Willing Slave or The Body

Title: Willing Slave or The Body
Year: Any
Category: Drama, ER, Tragedy
Ratings: R
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Teal’c/Sam
Spoilers: None
Summary: Sometimes that’s all it is, is a body. Not the person who used to own it. Just a body being used.
Words: 981
Notes: None
Warnings: Character Death, Torture

Daniel stared at the body lying in front of him. The body lay sated from sex and was snoring while sleeping. Daniel had been this bodies personal sex slave for weeks. Finally he was able to move around with out chains on. In the weeks leading up to this Daniel was chained up directly after the sex, so he wouldn’t hurt his master. But now Daniel had showed them that he was accepting that he could never leave and that the body wouldn’t be freed from its prison.

The body rolled over and Daniel could see the scars from battle on the body. When he was done nothing of this body or his would remain. If he was lucky. And the Jaffa didn’t stop him. Jack was dead, Sam was dead, and Teal’c was dead. And the Goa’uld who had killed them would die. The Goa’uld would learn that the Tau’ri didn’t just roll over and play dead.

But first Daniel had to send a message to Earth. To tell them that SG-1 was dead. He would use his codes so they would know it’s real. That was easy. The Goa’uld had a device that allowed him to do it. And in the hours when he was alone in the room he did it. The Goa’uld left him alone while he attended to matters, hours upon hours alone. And when the Goa’uld returned what he wanted was sex. Daniel did it knowing that he would be killing this Goa’uld one day.

And that day had arrived today. Today he would kill the Goa’uld who had killed everyone who meant something to him.

The Goa’uld had killed his lover and his love. The only reason Daniel was alive today.

The Goa’uld had killed his sister. A true best friend who he held above them all.

The Goa’uld had killed his brother who had saved his life a hundred times and never wanted in return.

The Goa’uld had killed two couples that day. Sam and Teal’c were days away from being married. Jack and Daniel were years away from being married. Until the laws changed.

This was supposed to be their last mission before they retired from active duty. All four flying desk and training jobs. But the world had looked empty and they weren’t prepared for the attack from the Goa’uld. There had been no presence of the Goa’uld ever being there.

Sam was the first to go. A staff blast to the neck. Severing her head from her body. Teal’c went into a blind rage and was killed with two shots from a Zat. Jack got a hit from a staff to the side. But Daniel was hit with the Zat only once. He woke up to be in the bed of the Goa’uld. His hands tied behind his back. The Goa’uld had used what he knew of Daniel to break him. And for three weeks he had debased himself. But this Goa’uld didn’t know Daniel as well as he should. Daniel didn’t give up.

Daniel armed the bomb that sat beside him. In two minutes it would blow. He had stolen it from the armory of the ship he was on. Daniel made sure the door couldn’t be opened from either side and he woke up the Goa’uld.

“How dare you disturb me!” The voice said. Daniel could still hear that voice whispering sweet nothings in his ear as the body coaxed him to a climax in their bed in their house on Earth. Daniel stared into the eyes of the man who used to be his lover.

“I dare a lot. But I don’t care. You will die, as will I. You shouldn’t have left me unchained. I have brought about your death. You must not have access to all your host’s memories. We made a promise to each other. If one were taken over we would do all we could to save them, or end their suffering. That’s what I’m doing ending Jack’s suffering and mine.”

“You lie, scum. You wouldn’t kill your love.” The Goa’uld said.

“I know you can here me, Jack. I love you. I always will.” And with those words the bomb went off. A near third of the ship was destroyed.


“General Hammond, a message for you. Coming from deep space. It’s from Dr. Jackson.” Walter said.

“Play it.” Hammond said. An image came up on the screen. It was Daniel. But his face was gaunt.

“I am now dead. As is the rest of SG-1. Sam and Teal’c were killed in the attack. Jack and I were taken hostage. Jack was implanted. I was able to get a hold of a bomb. Once you have gotten this myself and Jack will have been dead for near a week. I tried to escape but it wasn’t possible. Not with Jack. And I’m sorry General but I am keeping a promise I made to Jack. I won’t let him live with a Goa’uld in him. He would do the same. This must serve as our goodbyes. In my desk you will find five envelopes. Four are our letters of goodbye, incase we are killed in action. The fifth is our wills. In this case everything is to go to Cassie. She can do what she wants with it. My stuff can fetch a price. A fond farewell to the SGC from SG-1.” The image blinked out. Then the ‘gate activated. After a few Jacob Carter walked through. Tears streaking his face. Hammond moved to meet him in the ‘gate room.

