Heroes Always Fall

Title: Heroes Always Fall
Series: Probably
Fandom: Star Wars
Year: Five Years Post The Force Awakens so 39 ABY
Tags: Sentinel/Guide, Sentinel!Rey, Sentinel!Luke,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Finn/Poe Dameron, past Han Solo/Leia Organa, One Sided Luke Skywalker/Han Solo,
Characters: Rey, Chewbacca, R2-D2, Gavin Darklighter, Mace Windu, Poe Dameron, Finn,
Spoilers: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Summary: Sentinels are whispered about. After the destruction of the Empire and their stranglehold on all things Jedi related, it was found out that Sentinel Jedi were rare and no one had seen one in thousands of years, until Luke Skywalker. And now Rey.
Words: 12,262
Notes: I’ll be using mainly what is now considered Canon but using creatures for Spirit Animals from what is now called Legends. Also filling in things that current canon doesn’t have and using Legends Canon for it.
Warnings: Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Canon Character Death, Suicide
Beta: rivermoon1970

Part 1
Rey looked around the stone hut she’d called home for the past five years. She’d built the hut with her own blood, sweat, tears, and mind. It had felt like home more than Jakku ever had. It had taken a while to get used to the colder climate of the planet Luke had named Sanctuary.

Living on the water planet had been hard. The physical part had been easy, but learning to use the Force at Luke’s hands had been a trial. Using her body for fighting had been difficult to learn. Her fight with Kylo Ren had been instinct, and what she knew now was help from the Force. But in training, instinct wasn’t there. She knew how to fight with her staff well enough, but training with a lightsaber was different. It was very different, and her body had taken on a new shape because of it. Living on Jakku had made her very thin. She never ate enough, and was always in the overly hot sun too long, scavenging and trying to eek out some kind of living. Life’s circumstances made her not only thin, with a constant gnawing ache in her belly, but also wary of people. Living on Sanctuary, she found not only peace, but an inner strength that Luke coaxed out of her.. Her body changed, as did her mind and Rey felt more complete than she had been since being abandoned on Jakku.

Luke had vegetable gardens with native vegetables. Fruit trees and bushes were hardy on the small island just a few miles over. Sea creatures were the main part of the diet for the planet. There were some land masses that held herbivores and carnivores that breathed air, but the hike to them wasn’t worth it. The only time that she went to the largest island was when she wanted to visit with Chewbacca. She’d been shocked when the Wookie and R2-D2 had decided to stay near her.

The only time that Rey had left the planet was when Chewbacca had taken her to get the materials needed for fabricating her own lightsaber. That had been just six months before. Four and a half years of training to center her mind and settle her body. She used the lightsaber she had brought with her to train with. Her personal lightsaber hung on her belt as she grabbed her staff from it’s home beside the door. She shut the door behind her and didn’t look back as she walked away.

Chewbacca was waiting for her on the Millennium Falcon, at the base of the stairs below where she’d met Luke Skywalker for the first time.

Making her way across the small path between her hut and where she met Luke, she kept her eyes on the blazing high flames that had been burning all night long. She looked at the base of the flames in the rock ring that she had scattered at the edges. In her hand was the lightsaber she had brought with her. She tossed it into the fire and heard it land on the rocks at the bottom.

“Now you can rest.” Rey looked at the man standing just beyond the flames. Beside him was his wife, his Guide, and he wrapped his arms around her and they disappeared. It was her job now to fix what was was broken.

In the space of seconds, the flames went from high above her head to gone. There was nothing left but blackened rocks and ashes. The lightsaber was gone. She wasn’t shocked to not see either it, or the one that had she had placed on Luke’s chest before she’d lit the funeral pyre.

A strong wind picked up, carrying the ashes to sea.

“Even in death he avoids him?” Rey asked.

“Stubborn, Corellians are,” the wizened old voice said from behind her. She didn’t turn to look at him. He’d visited her in her dreams first, just days after arriving at the planet. Then she’d seen him for the first time in Force ghost form just days after the event that had changed her more than fighting with Kylo Ren had. “Heartbroken, he is.”

Rey didn’t know what to say to that. There was nothing to be said to that at all. No words could take the pain that Luke had felt every day since the death of his Guide. He’d hung on long enough to train her and then he’d let go. Passed in the night. It had been so peaceful that she hadn’t felt it. Hadn’t realized it until she’d gone most of the morning without seeing him. He’d been in his bed, looking like he was just sleeping. She’d known though that he wasn’t. A broken heart compiled with the death of his Guide meant that Luke had only held on through sheer will.

“Died, my own Guide did thirty seconds after me on my home planet. Choices we both made. The Force I chose, she chose her people. Mistakes. All of it mistakes. The future you are.”

“All of it on my shoulders. I know. Balance I have to find.” Rey smiled.

“Heroes always fall in the eyes of those who look up to them.”

Rey turned and there was nothing except the sun setting. There was nothing left for her on the planet. There was nothing left for her at all. Her Guide was out there in the galaxy somewhere waiting on her. She had to find them. She had to find the perfect person for her and make sure that she never lost them. Because the hope of the galaxy rested on her shoulders.

Han Solo may have rejected Luke Skywalker, but his legacy wasn’t all bad. There was good as well as the bad. The history books, though, would only know part of the bad. The part that he was the father of Kylo Ren, formerly Ben Solo. She had long haul in front of her, and standing, and staring wasn’t going to get it done.

Starting down the steps, Rey looked towards her future.

She was needed out in the galaxy where everything was going to hell.

Sentinel Jedi had been whispered about prior to the Empire taking over but Jedi weren’t allowed to be the full Sentinel that they could be. Hadn’t been allowed to be that way for a very long and it created the world that they had to live with. It wasn’t a great world and it wouldn’t be for a long time. She was the first cog. More would soon be coming.

Part 2
The inside of the Millennium Falcon was the same as always. Mental ghosts haunted the halls. The ghosts were not her own though, they were the ghosts of the past. R2 tweeted at her as she entered the hall leading to the cockpit. She laid her hand on his head as she passed him.

Chewbacca, though, wasn’t sitting in the pilot’s seat as she expected. He was seated in the co-pilot’s chair. He looked at her and it broke her heart. She stepped closer to him and he opened his giant arms and enveloped her in a hug. Chewbacca was a good Wookie and a good friend. He barked a few words and smiled after.

“No.” Rey couldn’t believe that she had heard what she had heard. There was no way that the Falcon was now hers. R2 twittered something and Rey just stared at the Wookie. “No.”

Chewbacca started to talk, and he didn’t stop for many long minutes, Rey just stood there listening to him. She heard every single word about how the Falcon picked who piloted her, and allowing her to escape Jakku meant that the Falcon liked her. She listened to Chewy as he explained that Han had brought Rey on board so he could hand off the Falcon to her when the time came.. He said that Ben had never liked the Falcon. The Falcon had chosen her and it wasn’t up to her to refuse the Falcon what it wanted and she would just have to accept it.

Rey sat down in the pilot’s chair more out of shock than anything. She looked between R2 and Chewbacca before she looked at the controls for the Falcon. The Wookie had spent the past five years while she’d trained on getting the Falcon back up to perfect working order. Chewbacca had made trip after trip off world as he worked on system after system. The Wookie had been planning this along with R2. She turned to the droid with a cheeky grin.

“And I assume that you were given to me as well?”

R2 made a sound that was unlike any that he’d ever made before. It sound like pure happiness and that shocked her because it was happier sounding then the noise he’d made when seeing Luke for the first time after years apart. She had never been shocked that she’d been able to understand droids. Niima outpost had plenty, and many of the people living there could understand them. The Wookie language she’d learned at the hands of a Wookie called Malla, who had been stranded on Jakku for nearly a year when she’d been a child.. She’d never told Rey the rest of her name and after the third time asking, Rey had stopped.

“Not given, but asked to come along?” Rey asked and R2 just flashed lights at her. “Fine. You can come but you may not like it. Another forest planet is at the end of our journey.”

R2 twittered something and Rey only smiled. She turned to start to input the first set of coordinates that she had been dreaming of. It wasn’t their final destination, but it was a good start. She had no clue what was waiting for her when she arrived at her destination,e she but she was going to face whatever it was. She wasn’t alone, though, and that gave her strength face it head on.


Chewbacca was the first to say something as the stars reverted to their normal pinpricks of light as they eased out of lightspeed. From their far orbit of the planet, it looked much like Jakku, only without the large barren wastes made by the crash landing of the ships during the Battle of Jakku.

“Tatooine,” Rey whispered. Luke had told her all about it. It was the first stop on her journey. There was the first piece of a puzzle on the planet. Luke had found it on a visit to the planet in the aftermath of the defeat of the Empire, but he’d known right away that it wasn’t for him. It was for her. She now had to claim it.

Chewbacca asked a question and R2 bleeped out a string of curses that had Rey laughing in her seat.

“I can go alone, R2. You don’t need to get sand in your servos. What I need to find, only I can. We just need to land at Anchorhead.” Rey looked to Chewbacca, “Maybe you can find that part you’ve been looking for.” He smiled a toothy grin at her that she’d not seen on his face since the death of Han.

Rey set them on a course towards Anchorhead, which took them no time at all to arrive. Chewbacca laughed as they were given the bay to land in saying that it was the same one they used all those years ago that had put the same path as Luke.

The outfit that Rey had worn on Jakku no longer fit her, so when she left the bay they were in, she made the first stop at a shop to get planet friendly clothes. She had money, given to her by Luke, for when she left him. He’d told her that his life was on Sanctuary, and that he no longer needed it. Rey hadn’t known that he hadn’t planned to even attempt to see his sister before he died. He’d also given her paperwork to transfer everything that he had in banks across the galaxy for the continuation of the Jedi. That she hadn’t been shocked by at all.

No one paid her any mind as she moved through Anchorhead. Strangers were the way of life for that area, and many of those strangers were not ones that someone wanted to bother, for the sake of their own life. Rey had no clue the direction of the place that she needed to find, and it was five vendor stalls before someone pointed her in the direction of the Jundland Wastes.

“Only fools go there,” a voice said from behind her. Rey turned to him and cocked her head to the side, looking at him. It wasn’t hard to read him. His pulse was slow, he didn’t see her as a threat. The people around, though, were wary of him. It wasn’t fear though. It was respect.

“Then call me a fool,” Rey said, but she didn’t stay for him to say anything else. She turned in the direction that the vendor had pointed, and started towards the Wastes. She was at the edge of the city, when she heard a speeder coming in her direction. She gripped her staff tight in her hand, the flowing shirt she had bought hid her lightsaber.

Stopping, Rey waited. She wasn’t shocked to realize that it was the man from before. She looked at him as he approached her. His dark hair was a little strange for the desert planet. Planting her feet, she readied herself for a fight if it came. Her senses were on high alert and the shifting sand beneath her feet wasn’t helping her in settling down.

“You’ll not make it to the wastes without a speeder,” the man said as he shut his speeder down.

“And who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do?”

“My name is Gavin,” he supplied, looking at her like he expected her to give him her name as well. She only stared at him. His heart rate was still calm and he was radiating worry. Worry about her, or about something else she wasn’t sure.

“My name is Rey.”

“I’ll take you to the Wastes if you want.”

“And if I said no?”

“I’d probably follow you until you came back.”

A growl from a distance told Rey that Chewbacca had indeed left the ship. Her ears were attuned to the Wookie, him being one of two living humanoids she’s spent any time with. Her eyes found him and saw that he was looking at her. His eyes were narrowed in recognition. He knew the man.

“Gavin, before we make any more plans, I’d like to tell you that my Wookie friend is watching us now.”

Gavin turned his head and his whole body stiffened as he found Chewbacca looking at them. “Chewbacca.” Gavin turned back to her. “Who are you?”

“My name is Rey. And that is my companion. Who are you?”

“Gavin Darklighter.”

“Biggs’ cousin. Luke talked about him often.” Rey stepped towards the speeder. She got into the secondary seat. Gavin looked at her shocked. “To Ben Kenobi’s hut.”

“Are you…” Gavin stopped talking when Rey shifted in the seat and her shirt parted enough to see the lightsaber that was laying against her inner thigh. “You’re a Jedi.”

“Luke’s final apprentice.”

There were no more words as they sped through the desert. Rey catalogued all the differences between Tatooine and Jakku. In a world of shifting sands, and the creatures who lived in those sands, the whine of technology in the middle of the Wastes was easy to find for her. Exactly like Luke had said. The hut was a waste, and Gavin didn’t offer to get out with her. It was easy to tell that no one came out there, not even the Jawas.

The small cube that she found buried five feet down in the sand was deceptive. It looked much like a child’s toy, but she knew what it was. An ancient holocron. From before Sentinels had stopped being allowed to seek out, and bond with their Guide. Before the Jedi Order killed those who did it anyway. The way of life that Rey was determined to bring back for the Jedi. No one else would have to suffer like Luke had,

“Anakin never understood what Padme was because we kept that knowledge from him,” a voice said and Rey turned to see an old man there.

“Master Kenobi.”

“I didn’t know what Luke was until after I died. I wanted to tell him, but Yoda forbid it. I understand now why. To be rejected by one’s Guide hurts. I’ve seen the aftermath in my death. We are lucky he didn’t go Dark Side because of it.”

“No, you are lucky that he didn’t kill himself in the aftermath of the destruction of the second Death Star. He could have, and then none of this would have been. Kylo Ren has his part to play and so do I. I have what I need.”


But Rey didn’t let him say anything else. She turned and left. As if that holocron was the only thing holding up that hut, it collapsed. The Force willed it that it had stayed until she could get the holocron and it was no longer needed.

“Thank you,” Rey said.

“I think that the only thing that I did was save you time.”

“Still, it allows me to get away from here sooner rather than later. Luke said that the Darklighter family had left Tatooine.”

“I come back and visit on occasion. To remind me what I am fighting for. It was luck that you came when you did. I’m leaving tonight.”

“There is no such thing as luck to a Force user.”

“You said you were Luke’s last apprentice.”

“He died before I left the planet he was on.”

“Then you are the girl that Poe and Finn talk about.”

“You know them?”

“I’m in Poe’s squadron.”

“I’m glad. How are they doing?”

“Finn recovered from his injuries perfectly. General Organa made sure that he was put into a bacta tank. Do you want me to…” Gavin stopped.

Rey didn’t answer. She watched as Anchorhead grew bigger and bigger on the horizon. It looked like a mirage.

“Don’t lie to them. You can tell them that you saw me and tell them that I’m good. That I’ll be back soon. I have something that I need to finish and then I’ll rejoin the Resistance along with Chewbacca and R2.”

“So R2 is with you?”

“It seems he’s decided that I am his new person.”

Gavin laughed.

“It was hard to see him on powerdown mode for all those years. He was always so active, and happy, tormenting C-3PO. I swear he lived to make 3PO lose his mind.”

“He’s sad but I think that he knew what Luke was planning before I did.”

“R2 understood him better than anyone else in the galaxy.”

The speeder stopped and Rey realized that they were outside the bay where the Falcon was. Chewbacca was standing there and shook hands with Gavin as he stepped out of the speeder. The Wookie barked a greeting and Gavin just smiled at him.

R2 popped opened a small door on his side and Rey saw that it was a hiding spot. She slipped the holocron inside of him. The door snapped shut and R2 rocked back and forth, twittering at Gavin and then making a raspberry sound. Gavin made the sound back and Rey just laughed.

Part 3
Rey was alone in what was now her room on the Falcon. The sound of nails on the floor of the room had her looking up.

“I’ve been wondering where you are.” The Vornskr didn’t react at all, he just came closer. He sat down at her feet, staring at her. “Durm.”

