masks on. There were nearly two dozen more scattered around. They all carried submachine guns. All of them pulled the triggers, guns pointed up.

“Silence!” One of the men yelled. Other than a few sobbing women, silence fell over the room. “On the ground.”

Aaron pulled Beth down with him, he settled on his haunches while the others dropped to their asses. He looked around. There was no security in the room. The UnSubs had been watching the room. They knew when to strike. It was a lot of them for a simple hold up. He itched to grab his gun but he wasn’t wearing either one of them. He heard someone shifting behind him but didn’t look. He didn’t want to take his eyes off the UnSubs.

“Now. If everyone cooperates with us, they will leave here alive. We are simply looking for one human.”

Aaron’s senses went on alert. The use of the word human shocked him. That meant two things, the masked men were mutants or were pro-humans. Neither was a good thing. The single empty handed man stepped up to the front of the group and looked out. He wasn’t wearing a mask. That was never good.

“The human we are looking for is SSA Doctor Spencer Reid.”

Aaron started at that. Spencer was there? He held back the urge to look around.

“Doctor Reid, please don’t make me hurt someone to make you step up and come with us.”

Aaron was startled when a hand gripped his, opening the palm. He was getting ready to look when a gun was pressed into his hand and he knew what kind of gun it was from the cylinder. It was a revolver. Then the man behind him stood up and breezed past him. He’d know that form anywhere. Spencer.

“I’m here,” Spencer called out.

“Aaron, he’s the guest speaker. I invited him to this. Why do they want him?”

Aaron wanted to know the reason for that as well. He’d not been following the BAU and specially Spencer since he’d left five years before.

“Stay where you are!” The unmasked man called out. He tipped his head and five masked men separated from the group and moved towards him. The civilians scattered from them. “Check his holster. I don’t know if security let him keep his gun or not.”

The first man to make it to Spencer parted his coat and shook his head. Spencer wasn’t armed because he gave the gun to Aaron. Aaron slipped the gun in his pants pocket and Beth saw him do it.

“Where did you get that?” Beth asked, shocked.

“You are alone, Doctor Reid. None of your team is here and the X-Men are in New York.”

“X-Men?” Aaron asked. He knew of the group but he didn’t understand why the X-Men would care about Spencer.

“Doctor Reid is the liaison between the FBI and the X-Men. Do you not follow the news at all?”

One of the masked men ran to the unmasked man with a clipboard in hand. “Sir, Hotchner is here.”

The unmasked man looked down at the clipboard and then back up to the crowd. “Aaron Hotchner, former Unit Chief of the BAU. And Doctor Reid’s ex-lover. How fitting.” The man looked until he found Aaron. When their eyes locked, Aaron held in the shiver. The leader’s eyes lit up at the sight of him. “With Miss Beth Clemmons, the wonderful lady who made this possible. Thank you for getting Doctor Reid to accept this invitation to speak.”

“Aaron?” Beth asked. Aaron cursed silently. He’d discussed that he’d been in the FBI but never talked about what he’d done. It hurt to do that.

“It’s me you want, Jackson. Leave Hotch and Miss Clemmons out of it.”

“No. See this is perfect. The whole world is going to know about this. Your precious Gambit will hear of this. He’ll know he couldn’t stop it and the last thing he’ll know about you is that you cheated. Kiss your ex boyfriend, Doctor Reid or Miss Clemmons dies.”

Spencer turned to look at Aaron. There was pain in those eyes. Aaron stood up and Beth tried to pull him back down but a masked man separated from Spencer and grabbed her. Aaron lunged but the switching off of the safety of one of the guns stopped him.

“That going to get your rocks off? You are an idiot. Gambit will come after you. He won’t stop.”

“He’ll come after the man that has turned down his proposal seventeen times? How many more times are you going to do it, Doctor Reid? How many times are you going to say no? What are you going to do if he never asks again?”

Proposal? Who the hell was this Gambit that they were talking about.

“I’m no more scared of you than I was of Phillip Dowd, Jackson.”

Aaron’s head shot over to look at Spencer. Dowd. Was that for him? He looked down at Spencer’s leg and saw him shift his right leg. Spencer had a secondary weapon there. There was no way that they could take out over twenty men armed with machine guns. What the hell was Spencer thinking?

“Some serial killer you put away? I’m no mere serial killer Spencer. Now kiss him.”

The safety switched off several other guns and Aaron watched as Spencer was left alone and the guards surrounded Beth. He was shoved forward and nearly crashed into Spencer. Spencer steadied him.

“I’m sorry,” Spencer’s voice was soft.

This was everything that Aaron wanted. Spencer leaned in and kissed him. It was a crushing of lips and it was over long before Aaron wanted it to be. Aaron opened his eyes that he wasn’t aware that he’d closed and he looked into Spencer’s eyes. He couldn’t read the emotion in them.

“You call that a kiss? Two lovers separated by time and a death? I’ve kissed my mother’s dead corpse with more passion.” Jackson moved through the crowd and stopped beside Aaron. His machine gun raised up and Aaron could smell the gun oil from it. “Now Doctor Reid. Kiss your former lover and make it so that when Gambit sees this, he’s going to think you still love him.”

Aaron looked at Jackson and then he saw that there was at least one of the masked men filming this. He looked back at Spencer and all he saw was darkness in his eyes. He didn’t know this Spencer. The younger man’s hand at the back of his neck startled him and then lips were crashing on his again. He gasped when his other hand gripped his hip and pulled him close. He was drowning in the feel of Spencer’s tongue inside of his mouth.

It was heaven. Aaron reached out and pulled Spencer even closer using his hips. There was more muscle on his body. He felt the damn break in him. Everything he’d kept locked away. The love he felt for the genius that was now in his arms again. He poured every single bit of that love into the kiss. The cat calls from the masked men were brushed from his mind.

Then it turned to hell.

Aaron couldn’t feel a thing from Spencer. Oh, their tongues were tangled in the younger man’s mouth but there was no emotion. His body was relaxed like this was what he wanted but Aaron could feel the tenseness to his muscles. He was like a cat, ready to spring. His heart broke. There wasn’t an ounce of love in the kiss. The only blessing was that there wasn’t anger.

“Fuck, that’s hot. I can see why women like to watch male on male porn.”

Spencer jerked his face away from Aaron and it was only a split second before Aaron saw the butt of a gun flying towards him. There was a crack and then Spencer was going down. In a move that Aaron would have never believed, Spencer landed on his back, his leg coming up and his hands going down. Then before Jackson could even react, Spencer had the Glock in his hand and aimed. The single shot was deafening in the silent room. Jackson fell to the floor with a bullet hole in the center of his forehead.

Before any of the masked men could react there was shattering glass and a weird noise. Aaron smelled ozone and then the noise sounded again. He drew the revolver from his pocket as Spencer spun, still on the ground and aimed at the masked men that had been holding Beth. She wasn’t there anymore. Women were screaming. It was chaos.

“The X-Men are not in New York. Now Nightcrawler will be back in a few seconds and he’s going to take you someplace. Where you go depends…” Spencer stopped talking when the men dropped their guns, fell to their knees, hands behind their heads.

Aaron looked around to see the place flooding with the mutants he saw on news clips. The doors were opened and many of the guests fled out into the hands of the waiting cops. The noise sounded again and Aaron saw two men standing there. He recognized Nightcrawler now. Blue skin with black leather over it. The other man though, Aaron didn’t recognize. He dropped to his knees beside Spencer and his hand reached up for his hurt cheek.