“Jacob?” Hammond asked. He held a hope it was all a mistake. That someone got to SG-1 before they died.

“SG-1 is dead. From what the Jaffa are saying Sam and Teal’c were killed early. After a few weeks Daniel killed himself and Colonel O’Neill.” The words echoed softly in the ‘gate room.

The End


Window of Opportunity Revisited

Title: Window of Opportunity Revisited
Year: After season 5
Category: Humor, Drama
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: Window of Opportunity
Summary: On a planet SG-1 finds another device that loops time. In twelve-hour intervals, but this time it’s not Teal’c and Jack who get stuck in it. It’s all of SG-1. Can they figure out how to fix it? Or will they be stuck looping?
Words: 4,455
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“Daniel, are you sure you should touch that?” Sam asked walking up behind Daniel.

“Why?” Daniel asked. He jerked his hand back.

“Well it has energy reading coming from it. I don’t know what it could do.”

“Good enough reason for me.” Jack said from his place of sitting.

“But I need to get the sand and dirt off of it so that I can translate it. Hopefully a brush touching it won’t set it off. And if it does I will run. Ok?” Sam didn’t see any reason a brush would set it off.

“Well, I guess that won’t hurt. Just not too much pressure.”

“This can only end in tears. Carter, Teal’c set up a perimeter. I will watch Rock Boy here.” Jack said with a wry smile on his face.

“Yea, Rock Boy’s six that is.” Daniel said under his breath so that only Sam heard him. She started laughing. As she walked away Jack stared at Daniel. He knew that Daniel had made a comment but he didn’t care. Sam knew about their relationship. And it felt good. Not having to hide it from her offworld. Teal’c knew that something was up but it was not talked about. Hell even General Hammond knows something is up. But he stands on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

“Well, Dr. Jackson found anything interesting yet?” Jack asked still seated on the ground.

“No, but I know you have?”

“Oh, I have? How do you know?” Jack asked a smile creeping up on his face.

“Jack, I am squatted down so I can see these glyphs. I know you are staring.”

“You know me so well, Danny. I do have a nice view. But something could be better.”

“Yea, Jack what is that?”

“You over here with me. Seeing your blues.”

“I am working, Jack. Just because you have nothing to do doesn’t mean that I don’t.” Daniel said sighing. Jack did this all the time.

“Ok, Danny. Study your rocks.” Daniel didn’t respond. Jack sat there for a few minutes and then decided it had been too long since he had touched Daniel. Jack made no noise but Daniel knew he was creeping up behind him.

“Don’t ever think about it, O’Neill.” But Jack still did what he came to do. He kissed Daniel. But with Jack’s weight and the way he was squatting he fell backwards. Right onto the wall. For a second Daniel didn’t notice. Until they heard a hum.

“Jack, you set it off!” Daniel screamed. “Run!” But they had already done the damage. Sam and Teal’c had heard Daniel scream and came running. “No other way. Run other way. Jack set it off.” Daniel screamed. After a few minutes they stopped running. They were right in front of the Stargate.

“Sir, what did you do?” Sam asked

“Well he kissed me and I fell into it. Both of us touched it and it started humming.” Daniel said while catching his breath. Teal’c jsut cocked his eye brow. Sam laughed a short laugh.

“Hey you’re the one who couldn’t stay on his feet.”

“You just had to kiss me while I am squatting.”

“Hey, we need to think of something to tell General Hammond.” Sam said stopping the lovers. Then they saw a bright light. Then the gate activated. And they saw energy crackling around it.

“Oh, no not again!” Jack said.

“What are you talking about, Jack.” Daniel asked.

“If this is what I think it is some of us may not remember.” Sam and Daniel stared at Jack like he was crazy.

“I agree, O’Neill. This does seem familiar.” Teal’c said. This caused Sam and Daniel to give Teal’c the same look they had just given Jack.

“I think this may be a planet of the Ancients.” Jack said

“How do you know that? I was thinking about that before you kissed me.”