Rey held her hand out and the Spirit Animal pushed his head up into her hand. The bed giggled a little as Strang moved across the pillow towards Durm. The Vornskr jumped onto the bed and wrapped itself around the Ysalamiri. R2 was in the cockpit and would alert them if they dropped out of lightspeed before they arrived at the waypoint to head towards their next stop. There was only one more after that before she went to the final destination.

A knock on the door startled Rey out of her thoughts. A thought opened the door. There stood Chewbacca. He waved his hand to ask permission to enter.

“Of course.” Rey stood up from the bed and took the chair at the table used for eating. The bed was the only place big enough for Chewbacca to sit down at. Strang and Durm disappeared. She’d known that Chewbacca could see the Spirit Animals. It had been apparent from the moment that the Wookie had seen Luke’s barely there Spirit Animal. The large Krayt Dragon had been evident in the moments after Rey had met the Jedi.

Chewbacca sat on the bed and relaxed back. The room had been cleaned, and rearranged by the Wookie during the last five years. It looked nothing like how it had been when her and Finn had escaped from Jakku. A growled question had Rey turning to him.

“Strang is mine. Durm is not. I’m just watching him for his person.”

A wuffed statement and another question had Rey smiling, but not answering. She just shrugged her shoulders. The Wookie chuckled another statement and all Rey did was smirk. Durm appeared on the bed at Chewbacca’s hip. The Vornskr lowered his head down and growled at the Wookie before jumping at him. Chewbacca didn’t react and the Spirit Animal just passed through him.

“He’s a mite playful.”

Chewbacca barked laughter for a minute before he settled down. He wanted to know where they were going.

“R2 knows. R2 has been there before. He holds the coordinates.”

Chewbacca spoke again and Rey just shrugged.

“Luke called the planet Dagobah. He only told me that it had the second of three things that I needed. And that the last planet had to be last and that R2 would tell me where it was only after Dagobah.”

The Wookie bid his goodnight and lumbered from the room. Rey moved back to the bed and laid down with Strang arranging himself at her head and Durm laying at her back. She was excited to meet Durm’s person. She had hoped that on the third planet she would meet them. She felt so alone, and while Chewbacca helped, she knew that she would need to meet her guide and do it soon.

Rey closed her eyes to dream of a planet of green full of trees and happiness. It made her heart ache to dream of her guide like that. She pushed the dreams away to dream of space, dark and cold.


Dagobah was as dark and dank as Luke had said it would be. Rey found the spot that Luke had told her would be the only place that would hold the Falcon as they had no landing craft that she could take down alone.

Chewbacca didn’t want to let her go alone into the swamps of the planet. He made sure that she knew it loudly and often as they were landing.

“I have to do this alone. You may be Force sensitive, but this is my quest.”

Then Chewbacca said something low enough so that Rey almost missed it. She turned to look at him. Luke had never told her that.

“What do you mean that you want to see the resting place of Master Yoda?”

Chewbacca told her the tale of how he came to be in slaver’s hands when Han rescued him. How he had been there on Kashyyyk when Order 66 had gone out, and the Jedi had been wiped from the galaxy. How he had helped Yoda escape and his capture by the Empire was worth it. He told her of how he wanted to say goodbye to his friend properly.

“I’ll leave you at Yoda’s hut, but his body disappeared.”

Rey’s heart broke when Chewbacca told her that his spirit was still bound to the swamp and that just being there would help him. She nodded and allowed him to follow her to the hut that had been taken over by the creatures that Yoda had kept back for decades. She could feel the darkness in that section of the swamp, but first she had to leave Chewbacca where he wouldn’t cause her an issue.

The Dark Side cave was exactly how Luke had described it. It made her skin crawl, but she knew that she had to enter it. She unclipped her lightsaber from her belt and laid it, and her staff on a rock. She only took her mind and her body in with her. Both scared her enough.

Darkness was everywhere as she entered the cave. It wasn’t long before she realized that she walked farther than possible, still she kept going.

After nearly ten minutes of walking, she realized that someone was behind her. She turned and saw a young man standing there. He was smiling at her, dressed in dark brown colors and his hands covered in blood. Rey’s heart plummeted to her stomach, and then tried to escape through her throat as she saw the bodies behind the man. It was members of the Resistance that she remembered seeing.

The man just stood there staring at her, and Rey wasn’t sure what to do. She feared making him angry. She felt nothing off of him. Was this what her Guide would do if she never found him? Was this the fate if she had never found her Force abilities? Or was this what was going to happen no matter what?

Then the ache in her heart started. Rey cocked her head to the side and stared at him. The ache was coming from him. It felt like he had no heart at all. That it had all been burned out of him. There were but fifteen steps between them, but Rey took them at a run. She crashed into him and they fell backwards onto the ground of the cave. He tried to fight out of her hold, but all she did was wrap her arms around him and hold on tighter. Slowly, the man stopped fighting her and just laid there. Rey started to sob as she held him close.

It was like all breath left his body and Rey sat up to find that she was straddling a grave instead of a body. The language on the graver marker wasn’t in one that she could read. There were two lightsabers crossed on it and beyond the marker she saw herself standing there. She was dressed in black and her eyes were hard. She was standing there with vengeance wrapped around every single line of her body.

The vision blinked out and once again she found herself at the mouth of the cave with the darkness behind her, and the weak sunlight in front of her. She turned back to look at the darkness, and found that it was just darkness. She wasn’t sure if she had passed the test or not, but she knew that she didn’t understand it. Not yet.

As she climbed out, she felt something in her hand. She looked down to find that it was another holocron cube. She smiled as she emerged fully from the darkness. There was little more that she needed to do on the planet, but she would give Chewbacca all the time that he wanted to grieve for a friend who had been the last of the Jedi, who had no one, but a lost boy to grieve for him when he passed. His name not uttered by friends and cast into oblivion.

A tree looked perfect for climbing as she approached the hut so that was what she did. There had been a few trees on Sanctuary that she had liked to climb and sit in for hours when she had the time. Just being around so much life was still so shocking for her. The life here in the swamp was different than it had been for her on Sanctuary, but it was somehow felt the same. Jakku had it’s own forms of life, but she hadn’t been able to interact with them that much because they were night creatures, when the planet was cool they would escape from their hiding places deep below the sand.

The sound of chittering started above her and for a few seconds she was afraid of being attacked, but when she reached out with the Force, she only found playful feelings. Something was playing in the tree limbs above her. Just as she looked up, something fell down and landed in her lap. It looked up at her with bright eyes. One was bright purple and the other was ice blue. It chittered at something still above her. Something chittered back and then she had a second creature in her lap. It had the same color eyes except the eyes were reversed. The first creature used her like a climbing post and clambered up to her shoulder to chitter back at it’s friend.

Rey was about to push the first creature off her when she felt it. It wasn’t a friend, the other creature was a sibling and they were fighting. There was a feeling of playful love between them. The second creature climbed up the other side of her and sat down on her opposite shoulder. Still chittering back and forth, Rey laughed at them. She leaned back into the tree trunk and closed her eyes. She pushed the world around her out of her mind and meditated. She hadn’t since Luke’s death and she knew that she needed to.

When Rey meditated she always lost track of time. On Sanctuary she would track how long she’d been doing it by how the sun moved across the sky, but here on Dagobah, she couldn’t do that. The only thing she knew was that the creatures were no longer on her and Chewbacca was staring up at her with a smile on his face. He held his arms out and she shifted and dropped down, the Wookie catching her. Chewbacca chuffed laughter as he set her down on the ground.

“Are we ready to leave?” Rey asked as she righted her clothes. She was still wearing the clothes from Tatooine as the swamp was muggy. She was very happy she hadn’t changed out of them yet. The clothes she had from Sanctuary would have been way too hot for her. Chewbacca nodded his agreement that he was ready to leave.

R2 was waiting for them at the bottom of the ramp of the Falcon. The hiding place where the first holocron was inside his body was popped open and Rey slipped the second in there with it. R2 twittered something at the both of them. Chewbacca just ignored the droid but Rey was a little confused. The droid was talking about going home. The droid started towards the cockpit and when Rey entered the room, R2 was docked into the ship and she looked at the readout. Naboo.

“Where is Naboo?”

Chewbacca wuffed out a long answer about the history of the planet in his long memory. About the blockade years and years before, and how it had propelled an otherwise unknown planet into the spotlight in the galaxy. And then how it went back to anonymity after, then Senator Palpatine, became the Chancellor.

“Palpatine, like Emperor Palpatine?”

Chewbacca barked a short answer.

“He was the Senator for Naboo?” Rey asked.

Chewbacca nodded.

“And we are going there? Why?” Rey asked but R2 just unjacked himself and rolled away. “You are an asshole!”

Chewbacca laughed as he set up their first path towards Naboo.

Rey wondered about the reasoning behind why there would be a holocron on Naboo. It didn’t make any sense at all.

Part 4
Rey sat in the cockpit of the Falcon while she waited for clearance for a docking bay in Theed, the capital city of Naboo. She looked at the half of the planet that she could see. It looked beautiful, she could tell why Queen Amidala, had wanted to protect the planet.

“You’ve been cleared for landing in bay thirteen. Follow your escort to the bay and be prepared to surrender all weapons when you debark from the ship.”

“Of course,” Rey said and moved the ship out of orbit. A one man fighter appeared in front of her and she followed it down. She wondered what they would want her to do about her lightsaber because she wasn’t leaving it with them. If they forced her to take it off, she’d just take it back to her room on the ship.

Chewbacca wasn’t going to let her out of his sight on this planet. There were too many chances of her having a sensory spike and going into a zone out in a populated place like Theed.

Chewbacca barked at the guard who was at the bottom of the ramp when it was down enough for them to exit the ship. The guard’s eyes went right to the lightsaber at her waist. He turned towards a guard at the edge of the bay and waved. It meant something, but Rey wasn’t sure what.

“Hold please, Mistress Jedi,” the man said.

Rey stopped halfway down the ramp and just looked at the man. Chewbacca was growling lowly under his breath at the guard, but the man ignored him. R2, though, came down the ramp and bypassed both of them, twittering at the man.

“R2-D2,” a woman said from the entrance to the bay. R2 twittered at her and went right past the guard to stop at her heels. Rey looked up at the woman and her voice left her. She knew what the Queens of Naboo looked like from the historical pictures that Chewbacca had showed her on their way to Naboo. Why was the Queen there? To meet with them? “It has been too long since you and Luke visited us.”

Luke had been to Naboo? Why had he come to Naboo?

“Come, Mistress Jedi, we will go to the palace and talk. Naboo is always a friend to the Jedi. The Jedi helped to save our planet and Queen Amidala.”

Rey started down the ramp and when she passed by the guard, he did didn’t try and take the lightsaber from her waist or stop her. Rey followed behind the Queen through the streets and just looked at the beauty of the city. It was so pretty. Sanctuary had been wild lands, but it never looked like humans lived there. But Theed was a natural beauty, the human additions didn’t detract from the nature around it.

The throne room was the location that they stopped in. The Queen sat upon her throne, but Rey and Chewbacca were given seats right at the edge of the dias. There were guards at the back of the room but there was no one else.


“Jewla. My name is Jewla. What is yours, Mistress Jedi?”


“Rey what?”

“That I do not know.” It had never bothered her before. There were a lot of people on Jakku who had no last name. Whether it was on purpose, or because they truly didn’t know, she was never sure, but she had never felt left out because of it.

“What do you mean?”

“I was left by my parents on the planet Jakku when I was younger. I only knew my given name not my last name.”

“Interesting. You have a look about you. Something very familiar.”

“I don’t know how, Your Majesty.” Rey looked at her and tried to catalogue everything. She wasn’t lying. The Queen thought that she looked like someone that she knew.

“Sola Naberrie, Your Majesty,” someone said as they entered the room. Given the smell of gun oil, sweat, and leather, Rey knew it was a guard without turning around. Another scent entered along with a heartbeat. The scent, though had Rey inhaling sharply and focusing just on it. She inhaled the scent again and it sent her on a wave of memories. The scent of her mother as she hugged her for the last time before leaving her on Jakku. She’d never been given a reason for why she was left. She’d never really known. Luke hadn’t known either. The memories of her childhood assaulted her mind, and she didn’t want to leave. In that moment, there was nothing but those memories.

The pain of an electric shock connected with her hand. She looked down and saw R2 right there, his little electric probe primed for another shot. She’d zoned out. She’d focused so much on the scent of the new person that she had zoned out.

Chewbacca was there behind R2 and was keeping several people away from her, medics by the look of them.

“I’m fine now, Chewbacca. But please continue to keep them away.” Rey looked to see the Queen looking at her with a soft look on her face, beside the Queen was the woman who had sent her into a zone out.

“Jedi Rey, this is Sola Naberrie. Sister of Padme Amidala. Aunt of Luke Skywalker.”

“Luke and R2 visited me before he went into hiding,” Sola said. She had a frown on her face. “I wasn’t aware that Padme’s child had lived until he told me that he was Padme’s son. He told me that he had a sister, but that Leia refused to know anything about her parents. That she’d had good parents who had raised her well, and she didn’t want to diminish her memory of them with others.”

“You smell like my mother did,” Rey said.

“Yes. It’s a family perfume. The knowledge of making it is passed down from mother to daughter. I taught my daughters. What was your mother’s name?”

Rey wasn’t sure that she should answer. She knew why Luke had sent her to Naboo, but she hadn’t realized that Luke’s own family was from Naboo as well. But if that scent was passed down from mother to daughter and her own mother smelled of it… “Ryoo.”

Sola gasped and rushed forward. Rey opened her arms and let the woman hug her. She heard Chewbacca step back away from her and even R2 wheeled away. She let her grandmother hold onto her so tight that she was afraid that the woman was going to hurt herself, but she didn’t let go of the woman either. She held onto her, but not hard enough that it would hurt. She was strong and it would be easy to hurt someone.

Rey’s mind was racing. It was overwhelming that she was related to Luke. Had he known? Had Luke known that she was the granddaughter of Sola or had this whole trip here been to see the evidence of his own past?

“What do you know of Sentinel Jedi?”

“Sentinel Jedi? Are they like the Jedi Masters?” Sola asked.

“No. Sentinel Jedi are not made, they are born. The history was wiped by the Jedi order a few hundred years ago, but there were holocrons hidden across the galaxy byJedi who felt that it wasn’t a good idea to remove that information.”

“And what brings you to Naboo?” The Queen asked.

“I was sent here by Luke. He passed away in his sleep.”

“Oh.” Sola looked sad.

“I don’t know if he knew that I was your granddaughter or not, he never told me why I was coming here. In fact, only R2 knew that. Just as R2 knows the final location of my quest.”

“Do you like being led around with no understanding of why?”

“In this case, the destination is only important for the information that it holds. The Jedi that hid the Holocrons chose locations that were only significant to them. It could have been Coruscant or Mustafar, or any number of planets. There are three holocrons out there. One holds the history of the Sentinels, one hold the history of Guides, and the final holds the history of their rise and fall inside of the Jedi order. I don’t know which I have found.”

“Anakin loved my sister,” Sola said.

“Yes, he did. He loved her and he didn’t understand what she was to him, and it sent him down a very dark path. The Jedi Order’s decision to hide what she was meant to be to him created the world that we have today. If he’d had the training necessary to understand that Padme was his Guide, and they were allowed to be together, he would have never turned. The Jedi used cases like his to show them why Sentinels and Guides had to be separated. Sentinels rely on the Force like other Jedi, but their ability to stay sane and stable, a Guide is needed for that. Luke lived a long time without his Guide.”

“But Padme was human. She wasn’t a Jedi.”

“No, she wasn’t. All Guides are not Jedi. Sentinels are Jedi, Guides are not.”


“Because the mind of a non-Jedi works a little different. A Guide is perfect for their Sentinel.” Rey smiled at her grandmother and relaxed back into her chair. “I’ll find my Guide out there somewhere.”