“Don’t.” Aaron grabbed that hand and tried to shove the man back. He was young but he wasn’t weak. “I heard his bone crack.”

“I know.” The man jerked his hand free of Aaron’s hold and then it was moving towards Spencer’s cheek again. “Doc wants me to make sure it’s iced before you start to talk.”

Spencer nodded and closed his eyes. Aaron watched as a glob of ice formed and was pressed to Spencer’s cheek.

“Fearless is keeping Wolverine and Gambit on getting the civilians calmed down as they flee. Nightcrawler has Miss Clemmons in a cop car at the edge of the blockade. I’m on Spencer duty.”

Spencer laughed and his eyes sparkled. The sound of running feet drew Aaron’s gaze up and he braced but all he saw was the team. Morgan, Dave, Garcia, JJ, and two others he didn’t recognize but he really didn’t look at them.

“Hotch. Man, are you all right?” Morgan asked as he stopped beside Spencer. He looked down at the younger man but didn’t crouch down. Garcia though dropped down to her knees with JJ. JJ took the ice from the man with a leather gloved hand and the man smiled and stood up.

“I’ll go check on the others.” The man clasped Morgan’s shoulder and then he was gone.

“Thanks, Iceman!” Dave called out and then he looked down at Spencer. “You said that he wouldn’t miss the chance. You were right kid.”

“I’m always right,” Spencer said through clenched teeth.

The team laughed.

“How are you doing, Hotch?” A familiar voice asked. Aaron looked at the younger of the two other women and that’s when he knew her. It was Ashley Seaver. Her now brown hair had confused him. He looked at the other woman, he didn’t know her.


“Jackson Swift has been a prohuman supporter who has tried five times before to either kill or capture Reid.”


“You don’t…” JJ stopped and Aaron looked down to see that Spencer was trying to stand up. Garcia was trying to hold him down but he shoved up despite what she wanted. JJ came up with him, holding the ice there.

“Given what I heard Miss Clemmons tell Hotch. He’s not followed the BAU at all.”

“Doctor Reid!” A voice called out. The entire team turned to see a man standing in what was now a pretty empty hall. Aaron recognized him. Cyclops, the leader of the X-Men. “Incoming!” The man was smiling like a loon.

“Fuck,” Spencer said as he dropped the chunk of ice and looked around. “Little shit.”

The sound of claws on tile drew Aaron’s gaze to a broken window at the top of the hall. A flash of brilliant blue and then wings. When what looked like a dragon was five feet away from Spencer there was a shift and then a small child was in Spencer’s arms. A flash of face told Aaron it was a she.

“Aurora, who did you hitchhike with?” Spencer asked as he cupped the back of the child’s head. The child didn’t answer though. She just buried her head in his neck and cried.

“Gambit’s going to be the only one to get her to talk. Go, Pretty Boy. We’ll talk to Hotch.”

Spencer nodded and turned with the crying child still in his arms. JJ kissed his non broken cheek.

“What the hell is going on?” Hotch asked. He raised his hand and realized he still had Spencer’s gun. Dave held out his hand and Aaron handed it over. Spencer’s backup was in JJ’s hands inside an evidence bag.

“We should start at the beginning. You guys go. I’ll handle Aaron and get him back to Beth.”

Aaron watched as the rest of the team left. Garcia hugged him and JJ smiled. Dave ushered him over to a table and they sat down. There were mutants and humans milling everywhere. Dave paid them no mind.

“Six months after you left, Spencer came home one day to find a letter addressed to his guard at the house.”


“The man we met in Las Vegas? That James? Wolverine of the X-Men. We didn’t find that out until much later. The letter detailed that someone was targeting and killing mutants across all fifty states. Like clockwork every single day at noon local time one was dying. Whoever sent the letter knew that his guard’s name and that who he lived with worked with the BAU. Once we were able to confirm that the method of death in three cases was the same and that it crossed state lines, the BAU stepped in. Then the X-Men did as well. We were able to figure out the states but not the cities. That was guesswork until Reid found the pattern.

“By this point in time, we’d got used to Shadow as we all called him. No matter what, he waited in the cities we had cases in, in Reid’s hotel room at night, even when we had to double up. It was a psychotic mutant. He was stealing powers. He thought that Reid was a mutant since he was able to track down his pattern and set a trap. Morgan and I broke into the hotel room where he had Reid tied up and was about to cut out his heart. The room started to glow pink. We were shocked. Shadow stood up from where he’d been knocked out it looked like. He had deck of cards in his hand and five in the other. The five were glowing pink.”

“Gambit.” Aaron recognized the signature of that mutant. The cards and the pink.

“Yes. To say that Morgan and I were shocked was an understatement but Reid wasn’t. He told Gambit not to miss and singe his hair. The UnSub charged at Gambit and in the end he was dead with a knife in his heart. After that it wasn’t hard to get the truth. Wolverine was worried that Foyet would pay to have Reid killed for besting him. Gambit is on guard duty until the needle is placed in Foyet’s arm.”

“Then why does Jackson think that Gambit and Spencer are a couple?”

“That started about a year after you left. Well, that’s when Reid actually said yes to a date with him. That man courted him something fierce. When the Bureau found out he was a mutant, they tried to take him into custody. That was laughable. The end result was that Reid was appointed the liaison between mutants and the FBI. It didn’t take long for the X-Men to approach and talk to him. Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm, Beast, and Wolverine showed up at Quantico to talk to him.”

Aaron sat back and stared at him. He could tell that Dave wasn’t lying but he couldn’t believe it.

“By this point in time there were so many research papers coming out about how the mutant population has less people who commit crimes per percentage than humans. That most mutants who are jailed are attacked first and the humans aren’t given a sentence at all.”

“I’m not that much of a hermit, Dave. I know that.”

“The X-Men were escorted into the round table room. We didn’t even know that Gambit was in the building. Wolverine kept himself back while Cyclops and Reid talked. It took two hours of conversation that few of us understood. Beast chimed in from time to time as did the girls but Wolverine was silent. Finally, Cyclops lost his temper and slammed his fist down on the table. Reid had told us not to step in, no matter what. He crowded Reid into the corner and then he was on his ass.”

“What happened?”

“Reid put him there. Seems that Gambit had been training him in fighting. Reid leaned on what I’ve learned is called a bo staff. Gambit’s signature weapon that isn’t his power. He has a retractable one and had another made for Spencer. Whatever metal it’s made from, doesn’t show up on detectors. Every single X-Man recognized it. Then Gambit entered the room. That’s when Wolverine stood up and hugged Spencer.”

“Gambit’s not left his side since?”

“That bit about the proposals? That’s the truth. That man is so in love with Reid but none of us can figure out what is stopping the kid from saying yes. I know that this has to hurt. That footage? It was being broadcasted. We were all outside watching. Gambit wanted to gut Jackson. I could tell the second that you figured out that Reid wasn’t harboring feelings for you anymore, not active ones. You need to get your head in the right place.”

“Who was the kid?”