“Time looping, Daniel. That’s how.”

“Not again.” The light got so bright everyone had to shut their eyes. When they opened them again Sam was in her office trying to get a hold of Daniel and Jack. Teal’c was boxing with SG-7. Jack and Daniel on the other hand were in the middle of a love fest in the shower before going to work for the day. Jack took his mouth away from Daniel’s ear and groaned. “So? This is what it is like.” Daniel said.


Daniel and Jack rushed to get into work. They needed to know if the others remembered anything. They found Teal’c and Sam waiting in Daniel’s office.

“Once again, O’Neill.” Teal’c said. “But conditions have improved. Major Carter remembers as well.”

“So does Daniel.” Jack said sitting down in Daniel’s chair.

“Sir, what do we do?” Sam asked. Being her first she felt kind of stupid.

“One should try not to lose it. As O’Neill said the first time this happened.”

“What?” Sam and Daniel asked at the same time.

“I got crazy with bottles of mustard and ketchup and I made a funny face while telling Teal’c the meaning of lose it while I almost lost it.”

“Well we have one up side to this.” Daniel said.

“What is that pray tell?” Jack asked.

“Well I don’t know how many loops it took you two to figure everything out but we can do anything. And no one will ever know.” Jack’s smile became mischievous.

“But first let’s tell the General. It takes a few loops to get it down pat so that they actually believe you.” Jack said. “And I do not want to get looked at by Napoleon.” This got laughs from all the team. They all knew how much he loved being looked at by the doc.

“So, Daniel making any headway into the translation?” Sam asked sitting down beside him.

“No, and I don’t think I will. Between the fact that it is more complex than any other Ancient language I have seen and Jack keeps on interrupting me. I told him that I would ‘play’ in a loop or two. I haven’t’ had any luck. Not even one word translated.” Daniel laid his lead down on the desk.

“Daniel, find the Colonel and have some fun. You deserve it. This is what the fifth loop. Fun time Daniel. Fun time. And don’t forget. On the tenth loop we are going to do a little bit of mischievous fun.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t. I wouldn’t miss Teal’c chasing Siler for anything. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know yet. But I will think of something. What about you and Jack?”

“Jack is trying to convince me to make out with him in either the briefing room or the gate room.”

“That would be worth seeing. Come on Daniel it’s not like anyone is going to remember it. And it will be fun to see the General’s face won’t it.”

“Yea, I guess but…”

“No, buts Daniel. You are going to make out with your boyfriend somewhere on this base.” Sam got up and left. He knew that she would tell Jack that he agreed. It would be fun but what if the loops stop. Then they would be left with the ramifications.

“Live a little. Risk something. Only way to have fun.” He said to himself. He got up to find his lover. And he found him in the commissary talking to Teal’c. He sat down next to Jack. Jack just smiled at him.

“So, Teal’c have you made sure you know where Siler’s gonna be when the loop starts?”

“Yes, I have O’Neill. This will be well worth it.”

“Speaking of that. Daniel did Sam tell me right. You are going to do it.” Jack looked at Daniel. The surprise in his eyes was not hidden.

“Yea, she convinced me to. But I thought that maybe you would like to stay at home for the next loop.” Daniel ran his hand over Jack’s thigh. Jack started coughing.

“Let’s go home now.” Jack whispered in Daniel’s ear.

“Sgt. Siler. I have a question to ask you?” Daniel said walking beside him.

“Sure, Doctor Jackson.”

“What is one of the most scariest things you have ever seen?” Daniel asked. Trying not to laugh.

“I don’t know. Maybe a bunch of Jaffa and Goa’ulds running at the malps.”

“What would you do if a Jaffa came running at you?”

“Run for the hills. Why do you want to know this?”

“Because there is a Jaffa running at you now.” Siler turned at looked behind himself. And there was Teal’c. Running at Siler full speed. Siler thought that it might be a joke until Teal’c didn’t slow down. So he took off running.

“That was most enjoyable.” Teal’c said. Teal’c, Sam, Jack, and Daniel were all hiding in the V.I.P. room after Teal’c and Sam chased poor Siler throughout the whole mountain. Floor to floor. Jumping in the elevators was rather funny. But it still worked. Jack and Daniel watched from security cameras on the 16th floor.