“Who was Luke’s Guide?” Sola asked.

“That is not information that you need to know. It’s private and nothing can be done now to fix what happened there.” Rey sighed and looked at Chewbacca. “When the Jedi removed the knowledge of the Sentinels, they also removed the knowledge of the Guides. Where Jedi were identified as children, and Sentinels not long after the Jedi were found, Guides used to be found around age seven. Luke’s Guide would have known what he was and understood what he was by the time that he met Luke. Luke wouldn’t have been rejected by him.”

“And you hope to change that?”

“In some ways, yes. There is a lot to be done but first, I have time. I’d love to stay and meet my family.”

Part 5
The Falcon was in orbit around one of the moons in the Naboo system before Rey allowed her emotions to get the better of her. The Naberries were a lovely family, but all had gone into politics, and Rey had little use for politics. It hadn’t helped the Jedi in anyway in the long term.

Chewbacca was silent in the seat beside her. R2 was behind them both. He was jacked into the Falcon’s system and downloading and updating the star charts. Queen Jewla had given them all the current star charts that Naboo had. Which, for the outlying areas, was a huge update on what the Falcon had.

“What is that planet?” Rey asked as one appeared on the screen.

Chewbacca knew it. He looked at R2 with a confused look on his face. R2 twittered at the Wookie and Chewbacca woofed back at him. It was nonsense to her. Half words and unfinished sentences. Rey wasn’t able to follow it at all. Five minutes of nonsense and then R2 unjacked and left. Chewbacca bellowed after him, but the droid ignored them.

“Where are we going?”

Chewbacca pressed a button and the information for the planet popped up on the screen. Rey had never heard of the planet before or the system. Yavin was a gas giant and it had several planets, but the one in particular they were going to was Yavin 4. It was currently uninhabited, but there was a small blurb of information about it. It was the site of the destruction of the first Death Star. Yavin 4 was the location that the, then Rebel Alliance, had made their base. The note was typed in as an addendum, probably added by Chewbacca.

“Who would have hidden that holocron there?”

Chewbacca just shrugged. He nodded towards the back before getting up and leaving. Rey gunned the ship out of orbit and moved towards the first hyperspace path that they needed to use to get to the Yavin system. Once the stars were stretched along, Rey was able to relax.

They had stayed on Naboo for a week. Chewbacca had been shown around the forest by a group of Gungans, and Rey had stayed at some lake house that the Naberries owned. It had been wonderful, and Rey was thankful for the swimming lessons that Luke had given her.. He hadn’t been the best at it, learning out of necessity, then never really using it anymore, but he had taught Rey enough. Younger members, cousins, of the family, had taught her more. The kids were all intrigued by the fact that she’d been born on a ship, and had then lived on a desert planet. The thought of a whole planet being a desert was a shock to them. Though they knew of them in passing from their lessons in school,, it was different meeting someone who had been on one.

When Luke had visited them, he’d not talked about his past that much. He was mute where Rey was talkative. Her past had brought her to where she was, and she wouldn’t be who she was without it. Anyone who shamed her for it would just have to learn that they weren’t going to get a rise out of her for it.

It got her thinking of Finn, though, and how he was doing with the Resistance. She wanted to know how he was really doing. Darklighter had been able to tell her some things, but it wasn’t any of the personal things that she wanted to know. He was her first friend, even if he had lied to her, but she’d understood. Poe had trusted him, and for her that had been enough once she found out the truth of Finn’s life. She even missed BB-8, even if she had become attached to R2 through the long years.

General Organa probably figured that she was never coming back after being gone for five years. Rey had to have the knowledge contained in the holocrons before she went back to the Resistance. Then and only then would she be able to move on to the New Republic. That was her ultimate goal. To stand before the new Senate and declare the Jedi an entity of their own.

There would be those that would not like it, but there was safety for the Jedi out there. For the Force users who had no training, but who wanted it. Luke had spent his years in hiding making plans and doing what needed to be done to create a safe place for new trainees. He’d failed with Ben Solo, he didn’t want a repeat of that failure.

Rey was going over everything that Luke had taught her when she remembered something that Malla had taught her as well. She stood up from her seat and moved towards what had once been a smaller hold. It had been retrofitted to be a bedroom for Chewbacca. She knocked on the door and looked at the Wookie who opened the door.

“I had a friend years back that taught me a lot about Wookies, and I forgot some of it until just now. Humans have scents, and those scents are passed down by family lines. You knew that I was related to Luke in some way from the moment that we met. You knew that Luke and General Organa were related.”

Chewbacca barked an agreement, and then went a step farther, telling her that he knew that she was a Sentinel because there was a scent that Sentinels put off, and he’d not smelled it before Luke since Yoda. He’d never smelled a Guide, but he was sure that he’d be able to pick out the scent that Han put off that marked him as a Guide as soon as he smelled it in someone else again.

“Were Wookies how Guides were found before?”

Chewbacca weaved a tale of the races that had strong olfactories. How there were thirteen races in the galaxy that had been found that could do it. But it was generally the Wookie Jedi who found Guides on planets, from what Luke had told him.

“Did Luke make you want to stay?” Rey didn’t like feeling that Chewbacca had been forced to stay out of a sense of duty to Luke, or as a way to help Han in the afterlife.

Chewbacca hugged her tight, making it a little hard for her to breath, but with him wrapped around her, she could feel his emotions.The Force giving her what his words couldn’t. He loved her, and it wasn’t out of being anything other than what she was. Han had taken a shine to her and he’d liked her because of that, but it was the aftermath of it all that had proven she was worthy of his love. He saw her like a cub, a child. Rey wrapped her arms around him tighter and clung to him as she cried into his fur. Chewbacca didn’t try to get her to stop crying, he just held her close while she purged her emotions. She’d never cried for the loss of her family when they had had left her on Jakku. She hadn’t cried when Sola told her that Ryoo and the man that she had ran off with had been found dead by the First Order years before in a cargo ship. They had been trying to make it as smugglers. Sola had no clue why her daughter hadn’t come home until Rey had shown up.

It was rumors and supposition that the First Order had been looking for Force users throughout the galaxy, Luke told her that he had heard whispers, but he didn’t have any proof to go on. If Ryoo had known that Rey had the Force, why wouldn’t she have taken her to Luke? Or at least the Resistance? What had scared them so bad to leave her on Jakku? Rey knew that she’d probably never know. Only the Force knew, and so far it wasn’t telling her anything.

Rey finally pulled back from the Wookie, and dried her tears, a smile on her face.

“Luke said that sometimes the best family was the family that one finds when trying to get away. That’s you, R2, Poe, BB-8, and Finn.”

Chewbacca huffed an agreement and motioned for her to sit down. Rey noticed that he’d been getting ready to eat, and it didn’t shock her to see a secondary food plate on the table. Rey took the seat as the Wookie pulled food out of the warmer. Rey had found out that Chewbacca preferred to eat things he had hunted himself, but often settled for what was available to them in space.. Rey had never had the luxury of choice, subsisting mostly on rations, so she was just thankful for food.

They ate dinner together, laughing, talking, and just being what they were, a family, even with R2 at the edge of the room, hooked into the computer to keep track of the ship. Life was good.

Part 6
Rey looked at the planet through the viewing area of the Falcon. She then turned her gaze out to where the Death Star had been. All of the pieces of it had been collected from where it had been destroyed. The Alliance hadn’t wanted anyone to be able to replicate even one bit of it.

The upgraded sensors that Chewbacca had put on the Falcon while she’d been training were being used to scan Yavin. There was no evidence of villages or anything remotely similar, but there were small areas of concentrated life, most likely hives of animals. There was one area near one of the larger temples on the planet which seemed like a good spot to land the ship on.. Sensors picked up what looked like a housing unit. It was up in a tree and didn’t resemble anything like what an animal would create.

Chewbacca wasn’t going to let her go alone this time. He quickly prepared his bowcaster and checked over her newer blaster before leaving the ship. With there being so much native life on the planet, Rey understood why the Wookie wanted her to have a blaster on her. A lightsaber was good for combat, and freeing oneself, but if there was a charging animal headed for her, a blaster would be needed to take care of them. She was taking her staff with her as well. The whole planet was untamed forest, and she was going to take everything with her that she thought she’d need.

There was a clearing two clicks from where the tree house was and Rey landed the Falcon there. Chewbacca was waiting for her at the ramp when she had cycled the Falcon down.

“R2 stay on the Falcon. Anyone tries to get on, alert me. I have the comlink with me.”

R2 twitted an affirmative and moved out towards the cockpit. She smiled as she watched him go. He was a plucky little droid and she was very happy that over the years, Luke had never had his memory wiped like so many other droids usually had. It made for a less controllable, but more loyal droid. R2 did do what he wanted, but he did everything that he could for those he considered his family.

“Chewbacca, do you want to take to the trees?” Rey asked. If there was anyone actually alive in that area of the planet, they would have seen or heard the arrival of the Falcon. Chewbacca nodded and started up one of the closer trees. She waited until he was up in one of the taller ones and he’d started from limb to limb. She followed and kept her ear out for him making sure that they stayed at the same pace. It wasn’t hard to keep up with him. While he was good at going from tree to tree it took time as he wasn’t used to the trees on Yavin. As they got closer to the treehouse, Rey was able to pick out the sound of a heartbeat. It was too big to be a creature in the tree, she recognized it as a human heart beat. She wasn’t shocked to find a man standing at the base of the tree.

Rey looked at him. He was old, older than Luke had been, and very dark skinned. He was dressed in simple clothes that looked like he made them from native animals skins t. It wasn’t until he moved that she saw that he was one handed. His second wasn’t there at all. It was odd given how accessible prosthetic were in this day and age. Even simple non moveable hands were given out for free on most planets. The mechanical hands were harder to come by for most, but still, something that could be done.

“Hello,” the man said.


“What are you doing? Coming to visit me?”

“Just visiting the location of the Rebel base.”

“Now see, you did that well,” the man said. He looked at Rey like she was a puzzle. “I can’t tell if you are lying or not.”

Rey didn’t say a thing. She let her hearing dial up to where she could hear the subtleness of his heartbeat. He didn’t react at all. Chewbacca was in the trees above him, getting ready to drop to help her if she needed.

“Why would I be on this planet if not to visit?” Rey asked.

“This planet holds many secrets. Some are easy to find and others are not so easy to find.”

“And you think that you are the person to stop me?”

“Who says I am alone?”

Rey knew that the man was stalling, but stalling for what, she wasn’t sure. It wasn’t hard to tell that he was calm. Almost too calm. His heart rate never jumped above a resting rate. His eyes were still and calm as well. He was a man who was in total control of himself.

“The only people who live on this planet do so because they want to be left alone. There is no other recluse on this planet that will come to your aid. Just as I mean you no harm. I come for a bit of treasure and that’s it.”

“What one calls treasures another calls trash.”

“And what one calls trash, they call it so to hide it.” Rey relaxed into a stance that Luke had taught her. One of the few bits of training he’d learned from long dead masters of the art of Lightsaber fighting.

“You are a learned girl,” the man said as he stood up and moved closer to her. Rey stayed where she was. Her robe that she wore against the chill of the wind of the planet hid her lightsaber but not her staff.. A perfect weapon if a fight broke out, and if dropped, the symbol for Chewbacca to know that something was up. So far Rey was sure that Chewbacca was hidden. “I like learned people. Come inside and we can chat and break bread over a meal.”

“I have nothing to bring to the meal.”

“That is fine.” The man turned and grabbed a bit of rope at his side. He pulled on it and up he went while a rock came down. He stopped just at the top of the ladder that led onto a landing of sorts. He looked down at her before waving Rey up.

At the top of the ladder, when Rey was on two feet at the landing, she looked out into trees surrounding the house. She was barely able to spot Chewbacca and that was only because she knew where his heartbeat was.

“You picked a beautiful spot to make your home on Yavin 4.”

“Thank you. I like it and that’s all that really matters.”

Rey stepped into the main living area of the tree house and found that there were two rooms branched off of it. It was a rather large place for a man to live in alone. She sat down at the table when the man directed her towards it. From the seat that he took, he could see everything in the house. From where she sat, she could see little. It was a strategic placement of the table. She shifted in the seat and a coin fell from her pocket, aided by the Force. Rey bent down to pick it up and she noticed that the floor was marked under the chair that she was in, but that the one under the man’s wasn’t. Whoever regularly sat in her seat shifted or stood and shifted the chair as they did.

“Did you find it?”

“I did. It rolled a little.” Rey held up the coin and showed it to him. It was just a random coin from a random planet. It helped to sell that she was just a traveler who went from place to place. The man’s eyes narrowed at it but he smiled. He turned and moved towards what looked like a chest. It was easy to see that he and whoever lived with him did live a simple life. From inside the chest it looked like he pulled butter and bread followed by some kind of dried meat.

The man kept his back to her while he worked on the food. It left Rey to look around the entire place. There were signs of a child being raised in the place. Dents and nicks in the walls that were at a much lower height than the man. There was a height chart along the wall outside the bedroom farthest from the door. There was only a single way in and out that she could see, but that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a roof access hatch.

So the man was here with a child that was pretty young when they had arrived. There was no way to tell the sex of the child from what she could see, but she knew that whoever the child was they were no longer a child. She couldn’t hear a heartbeat from the person so they were out of her range of hearing.

“You are a good liar, Sir. But where is your child?”

The man turned to look at her and before she could even think, he was across the room and trying to go out the door. Rey reacted as quick as she could and was across the room, lightsaber in hand, activated with the blade stretched across the door. The man’s eyes widened out and he tried to move back but the thump behind them had Rey turning.

Standing there was a tall slender young man. His eyes were narrowed as they stared at the lightsaber she had out. On his hip was a lightsaber as well. His hand went for it and it was drawn before Rey could react, the dark purple blade slid free. The older man backed up away from both of them. He moved to stand behind the younger man, in a safe location. Only then did Rey look up at the younger man. The face was thin, much like her own.

As if she was seeing into the past, his face changed and turned into that of a chubby cheeked child. Whose eyes were a perfect match for a buried memory of her childhood.



Part 7
Rey didn’t even hesitate. She dropped the lightsaber to the floor. As her finger left the activator button, the blade slide back into the hilt. Race dropped his as well and when Rey jumped into his arms, he wrapped them around her tight. She buried her nose in his neck and inhaled. Underneath was the scent she remembered as a child, lying in their bed because they hated to sleep alone.

“I was told what happened to mom and dad and I worried, but I hoped. I hoped that we would be together again.” Rey had kept him a secret because it was better to never talk about him. She had known that her parents were scared when she was left on Jakku, and she wasn’t sure if Race was the reason they were scared. He was the long held secret of her heart and mind.

“Mom and dad dropped me here after they dropped you off on that other planet I was found by Wind here. He took me in and…” Race looked down at Rey’s lightsaber. “Who found you?”

“I was on Jakku and there was no one to help me there. I didn’t realize that I had the ability to use the Force until five years ago. I have been with Luke Skywalker training.”

“Skywalker?” Wind’s head shot up and his face was full of confusion. “What about Leia Skywalker?”

“Leia Organa. She’s the General of the Resistance.”

“What of the Empire?”

“You really are isolated here,” Rey pointed out. Race dragged her over to the table and sat her down in his spot while he stood beside her. Wind took his own seat before turning to her. Rey told him everything that she had learned from Luke in her lessons from where he grew up to how he joined the Rebels and the aftermath of the killing of Palpatine and the forming of the New Republic. From Luke trying to reform and teach Jedi to the betrayal of Ben Solo, and the death of all trainees except him, and to Snoke. Then her training with him for five years. She left out everything about Sentinels, though. If Wind had trained Race to be a Jedi, and even made him or had him make a Lightsaber, he was Jedi. Given his age, he was a Jedi that had made it through Order 66.