“Lapis? She’s five and Reid adopted her two years ago. We caught a stalking case only it turned out to be a lot more than what we thought. She was being stalked by a mutant who wanted the child. She was running from him and before we could track her down, the mutant killed her but never got the location. She was super smart, a geneticist. Left clues for Reid to find the daughter. She became attached to him and he adopted her after she’s fled the home of the X-Men for the third time and traveled a few states to get to him. Right now, he’s the face of the mutant movement in the United States. There are those who want him pulled since he’s obviously in a relationship with a former X-Man but the rest of America and the world are in love with their love story. Gambit’s a probationary agent. He can get into most places and carries a badge.”


“Exactly. Foyet has threatened Reid in seven letters and to whoever will listen. He’s nearly forgotten about you. This last letter had a drawing of what he’s going to do to Lapis.”

“Her name is Lapis?” Aaron’s head was swimming. He needed to get away. He needed to get away from it all. To get home to Jack and where he was safe. Where he could process everything.

“That’s the name the public knows. Her birth name is Aurora. Her powers manifested at the age of one when her father was murdered by the mutant after her.”

“I need to go.” Aaron stood up and blindly walked until he found the exit. He heard Dave calling after him but all he saw was Beth sitting in the back of a police car with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. She was up and in his arms before he could blink. He heard Morgan’s voice but he ignored him. Pulling Beth to the car, he found his keys in his pocket and pushed them into her hands. She nodded.

Aaron knew that he had to have zoned out because it wasn’t long before they were pulling up outside his apartment. He could see the lights on. Jessica was still awake. He wondered if she had seen the news. He hoped that Jack hadn’t.


Spencer watched as Aaron fled the museum. He looked out and found Kurt. The man nodded and then disappeared. Tonight had been horrible. He’d known that Beth and Aaron were dating but he hadn’t thought she’d bring him. It had never entered his mind. Then Jackson realized it.

“Cher?” Remy asked as he stepped up behind him. Aurora was asleep in his arms. The little girl had cried herself to sleep in Remy’s arms while Spencer had given his statement to the FBI agents on hand from Domestic Terrorism. Jackson’s group had been labeled terrorists a year before. He was just happy the man was dead.

“I’m fine, Remy. Beast doesn’t think my cheek is more than fractured. As soon as I am cleared, I’m going to the hospital to get it scanned. Morgan and JJ are going to go with me. How did she get here?”

“Hitched a ride wit’ Nightcrawler. She knew somet’ing was going on and when he brought Remy from de house, she shifted and latched onto his clothes. Den when we broke in de windows, she came through. She saw y’ get hurt and waited. Fearless caught sight o’ her scales.”

“She’s too much like me.”

“Remy’ll stay and make sure dat no one has issues. Y’ go get looked at. I’ll have m’ Stormy take care of de petit.”

Spencer kissed Remy’s cheek and smiled at him. There was no running anymore. Looking down at his phone, Spencer sent off a text.


Aaron entered the small diner that had the address that Spencer had texted him a week before. It wasn’t hard to miss the two mutants in the corner, watching him. He took a seat that gave him the best view of the entire place as well as good eye line on the entrance to the parking lot. He wanted to be upset about the mutant guards who were to watch him but he wasn’t.

The roar of a motorcycle was loud and drew his attention from looking at the menu to see a man riding up on a bike with two vehicles trailing behind it. He recognized Wolverine as soon as he moved off the bike. The car parked beside the bike with the jeep parking on the other side of the car.

Spencer got out of the passenger side of the car while a man that Aaron now recognized as Gambit got out of the driver’s side. Three people jumped out of the jeep. He recognized Cyclops from his sunglasses and the woman beside him was his wife, Phoenix. The other woman was Storm. The back door on the car opened and a blue man stepped out. He recognized him as Nightcrawler, the teleporter. He’d done his research on everything Spencer in the two weeks since the night of the attempted kidnapping of the young genius. Beth had talked to him about everything she knew. She also understood his intention wasn’t to push her away but that he needed to know.

Gambit was staring at him and he knew it but he didn’t change what he was doing at all. Spencer pushed at his chest until he sat down on the hood of the car. Wolverine stepped up to sit beside him and Storm moved to stand in front of him. Phoenix moved with Spencer into the diner. She moved over to sit with the two other mutants and Spencer sat down across from him.


“Spencer. Gambit not trust you?”

“We are driving to Nevada after this. Logan, Scott, and Remy want to be there days before. I want to drive to and from so it’s become a road trip.” Spencer didn’t look happy about that.

“So you are going?” Aaron knew what he was talking about. He still hadn’t made his own decision on whether he was going to go. Massachusetts didn’t have the death penalty but a little bit of fun with legalities had Nevada giving him the death penalty for all the crimes he committed. There were a few groups that were protesting but the majority of America wanted George Foyet where he could harm no one.

“Yes. I want to be there when they stick the needle in him.”

The waitress came and took their drink order. Aaron wasn’t shocked when Spencer ordered coffee. There was silence until she brought back the drinks and then seeming to understand what exactly was going on, she went into the kitchen.

“I’ve looked into you and everything that is going on with mutants and the team and just everything.”

“It’s not like you to keep yourself that hands off,” Spencer said.

“I…When we went our ways after the goodbye dinner, I told myself that I was happy with it. I understood it but I was lying to myself and I know that now. I hoped that I could come back and slip into your life. I also know the secret that you are keeping from even the team, Spencer.”

“You can take the profiler out of the job.” Spencer looked behind him at Gambit with a smile on his face that Aaron had never seen before. It was the smile of a man so totally in love that it hurt for others to see him like that. There had been a time that Aaron wanted to have Spencer look at him like that. Aaron knew then that it was better the way that it was.

“Beth was offered a job in Hong Kong. Jack and I are going to go with her. Jack’s looking forward to school over there. He’s spent the past two weeks looking things up.”

“I always knew who Beth’s boyfriend was. She just called you Aaron but…Logan and Scott keep an eye on you so that you can’t be used against me. Jackson was the first to try it but now there may be others. Hong Kong could be a really good move. I’ll get you some information on friends there who could help if something does go down.”

“How does the Bureau think that having you in a relationship with a mutant is going to go when you are the liaison as well?”

“One of New York’s SWAT teams has a mutant on staff now that can remotely see into rooms using only her abilities. Closed windows mean nothing. The only thing that she can’t see into is bank vaults and other places with super thick walls. It’s not X-Ray vision like Superman either. It’s full color. Coast Guard employs seven different mutants country wide who can go to depths that human’s have trouble with and can breath with no equipment. Do you know what that means? The rescuer can take a tank of air down to search for survivors and slowly come up to stop bends and the likes. Or find wreckage, bodies for swifter better recovery. It was a six month decision but in the end, it was the fact that I was dating a mutant that locked in the decision. I’m human. I was tested thoroughly with my IQ, reading speed, and memory. The Director figured that if the FBI did anything that would have me turning my back on humans, well they deserved whatever came to them. It’s caused issues on a few cases but it’s died down. There was a case in New Mexico about three months after it was announced. The press was dogging the team so much that in the end we were pulled another team sent in. When the case was finally solved, the FBI blamed the additional eighteen deaths on the hands of the press.”

“Does your team get all the mutant cases now? Victim and UnSub?” Aaron sipped at his coffee while Spencer seemed to not really want his. He was warming his hands on it more than anything else. He was nervous and so nervous he was afraid of lifting his drink.