“Yes, it was. But poor Siler. I think he was going to have a heart attack.” Sam said

“Especially when you joined in the chase Sam.” Daniel said.

“And George’s face. I think you two are going to be in for it.” Jack said.

“And now we have the performance from you two.” Sam said standing up. All the rest followed. The team stayed away from places they thought the general would find them. At least until Jack and Daniel were done with their joke. Then the General could yell at her all he wanted. They had this timed. In one hour the loop would reset and the four would be laughing at a private joke for the rest of their lives. They stopped in the commissary so that Jack and Daniel could get a drink. They would need all the water they could get. Then they proceeded to the ‘gate room. They would have the blast doors closed and Teal’c and Sam would hide right beneath them. The General would at some point that the doors are closed and open them. And the site that greeted him would scar him for an hour. Until he forgot in an hour or so.

“Colonel O’Neill! What the hell do you think you are doing! Doctor Jackson!” General Hammond screamed from the entrance to the ‘gate room. Jack didn’t roll off of Daniel. They had been making out for way to long and both had some parts of them they would rather leave covered. For the safety of both men’s egos and dignity. Hammond heard a laugh and found Sam and Teal’c bent over double laughing.

“Teal’c Major Carter. You four had better explain yourselves!” Hammond demanded.

“We would love to sir. But see in about four minutes you are going to forget so why tell it.” For this loop they had convinced Hammond that the mission should be delayed. So he didn’t know about the looping.

“What do you mean?” Hammond demanded walking up to Jack.

“Well sir. We are in the middle of another time loop. And we will just be going.” All four just walked out of the gate room. They got a safe distance and started laughing. Hammond could only stand there. He found his 2IC sitting on the ramp of the gate making out with the Head of Archeology. This was not good. But thankful for him he forgot right after he thought it.

Jack and Daniel were still laughing when time looped. Both at what they had done and the position they were in. Both men nearly collapsed in the tub.


Daniel threw the notebook he had been writing in against the wall. He had been working on the script for fifteen straight loops and only translated one set, the word thirty. He didn’t know what that meant. Just the word thirty no meaning for it and not a single reference in mythology to it either. For the past five loops he had taken to locking himself into his office and letting no one bother him. He even had music blaring on the radio so he couldn’t hear them. After the second time Jack had taken the lock off. So Daniel braced it every time now.

“Why can’t I get this? I cracked the Stargate in two weeks when it took them over two years to ask for my help. And I can’t translate this set of words.” Daniel’s anger hitched another notch. This time it was his coffee cup that hit the door. Outside Jack heard the cup hit the door.

“I guess that means he hasn’t had any luck.” Sam said walking up beside him.

“No, and he has one of his shelves in front of the door. So I can’t get in. This morning after our shower he just left. I couldn’t stop him. Sam, if we don’t get him to stop he could go crazy.”

“O’Neill, Major Carter.” Teal’c said. “General Hammond has agreed to send us back to the planet. But Daniel Jackson will not answer his phone.”

“Well he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. And with his music turned up we can’t yell at him. Any ideas Carter?”

“E-mail to his computer.”

“That might work. Your lab is closer.” The three walked to her office. After the email was sent they got a reply.

“When?” was all it said. So they sent a message.

“Phone.” So that they could actually talk to him voice to voice. Then Carter’s phone rang.

“Daniel?” Sam asked.

“When do we ship out?” Daniel’s tired voice said.

“In two hours. But Jack says you’re not going if you don’t stop working on that and get some food.”

“Put him on the phone.” Sam handed the phone to a very surprised Jack.

“Yes, Daniel?” He said.

“You may want to bring a first aid kit. I cut myself. The bookshelf is gone so you can get in.”

“How bad is the cut?”

“I have the bleeding stopped for now but I have no band aids and such here. Hurry.” Jack hung up the phone.

“Sir, what’s wrong?”

“Danny boy cut himself. First Aid kit?” Sam reached down beside her desk and handed it to him. Then Jack ran out of the lab. Jack found his lover sitting on the floor holding his arm and crying. Daniel was a king of understatement. This cut was bad. But it might not need stitches.

“Why are you crying, Love?”

“I can’t figure it out, Jack. I can’t do it. We are going to be doomed to repeat this day over for the rest of time.” This got Daniel crying again. Jack stopped what he was doing and held him. The arm had started bleeding again.