“That’s…” Wind stopped suddenly and he looked out the small window. “Why was I here? I could have…”

“Who are you?” Rey asked. Race inhaled but he didn’t say a thing.

“I was a Jedi Master when Palpatine had the Jedi wiped out. I was called Mace Windu, but I just took the name Wind in the aftermath of the Order. I fell from a building on Coruscant and was found by a smuggler in the aftermath of it all. He got me off planet and when I was healed enough to live, he dropped me off on the planet of my choosing.”

“What about your holocron?”

“What?” Wind looked at her like she had five heads.

“I have Kenobi’s and Yoda’s. Luke came online as a Sentinel in the aftermath of killing Palpatine and the death of his father. His Guide knew nothing of what he was and rejected him. My Guide is out there. Race’s Guide is out there.”

“I’m a what?” Race asked.

Rey looked at the corner of the room where Durm and Strang were visible to her. She wasn’t sure if Wind or Race could see them. A growl broke the air and the two men turned to look at the Spirit Animals.

“He’s a Sentinel. And you are a Sentinel. There has been no record of twin Jedi being both Sentinels, ever. Yoda and I spent years researching everything. Just like there are no Guide Jedi.” Mace looked shocked.

Strang tugged on Rey’s pants and she leaned down to let him crawl up the arm of her shirt. “This is Strang, a Ysalamiri. Yours is Durm and he’s a Vornskr.”

“Where are they from?”

“Myrkr. Vornskr hunt using the Force. Strang here can create a bubble of space where inside of it, the Force can’t be used and yes, he can do it even though he is a Spirit Animal. When I came online as a Sentinel they were both there. It took a while for me to figure out which was mine and which was not. Luke thought that Durm was my Guide’s and that my Guide was online and waiting for me, but I knew he was yours. I knew you were alive and somewhere out there in the galaxy. After I completed Luke’s quest for all of the holocrons, I was coming to find you. I need you to help me hunt down and kill Snoke. I need you to try and save Ren, but if I can’t save him, I’ll kill him.”

“You two are not ready for fighting like that,” Wind said.

“No, but I know that you were one of the best lightsaber fighters of the old order. You are alive for a reason, and while part of that was probably to teach Race what you knew, it might also be for this, fighting training. I was only taught by a few Force Ghosts. One talked about your ways of fighting.”

“I can’t move like that anymore, but I can train you. What do you have to do after you find the holocron?”

“Learn from them. Luke told me to learn from them and go back to the resistance when I was ready. He said he wasn’t when he left Yoda. So, I’ll be your student until we are ready.” Rey looked at Wind and smiled. Race touched her shoulder and she looked up at him.

“Mom and dad were being hunted. I think that that whoever was hunting them were actually hunting us.”

“If Snoke is as powerful as you say that he is, he may have felt your birth. He might have been looking for you, and your parents hid you. Together, you are probably like a beacon.”

The sound of a fighter ship shooting over them had Rey jumping up from her chair and moving towards the door. Race and Wind were right behind her. The fighter was out of sight before she could even think about trying to see it.

“Chewbacca! Follow!” Rey screamed and the sound of snapping branches took her gaze to where she could see him fleeing.

“Who is that?” Race asked.

“My mentor at the moment. And at the current, my family besides you.”

“Wookie named Chewbacca. He helped Master Yoda escape Kashyyyk. You are strangely connected.”

“He found Luke, of sorts, a long time ago. He and Han Solo are how Luke escaped Tatooine. He’ll follow. The ship we came on is protected by R2-D2.”

“Skywalker’s droid,” Wind said.

“Yes. Luke left him behind when he went into hiding.”

“No. I mean Anakin Skywalker. Well, he built one called C-3PO, but basically those two were his. R2-D2 stayed with Senator Amidala more, but he was loyal to Skywalker.”

“Luke never told me that,” Rey said. She was shocked.

“He may not know. Kenobi did something with them.”

“They were with the royal house of Alderaan. With General Organa.”

“We can talk more later. Go find whoever is in that fighter because it landed. That was a landing approach.”

Race grabbed a robe and in a controlled drop landed on the forest floor. Rey followed behind him but didn’t use the rope. She landed, absorbing the impact into her legs and pushing it out. Race ran off and she ran behind him. This was his planet and he knew the way. If whoever was in the fighter was looking for her, they would land as close to the Falcon as possible. Rey reached out her hearing to find Chewbacca and found that they were catching up to him. Running with help from the Force made them fast. Race would be faster once he came online. Rey was having to hold back to stop herself from overtaking him. They overtook Chewbacca’s swinging path with ease. She reached the distance to where she could hear the cycling down of the engine of the fighter. She put on a burst of speed and overtook him. Race said nothing, but changed his path to follow her. She turned sharply to the right. The clearing that the pilot chose was to the right of where he had been taking them.

It wasn’t until Rey got closer that she realized that it was two heart beats under the cycle of the engines, and then a warble of a droid. Rey stopped so fast that Race ran into her, knocking them both down. She scrambled to get her feet underneath her and launched towards the fighter. Race was confused, and she could feel that through the Force, but when she burst out of the trees and wrapped her arms around a dark skinned man who had just stepped off the ladder out of the ship, she felt better than she had in awhile.

“FINN!” Rey screamed. She took the startled man all the way down to the forest floor. She heard Race enter the clearing and who she assumed was Poe start towards her.

Finn wrapped his arms around her back and held her close. Rey buried her nose in his neck, imprinting the smell of her friend to memory now that she could track him by it.

“Hello, I’m Poe, this is BB-8 and you are?” Poe asked from above her.

“My name is Race.”

“The knucklehead that Rey is hugging for dear life is Finn. When the last time she saw him, he was in a healing coma before being put into bacta to save his life. Gavin told us that he saw you, Rey. General Leia had a dream about you being here and sent us. It’s a personal mission. Then we saw the Falcon.”

Rey listened but stood up as well. She grabbed Poe and pulled him into a hug. When she scented him, she learned two things. One that his natural scent was calming to her and that two, he and Finn were having relations.

Crashing in the underbrush had them all turning to look at where the noise came from. Chewbacca along with Strang riding on Durm appeared there. Durm trotted right up to Race and when he nuzzled in at his dangling hand, Rey felt it. She felt him come online. There was no way that Wind missed it from where he was at the house.

“Who are these loving creatures?” Poe asked as he squatted down to reach out to Durm. Strang reached out and raked a claw across his hand and Poe pulled it back. Looking at the not quite there marks. No blood was drawn and it was more Force injury than physical.

“We have a lot to tell you, but for now, that’s Strang and he’s riding on Durm and don’t ever touch. It’s time for introductions. Poe Dameron, Finn, this is my brother. Race.”

Rey looked at the faces of her friends and laughed inside at the shock on them. She knew that they would need to be told as much as possible, and she trusted them. Race would learn to trust them as well. She wasn’t sure if Wind ever would trust them, but for now, this was her family. New friends, old friends, and old family coming together. With them at her side, she could take on the First Order.
The End


New Sith Empire 8-Reunion

Series: New Sith Empire 8
Title: Reunion
Year: 45 ABY
Category: Drama, Angst,
Pairings: Jacen/Tenel Ka, Jaina/Jagged Fel, Han/Leia, Zekk/Taryn Zel,
Characters: Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo-Fel, Jagged Fel, Han Solo, Leia Organa-Solo, Ben Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Tenel Ka Djo, Tesar, Trista Zel, Taryn Zel,
Spoilers: Dark Nest Trilogy, Legacy of the Force series, Fate of the Jedi series,
Summary: Set in 45 ABY. During a critical battle to gain control of the Centerpoint Station to stop the Galactic Alliance from using it against them, Jacen thinks he might lose until new ships arrive called by specters of the past for him.
Words: 3,255
Notes: Allana is nine. Set nine months after War.
Warnings: None

Jacen was sitting on the deck of The Voxyn Queen as he watched the Galactic Alliances ships come out of hyperspace. He was ready for this battle. He would not let Centerpoint fall into the hands of the Alliance. Corellia had notified them of seeing Alliance ships in the space around Centerpoint two days before. Centerpoint was not something that he wanted to use. It wasn’t safe and he would rather not lose what he had.

A battle group of Hapes and Empire ships had already been in transit to the area long before the message had come through but Jagged had seen it as proof that the Alliance was falling on old tactics.

Coruscant was nearly empty of Jedi. Luke had ordered them all from the planet. Jacen had no reason to want Coruscant. He wanted neither the planet nor what holding the planet would mean. He wanted to protect his space and his people. The Centerpoint Station was the only thing that Jacen feared the Alliance getting their hands on.

“Solo?” a voice called over the comms.

“Fel?” Jacen answered back.

“Good. The Alliance is trying to jam the frequencies but Tahiri was able to crack it. There are Jedi on the station. Three confirmed. I am not sure about their allegiance.”

“Thiss one knowsss,” Tesar said as he entered the bridge. In his hand was his lightsaber and he was putting the finishing touches on his flight suit. Behind him was Lowbacca and Ben. Jacen hit the mute on Jagged’s end of the comm. He didn’t want much broadcasted if he didn’t have to.

“Your nest mates?” Jacen asked.

Tesar nodded. Ben stepped up beside him. “We have a Dragon ready and waiting. He felt them enter the system. We are going to give them the chance to switch over. If not we will take them hostage.”

“Go,” Jacen said. He turned back to look out and unmuted Jagged.

“…He’s talking to someone.” Jagged’s voice was soft like he was faced away from the receiver of the comm. “I’ll let him know as soon as he comes back.”

“I’m here, Jag.” Jacen waited for the other man to finish his conversation.

“Good.” Jagged face turned back to the screen and then the look on his face had Jacen’s blood running cold. He sent a tendril of Force out and got nothing back from his sister. She was being blocked. She wasn’t dead. He would have felt that. Someone was hiding her from him and all other Jedi.


“That I don’t know. I know where they are ending up. Skywalker is on his way here. The Falcon is dead in the water where they were taken. All three of them are being brought here.”

“Three?” Jacen looked at his brother in law for clarification.

“That is the report that was leaked. Three. Han, Leia, and Jaina. I do not know the whereabouts of my child.” Jag looked ready to murder.

“Tesar and Ben are going down to Centerpoint to take care of the Jedi on the station. I’ll keep looking for our family.” Jacen cut the link but knew that Jag wouldn’t be that upset, or at least upset about that. He wouldn’t stop until he had his sister, nephew, mother and father back in his ship. He wasn’t sure that he would let them leave after that.


The ship appeared at the edge of visible space. It floated in and Jacen knew at once that something up with the ship. There were no visible signs of life and no signs at all on the systems.

“I want a dragon,” Jacen said as he turned away from the screen. Zekk and Taryn were right there behind him. “Tesar and Ben are on Centerpoint.”

“Jacen?” Zekk asked. He reached his hand out and clasped his shoulder. Zekk knew him better than most. “What’s going on?”

“Jaina was taken. There is a ship that appeared at the edge of visible space. Skywalker is meeting the kidnappers here. Presumably to force us and the Empire to stand down.”

“What about Davin?” Taryn asked.

“There has been no word.” Jacen moved out of the bridge as the other two followed him. He moved to his weapons room.

Zekk watched from the side of the room while Taryn stayed in the hallway. Jacen slipped his robe off and changed into a flight suit. He turned to face Zekk.

“Where is the armor?”


Jaina Solo-Fel was used to being kidnapped but protecting her child was hard to do when there were Ysalamiri on board. Han and Leia were closer to the creatures. Han the closest. Leia next and Jaina at the edge of the bubble the creature created. She could draw on enough of the Force to protect the view of Davin from the eyes of the GAG who were watching them.

She felt the shudder of the ship they were on as another docked with it. She waited patiently while the hatch cycled and then listened for the whine of the hatch opening. She braced when the steps echoed that whoever was coming off the ship was headed their way. A GA guard captain entered the room and looked down at the three of them. She couldn’t see whoever it was because of the mask. She reached out with what little Force she had that wasn’t protecting Davin. She got nothing back from him. She couldn’t tell a thing from him. That wasn’t good.

Two of the captors entered behind the guard. The two of them moved over to grab Han and Leia and hold them while the guard moved over to Han. He gripped her father’s face and turned it side to side.

“You are sure it’s Solo?” the guard asked.

“Yes. We matched his face to holos.”

The guard moved over to Jaina next, bypassing Leia without even sparing a look.

“ETA for Master Skywalker’s arrival?”

“Two hours.”

The guard nodded and before anyone could do anything, he reached out and grabbed Davin from Jaina’s hands. She tried to jump up but she felt the push of the Force, pushing her down. Leia and Han tried to break free but before they could do anything, the Ysalamiri’s Force voiding stopped.

Jaina looked over and saw that the creature was dead. She looked back at the guard. He had shifted Davin into a pouch-like sling. As soon as Davin was in it, the guard pulled one side to cover the infant. The cloth was stiff and that’s when Jaina noticed that the cloth was a protective cloth. He shifted Davin around to where the infant was slung at his back and then shook his arm a little.

A lightsaber fell out and was ignited, killing the two captors in seconds.

“How many more?”

“None. Only they were left behind to watch us. They figured the Ysalamiri would keep us down.” Jaina snapped her bonds and stood up. She reached out and pulled the helmet off.

Jacen’s face shone back at her. She pulled him into a fierce hug. He wrapped an arm around her after deactivating the lightsaber. He kept one hand on Davin the entire time.

“I’m sorry that I scared you. I was afraid of hurting him so I needed him on me.” Jacen lifted the pouch off of himself and then transferred it to Jaina, placing it on her shoulder and lifting the flap off Davin’s face. “It’s something that I had created for you. The fabric will stop a blaster bolt or two but it won’t stop a lightsaber, not yet.”

Jaina kissed his cheek.

“Thanks, Son,” Han said as he clasped Jacen on the back. Leia stepped up to give him a hug as well. Jacen gripped her tight.

“We have to go. If Luke arrives early I want you three on the Voxyn. There is nowhere safer right now.” Jacen turned to lead them back down to where his shuttle was docked with the ship. He dropped into the pilot seat and waited to make sure that the ship was undocked before he fired up the engines and left.

The Voxyn opened them with welcoming arms and an escort of guards met up with them. It wasn’t Jacen’s guards but ones for Jaina.

“They are going to escort you to my rooms and there you can call Jagged. He’s worried.”

“I am sure.” Jaina turned and let the guards escort her away. Leia followed after her but Han stayed right with him.

“Let’s go to the bridge.” Jacen waved for Han to go first and his father only smiled as he did. As soon as Jacen landed on the bridge, he felt Luke arrive. “He was early.”

It was a few tense minutes as Jacen sat down in the Captain’s chair and he steeled himself for the conversation he was going to have.

“I have Master Skywalker on the line,” one of the techs said as she looked up at Jacen.

Jacen only nodded as the tech pressed a button and Luke Skywalker’s face lit up large on the screen. The tech also pressed a few other buttons and Jacen knew that she was broadcasting the conversation on the news in the area and he was sure that it would be picked up by the rest before the end of the day.

“Master Skywalker.”

“Jacen. We can still stop this. Surrender and let me help you. You have no hope of winning the station.” Luke looked concerned but there was something else on his face.

“I cannot. I cannot allow the Galactic Alliance to get her hands on the Centerpoint Station.”

“And we can’t let you have it as well.”

“I never wanted it.”

“LIES!” Luke banged his hand on whatever what he was sitting in. “Sith lies. You took Corellia for only that reason.”

“Actually, Corellia came to us. Corellia started negations with the Hapes Consortium long before other worlds started to want to back out.”

The feed was cut but Jacen knew that he would be back.


It was hours later when all contact was lost with Centerpoint Station that Jacen knew that something was wrong. He reached out with the Force and found that he couldn’t find Ben or Tesar. He would have felt them die so it had to be something different. There had to be more going on.