“Yes. Until the theta team is restructured in two months. They were pulled and two members went willingly to other teams. Two mutants are going through the academy right now and Burrows, Anderson, and Grimes went back as well. They are going as a team, living in the same dorm and training totally together. Our first full joint team. Remy is helpful but other teams borrow him as much as he goes out with us. Mutants watch everywhere and sometimes are more willing to talk to other Mutants when they see things. Remy goes everywhere that a reluctant mutant is a witness or a victim if it’s not a case that’s going after mutants as a whole victim profile.”

“Sounds like the FBI is campaigning mutants rights from the inside out.”

“Garcia has a new best friend. A technopath that came out of the academy six months ago. Stole him from the NSA. When she needs things that are not on the up and up she calls him up. He mainly works with counter terrorism but the BAU borrows him on occasion.” Spencer lifted his coffee to his lips and took a healthy drink of it.

“When are you going to tell the team that you are already married?”

“We are not. Garcia and Rossi have already planned a wedding for Rossi’s backyard. It’s going to be in the same theme as JJ and Will’s. We got married in Vegas the first time I went back after mom. Logan and Ororo were out witnesses. It was spur of the moment and not something I regret. Remy asking me is a running joke at this point and the team expects one every few months.”

“You are happy?”


Aaron hadn’t wanted to hear that but he needed to. He had to live his life for him now.


Watching George Foyet’s eyes close as he died gave Spencer only a sense of utter relief. Remy was outside the prison with Logan. The rest of the X-Men were at the hotel. The rest of the team was scattered around. Aaron had come. Beth had as well but she’d stayed outside with Remy and Logan. It was a packed room. The press outside was massive. The death of the Boston Reaper was a nationwide event.

Spencer knew that he wasn’t any safer than he had been before Foyet had died. There were still so many threats against him. Aurora was safe at the school in the DC area but he’d be targeted for her and for Remy.

His love for the mutant had grown like a carefully tended garden. He’d thought after what had happened with Aaron that he would never let someone into his heart again but Remy had slipped in like a weed and grown into a beautiful flower that never wilted. When the curtain was pulled back so the needles could be removed from the body, the talking started then. Spencer let the words wash over him.

Morgan’s hand closed over his shoulder and he looked up at the man.

“Let’s get out of here. Binion’s is calling our name.”

Spencer nodded and looked at where Aaron was trying to escape. “One last team meal, Aaron? Before you and your family fly to Hong Kong?”

“Sure.” The smile on Aaron’s face told Spencer that he’d finally fully made peace with his place in Spencer’s life, or a lack of a place.

When they were released from the prison, Remy was all smiles. Beth was standing there with her arm wrapped around the shoulder of Jack.

“Uncle Spencer!” Jack yelled out and took off towards him. Spencer crouched to hug the boy. He was excited and moved from agent to agent.

“Kurt made a trip to DC,” Logan said.

“Papa, Jack said he’s going to live in Japan. Can we go visit him there?” Aurora asked as she appeared behind Logan, standing on the hood of the car they’d taken to the prison.

“We can’t just pop over there when we want but we can visit. Uncle Logan has a house there that we can use I’m sure.”

“My house and all that shit,” Logan said with a smile. The group piled into their vehicles with Ororo and Aurora going with Aaron, Beth, and Jack to Binion’s. It was going to take a lot of time to get the friendship fully back between them but hopefully Aaron fully committing to Beth meant that he really had finally moved on. Spencer was happy that he was allowing himself to be happy.

Remy drove them to Binion’s his hand never leaving Spencer’s for the entire drive. The stress of the time was taking it’s toll and Spencer was happy that he’d been talked into starting in the morning after a good night’s sleep for the trip back to DC.

When they passed the cemetery where he’d buried his mother, Spencer let a tear fall down his face. His mom would want him to be happy, no matter what had happened to bring him and Remy together and he wasn’t going to waste a second of it.
The End

New Light

Title: New Light
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men,
Year: Season 9 (2013)
Tags: All Human, Threesome, Snowballing,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau/Logan
Spoilers: Up Through End of 9
Summary: 7,325
Words: When Morgan and Garcia decide they know better than Spencer what he needs, Spencer decides to show them that he’s quite capable of making his own life choices.
Notes: Maeve never happened and I’m just going to ignore the headaches too.
Warnings: None
Beta: Charlie_Remington

Spencer Reid had never felt so angry at another member of the team, much less all of them at the same time. He was currently trapped in the front of Morgan’s truck on their way to a local club. He knew that they would do something drastic but he didn’t think they would kidnap him. He’d told them that he had plans earlier that day but no one had asked him what said plans were. He’d heard them talking about the club earlier that day so he was able to text the address of the location to Remy. He got back a smiley face as a reply. He just hoped that he and Logan got there before him.

When Morgan pulled into a spot it wasn’t hard for Spencer to spot the motorcycle as well as the car parked in the same spot, the motorcycle at the front and the car pulled in behind it. He smiled as he laughed inside. When they finally got inside, Spencer scanned the club just like the rest of the team did. There was a large table that was empty in the back corner and the girls moved over to claim it with Rossi while Spencer was dragged with Hotch and Morgan to get drinks.

Spencer was happy that the team chose this club to go to. The bartender, Gary, knew him and knew well that he didn’t like to drink in public. He ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and was rewarded with a smile and a nod. Morgan ordered for himself, JJ, and Garcia while Hotch ordered for Rossi, Blake, and himself. He let his two teammates carry the other drinks over and then prepared to leave the bar. Gary tapped a piece of paper, telling him that one of his guys had already started a tab for themselves and that he was being added to it.

“Thanks, Gary.”

“Rems warned me that the team kind of dragged you here. Logan is more than a little upset and Remy is looking devious tonight. Just don’t break anything?”

“Where are they?”

“Remy is holding court at the pool table while Logan slipped out back for a cigar break, I think.”

Spencer nodded and looked at the pool tables. There were five stretched across the back of the club and Remy was at the one closest to the table the rest of the BAU team were sitting at. He also noticed that Morgan was staring at him from the table. Spencer smiled at him and then turned back to Gary.

“Give me a shot of half diluted Vodka.”

Gary smiled as he filled the shot and then easily handed it over. Spencer downed it in one go. It didn’t taste half diluted. It tasted mostly diluted. Gary gave him a wink. Remy was smart.

Spencer turned back to his team and carried his drink over. Let the games begin.


Morgan was shocked when he watched Reid toss back a shot of what looked like Vodka. He knew that the younger man was pissed that they had dragged him out but he needed to get out of his apartment and have fun. Was his aim to get drunk? Make them regret taking him out like that? For the first time, Morgan felt a little sorry about forcing the man to come out.

“See, Reid, it’s not that hard to get into the spirit,” Garcia said as she took a sip of her drink as the younger man sat down.

Reid though just snorted and drank about half of his drink in one go. His eyes moved to scan the room and Morgan watched him look at the pool table. The man in the fedora finished up his game with someone, who stormed off. Reid stood up with his drink and moved over to the table. It was just far enough away that Morgan couldn’t hear a single word spoken but he watched as his younger friend did his little wave at the man who offered his hand. When it wasn’t taken and shaken, the man laughed, tipping his fedora back some and blatantly looking Reid up and down.

“Can he play pool?” Garcia asked, which caused Rossi to snort and nearly inhale the sip of scotch he’d been drinking.