“Daniel, calm down. I am taking you to Janet. This cut is bad. It may need stitches.”

“Jack, I can’t get it.” Jack’s heart started crying. Daniel was so broke about this. He picked his lover up and carried him to the infirmary. When they got there he set Daniel down and called Carter. When she came he told her what happened.

“We will wait till tomorrow to go. Daniel needs sleep. He is so broke about not getting that text. He cut himself on the coffee mug that he threw. Carter we need to figure this out and fast. He will go crazy.” Carter saw the look in his eyes. Jack was so worried about Daniel. Janet walked over to them.

“Colonel, I gave him a sedative that should keep him down for a few hours. He needed ten stitches in his arm. I called the General and he agreed that the mission will wait. I know we won’t remember it but still he needs this time.” Janet walked away. Daniel slept until the day reset. The stitches on his arm were still there but Jack knowing what to expect had covered it up so that it couldn’t get wet.

“Jack?” Daniel said.

“Morning sleepy head.” Jack said. He held Daniel.

“Jack, did you go on the mission?” Daniel said slipping out of his lover’s embrace.

“No, we are going today. We thought that one loop wouldn’t hurt. This is what number twenty six.”

“Keeping track this time.”

“Oh yea. Helps me keep a straight mind and not go crazy. Which you almost did yesterday.”

“I almost did, didn’t I? But you knew what I needed. Sleep.”

“Well let’s go. I am hungry and we need all the time we can get on the planet.” Jack and Daniel got out of the shower and dried off. They dressed and ate breakfast. On the way to the base they stopped to get Daniel some of the cookies he loves so much.

“SG-1, have fun and don’t make it worse.” General Hammond said as they stepped through the gate. On the other side they walked straight to the ruins. The UAV had only found this set of ruins. Nothing else was found. Daniel spent the whole time looking for any kind of switch that would rest set it. But found nothing.

“Hey, Jack, I can give you something to do? You always get bored on these kinds of missions.”

“Yea, what’s that, Daniel?” Jack said walking up behind Daniel.

“Start pressing things.”

“Could that not make things worse, Daniel Jackson?” Teal’c asked.

“It could but what’s worse than having to repeat this forever.”

“How about we all start doing it.” Sam said. So they spent the next few hours just pressing everything they could.

“This does not seem to be working.” Teal’c said.

“I agree. But what else can we do?”

“Go back and tell Hammond we were unsuccessful.” Jack said. “Daniel, now I know you don’t want to but work a little more on the translation.”

“Why go back? It’s only two hours before the loops starts again. Why not have some fun on this planet.” Daniel said. He looked at Jack. The fire in Daniel’s eyes said all he didn’t say out loud.

“Sure, why not. I could use some down time.” Sam said.

“I could Kel’no’reem.” Teal’c said. “And sir. Make sure you don’t land in any poisonous planets.” Neither Jack nor Daniel chose to comment. Daniel always carried lube with him off planets. When time looped Daniel and Jack took advantage of it. They were late for work but it was worth it.


“Sam, can you come down here please?” Daniel said. The trip to the planet had been unproductive and only had frustrated him more. Until the end of it. After the day had reset it’s self he had enjoyed a morning of lovemaking with Jack and then came into work. Instead of trying to figure out the text he had tried to figure out why he couldn’t get the text. And the solution had come to him. That’s why he needed Sam. He finished what he was doing and waited for her.

“What do you need, Daniel?” Sam said.

“Come sit here.” He said motioning to the chair he just got out of. Sam eyed him and did as she was told.

“Ok, Daniel what’s up?”

“Well I know almost thirty languages but I do not know binary. I got this language into binary. The reason I could translate the thirty is because it’s the only thing not in binary. So now you get to get the headache of trying to decode this. I am going to get food. All you should need is right in front of you.” Daniel turned and walked from the room. Sam almost called out to him but didn’t. If she could get this then everything would go back to normal. Daniel went to the commissary. He could use some food. Jack was surprised to see him enter.

“Daniel? Why aren’t you cramped into you little room?”

“I can’t translate it. But Sam can.” Jack looked at his lover. He was expecting Daniel to start laughing anytime.

“Joking right?”