“Sir, Centerpoint Station is powering up!”

Jacen jumped from his chair and ran to look at the screen. It was. It was a while away from being ready to fire but it would fire.

“Do you want me to assemble a strike team?” the tech asked.

“No.” Jacen turned to Trista.

“You and Taryn have control. This is something that we need to sort between Force users. When you figure out where it is firing, warn those in the path. Save lives and don’t worry about anything else.”

Jacen was gone from the bridge in seconds. Meeting up with Jaina in the cockpit of his ship. He opened his mouth to protest but it died when he saw the look on her face. He knew his twin better than anybody else out there and so he knew when talking was a moot point. He nodded and started up the ship.

Landing on the Centerpoint Station was easy. As soon as he was landed, he found Tesar, and his nest mates.

“We were dissstracted. Ben is in the chamber shutting it down. Go!” Tesar said as he pulled his nest mates into their ship.

Jacen and Jaina ran at top speed and felt the pull of Luke leaving the station. He had done something to Centerpoint. Ben was alone in the main chamber when the twins arrived. He turned to them and shook his head.

“It’s pointed at Corellia. I can’t shut it down.”

Jaina moved up to the panel and Jacen moved beside her. They both reached out. As children they had slight success with trying to fix things that were mechanical. They were better with Anakin with them but they hoped they could at least figure out what their uncle did.

Ten minutes of silence and Jacen found what he had done. There was no fixing it not in the time before the station fired but they could disable it so that it wouldn’t fire without a lot of work. Jaina pushed while Jacen pulled and the system broke slowly before the whole station just shut down. All that was left was emergency lighting. Ben clapped the both of them on the back and the three of them started out of the control room. The door opened and then the Force was gone. Ysalamiri were out in the hallway. There were over fifty GAG officers and Jacen counted at least fifteen Ysalamiri.

“Surrender!” the lead officer yelled as over fifty blasters were leveled on the three of them. Jacen tried backing up as far as he could but still he wasn’t able to get out of the Force voided bubble.

The three of them raised their arms up and let the officer strip them of their weapons. It would be easier to fight off the Station. Jacen took the lead in the parade that was heading towards the GA ship that was docked. Tesar had taken off in the ship that he and Ben had come down on. Fled for some reason and there was another ship there.

Jacen wondered if it was another GA ship or someone from Corellia who was no hidden inside. Shifting his cuffed hands, Jacen tried to reach out again with the Force but there was nothing. He sighed and waited while the GA ship was unlocked and the tube cycled through opening when he heard it. A small puff of air.

One of the Ysalamiri fell followed by the rest and only a few guards noticed it but by the time that they yelled, Jacen had the force back and he Force leaped backward, calling his lightsaber to him and pushing Jaina and Ben away only find them already leaving the open on their own. The fight was quick work with whoever had taken out the Ysalamiri working on the guards next.

“You think you have won?” the final guard yelled out.

“No. This is just a battle, not the war. Not the war at all.”

“I alerted Master Skywalker. He is on his way.” A small puff of air again and this guard fell over as well. There were a few dead guards but the rest seemed to be knocked out by little needles that were stuck in their necks and other exposed body parts.

Jacen, Jaina, and Ben all moved to the center of the open space they were in and stood in a circle so that they could all see all around and waited, lightsabers still drawn.

The pull of the Force around them grew and then Jacen could see a lightsaber floating down to him. He knew that lightsaber. He knew it well.

Then from the shadows a face appeared. A hand reached out and grabbed the lightsaber.

There was a difference between knowing that she was a live and see her in person.

Tenel Ka smiled back at him and there on her face was such a love. Jacen grabbed her to him and held her tight. He didn’t want to let her go.


The Hapan forces were holding their own but Luke had brought a lot more firepower to the fight for Centerpoint Station. Jacen knew that he would win but he had no clue how many he would sacrifice for it. Tenel Ka stood back with a hood over her face so that no one would recognize her. Mara Jade Skywalker though stood tall near Jacen, watching and looking at everything.

“Where are Jagged Fel and his forces?” Mara asked.

“Stuck behind a blockade. Head of State Fel sent word a few hours ago,” the communication tech stated. “He will be on his way as soon as possible.”

“That will be too late.” Mara turned and looked at Tenel Ka. Tenel Ka nodded her head and Mara turned back to Jacen. “Lord Solo, if you will.”

Jacen waved and Mara moved up to the console. She opened a communication line and typed in a string of letters and numbers. Jacen tried to understand what she was typing in but there was nothing. When Mara finished, she stepped back and waited. After three minutes, two pips came over the line and Mara smiled.

“We have reinforcements arriving in twenty minutes.

“Who?” Jacen asked but the only answer he got was a smile.

Jacen waited the twenty minutes in silence but as soon as the ship was visible, he knew who it was. Then there was a second set of ships that flew in behind.

Booster Terrik and Talon Karrde. Jacen knew that he shouldn’t be surprised but he was. He stared at the ships on the screen as the ships fell into a flanking position.

“Come, Husband, it’s time for you to take prisoners,” Tenel Ka said in his ear. He hadn’t even heard her move up to him. No one around them seemed to notice that she was their Queen. “Then I want to see my children.”

“That can be arranged. I’ll have word sent out to bring in all the family.”


Allana didn’t move from Tenel Ka’s lap as soon as she figured out that the hooded woman was her mother. The twins were sitting on either side of her. Han, Leia, and Mara were talking on the other side of the room with Ben tucked under her arm. There were only two missing. Technically three but that was a secret that wasn’t Jacen’s to reveal. Not even Ben knew about Davin.

The door to the room swished open and everyone tensed but it was just Jaina that entered. Tenel Ka stood up, setting Allana down as she moved. The children didn’t move. Jacen watched as Jaina moved little Davin, in his pouch to the side and stepped into the embrace that Tenel Ka offered. She was wearing a cloak that was covering up the whole of the pouch.

“I am sorry for the pain I caused but it was…”

“The only way, I understand.”

“I broke your brother’s heart.” Tenel Ka looked back at her own twins and gave a weary smile. “I never understood the bond until I had those two.”

Jaina kissed Tenel Ka’s cheek but moved over to where Jacen was standing. “Jagged sends his regards to all of you, especially you Aunt Mara.”

“You told him?” Mara asked looking at Jaina in a weird way.

“I…” Jaina looked at Jacen and he moved to remove her cloak. Mara and Tenel Ka’s eyes went directly to the pouch and it wasn’t until it moved that Tenel Ka looked up into Jaina’s face. “I would like to introduce you both to Davin Fel, my son.”

Jacen reached into the pouch and pulled the little boy out. Davin immediately started to coo and smile at Jacen. Tenel Ka and Mara stepped forward.

“You had to ask,” was all that Tenel Ka said and Jaina nodded.

Their family was reunited. There were more of them than there had been before but the hole that should have been by Mara and Ben stuck out like sore thumb. No one mentioned it though. That was a heartache for another day.
The End
To Be Continued in Turning Tides

New Sith Empire 6-Meetings

Series: New Sith Empire 6

Title: Meetings

Year: 44 ABY

Category: Drama, Angst,

Pairings: Jacen/Tenel Ka past, Jaina/Jagged Fel, Han/Leia, Zekk/Taryn Zel

Spoilers: Dark Nest Trilogy, Legacy of the Force series, Fate of the Jedi series,

Summary: Meetings set one’s whole life. Who you meet shapes who you are. Who you don’t meet can destroy your life. When two people meet it changes the way the war between the Empire and the Alliance. The galaxy is not ready for two women who have been scorned.

Words: 3,117

Notes: Allana is eight.


“Your children are beautiful.”

Tatiana turned around and looked at the woman standing near her table. The woman was older and smiled as she sat down beside Tatiana.

“Thank you.”

“I have seen you here over the past week since I’ve arrived. I have seen you come here each day and never have I seen a father.”

“He’s away.”

“I am sure the children miss him.”

“He’s never seen them in person. The Galactic Alliance has kept him away from them. I am not even sure of who he is anymore.”

“How sad. Does he at least get to comm you?”

“Yes.” Tatiana looked away from the kids for a second and then sighed. “He does.”

“You sound sad.”

“I am very sad.”

A small cup lifting off the table and floating to the boy shocked the older lady. He reached out and grabbed the cup and took a sip before reaching his hand back out and the cup floated back to the table. The older woman looked at Tatiana in shock.

“They are Force-sensitive.”

“Like their father.”

“Is this why? I know that the GA has been conscripting Jedi over the past two years. Is that why you are hiding here? To protect them?”

“Why are you here?” Tatiana didn’t answer the older woman. She just asked the question trying to put her off the scent. The woman was getting too close to truths that could harm her and the children.

“I am in hiding. My husband tried to kill me. It was an accident but still, his actions after have left a bad taste in my mouth. I hide for the safety of my son. Naboo is not where those who want to live go. There are so many tourists it’s easy to get lost.”

“My name is Tatiana.”

“Draga, at your service.” The older woman stuck her hand out.

Tatiana shook the hand. The two ladies just watched the crowds pass by. It was quiet other than the sounds of the twins playing in the small area set aside for children.

“I never asked, what are the children’s names?”

“Padme and Anakin.”

Draga turned quickly to stare at her.

“I read the history here. I was on the island they were wed on when I had them. It felt right.”

Draga didn’t say anything just stood up and moved to the left side of Tatiana. Tatiana stood up quickly and placed herself between Draga and the children.


“Stay back, Ani.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

Draga reached out and Tatiana started to reach out but stopped. Draga grabbed where Tatiana’s lower left arm should be but when Draga’s hand passed through, Draga gasped.

“My stars. Come with me.” Draga marched off and looked back at where Tatiana had been. “Tatiana, come with me. Where is your Rancor tooth?”

Tatiana started at that. This Draga knew her. Knew who she was. It was fight or flight. She reached with the Force and pushed at Draga who pushed back.

“Ani, Padme, with me. We are going to Draga’s house to play.”

“Yea!” the twins both screamed as they scrambled up. Tatiana kept them behind her as they walked. Naboo was peaceful and safe. That was why she had gone to Naboo when she went into hiding from the Galactic Alliance. She felt no danger in the Force. So far it was safe but that safety could disappear before she could do anything.

Draga lead them to a house that was beautiful and peaceful looking. She opened the door and entered the house first. It only took seconds for Tatiana to enter. Padme walked in and looked around for a few seconds before she ran to Draga.

“Padme!” Tatiana reached out to pull Padme back but the child slipped through her hands quickly.

“Auntie!” Padme screamed as she threw her arms around Draga in a hug.

“Oh my sweet child.”

“What is going on?” Tatiana demanded. She reached behind her back and pulled her lightsaber from its hiding place. She didn’t ignite it just held it in her right hand.

“Your husband sent me here to protect me after my husband tried to kill me. The universe thinks that I am dead. My nephew loves me dearly and is protecting my son from his father.” Draga reached to her hairline and started to pull. A wig started to come off. Under the wig of pure blonde hair was fire red hair, Tatiana knew that hair. Only one person could have that certain hair in the galaxy and know what she knew.


“Tenel Ka.”

Tenel Ka moved forward to hug her. Anakin stayed back but did move closer, slowly. He was still wary.

“Jacen has no clue that he has twins does he?” Mara asked when she pulled back from the hug, settling Padme in a more comfortable position on her hip. Padme was not letting go of her. Anakin stepped closer so that he was touching Tenel Ka’s leg.

“No. Before I left I wiped his memory that I am alive. I was not aware that I was with child at the time. There was no way for me to contact him safely. I’ve had to stay here and raise them as best I can. You said…what has he done?”

“Have you not been getting the news?”

“I have heard about Jacen supposedly killing you and turning Sith along with Leia, Ben, Jaina, and Lowbacca. I have heard of them telling everyone else that Master Skywalker is the Sith. I do not know what to believe. Did Master Skywalker try to kill you?”

“He attacked at Jaina’s wedding. Luke did. He’d not been sleeping well. I didn’t think that it would come to this. I never would have thought. His visions were so horrible: A dark man on the throne with Allana at his feet. She was serving him. He was so scared. He thought that with Allana in the vision, the dark man had to Jacen.”

“Jacen? I…I can’t say that I could never see him going dark but as his path was when I left, I don’t think he was going to turn.”

“I knew that after your supposed death, Luke was more afraid of Jacen. Jacen never showed any signs though. He wasn’t mean and he ruled Hapes with a good hand. Luke was sure that the only reason that Jacen was even made King of the Consortium was because of the Dark Side. He couldn’t accept that Jacen was good. He couldn’t accept that his visions were not of Jacen.”

“Is he…becoming the man in his visions? Are his visions coming true by changing him to make him turn back?”

“I don’t know. The more I hear of what is going on, yes. I never thought that and I know that thinking I am dead is not helping but Ben and I would not be safe if he knew I was alive. You should have been there, Tenel Ka.” Mara stopped talking and looked at the children. “I have a small garden at the back of the house. I am sure that you will be safe playing there.”

Padme started to squirm and Mara set her down. No sooner did her feet hit the floor than she was grabbing Anakin’s hand and pulling him away. When Mara was sure that they couldn’t hear them, she turned back to Tenel Ka.

“Let’s sit in the kitchen and talk. We have much to go over.”

“I think that it is time that I rejoin this fight.”

“Luke would kill you or the Galactic Alliance would.”

“I wasn’t going to be out and be in the spotlight. I want to see what the Alliance citizens really think of this war and send help to Jacen where I can. He needs help in the Alliance. He needs friends in the Alliance who spread word of the truth.”

“And what of your children?”

“I am going to send them to Hapes. They would be safe there. Learning from their father and Aunt and cousin. I can do more good out in the universe than stuck on a throne. I never thought that my life would come to this. That I would be Queen but not Queen. I want my life back and this is the way to get what I want.”


“When does Zekk dock?” Jaina asked of her brother. Zekk made contact that he was coming home with two surprises in tow. Zekk had not given them any more information except that Jaina, Han, Leia, Jagged, and Ben needed to be present when he docked with the Voxyn Queen. The entire family was waiting on them in one of the living quarters on the ship that Jacen used to meet with people in an informal way.

“He’s is already docked.” Jacen pointed at a screen as he talked. Jaina looked up. The security cameras showed Zekk walking with several bags slung on his shoulders and in his hands. In front of him walked two children, a boy and girl, and two creatures of some kind.

“What are those?”

“Tusk Cats, from Naboo. I wonder why the children have them?”

“I want to know who the children are,” Han said from his place on the other side of the room.

“The Force swirls around them,” Leia stated touching Han’s arm to calm him down.

“Yea.” Jacen was distracted. There was something about them. Surely Luke would never send kids to kill him, thinking they would succeed.

“Your Highness!” A voice screamed over the comms. “Princess Allana and Anji have disappeared.”

“Find her.” Jacen punched a couple of buttons and was rewarded with the sight of Allana and her pet running along the corridor to Zekk and the children. “What is she doing?”

Everyone watched as Allana hugged both of the children. There was no sound coming from the speakers but Jacen could tell she was excited. It only took a few seconds for Allana to take off running and the other two children followed. In just ten seconds, Jacen could hear them coming through the open door leading to the suite of rooms.

“Daddy! I told you I would get some friends!” Allan bound into the room at a full run and jumped into Jacen’s lap. “Anakin and Padme are staying forever.”

“Anakin and Padme?” Jacen asked of the two kids standing in the doorway. He looked at them hard. There was a Force Aura around them. He didn’t’ want to pull it down just yet. The names though. He turned to look at his mother. Leia was looking at the twin children with a distinct air of scrutiny.

“And their pets. Their names are…”

“Shadow and Dalia,” Anakin and Padme said at the same time.

“You are Force-sensitive?” Jaina asked stepping up beside Jacen. She looked at the twins before reaching out with the Force and checking. She found what Jacen had, an aura around them that screamed of the Force.


