Adaptation 3-Season Three

Title: Season Three
Series: Adaptation
Year: Season Three of The 4400
Category: Crossover, Drama, First Time, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship, Pre-Slash,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Marco Pacella,
Spoilers: Each section gives the episodes it spoils and some general spoilers for the Stargate Movie.
Summary: Jack and Daniel as 4400, their ups and down in life and relationship as the series goes on and beyond the end of the series.
Words: 14,673
Notes: I doubt this will have a happy ending for Jack/Daniel fans. Don’t ask me. I write what I am told to. I know that the fic doesn’t always explain everything in the 4400 series, but I can’t really add it. This all happens from the P.O.V.’s of Jack and Daniel, they can’t know everything that NTAC does. If it’s not made public knowledge, or could possibly be overheard by one of the two, then it doesn’t make it into my fic.
Warnings: Sexually Derogatory Words,

Season Three

The New World

Jack found Daniel asleep on the back porch. Jack was glad that Daniel was asleep. He had been at the trial. He had wished for Ryland’s death. He had hoped that the man would have been stabbed in the heart. Because of that man Daniel had almost died. Daniel still hadn’t fully got over his stay in quarantine. He had had a few nightmares after that. Dreams of being back in there, never being let out and never seeing Jack again. Of Jack getting the disease and dying.

Daniel groaned and rolled over in the lounge chair, Jack smiled at the sight of him dressed in one of Jack’s old long sleeve shirts; he was also wearing the bracelet that Jack had given him. Daniel liked to wear them when Jack was out of town. Jack wasn’t out of town very often but Daniel hated it. Jack knew that Daniel was too attached but he didn’t see a problem with it. Jack knew some of Daniel’s past but Daniel didn’t like to talk about it.

Daniel had been orphaned at age eight after watching his parents smashed by a large stone. Jack knew his life until age eight, but anything after that until fifteen was still mostly a mystery. Jack knew that Daniel had gone from foster home to foster home but Daniel never talked about them.

Jack sat down beside Daniel and placed a kiss on his love’s lips. Daniel smiled at he opened his own eyes.

Jack, you’re home.”

Yeah, I am. A few things happened but I was never in danger. But I have two weeks paid vacation. I was hoping that you might be able to take a couple of weeks off. We could go somewhere. I was thinking Hawaii.” Jack leaned over for another kiss and was let up a few minutes later. Jack smiled. Over time, Daniel had gotten better at kissing Jack.

I can ask my boss. He won’t mind, I don’t think. I can always do anything that is important over the Internet. I just hope that the deal with Ryland won’t stop us from flying,” Daniel said with a frown on his face. He reached up to caress Jack’s forehead. “I know how you feel about him and thePromicin Inhibitor. He’s in jail and no one is going to do that again. I’m alive.”

You don’t know that, Danny. With the NOVA Group out there, we could be in more danger than ever. NTAC will see the crop thing as an attack. I know how they are going to think. Just because they did something good doesn’t mean squat. They had the power to do it and that means they can do a lot of other things.”

There hasn’t been vegetation in the Nubian Desert for over a few thousand years.”

The NOVA Group is just going to get more press and recognition. It’s going to get worse for us. Every 4400 will be suspected. If the NOVA Group does something really bad, they could put us in quarantine again. I don’t know if we can hide your abilities from them. You still get a little jumpy and go through things.”

I’m much better at it thank you. It’s only when you are being an ass that I get scared.”

It’s been a year, Love,” Jack said.

Has it really been that long?” Daniel asked as he started to kiss Jack. After a few minutes of heavy petting and kissing, they broke apart to breathe. “I think I’m ready.”

Yeah?” Jack asked. Daniel nodded while his face started to blush. “I see a big bed with a nice ocean view, huh?”

No. Here. I want those memories to be here. In this house in our bedroom,” Daniel said. Jack nodded.

Do you want to move into my room or have me move into yours? You have the bigger room and it’s closest to the bathroom. I like that idea. We can put my stuff in the basement to keep in case we ever want to change. Our furniture, that is. I am never changing when it comes to you.” Jack leaned over for a kiss. Daniel sighed and settled back so that they could kiss comfortably for a while. Daniel pushed on Jack’s hip until Jack was lying fully on top of him. Jack pulled back and cocked his head towards the inside. Daniel hesitantly nodded. Jack frowned. Daniel didn’t seem ready. When Jack didn’t make to move, Daniel wiggled out from under Jack and took off for the inside of the house. Jack sighed and followed. He found Daniel lying on his bed. His head under his pillow, and his hands were holding it down. “Danny?”

Tired, Jack. We can talk tomorrow,” Daniel said, his voice muffled by the pillow. Jack sighed and stood up. He quickly left the room only to creep back in silently. Daniel didn’t move on the bed. He wanted to know why Daniel had retreated so quickly. Jack hadn’t said anything. He had just wanted to make sure that Daniel was ready. “I said we can talk tomorrow.”

Danny, what’s wrong?”

Nothing, I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep too good last night.”

Why didn’t you?”

Nightmares.” Jack moved to sit beside Daniel on the bed. “Don’t. I’m fine.”

No, you’re not. Danny, I wasn’t saying no. I just wanted to be sure that you are ready. I don’t want to hurt you in any way.”

I love you,” Daniel said he shoved the pillow off and looked at Jack. “I LOVE YOU!”

Danny, calm down. Calm down, please just don’t. I know you do. I have known for a while. I know that you have problems with people you love. They leave you. I am not. I’m here forever,” Jack said as he leaned over to kiss Daniel. “I love you, too.”

I’ve wanted to tell you, just never felt right. I’m sorry. I know you said so long ago.”

It’s not a competition. I don’t want to rush you. What you want when you want,” Jack said. Daniel nodded.

Hold me?” Daniel asked. Jack smiled.


Being Tom Baldwin

Jack found Daniel asleep at his desk when he got home from work. Jack had heard the news about the death of a 4400 at the hands of a 4400 that could make people believe he was someone else. Jack had worked late that night it was almost midnight. He shook Daniel’s shoulder and helped the younger man stand up. Daniel leaned against him and let Jack guide him to their bedroom.

After getting back from Hawaii, they had moved into Daniel’s room. They hadn’t had sex yet and the first few nights Daniel had always moved away from him in the night. Wrapping himself in the blankets, like a cocoon. Jack wasn’t getting frustrated. Daniel had spent his whole life making sure that no one got in.

What time is it?” Daniel asked as Jack helped him change into a pair of pajamas.

Almost midnight, what were you doing up at your desk so late?” Jack asked.

Couldn’t sleep, I heard the news about Gelder and about T.J. Kim. I was scared a little bit. I’m scared that the NOVA Group is going to hurt us all,” Daniel said. Jack sighed.

I’ve told you, I’ll protect you. I love you, Danny. I know how to disappear. We could go anywhere. If NTAC tries to put us all in jail because of the NOVA Group, I’ll make sure we can get out of here. We haven’t done anything. I know what the government and the military would do to us. I know the torture that they can do to make us talk.”

Shush, don’t want to talk about it. I just want to sleep. Need you to sleep,” Daniel whispered as he snuggled down into the sheets. Jack smiled.

I need to take a shower and then I’ll be back.” Jack went into the bathroom and quickly showered. Daniel was still awake when he came back in. He smiled at Jack and closed his eyes. Jack dried off and dressed for bed. When Jack lied down, Daniel snuggled into his side and placed a kiss on Jack’s neck.


G’night,” Daniel said.


Jack was replacing the shingles on the roof. A few bad thunderstorms had made a few of them loose. Daniel was down in the garden weeding and caring for his plants. Jack watched Daniel for a few minutes and as if he could feel Jack’s gaze Daniel turned and looked up at Jack. A strong breeze blew, and Jack lost his footing.

JACK!” Daniel screamed as he ran closer to the house. Jack knew that he was going to hit. It was just fate being funny that he was falling so slowly. Until Jack slowed so much that he stopped all movement a few feet from the ground. He was floating there in mid-air. Then all of a sudden, Jack fell to the ground. Jack looked at Daniel. He was frozen to the spot about seven feet in front of Jack. “Jack?”

I don’t know, Danny I don’t know,” Jack said. Then all of a sudden, he fell to the ground in a heap. Daniel became un-rooted from that spot and ran to his partner. Jack was fine just winded, and his heart was still beating fast from the scare of falling. Daniel pulled Jack to him and held him close.

You…you fell…I almost…Jack?” Daniel said. Jack wrapped his arms around Daniel and they started rocking.

Wind hit me just right. I lost my balance. Danny, I stopped myself.”

Telekinesis?” Daniel said. Jack looked at the shingles that had come down with him and tried to make the shingle rise.

I don’t know,” Jack said. He kissed Daniel hard and didn’t let the younger man go. Daniel let him. They both needed the reassurance that the holding and kissing gave them. Jack pulled back and looked Daniel in the eye.


Please, Jack, I want to,” Daniel said. Jack shook his head.

First time you in me, I want to feel you in me, Love.” Jack kissed Daniel before he could comment on it. “This is an equal partnership. Whatever you want you get. I will never ask you to do something that I can’t do as well.”

I just want to feel you right now. Skin on skin,” Daniel said. Jack smiled and nodded. Jack pulled Daniel up with him. They kissed the whole way to the bedroom bouncing off anything that got in their way. Jack knew that they would have a few bruises in the morning. Finally, they entered the room, and Jack pulled them both down on the bed. Jack watched the way that Daniel’s eyes became bigger and black as he looked down at Jack. Jack smiled at him.

Why don’t we save the mutual stripping for when we have a little more time? We’ve got about an hour before my buds come to visit.” Jack leaned up and sat Daniel down on the bed beside him and they both stripped off. Jack noticed that Daniel was shy once he stripped off so Jack grabbed him around the waist and pushed him back on the bed. Daniel started laughing while Jack diverted his hands to Daniel stomach. Daniel looked at Jack and pleaded with his eyes for Jack to stop but Jack didn’t. He started tickling Daniel. Daniel thrashed and tried to grab his hands but only succeeded in making Jack lay over him. Daniel gave up in trying to catch Jack’s hands and pulled his face close for a kiss. Jack smiled when Daniel started kissing him. The tickling had done what he wanted it to, it had calmed Daniel down, and he had started the proceedings.

While they were kissing, Jack reached over for the lube and the condoms he had in the small drawer on his nightstand. Daniel didn’t notice or he didn’t care as he kept on kissing Jack. Jack pulled back, and Daniel pouted. “Much as I love kissing you, Love. I kinda want the main event of this show. I want to feel you slide in me.”

Ah, okay. What…how do you want to do this?” Daniel asked. Jack laughed and rolled them over. Daniel looked at the condom and then at Jack, his eyes asking a silent question. Jack threw the condom at the nightstand and handed Daniel the lube. Jack watched as Daniel opened the tube. His hands weren’t shaking. They were calm and steady.

Daniel started kissing him again as he slipped a finger inside of Jack. Jack arched his neck and let Daniel take his time while he prepped him. He remembered the first time he had done it. He wanted to make sure that his partner wouldn’t be hurt.

Jack was startled back to the present by Daniel removing all three of him fingers from Jack and him looking down at Jack. “Face to face, just let me wrap my legs around your waist.” Daniel waited and when Jack smiled at him, he held his cock at Jack’s entrance and slowly pushed inside. When he was all the way inside, he leaned forward so that he and Jack could kiss. When Jack clamped his muscles down on Daniel, Daniel took that as the signal to go ahead and move.

It didn’t take long for Daniel to find Jack’s prostate and for them both to come. Daniel tried to aim so that he landed beside Jack on the bed but Jack pulled him on top. “I wanna feel you,” Jack whispered in his ear. Daniel laughed and let Jack hold him until they had to get up for the shower. They had just finished when the knock came at the door signaling the arrival of Jack’s friends.


Daniel was scared. Five 4400 children had been missing, five 4400 children taken by someone or by a group. Every 4400 was scared. No one had any answers and it scared them. Jack hated that Daniel was scared. Jack knew that Daniel hated being scared.

Daniel was also keeping something from Jack. Their relationship was fine. Daniel loved being around Jack, that much Jack knew but there was something that Daniel was scared to talk about with Jack. Daniel was also spending more time on his computer and some of that time wasn’t working on his work. Jack decided that he was going to talk to Daniel about whatever it was that night.

Jack entered Daniel’s office and found Daniel sitting in his chair but he wasn’t in front of the computer. He was staring outside at the setting sun. Jack sat down in the small love seat they had bought for the office so that Daniel could sit in it when he was sick of the computer chair, or so that Jack could watch Daniel work.

Danny, Love?” Jack asked. Daniel turned around to look at Jack. Jack saw that Daniel was smiling.

I’m sorry I’ve been a little bit out there lately. The school I work for is trying to get into human rights,” Daniel said as he stood up from the chair and moved to Jack. Jack leaned back and let Daniel straddle his waist to sit on his legs. Jack smiled and leaned in for a kiss. The intensity of it left Jack with no uncertainty that is wasn’t their relationship that was the problem.

Human rights? As in Free Tibet?” Jack asked. Daniel laughed and shook his head.

As in Gay Rights. They want me to spear head a campaign to get Gay Union/Marriage allowed everywhere in the United States. Many of the colleges around the country are participating and they want me to lead this area in it. They think that since I am happily living with my male partner I will gladly do it. I’ve been trying to think of a valid reason to say ‘no’ other than I just don’t want to.”

Why don’t you?”

You like things private. If I start in on this, our whole lives become one huge media circus,” Daniel said. He scooted off Jack’s lap to lay down on the love seat with is legs hanging off the other end, suspended over Jack. Jack started massaging his calves.

If you want to its fine with me, Danny, I’d help you,” Jack said. “I’ve been thinking for a while. All of these 4400’s are making things happen. Bailey let them know about our powers, Morrissey started that mission that started making his place a better place to live, little Maia’s done wonderful things with her powers, all these other good and not so good things. You can go through things, and I can fly, as we’ve figured out. Of course, I can’t get something cool like TK. As far as I can find out, we are the only gay couple out of the 4400. There are a few where one partner is a 4400 but never both. Maybe this is what we are supposed to do. Start this in motion to help all the Gays.”

Wow, uhh, maybe,” Daniel said. He tipped his head back and looked at the ceiling. Jack shifted and started kissing Daniel. Daniel reacted by pulling Jack flush on top of him. Jack smiled against Daniel’s lips. Daniel had taken to the sexual side of things nicely. Jack had taken Daniel’s virginity that night after his friends had left. The next day, Jack called off from work and they had relaxed around the house all day. Testing out Jack’s powers and finding that he could only raise himself off the ground. He’d been practicing his powers, and he wanted to try something.

Danny, do you trust me?” Jack asked. Daniel looked at Jack in shock.

Of course I do, why do you even have to ask?” Daniel asked. Jack wrapped his arms fully around Daniel and started to kiss him.

Wrap your legs around me, Love,” Jack said as he took a quick breath and then started kissing him again. Jack felt Daniel shift a little and then his legs were being wrapped around Jack’s back. Jack started thinking about seeing him and Daniel floating above the couch just a few inches.

He knew that he didn’t need to think about kissing Daniel to do it so he gave most of his thought over to making them float over the couch. After a minute Daniel pulled his lips away from Jack. His eyes were wide, and he quickly looked to the side where he saw the couch was moving.

Ja-ack?” Daniel asked his voice was shaky and stuttered.

Just trying something new, Love,” Jack said before he kissed Daniel again. Daniel tightened the grip his legs had on Jack one of his arms went around Jack’s back to grip the older man. His other hand cupped Jack’s cheek so he could keep Jack’s face right where it was. Daniel’s hand on his back didn’t stay there long. The longer the kiss went on the lower the hand went.

Jack didn’t even register it until it had a tight hold on his ass cheek. When Jack felt the hand grip his cheek harden, he lost control, and they fell the few inches back on the love seat. Daniel bust out laughing, shaking all over, while Jack buried his head in Daniel’s neck. He tried not to think about the fact that Daniel touching his ass had made him lose control. Daniel didn’t stop laughing, and Jack had had enough so he rolled them onto the floor where they could stretch out more and started tickling Daniel. Daniel tried to stop him for a few seconds then grinned at him.

Next thing Jack knew. He was alone on the floor with Daniel not there. Since he was off the inhibitor, he could control his powers a lot better, deciding who and what goes through with him when he does things. Jack rolled over on his back and waited for Daniel to come through the door when he heard Daniel clear his throat. Jack tipped his head back and saw Daniel standing by the desk.

I found out that once I’m ‘in’ something I can go back up as well or move in any direction inside that object. In this case, I went down and then back up about five feet from where you were. I don’t know exactly what was below us in the basement, and I didn’t want to risk it. It’s happened a few times when something scares me. I’m dropping through the floor but when I want to stop, and I then I just come straight back up.”

Ah, I see. And you were going to tell me this when?” Jack asked as he stood up and moved closer to Daniel.

The next time you tickled me,” Daniel said as he leaned into Jack’s arms. “You really don’t mind if I do it?”

Not if it’s something that you want,” Jack said.

I will work the same hours, except when I go to rallies. I work on a translation when I get one and then spend the rest of my time doing the stuff for GPAW.”

GPAW?” Jack asked.

Gay Pride Alliance of Washington, I know but it’s what the students wanted. I won’t be working with any of them unless we are at rallies. I’ll mainly work with the adults and the teachers from the colleges. I’ll also get more pay. Since I’ll essentially be doing more work they are going to almost double my pay. I used to just work on a translation and once finished I would wait for the next.”

Sounds good as long as I still get my evenings,” Jack said as he leaned in for a kiss. Daniel nodded. Jack wrapped his arms around Daniel and pulled him even closer. He wanted to spend a little more time making out with his partner. As much as he loved making love with Daniel, he loved just kissing him more. Daniel gave everything into his kisses, and he could make Jack’s whole body tingle because he loved touching. His hands always went everywhere on his body. Under and on top of his clothes, in his hair and down his face, Jack loved kissing him.

Graduation Day

Jack, do you remember Lily?” Daniel asked as they got into the car after eating out at an actual restaurant. Something they hadn’t done in a while because of Jack getting used to his powers.

Sure, she was with us in quarantine.” Jack started his car and looked over at Daniel.

She’s dead. I talked to Richard today. She was cremated. Richard said she didn’t want a funeral. He had just found where Lily kept my number. I wanted to take the car tomorrow and visit the center.”

Okay, just don’t stay too long. I still don’t like that place. Even after Shawn took over,” Jack said. He reached over and pulled Daniel’s hand into his lap. Daniel linked their hands together and smiled at Jack.

Don’t worry. I’ll talk to Richard and that’s it. I wonder how he’s taking it. I just want to make sure that he is all right.”

Good. I forget how much you care about other people.”

And I know how much you try to act like you don’t care about people.” Daniel smiled at Jack and then motioned for Jack to watch the road. Jack stuck his tongue out at his lover and then turned back to the road. Daniel loved the quiet time they had when driving. Jack liked to focus on the road and so they rarely talked, especially when they started in on the city traffic.

Twenty minutes later, Jack was pulling into their driveway and they both piled out of the car. Daniel was tired. Jack slipped an arm around Daniel’s waist and they walked into the house. Jack went and totally locked down the house while Daniel got ready for bed. They had stayed out late and saw a movie before they had ate and both men were tired. Daniel barely moved on the bed when Jack joined him a few minutes later. He just rolled over and lay with his head on Jack’s chest. Jack kissed his head, pulled the covers over the both of them, and turned out the lights.


Daniel waited for Richard in his office while Richard dealt with something. He was surprised when a man entered.

Oh, I’m sorry. I was looking for Richard,” the man said.