“No, Jack, I am not. I figured it out. It’s in binary. So I got it to there and Sam’s getting the rest. She’s in my office now doing it.”

“Loop number twenty seven right? Let’s go have some fun in the shower here on base. Close the door and lock it.” Daniel looked at Jack and agreed. Some fun was what he needed right now.

“Well sir, much like the first planet it’s a planetary history. Now this time machine was the first one built. They built it so that they could use the time to fix something that happened. Like let’s say a meteor shower happens and kills a lot of people they would activate it and who ever was on the planet would experience it. But it talks nothing of how to shut it off. So I don’t know what to do.” Daniel said.

“Well right now there is nothing we can do. You have what one hour till time loops again. Dr. Jackson, Major Carter work on it.” They all left.

“What loop number is this, Sir?” Sam asked as they all sat down in the commissary. “Twenty nine, Carter. And may I say twenty nine too many.” Jack was drinking coffee. They all were. Even Teal’c.

“Must we not get used to it.” Teal’c said drinking his coffee.

“Why is that Teal’c?” Jack asked.

“Think about it, Jack. We don’t know how to fix it. We will be stuck like this forever!”

“Now, calm down Daniel. You two will fix it. Somehow.” None said anything. They just sat there. All wanted to believe what Jack said but none could. There was no hope left in them. One by one they all left. Teal’c was the first. He said he needed to Kel’no’reem. Carter went to her lab. Daniel laid his head down on the table. Jack didn’t care about who saw he started rubbing his lover’s back. They had a few minutes until the time looped it’s self. And faithfully it did loop it’s self. Sam found herself in her lab with the phone in her hand. She set it down and just stared at the clock. Twelve hours and she will be right back here. Teal’c was in the weight room with SG-7. But he said he wasn’t feeling well all of a sudden and that he must Kel’no’reem. He went to his room and didn’t light and candles. He just sat there. Daniel got out of the shower. And got dressed. He went down stairs and sat on the couch. Jack stayed under the spray of the water for a while then went to find his lover. Jack sat down beside him and pulled Daniel to where he laid on top of him. Daniel didn’t fight he just laid there. They laid like that for a while until the door bell rang. Jack got out from under Daniel and answered the door.

“Hello, Sir.” Sam said.

“O’Neill. Is Daniel Jackson here?”

“Yea, come in.”

“I told Hammond that you two wouldn’t be in today. I couldn’t stand it there.”

“Jack, who’s there?” Daniel called from the other room.

“It’s Sam and Teal’c.”

“Well come on in.” Daniel said. He sat up on the couch. Jack sat beside him. Sam and Teal’c sat in chairs.

“I told Hammond that you two don’t feel well. Since we were going to another planet he gave Teal’c and I some time off. Hammond doesn’t know about the looping.”

“Yea, this is what thirty?” Jack said.

“Thirty? Oh, my god. I understand it now.” Daniel just stood up and ran to the study. Jack, Sam, and Teal’c just followed him.

“Daniel, you alright?” Jack and Sam asked at the same time.

“This is the last one. Sam remember how that number thirty was the only one not in binary.”

“I get you now. Yea, but how can we be sure?”

“Wait this one out. How else?” Daniel said.

“Ok, what did we just figure out?” Jack asked.

“Jack I think this is the last loop. This is loop number thirty. Thirty was the only word not in binary. So that even a less advanced race could figure it out. All we have to do is wait it out.” Daniel said. His face had a smile on it that hadn’t been there in twenty loops.

“Hammond doesn’t know about this?” Jack said.

“No.” Sam said.

“Let’s not tell him. We don’t need this known. We will go to this planet tomorrow and blow up the ruins. On accident. You know say it was booby trapped.” Jack said.

“Booby?” Teal’c said.

“A hidden trap.” Daniel said.

“Oh. Thank you.”

“Why, Sir?”

“Let’s just keep this one to our selves. We don’t need anyone like the NID making use of it. No record of it and it never will be.”

“But why blow it up?” Daniel asked.

“So no one else activates it.”

“SG-1 you have a go. Good Luck.” Hammond said. SG-1 stepped through the gate. On the other side Sam got the C-4 ready. They set it on a twenty minute timer. That would give them time to get back to the gate.

“It did give us some fun memories.” Daniel said on their way back to the gate.