“Why are you here?” Jacen asked looking over at Zekk who finally arrived in the room. Zekk set down their bags and moved closer to Jacen and Jaina. The twins looked up at Zekk.

“See this is where it gets odd. I remember meeting their mother and her telling me that they were bound for Shedu Maad and the new academy there but after that it gets fuzzy. Seems I agreed to take them to you to meet. I don’t know why I agreed but I wrote a note to myself with paper and ink. I have it here. Also all security equipment was fuzzed out.”

“What was their mother’s name?”

Zekk just shrugged. Anakin leaned over to talk to Padme. They whispered back and forth to each other for a few seconds before taking a few steps closer to Jacen and Jaina. Allana slid off her father’s lap and motioned them closer. The twins stepped up so that they were just inches from Jacen, who leaned forward in his chair. The two Tusk Cats started to hiss a little but a Force tendril sent out to them from the twins shut them up. Jaina nudged Jacen’s shoulder who just nodded his head.

Jacen reached out with his hand and touched Padme’s face.

“Who dropped you here little ones?”

“Mother and aunt.” Anakin answered.


“She was so pretty. Sad but pretty,” Padme leaned into Jacen’s hand.

“Where is your father?”

“Mother told us that he was fighting a war and that when he was done, we would be together again. Then she changed her mind. She said that we were safer with our father and sister.” Anakin bounced on his feet like he wanted to start running again.

“Sister?” Jaina asked, crouching down to look Anakin in the eyes.

“Uh huh.”

“Jacen…” Jaina stopped and touched Jacen’s hand that had pulled away from Padme’s face.

“Mother says that I have her hair while Anakin has father’s.”

“What is going on?” Han asked stepping forward. Leia grabbed his arm.

“Jacen, what have you not been telling us?” Jagged asked.

Jacen looked up and every single face in the room was on him, even the three animals. He sighed. He couldn’t keep his secrets secret anymore. Mara was going to have to live with some people knowing that she was alive.

“I…I promised that until it was safe and she was safe that I would tell no one but Ben that she was alive. Ben decided to have me suppress that memory. I can unlock it later.”

“Are you saying that Mara is alive?” Han asked taking a few steps towards his son. Jacen just nodded. “Why weren’t we told?”

“She wanted none to know. I sent her to Naboo to hide away. She has been there since she was fully healed. Once those who dropped her off were back, I wiped their memories. It was what she wanted.”

“Why?” Jaina asked as she patted Jacen’s back. She understood why he did it; she knew the others were a little mad.

“She wanted to be the last resort. While she was lying there with the blade in her stomach she had a vision. She saw the galaxy fall to him. She saw him creating a Sith Empire that was just as bad as Palpatine’s. She saw worlds fall and races die out fighting him. She knew in that moment that she couldn’t die and she didn’t. Instead she had me hide her away and wait. She was going to kill him if it came to it. She was going to do what needed done if I died.”

“She would have killed him?” Jagged asked.

“She would have done what was needed is what she told me. She knows him better than anyone.”

“What about Tenel Ka?” Jaina smiled as she asked. Jacen could see the hope in her eyes. As much as he wanted her to right, Tenel Ka was dead. He had sat with her body the entire night. He had laid his wife to rest. He just looked at his twin and shook his head no. Jaina’s face fell.

“I buried my wife. She is not alive.”

“Actually, My Lord,” a voice said from the doorway. Jacen turned quickly to look at the woman standing there. As always, for those few seconds, Jacen swore that Tenel Ka was standing there. Instead it was Taryn Zel. “I am loathed to admit that my sister and I have been lying to you these past five years. My cousin is very much alive and is on Naboo with her aunt by marriage.”

Silence filled the room. All eyes were focused on Taryn, even the two sets of small child eyes.

“And since the time has come, I also regret to inform you that when Tenel Ka left, she was with child.”

“Twins it seems,” Jacen said pointing at Anakin and Padme. Taryn’s eyes focused on the two children and she move forward and crouched in front of them. “They are under a Force glamour. I am sure that I could remove it but I want to be under a ship lockdown when I do. Zekk?”

“Jace, I don’t know…”

“Zekk helped us yes but Tenel Ka was the one to use the Force to mess with his memories.”

“And I think that she did it again,” Zekk said as he moved closer to his girlfriend. When Zekk got closer to her, she stood up from her crouch and pulled him to her.

“This could go so wrong.” Jacen knew that he could claim the children but that would make it known that Tenel Ka was alive.

“Taryn and I could claim the children. I am sure that they look enough like Tenel Ka that they could pass as Taryn’s and my features are close enough to yours that once I claimed them, no one would look for another’s features. Allana and them are rather close in age, it would seem right to train them at the same time here in Fountain Palace.”

Jacen nodded in a general way. He would have to think on it. His gaze was drawn to the children; Padme was pulling something out of her pocket on her overcoat. She held it out. It was a holo chip. It started to play automatically. Tenel Ka’s face filled the air above Padme’s hand.

“Beloved, it has been five years since you have set eyes on me. I left Anakin and Padme in Zekk’s care knowing that he would see them to you safely. I am sure that Taryn or Trista will tell you how they came to be. I can no longer sit on Naboo and watch the world pass. I am a Jedi Knight and a Queen Mother, I have to act. Our aunt and I have decided to take the war to the Alliance. You will not find us until we wish to be found. Rest assured that I will strive to live until we are united. Take care.”

The holo shut off and Padme dropped it to the ground and it started to smoke.

“We have a lot to do.” Jacen stood from his seat and held out his two hands to his twins. Both of them took a hand and he led them to the family suite of rooms where they would stay with Allana. “We have to get you two settled and used to everyone. I am sure that you will love your grandparents. I will have to recall Lowbacca so that you can meet him.”

Anakin and Padme just smiled as he talked to them about what was going to be.

The End

To Be Continued in: War

New Sith Empire 7-War

Series: New Sith Empire 7

Title: War

Year: 44 ABY

Category: Drama, Angst,

Pairings: Jacen/Tenel Ka past, Jaina/Jagged Fel, Han/Leia, Zekk/Taryn Zel

Spoilers: Dark Nest Trilogy, Legacy of the Force series, Fate of the Jedi series,

Summary: Set in 44 ABY. The galactic cold war ends and war ensues. The Galactic Alliance thinks that their position is secure until they find that the little people in the galaxy do not support them. They face a battle on two fronts, against the Hapes Consortium and the Empire and those planets that support them.

Words: 2,344

Notes: Allana is eight. Set directly after Meetings.

Warnings: None

Jacen knew that the war was close. It would probably start within the month. The Galactic Alliance was pushing the envelope too much. His mother and father were almost kidnaped on their way back from a meeting with Jagged in the Empire. If Jagged hadn’t sent a Star Destroyer to watch them on their way home, Jacen would have had to have gone looking for them with his entire fleet.

In the end, they had not been caught. Allana had been with them and that was the only saving grace of the entire thing. Who knows what Luke would have done to her? Jacen shuddered at the thought. Since the twins had come to live at Fountain Palace under the guise of being Taryn and Zekk’s twins the security had been doubled but when Allana had gone with her grandparents, no one thought anything of it. She did all the time. Word hadn’t even been released that she was gone from Hapes. No one in the Empire had seen her outside of Jag and Jaina. The Alliance was not going after her. They had just wanted his parents.

Since that, none of the family had left the Consortium. Ben had attached himself to Allana and was around her as much as anyone outside of Tesar. Tesar had taken to caring for Allana very easy and Allana adored the Barabel. No word from Saba had reached them of what she thought of her son defecting from the Jedi Order. Tesar had not mentioned his mother at all.

“Daddy?” Allana called as she entered the room. It was Jacen’s war council room. It was a large meeting room that had been unused up until just two weeks ago. Access was granted to all the Jedi as well as many of Jacen’s guards. The Court didn’t want access. They wanted little to do with the Jedi front of the war. They trusted Jacen as far as that went and didn’t want to become a liability if it came to it. They cared only about Hapes and given that Tenel Ka had been a Jedi meant that the line would forever have the chance of Jedi. They wanted the line protected.

“Yes?” Jacen turned to face his daughter. Allana was not alone. Anji was behind her and Jacen was sure that Tesar was outside the closed door.

“I am worried about Anakin and Padme. They miss mommy.”

“I know dear. I know that they do. I miss her as well.” Jacen held out his arms and Allana ran to him and jumped into his lap. She cuddled against him and he just held her. “How are they sleeping?”

“Really well. Having Shadow and Dalia really helps them.” Allana squirmed in his lap and he knew that she was not telling him something. “I’ve been having dreams.”

“What do you see?”

“Death. There is lots of death. I’ve seen mommy too.”

“You have?” Jacen turned Allana’s face to his own.

“She was leading a group of people. I couldn’t see their faces but there were a lot of them. Daddy, is the war coming?”

Jacen sighed, tucking her head back into his neck. “Yes, honey. It’s coming soon. I’ll be sending you to safety soon along with Anakin and Padme. Taryn and Trista will be going with you. Tesar as well.”


Allana relaxed and in a few minutes she was asleep. Jacen looked at the time it was very late. A quick pulse of the Force and Tesar was opening the door. He quickly took Allana from Jacen and carried her out.

“Put her in a large bed with Anakin and Padme. Don’t leave the room.”

Tesar nodded but said nothing else. Jacen reached out with the Force and found Jaina. She had landed in her X-Wing on the planet not long before and knew that she was on her way to him. She was troubled. More troubled than she had ever been and that spoke a lot. He sent a warning to Tesar and the rest of the Jedi on the planet. He wanted them ready. His mother sent a pulse back. She was with Anakin and Padme. Ben sent a pulse back and Jacen could feel him rushing to get to Anakin and Padme.

“JACEN!” Jaina screamed when she neared where he was. He sent a pulse to lead her to exactly where he was. She was so worried and panicked that she wasn’t using the Force to figure out where he was. His twin burst into the room and took off at a quicker run at him. “You have to get the kids onto the Queen and locked it down. Trista and Taryn, too.”

“What’s wrong?” Jacen asked as he sent a pulse of Force to a button on the wall. Alerts all over sent guards into a panic. The Jedi on base as well as the Royal would be sent to ships for protection. The Jedi and his kids would be taken to the Voxyn Queen and put on lockdown. “They are going to safety now.”

“There is a DNA based weapon that the Alliance has gotten ahold of. Someone smuggled it in and is about to release it. Jagged intercepted the data and feared sending it over the comms. He got word to me and I upped my speed. I beat the activation of the weapon by three hours. Remove all crew from the Queen.”

Jacen turned to his seat and active his comms. The captain of the Queen appeared on the screen. She was harried.


“All crew needs to evacuate the ship. Only Jedi, the Zels, and the children are to be left. Place them in a room and isolate the scrubbers. Anyone who does not comply is to be shot on sight and their body spaced.”

“Lord!” The captain shut off the comm and the screen went blank. Jacen turned back to Jaina.

“You and I need to spend the next few hours going over all the guards. Leave the rest up there. Captain Malle will make sure that the ship is locked down and that no one can get on once she leaves.”

“All guards?” Jaina flushed.


A beep sounded and Jacen turned the comm back on to find the Court on the screen. “Lord Solo, what is going on?”

“There has been a threat against the entire line of the Royal Family. Get all those with blood to a safe, air scrubbed area. Filter as best as possible. I have Princess Allana on her way to the Voxyn Queen and she is safely under guard.”

“We will move the entire family to the ships in orbit. Where do you want them to go?”

“Nowhere. Remove all personnel that cannot be fully trusted to not have the DNA weapon and bring them down. My sister and I will be looking at all of them personally before they are allowed back to the jobs.”

“Yes, My Lord. We will send all to you at once.”


Jacen lay down in his bed after three very tiring days. In total, nearly twenty guards and various other high ranking staff had been put into prison. The DNA weapon had been found and destroyed in space where it could harm no one. The entire court had been moved to ships for the time being while the entire planet was scanned for more of the weapon. The method of acquisition was being traced back to the scientists who had created it but the damning evidence had already been found. A letter signed by Luke had been found with the container in a room just down from Allana’s. He had wanted it released in Allana’s room.

A knock on the door went ignored while Jacen thought. He was so tired but his mind was racing. The door opening barely drew him from his thoughts. He knew who it was from her presence. Jaina lay down in the bed with him, curling into his side and laying her head on his shoulder. Jacen looped an arm around her.

“Tomorrow I declare war.”

“I know. Jag told me. I’m scared.”

“This cold war ended the second that Luke signed that paper and sent the weapon. It was the first volley. I will make sure the people know that.”

“You have a lot of supporters, Jacen. You are a good leader. Jagged wants me to stay here for the next while. He wants me to help you.”

“I know why.” Jacen’s hand moved from his stomach to hers. Jaina laid her own hand over his and held it here.

“You can’t…Jagged wants no one to know.” Jaina sounded desperate.

“How far along?” Jacen pulled his hand away and used the Force to pull the blanket up to his hand so the he could cover them both.

“Four months. I asked him about prolonging the pregnancy but he doesn’t want to. He wants to have the child as soon as possible. He will feel safer that way. There is little question that he or she will be Force sensitive. Before that he wants Shedu Maad reinforced and set up. He wants me have him or her here and then we will both be moved to Shedu Maad.”

“Have you told mom or dad?”

“No. I’m scared, Jace. I know that mom had us during a war but a war like this? Where we’re fighting Force users and friends? If Luke could kill me if it meant stopping another group of Force users like us…I know that we have scared him in the past. You have to downright terrify him now.”

“It’s still no reason for what he is doing,” Jacen sighed as he spoke. He didn’t understand what was wrong with his uncle. He had spent so long trying to figure out what had changed Luke. What had turned him into what he was? Jaina’s breathing evened out and she drifted off into sleep. Jacen closed his own eyes. He had a lot to do the next day.


“I can stand for it no longer. The Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order conspired to wipe out the entire Hapan Royal line. The DNA based bomb was delivered by a Jedi Knight who shall remain nameless due to the fact that he had no knowledge of what he carried. Once here the Knight handed the weapon off to a small group of Alliance spies. Quick thinking on the part of Head of State Fel and his wife, Jaina Solo-Fel, saved the entire Royal line.”

Jacen looked at all the news correspondents that were in front of him. He was holding this conference on a Battle Dragon on the outside of the Hapan Cluster. Jagged was beside him with Jaina at his side. Allana was on the Queen along with a plethora of guards some Hapan and the rest Jedi.

“We have drawn our line in the stars. The Imperial Remnant and the Hapes Consortium are at this time at war with the Galactic Republic. We will defend our pieces of the galaxy to our dying breath.”

“The Jedi Order and her people are not welcome in our space. The Galactic Alliance and her people are not welcome in our space. We will gladly take in refugees but they must go through the proper channels. There will be a Star Destroyer at the edge of Imperial space where you can go. All weapons will be surrendered before boarding the ship. The security of our space will be protected to the best we can.” Jagged nodded slightly at Jacen as he finished.

“All Force Users who wish to join us, please come to the edge of Hapan space. There will be a Hapan Battle Dragon there waiting to bring you to me. All lightsabers and other weapons will be surrendered and not given back until allegiance is proved.”

“What of the Jedi you now have on your side?” a reporter asked. Jacen turned to look at her. He smiled.

“They are where they need to be.”

“I know that you have questions but time is short and we have a war to work on.” Jagged waved at the room and then turned, Jacen turned with him and they both walked out the doorway they had entered from not too long before. Jaina was in front of them. She had been dressed in Jedi robes that were able to hide her condition.

“What about the rumors that your wife is pregnant?” a reporter called. Jagged tried not to react at all but he was sure that he had stiffened some. Jacen pushed him through the door. This was not good. Once the doors were shut, Jaina turned around and looked at Jacen with wide eyes.