He’ll be back soon. A woman asked for his help. My name’s Daniel Jackson.”

Oh, yes, one of the 4400. My name is Matthew Ross. I’m an advisor for Shawn and now Richard.”

What’s wrong with Shawn?”

He’s just been a little bit under the weather so Richard is filling in,” Matthew said as he stepped closer to Daniel. Daniel started to feel unsure about the man, and he backed up until he hit the desk. Matthew smiled at Daniel. “You know you are beautiful. Are you single?”

No, I have someone waiting at home,” Daniel said as he slid along the desk to slip behind it. He didn’t want to use his powers. He didn’t trust the man. He wasn’t who he seemed to be.

I remember a lot about you. You have yet to manifest a power, unless you are hiding it.” Matthew quickly moved, and Daniel almost escaped but he became caught in the chair behind Richard’s desk. He fell into it, and Matthew stepped up to tower above him.

What was the commotion that was happening when I got here?” Daniel asked trying to deflect Matthew so that he could get away.

Just a problem with someone here, because of his power he became out of control for a little bit. No one was seriously injured. I bet the woman you have at home can’t give you what I can.”

I’m sure he gives me more than you can.” Daniel stood up from the chair finally figuring out that Matthew wasn’t going to leave him alone. “He’s ex military and rather possessive. So I would leave me alone. Now!”

Now, now, just calm down,” Matthew said. He was about to press forward when the office door opened. Richard stared in shock.

Matthew?” Richard asked. Matthew stepped back from Daniel, and Daniel relaxed. “Security is looking for you.”

Thank you, Richard. Mr. Jackson.” Matthew stepped around the desk and out the door.


I’m fine. I was about to stop him. I can defend myself. Jack’s shown me how. I just don’t like to use it on people,” Daniel said as he moved forward to hug Richard.

So everything’s still going good with Jack?” Richard asked. Daniel nodded and sat down in the chair opposite Richard. “That’s good. Listen; there were a few things that Lily wanted you to have, things that she found about your childhood and your parents: a few papers, dissertations and even a book that your mom published. She never had the chance to give them to you.”

Thank you,” Daniel said. Richard stood up from behind his desk and picked up a box from the floor. He handed it to Daniel.

I suggest you look at it at home. Where you can do what you wish.” Daniel nodded and smiled a sad smile at Richard. Someone burst into the office.

Matthew is dead,” the security officer said. Daniel looked at Richard and the guard saw that Richard wasn’t alone. “Sorry, Sir.”

It’s fine, why don’t you show Mr. Jackson out. Daniel I’ll call and tell you everything when I can.”

I don’t care, Richard. We all have secrets. I didn’t like him anyway,” Daniel said. He grabbed the box from the desk and walked out the door. He went to his car and drove off. He didn’t take the roads that lead him back to the house. He went to a storage facility that had all of his things in them from his apartment he had had back in Chicago. His placed the box inside, closed the door and locked it.

The Home Front

Daniel, what are you watching?” Jack asked as he entered the living room after work. Daniel was sitting on the couch watching a movie on the TV. Jack looked at the screen and saw what it was. “Star Wars, Daniel why are you watching this?”

I remember watching this when it first came out in the theater. I would sneak away from my foster home to go to the theater. I was at the store when I saw them on DVD, all six of them. I had to buy them,” Daniel said. He paused the movie and stood up to kiss Jack. “Hi.”

Hello,” Jack said. He wrapped his arms around Daniel’s waist to pull him in closer for another kiss. Daniel let him back them up and went with Jack when he lay down on the couch. Jack had been working long hours, and Daniel had spent the past week doing a rally for the local colleges. They hadn’t had the time or the energy for anything more than a good night kiss. Daniel reached over and hit play on the remote and went back to focus on Jack. Jack moved down to Daniel’s neck, and he started unbuttoning Daniel’s shirt. Daniel reached behind him, pulled the pillow out from under his head, and threw it away. Jack’s focus shifted from Daniel’s neck to the chest that was revealed. Daniel tried to move so that he could start to undress Jack, but Jack wouldn’t let him.

No, too tired. Let me just do this for you,” Jack said looking Daniel in the face. Daniel blushed and leaned up for another kiss. Jack made sure that Daniel wasn’t going to try anything and then he leaned back down to lick one of Daniel’s nipples. Daniel’s nipples were the most sensitive part on his body. Jack had wanted to try making him come just by licking, sucking and playing with them. Tonight was the night he was going to try. Daniel thrust up but Jack just lifted as well. “Ah ah ah. Let me lead this.”

Jack, please, I’m so hard,” Daniel said as he tried to find contact for his cock. Jack smiled and used one hand to hold Daniel’s hips down while he went to town on Daniel’s other nipple. Jack listened while Daniel’s breathing became shallow, and he started gasping. Jack released his hip shifted too where he could watch Daniel’s face. Jack reached over with his hand and lightly caressed Daniel’s cock through his pants. Daniel jerked and came, screaming. Jack held him close while he calmed down.

Wanted to do that for while,” Jack said as he kissed Daniel’s sweaty forehead.

Now, I need a shower,” Daniel said as he shifted on the couch.

I’ll wash you’re back,” Jack said pulling Daniel up with him off the couch. He loved what he had just done to Daniel. Daniel trusted him more and more each day, and he would never let himself do anything that would hurt that trust.


Jack woke up hearing a pounding on the door. Daniel was lying half on in with his arms wrapped around him. Both of them had a day off so they had stayed up the night before. Jack rolled them both over. Daniel squeezed Jack tighter and didn’t let him go. Jack spent a few minutes shifting Daniel’s hold from him to a pillow. Daniel snuggled down on the bed, and he buried his face in the pillow. Jack smiled and pulled on a robe before going to the front door. He opened it to find two men in suits standing there.

Can I help you?”

Mr. O’Neill, my name is Agent Black and this is Agent Foster. We are with the Nation Security Agency. Can you come with us?” Black asked.

I need to get dressed and tell my partner that I am leaving,” Jack said.

One of us will need to go with you,” Black said. Jack nodded. He knew that Daniel was at least in a pair of boxers so he wouldn’t have to worry about Daniel flashing him. Jack went to the bedroom and changed before he moved to the bed. Jack started rubbing Daniel’s back. Daniel rolled over and smiled until he saw Jack.

Jack, why are you dressed?” Daniel asked as he laid a hand on Jack’s thigh.

The NSA is here. They want to talk to me. I’m going with them,” Jack said. Daniel’s eyes widened. He sat up in the bed. He saw Black standing in the corner. “Don’t worry. They won’t find anything. I haven’t done anything wrong.”


I love you, I’ll be back soon,” Jack said leaning over to kiss Daniel. Daniel grabbed his hand but Jack made him let go.


Daniel entered the 4400 Center looking for Richard but he found Shawn instead.

Daniel, how have you been?” Shawn asked. Daniel looked around. Shawn motioned for him to come with him. They stayed silent until they were in Shawn’s office. “Daniel?”

The NSA has Jack,” Daniel said.

Jack? The man that was with you when you were sick?” Shawn asked.

He’s my partner. They came and took him this morning. I didn’t know if you guys could do anything,” Daniel said. He started pacing around the office.

The NSA has been hunting for members of the NOVA Group. Ryland is leading it.”

Ryland? You mean that they let him go back?”

No, he got a job at the Haspel Corp,” Shawn said. Daniel turned around.

He killed twenty-eight 4400’s,” Daniel said. He came closer to the desk. “Where can I find him? I want to talk to him.”

Daniel pissing them off won’t help. You and Jack don’t have powers you can’t take them on,” Shawn said. Daniel looked up at Shawn and wondered if he could trust him with his secret. He picked up a book and held it up for Shawn to see. “Daniel?”

Watch,” Daniel said. He handed the book to Shawn. “Throw it at me.”

What? No way,” Shawn said. Daniel shoved the book at him and stared at him. Shawn took the book, and Daniel took a few steps back. Shawn looked at the book and then he threw it. The book passed through Daniel. “Daniel?”

I am trusting you with this. This doesn’t go in that archive of yours. I’ve had my power since around the time of the bombings. I didn’t want anyone to know about it. I don’t trust anyone with it. I can take care of myself. Tell me where I can find Ryland,” Daniel said. Shawn stared at him in shock but he wrote an address on a piece of paper and handed it to him.

Be careful, and your secret is safe with me. Does Jack have one?” Shawn asked.

I can’t tell you that,” Daniel said. He smiled at Shawn and left the room.


Daniel found Ryland’s office and walked into it.

Hello, who are you?” Ryland asked.

I want to know if and when the NSA will be releasing my partner,” Daniel said.

I know you; you are one of the 4400’s. You’ve been in the news lately speaking out about gay rights,” Ryland said.

Yes, I am. When will Jack O’Neill be released?” Daniel asked. Ryland picked up the phone and dialed a number. He spoke for a few minutes quietly then he hung up.

Mr. O’Neill is coming here now to talk to me. You are welcome to stay,” Ryland said. He motioned at the seat behind Daniel. Daniel sat down and waited. Twenty minutes later, Jack entered the office and saw Daniel. Daniel stood up and hugged Jack.

Danny? What are you doing here? They didn’t take you did they?” Jack asked. Daniel shook his head.

I’m fine. Don’t worry. I came here to find you,” Daniel said. He leaned up and kissed Jack. Jack’s hands were still cuffed, and he couldn’t touch Daniel.

You can remove the cuffs. Mr. O’Neill has been cleared,” Ryland said. The agent who escorted Jack uncuffed Jack, and he was able to hug Daniel. “We still need to talk, Mr. O’Neill.”

Of course, Ryland,” Jack said. He sat down in the chair and waited.

You used to be military,” Ryland said.

Yes, until I was left in Iraq after doing my job. I don’t trust the government nor the military to do things right with the 4400. I assume that I am free to go?”

You and your boyfriend can leave,” Ryland said. Jack and Daniel stood up and joined hands before leaving the office. Daniel leaned against Jack as they walked out.

You didn’t do anything stupid did you?” Both men said at the same time. Jack started laughing. Daniel leaned his head against Jack’s.

I’m fine. They thought that with my military background I was ripe for working with NOVA. They did checks and found that the only thing that I do is go to work and go home to you,” Jack said. He kissed Daniel and then started home.


Jack?” Jack turned around and looked at Daniel. Daniel was standing in the bedroom door. He was dressed in slacks and a light grey pullover. Jack smiled at Daniel before pulling him into a hug. “You ready to go?”

Yeah, almost. You know I’m going to have a problem getting through dinner with you dressed liked that,” Jack said. Daniel smiled and kissed Jack. Jack didn’t let the kiss last very long, they had reservations at one of the upper scale restaurants in the city. “Danny, we’ve got reservations.”

Yes, why won’t you tell me where?” Daniel asked.

Because you might kill me, I promise that it’s a very nice place. It’s just the name,” Jack said. Daniel kissed him again and then left the room. Jack finished dressing and followed Daniel out into the living room. Jack saw a small box on the coffee table. “Danny, what did you do?”

I know you said that you didn’t want anything but I wanted to give you something,” Daniel said as he held up his hand that had the bracelet Jack had given him on. Jack moved up to the table and picked up the box. He lifted the lid and found a ring case in it. Jack looked up and saw that Daniel wasn’t looking at him. Jack moved around the table and wrapped his arms around Daniel from behind. He made sure that Daniel was watching his hands as he opened the lid on the case.

It’s beautiful, Danny. I love it,” Jack said. Jack felt Daniel relax. “What does it mean?”

The Ankh means ‘life’ or ‘immortality.’ Do you really like it?” Daniel asked. Jack took the ring out of the case and laid it in Daniel’s hand.

Put it on me,” Jack said. Daniel took a hold of the ring, and he slipped it on Jack’s middle finger. Jack flexed his hand and felt Daniel lifting the hand. Daniel placed a kiss on Jack’s palm and then on the ring. “How’d you find out my size?”

After sex you are dead to the world. All I had to do was tie a string around your finger and there I had it,” Daniel said. Jack smiled and kissed the back of Daniel’s neck. “Happy Anniversary, Jack.”

Two years, Danny. See you don’t push away the people you love. It’s not because you love them. And it’s not because they love you,” Jack said as he turned Daniel around to kiss him. “We need to get going if we are going to make the reservation.”

I’ve been ready, it’s you that’s holding everything up,” Daniel said as he started laughing. Jack laughed and let Daniel go. Once in the car, Jack reached over and held Daniel’s hand. Daniel loved touching Jack. Jack drove the

distance to the restaurant. When they got close enough to the restaurant, Daniel groaned.

I told you that I was going to take you here,” Jack said. Daniel shook his head and released Jack’s hand just to slap him on the thigh. “Come on Danny, you get to day that you ate at ‘Daniel’s Broiler.’

I never really felt the need to Jack.”


Jack read the paper the next morning, a 4400 that produced a drug that made people work out the problems in their life or they went crazy. Three people were dead because of it. Jack wondered how Daniel would take it. Jack wondered how long Daniel would be gone on his run.

Jack had woken up that morning, and he found a note from Daniel saying that he had gone running and would be back. Jack was worried about him. He’d become distant after Jack had asked about his parents while they were trying to fall asleep. Usually after sex, Daniel would cuddle up to him but last night Daniel had rolled over onto his side and fallen asleep. Jack wondered why Daniel didn’t want to talk about his parents. He always loved it when Jack brought them up.

Jack heard the front door slam as Daniel entered. Jack stood up from the kitchen table and moved to greet Daniel. Jack surprised when he saw that Daniel was carrying a box.

Danny?” Jack asked. Daniel set the box down.

Lily spent time finding things of my parents for me. She wanted me to have them. When I went to see Richard, he gave them to me. They are just some things from my childhood and parents: a few papers, dissertations and even a book that my mom published.

I was scared to look through them. Last night, when you asked about what they used to call me, I remembered this and knew that I couldn’t just leave it in the storage facility,” Daniel said. Jack moved over and pulled Daniel into a hug. “Jack, I’m all sweaty.”

So, we cuddle after sex, we are all sweaty and messy,” Jack said. Daniel laughed.

That’s different; we are sweaty, messy and naked. We are both dressed and I stink,” Daniel said. Jack laughed and pulled Daniel down with him onto the couch. Daniel tried to fight him but ended up losing. Jack settled down so that he was lying on his side with Daniel lying on his back.

Why don’t you use your powers?” Jack asked. Daniel shrugged. “When we are playing, sometimes you do sometimes you don’t.”

I don’t want to not touch you. Sometimes we are playing and I use my powers to get away. Others I consider it foreplay, sometimes just touching you, calms me down, grounds me. Other times, it makes me so charged and horny,” Daniel said. Jack smiled and wrapped his arms around Daniel.

It’s the same for me. I love you, Danny.”

Love you, too.”

Now, why don’t you go shower. I’ll get you some breakfast and then we can look at the stuff in the box, how does that sound?”

Sounds great,” Daniel said. He stood up and smiled down at Jack. Jack smiled up at him and waved him away. Once Jack heard the shower going he got up off the couch and moved to the box. Jack was glad that it was a Sunday. They had all day to look through the box.

The Ballad of Kevin and Tess

Jack, I told Shawn about my powers,” Daniel said at lunch. It was Sunday, and Jack was getting ready to go into work. A client was having problems with their home security system so Jack had to go in to comfort them while the security teams went over the house. Since Jack had gotten his newest promotion, he knew that he was working more and more, but he couldn’t help it.

Why did you do that?” Jack asked. He turned around from the stove and stared at Daniel. Daniel swallowed and looked down.

He was not going to tell me where you were. I couldn’t let NTAC or the Haspel Corp tuck you away. I had to find you. I knew that he would know where you are. I trust him.”

I don’t.”

You don’t trust anyone. God how did…you better go to work. You don’t want to be late.” Daniel stood up from the table and went to the living room. Jack followed after him until he saw the clock. He was going to be late for work if he didn’t leave then. Jack moved to the front door. He didn’t want to leave, but his bosses and underlings were relying on him. He was the only person that the client would listen to. Jack stared at Daniel for a mew seconds before he walked out the door.


Jack sat in his office and stared out the window. He could see the Seattle skyline beautifully from where he was. Jack looked at his desk. There was a picture of Daniel on the desk. Daniel hated having pictures taken of him. The closest picture, age wise that Daniel had was a picture of him sitting on camel in front of a pyramid in Egypt.

A knock came at his door, and he told them to come in. His boss, Amy Galvan came in. She looked at him and frowned.

Jack, what’s wrong?” Amy asked.

Daniel and I got into a fight.”

Roomies fight all the time.” Amy sat down in the chair across from Jack.

We aren’t roomies. We are partners.”

Jack, you’ve never talked about him like that! What are you doing here? It’s Sunday. Mr. Stern can wait a day to talk you. I’m not heartless. I wouldn’t have scheduled all the overtime. I thought that you were just trying to drown in your work.”

I never wanted to cause problems. I know that many of the people around here had problems with me being a 4400. I didn’t want to give you any problems with them having a problem about who I slept with.”

Jack, I hired you because of the fact that you were military. You distrust the government enough to keep our clients safe. The fact that you were a 4400 never crossed my mind. The only problem I have with you sleeping with Daniel is that you didn’t let me know that you had obligations at home. I knew about Daniel’s’ migraines, and I understood that you wanted to be home when he was sick. I thought you saw him as a younger brother.”

Oh,” Jack said blushing at her. He bowed his head and mentally berated himself. He sighed.

Go home, I know that you are afraid of losing us the Stern account but if he leaves because you won’t come in on a Sunday. He’s not a client we want.”

Mrs. Galvan, I’m here I might as well stay. He won’t take that long to deal with.”

That’s fine. On one condition: you don’t come in tomorrow. Take tomorrow off,” Amy said. Jack nodded. Amy smiled at him and stood up. “Good. Now Mr. Stern is in the conference room. Let’s go.”


Jack entered his and Daniel’s home to find all the lights out. It was only eight o’clock. Both he and his boss had thought that it wouldn’t take that long to deal with Mr. Stern, but they had both been wrong. It had taken most of the day. Jack had called, left messages for Daniel, but his lover hasn’t answered.

Jack entered the kitchen and found the note from Daniel. “Out with a friend,” was all it said. Jack crumpled the paper and threw it away. Jack knew that he had no reason to be mad, but he was. Daniel had walked out on him after a fight again. Jack didn’t even think about the fact that he had actually done the walking out.

Jack paced around the house for a couple of hours and at ten thirty; Jack heard a key in the lock of the door. Jack had left all the lights off so that Daniel would think Jack was asleep. Jack watched Daniel entered the house while trying not to make a sound. Once Daniel had set down his keys, Jack pounced on him. The light from a street lamp fell across Daniel’s eyes, and Jack could see that he wasn’t drunk just scared. Jack held him against the wall, pinning his arms to the side of it. Jack wasn’t ready for Daniel to shove him away, he half-expected Daniel to use his powers.

Don’t manhandle me, Jack. I won’t be pushed around by you,” Daniel said. He moved around so that Jack’s back was to the wall.

Where were you?”

You weren’t around. I wasn’t going to sit around and wait for you to come home. Ashley, one of the teachers that has been helping with the rallies asked me out for a drink so that we could talk about the rally later this week. I told her no when she asked two days ago. I called her up tonight once you hadn’t gotten home by seven and we went out.”

Asked you out for a drink?”

She and her partner, Vanessa, went. It’s back to that is it? You assume that I am just going to cheat on you?” Daniel asked. Jack didn’t look Daniel in the eyes. He knew that he couldn’t. “Fine, I’ll see you in the morning, Jack.”

Danny…” Jack said, but Daniel was walking away. He went up the stairs into what used to be his room but was now a guest room. Jack sighed. He has really screwed up.