“‘Can he play pool?’ He’s a shark at pool. That case in Riverton two years ago, we all went to the bar to wait for the UnSub, the little shit actually talked me into laying money on the game. He lost the first. Fifty dollars. Said he had the hang of it and offered double or nothing. I walked out of there five hundred dollars poorer and I still don’t understand how. We might have to make a quick exit.”

Morgan laughed and watched as Reid racked the balls and let the other man take the first shot. He hadn’t seen how much Reid had laid out on the back of the pool table but he had laid down money. Morgan hadn’t ever really seen him gamble before. The game progressed normally and he made sure to keep an eye on him, especially when his second drink appeared at the table, courtesy of his new friend. Between his first and the shot, Reid had already consumed more alcohol than he’d ever seen him drink.

Then Reid leaned over the table to make a shot and the man he was playing was blatantly staring at his ass. As soon as Reid stood back up, the other man looked at someone at the bar and smirked. Morgan drew his eyes over to the shorter man at the bar. He had wild look about him, like a brawler. He was someone that one didn’t want to mess with, even with his size.

The game ended and the other man took the small pile of money. Spencer held up more and the man nodded.

“That’s exactly the look that he gave me. He’s good. I forget that he was raised in Vegas,” Rossi bitched as he waved for refills for the table.

Whatever Reid’s plans were, getting drunk seemed to be the start of them because he drained his second glass and then moved back to the bar. He stopped right by the man who his pool partner had smirked at. The shorter man shocked Morgan by actually turning to fully face Spencer and leaning close. Even from the distance, Morgan could see the blush on Reid’s cheeks. He wanted to jump up and stop it. Pull the younger man back over to the table.

“Morgan, he’s an adult and right now he seems to be enjoying both men’s attentions. You forced him here, something I am not happy finding out about, so you have to live with what happens tonight.” Hotch’s voice was hard. Morgan ducked his head and nodded. Even Garcia seemed to be ashamed.

“What do you mean?” Blake asked.

“I didn’t find out until Garcia let it slip that Morgan offered Reid a ride home and then brought him here instead. I’m shocked he’s not trying to slip out.”

Reid came back back to the pool table with a refill for himself and his pool partner. Morgan watched him even closer now. He didn’t like the attention the two men were giving him. The second game went to Spencer and the man he was playing with laughed when he sunk the final ball. The man wasn’t upset about losing. Instead he pulled out his wallet and laid down more money. Reid matched it.

“He’s acting weird, even for Boy Wonder,” Garcia said in his ear and Morgan nodded. He wondered if it was all an act to upset him. He did feel bad about forcing him to come out but he couldn’t stand the thought of him in his stuffy apartment alone.

The other man broke the balls again and it seemed that this game was pretty much evenly matched. It took longer for the turn to go back to the other man. Morgan nearly shattered his drink glass when he watched Reid line up a shot and the other man stepped close. The blush on the younger man’s face turned a brighter red and Morgan could see that the other man was standing behind him with at least one had on his hip. They looked too close to not be touching but Reid just took the shot before setting his cue down and moving back to the bar. The shorter man was there and two shots were waiting when Reid stepped up. Reid picked one up and they toasted before both downing their respective shots.

“That’s two shots and four teas?” JJ asked, she was starting to look a little worried.

When Reid came back to the pool table, the shorter man followed. Then Morgan was shocked when the two men kissed. It wasn’t a quick peck on the lips. Instead it was a kiss that spoke of a long relationship. Reid watched them and when they pulled apart, his pool partner just smirked at him. Reid waved that it was his turn.

“I’m a little worried about him. I’ve never seen him drink so much. And those two men are pretty…”

“The shorter one is scary and the other one just seems deadly,” Garcia said. JJ nodded and Morgan agreed but didn’t look away. He’d apologize tomorrow when Reid was feeling better from his hangover. The game finished and instead of starting another Reid sat down and the other two started a game. The money was gone from the table and Morgan wasn’t sure who won.

Morgan cursed himself when he turned away from the pool table where Reid was because when he turned back, Reid and the pair were gone.

“Someone should check on him. I’ve never seen Spencer drink so much,” JJ warned.

“Did anyone see where he went?” Morgan asked.

“I did. I’ll check on him, Morgan. I’m afraid of what you’ll do. Just stay here.” Morgan nodded and watched as Hotch stood up from the table and made his way to a back hallway that led to one of the sets of bathrooms.


Aaron knew exactly where Reid was and exactly how much he hadn’t been drinking. He’d seen the tab that had been tapped and that his drink had been poured from a pitcher of actual tea. No alcohol had been put into it. He wasn’t even sure the bottle of Vodka that his shot had come from had been liquor. He’d suspected for a while that Reid had a boyfriend or girlfriend but he’d never found confirmation. Tonight was the first time that he even entered the possibility that it was two boyfriends.

The shorter of the two men was the first to notice him but he never told the other two. Now that Reid’s pool partner was standing up to his full height, Aaron could tell that he was at least an inch or two taller than Reid. He watched as he ran his fingers down the side of his agent’s face and the blush came back out in full force.

It wasn’t until the taller man leaned in for a kiss that Aaron decided it was time to tell the other two that he was there. “Reid.”

“Hotch?” Reid spun around and looked at him, shock on his face.

“Morgan is ready to jump in and defend your honor so I suggest coming out and introducing him to your boyfriends, sooner rather than later. Otherwise he’s going to try and hand them their asses and while I am sure that Morgan can hold his own, I don’t think that he’s any match for the shorter one.”

Aaron almost wished that he had a camera so that he could take a picture of the look of utter shock that fell on Reid’s face.

“Aaron Hotchner,” Aaron said as he stepped closer to the shorter man first.

“Logan Howlett.” The man squeezed his hand a little more than was probably necessary but Aaron understood the message. He turned to the man that hadn’t let go of Reid’s waist yet.

“Remy LeBeau,” the man said with a very thick Cajun accent. It took a few seconds for Aaron to feel that something was wrong when he pulled his hand back from the shake. He looked down and then up to see Remy holding his watch out for him with a smirk on his face. “Very nice watch.”

“Remy Etienne.” Reid slapped his chest and the man just smirked at him. “I’m sorry, Hotch. It seems we can’t take him anywhere.”

“It’s fine.”

“Remy jus’ feeling playful. Didn’t mean not’ing by it.”

Aaron narrowed his eyes at him. The man was acting. Oh, he was sure that the accent and the speech were not an act but his actions. It was all meant to make him under estimate him. Remy was intelligent and he didn’t like to show it. He sat back and watched while others put themselves out there. He was a lot more dangerous than Aaron had thought. He wasn’t sure which one he would pick if he had to fight one.

“The others may not have noticed it but I did. The clothing style change, confidence. I knew you had someone in your life, for a long time, but I never brought it up.”

“You’ve never said anything.”

“Your life is your life and I don’t think that JJ, Garcia, and Morgan are going to take you being in a triad well. It doesn’t fit with the image of you in their head. I am guessing that tonight you have decided that enough is enough?” Aaron waited for Spencer to nod. “I found out after we got here that Morgan and Garcia basically kidnapped you. I know that Morgan lied. I think what you are going to do to him is going to be punishment enough but I will keep a much closer eye on him and her when we do team things. Just to be safe.”

“Thanks, Hotch. I should have known that at least you, Blake, and Rossi wouldn’t have been behind it. Remy had a nice dinner all cooked for the three of us.”

“Had more dan dat ready fo’ us,” Remy muttered. Aaron wasn’t sure what he meant until Reid blushed even harder.