“What are we going to do?”

“We maintain that you are not pregnant. I cannot lose you.” Jag grabbed her and pulled her close.

“I have Shedu Maad being prepped now for Jaina and the kids to be safe there. No one will be able to get to the temple to hurt them.”

“Good. Let me know what I can do to help.”

“Of course,” Jacen said as he looked at his datapad. He had a comm from Wedge Antilles waiting for him. Moving to the wall, he clicked it on. Sound only. “Solo here.”

“Solo, I am coming up to the Mists. I bring some things from your Uncle.”

“Come on through. I’ll have a Battle Dragon escort you.”

“See you soon.” Wedge’s comm cut out and Jacen turned to the others.

“I think it’s best if for the time being, we are not really at the same place at the same time. We don’t want to tempt Uncle Luke.”

Jaina came over and kissed his cheek before she pulled Jag from the room. Jacen watched her leave with her husband. This war was just starting and at the moment his sister was the most vulnerable. He was not going to let anyone harm her, in any way.

The End

To Be Continued in Reunion

New Sith Empire 5-Conscription

Series: New Sith Empire 5

Title: Conscription

Year: 43 ABY

Category: Drama, Angst,

Pairings: Jacen/Tenel Ka past, Jaina/Jagged Fel, Han/Leia, Zekk/Taryn Zel

Spoilers: Dark Nest Trilogy, Legacy of the Force series, Fate of the Jedi series,

Summary: The Galactic Alliance has decided that the Hapes Consortium and the Empire are setting up for war against them. The people of the galaxy don’t know who to believe. Jedi are good and Sith are bad. What do you do when one group calls the other Sith and those supposed Sith are calling the others Sith. Beliefs are not just black and white anymore and the GA is calling for all Force-sensitives are now being conscripted into service.

Words: 2,143

Notes: Allana is seven. Set directly after Consequences.

Warnings: None

Beta: Unbetaed

“News from the Empire and the Hapes Consortium both state that a dark Jedi is influencing the entirety of the Galactic Alliance. This news conflicts with what is coming from the Chief of State but given the news, it should conflict. The bad part is that the normal citizen has no clue who to believe. The footage that was leaked about the death of Queen Tenel Ka and Mara Jade Skywalker has cast a hard look at Luke Skywalker.

“The Jedi and their friends that have fled from the Galactic Alliance to flee the conscription of all force sensitives make all beings antsy. Jacen Solo has issued a statement that all families wishing to find a safe place to live, may petition to live inside the Hapes Consortium. Head of State Fel has issued a similar statement. The Empire and the Hapes state that no one will be conscripted at all to the war on their side.

“The solidarity of the Empire and the Hapes Consortium is straining the belief of the regular citizens of the Alliance. Corellia has already started to move away from the Alliance and into wanting to ally with the Empire and the Consortium. This following so closely on war that disrupted the Alliance up until recently where Master Skywalker was instrumental…”

Jacen turned to the screen and saw that it was nothing but static. He hit a button to change to the alternate feed from the news and found it full of static as well. The GA had shut down the feed. He switched the feed again but this time to the feed from the internal cameras. This one showed Allana in training with Jaina and Zekk. A flick and the screen switched again this time showing Raynar, Tahiri, and Lowbacca training a separate area of the palace. Another flick and the screen showed his parents sitting on a terrace eating lunch. It was one of the few times that everyone was in the palace at the same time. Soon his parents would be leaving for Corellia with Lowbacca and Zekk. Within a few hours, Jaina, Tahiri, and Raynar would be going to the Empire for a short stay.

“Come in!” Jacen yelled as he felt the tremor in the Force that told him that someone was outside his room. It was an aide of Jagged’s, Jag was in the Imperial Remnant at that moment, waiting to get the go ahead to come to Corellia if his parent’s gave the go ahead.

“Sir, I have a report that Head of State Fel wants me to give to you. Since the Alliance came out with the mandatory conscription of all Force sensitives, the Moffs have called for all of the Force sensitives that wish it can be sent here for training. There are already ten from the age of fifteen and up. Fifteen in the youngest that can be sent for training for war. The ones under that will be kept in the Empire and trained in a normal manner. Head of State Fel wishes to know what materials are needed for lightsaber construction.”

“Head of State Fel moved ahead a lot quicker than I thought he would.” Jacen knew that Jag had been pushing for Force users to be created. Imperial Knights Jaina had called them.

“It was the people, Sir. The war that is coming will be a war of Force powers. They do not wish to be left behind.” Jacen nodded at the words, he knew that they were true and he didn’t know what to do to see everyone through the war.

“Tell Jagged that when his wife heads for the Empire she will take a list of everything needed.”

“Head of State also requests two trainers are left behind to train the younger students.”

Jacen nodded. Raynar would stay behind but there was no one else that he thought of who would actually stay. Lowbacca and Zekk would not be able to stay still long enough for something like that. Jaina had to be in the thick of things. Tahiri would stay if he wished it but she would not like it.

“I have one in mind for a permanent teacher but the second may be a rotating teacher. We are short trained Jedi at the time. I know that Head of State Fel knows that. The younger Force sensitives have to be protected though and I understand wanting two teachers.”

The aide bowed and turned to leave. Just as she was opening the door, an aide of Jacen’s rushed into the room. In her hand was a piece of paper. She handed the paper to him and he unfolded it.


There was only the single word on the paper. Wrote in a familiar script.

“Who had this?” Jacen asked.

“There are two beings on a ship on Shedu Maad. We were not allowed to enter the ship but the smaller of the two handed this. We scanned the ship and there was nothing on it that is outside the normal. I was told to give you the paper first and then these.” The aide pulled out two lightsabers from her robes. She set them at his feet. He knew whose they were. Using the Force he raised them up to grab them.

“Send for the Jedi and the two from the ship. Do not touch them. Giving over their sabers is enough of a peace offering.”


Jacen stayed in the shadows as Jaina and Zekk entered his personal chambers. Behind them were two robed figures. Behind those two were the rest of his Jedi. None of them were distressed or even worried. Allana was playing in a corner with Anji. This was the test. Once the figures hit the center of the room, they paused. Jacen knew they saw their lightsabers sitting on the table on the opposite side of the room from Allana.

Tekli was the first to remove her hood. Tesar removed his after her and neither of them made a move towards the lightsabers or Allana. Jaina, Lowbacca, and Zekk moved to the far side of the room, farthest from where Jacen was. Tahiri and Raynar moved over to Allana to play with Anji.
Ten minutes passed and neither Tesar nor Tekli made a move in either direction. Jacen stepped from the shadows. Tesar bowed his head while Tekli bowed.

“You need not bow my friends. I am sorry but I had to be sure. I had to know. You didn’t come to me at the same time as the rest of our friends.”

“We were on Coruscant at the time and were the first to be taken. As soon as we could slip away we did. I am not surprised that the Alliance did not tell of our defection. It took a great deal to convince Master Skywalker that we were loyal to him.”

“Why are you loyal to me?” Jacen asked. He sat down in a chair and waved for the others to do so. Jaina moved and sat beside him while the others sat at the door and by Allana, protecting her.

“We were all on Myrkr together, Jacen. We were the same unit. We lived through that hell together,” Tekli started. She looked to Tesar who just nodded. “You could not have all of these around you if you were Sith. We have seen the footage.”

Jacen said nothing just watched them. Both were calm. There was no hiding both were open. He believed them. Jacen looked to the others as he did each nodded.

“Welcome. You could not have come at a better time. Tekli, I want you to go to the Empire with Jaina, Tahiri, and Raynar. There you and Raynar will stay and train their younger Force sensitives. Tesar, I would like you to stay here and guard and help train my daughter.”

“You honor me, Sssir.” Tesar bowed as he spoke.

“Please don’t bow. I am lord of the Hapans; I am not the lord of you. We are all Knights here. In these matters, we are all equal. The Hapans decreed this not too long ago. I am ruler of the Hapans but the Jedi are a separate race and I am fine with all of us working together.”

“You are our Massster,” Tesar said with a hiss. “We have left the nest we used to be of. You and yoursss are now our nest matesss.”

Jacen nodded his head in understanding. “Yet we are all equals here. I don’t wish to be called Master nor do I want it. I am a Jedi Knight. We are all Jedi Knights. You live in my consortium and I expect to be obeyed in that manner but never do I demand strict obedience. I want to be questioned. I want to make sure that I am doing right. The Hapan Court keeps me in check for the consortium. I need you all to keep me in check for the Jedi I am in charge of.”

“Where are your parents?” Tekli asked as she relaxed.

“Corellia. They are negating some terms before Jagged goes. Jaina will be going in my stead. We agree that it’s not a good idea to have both heads in the same place, especially Corellia.”


“Lord Solo, I am happy to agree to the terms. The Corellia system is now no longer part of the Galactic Alliance. We have already sent word to the Alliance. We expect word back within the hour. We hope to be a help in the upcoming war…” Thrackan Sal-Solo spoke but Jacen started to tune it out. The first major move had been made. The cold war was warming up and soon was to be a real war. It had given him a thrill to have his distant cousin refer to him as Lord. Sal-Solo was the Corellian Head of State and Jacen was happy that Jaina and Jagged were dealing with him.

“Jacen?” Tahiri called from the edge of the room. He was in the throne room watching the news on his comm unit. Jacen turned to find her and Zekk standing there. Tekli and Raynar had been in the Empire for a little over a week and were reporting success at the teaching. The rest of the Jedi were now with Jacen at Fountain Palace.


“I think that the Zel twins have found something that would interest you.” Tahiri had a smile on her face. It wasn’t a happy smile but a justified smile.

Jacen looked over at Zekk. Zekk had the same smile on his face.

“There is now a price on all our heads.”

“Really?” Jacen leaned forward in the throne, smiling. He was sure it was the same smile that was on the face of Tahiri and Zekk.

“Oh yes. Would you like to see the amounts?”

Jacen waved his hand in a dismissive manner. “Read them to me.”

“Jacen Solo, thirteen million credits. Jaina Solo-Fel, ten million credits. Lowbacca, Raynar Thul, Tahiri Veila, and Zekk, eight million credits each. Tesar Sebatyne and Tekli are worth five million each. Tips that led to our locations, outside of the Consortium and Empire are worth a million each if it leads to a capture. Any word of a Jedi that is going to our side and is captured will be worth two million credits if the word is true.”

“What about my mother and father?” Jacen stood from his throne and stepped closer to the other two Jedi.

“There is no bounty on their heads right now. Skywalker is still maintaining that they are not to be blamed for their actions. There is a three million credit reward for anyone who can take Allana alive, unharmed and give her to Skywalker.” Zekk paused as that. Jacen knew that Zekk was giving him a chance to calm down. “There is also a reward of a million credits if our lightsabers are taken from us and given over to Skywalker.”

“He builds a hole deeper and deeper. He wants bounty hunters and assassins to do his job for him. Forward the news to Jagged. Dead or alive?”

“It doesn’t matter. The bounty is the same. Except for Allana. Skywalker released a statement that if she was harmed at all, he would be taking care of them personally.”

“I wonder where Fett will stand on this. I will send word to the Court and tighten our borders even more. I am glad that everyone is here or in the Empire.”

“The people of the galaxy are not stupid. They will see through them soon enough,” Tahiri said with a smile. Jacen smiled back at her.

Indeed the people would see the truth but when will they stand up? When will they stop the bloodshed?

The End

To Be Continued in Meetings

New Sith Empire 4-Consequences

Series: New Sith Empire 4

Title: Consequences

Year: 42 ABY

Category: Drama, Angst,

Pairings: Jacen/Tenel Ka past, Jaina/Jagged Fel, Han/Leia, Zekk/Taryn Zel,

Spoilers: Dark Nest Trilogy, Legacy of the Force series, Fate of the Jedi series,

Summary: After the death of Mara Jade Skywalker at the Wedding of Jaina and Jagged, the Empire and the Hapes Consortium are calling for Luke Skywalker’s blood. At galaxy that was already starting to fracture, it at its breaking point. What can be done to stop the bloodshed?

Words: 2,099

Notes: Allana is six. Set a few weeks after Wedding.

Warnings: None

Jacen Solo stood on the main deck of Stardome the Hapan Battle Dragon that was his flagship. He was headed for a distant shipyard within the star cluster that made up the Consortium. The normal flagship, Star Home, was left behind for speed and to hopefully not let others know that he was not in Fountain Palace. Behind him were Allana Solo, Ben Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa-Solo, and countless staff of his. Jaina Solo, his twin, was standing beside him. Her arm was linked with his and was nearly cutting off blood flow to said arm.

“It’s so beautiful!” Jaina nearly screamed as she turned to look her brother in the face. “What’s his name?”

“This was Tenel Ka’s last present to me. Just two days before she was killed, she brought me here to show it to me. I haven’t named her yet. Tenel Ka called it a ‘she.’ I think that she wanted it to be truly my ship. I was not too comfortable on Star Home. Too grand for my liking.”

Said ship filled up the vision of all those on the main deck. Before them sat a Super Star Destroyer, she wasn’t gray like all the others and wasn’t red like the Errant Venture. Instead she was iridescent greens, blues, and purples. When you looked from one way or another the ship went from white to black and all the colors in between.

“Still rather grand,” Han said from behind them. “A little girly.”

“But memorable. Tenel Ka wanted this to be the flagship of a fleet of ship for me. We were going to beef up the entire fleet with some new ships. The plans for this ship were given as a sign of friendship from Head of State Fel just after he took office. I, of course, knew nothing of it. Nothing until she brought me to the ship. I was very much in awe of her.”

“Have you heard the rumors?” Jagged Fel asked as he entered the room. Jacen turned to look at him, dragging his sister around as well. Jaina smiled at him and her smile lit the room up.

“What rumors?”

“I just spoke with several of the Moffs. It seems that in the weeks since Master Skywalker escaped from the cluster he has been rallying the GA into bullying my sector to ally against you.”

“I was sure that they would.”

“There has been an outcry in the Empire to not ally with anyone who would attack at the wedding of the Head of State. It seems that even though I married a Jedi, much less the daughter of a Solo, that televising the event to the entire Imperium has gained me much in followers. That the attack was televised as well has gained the Hapes Consortium a good bit of friends. There is another rumor that only one of my Moffs had heard and he heard it straight from his sister on Coruscant.” Jagged looked away from all and out to the ship. “Skywalker moves fast. All the Jedi in the current ranks are being watched and interrogated for information on all of you.”

“Zekk and Lowbacca?” Jaina asked with a frown on her face, she looked at her husband hoping that he would give them good news.

“Lowbacca is in hiding. He disappeared from his current mission around the time that Master Skywalker was killed. Zekk on the other hand was kidnapped just hours after Lowbacca disappeared. It is unknown who took him but the GA is not laying claim to taking him.”

“Your Highness?” Jacen’s aide queried entering the room. Jacen looked over at her. “I have a watch only transmission coming from Trista Zel. It was relayed from Corellia two days ago. Sent through subspace, quietly.”

“Thank you.” Jacen nodded at Jaina who moved to a console to play it. The aide nodded and stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

“Lord Jacen, I bring news for you of some friends. I have three on board my ship and will be picking another up when we have tracked her down. Zels out.” The transmission ended.

“Who could the fourth be?” Jagged asked.

“Tahiri. They already have Lowie, Zekk, and I would assume Raynar. Those would be the four that I would worry about if I was the GA or Uncle Luke. I didn’t think that they would move on them like that though. I’ve not seen any of them since I came here and Tahiri couldn’t make it to the wedding due to a mission.”

“Last I heard Tahiri was in the Unknown Regions on the outskirts doing some checking on things for Luke.” Leia moved over to stand beside her son. “Raynar was on Corellia. Lowbacca was near Hutt space and Zekk was on some undisclosed mission for the GA.”