Jack woke up the next morning and found a note for him on the pillow Daniel usually used.


I talked to Richard this morning. He’s letting me stay at the Center for a few days. I was right. You don’t trust me. If you did, you wouldn’t think that I would cheat on you. I’m not your little woman. I am not going to sit around and wait for you to come home. I hate giving you an ultimatum, but I have to. I rarely work on things when you are around unless it’s on a rally. You’ve been working past eight o’clock almost every night for two weeks. You worked last Saturday and yesterday. You used to jump on me when I worked like that. Whenever I bring up your schedule, you say that it will blow over. You said you would be going in for two hours. I waited until you’d been gone for over nine.

You know how to reach me.



Jack pulled the covers over his head and rolled over in bed. He didn’t want to get up at all.

The Starlz Mutation

Jack got the invitation in the mail to the wedding of Shawn Ferrell and Isabelle Tyler and it was addressed only to him. Jack read it and found that all the 4400’s were invited to the wedding. Jack knew that since Daniel was living at the 4400 Center, he would be going. That’s what made Jack decide to go. He could be able to see Daniel.

Daniel had been calling every few days. He and Jack talked until both were almost falling asleep. Jack knew what his problem was. Daniel had been right. Trust. Jack didn’t trust easy. He trusted Daniel with himself, but he didn’t trust Daniel not to cheat. He’d had one too many girlfriends cheat on him.

Daniel’s not a girlfriend. I love Daniel. He loves me. He would never cheat on me,” Jack said aloud to the room. He got up from his couch and went to the closet to find his tuxedo. He saw Daniel’s sitting in the closet. He decided to call later and see if he needed it.


Daniel looked at himself in the mirror. Since he had left his tuxedo at his and Jack’s house, Richard and Shawn actually took him out and bought him one. Jack had called two days ago and asked if he needed Daniel had said ‘no.’ Daniel heard at a knock on the door and turned in time to see Shawn enter the room.

Hey,” Shawn said.


A little bit. Jack just arrived.”


How are things going with that?”

Good. I miss him. God, do I miss him.”

Maybe today everything can be righted”

I hope so. I love him. I just couldn’t be with him, if he thought that every time we got into a fight, I was going to go

out and cheat on him.”

That would be hard.”

Isabelle seems obsessed with you. She loves you so much,” Daniel said. Shawn nodded and smiled at Daniel.

Richard told me that you had a confrontation with Matthew when you visited him once.”

It was nothing. He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I set him right and then he left. That was the day he died.”

He didn’t hurt you?”

No, he didn’t.” Shawn nodded and smiled at him. Daniel hugged him before he left the room. He finished getting ready and went downstairs with the rest of the guests. He found Jack easily. Jack was talking to a group of men near the refreshment table. Daniel made his way over to him. Jack smiled and pulled him into a hug. The men excused themselves, and Jack and Daniel were alone.

Why don’t we go somewhere private to talk?”

Sounds good, Danny.” Daniel linked his hand with Jack and led him over to a more private area of the compound. Once they were away from prying eyes, Daniel pulled Jack in for a kiss.

I missed you, Jack.”

I’ve missed you, too. The day you left. My boss found out that I was doing all of this over time with someone waiting for me at home. She gave me that Monday off and you weren’t around. I was going to make it up to you. I’m so sorry that I hurt you like that. I was scared of losing my job. I forgot for a while that you are all that matters to me. I forgot that you would never cheat on me. Because I was sent on a lot of missions, my girlfriends never lasted long. They couldn’t take the separation. I came home to find many of them had taken up with another man and on one occasion, another woman.”

I faced my past long ago. It’s about time you did. Are you ready for me to come back to the house? You aren’t going to freak out and accuse me of anything?”

No, you aren’t them.”

Good. Then we can enjoy this wedding.”

The bride creeps me out, Danny. When I arrived, she greeted me on her way to get dressed.”

You haven’t been around her too much. She creeps a lot of people out.”

Why is Shawn marrying her?”

I don’t know. There’s talk that she killed someone in the center.”

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”

I think so.” Daniel looked out at Shawn walking and talking to people. Daniel saw movement at his side and turned. A man in rags was walking towards Shawn. “Jack?!”


Is that Collier that just past us?” Jack turned and looked. The man’s eyes were looking everywhere and Jack was able to get a small glimpse of the man’s face. It was Jordan.

That’s him. Danny, Kyle Baldwin was supposed to have killed him. How is he alive?”

He’s a 4400, Jack, who knows what his power is. His body was stolen at the funeral remember. I’m sure that Baldwin did that as well and left him somewhere. I want to know where he’s been for the past year.”

Let’s go join them.” Jack put his arm around Daniel’s shoulder and they walker over to the now excited crowd.


Those soldiers of theirs are for the defense of this country. Since Ryland is heading it up, I’d say that Ryland and his superiors are going to use them on us,” Jack said. Daniel nodded at him before he sat down on the other end of the couch.

What a day! Jordan Collier is alive and there are non-4400’s with abilities that already have five deaths on their hands.” Jack scooted closer to Daniel and lay down on the couch with his head in Daniel’s lap. Daniel smiled down at him.

Danny. I will still take you away. I know that we can hide. Even with the soldiers after us,” Jack said as he linked his hand with Jack’s hand.

I know you will.”

I’m sorry, Danny.”

It’s in the past. You love and trust me. That’s enough.”

I do love you.” Jack leaned up for a kiss.

I love you, too.”

The Gospel According to Collier

So how do you think Isabelle will take Shawn running out on the wedding?” Daniel asked as he readied his things to work in the garden. Jack was lying on the back deck after mowing the lawn. Daniel worked in the garden for an hour. When Daniel looked at Jack, he was asleep on the deck, never having made it to the chair. Daniel picked up the water hose he had used and sprayed Jack. By the time Jack was awake enough to retaliate Daniel had soaked him. Jack roared and charged him. Daniel lost the hose, and he fell flat on his back. Daniel was laughing at the water dripping off Jack and onto him.

Just think. Earlier we were at that wedding.” Jack laughed at Daniel before giving him a quick kiss.

I know. It’s still creepy. Watching him walk towards Shawn. Then he disappeared.” Jack reached out and grabbed the hose. Daniel had seconds to get away before Jack sprayed him. Jack made sure that Daniel was as wet as he was before he dropped the hose.


Hey you sprayed me first. Turn about his fair play,” Jack said. Daniel smiled at him. “How does Chili sound for dinner?”

Sounds, good. I’m all muddy now. I’m going to shower. Alone.” Jack frowned at Daniel and stalked up to him. Jack grabbed him around the waist and started to kiss him. When Jack’s hand cupped his ass cheek, Daniel quickly pulled it way. “Jack, I’m tired. I’d probably fall asleep in the middle.”

I know. I’m just playing a little. Don’t worry. I’ll start the food and then shower upstairs.”

Thanks, Jack.”

I love you,” Jack said kissing Daniel’s forehead. Daniel settled his head on Jack’s shoulder for a minute then kissed Jack’s cheek before going in. Daniel went into the bedroom and stripped off before getting into the shower. Even if Jack was his first lover, all his past relationships had tried to demand things from him: time, love, things that he wasn’t able to or wanted to give. Jack demanded nothing from him. He only took what Daniel was able to give him. Daniel smiled into the water beating down on his face. He loved the nights when they cuddled in bed and didn’t have sex.


How’d it go?” Jack asked as he walked in the front door. Daniel smiled at him.

He’s at the courthouse trying to get Shawn Baldwin released. I left. I really didn’t want to get in the middle of that.

He’s released. I’m happy. We need him. Obviously, the government fears us. Maybe he’s the key to getting them not to fear us.”

I still don’t trust him. He was way too vain and snotty.”

He’s changed. You should have heard him when he was talking to the reporters outside the NTAC facility. There are graffiti paintings of him all over the country. They call him ‘the preacher.’ He’s saying that ‘The war for the future will be fought in the past.’”

Danny, just don’t get too wrapped up that you can’t see the surface. Not until we are sure that he’s not evil.”

I’m keeping my distance. You’ve taught me the basics well, Jack. I’m not going to be pulled into a cult. I’m not going to let him change me. I just want to see if he can help. You know I don’t like where the 4400’s have gone.” Jack smiled at him and pulled him close. They both loved holding each other. With how things were going with the lives of the 4400’s and the government, both men need all the comfort they could get.


Jack, that’s Jordan,” Daniel said as he exited the house that night. Jack turned around from the grill and looked at the man in his backyard. The drinks in Daniel’s hands fell to the ground, the glasses shattering.

Please don’t get up. I am just here for some help.”

Help?” Daniel asked.

Yes, you can help me.”

How?” Jack asked. He stepped up behind Daniel and pulled him close. He had never trusted Collier and after the man came back from being dead, he really didn’t trust him.

I am here to stop a catastrophe. I need help. You two have stood on the sides and done nothing. Jack you have enough mistrust of the government and the military to help me deal with NTAC. Daniel you work with colleges all over the country. I may need those connections to help me.”

How do you know this?” Daniel asked shrugging out of Jack’s hold and stepping closer to Jordan.

I know a lot of things that will help me. Along with your powers. You two have managed to hide your powers from everyone. Who have you told?”

I’ve told Shawn about my powers.”

Has he told Isabelle?”

No, he promised me he wouldn’t.”

Shawn keeps his promises.” Collier smiled at them.

Danny, Collier, why don’t we move this inside?” Jack asked. Daniel nodded and motioned for Jordan to enter the house. Jordan stayed for hours talking about things that Isabelle had done that he had seen and things that she might do unless she’s stopped. Jack watched as the fears that Daniel had about the 4400 came true. They could do harm to the people of Earth. They could start a war that could destroy the Earth. Jack knew that Daniel would do whatever he could to stop it from happening. Jack was going to be with him every step of the way.

Terrible Swift Sword

Danny, are you going to watch everything that he says and does?” Jack asked. Daniel waved Jack away as Collier finished up his latest interview. When Collier was done, Daniel shut off the TV and came into the kitchen. Jack was finishing the dishes from dinner as Daniel wrapped his arms around Jack. Jack chuckled and kept on washing the dishes. When he was done, he dried his hands on a dishtowel, turned around in Daniel’s hold, and kissed him.

While you were watching TV, Collier called. Isabelle is working with Ryland. She is the source of the Promicin that he has been getting for the enhanced soldiers. Collier wants to take out the military facility that is producing them and he wants to destroy the Promicin. All the soldiers taking the serum will also be eliminated.”

Jack, I can’t. I won’t kill anyone. No matter what.”

I know. I would never ask you to. I never want you to kill anyone. But if this war comes, you will have to defend yourself.”

There’s a difference between defending myself and going after men and women who are brainwashed. I won’t do it. I know that we are just defending ourselves but I won’t kill them. It’s not something I can do. Not if there is another way.”


Daniel Jackson,” Daniel said as he picked up the phone.

Dr. Jackson this is Agent Stern form NTAC. This is a call to tell you that the members of the NOVA Group have escaped from custody here at NTAC. This call is to warn you about attempt that may be made on any 4400 who denies working for their cause. We urge you to call us if they contact you.”

I will. Thank you.” Daniel set down the phone. Now the world was in danger. Those members of the NOVA could go after anyone. Daniel placed a call to Jack’s cell for him to call back as soon as he could. Jack called back an hour later.

Yeah, they just called me, Danny,” Jack said after Daniel explained what Agent Stern told him.

Jack, I think I need to tell NTAC about my powers. Mine are dangerous and I don’t want them to find out from anyone other than me.”

I understand. I know that you’ve been thinking about it for a while. Do you want me to go with you? Boss said I could take the rest of the day off due to the news.”

No, I’ll talk to Skouris and Baldwin. I trust them.”

Danny, Baldwin lives with one and Skouris adopted another. They are the only ones we can trust to do the right thing. Just make sure you are safe.”

I will.”

See you tonight. I’ll order pizza. I’m getting off around four. Since its three now, I’ll have the pizza ready around five.”

I’m not going into NTAC. I’ll find and talk to them outside of NTAC. I don’t trust the rest of them to let me go. Not Jarvis. It’s her I don’t trust. I’ll be safe.”

Collier wants my help tomorrow with a few things at Haspel Corp. I might be gone all day, Danny.”

What are you doing?”

Getting all the Promicin they have so that they can’t make more soldiers. He wanted to see who would stand with him. Since we didn’t rat him out, he trusts us.”

I don’t like that he lied to us.”

Neither do I, Danny. He just did what’s best for him. Seems that Shawn ratted him out to NTAC. Danny this is our lives. We didn’t ask for this. We are just trying to live. Let’s not fight about this. I love you.”

You, too,” Daniel said before he hung up. Things had changed. Jack was following Collier, and Daniel was staying on the sidelines. He didn’t know why Jack followed him blindly. He finally saw what Jack the soldier was like, and he didn’t like it. He readied himself for leaving and was on his way to a local park after a few minutes. Daniel dug around for the cell number that Baldwin had given him for emergencies, all the 4400’s had the number of their handlers in case of emergencies. He called Baldwin on his cell and told him that he needed to talk to them both as soon as possible. An hour later, Baldwin and Skouris met him at the park. Daniel didn’t mind telling them. He just hoped they didn’t ask about Jack. Jack didn’t want them knowing. Jack was willing to trust Collier, but he wasn’t willing to trust the government. Daniel didn’t think that Collier could be trusted.

Dr. Jackson, what’s so important?” Baldwin asked. Daniel sighed.

I’m sorry. With all the scares that have been going on with the 4400, I’ve never been open about my power.”

You developed a power?”

Yes. I did. After being back a year. Jack and I talked it over and decided for my safety to not reveal it.”

NTAC had surmised that you two were sent back without powers, just so that you could do the work you’ve done with the Gay movement,” Baldwin said. Daniel shrugged.

Jack and I have both thought that’s why we came back. It’s one of the only reasons that Jack really didn’t mind me doing it.”

Have you two ever talked about getting married, if you succeed?” Daniel looked at Diana and smiled.

No, we haven’t. I’m not much for marrying.” Daniel sighed and closed his eyes. He pulled a small bag out of his pocket and dumped the contents into his hand. He showed the small rock to them before he put it back in the small bag. He handed the bag to Skouris. “I’ll get that out of the bag without touching the opening.” Daniel passed his hand through the bag. The rock was in his hand. “I can pass myself and anything I want through things. Think ‘Shadowcat’ from ‘X-Men,’ and you are very close to what I can do. I didn’t want NTAC finding out about my powers the hard way and turning it on me. NTAC hasn’t been our friends through this all. Since Ryland is gone, it’s gotten better but Jack and I don’t trust Jarvis that much. You two and that is it. My powers have only been used in the comfort of my own home, to ‘play’ with Jack. He thinks it’s funny.”

Does he have a power?” Skouris asked. Daniel looked up at her.

That’s something you have to discuss with him.”

If he did, could it hurt others?”

No, I don’t that Jack’s could. If he had one, he wouldn’t let it.”

Thank you, for being honest. It goes in the files but it will be protected. Who knows of your friends?”

No one,” Daniel lied. Skouris and Baldwin nod before they left the small park. Daniel looked at his watch. It was four thirty. Jack should have ordered the pizza by then so he headed by home.


Maia, what are you doing here?” Daniel asked as he stepped aside so that the little girl could enter. He didn’t like the look on her face, not after all that had happened in recent times. “Does your mother know you are here?”

She’s waiting in the car for me. I had a vision. Of you. I wanted to tell you about it.”

Okay, what happened?” Maia looked up at Daniel and then back down. She frowned. “Maia?”

You lose Jack.”


I don’t know. For some reason all I know is that you lose him. I wish I could tell you more but something happens, and you lose Jack.” Daniel crouched down and wiped the tears from Maia’s face she had started crying the moment she started talking about him losing Jack. Daniel kissed her cheek and hugged her.

Thank you, Maia. Why don’t I walk you to your car?” Maia nodded and let Daniel take her hand to lead her outside to the car. Skouris nodded at Daniel.

Thank you, Skouris, for letting her tell me.”

She never told me what she saw just that it was personal to you and you needed to know.”

She’s always welcome here.” Skouris nodded and smiled at Daniel before she drove off. Daniel stood on the

sidewalk and looked up at the sky. He tried to think through the things going in his mind. He didn’t want to lose Jack. He didn’t want Jack to die. He wasn’t going to let him die. He wasn’t.


Daniel was running up the steps of a hotel with an enhanced soldier on his heels. He knew who the soldier was but the man didn’t know about Daniel’s powers. He didn’t know what Daniel could do. As Daniel burst through the doors to the roof, the soldier launched himself at him and latched onto his leg. Daniel fell but his leg went through the soldier’s hand. Daniel used the soldier’s surprise to run to the edge of the roof. The soldier’s power hadn’t come into play yet. Now he knew it would. They were out in the open.

Come on, Fag. Let’s get this over with. You and me now. We’ll see who the better man is. Of course, that’s me. Cause you aren’t a man,” the soldier said. Daniel tried to ignore the jabs the soldier was saying. He’d been saying them since he had chased Daniel into the hotel and had screamed them as he chased Daniel up the stairs. It wasn’t working as well as he had hoped. He was getting madder by the minute. Daniel turned to see the soldier standing just a few feet from him. “You are making this easy. All you have to do is go over. People will think you jumped.”

I’m a 4400, people saw you chase me in here. It won’t be let go.” Daniel stepped back, a plan forming in his mind. If he could somehow trap the man on roof until NTAC got there, he could make sure no one was hurt. A fire started a few feet from him, trying to force him backwards and off the roof. When Daniel didn’t move, the flames died down, and the soldier stepped forward. That’s when Daniel moved. He grabbed the soldier and flung him towards the ledge. The soldier was caught off guard, and Daniel could see his look of surprise at the strength of Daniel. Before his hips were trapped in the wall on the edge of the roof, his legs hanging down and his chest resting on the wall. “I am not a weakling. I’ve had some training. Enough to protect myself.”

Yes, from the man you corrupted. I know about how you bent Major O’Neill to your will. Turned him gay. I will have fun with him when I get away. He’ll feel what it’s like to really be gay. I’ll make sure he never wants another cock up his ass before he dies.” Daniel’s anger flared up farther the soldier wasn’t a threat anymore not to him and not to Jack. He didn’t want this soldier to live; he didn’t want him to be a threat against anyone. He didn’t want him to get away and harm anyone else. He didn’t want him being able to take Jack from him, in any way shape or form. He looked down at the soldier staring at Daniel in shock. Daniel grabbed his hands and pulled the ma from the wall. He let him dangle for a minute before he let the man fall. He quickly left the roof before what he had done sunk in. Before he left the hotel, he stopped by the public restroom in the bar to throw up. He was glad that he didn’t drive. He knew he wouldn’t be able to. He hailed a cab and left the scene as the ambulance arrived. Daniel looked out the cab window. He didn’t know how he was going to tell Jack.


Daniel stood looking out of the window of his new apartment. Baldwin had made sure that he had a place close to NTAC so that he wouldn’t have to walk far to work. That day was going to be his first day working with NTAC. He was actually working with Baldwin and Skouris trying to find all of the NOVA Group that had escaped. He would also help with any case that he could. Daniel sighed as he finished dressing. He had been the one to push Jack away. He was the reason that Jack had left him. He thought back to just days before.

Danny, why are you sitting in the dark?” Jack asked as he came in the front door. The house was dark and it was dark outside. Daniel knew that he had just finished helping Collier. Jack found Daniel sitting on the couch and crying. “Danny, what’s wrong?”