“I had an escape plan for you. Right up until you snuck a kiss to Logan there. I was going to slip you outside on a refill run and get you into a cab and pay for the trip home. Of course you got back to the table and let Remy feel you up and that’s when I figured out that they were both your boyfriends. I just sat back then and waited.”

“I forget what your devious streak can be. We’d better head back, just to be safe. Don’t want Morgan crashing the party early.” Reid stepped away from his men and Aaron watched as Remy pinched his ass. Reid turned and glared at him but all Remy did was smile. Aaron could see it all plain as day, these three men loved each other so much. He wanted to hear the story of how they got together.

As they neared the end of the hall, Aaron slid an arm around his shoulders seemingly using it to guide him back to the group. He took a seat and motioned for the others to scoot around, placing Reid in what had been his spot. It left the outer area open for Remy and Logan to bring chairs over.

“Why’d you have to ruin my fun with the boys?” Reid asked his voice a little off. No one had ever seen him drunk so it wouldn’t be hard for the others to think him drunk off his ass.

“Boys?” Morgan asked and it was easy to tell that he was getting angry. Thankfully he had both Garcia and JJ on the outside of him so he couldn’t get out easily.

“Remy and Logan were just being helpful.” Reid pouted like a child that had been told he couldn’t play outside with the rest of the kids. Aaron had to give him that he was a wonderful actor. He was acting drunk and petulant perfectly.

“Hotch, where are this Remy and Logan? I think that I need to have a talk with them.”

Aaron watched Morgan’s face as he scanned the crowd. JJ and Garcia were staring at Reid who had his head bowed, pout still on his face. Dave and Blake were sitting back and just listening. The look on Dave’s face told him that the older man was pretty sure Reid was acting. A glass of water was set down in front of Reid and JJ and Garcia cajoled him into drinking half of it before he refused to drink more.

“You guys just want to get me sober,” Reid whined.

“Pretty Boy, you’ve drank a lot of alcohol tonight. We don’t want you waking up with a massive hanger,” Morgan replied.

All talk at the table ceased when a chair was set down beside Reid and Remy sat down, placing a cup of coffee in front of Reid.

“Thanks, Remy.” Reid’s voice was clear and bright, exactly as it had been in the hall.

Mais oui,” Remy answered back. Aaron watched as Reid seemed to settle down even more and that’s when he saw that one of Remy’s hands was on his knee, rubbing. The look of shock on everyone’s faces when Reid took a drink of the coffee would have been perfect except they were all very upset. Morgan jumped up from his seat to take the coffee from him but he suddenly dropped back down. A hand was resting on his shoulder.

“Sit down, bub,” Logan said in his rough voice. Morgan tired to turn his entire body to look but Logan still had a good grip on him.

“It’s perfect, Remy. Thank you.” Reid smiled at him and the man smiled back.

“Perfect?” JJ asked. Her eyes tracked all over Reid and then traveled down. That’s when she noticed that Remy’s hand was rubbing up and down Reid’s leg. Her eyes widened as they snapped up to Reid’s face. Reid though only smiled at her.

“Guys, this is Remy and that’s Logan. Remy, Logan, meet David Rossi, Alex Blake, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, and JJ Jareau. Guys, these are my boyfriends.”

It didn’t escape Aaron’s noticed that he was left out of the introductions. Blake was the first to recover.

“Boyfriends? And how long have they been your boyfriends?”

“They started,” Reid stopped speaking to take a breath before he started to blush again. Aaron was sure that if he blushed much more, his face would stay that way. “Courting me. There is no other word for what they did even if Logan denies it. They started a year after we had met and I officially started a relationship with them the day after I was shot. In fact, I moved in with them for a month during that.”

“Why?” Blake asked.

“It was the case that I got shot in the leg.”

Aaron knew by the look on Logan’s face that something else was there. A reason that he moved in with two men he had only known a year and had just started a full on relationship. It was out of character for Reid in so many ways. What reason would he have for making that change and then moving out again? He’d never been to Reid’s apartment, before he’d moved. He remembered the change of address and the updated file. What he hadn’t got was a new key. Aaron hadn’t thought of it at the time. When Reid had joined the team, he’d given Gideon a key, just in case and when Gideon left Reid had given him one. Aaron had never been inside his apartment, just outside one morning to pick Reid up at three am for a case. Blake though was frowning.

“The apartment that we worked on that paper at a few years ago?”

“My second floor walk up? Yes.” Reid’s voice didn’t change; it held the same tone that it always did when giving facts.

That one sentence though changed a great deal of things for Aaron. He’d been on crutches and then a cane for near on six months. Trying to get up and down the stairs would have been hard. He’d have done it no problem. In fact he’d been set on doing it, it seemed. Aaron had a lot of respect for the two men who seemed to have taken better care of Reid than the team had.

Aaron was the only one with an excuse. He’d had his own problems to deal with but he knew for a fact that Morgan, Garcia, JJ and Prentiss had been to Reid’s apartment before he’d been shot. He didn’t know if Rossi had ever been, before or after. He’d been upset when he’d come back and found that the team had focused on him. He had paperwork from Reid’s doctor that gave his return to work date and such and then later his letter saying he wasn’t cleared to fly. Yet none of the team could tell him more than that. Garcia had baked him cookies and Reid had gotten nothing. While total time off, Aaron had more, Reid’s injury had been longer lasting. If he’d had been in a better state of mind he’d have never called Reid out in front of the team on the no flying thing. He himself had flown without clearance. Everyone on the team called them a family but during that period in time, it seemed that their youngest had been forgotten.

Logan moved around from behind Morgan to settle between Reid and Remy but stayed standing. A hand settled on Remy’s shoulder while the other came to rest on Spencer’s upper back. There was a claim in that simple gesture.

“Why did you hide it for so long?” JJ looked upset.

“I didn’t hide anything. I chose not to volunteer information. I never lied to any of you. The last time that anyone made a comment on my love life was the briefing before the Owen Savage case.” Spencer looked at Morgan who at least looked chagrined. “When I say I have plans you all make comments but never ask me to tell you what they are. You all assume I’m going to go home and read, or go to a movie or a museum alone. Last Christmas you all asked if I was going home. I said no. No one asked what I was doing instead. Am I supposed to offer more information when no one seems to want to know it?”

Aaron knew that emotions were high right now and Spencer was the only one on the team who hadn’t drank at least a little alcohol. He looked into the eyes of Morgan, JJ, and Garcia for a few seconds each before speaking. “What do you do for a living Logan?”

“I own my own garage. It’s how I met Scarecrow.” He leaned against the wall of the booth but didn’t stop touching either of his men. Spencer rolled his eyes so it wasn’t hard to guess that he was Scarecrow. “Brought in that Amazon of his for a water pump replacement. I was kinda excited to work on it. Hadn’t work on one of those for a long time. By the third time he’d brought it in to have me work on it, I directed him towards Rems’ café. It was a quick fix and by the time he got home, he’d have to turn right back around on the subway that time of day. Since he was my last car of the day, I went to get him in person instead of calling. Dinner rush hadn’t started and when I entered, he wasn’t anywhere in sight. I decided to ask Remy where he was. Only to find him in the back, being fed. Remy found a new guinea pig.”

“De homme liked it!” Remy said with a smile on his face.

“So you work at a café?” Garcia asked, her eyes lighting up a little at the thought.