“Is this what it is to become? A line drawn in the stars?” Jacen turned to face the ship in front of him.

“I have upped the production of ships in the Empire. I have chosen the side for my people.”

“Will we stand united?”

“We stand united. As long as the Galactic Alliance supports Luke Skywalker, the Empire will have nothing to do with them. Right now the Moffs are making sure that all liaisons between our groups are escorted out. Our borders will be closed to all except those that have family on either side and no ties to government. As it stands, one of my aids pointed out some things to me. I was doing over a budget in the weapons division. There was much that was not accounted for coming from the budget. I have thirty-eight Force sensitives ranging from age four to age thirty-four who have been found in Empire space.”

“What will you do with them?”

“They wish to be trained as Jedi.”

“Shedu Maad is where I am taking all Force sensitives once this is resolved. For now bring them to Fountain Palace. Shedu Maad is not safe. I will be upping my ship production as well. First, I must speak with the Court. They need to know of this threat.”


“Is the Galactic Alliance to attack?”

Jacen turned to look at the one who spoke. He could not tell who it was. His mind was elsewhere. “That I do not know. I would say ‘no’ right now just because they are not ready. Their Senate will take a long time to declare war on us.”

“They follow Skywalker even though there is footage showing that he is the one who killed his wife?”

“He demands that I am the one who had control of the blade. He does not state that anyone else could have gotten it and he didn’t have. Even though his sister states that she could tell what was going on. He states that she is siding with her only son left alive and that would be forgiven for her trust in her son should she ever come to the light.”

Jacen stood and started to scan the Court members. All were shocked and outraged, he could tell that in the Force.

“We must prepare for war!” Several members called out at once.

“We will. I promise you. The trust that my wife left in me will not be misplaced.”

“Is your new ship ready for war?”

“I have upped the completion time. All that is left is checking all systems and the shakedown flight.”

“Is our fleet enough?”

“With the Empire’s thrown in yes. Still ships get damaged and destroyed. We need replacement ships.”

“The Empire stands wholly with us? They will not turn?”

“I do not think that Head of State Fel finds it in his best interest to lie to his wife’s brother.”

The Court all laughed at that.

“We stand united against this threat. Luke Skywalker allowed our Queen Mother to be killed. He tried to kill our King Father. He will find that he will not like the dragon that he has awoken.”

Jacen nodded to those in the Court and then left through the passage that led to his rooms. Allana was waiting for him. Jacen could tell by how she was acting that she wanted something.

“Father, may I have a pet? Grandfather tells me of many pets you had as a child.”

“Seems that you already have one picked out.”

“A creature caught my eye at the traveling Exotic Pet Emporium that passed through Fountain Palace today. The trainer tells me that her mother died as did the rest of the litter mates.”

“Take Aunt Jaina with you and you may go back and get this little orphan.” Jacen’s heart tightened. The upcoming war could make Allana a full orphan. He had to set up something so that she was protected. There could be no fight over who was to care for her after his death.

“Send her a message and tell her. I don’t want her not believing me.”

Jacen nodded and picked up his comm unit and sent off the message. He received a message back acknowledging that Jaina received it and that he should send Allana to her so they could catch them before they left the city.

It was an hour later when Allana bounced into the room. Jaina was behind her but there was no pet.

“And where is this little orphan?” Jacen asked with a small laugh.

“Anji is off getting her teeth capped and her claws unsharpened.” Allana stated with a giant smile. Jacen looked at his sister.

“Did she not tell you what breed this little Anji is?” When Jacen shook his head no, Jaina laughed a small dry laugh.

“Congratulations, Jacen, you are now a step father to a bouncing baby Nexu.”

“Nexu?” Jacen looked at his daughter who just smiled. “And how much did you pay for this Nexu?”

“Actually, the trader gave her the Nexu for free. He remembered her from earlier hadn’t known who she was. This time of course the Royal guards were a little more open who they were guarding. He told her how much he was sorry that she had lost her mother and great aunt and said that those who lost should stick together. Anji is getting checked over now but at last I heard she was in health and already in love with her new friend.”

“I guess I should have known. All the creatures I came home with. Tenel Ka was used to Rancors. I guess I should be happy that it was just a Nexu.” Jacen moved to crouch in front of his daughter. “You will have to train her. No one here is going to do that for you. They will help you but you will have to train her. If you do not and something happens, I will have to put her down.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I will make sure that Anji will only hurt those who try to hurt me or my family.”

“Good. It’s dinner time. Go wash up. We shall meet you in the dining hall.”

Allana nodded and took off running. Jaina stayed.

“Did you get the go ahead?”

“We’re preparing for war but will not make the first move. Jagged and I will get together and discuss the terms of our alliance and send out a statement.”

“Have you named her yet?”

“Yes. My flagship will be the Voxyn Queen. I want everyone to remember what I have given for the Alliance and the Republic to live and breathe. I have up my brother and my wife. I want those Jedi that follow Uncle Luke blind to be scared of my ship as we were when we went against the Voxyns in the Yuuzhan Vong war.”

“She will be a wonderful ship.”


“In other news, the Empire and the Hapes Consortium released statements today about closing their borders and allowing no one inside. They have also released a statement that they are now enemies against all who would threaten them. The Senate seems unconcerned by this. I wonder just what is going on out there and I have a feeling this has to do with the death of Mara Jade Skywalker.”

Jacen shut off the holonews channel and sighed. The Galactic Alliance was limiting its new already. He decided that then and there he was going to make sure that their dealings with the Alliance were shared from their own news sources for the peoples of the Alliance to decide who to believe.

The End

To Be Continued in Conscription

New Sith Empire 3-Wedding

Series: New Sith Empire
Title: Wedding
Year: 42 ABY
Category: Drama, Angst,
Pairings: Jacen/Tenal Ka past, Jaina/Jagged Fel,
Spoilers: Dark Nest Trilogy, Legacy of the Force series, Fate of the Jedi series,
Summary: As the Galaxy prepares for an all out war, the Hapes Consortium and Empire prepare for a wedding. Tragedy strikes though but the plan backfires in the worst way.
Words: 2,324
Notes: Allana is six.
Warnings: Character Death(Canon),

Jacen stood looking from the shadow as the Fountain Palace was being prepped for what was to be the wedding of the decade. It was to be grander than the wedding of the Skywalker’s and the Solo’s. He wanted to use it as a way to show the galaxy that the Empire and the Hapes Consortium were not to be messed with. There was war beyond those two sections of the galaxy but the war had not touched them yet. The Galactic Alliance wanted both parties to join but so far Jacen and Jagged had been able to keep their sections out of the blast zone.

“My Lord, your family has touched down on one of the outer planets. I am to relay a message to you from your father.”

Jacen turned to the servant and saw that she was scared. Jacen knew what the message was about and knew why she was scared.

“I will not be mad at you for relaying my father’s words. Please recite them word for word and do not leave any out.”

“He says that ‘I have never been parted from my ship like that and I will be lodging a protest. I am your father and the father of the bride and I demand to be able to land my ship where I want to.’ I recite that word for word, Sir.”

“Tell me father that I can’t treat anyone special. Hapes is hosting a grand wedding and all safety protocols need to be followed. I am sorry that he is unhappy but I have to protect my planets.”

She bowed and then left the room. Jacen turned back to staring at the preparations. His skin was itching and he knew that something was coming but he wasn’t sure what it was. Allana was so excited for the wedding. She was going to be the flower girl. One of her instructor’s sons was going as the ring bearer. Jagged was going to have two of his men standing with him while Jaina had Tahiri and Tekli standing with her at the front.

It was an hour before Han and Leia appeared on the steps up to the Fountain Palace. Jacen could tell that his father was mad and his mother trying to cover it all up. He didn’t really care.

“Before you say one word, Dad. Hapes is still recovering from having a Jedi kill their Queen. They distrust all outsiders and by showing that you are willing to do as they ask goes a long way to having them trust you. I assure you that no harm was meant in the request.”

Han sputtered for a few seconds before he nodded and stepped forward to hug Jacen. Leia followed seconds later and Jacen found that she didn’t want to let go.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Jaina hasn’t been back to see us since she got engaged and soon I will have no children that call my house, home anymore. I guess I am getting sentimental in my old age.”

“You’re not old. Luke, Mara, and Ben are just a few minutes behind. I trust that you don’t mind meeting them, my aide is here and I know she wouldn’t be unless there was something wrong. I must go see to this. Allana is bouncing around somewhere helping the decorators put finishing touches on things. I am sure she will be very happy to you see you in person.”

Jacen turned quickly and started to move off. What his parents didn’t know is that they were going to be led to an area where Jacen could spy on them. He quickly sat down in his chair and turned on the microphone and recording device. He felt his mother reach out for the obvious listening devices and send a tendril of Force through them to interrupt them for a few minutes. What she didn’t know is that he had been shielding another from her. He couldn’t see his parents but he could see their faces in his mind.

“Is Luke still set on trying to oust Jacen today, of all days?”

“He feels that it is the only time to show Jacen for what he thinks that he is.”

“I still don’t know, Han. I know that the Republic is backing him but he threw the word Sith out there and now they are scared. I am scared that we are turning him away. We didn’t take the news of Allana very well. We didn’t take him taking over as leader of Hapes very well. I am surprised that he allows Allana to comm us once a week.”

“Luke says that no one will get hurt. I trust him on that.”

“So even you are unsure that Jacen is going Sith?”

“I know that it is in your blood but that can’t be all that turned your father to the dark. What if it was things like this that did it? Not trusting. Being taken away from parents as a child, growing up a slave. If this goes wrong, we could lose another child but I know that if we tell Jacen what is going on, Luke will find another way and that way could hurt a lot of people.”

“I hope that if this just passes then the Republic doesn’t try it again. Did you see that sword on Jacen’s belt?”

“It must be some ceremonial sword. The scabbard and hilt were pretty; I wonder what the blade looks like.”

“Let’s go out and wait for Luke, Mara, and Ben. I am sure that if you ask nicely, Jacen will show it to you.”

Jacen turned the microphone off but left the recording device on and set it to record any noise at all. He turned all the listening devices installed around the Palace to record any noise. He left his small room and moved out into the open parts of the Palace where the wedding was to take place. He found Jagged talking with several early guests and moved to join him.

“Your future mother and father in law are here.”

“And what is their mood?” One of the others with Jagged asked. Jacen looked at him and knew who he was. It was on of Jagged’s security guards. “I want to know if I need to follow the Head of State with my blaster in my holster or in my hand.”

“They seem fine. I would like to talk to my brother alone.”

The guards nodded and quickly moved to a distance that they could protect him but not hear anything they were talking about.

“What’s up?”

“Luke is making his move today. I don’t know what the move will be. Please tell me you have the gifts from Fett close by?”

“Actually they are on the gift table. One of the Hapan guards is making sure that it stays where I can get to it or Jaina can quickly. I thought it the best way to keep them on hand and draw no attention. One hour still for the ceremony?”

“Yes, there is no one that is going to be too late. That is why everyone was to be set to arrive one hour early. The last guests are going through the checks now. Luke and his family are minutes away from entering the Palace.”

“Then we had better get out there, huh?”


Jacen stood on the sidelines. Everyone was surrounding Jaina and Jagged talking to them and wanting holos snapped with the beautiful couple. Jacen had never seen his twin so happy. His fingers twitched, hovering over the sword that was strapped at his belt. He was fairly sure that everyone thought it to be an ornamental part of his outfit for the wedding. Only Allana and he knew the true purpose of the sword, save those that were already dead.

He brushed his hand over the hilt and could feel the Force energy of the sword. He was sure that Luke could feel it too but wouldn’t think that it was the sword but Jacen, preparing to do whatever he thought that Jacen was going to do.

It was after many of the guests had left and there was only family left that Luke made his move.

“I have seen the future, Jacen. You cannot be part of it.” Luke was calm while he talked. Mara looked at Luke with shock on her face and moved to step towards him. “Mara, stay back.”

“Skywalker, what are you doing?” Mara stared at her husband in shock.

“My visions are getting worse. I see the dark man on the throne. He gets darker every single night. I see Allana at his feet. Allana serves him. That can only mean one thing. That man has to be Jacen.” Luke pulled his lightsaber out of a hidden pocket of a robe. Ben gasped. Jacen knew that he would have to find a better way to have security find lightsabers; obviously the one they had taken from Luke had not been his own.

“And you mean to strike me down at my sister’s wedding?”

“You couldn’t have been made ruler of the Hapan Consortium without some kind of deceit. They have followed no man before.”

“Yes, and look what it got them. A Jedi sneaking in and killing their leader. They are allowing me to sit the throne until such a time that Allana can take over and by then I will have helped them change. To become a place where assassination is not a way of life for the royals. Where Tenal Ka would not have had to hid her pregnancy and delay it with the Force so that no one would kill me or the child inside of her. Allana and her husband will rule together and if one of them should die, the other will rule until their one of their children is old enough to take the Throne. Men have become more than just cattle here. I have caused that. If you want to call me Sith for that than do it.”

Luke didn’t answer. Instead, he charged at Jacen who did not have his lightsaber on him. He had hoped he hadn’t needed it. Halfway to him, Luke ignited his lightsaber. Jacen had barely enough time to pull his sword from the scabbard and put it up to block. Luke, who was slightly put off by Jacen just pulling out a sword, almost didn’t slow down.

The small battle lasted over ten minutes before an aide arrived with Jacen’s lightsaber from his room. The aide handed it to Jaina who had her hand reached out for it. Jacen had a few burns along his body but had been able to break almost every single bone in his uncle’s left hand so Luke couldn’t hold his lightsaber correctly. Jacen used the Force to blast himself back from Luke and then vaulted over an empty table where not long before people had been eating. It gave Jaina enough time to ignite the saber, lock it in the on position, and then throw it in the air. Jacen reached out with the Force to grab it but Luke beat him. Jacen wasn’t ready for the pull of the Force and decided to let Luke have it.

Luke was pulling too hard on it and it started to spiral. Mara saw where it was going. Ben was leaning over a lady who in her hurry to get away from the fight had broken her ankle. He was helping to brace it up to get her out of there. He felt the danger in the Force too late and looked up to see a careening lightsaber headed for him. He felt the shove and was out of its way. Ben stood and helped the lady to her feet and passed her to a security guard who moved her out of the danger area. It wasn’t’ until he felt the shock in the Force that he turned to look. His mother was lying on the ground just behind him with a lightsaber in her stomach. Ben dropped to his knees and reached out with the Force.

“MEDIC!” Ben heard Jacen yell at the same time that he heard the pounding of several sets of feet. Ben wasn’t shoved aside but was scooted over so that Jaina could get to Mara.

“Ben, you stop the blood from the top, I’ll be the bottom. Mom you deactivate the saber and toss it away.”

Jacen was the last to arrive at Mara’s side. Luke was at Mara’s head, holding it in his lap. It took the Medic’s several minutes to arrive and when they did they quickly applied bandages and sealant foam to Mara’s wounds. She was white and near death and they all knew it. There was only a slim chance that she would live. When one of the medics looked up into Luke’s face and shook his head, Luke stood up and fled. Only Han’s quick hand stopped Mara’s head from hitting the duracrete floor.

“Skywalker, what have you done.” Mara uttered her last words before passing out. Jacen looked up to spot his uncle who was nowhere to be seen.

“Find him and detain him. Bring the Ysalamiri from the holding area. Find him!” Jacen picked up Mara and carried her into the interior of the Palace and into a room. “I won’t allow her to die!


It was several hours later when security came in and had to tell Ben that his father couldn’t be found and neither could the Jade Shadow, the ship they had arrived on. It was minutes after that Jacen stepped out of the hospital room and ushered Ben inside to say goodbye.

The End

To Be Continued in Consequences