Who’s POV?

Title: Whose POV? Series: None Year: Any except Season Six Category: Romance, Ratings: PG Pairings: Very mixed Spoilers: None Summary: A look at the members of the SGC through others eyes. Whether they are a friend, a lover, a want to be love, or an ex-lover. Words: 5,630 Notes: None Warnings: None Daniel He can… Read More Who’s POV?

Who Knew?

Title: Who Knew? Series: None Year: Season Eight Category: Mystery Ratings: PG Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Janet/Sam Spoilers: None Summary: Sam goes to Jack’s after her bike quits near his house. What she finds surprises her. Words: 1,254 Notes: None Warnings: None “Shit!” Sam said as her bike stalled again. She took out her cell phone and… Read More Who Knew?


Title: Trust Series: None Year: Any Category: First Time Ratings: PG Pairings: Jack/Daniel Spoilers: None Summary: Daniel opens up to Jack about his past. But what does Jack do? Words: 3,214 Notes: None Warnings: Mentions of Abuse So here I am looking at pictures I found in his office. From his younger days before he went to college and when he was at college. He… Read More Trust


Title: Three Series: None Year: Any Category: Drama Ratings: R Pairings: Jack/Daniel Spoilers: None Summary: Pasts come out in a threatening way for Jack. Words: 3,043 Notes: None Warnings: Past Mentions of rape, Jack picked up his cell phone and read the caller ID. Private name, private number. He knew who it was. “O’Neill.” Jack… Read More Three