I’m sorry,” Daniel said. Jack sat back and listened to Daniel talk about how he had killed that soldier. Jack was in shock. Daniel knew he was. He knew that it would take a while for Jack to get over it. He really thought that Jack could.

But Jack hadn’t. Jack couldn’t look at him. When he had woke up the next morning alone in bed. Jack was sitting in the living room; he had a glass of whiskey in his hand and the bottle sitting beside him.

Jack didn’t you get any sleep?”

No, I couldn’t sleep. Danny, I can’t do this. I can’t be around you right now.”


Just leave please. Just get your things and leave.”

Jack?!” Daniel asked as he moved closer to Jack. Jack couldn’t even look him in the eye. When Jack finally looked up. Jack’s eyes were cold. The same coldness they had had when Jack had first been in quarantine.

I want you to leave. You can get what you can now and the rest once I leave tomorrow for work. The computer, your artifacts. I can’t be around you.”

Jack, what are you talking about?”

I CAN’T BE AROUND YOU! Don’t you get that? I can’t look at you anymore. I don’t want to think about you killing. Every time I look at you, I see that body. I saw it on the news last night. Ryland is saying that he was scouting out a threat and fell. There is no investigation, and I can’t give you up. I can’t. I’m sure that NTAC would get you off but no matter what I can’t hurt you. So please just leave.” Daniel looked at Jack before he went to the bedroom to pack everything up that he would need till tomorrow. He also made sure that the pictures of them were put into a drawer so that Jack wouldn’t have to look at them.

Daniel finished up and headed out the door for his first day on the job at NTAC.


Jack kept an eye on Daniel. Finding where Baldwin stashed him after only a day. Jack followed Daniel as he left that next morning. He went straight to NTAC. Jack watched as his former lover flashed a badge and was allowed into the building.


Daniel entered the 4400 behind the rest of the NTAC agents. The Promicin was going to be available to the public. People with abilities were going to pop up everywhere. He was there to protect people if he could. His power was being used for good. He wouldn’t let it be used for bad.

Daniel, can you?” Skouris asked as she handed Maia and her things off to Daniel. Daniel nodded and looked at Maia. She was mad. Daniel knew how she felt. He’d been pulled from things before that was embarrassing, and he had been very mad. Sometimes there was a good reason, sometimes just a selfish reason. This time it was for her own good.


They had Shawn. It was only a matter of time before they had everyone else. Jack wondered whether Daniel would help take him down. They had never tested their powers against each other, and he didn’t know who could win.

He didn’t know if he wanted to find out.

Jack watched from the background as Richard was calmed down, and he stopped destroying the Promicin.


Daniel watched the interrogation from the science lab with Marco. Isabelle entered the room and started talking with Shawn.

I was sent to eliminate the 4400,” Isabelle said. Daniel listened to her try to convince Shawn to give it up. When he wouldn’t Isabelle, nearly killed him. Daniel ran from the room with Marco on his heels. Daniel knew that Isabelle had grown up, quickly effectively killing her mother, but no one could have guessed that she was brought into the world to kill all the 4400’s.


Jack had hoped the explosion would have killed Ryland but all it did was throw him back. Then he saw Isabelle. He heard her plans, and he rushed to tell Collier and warn him. Jack entered the 4400 Center in time to see Daniel entering with the rest of NTAC. Seconds later, a fleeing man ran through him. Jack watched him pick up a young boy and carry him to safety so that he wouldn’t be trampled. Once the boy was on his feet, he took off out the main doors. Jack found his way to a security office in time to see Isabelle trying to kill Baldwin and get a needle in her neck. Moments later, Baldwin shot her. The bullet went through her shoulder.


Daniel said goodbye to Skouris at NTAC. He didn’t know her that well and didn’t want to take the time away from her and her friends. They were still looking for Collier and the Promicin. Daniel’s only friend seemed to be Marco Pacella. They were both recovering from losing someone close to them.


The 4400 Center was shut down. No one was allowed near it. Jack was still living at the house. He was one of the few whose face wasn’t plastered everywhere. Jordan had need of him. He was to stay where he could watch NTAC and Daniel. Jordan knew that Daniel was in Jack’s soul. Jordan said that the people who sent them back had reason for them being together, and he was sorry that they had been ripped apart. He wasn’t going to make Jack be even father from his love.

Jack still couldn’t make himself believe that Daniel killed, especially since he did it in anger. The man wasn’t a threat at that point. He was stuck and couldn’t do anything to Daniel. Daniel was safe and NTAC would have made sure the man wouldn’t do anything to him or anyone else. Daniel chose to kill him. Jack couldn’t forget that. Jack knew that because of the war, Daniel would have to kill but to kill an unarmed man who was trapped was something different. No matter what Daniel thought at the time.


Daniel looked out over the view from his fifth floor apartment. The view was better from the house, but Daniel didn’t think that he would ever see it again. When Daniel had gone back to the house to get his things, he found that Jack had packed up all the pictures of them. A note was on top that told him to take them. Jack said that he didn’t need them anymore.

Daniel lay down on his bed that night and started crying. He cried himself to sleep for the first time since he was fourteen.


Jack looked around the empty house. He had never noticed how much Daniel’s things had filled it. Stands were empty of artifacts, statues, and books. Movies were missing from their DVD and VHS collection. The bedroom was empty as well. No longer were there two of everything and the small basket of migraine medication was gone.

Jack couldn’t sleep in the bed they shared, and he couldn’t sleep in the bed Daniel slept in before they had got together. Jack slept on the couch that night. He didn’t know if he could sleep in either room ever again. The whole house felt empty without Daniel.

The End of Season 3


Daniel woke up in a cold sweat for the third time in as many nights.


Daniel looked over the ledge. This wasn’t how he wanted to do it, but it was the only way that he could be sure he was going to do it right. Daniel stepped over and let himself fall.


Daniel, why did you do this?” Baldwin asked. Daniel didn’t answer. He just lay on the bed facing away from the door to the room. He’d been in the hospital for over four days and hadn’t spoken a word since.

We tried to get Jack to come visit. He won’t return our calls.” Before Baldwin could talk again, the door opened and Marco stepped in. He stepped to the bed and sat down at Daniel’s back. He handed Daniel and can of pop. Daniel smiled at him before opening it to drink.

I think he wants you to leave.”

He tried to kill himself. I need answers.”

Then get a report from his doctor. His serotonin levels were too low. Depression.” Baldwin nodded. He moved closer to Daniel.

Get better. You have the written test next week.


Daniel what are you doing here?” Marco asked as Baldwin escorted Daniel into the theory room.

He’s here to replace the geek that left. Since he fractured his leg, he will be off his feet for a while.


Jack entered Marco’s house. He was the best to enter the houses. He could fly to them and get in them with little trouble. Collier needed information and Marco had it. Once Jack was in the living room, he started looking for the files. He didn’t want to make any more noise than he had to. Jack saw the files on the coffee table by the mantle. As he straightened up, he saw the statue sitting on the mantle. It was one that Daniel treasured. Seconds after seeing the statue, handcuffs attached themselves to his wrists. Jack spun around and saw Daniel standing there.

I’m sorry, Jack. I’m sorry that you were the one to get caught in this.”

Caught in what?”

Word was leaked about certain things. My self and a few others are watching the traps. You are the first to be caught.”

Don’t I feel special? Did you rat me out?”

No, Jack. I promised you I wouldn’t. It’s not my fault you got caught. Once you tripped the trap a call went out. I won’t let you get away.”

You can’t stop me.”

Yes, I can. It’s easy. I’ve already done it. Your shoe soles are in the floor. You are wearing boots. Can’t slip out of them.” Jack looked down and sighed. Daniel was right, he wasn’t going anywhere.


Adaptation 2-Season Two

Title: Season Two
Series: Adaptation
Year: Season Two of The 4400
Category: Crossover, Drama, First Time, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Marco Pacella,
Spoilers: Each section gives the episodes it spoils and some general spoilers for the Stargate Movie.
Summary: Jack and Daniel as 4400, their ups and down in life and relationship as the series goes on and beyond the end of the series.
Words: 14,477
Notes: I doubt this will have a happy ending for Jack/Daniel fans. Don’t ask me. I write what I am told to. I know that the fic doesn’t always explain everything in the 4400 series, but I can’t really add it. This all happens from the P.O.V.’s of Jack and Daniel, they can’t know everything that NTAC does. If it’s not made public knowledge, or could possibly be overheard by one of the two, then it doesn’t make it into my fic.
Warnings: Sexually Derogatory Words,

Season Two

Wake-Up Call

Jack watched Daniel lean over the flowerbed he insisted on putting in the back yard. It hadn’t even been good weather for two days, and Daniel was already out making it look like a home. It had taken them a while to finally sign the papers to the house because of the background problems and the deal with them being 4400’s. They had moved in at the beginning of winter and that was the first day that Daniel could work outside and not freeze. Jack indulged him because it meant that Daniel went around the backyard without a shirt and usually in cutoffs that hugged his ass. He also spent a great deal of time on his knees leaning down, which meant that Jack got a really great view of his ass.

Daniel?” Jack called. Daniel turned around to smile at Jack. “I’ve got lunch ready, why don’t you come inside can wash up so you can eat.”

Just a while longer, don’t worry I will eat,” Daniel said then he turned around and went back to working on the small patch in front of him. Jack sighed. If it wasn’t pulling him from his work then it was pulling him from the garden.

Danny, you’ve been either out here working or doing those translations for work. I haven’t sat down with you for a meal in over a month. Come on. Please, Danny, I want to eat with you,” Jack begged. Daniel set down the small hoe and took of the gloves he was wearing.

Okay, I’ll be there in a minute. I just need too clean up some of these things first.” Jack nodded and went inside. Ten minutes later, Daniel joined him. Daniel dug into the food without talking. Jack just stared at him while eating until finally Daniel looked up at him. Daniel blushed and set down the roll. “Sorry, I’m just really hungry. I just I just didn’t realize how hungry.”

It’s fine. I’ve just never seen you eat so much in one sitting so quickly,” Jack said. Daniel laughed.

I’m a little more comfortable now, with who we are, why we came back and with being with you,” Daniel said as he grabbed another roll. Jack smiled at Daniel as ate. With the constant food that Jack was forcing into Daniel, he was bulking up nicely and gaining some muscle. With the new house, Jack had set up a weight room and both were using it to do their exercising. Jack went on daily runs around the block and sometimes got Daniel to join him but that was only on the weekends.

Why was it so hard to get used to me?”

I am not used to people who care. No one ever really has. My parents died when I was young. I bounced from home to home, never really fitting in. You learn defenses, never let anyone get close never show weakness.”

I’ve heard that sort of stuff. I wouldn’t know. I grew up in Mom’s house and nowhere else. I won’t try to tell you that I understand. I can’t. So I’ll take your word for it,” Jack said. Daniel smiled at him and nodded. They both finished off their lunch before Daniel went back outside to play in the garden more, and Jack went to the workout room.

Jack was jogging on the treadmill when he started smelling something wonderful from the area of the kitchen. Jack knew that by then he stunk so he showered before he went into the kitchen but all he saw was empty bowls and sink full of soaking dishes. He went out into the dining room and found Daniel eating a casserole at the table while leafing through a book. Jack saw that Daniel had just served his part of the food since it was still steaming on his plate. Instead of the normal beer, a glass of wine sat at his place.

The wine goes with the food better than beer will.” Daniel didn’t look up from the book as he talked, he just continued to read and eat at the same time. Jack laughed when he saw it. Ninety nine times out of a hundred Daniel hit his mouth but when he was really fascinated by a part in the book he could miss his mouth and sometimes even his face.

Daniel was lost in the book and didn’t notice Jack watching him or when Jack laughed at him. Jack idly thought that he could jack off in front of Daniel and if the boy were reading then he wouldn’t know. It took Daniel twice as long to eat as it normally did and when he was done he found Jack on the couch, and he just sat down on the end of the couch and started reading.

Jack looked at Daniel’s feet, tucked under the boy, and he reached out to pull them into his lap so that he could massage them. Daniel looked up at Jack with his eyebrow cocked.

I know you were crouching a lot today. That’s hard on the feet. I was just going to massage them for you,” Jack said. Daniel stared at him for a few minutes but then he nodded. Jack smiled and pulled the clean socks from Daniel’s feet. Jack rubbed them through the whole hour of news, and he kept on until Daniel got up to get something to drink and to switch books. When he sat back down, he tucked his feet under himself again. Jack didn’t mention rubbing them again that night. He’d gotten almost two hours of touching, and he wasn’t going to push his luck. Daniel didn’t like people touching him at the best of times. Jack turned his focus back to the TV, and he flipped channels to a station that was giving local news. It started off with news of a local hit and run murder. Jack lost focus in it and found himself staring at Daniel as he read, the play of emotions that went over the younger as he read the book. Jack couldn’t read the words on the cover and deduced that the whole book could be in another language.

In breaking news, a revelation about the origins of the 4400, in his newly published autobiography, former real estate agent, Jordan Collier, claims that Human Beings abducted the 4400 from the future. The book contains copies of classified government memoranda, that Collier say’s prove his claims. The documents are said to come from an anonymous source within the National Threat Assessment Command. According to Collier, the 4400 were returned to avert a catastrophe that threatens the survival of mankind,” a newswoman said. Jack turned the volume up on the TV while Daniel put down the book he was reading. “Collier charges that the government has had this information for more than a year but has kept it secret in an effort to avert a public panic. The government claims that the documents are purely speculative and have been quoted out of context.”

Have you bought that yet?” Jack asked pointing at the screen, asking about the book.

I ordered a copy from that book club I joined. It should be here tomorrow. Do you want to read it first?” Daniel asked.

Not’ really, I don’t want to read it. You can tell me anything that is intriguing.”

Yeah, I’ll start it when I finish my next translation.” Jack nodded and went back to watching the TV but by then the coverage had changed to some new store that was opening up in the mall area of town.

Voices Carry

Daniel what are you doing?” Jack asked when he saw Daniel look around outside the car before he got out.

The woman in apartment seventeen was hanging around looking for me today,” Daniel said. Jack laughed.

Too scared to tell her no?” Jack asked. Daniel nodded.

Have you seen her? She’s like two of me and most of its muscles,” Daniel said. Jack laughed.

You’ll have to talk to her at some point, Daniel. It’s better to do it sooner rather than later, you could just make her really pissed off.” Daniel shrugged. Jack laughed at Daniel.

I’ll tell her next week, when I’ve gotten up the courage.” Jack draped an arm around Daniel’s shoulders, and they went up into their house. Jack looked over at the apartment building across the street and saw the woman from apartment seventeen staring out her window. She looked at the way Jack had his arm around Daniel, and she nodded at Jack. Jack gave her a look that said ‘back off,’ and she stepped away from the window.

So what do you want for dinner?” Jack asked. Daniel shrugged. “Come on, pick something.”

Pizza, pizza sounds really good.” Daniel let them into the house and then moved to his office to turn on his computer. Jack followed and caught Daniel’s hand before he could turn on the tower.

Why don’t we both work in the garden. It’s supposed to be rain for two days.” Daniel smiled and Jack nodded. He pulled his hand from Jack’s and went upstairs to change into work clothes. Jack watched him go and smiled at himself. Daniel was none the wiser about his feelings, and he was happy to keep it that way.

Jack went to change himself and got worried when Daniel didn’t come downstairs. Jack went up to Daniel’s room and found Daniel on the bed staring at the floor, where one of Daniel’s work shoes was half in the floor half out of it. Jack heard Daniel snort and then start laughing. Jack reached down to tug on it but it wouldn’t move. Daniel bent, tugged and it came right out of the floor. Jack smiled.

So you’ve been practicing?”

Yes, I can do parts of my body and things I’m holding. I can’t do much in the way of my whole body but yes. I just need to work up to it.”

Well at least it’s something,” Jack said. Daniel laughed.

It’s also easier to make holes for the trees I’ve been planting. I just stick the shovel down, then solidify it and pull. Less work for me and less mess on the holes.”

Boy Wonder,” Jack joked. Daniel looked at him with a cocked eyebrow. “Sorry, I forgot that you haven’t really ever watched TV beside those shows on boring things. It’s a reference to Batman. I’ll show you one day.”

Sure, that sounds great,” Daniel said. Jack smiled at him. He followed Daniel out of the house while he showed him the new way to garden. Jack loved seeing Daniel having fun as he was. Jack got the idea that Daniel hadn’t had even a close to fun childhood. The two had started spending a few hours a week watching older things that normal people Daniel’s age had seen.

An hour later, Jack stopped and went inside to order the pizza. Daniel was working away at making sure every flower plant was placed just right. Jack loved watching him work at it. The whole backyard had been covered in weeds just days before, but Daniel had cleared most of them out. Trees were the first things to go in. Daniel seemed to know a lot about gardening. Jack hadn’t pulled that knowledge from Daniel yet. Jack had broached it once or twice, but Daniel always dodged it.

Danny, pizza’s ordered,” Jack called out the door. Daniel waved his hand and finished the plant he was working on. Daniel came in the house and cleaned up. Jack opened the door when the bell rang, and he set the pizza down on the coffee table in the living room before he grabbed drinks from the kitchen. Jack came back into the living room to see Daniel sit down on the couch and keep going. Daniel fell out the back off the couch and onto the floor. The couch itself was raised about a foot above the ground by a platform that separated the dining and the living rooms. Jack dropped the drinks and ran to Daniel’s side.

OW!” Daniel said.

I guess the full body thing is coming along at its own rate,” Jack said. Daniel cracked a small smile. Jack helped Daniel stand up and then sit down on the couch. Jack exchanged the drinks for new ones, grabbed a couple Tylenol and handed them to Daniel. He could tell that Daniel was in pain, but Daniel never liked to show that he was. Daniel swallowed the pills and started eating the pizza he had grabbed. “Are you sure you’re fine?”

Yes, Jack I’m fine,” Daniel said as he laughed. Jack saw that he wasn’t moving much so he knew that his back must hurt.

Look, you liked the foot rub I gave you. I know your back hurts, no matter what you are saying, why don’t we see if a back rub will take the pain away.

Jack, I don’t know,” Daniel said.

If it makes you uncomfortable I’ll stop.” Jack watched Daniel’s eyes flick around the room. Jack knew he was trying to decide. After a few minutes, Daniel nodded. Jack helped Daniel strip down to boxers and settle himself on his bed. Jack found massage oil in his bathroom and moved back to Daniel’s bedroom. Jack saw that Daniel was tense.

Jack sat down on the bed beside Daniel and rubbed a soothing hand down Daniel’s back. It was something that Daniel was used to Jack did it all the time. Daniel nodded his head, and Jack took that as permission to keep going. Jack started at the top of Daniel’s back and worked his way down. It wasn’t long until Daniel was snoring, and Jack covered him up.

Jack shut off Daniel’s light before he shut up the rest of the house. Jack knew that his fantasies had gained more material since he knew what Daniel’s skin felt like.

Weight of the World

Daniel!” Jack screamed out Daniel’s bedroom door while looking down at the blanket that was half in the floor. Jack knew that Daniel was having problems but this was bad. Jack tugged on the blanket and it didn’t budge. Daniel came up the steps and entered the room. He leaned over a tugged on the blanket. It came right up.

Sorry. I was leaving the room when that car backfired. It scared me. Whoosh!” Daniel said. Jack laughed. Daniel just glared at him.

I know and am I glad we moved into a house. Once you started going through things. Dropping into Old Mrs. Hathaway’s place wouldn’t have been good,” Jack said. Daniel smiled.

Yes, well. I’ve got better control now,” Daniel said blushing. He threw the blanket onto his bed and threw a few other things on top of it.

Yes, well. I’m just thankful that no one has found out.” Jack said while Daniel shrugged.