Non. I own it. De flat above is where we live. It’s above mais it has a elevator. Installed dat when we bought de building. De café does good business, so does de shop.” Remy looked proud and Aaron was glad of that. They both should be proud. Owning two businesses and having them be successful enough to own an entire building was good.

“So how did it go from that to all three of you?” Morgan asked. Aaron stared at him until he ducked his head and nodded. Aaron didn’t need Reid leaving in anger.

“Spencer came to the shop for about a year before it all changed. He brought the Amazon by when he had a chance. We were basically restoring it a little bit by little bit. Sometimes it was his schedule sometimes it was my ability to get a part. Well I’d been onto him for a while to get his brake lines replaced. Finally, he brought it by for that. Only he was a little bit earlier than I thought he was going to be. Due to a bug sweeping through the staff at the café, Remy had been working open to close shifts and I hadn’t got any time with him in a week. So he surprised me at work. I’d been getting ready to take my bike for a test drive. I’d done some work on it. Remy was in my lap on the bike.”

“Had my tongue down Logan’s throat when Penny walked in. Saw him out of the corner of my eye. He looked a little heartbroken. He stepped back and knocked. Waiting for us to call ‘im in. Once he was gone, I told my Wolvie w’at I saw. Dat night we talked a long w’ile. We promised to talk to him de next time we say ‘im. Mais de next time…” Remy looked back at Logan, looking unsure for the first time the entire night.

“Was after the double case in Las Vegas,” Reid’s voice was quiet and given Blake’s reaction, she knew what he was talking about.

The entire team flinched at that and Spencer shifted to lean into Logan. The older man let go of Remy and looped both his arms around the genius, holding him tight.

“Scarecrow came back raw and admitted he liked the both of us and hadn’t ever said a thing because he was scared of losing our friendship. I think he so wanted comfort that he was a lot more open than he normally would have been. Rems and I ain’t ever regretted what we started with him.”

“Even if de connard tried to end t’ings earlier dis year.” Remy looked at Reid who bowed his head and tried to pull away from Logan but the man just held on. With a sigh, Spencer settled down again. Aaron watched it with fondness. They were exactly what he needed.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Spencer huffed and it had the team smiling. He was pouting.

“Too bad. Gumbo and I have been waiting to talk to someone on your team to find out for a while. We respected your reasons for not meeting them. Hell, I agreed wholeheartedly with the sociology paper you are writing on it.” That had Aaron snapping to look at Logan. “Oh. Yeah. Around one year into the relationship he started keeping a journal of notes and things. Tries to explain it but…”

“Now that the experiment is done, I’ll publish the paper soon.”

Aaron was sure that was going to go over well. A group of profilers that hadn’t figured out a teammate had been in a relationship with two other men for over four years. Aaron had never mentioned it so he was in the same boat. He’d have to make sure to ask Reid to read it before it went out. No one was saying a thing and Aaron was happy for it.

“When this year?”

“Summer. Right after a case in Philadelphia,” was Logan’s answer.

When Spencer looked at him with a look of utter sadness on his face, Aaron knew exactly where the genius’s mind had gone when the Replicator had upped his game.

“Sometime, Logan, you and I will go for a beer and I’ll explain it all then. Just don’t be mad at him for it. He was scared. Scared of losing you both in a more…permanent way.” Aaron kept his eyes locked on Logan and knew the second the man got it. The man’s eyes widened in shock before he nodded. “It’s late and you three had dinner plans. Take Reid home and try and salvage those plans. I’ll hold back the mob.”

Calls of goodbye rang for several minutes before the table was quiet.

“How long have you known?” Dave asked.

“That he was in a relationship? Not long it seems after they started courting him. I didn’t know he was in a relationship with two other men but I knew he had someone. I watched him with the two men and it didn’t take long to figure it out tonight. He was drinking straight tea by the way and the bottle his vodka came from, I’d say watered down. I’ve seen the bartender pour shots for himself from it when a patron buys him a drink. I think they are regulars here.” Aaron waited for the three instigators to look up at him. “I think we learned our lessons tonight?”

“Yes,” all three answered. Drinks forgotten they readied themselves to leave. Aaron tugged down his sleeve and felt something off in it. He pulled out a card. It was to a mechanic’s shop called Logan’s. He flipped it over and written in Reid’s distinctive scrawl was a secondary address, which if he remembered was the same as his flat, and a time. Then the word breakfast. He smiled and held up the card for the rest of the team to see. Reid had shook his hand and that had to have been when he slipped it in.

“Reid invited us to breakfast at Remy’s café tomorrow morning.” JJ’s phone went off and she smiled down at it.

“He asked me to bring Will and Henry. Family breakfast he calls it.”

Aaron smiled. Reid’s part had been said by him and his boyfriends. He didn’t hold grudges on things like this for long. He was happy that Reid was with two men that seemed to care for him a lot. He was going to hold off until he saw them together in a more relaxed atmosphere. His phone went off and he looked down to see two words from Reid. And Jack.


Spencer was happy to open the door to their flat. He dropped his messenger bag on the floor just inside the door and then flopped onto the couch in the middle of the living area of the flat. The night had been horrible. He could smell the remnants of their dinner and sighed. He wasn’t hungry even though he knew he should eat. His last meal had been lunch that had been a long time ago. This was his first time home in a week, having been on a case. They’d stayed the night as the case had wrapped after the pilot had already been in bed. So they’d flown back and everyone had decided to stay and work on paperwork.

“What do y’ need, cher?” Remy asked as he crouched at his side.

Even after all their time together, there were times that Spencer couldn’t use words so he grabbed Remy’s shirt and pulled him close, kissing him. Remy hummed and Spencer pulled at him until the taller man was stretched over top of him. This he’d missed. He could hear Logan moving around the flat. He let himself get lost in the feeling of Remy on top of him, his hands on his stomach. It wasn’t hard to do.

Spencer was still shocked when he felt cold air on his chest. He found that Remy had unbuttoned his shirt and was now working on his pants. This, this was what he needed more than anything. Remy coaxed him into a sitting position and then they were standing and moving towards the large bed in the corner farthest from the door. He let Remy strip him quickly before he started to do the same for him. He wasn’t sure where Logan was but given that the flat had no walls or doors except around the bathroom, there was no way that Logan was missing seeing this.

Pushed back onto the bed, Spencer tried to scan the room but Remy’s face filled his line of vision and he laid back. He smiled and pulled his lover down for a kiss. The snap of a lube cap surprised him as he could feel both of Remy’s hands on his body. A hand on his inner thigh shocked him as he felt Remy moving. His Cajun lover moved up his body and Spencer moaned as he figured out what his lovers wanted. He was more than willing to give it a go.

Opening his mouth, Spencer let Remy slid his hard length inside as his leg was lifted. Logan’s finger traced at his hole before slipping inside. He needed to chase away the night. Forget about the looks his team had been giving him, what they thought of him. Everything but the feeling of Remy’s cock in his mouth and Logan’s fingers stretching him were pushed from his mind. He was so intent on giving Remy pleasure he never noticed when Logan stopped prepping him. He didn’t notice it until he felt Logan’s cock at his entrance. He moaned around Remy’s cock as he was filled. He flailed out a hand, removing it from Remy’s thigh to grab at Logan’s hand. His lover grabbed his hand and squeezed tight. He knew that he was close so he wanted to get Remy off before he went, swallowing and relaxing his throat he deep throated the Cajun. He heard the shout of surprise quickly followed by a shallow thrust. He looked up and locked eyes with Remy nodding as he did. Remy started to thrust in and out of his mouth and throat and it was only a few thrusts before his rhythm faltered and Spencer pulled back to where he could catch his release. Remy grabbed the headboard of the bed and came with a groan.