NTAC’s been worried about other things beside us two,” Daniel said.

What is it this week?” Jack asked as he started down the steps to start breakfast.

That man whose saliva made people’s metabolism move so quick that they couldn’t eat enough and starved to death,” Daniel said.

Oh, yes. That. I forgot. I wonder why they sent us back with powers that can harm?” Jack asked.

Balance everything out,” Daniel said. Jack shrugged and turned back to the stove.

Laundry day?” Jack asked.

Yes, I’m a bit behind in it. That translation for the school took longer than I thought,” Daniel said.

You stayed up all night again?” Jack asked frowning.

Not all night. Just till four,” Daniel said.

And it’s now nine. That’s only five hours of sleep,” Jack said he turned around. “You need to take care of yourself.”

I’m fine, Jack,” Daniel said. Jack turned back to the stove and flipped the pancakes on the griddle. “I do this all the time, Jack.”

I know. I just worry,” Jack said. Daniel smiled at him before accepting the plate of pancakes. “Take a nap today. After you eat lunch.”

I’ll think about it,” Daniel said. Jack nodded. He sat down and ate his breakfast. Daniel finished quickly and went to his small office just off the living room. When Jack left an hour later, he hadn’t moved from the spot at his desk. Jack shook his head and laughed.

Daniel moved from the desk when his stomach rumbled, and he was forced to find himself some food for lunch. He noticed that the clock read two o’clock. He sat down on the upstairs couch and started to watch some TV hoping he could nap, just to make Jack happy. He fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until Jack woke him up four hours later.

Danny, come on, buddy. Wake up,” Jack said shaking Daniel’s shoulder lightly. Daniel gasped and started to go though the couch. Jack tried to grab him and went right through him as Daniel fell. Jack ran and heard the crash. Jack found Daniel lying on the floor, a small end table underneath him, laying in pieces. “Daniel?”

Ahh. God, that hurts,” Daniel said. Jack leaned over him. Daniel’s eyes were fine.

Did you hit your head?” Jack asked.

No. Just my back. I think I have a splinter in my butt,” Daniel said before laughing. Jack laughed, too. He carefully rolled Daniel over to look at his back.

Did that hurt?”

No, I don’t think I broke my back. How bad is it bruised?” Daniel asked.

Not that bad. I think I’ll be staying home tomorrow, to take care of you,” Jack said. Daniel shook his head.

I’ll be fine,” Daniel said.

No, I’m staying home. I haven’t used any of my sick or vacation days. I think it’s time I did,” Jack said. He helped Daniel stand up and lead him to his bedroom.

Jack, just take me to mine,” Daniel said not moving inside Jack’s room.

It’s up the stairs. You won’t be able to move tomorrow. Just humor me, huh?” Jack said. Daniel nodded and let Jack help him onto the bed. “Don’t scare me like that again.”

Scare you. I thought you knew better than to wake me up,” Daniel said as he rolled onto his stomach.

I thought that you had heard me moving around. I wasn’t all that quiet,” Jack said. Daniel sighed.

I must have been really out of it. What time is it?”

After six,” Jack said.

Damn. I was asleep for over four hours,” Daniel said. Jack smiled. Daniel glared at him. “So maybe I was tired.”

I knew you were. You haven’t been sleeping much for a while now,” Jack said. Daniel nodded. “I’m going to get the splinters out. Now taking off your pants will probably pull on them.

I know,” Daniel said. He helped Jack slowly pull off his pants by holding himself up on the bed. Once off, Jack could see that Daniel had two large splinters in his ass as well as a few small ones.

I’m going to get tweezers and antiseptic. And one vary large bandage,” Jack said. Daniel nodded and laid himself back down. Jack spent a half an hour digging out every piece of splinter out of Daniel’s ass. By then the area was red and swollen.

I think I’ll be sleeping on my stomach and my hip,” Daniel said.

Yeah, I’ll sleep in your room for a while. I don’t think that you should sleep with any pants on. Might catch the bandage and rip it off,” Jack said. Daniel blushed.

I don’t think I’ll feel too comfortable with that,” Daniel said. Jack waved him off.

Don’t worry. I’m going to get some massage oil. I’ll work on the bruise on your back a little then put ice on it. Just stay here. I’ll get dinner. How’s Chinese?”

Just fine, thanks, Jack,” Daniel said. Jack smiled down at him before he left the room to order the food and to grab the massage oil. When he came back in Daniel was lying on the bed with the blanket pulled up around his ass. Jack smiled as he looked over Daniel’s frame. He’s been talking Daniel into working out with him over the past year, and he now had some bulk to his frame. He didn’t look quite so young anymore.

He had just finished the massage when the doorbell rang. Jack told Daniel to stay there while he got the food. He grabbed two plates and carried them to the bedroom. Daniel was on his side staring at the doorway when Jack entered the room.

Food, Your Highness,” Jack said with a smile as he set down the plates and the food. Daniel laughed and took a plate. Jack dished out the food and helped settle Daniel so that he could eat without his back hurting. Jack then went to get drinks from the kitchen. When he got back, he saw Daniel sneaking a piece of shrimp from his plate. “Hey!”

I like shrimp,” Daniel said popping the piece in his mouth. Jack glared at him and sat down on the bed handing Daniel a pop. “Listen, go to work tomorrow. I’ll be fine by myself.”

No, Danny. I’m not leaving you,” Jack said.

I’m not a child, Jack,” Daniel said. Jack sighed.

I know you’re not a child. I just want to be here for you,” Jack said. Daniel frowned not understanding so Jack leaned forward and kissed him. Daniel gasped, and Jack licked Daniel’s lips quickly before pulling back. “I just want to be around you.”

Oh. You…but…no,” Daniel said.

Yes,” Jack said.

You…I…oh,” Daniel said. He blushed. Jack smiled and made him look him in the eyes. “Jack, I’ve never…with a guy…or a girl.”

That’s fine. I’m not going to push you. You scared me when you fell. I thought I might have lost you,” Jack said. Daniel looked at his food and continued to eat. He was embarrassed. Jack let him eat. Daniel was quiet the whole evening, and he went to be early. Jack was worried. Daniel had never been that quiet. When he finally went to bed, he slept on the couch, not wanting to be that far from Daniel.

Jack woke up because he was burning up. He tried to grab a hold of the blanket to pull it off but connected with a solid weight instead. Daniel was curled up on him, leaning against him and squished between him and the couch. Jack smiled and shifted so that he and Daniel were lying on their sides on the couch. Daniel groaned in pain and shifted so that his back wasn’t flush against the couch. Jack dropped a kiss on the side of Daniel’s neck and then went back to sleep.

Suffer the Children

Jack was worried. Daniel hadn’t talked to him since they had woken up on the couch. That had been nearly a week prior. Daniel spent most of his time in his office working. Jack had even found him sleeping in there on night. Jack was worried. Why was Daniel acting like he was? Daniel had come to him on the couch. Daniel usually found his own dinner and always ate it in the office.

Jack?” Daniel asked. Jack jumped when Daniel talked so close to him. He had never heard Daniel exit his office much less get that close. “Do you remember Heather Tobey? The school teacher we were in Quarantine with?”

Yeah, so?” Jack asked. He let his hurt into his voice, and Daniel ducked his head. Jack saw it then. Daniel was scared. He was scared of what he felt for him. Jack stood up from the couch and moved closer to Daniel. He laid a hand on Daniel’s shoulder and squeezed. “What about her?”

She needs a place to stay for a few days while she tries to find a job. Her ability made her lose her last job,” Daniel said.

Yea, I heard she was charged with child abuse only to have it pulled back. Instead she was helping kids be all they could be.”

Can she stay here?” Daniel asked.

Yeah, she can. I’ll make up the guest room.” Jack kissed Daniel’s cheek and hugged him. Daniel latched onto Jack and didn’t let go. Jack let Daniel stay like that for a while until the phone rang. “I need to get that…”

No,” Daniel whispered. Jack shifted so that he could answer the phone while still holding Daniel.

Hello,” Jack said.

Is Daniel there? This is Heather.”

Yeah, just hold on,” Jack said. He pulled Daniel’s face back so that he could look in his eyes. Daniel was crying so Jack just let him hold on. “He’s a little busy. My name’s Jack. I live with Daniel. We are both fine with you coming to stay with us. I’m sure that a job can be found for you here in no time.”

Is he doing better? Last I talked to him he was upset about something, but he wouldn’t talk about it,” Heather said.

Yeah, he’s doing better,” Jack said. He started rubbing Daniel’s back as he talked to Heather confirming things and setting up the time for Heather to meet them at the house. “Daniel works from home so almost all the time so if you are late or early it shouldn’t matter.”

That’s good. You know that his voice glows when he talks about you. I’d say that he really likes you. Was that the problem?”

Kind of, a few weeks ago I kissed him. That night he slept on the couch with me. He’s been kind of freaking since then. I think we are better,” Jack said. He noticed that Daniel wasn’t moving. He looked down and saw that Daniel was asleep. He smiled. Daniel seemed to like sleeping with him. He shook Daniel a little bit so the younger man was woken up, and he helped guide Daniel to the couch. “We need to talk.”

I know.” Jack watched as Daniel tried to wake up. “I freaked. I’ve never trusted anyone as I’ve trusted you. I’m scared.”

It’s fine, just don’t shut me out. I can’t do something to fix it if I don’t know what’s wrong. I didn’t know what to think.”

I know. I’m new at this stuff. I don’t know what to do.”

I forget that. We’ll have to be patient with each other.”

I’m not ready for sex,” Daniel said bluntly. Jack coughed and kissed Daniel’s neck.

No, you’re not. Don’t worry. I’ve been friends with my right hand for a while. He hasn’t kicked me out.”

Jack,” Daniel said while laughing.

What, you can’t tell me that you’ve never jacked off.” Jack turned Daniel’s head so could look him in the eye. Daniel blushed and jerked his head out of Jack’s hold. Jack laughed. Daniel buried his head in Jack’s neck and started laughing.

I was brought up to not talk about that stuff.” Daniel sighed and shifted so that his head could rest on Jack’s shoulder, and he was lying on his side on the couch.

Okay, sorry. I guess I’m used to talking to the guys about it on missions.”

You never did anything about it on missions. What are they call ‘buddy fucks?’” Daniel asked. Jack shook his head.

Oh no, never, my teams were Spec Ops, the best of the best and usually the ones who were homophobes. No, I would have been discharged from the military, I know it.”

So its good thing you were military? I get to have all the new fun with you. When we are ready,” Daniel said with a smile. He yawned.

Go to sleep, Danny. I’ll be here. Don’t worry.”

I don’t want to be attached to sleeping with you, I don’t want to move that fast.”

Okay, then we’ll just lay here till you are ready to go to bed for the night.” Jack started rubbing Daniel’s back again until the man’s breathing evened out, and he was asleep. Jack smiled at the way that Daniel slept. His whole face and body relaxed. He melted into whatever he was sleeping on. At that moment, it was him and the couch.

Jack decided that he needed to clean up a bit before Heather arrived. Since Daniel had problems with his allergies, they usually kept the place looking pretty good but with the small freeze out they had. Nothing had been cleaned in a while. There was a thin layer of dust on most of the things in the main parts of the house.

Jack spent three hours cleaning the house and in the end, Daniel went to his own bed to sleep. Jack was a little sad, but he understood that Daniel needed space. He was going to wait as long as needed to make sure that Daniel was secure in Jack’s love for him. All he had to do was tell him so.

As Fate Would Have It

So you want to go to the reunion?” Jack asked as he and Daniel sat down on the couch to watch a movie. Jack pulled Daniel close to him and looped a hand around his waist. Daniel wiggled until he was comfortable and then he kissed the part of Jack that he could reach, his neck.

I know you don’t want to go so I’ll just go for a little bit and come home.”

I just don’t trust Collier anymore. Yes, he helped us find the house and me the job, but he’s been doing some odd things lately and the people at NTAC haven’t been looking at him kindly lately.”

I trust you, Jack, but I want to see some people. Some of them I haven’t seen since quarantine. I’m glad you aren’t denying me the chance to go.”

I am your partner, not your mother or father. You can do what you want.” Jack kissed the top of Daniel’s head. “And I am going. Just so that I can make sure nothing happens to you. We don’t know who is going to be there.”

Jack, you don’t have to. There will be security there. I’ll be fine.”

I’ll sit here worried that some person will get a rifle and shoot through the glass from a neighboring building into where you are just so that he can say he killed a 4400. No way, I can stand being there a few hours while you visit with friends.” Jack started rubbing Daniel’s stomach because he could feel that Daniel was tense. He clicked on the movie and started watching it. Daniel was silent for a while.

Jack started shifting on the couch. His back didn’t like the position they were in. Jack saw that Daniel was entranced in the movie so he just pushed up a little on Daniel’s back until Daniel sat up. Daniel’s eyes never left the screen while Jack shifted on the couch until Daniel lay between his legs. He pulled on Daniel’s shoulder and the younger man lay back.

Jack indulged in having Daniel between his legs and wrapped his arms around him. Everything was fine until the movie was almost over. Daniel sat up, moved to the other end of the couch and used the coffee table as a footrest. Jack looked at Daniel worried. He sat up and tried to get Daniel to look at him. That’s when he noticed that Daniel was breathing hard.

Jack noticed that he was a little bit hard, and he blushed. He knew what Daniel must have been thinking. Jack paused the movie so that they could finish watching it together.

Danny, I know that you haven’t really been in a relationship before so if I do something that makes you uncomfortable tell me. I don’t want to hurt you or make you think that you have to do something,” Jack said as he tried to calm down Daniel.

One year. One year, and we can think about having sex. I’m sorry but….” Daniel was cut off by Jack covering his mouth with his hand.

This is the first relationship you have been in that’s been serious yes?” Jack asked. Daniel nodded his head and consequently Jack’s hand. Jack smiled. “Then we go as slow or as fast as you want. I won’t pressure you.”

I just want to be sure,” Daniel said as he blushed. Jack leaned down to kiss him. Daniel let him have fun for a few minutes before he pulled back. Jack smiled at him and pulled him back close. Daniel settled in at Jack’s side. “I guess I was a little uncomfortable. I’ve never felt another man like that before.”

Its fine, I didn’t even notice.”

Can we finish the movie?”



Jack looked around at the main area where the reunion was being held. He didn’t know that many of the people around, during quarantine he had kept himself apart from everyone else. He was still reeling from the loss of the baby and the loss of the years.

Jack kept himself back from everyone else so he could keep an eye on Daniel while he walked around. He knew that Daniel could take care of himself, but he sometimes got in over his head and needed rescued. Jack was making his way towards Daniel when the glass shattered and the first bullet was shot.

Jack shoved Daniel to the ground and covered his body with his own. He heard where the shots were coming from and knew that they were too close. He looked up and saw Collier on the ground with people around him. He could see flashes of his upper body and saw the bullet holes. He had heard that the little girl had predicted his death and Collier hadn’t believed it.

Jack was surprised that Daniel wasn’t trying to move out from under him. He looked down and saw that Daniel was calm.



You all right?”


Good. I’m staying like this until the shooter is run off or caught.”

That’s fine.” Jack smiled and kissed Daniel cheek before wrapping an arm around Daniel’s stomach to help ground the younger man. It was over rather quickly. NTAC agents swarmed around while the medical personnel tried to save Collier. In the end, it didn’t matter. Collier died.

When Jack and Daniel finally got home, later that night both were too tired to eat and both went to the beds and slept. When the body of Collier disappeared, Jack could tell that Daniel was getting scared about why they came back again but this time he was too. He couldn’t help Daniel calm down because he was getting scared as well.

The 4400 had come back for a reason but it was getting scarier everyday for the 4400. They had no guidance, and they needed it. Collier had been the closest thing they had had, even if Jack didn’t trust him. He at least was helping the rest of his kind. He didn’t even really trust NTAC all that much. It was the government, and they did what they thought was best and that wasn’t always best for the people they were trying to protect.

Life Interrupted

Danny, where are you going?” Jack asked as he saw Daniel getting ready to go out at ten o’clock at night. Daniel was dressed in jeans and button up shirt that was blue in color. He didn’t look all that different from when he went out any other time. That was before they had started a relationship together, and he didn’t like Daniel going out like that alone.

An old college buddy of mine is in town, and she suggested we go out for drinks.”

So you didn’t even ask if I wanted to go,” Jack stated as he stood up from the couch and moved closer to his partner. Daniel shrugged as he looked Jack in the eye.

I know you are tired. I didn’t want you to go just because I was,” Daniel said. Jack nodded. “You know that you like going with me anywhere, as long as you get to touch me.”

So you were going to lie to me?” Jack asked. Daniel looked at him in shock. Jack saw the hurt in his eyes, but he didn’t care. This was still so young and Daniel was already starting to lie to him. “Were you going to wait until I went to sleep and sneak out the door?”

Jack, I would never lie to you. I was going to talk to you once I was ready. Since I am still my own person I can decide when I go out. It’s just going to be downtown at that coffee club that opened up. I was going to ask to use your car but I guess you don’t trust me with that either. So Jack, I’ll see you later. Don’t wait up,” Daniel said as he walked out the door, slamming it shut to show his anger.

Jack sighed and sat down on the end of the coffee table. Daniel wasn’t one of his lovers from the past, Daniel was an open honest man who hated liars and hated to be lied to. Jack was just afraid that Daniel would find someone better.

No, not someone, some woman,” Jack said aloud to the empty room. He lay down on the couch and waited for Daniel’s return. He knew the coffee place that Daniel was talking about didn’t close until around three in the morning so it could be a while before Daniel came home, especially since they had fought before hand.

It was their first real fight since they started their relationship. Jack didn’t know how Daniel would handle it. He didn’t even know how he was going to handle it. Jack fell asleep on the couch that night and didn’t expect to wake up and find Daniel in the house.

Jack was woken up hours later by the feel of hands on his head. He didn’t react he just waited. He felt the hands on his head again, this time he could tell what they were doing, caressing. Daniel had moved him so that his head and the pillow he was using were in Daniel’s lap and a blanket was thrown over Jack’s body.

Jack was about to talk when he noticed that Daniel was snoring. Not the normal snoring but the snoring that meant his allergies was acting up. Daniel’s hand didn’t stop its movement; it just kept on caressing his head and neck.

Jack let himself fall back to sleep, thinking of ways to make it up to Daniel in the morning.


Jack watched Daniel as he walked around the local zoo. Daniel had admitted he had never been to a zoo before. His foster parents wouldn’t send the money to let him. That money was for their ‘real’ kids. So Jack had found the perfect zoo to take Daniel to. It had a camel from Egypt in it. They hadn’t been to that habitat yet, but they would be.

Daniel passed in front of him, and Jack snagged his hand to pull him close. Daniel settled against Jack’s chest and let Jack wrapped his free arm around Daniel’s waist.

Having fun?” Jack asked before kissing the side of Daniel’s neck. Jack had found out that Daniel really liked Jack touching him, no one else but Jack.

Yeah, I am. This place is better than the zoo I wanted to go to back in New York with my foster family. Of course that was years ago too. The animals weren’t treated nicely at all,” Daniel looked up at the Giraffe that was standing only about three feet from them. Jack saw an attendant handing out food, and he held out his hand for a bag. Daniel was watching the Giraffe and didn’t notice until Jack let go of his hand.

Want to feed her?” Jack asked as he put the bag in Daniel’s hands. Daniel turned his head and smiled at Jack. Jack knew that Daniel was childish at certain times, but they both were. It made Daniel smile and to him that was worth everything.

Do you know where the monkeys are, Jack?” Daniel asked as he finished giving the little bit of food to the Giraffe. Jack nodded and let Daniel go so that they could start walking. Daniel caught up with him and linked his hand with Jack’s. Jack smiled at him and squeezed his hand. At the monkey house Daniel leaned back against Jack’s chest again while watching them for a while. Jack loved holding Daniel, even if it was in public.

I love you, Danny,” Jack whispered in his ear. Daniel turned around in Jack’s arms to look him in the face. His mouth was open wide in shock. “I’ve wanted to say it for a while. I just never knew the right time. You’ve been so happy today.”

You love me?” Daniel asked.

Yeah, I do, I love you so much,” Jack said. He leaned forward hoping that Daniel would let him kiss him. Daniel leaned into the kiss. Jack didn’t care if anyone did anything. Jack heard a chattering and felt Daniel pull back. A monkey was in a tree beside them trying to get their attention. The monkey leaned forward and kissed the glass which made everyone around who was watching bust out laughing. “Spacemonkey.”

What?” Daniel asked looking at Jack strangely. Jack leaned close to whisper in his ear.

We all came from space in a ball of light and the way you move around our garden. You’re like a monkey. Spacemonkey, I think it’s cute.”

Yes well we’ve never confirmed you are sane. In fact, I think that you are not sane. Of course, that means that I’m not sane for staying with you,” Daniel said as he leaned in for another kiss. Jack smiled as they share a few chaste kisses before moving onto the camels. Jack knew that one day Daniel would say the words back to him. He knew that Daniel loved him; Daniel just had to learn that for himself.


When Jack came home that night from work he was late. He’d called Daniel to tell him that he had run into a few problems but it was nothing to be worried about, just a temperamental client. He expected to find at least some type of food on the stove for him whether it was home cooked, Chinese, or pizza, but he found none.

He found Daniel sitting on the couch with a book lying on his chest from where he had been reading but he wasn’t reading anymore. His eyes were glued to the TV where a reporter was talking. The sound wasn’t on but Daniel had the captions on, in Spanish. He watched Daniel read the captions for a few minutes before he started to pay attention to what was on the TV. It showed a body bag being removed from somewhere, along with NTAC agents milling about everywhere behind the reporter.

Danny?” Jack asked.

Shush,” Daniel said. He grabbed the remote and un-muted the TV.

NTAC agents have yet to make a statement about the shooting that happened here. He have no official statement from anyone but it’s believed that the woman shot down here today was responsible for the death of almost three hundred people in Granite Pass, Oregon. Granite Pass was the home of Jean Delynn Baker one of the 4400 who was the woman shot down here today by NTAC agents.”

Jack, it’s getting worse. More and more of us are harming,” Daniel said. He put his bookmark in the book and set it on the coffee table.

It’s just a hand full. Don’t think that way,” Jack said. He tried to pull Daniel close but Daniel wouldn’t let him. Daniel stayed where he was on the couch.

What if your gift power whatever anyone wants to call it harms? What would you do? Would you go into quarantine?” Daniel asked. Jack nodded.

I would never want to hurt you or anyone, Danny. I would rather stay where I couldn’t hurt anyone. I know it would take me away from you but that’s better than never being with you ever again.” Jack watched as Daniel turned his head away from Jack and stared at the wall. Jack leaned over and kissed Daniel’s forehead before he went to find some dinner for himself.

When he got to the kitchen he saw the dishes from breakfast that morning but no others. He looked in the fridge and saw that a lot of the fruit was gone which meant that that was all that Daniel had eaten all day since that morning. Jack sighed and found some hamburgers ready to be cooked in the fridge. He could smell the spices that Daniel put in them and knew that Daniel had planned to make them for dinner that night, when Jack got home.

Jack started cooking the hamburgers and found a vegetable to go with them. He peeked into the living room and saw that Daniel hadn’t moved. He shook his head.

Why, Danny?” Jack asked, whispering so that Daniel couldn’t hear him. He knew the answer but he hated to see Daniel do it. “Why do you have to take everything that the rest of us do on your shoulders? You can’t help what they do. It’s not your fault. It’s the people that took us. You can’t control them more than you can control the rest of the world.”

Jack went back to the stove to put the green beans in a pan to cook. He turned the hamburgers and went to tell Daniel that food was almost ready when he saw that the younger man wasn’t there. Jack went back to the kitchen to turn down the fire on the food and then went in search of his partner.

He found Daniel sitting on the back porch, watching the sunset. There was a chill in the air so Jack grabbed a blanket from inside and wrapped it around the front of Daniel before he sat down behind him.

Don’t, Danny,” Jack said wrapping Daniel up in his arms and trying to keep him warm. “You can’t do anything. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You haven’t done anything wrong. It isn’t anything you can stop. Obviously, there is a reason for all of this, unless they made a mistake. Maybe she was only supposed to kill a few people, a few certain people. Or maybe one of them will do something that warranted the death of the others. Maybe one of them would create a virus that wiped out thousands, or even millions. I don’t know but hopefully their deaths weren’t meaningless.”

I know, Jack but how many more times is a 4400 going to do what they are doing before we all become enemies and are quarantined or killed?” Daniel asked. Jack sighed. Of course Daniel thought of a worse case scenario.

We can’t think like that, Danny.”

I can’t think about anything but it every time one of us makes the news.”

Then don’t watch it anymore. Don’t let yourself get negative. Don’t change who you are because of things you can’t control.”

I try but it’s always there. Always in the back of my mind. Haunting me. We scare the world, Jack. We are 4400 compared to over six billion.”

So, we are no less important than them. We didn’t ask for this, and we didn’t make this happen. We have no control over what happens with us but what we do have control over is how we let it affect us. I bet foods done. How about we eat and then play chess.”

Can I sleep with you tonight? I don’t want to be alone,” Daniel asked.

You can stay with me anytime you want to,” Jack said kissing Daniel’s neck before pulling them both up to go eat.


I love you”

I know you do, and I care for you a lot.”

That’s all I need.”


Daniel still hadn’t bounced back from his little bout of depression. Jack had stopped watching the news for the reason that most of it lately was about the 4400’s and what they were doing. Jack read the newspaper and was able to get a better clue about true world goings on.

Jack came home and found Daniel in his office working on most nights but that night he found him but that night was outside the house looking at the stars again. He was wrapped in a blanket already. Jack saw a box of pizza in the kitchen and found it half-gone so he surmised that Daniel had already eaten. Jack had already eaten at work so he put the pizza in the fridge for Daniel the next day.

He found two bottles of beer in the fridge, and he joined Daniel outside.

I heard about Edwin Musinga. Some guys at work were talking. I don’t know Danny, that’s a good ability. No matter his past, he can help a few kids have a shot they never had. He can do good,” Jack said. Daniel just shrugged. Jack sighed and sat down on the ground beside Daniel. “Come on, Danny, say something.”

They found Nick,” Daniel said his voice even, emotionless. Jack cocked an eyebrow.

Who’s Nick?”’

I know that I haven’t really talked about my life while in the foster homes,” Daniel said. He shivered and pulled the blanket closer around him. Jack didn’t think it was because of the air around him. It was something to do with what he was talking about. “That’s because there isn’t a lot to talk about. I was ignored the whole time. I was with about fourteen foster families in seven years, I kind of lost count after ten of them. No one wanted a little boy who liked reading and didn’t really want to talk. I was money to them. Money they got for very little work. All they had to do was feed me three times a day and then make sure I looked good when the social worker visited.

I had one home, Dad was a drunk. Social worker never showed up. I called the one that used to be mine. He’d retired. He said he would find out when the next visit was and then have a friend check on it. Two days later, I was removed from the home. Bill, my old social worker said that he talked to someone about it and they checked her records then checked on her. Seems she wasn’t visiting any of the kids she had placed in homes. She was altering her records and making things up.

After that was a pretty cool home. They had a little girl, Sara, she loved playing with her dolls and her parents didn’t get her many of them. I used to get a small allowance; I saved up from the moment I met Sara and when I had enough I bought her a beautiful one. It took me three months and when I went to get it, I was five dollars short. I nodded at the lady at the register and pocketed my money again. I told her I would be back in a few weeks to get it for my friend.

A man behind me asked me who I was getting it for. I said my foster sister who loved dolls. The man smiled at me, and he said he would pay for the rest of it. I was so happy. I never told my foster parents that I let the man pay for the rest. I said I saved up the allowance they were giving me. I was gone a day later. My longest placing was seven months. My shortest was three days. The mother didn’t like me. I would read aloud to myself at night. Just so I could hear someone. I usually did it in the languages I knew. By eight, I knew seven and by fourteen, I knew twelve. It was all I could do for fun.

Anyway the mother didn’t like that I was talking in other languages. She said I scared her, and she didn’t want me around her other kids. After that my social worker gave up I think. I was twelve then. He didn’t really care if I was happy. He just didn’t want me bugging him. I never tried to be a problem child, Jack. I just wanted friends, family; I just wanted to be loved. Was it so hard?”

No, Danny, it shouldn’t have been. You deserved to be loved. I wish I knew a way to change all of that for you make it better.”

You can, Jack. Just love me. Be there for me. Don’t leave me, please. I don’t want to lose you, too,” Daniel said as he latched himself onto Jack. Jack started rubbing his back and cursing the world, silently. Jack still didn’t know who ‘Nick’ was. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know who the man was. It was the first time he had heard that name from Daniel. Daniel talked about his parents a lot when Jack pushed him to. He wanted Daniel to remember them.

Jack, where are your parents?” Daniel asked after he’d calmed down.

Dead, they’ve been dead for a while, since I was twenty. Why?”

If the baby had survived, and Sara had died, wouldn’t you have wanted someone in your family to raise it?”

Of course, the baby was an O’Neill; he should have been raised by an O’Neill.”


Oh, yeah, Charlie. We had the names picked out: Charlie for a boy, and April for a girl. It was a boy. I guess I just started thinking about him as a boy, even if he didn’t survive.”

Oh, shouldn’t every one think like that? Family takes care of family?”

Should but they don’t. What’s brought this on?”

Nick. He didn’t want me. He said he didn’t want an eight-year-old brat getting in his way,” Daniel said. Jack’s jaw dropped. He recovered quickly trying not to get angry at whoever ‘Nick’ was.

And Nick is your?”

Grandfather. He never wanted to be called that. He said ‘Nick’ would do. After my parents funeral he took me to a waffle house. We ate waffles then he left me at the orphanage. I saw him a few times as I grew up. He committed himself in a metal hospital for a while. A mental breakdown eh doctors called it. Last time I saw him, we had a huge fight. NTAC started looking for him when they started looking for everyone else’s families. He had checked himself out and no one has heard from him since.”

You said that NTAC found him?”

Yeah, in South America, looking for some artifact that no one has seen in hundreds of years. He said that he wants nothing to do with the ungrateful urchin who sleeps with other men.”

Sounds like you are better off without him.”

He hasn’t seen me in almost ten years. He had to have known the reason I came back. NTAC would have told him. He doesn’t care, Jack. I don’t think he ever loved me.”

I do. I do love you, and I’m not leaving you, ever,” Jack said. He looked up at the sky and wished that anyone who had hurt Daniel was hurting in their own way for some reason. Jack held Daniel until the younger man started to fall asleep in his arms. After Jack helped Daniel into bed; Daniel just rolled over and covered himself up. Jack was disappointed that Daniel didn’t want to sleep with him. Jack kissed his forehead, and he turned out the lights before going to bed himself.


So have they caught the killer yet?” Daniel asked. Jack shook his head. He handed Daniel the news part of the paper while he moved onto the comics. It was Jack’s turn to cook and since Jack had the day off, Jack was going to wait and cook a big meal for brunch. Daniel read the paper while Jack worked through the comics and the sports section. “I need to go to the mall today, do you want to come?”

Sure. I need a few things,” Jack said. Jack didn’t hear the noise of the paper shifting so he looked at the man across from him. Daniel was staring at staring at him. Jack grabbed a napkin to see if he had anything on his face, and Daniel just laughed.

Nothing on your face, don’t worry. I was trying to say I’m sorry for the last couple of weeks. I guess everything just sort of compacted on me.”

Hey, it’s fine. You’re allowed some time like that. I had mine in quarantine. You had yours almost two years later. You are fine. I promise. I’m not going to leave you because you got depressed for a little bit. I love you! That doesn’t mean that when things get rough I am going to leave,” Jack said. He stood up from the table and moved to Daniel’s side, kneeling beside his chair so he could look Daniel in the face while they talked. He turned Daniel to face him and kissed him. “I am not going to leave when it gets a little bit rough.”

I’m trying, Jack,” Daniel said.

I know you are. I know you are trying; you have over twenty years of trying to let no one in. You’ve let me in, and I am not going to leave because of a few bumps. I know that this has been a little hard on you but it’s been good for both of us.”


I know more about you. You talked about things you’ve never talked about before.”

Nick, the homes.” Jack nodded.

I know you better. I don’t feel like you are shutting me out. I don’t feel like I’m on the sidelines anymore. You and me, together, forever.”

Forever?” Daniel asked. Jack nodded and kissed him again. Daniel leaned against him and wrapped his arms around Jack’s neck. Jack pulled him closer until Daniel’s chest was touching his. Daniel moaned and the next thing Jack knew Daniel was pulling back. Daniel opened his mouth but Jack cut him off.

Shush, its fine. Just stay calm. I’m not going to do anything. Why don’t we get comfortable on the couch for a little? Watch a movie?”

I have to go to the mall, Jack.”

You can after.”

You, couch and a movie means you want to make out. How about we go to the mall then come back and watch the movie? Otherwise, I’ll never get off the couch,” Daniel said with a smile. Jack pulled him in for a quick kiss before he stood up. “If you want I can get what you need from the store.”

Sure, it’s just a book and bracelet from the jewelers. The bracelet’s paid for you just have to give them the receipt and they’ll give it to you. Thanks.”

Sure, I’ll be ready in a few minutes; you’ll have what I need?” Daniel asked. Jack nodded. Daniel went to his bedroom, and he came out a few minutes later dressed and ready to go to the mall. Jack handed him the receipt and the name of the book.


Jack was nervous. Daniel had been at the mall for over four hours. Daniel still didn’t have a cell phone so Jack couldn’t call him. He knew that when Daniel picked up the bracelet the jeweler would have had him look at it. Jack knew that Daniel would know the bracelet was for him. Jack closed his eyes and pictured the bracelet. Each link was a different hieroglyph. It didn’t spell anything in particular, he thought. He just found an order to them that looked good. Daniel would be able to move them around if he wanted to. There were 20 links on the bracelet with twenty more that could be swapped in and out.

Jack heard the key in the door, and he made himself stay on the couch. He heard a few bags hit the table and then Daniel walking into the living room. He handed Jack smaller bag and the book.

The jeweler wants you to look at it and then call him to make sure that everything is good,” Daniel said. He turned to move away but Jack grabbed his arm. That wasn’t how he wanted to do it. He wanted Daniel to look at it without him around. Jack swallowed and stood up. He gave the bag to Daniel.

It’s for you. I was kind of hoping you’d look at it there,” Jack said not looking at Daniel. He watched Daniel take the case out of the bag and open it. Daniel gasped, and his hands started to shake.

Jack, how much did this cost?”

Danny, it’s not about the cost. I had the jeweler make it for you. It’s a gift for you. I remember you saying you never really had a gift given to you before. I’ve tried to find the perfect thing. This is it. You can do what you want with the glyphs. I just want you to have something that tells you I love you.”

Jack, I…I don’t know what to say. Besides thank you. I…I just…thanks,” Daniel said as he fingered the links. Jack smiled.

That’s all I need.”

I’ll make you a promise. I’ll wear it when you’re not around. When you are around, I know you love me. This will remind me when you’re not here.”

Sure, that’s good.”

And once I am sure of what I am feeling, I’ll wear it all the time,” Daniel said as he kissed Jack. Jack nodded and pulled Daniel close. Maybe he could still get a little bit of make out time in before Daniel would pull back. Jack knew that Daniel would take the next step once he was sure of himself and of Jack until then he would wait in patience and not pressure him. Jack knew that Daniel would trust him with all of him one day and when that happened he would be the happiest man on the Earth.


Jack had heard the news when he left work, an attack on NTAC by a 4400, leaving a few members of the agency dead. Jack knew that Daniel was getting better at not blaming himself for things he couldn’t control. Daniel loved his job, he loved living with Jack, and he loved being around Jack. Jack smiled. Daniel had changed so much over the past two years. Jack remembered why NTAC had wanted him to live with someone.

He suffered from migraines that could debilitate him to the point where he couldn’t move. Daniel hadn’t had one get that bad since he had moved in with him. Daniel had had a few that made him lock himself in his room and not come out for a day. Jack knew on those days not to make a sound or turn on any lights that would creep into Daniel’s room.

Jack had made the mistake of turning on Daniel’s overhead light and nearly screaming, “rise and shine” on the top of his lungs on morning. Daniel had grabbed a book and thrown it at him before covering his head with a pillow. Jack turned off the light, and Daniel had emerged from the pillow. From that point on Jack never did anything like that again.

Jack entered the house late that night and found that there were no lights on in the house. Jack set down his briefcase and moved quietly through the house. He found Daniel lying on the couch with a sheet wrapped around him. He hadn’t shaved and by what he could see through the blanket, he was naked. Jack blushed, and he moved so he could see in Daniel’s eyes. Jack noticed that Daniel was breathing slowly, and his eyes were closed.

Danny?” Jack whispered. He barely made a sound but Daniel’s eyes opened slowly. He smiled at Jack.

Hurts to move,” Daniel whispered back.

Okay, let me change, and I’ll be back. Do you want me to bring you a pair of boxers?” Daniel nodded then grimaced. Jack knew not to touch him. That was why he was wrapped in the sheet. All clothes hurt him. Everything hurt him but he didn’t like going to the hospital for them. If the migraine didn’t go away after a day then he would go. Never before that though. Daniel hated hospitals of any form, especially after his bout with quarantine at the NTAC facility.

Jack changed into sweats, since they were the softest clothes he owned and found everything in the house that made noise and turned it off or unplugged it. All the alarm clocks, his cell phone, their house phone, the TV, even the VCR. He didn’t want anything that would hurt Daniel. He crouched down beside Daniel again. He brushed Daniel’s cheek to let him know that he was back. Daniel opened his eyes.

Why didn’t you call me at work to tell me, I would have come home,” Jack said.

You got that promotion. You can’t take off work just because I am not feeling well,” Daniel said. Jack sighed.

Yes, I can. My boss understands. She knows that you have these. She’s seen the medical report from NTAC. She knows that if you need me, you need me. Call me. Now I am going to take off tomorrow,” Jack said. Daniel opened his mouth but Jack glared at him. Daniel shut his mouth and glared back at Jack. “Good, now I want you to sit up, ah, sit up so that you can eat. You like that soup that I make. You need to eat and take some more meds.”

No, nausea, really bad nausea. I barely kept the pills down the first time. Orange juice with a few supplement pills and the pain pills, I’ll be fine. Jack, I’ve lived with this my whole life. Its one day, I’ll be better once I’m able to sleep.”

Okay, then. You still have to sit up. How about I help you into my room? I can give you a neck and head massage that might help you?” Jack asked. Daniel didn’t move his head but his eyes told Jack that it was something he was interested in. Jack helped him stand up from the couch and tried not to stare too blatantly at Daniel’s body when the sheet slipped, his chest and groin were exposed. Jack noticed that Daniel blushed and grabbed the blanket too quickly. The movement made his body jerk, and his head as well. Jack held his hand and moved the sheet back into Daniel’s hand.

Like the floor show?” Daniel asked his voice a whisper and a smile on his face.

I would like it better if you weren’t in such a bad way. I noticed that you are…cut…am surprised.”