As soon as Remy rolled off him, Logan dropped down to take his mouth in a kiss, Spencer felt Logan sucking the other man’s seed from his mouth, back and forth it moved while they kissed until finally Spencer had to swallow so he could breath. He’d never thought that snowballing would be something he would enjoy but he’d come to love it over the years with his men.

“Are you close?” Logan asked before he started to kiss at Spencer’s neck. He could only nod in answer and the other man’s speed picked up. Remy was laying beside them, panting and watching them. A few more thrusts and then the other man’s hand was on his cock, snaked between his two lover’s bodies. Several more thrusts and Remy’s hands moving up and down on his cock and Spencer was coming. He slumped onto the bed as he felt Logan still and he was groaning out his own climax. The older man carefully pulled from him and layed down at his side with Remy cuddling up to his other.

Spencer laid there blissed out for a while before his two bed partners got up. He didn’t hold back the whine but shushing noises from Remy had him settling back down. A minute later Logan came back with a rag and cleaned him up before pulling him up to settle against his chest. A few minutes later, Remy was back in bed as well. A tray of finger foods set down between the three of them. Spencer tried to sit up but Logan held him tight.

The first bite of food was held out for him and he opened his mouth. Silence permeated the flat as the food slowly disappeared from the tray with occasional sips of water from the bottles that Logan had placed by the bed before the sex had started. Laying on Logan and feeling Remy’s hands on his legs, settling him down, Spencer gave into his tiredness and let sleep claim him.


Aaron smiled as he read the note on the door to the café. It read Closed for a Family Gathering. He tried the door and found it open. Inside he heard the squeal of a kid and figured that meant that JJ, Will, and Henry were already there. Jack entered in front of him and Aaron was kind of shocked at the look of the place. It really wouldn’t be out of place in New Orleans.

“Hotch! Jack!” Spencer called out as he exited the kitchen area with Henry on his back. “Just in time. We were going upstairs to get a few things. Want to come and help Jack?”

“Sure.” Jack moved over to the genius and the three of them stepped through a door that led into a hallway. Aaron went through the doors and found JJ sitting on a prep table with Will and Remy standing at the stove talking. Logan was no where to be seen.

“Hey Hotch!” JJ called as entered the kitchen. It was massive. There were several prep tables on the outer edges as well as a great deal of kitchen equipment. A bell rung and Remy started laughing.

“Who ordered a petit?” Remy said with a smile as he moved over to a prep table that was flush against the wall.

“What?” Will asked.

“Sneaky lil devil. Said he was going up to get coloring books and crayons.” Remy touched a button on the wall and a door slid open. Henry was sitting inside the rather large dumbwaiter. “I’m guessing that M. Jack will be next. Crawl out here, petit.”

Henry crawled out with box of crayons in one hand and a coloring book in the other. Henry was smiling. “Uncle Pence’s place is really cool, Mom. It’s all one giant room. As big as this entire café. He said he’d give us all a tour later.”

“Is that thing safe?” Aaron asked, a little worried about his son coming down in it.

“Yes. Gumbo has shoved Spencer in it before.” Logan called from the backdoor he was standing in. “Fresh from the market, every kind of meat a man could want.”

“T’ank y’, Wolvie.” Remy took the large crate from Logan and slid it down to an area near the large range of stoves. The bell dinged again and Remy laughed. “That would be Jack.”

Aaron pressed the button on the wall and then the door opened and yes, Jack was there with crayons in his hands and a different coloring book. Aaron steadied him as he crawled. The dumbwaiter was pretty large. Jack was smiling and Aaron laughed. He wasn’t shocked that Reid had sent the kids down in the dumbwaiter. Jack took off running around the backside of the tables, far away from the stoves and ovens to where Henry was set up coloring at one of the tables.

“So, you were getting ready to tell me how you know Remy when he sent me for his meat order,” Logan said looking at Will. The sound of a bell ringing drew everyone’s attention to the seating area of the restaurant.

“Hey guys!” Reid called out.

“Good morning, Boy Wonder. This place looks really good,” Garcia said. Seconds later, Reid entered with not only Garcia trailing after him but Morgan, Dave, and Blake as well. “Remy, I love this place.”

“I’ll have to come ’round more,” Will admitted with a smile. “Now that the gangs all here.”

“Willy,” Remy growled.

“Now, you told a frankly embarrassing story about Spener to Henry so…”

Reid started laughing and jumped up onto a table behind Remy and pulled him close. “Go on Will. I know this story. Never knew it was your father but I’ve heard it.”

“Wait, Will you know Remy?” Garcia asked with a large smile on her face.

Oui,” Remy answered. He looked at Reid and the younger man kissed his cheek.

“Remy was adopted at the age of ten, before that he lived on the streets of New Orleans. He had quite a few run ins with the law before then and a few after. He told me stories of a cop but never a name.”

“Didn’t t’ink y’d ever know him. Names don’t mean a t’ing when one don’t know de person. The first time I met Willy ‘ere, well I was covered in mud kicking and screaming.”

“Dad came home one morning after a night shift and he had this demon child in his arms. I heard them coming for two blocks. I ran out to meet him as I always did when he had a night shift and this kid was in his arms, kickin’ screamin’ and just carrying on. Dad dropped him in the little two foot pool set up in the backyard and turned the hose on him. He’d been caught stealing from a bakery and Dad had chased him for two blocks. He tripped on a brick in the street and landed in a puddle of mud. After that every time he got caught stealin’ the locals would drop him off at our house. We’d feed him and let him get some sleep, then he’d be gone. Got worried when he wasn’t caught for about a year.”

“I’d been adopted by Jean Luc LeBeau in dat year and well, It took a while before I started to rebel against him as well. Next time I was caught stealin’, I was brought to Willy’s place and I stayed f’r two days. Never saying a word about bein’ adopted. Then Papa showed up. After that when I was caught, I was taken home. Took two years b’fore I realized dat he wasn’t gonna get rid of me.”

“So imagine my surprise when Jayje tells me we are going to breakfast with Spencer and his boyfriends. We get here and Spencer meets us at the door. I step inside and it’s like I stepped back home. The smell, the atmosphere. Then Remy stepped out. That was a shock.” Will was smiling. “I’m glad that things worked out for you. I’ll be by a lot for home food.”

“And de coffee.”

“There’s coffee?” Dave asked, looking around.

“Out at the bar, there are several carafes. Juice for the kids is out there as well,” Reid said. He lifted up a mug that Aaron hadn’t seen had been there on the table. He took a sip and closed his eyes in happiness.

“Good coffee?” Will asked.

“Coffee made de way it’s supposed to be,” Remy and Reid said at the same time. Remy growled and smacked at Reid’s thigh. Will’s eyes lit up at their words and he all but dashed from the kitchen. Reid just laughed.

This was family. The two new members might be a lot newer than others but they seemed to fit in just right. Logan and Remy made Reid happy and he was happier than Aaron had ever seen him before. And that was all that mattered.
The End