Yeah, Dad insisted when I was born. That’s all I know about it.”

Still I’m surprised they did it in Egypt,” Jack said as he started moving Daniel towards the bedroom. Jack was thankful for a second time that his room was on the ground floor. Daniel didn’t need to deal with steps. They moved slowly through the house so that Daniel wouldn’t mess up and make him hurt this head.

Yeah, well. The people in the area loved Mom and Dad. When I went back during digs in college, people recognized me. People I hadn’t seen in years. One had all the things they left at the dig; we were supposed to go back to the dig after they set up the cover stone that killed them.”

Are you sure you won’t slip?” Jack asked. Daniel turned his head slowly to look at him. His eyebrow cocked in confusion. “Through the floor because of the headache.”

Yeah, I actually tried to use them today but I couldn’t. I think that I can’t access my brain because of the migraine.”

Just don’t think about it. You don’t need a bigger headache because of it.” Jack heard Daniel chuckle, and he laughed himself.

I’m not, don’t worry. I see a huge space of nothing.” Daniel saw the bed and pulled on Jack a little to reach it sooner.

You could have come in here on your own. You know I wouldn’t mind,” Jack said.

I know. It was a matter of not being sure I could make it on my own. I’m really weak right now.”

Ah, I see. Roll over on your stomach,” Jack said as he found another sheet for Daniel to use. He knew that sometimes Daniel’s body temperature fluctuated when he had a migraine, he sweat a lot when he got hot. He held up the sheet but Daniel didn’t release the one he had.

Look, I just want to give you a new sheet. It’s not a nefarious plan for me to see you naked.” Daniel released the sheet, and he let Jack help him slide out from under it. Jack saw that Daniel wasn’t going to roll onto his stomach. “Roll over.”

Hurts to lie like that, sorry,” Daniel said with a small frown. He closed his eyes and tried to control his breathing.

Not your fault. I’ll just have to straddle your chest if that’s fine with you.” Daniel waved a hand in permission. Jack set about on Daniel’s neck muscles first, with the aide of a pillow he could reach all the muscles he needed to. Once Daniel’s neck muscles were loosened, Jack moved to his head. Daniel moaned in appreciation and after Jack moved back to his neck, he fell asleep. Jack moved around the room shutting all the curtains and making sure that no light could get in and then he went to bed himself in Daniel’s room. Jack buried his face in Daniel’s pillow so he could smell Daniel’s smell, and he fell asleep.

The Fifth Page

Jack, I’m not going into quarantine,” Daniel said. Jack sighed and pulled Daniel to sit beside him. Daniel was freaking out. Jack started rubbing his back and kissing his neck.

I’m not going to make you go into quarantine unless you start to get the bumps. I promise you, Love,” Jack said. Daniel sighed and settled down into Jack’s arms.

Didn’t like it the first time,” Daniel said. Jack felt Daniel shiver. He knew that his love had had a hard time in quarantine but he never liked to talk about it.

Why?” Jack asked.

You don’t remember?” Daniel asked.

I was asleep a lot of the time. Due to my injuries remember.” Jack said.

Oh, yeah. I remember,” Daniel said. He started picking at fuzz on his sweat pants until Jack placed a hand over his. “No one talked to me except the little girl, Maia. She told me that I would be happy with my life.”

Maia, the little girl that Skouris adopted?” Daniel nodded. “She predicted Collier’s death.”

Wow,” Daniel said. Jack just held Daniel. It was getting near lunch, and Jack was hungry but he wasn’t going to displace Daniel. Not if Daniel needed this to calm down. Finally, Daniel stretched and lifted himself off Jack. Jack saw that Daniel was tired.

Why don’t you go to bed, sleep for a while. You don’t look so good,” Jack said. He didn’t want to think that Daniel was sick with the virus. If this just was a cold that Daniel got all the time then Jack was taking them to one of the ‘safe houses’ that Richard had come to talk to them about the day before. Jack had said he would think about it. He would rather run on his own with Daniel. Jack knew that he would find a way to hide them both from NTAC and the Government.

The military had trained him to be able to hide in any situation. Jack knew that the military didn’t think that he would use those skills to hide from his own country but he would to keep Daniel safe. Daniel was all that mattered in his life.

Jack?” Daniel asked. Jack looked up at Daniel. “Where’d you go?”

Just thinking, Love. Don’t worry. Look, I have a better idea. You lay here on the couch. I’ll put a show on that you like to watch. You can rest while I fix us some soup.”

I’m just a little tired, Jack. That’s all, nothing to worry about. I just didn’t sleep too well last night. I couldn’t shut ff my mind. I’ll help with lunch,” Daniel said.

No, it’s simple. Not enough for two people. Just lay down on the couch and rest. Take a day off from the garden and work. Just calm down and rest,” Jack said as he pulled Daniel down on the couch for a kiss. Daniel sighed during the kiss and let Jack lay him down. Jack even went as far as to tuck Daniel in on the couch. Daniel glared at him but settled down to watch TV.

When Jack came back out with a bowl of soup for Daniel he found the younger man asleep. Jack smiled and sat down in one of the armchairs. He watched Daniel sleep while eating the soup. When Daniel woke up he would re-heat a bowl for him.

Jack watched the way that Daniel was breathing. He didn’t need Daniel’s breathing to stop on him because of his allergies or asthma. Jack made a mental note to check to make sure that Daniel all the medicines he would need and to refill them if they were low.

After an hour of sleeping, Daniel woke up on the couch. He was disoriented, and Jack softly called his name. Daniel turned his head to focus on Jack. Daniel smiled, and Jack smiled back at him. He threw the blanket off him and stood up from the couch, stretching. Jack watched at his shirt rode up to show a little bit of his stomach. He watched as the muscles he could see there tightened and then released. Jack wasn’t regretting waiting for when Daniel was ready.

He didn’t want to hurt the younger man but times like this made him wish he could walk over and kiss over Daniel’s whole body until the younger man came without Jack even touching his cock. Jack felt the stirring in his groin and started thinking about anything but Daniel. Hockey rinks, Antarctica, being lost in a blizzard. Finally, when Daniel came back into the room with a bowl of cold soup Jack was calm enough to stand up and not let Daniel in on what he was thinking of.

You know your pants are good ones to get an erection in Jack. It was very noticeable,” Daniel said as he drank the soup from the bowl. Jack blushed and looked at Daniel’s face closely. He noticed that Daniel’s color still wasn’t any better are the nap. He went over and felt Daniel’s head. He was the right temperature. “I’m just a little run down Jack, I’ll be fine. I’m going to stay here on the couch. Can I have some company?”

Like you have to ask,” Jack said.


That night they were playing chess when Daniel started to scratch at his elbow. They were playing chess because Daniel couldn’t sleep. He’d been on the couch almost all day watching TV with Jack. They had made it through a whole season of “The Simpson” before Daniel said he didn’t want to watch the next season. So Jack talked him into a game of chess.

Danny?” Jack asked as he grabbed the arm. Jack shoved the sleeve up. He saw the start of the sickness. “Danny, I’m sorry. They can care for you. I don’t want to see you die.”

I’m scared, Jack,” Daniel said. Jack kissed his head. He held Daniel close. Not caring if he got sick as well.

I’m not leaving you. I just need to call NTAC. They are taking us both and not separating us. I promise, Love,” Jack said. He grabbed the phone and dialed NTAC. A few minutes later, he was hanging up the phone. “A team is coming. I’m going to open the front door.”

Don’t leave me once we get there.” Daniel voice was small and childlike. Jack hurried knowing that Daniel wasn’t doing too well. He never did when he got sick and with this virus acting as it did, Jack knew rough times were ahead for them both.

Mommy’s Bosses

Jack watched them check over Daniel from the edge of the room. Daniel had begged and pleaded until Jack was allowed in the room. The Doctor checking him over was Max Hudson. He was one of the first Doctor’s to even see the virus. Jack found out that the first person to come down with is was Maia.

Hudson had figured out that the virus reacted harshly to any sort of sedative. It nearly killed the two people they had it to. It seemed that many medications reacted badly with whatever the sick 4400’s had. Jack was worried. He hoped it didn’t react badly to any of the medicines that Daniel needed due to his allergies.

After two hours of tests and other things, Daniel was wheeled into the quarantine area. Once again Jack was held back from Daniel. Jack was allowed to observe him through a sheet of glass. When Daniel woke up from his small nap, he looked around for Jack. When he didn’t see the older man, he sat up on the bed to look for him.

Jack watched as Daniel pushed himself off the bed and moved around the room. He didn’t notice the IV’s pulling out of his arm. The nurses didn’t notice until they saw the trail of blood. One nurse walked up to Daniel, trying to guide him back to bed but Daniel just shoved her away with what little strength he had. The nurse called for someone and a Doctor came close. Jack watched as the Doctor tried to manhandle Daniel back into the bed.

Jack was almost to the door when a NTAC agent stepped close. Jack backed off and watched as Hudson stopped the other doctor and pointed to where Jack was. Jack knew it was a one-way mirror, and he just waited. Hudson waved, Jack looked at the agent who opened the door and let Jack in.

Daniel saw Jack and smiled. Jack greeted him with a kiss to the forehead and then helped him back to bed. Hudson had a nurse come over to reinsert the IV’s and then the couple was left alone.

Where were you?” Daniel asked.

They wouldn’t let me in. I knew that you would react and so I just waited. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to be thrown out of the building and not allowed back in. I don’t think that Hudson will let us be separated again.


Jack watched as a few of the nurses started talking to the rest of the doctors and staff in the quarantines area. He heard whispers that Hudson was dead. He hoped that they wouldn’t try to separate them again. Jack was the only one that could get Daniel to take any of the medicines that he had to take by mouth. He got Daniel to eat any food that the doctors think that he needed.

Jack?” One of the regular nurses, Amy, said. Jack turned to look at her. “If anyone tries to pull you away from him, get someone to find me. He scared me the other day when he pulled out the IV’s.”

I know. I stood there watching it,” Jack said.

Why is he so scared?” Amy asked.

He doesn’t like being alone. Even in quarantine, he was alone. No one talked to him. I was stuck to a bed because of a severely broken leg. I didn’t even properly meet him until NTAC hitched him with me. It was only a short time after that that I knew I was falling for him.” Amy smiled at Jack and let them be.

Daniel slept for about an hour before he woke up. By that time, Jack was asleep on the cot they had put in for him. He woke up when Daniel started coughing. Jack jumped up quickly and rubbed Daniel’s back while he coughed. When he was done coughing, he was tired again. He only stayed awake long enough to tell Jack he loved him.


I’m not leaving him. For some reason I’m not sick. Now leave me alone,” Jack said as he shrugged out of the doctor’s hold and moved back to Daniel’s bed. Jack was worried. Daniel was close to the stage that the seven had been before they died and the subsequent people after.

Jack, where’d you go?” Daniel asked as Jack sat back down on the edge of the bed and held Daniel’s hand.

Had to talk to the doctor, I’m here, Danny,” Jack said. He started rubbing Daniel’s stomach. Several hours later, a young man came over to the bed. “Wow, Son, let’s get you back to bed.”

No, I can heal him.”

Shawn,” Daniel whispered. Shawn smiled at him before he laid his hands down on Daniel’s stomach and one of Jack’s hands. Jack didn’t move his, he felt the power come from Shawn and enter Daniel. Jack watched the rash slowly disappear from Daniel, and he started to look better.

After a few minutes, Shawn slumped over Daniel, and Jack held him up. Shawn smiled at Daniel before a nurse and a doctor came over to help.

I thought that the virus stopped all the powers?” Jack asked.

I was cured. They found a cure but it was only enough for one. Now every person that I heal can be used to heal another just by taking some of their blood.”

Thank you,” Jack said looking at the bed where Daniel was lying. Daniel smiled at him and held out his arms. Jack shook Shawn’s hand before he moved back to Daniel. A nurse was removing all of the IV’s from Daniel and when she was done, she pulled a privacy curtain around the bed.

I’ll be back in twenty minutes for the blood we need from him.” Jack smiled at her and then laid himself down beside Daniel in the bed.


It was a week before Daniel was allowed to go home. During that time the doctors said that the virus was caused by a reaction to what had been done to them. Jack didn’t believe it. He didn’t believe for one second that it was, because there had been way too few people that got sick and way too many. Something like that only affected either a large or a small group. They would have either all got sick or just maybe ten or twenty.

Jack,” Daniel called from the living room where Jack had put him once they got home. Daniel was still rather weak and had trouble with walking long distances. Jack set down the carrots he had pulled out of the fridge, and he went to the living room. Daniel was sitting up on the couch watching the news. “NTAC did it. Promicin Inhibitor, they gave it to us every time we went in there for a check up. The reporter said that Hudson killed himself because he couldn’t deal with the death and sickness on his hands.”

Why?” Jack asked as he sat down and pulled Daniel into his lap.

To stop us from getting the powers we are. It seems that the Promicin was what was giving us the powers. My god, Jack! They lied to us in Quarantine. They said that it was because of what was done to us. Yes what they did to us.”

Shh, calm down. Don’t get worked up. Is that Ryland?”

Yeah, he was the ringleader of it all. Baldwin and Skouris are the ones who found out about it and exposed it.”

I never trusted NTAC and this just proves it. If it all goes down bad…”

I’m with you, Jack. I don’t care where we go.”

The End of Season Two

Adaptation 1-Season One

Title: Season One
Series: Adaptation
Year: Season One of The 4400
Category: Crossover, Drama, First Time, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship, Pre-Slash,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Marco Pacella,
Spoilers: Each section gives the episodes it spoils and some general spoilers for the Stargate Movie.
Summary: Jack and Daniel as 4400, their ups and down in life and relationship as the series goes on and beyond the end of the series.
Words: 5,674
Notes: I doubt this will have a happy ending for Jack/Daniel fans. Don’t ask me. I write what I am told to. I know that the fic doesn’t always explain everything in the 4400 series, but I can’t really add it. This all happens from the P.O.V.’s of Jack and Daniel, they can’t know everything that NTAC does. If it’s not made public knowledge, or could possibly be overheard by one of the two, then it doesn’t make it into my fic.
Warnings: Sexually Derogatory Words,

Season One


Have you manifested a power, yet?” Diana Skouris asked the man in front of her. The man shook his head ‘no.’ He was Doctor Daniel Jackson, taken August 4th, 1994, just moments before he was to give a speech about the origins of the Pyramids.

Not since the last time we talked,” Daniel said. Diana nodded.

Do you still want to stay in quarantine?” Diana asked.

I have no one. My grandfather died while I was away. I’d rather not be alone,” Daniel said.

We have another 4400 who is renting a two bedroom. He’s looking for a roommate,” Diana said.

Sure. Maybe. I mean I might not like him,” Daniel said.

Jack O’Neill. He was in the same block as you, the man who came back with a few broken bones,” Diana said. Jack O’Neill had been taken July 28th, 1988 from the deserts of Iraq after a botched Special Ops mission.

We got along. Sure, if he wants me,” Daniel said. He didn’t care. He just wanted out of quarantine for good.

Tom’s waiting outside. He’ll drive you to the place, and you can look it over. Mister O’Neill has a job as a superintendent in the building. We’ve got a few jobs lined up for you in that part of the city. I see in your file that you were fired two weeks ago,” Diana said.

Thanks,” Daniel said. He stood up and exited the interview room. Tom Baldwin was waiting for him.


Baldwin,” Daniel replied. Half an hour later, Daniel was knocking on a door in an apartment door. Baldwin had dropped him off and told him to call if he needed a ride home. Jack opened the door.

Can I help you?” Jack asked. He recognized the man from quarantine.

Agent Skouris said you were looking for a roommate. Name’s Daniel…”

Jackson,” Jack and Daniel said at the same time.

I remember you. Do you have anything you need to bring with you?” Jack asked. Daniel held up the small bag.

Got fired two weeks ago because I’m a 4400. I have a few jobs lined up. Then I can pay my half of the rent.”

No rent. I get the place free. Just have half of the utilities by the end of next month, and you’re fine. NTAC gave me a few hundred to pay for the food until you get on your feet,” Jack said. He stood back so that Daniel could enter the apartment.

Jack was still limping from the broken leg he received in Iraq. Daniel wondered how he was doing his job while being injured, but he didn’t ask. Jack had never really talked to anyone else while in quarantine, and Daniel didn’t want to make him mad.

Listen, I know I may seem a bit gruff and standoffish but don’t be afraid. If I do something you don’t like, tell me,” Jack said as he sat down on the couch and propped his leg up. He reached for a pack of cigarettes and lit one.

First off, I’m allergic to cigarette smoke,” Daniel said. Jack snuffed out the cigarette in the ashtray, and he picked up the almost full pack and threw it in the trash. “I am also allergic to most types of flowers, furs, incense and a few kinds of food.”

I needed to quit anyway. Just put a list of the foods on the fridge. I’m pretty easygoing and very hungry right now. How about pizza? Baldwin said you’ve been staying in quarantine because you had no place to go and didn’t want to live alone. Why?”

I just…I guess I got used to quarantine. I grew up in Egypt. Never really been alone my whole life,” Daniel said.

Oh. That’s good to know,” Jack said. He grabbed the remote to the TV and turned it on. “Have a preference?”

No comedies or those damn ‘reality’ shows that have become popular,” Daniel said as he sat down in the chair perpendicular to the couch.

How about a hockey game? I’ve got this channel that plays old games,” Jack said. Daniel nodded his agreement and sat back to watch the game. Half way through, Jack ordered the pizza and Daniel went to put away his few things in his new room. Half an hour later, the pizza came, and Jack brought him a plate in his room. “Tomorrow we can go shopping and get you a few things.”

I don’t…” Jack interrupted with a slash of his hand.

NTAC gave me the money. Don’t worry. You are all set.” Jack said. Daniel nodded and started eating.


I went in for my check-up at NTAC and heard some strange things,” Daniel said to Jack at dinner a few days later.

Yeah?” Jack asked. He had gotten used to having the kid around. That was how he thought of Daniel, the kid. He was thirty-one-years-old, not much younger than Jack but he just seemed to scream innocence.

One of the guys we were in quarantine with. He is telekinetic,” Daniel said. Jack looked up, his eyebrow cocked. “Telekinesis. He’s able to move things with his mind.”

Are you sure you didn’t hear that from one of the 4400s who is crazy?” Jack asked.

Baldwin was talking about it. They had to shoot him to make him stop. He blew a man’s skull, too. Tiny fractures every where in the bone in his skull,” Daniel said. Jack looked at Daniel’s eyes. He wasn’t telling a lie. “I also found this site It talks about it in more depth. Calls him a menace.”

Just eat, Daniel,” Jack said. Daniel frowned but continued to eat. Instead of watching TV with him as he usually did, Daniel went to his room and shut the door. Jack sat for few minutes staring at the door before he turned on the TV.

After an hour, Jack looked back at the door and wondered why he missed the kid sitting with him.

The New and Improved Carl Morrissey

Daniel came home in a huff that day. He went straight to his room. Jack was worried. He’d never done that. He usually stopped to talk to Jack, asking about his day and making sure his leg was fine. Jack slowly got up off the couch and moved towards the bedroom. He knocked on Daniel’s door. No noise came from inside. He got even more worried.

Jack opened the door slowly. He found Daniel lying on his bed, the blankets pulled over him, and his head buried in a pillow. Jack moved forward but stopped when he heard the sobs that Daniel was muffling with the pillow.

Danny?” Jack asked. He used the pet name for the first time, and Daniel didn’t say anything. Jack sat down on the bed and pulled the blanket back a little so that he could look at Daniel’s face. Daniel just turned his head away. Jack laid a hand on Daniel’s back and had Daniel tried to jerk away from him. “Don’t Danny; please tell me what’s wrong?”

Nothing is wrong. I just want to be left alone,” Daniel said. Jack nodded and got up off the bed. He went to the living and started a CD of Opera music. Jack settled back and listened to it for an hour before he heard Daniel move around the bedroom. He heard the bathroom door open and shut. He hoped that Daniel would feel like eating and went to order the Chinese food that Daniel liked so much. By the time that it had arrived, Daniel finally came into the living room. That’s when Jack saw the black eye for the first time.

Jesus, Daniel. How did that happen?” Jack asked as he went to the freezer to get an icepack.

I was jumped on my way home. Some punks found me on the 4400 site. I got away after a few kicks and punches,” Daniel said accepting the icepack.

You are taking the car from now on. I know you hate driving with such a short trip. It’s either the car or I go with you to work and walk you home,” Jack said. Daniel glared at him but nodded and took the keys that Jack gave him. “I can even start teaching you self defense if you want.”

I don’t know,” Daniel said. Jack nodded and started dishing out the food. “I don’t want to become a target.”

Daniel you already are a target. You are a 4400. That puts a big sign on your back,” Jack said as Daniel started to eat. “I won’t hurt you.”

I know you won’t, I’ve just never been too good at the physical stuff. Trip over my own two feet and such,” Daniel said. Jack laughed.

You’ll be fine. I use to be military.”


Major. You know I think that the people from the future taking me was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was stuck in the desert with Iraqis on my tail. My broken bones would have gotten me caught sooner or later,” Jack said. Daniel nodded.

I was about to give a lecture about what I believe to be the origin of the pyramids.” Daniel looked down at the table.

Yeah?” Jack asked.

It would have made my career or sent it spiraling into hell. So maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t give it. I don’t think that they would take too well to it. Maybe now they could but not then,” Daniel said as he blushed. Jack felt the rush of emotions as Daniel blushed, the same kinds of emotions he once had for his now ex-wife.

Did you leave anyone behind?” Jack asked because he wanted to hear Daniel talk some more.

No, Sarah left me just a few weeks before I was to give the speech. She thought I was crazy and didn’t want me taking her down, too. What about you?” Daniel asked, looking up at Jack.

My ex-wife Sara found out she was pregnant after I had gone over to Iraq. I didn’t find out until after I was released from quarantine. She lost the baby from the stress of my being missing.”

I’m sorry, Jack. That had to hurt.”

Thanks. I don’t think I would have done well as a father. With all the missions, I wouldn’t have been home,” Jack said. Daniel leaned over to place a consoling hand on Jack’s shoulder.

Jack smiled at him and covered the hand for a second with his own before he squeezed it. That confirmed it for Jack. He was falling fast for the young man, hard, fast, and deep, but he didn’t know if Daniel liked him or was even gay. Jack knew the stereotype was that all academics were rather open but it was just that a stereotype. Jack was too scared to come out and ask the young man if he was bisexual. They didn’t know each other well enough for that.

They finished eating in silence. After that, Daniel went to the couch to read while Jack watched a game on TV. Jack noticed that as the game went by, Daniel was slipping farther down the couch until he was scrunched in a ball, asleep. Jack smiled. He roused the man enough that he could lead him to his bedroom and laid him down. Daniel rolled over in the bed but didn’t make to take off his clothes. Jack just covered him up and left him to his own devices. If he got hot, he could kick off the covers or get undressed.

Jack lay on his bed that night wondering if Daniel normally slept naked in his bed. Jack never saw him until he was dressed for the day. Jack moaned when he felt the stirrings in his cock. He moaned aloud as he thought of going into that room and waking Daniel with a kiss. Jack started fisting his cock. He imagined Daniel pulling him on top of his naked body. He opened his legs, settled Jack in between them, then leaned up to kiss Jack fully, their tongues sliding and caressing. Daniel started bucking up into Jack, searching for friction against his own swollen dick and groaning when Jack started humping him right back.

It didn’t take long for Jack to come to the thoughts in his head. He jerked and bit his lip so that he wouldn’t moan aloud and disturb Daniel. Jack reached over and grabbed his t-shirt so that he could wipe himself clean, and he covered up. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep and dream of Daniel.


So this job seems like it might stick?” Jack asked as Daniel returned from another day of work at his new job. Daniel nodded. He’d been there for a few weeks this time, and he hadn’t been fired.

I don’t know. The fact that the Friday Harbor killer might be a 4400 isn’t sitting well with a few of the customers,” Daniel said.

Just don’t mind them. Do your job. If you ignore them, they will go away. Don’t do anything wrong, and your boss can’t fire you this time. You have a contract with them,” Jack said. Daniel nodded.

I don’t. I just grin and bear it.”

Good. I’ve just ordered Chinese for you. I got pizza for myself. Yours should be here soon,” Jack said as he turned on the television to Sports Center to get the scores from the night before. Daniel smiled and shook his head. Jack watched as Daniel became engrossed in the playback of crucial highlights from the games.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. Daniel got up to answer it, thinking that it was the food delivery but opened the door to Baldwin and Skouris instead.

Daniel,” Skouris said.

Hi, uh come on in,” Daniel said. He stepped back enough so that Jack could see who was at the door.

Tom, Diana, is something wrong?” Jack asked as he stood up and clicked off the TV.

Oh no, nothing is wrong. We just wanted to make sure that you two are getting along fine,” Skouris said.

Just fine. Daniel just got off work, and he was waiting for his dinner to get here. It was my turn to cook, and I didn’t feel like it,” Jack said. Baldwin nodded.

So this is working out?” Baldwin asked.

Yeah, it’s great. I like having him here. He’s tidy, always cleaning. It’s like having live in maid, and I don’t have to pay him,” Jack quipped. Baldwin and Skouris shared a look.

He’s like having a live in chef. He does wonders with food,” Daniel said. The two NTAC agents calmed when they heard the two men laughing.

Your leg is better?” Baldwin asked.

Yes, all better. Nothing wrong with it at all,” Jack said.

The job?” Skouris asked.

It’s going good. Since the stuff about the Friday Harbor killer, I’ve had a few people who aren’t very nice, but I am dealing,” Daniel said. Baldwin nodded.

How’s Maia?” Daniel asked Skouris.

She’s going just fine,”

She was so lonely. I was happy to hear that you took her in,” Daniel said. Skouris nodded. A knock came at the door and this time it was Daniel’s dinner. The two agents took their leave so that Daniel could eat in peace.

After eating, Daniel went to the couch to watch the game with Jack. He smiled at Jack as he sat down and after a little bit, Jack switched to the nightly news.

Wanna play chess?” Jack asked. Daniel shrugged. Jack had seen the chessboard when Daniel had moved in but they had never played a game. “I’ve never lost a game.”

Oh, that’s good,” Daniel said. Jack saw the small smirk on Daniel’s face and wondered what that mean. Jack watched as Daniel moved to get the chess set out of his room. He liked how the jeans hugged Daniel’s hips. They weren’t too tight but they looked wonderful on the man. Jack knew that Daniel was oblivious to the eyes of others. He never saw how many heads he turned.

An hour later, they were into their third game, with Daniel winning the first two.

You little sneak,” Jack said when Daniel started laughing.

How about checkers?” Jack asked. Daniel laughed. “I have three degrees, Jack: archeology, anthropology, and philology. I know how to play chess. I was captain of my college chess team. At all the colleges I went to.”

How about one more game then you can teach me how to play poker?” Daniel asked.

Sure that sounds good. I haven’t played poker in a while so give me time if I mess up on the rules,” Jack said as he looked around for a deck of cards.

If people play it while drunk, it shouldn’t be that hard to remember how to play it.” Both men laughed at Daniel’s little joke while Daniel set up the board again. They played in silence until the special news report caught their eye.

Police aren’t saying who released this closely guarded secret. A document containing the names and addresses of all the 4400 has appeared on the internet and is now posted on more than 20 sites. Authorities won’t confirm the leak but efforts to shut down the sites with an emergency injunction suggest the list is genuine. We’ll have more on this breaking story as it develops,” The reporter said. Both Jack and Daniel’s attention turned from the chess to the TV. Daniel looked at Jack in shock.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was that Yates woman who found the information and leaked it. She hasn’t liked us since the start,” Jack said. He looked down at the board to see Daniel make the winning move, again. “Damn.”

Jack, you don’t think that things will start happening to us do you?” Daniel asked.

No, NTAC will protect us.” Daniel nodded and looked down. “Wanna play again?”

Sure, I don’t feel much like poker now.”

Yeah, let’s save that for a night when we are both drunk,” Daniel said. Jack looked up. Daniel had never talked about wanting to drink. Hell he thought that the young man wouldn’t touch the stuff with his migraines and medicines he had to take for his allergies. “I just don’t take the pill in the morning like I normally do. I’ve drunk before, Jack.”

I just didn’t expect it that’s all,” Jack said.

Geeks drink as much as everyone else. For some, it’s the only time their mind shuts down, barring orgasms,” Daniel said. Jack choked back the question of whether they worked on Daniel. Daniel saved him by yawning and looking at the clock. “I’m going to bed. Good night, Jack.”

Night, Daniel,” Jack said to Daniel’s back. After Daniel was safely in his room, Jack groaned. He knew he would have to jack off before he went to sleep to get the image of Daniel out of his mind.

Trial By Fire

I just got fired again,” Daniel as he entered the apartment he shared with Jack. Jack sighed and shook his head. This had been his third job since the 4400 had all been released from quarantine. “Some punk punched me. I didn’t do anything, but Mister Adams said that he can’t have that kind of person working there.”

I told you that you should have taken the job for the school, do all those translations for them over the ‘net. Much safer for everyone,” Jack said. Daniel sighed and plopped down onto the couch. “With the bombings everyone is scared.”

Yes, well we never did anything to the world. I just hope they leave use alone.” Daniel grabbed the controller from Jack and found a program on the pyramids to watch.

Come on. Please, you bitch more about these programs than I do when a game is on,” Jack said. Daniel laughed at him.

I have to see what they get right and it won’t kill you,” Daniel said.

I wanna watch the news,” Jack complained. Daniel laughed and handed Jack the remote. Jack clicked onto one of the local news stations. He settled back to start watching the news while Daniel started reading a book while listening to the news with one ear.

Come on, Jordan, aren’t you overreacting?” The host Barbara Yates asked.

No, I’m not at all. Publishing the names and addresses of the 4400 is a crime, Barbara. It’s a violation of the privacy of over 4,000 people and whoever did it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Jordan Collier replied.

So, warning people they may be living next to a public menace is a crime…” Jack flicked off the TV and let the quiet take over the room. They were both getting sick of the news about the 4400’s.

Jack, I’m scared,” Daniel said. Jack looked over at Daniel.

I know, but we should be fine. The complex here doesn’t let just anyone in.”

It would be so easy for them to just blow the whole thing up and not just our place.”

Danny, calm down. NTAC is doing what they can to protect us.”

NTAC? You don’t trust NTAC. You don’t trust anyone in the military and the government. Should I?” Daniel asked.

Yes, as far as our protection goes, I think we can trust them. Look, you’re upset about the job. Just calm down. I got some beer. Want one?” Daniel nodded and went with Jack to grab the beer and some snacks. Jack watched as Daniel ate as much food as he drank of the beer. He seemed to get friendlier as the beers went down. Daniel talked about some of the things he did in college and about how he had never got to know anyone well enough to go out with them.

Jack frowned at that. Did Daniel really have so many problems in his childhood that he didn’t trust anyone? Daniel seemed to have trusted him quickly. Was it because of what they had gone through together? Daniel drank another beer before he finally fell asleep on the couch, snoring. Jack smiled at him. He found a pillow and lifting Daniel’s head, he placed it underneath. Next, he covered Daniel with a blanket and made sure he didn’t have any body parts at uncomfortable positions.

Jack felt brave so he kissed the top of Daniel’s head and caressed his cheek. Daniel smiled into the pillow and arched his head into the caress for a few seconds before he settled back down. Jack passed it off as Daniel thinking of his parents. Jack quickly left the living room before he did something for which he couldn’t forgive himself. At the last second, he went to the kitchen, filled a glass with water, and grabbed two Tylenol for Daniel for when he woke up. Jack watched him for a few minutes before he went to bed.


Jack, did you make sure to pay the ‘net bill?” Daniel asked as he exited the small office they had set up in the den. Jack looked up from the newspaper and thought back to the bills he had paid.

Yeah I did. I know I did. Why?” Jack asked.

It’s not working,” Daniel said. Jack frowned and stood up. He walked past Daniel into the den and checked the computer. He spent a few minutes clicking around on the computer and picked up the phone. He placed the receiver at his ear and frowned. He reached into his pocket and handed his cell phone to Daniel.

Call NTAC. Our phone line has been cut. I don’t like this,” Jack said. Daniel found the number every 4400 had been given so they could contact NTAC in case of an emergency. When he got the dispatcher, he explained that their phone lines had been cut and that they had paid the bill. The dispatcher said that agents would be there shortly and that they should stay in an open area just so that they have options.

Jack pulled Daniel into the living room in time to hear the front door being kicked in. Seconds later, three masked men entered. One had a gun. He took aim quickly and was about to pull the trigger when Jack shoved Daniel down to the floor. He threw a one of Daniel’s books at the man. Daniel barely had time to get up when he heard the gun hit the floor. It skidded to just a few feet in front of him. He quickly grabbed the gun and looked at Jack. One of the attackers was coming at him while two fought with Jack. Thanks to the little training Jack had given him, Daniel was able to subdue the man with little hurt to either of them. Daniel used a book to knock the man unconscious. Seconds later, the man who had pulled the gun landed at his feet, knocked unconscious by Jack’s fist. The third man took off out the door and into the landlord, who tripped the man and sat on him.

Danny?” Jack asked as he rubbed his knuckles. Daniel nodded, and Jack sighed. Minutes later, Baldwin and Skouris topped the steps with their guns drawn. “Better late than never. Danny, give them the gun.”

Sure,” Daniel said. He handed Skouris the gun and waited for her to say something. “The guy this belonged to is down there,” Daniel pointed at his feet to the second man. Other NTAC agents flooded the house while they rounded up the men and placed them in cuffs. Jack knew that he needed an ice pack and was happy when Daniel gave him one.

Thanks,” Jack said. Daniel smiled at him.

Three hours later, both men stumbled through their apartment door. An NTAC agent was posted outside and would be until the door was replaced sometime the next day. Jack was the one to notice the blinking light on their answering machine. He pressed the button while Daniel found the take out menus so they could order dinner.

This is Robert Rothman. I’m calling for Daniel. Hey, it’s been a while. I know in the e-mail you talked about having trouble finding a job. Guess what? The collegewhere I am teaching is having problems finding a translator. Call me at the number I gave you,” Robert said. The machine clicked, and Daniel just stared at it.

You gonna call him?” Jack asked. Daniel nodded. He went to his bedroom and shut the door. Jack heard Daniel talking. Sometimes he could make out a few words. Jack decided not to worry about it. Daniel would tell him if he got the job.

White Light

We need to find a new place. I don’t like living around so many people,” Jack said.

You’re just being paranoid, Jack,” Daniel said as he set down the spaghetti sauce on the table. It was Daniel’s turn to cook dinner. Since both woke up at different times on most mornings, they fixed their own breakfast. Lunch for Jack was eaten at his job and since Daniel worked from home, he fixed his own.

After the bombings and the break in by those punks wanting to follow in the bombers foot steps, the landlord is just trying to find a loophole to get rid of us Jordan Collier found me a job. He can help us find a new place,” Jack said.

We?” Daniel asked. He looked down at his food.

Yes, we, I kinda like living with you. Plus, a big house with just me would be kinda lonely,” Jack said.

I’m scared. Have you heard the rumors?” Daniel asked. Jack shook his head. “I heard that we 4400’s are supposed to save the planet. We were taken by humans from the future, and we were seeded back in to save the humans.”

And what crack pot did you hear this from?” Jack asked. Daniel looked at him as if he had grown another head. He stood up and moved to leave, but Jack didn’t want him to go. He wanted to say he was sorry. He went to grab Daniel by the arm, and Jack’s hand went right through. Jack stopped, but Daniel didn’t notice. He kept on going straight into his room.

Jack stood there looking at his hand, wondering what had just happened, until Daniel screamed. Jack quickly ran into the room and found Daniel looking down at book on the floor.

Jack, I just picked that up and then it fell through my hand,” Daniel said when Jack entered the room. Jack bent over and picked up the book.

My hand went through you. I didn’t know if it was you or me then, I guess it’s you.” Jack touched Daniel’s shoulder and found that Daniel was solid. Daniel was staring at the book in shock. “Daniel, do you want to go to NTAC?”

NO!” Daniel practically screamed. He turned to Jack. “No, I don’t want anyone knowing. We’re already targets.”

Okay, that’s fine with me but now we really need to look for a house. If you start to go through things, you could end up downstairs in someone’s apartment,” Jack said. Daniel nodded. Jack smiled at him in a reassuring way. He didn’t want Daniel to really start to freak.

I’m sorry, Jack,” Daniel said.

Sorry? What do you have to be sorry for? I’m the one that acted like an ass. I’m sorry about the comment I made about the rumors,” Jack said. Daniel smiled at him.

I’m sorry for this. I didn’t mean to get a power.” Daniel ducked his head and Jack couldn’t help it. He grabbed Daniel in a hug and didn’t let go until Daniel relaxed in his arms.

It’s not your fault,” Jack said. The phone ringing made both men jump. Daniel moved to answer the cordless phone on his nightstand.

Daniel Jackson…Robert, hi…no I was just talking to Jack…Yeah, great and all over the ‘net? That’s great. Of course, yeah we can buy that for the computer. I can. Today, sure…Yeah that’s great, thanks Robert.” Jack tried to follow the conversation but got lost soon into it. Daniel turned and nearly jumped into Jack’s arms. “I got the job!”

That’s great, Danny,” Jack said as he returned the hug.

I’ll take a little bit of reduced pay in the beginning so that I can get an advance to help with the house. I knew that you would want to move so I talked with the boss about it. She understood.”

She did?” Jack asked.

Yeah, I used to go to school with her. We even dated for a while until I got lost in my work,” Daniel said as he went first into the living room and then, into the den. Jack let him be. An hour later, Daniel came out of the den with a list. “Can I borrow the car? I need to get a few things so that I can do the translations online.”

Sure, but I’ll drive. I need a few things for the printer as well. Might as well do it all in one shot,” Jack said as he stood up and grabbed the car keys.


I think that I found us a pretty great house,” Jack said as he came in from the new job that Collier had found him two weeks earlier. Daniel looked up from his new desk and smiled at Jack.


Yeah, it has a huge backyard and two floors. We can set up an office for you on the ground floor and the upstairs for your bedroom and a guest room. Can you take a break so I can show it to you?” Jack asked.

I’m sure it’s fine. I don’t really care what it looks like. As long as I have a bedroom and an office I’ll be happy,” Daniel said as he turned back to his work. Jack sighed. Daniel never had an opinion about the places Jack found. This time he wasn’t going to allow it. Daniel was coming to look at the place if Jack had to drag him out of there kicking and screaming.

No, I am not going to say ‘yes’ to the realtor unless you look the place over top to bottom.” Jack stared at Daniel until the man turned around and looked at Jack.

Jack, I don’t care what the place looks like as long as it has a roof for my head, a desk for my work and a bed for my body.”

NO! Get your ass up, save your work and get moving to the car,” Jack said. His tone of voice left no room for questions, and Daniel saved his work and was out the door in just a few seconds. Jack smiled. He could control Daniel a little bit.

The End of Season One