“Hammond when he found out about what you two did to Siler.” Jack said.

“General Hammond’s face when he found you kissing Daniel Jackson in the gate room.” Teal’c said with a smile on his face.

“Good memories.” Sam said. Then they heard the explosion. They dialed Earth. Sam entered the iris codes. “Get ready to run. In one two three. Now!”

“Close the Iris.” Daniel said on Earth’s side. Once they had all ran through. They thought it would be better if they acted scared.

“SG-1 you just went through what happened?” General Hammond said walking into the room.

“Well sir, the ruins were booby trapped. We got close and they blew up. We returned home. We didn’t know if anyone was going to come after us.”

“Briefing will be in one hour. Get cleaned up. I will lock this planet from the computer.” SG-1 walked to the locker room. Once inside they all started laughing.

“Right out of our hands.” Jack said. This just got everyone else laughing again. They laughed until they couldn’t anymore.

“OK, if a planet looks like it belonged to the Ancients lets turn tail and run.” Daniel said. All agreed. Hoping to never do this again.

On that planet a few miles from where that device was another one sits. These devices cover this whole planet. Waiting for the next person to activate it. For someone always does. And they always will.

The End

(We Hope)

You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Title: You Don’t Love Me Anymore
Series: None
Year: After the End of the Series
Category: Drama, Hurt, First Time,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: Five years after the defeat of the Goa’uld, he returns to see if he could walk out on him.
Words: 1,699
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Part 1

“So do you know if he’s coming?” Jack asked Sam as they stood in the ballroom in Washington commemorating the fifth anniversary of the fall of the Goa’uld.

“Don’t know. Last I heard he was still in Egypt. I asked George and he said he didn’t know.” Sam said.

“Should he not be here?” Teal’c asked.

“Should. But after the breakup. I’m not so sure.” Jack said. He looked around. Most of the people here he knew. But since his retirement a lot of new people had come to work at the SGC.

“Can you believe it? Five years.” Sam said.

“Seems like yesterday I was convincing Teal’c to help us on Chulak.” Jack said. Teal’c smiled.

“It was in fact 13 years ago, O’Neill.” Teal’c said.

“It’s a figure…and you still can tell jokes.” Jack said smiling. Jack saw a man making his way towards them. “I think we have a fan coming our way.”

“Colonel Carter, General O’Neill, Teal’c.” The man said. His voice was rough and low.

“And who are you?” Jack asked.

“Just someone who wants to say his thanks.” The man said. Sam noticed he was only looking at Jack.

“Sir, please, your name.” Sam said. The man shook his head no.

“Why do you conceal it from us.” Teal’c asked.

“Let’s just say my past isn’t that good.” The man said.

“I know you. How do I know you?” Jack asked.

“Just in passing you knew me, truly.” The man said. His eyes showed pain. “But that was then. This is now.”

“Please who are you?” Jack asked. The man smiled and leaned in.

“And right there for a minute, I forgot that you don’t love me anymore.” The man whispered in Jack’s ear before walking away. Jack looked after him. He had a fleeting thought that that had been Daniel. But he squashed it. Daniel didn’t want to see him ever again. After Jack had broken up with him near five years prior. Jack had been mean and ruthless. And everyday he thought that he shouldn’t have let Daniel go.

“Sam, Teal’c, please tell me you know who that was.” Jack said.

“No, Jack. I’m sorry. I know him from somewhere too.” Sam said.

“As do I, O’Neill.” Teal’c said. They all looked, briefly, at the stage where George was introducing the last speaker for the evening.

“He was part of this project from the get go. And for the past five years he has been searching over the world for the presence of the Goa’uld in ancient cultures. We didn’t know he was going to be here until the last minute. But those of us that know him know he’s last for almost everything. Including his death. Dr. Daniel Jackson.” Sam, Jack, and Teal’c all looked at the stage to see the man who had just been talking to them move to hug George.

“Hi, everyone. I know you have been listening to speeches all evening and for once I will do a short one.” Everyone laughed at this. “I just wanted to say thank you to you all for keeping the program running. Since we don’t have to deal with the Goa’uld anymore it has become more scientific. Tonight isn’t about us, the ones who started the project it’s about you, the ones who are keeping it running. Thank you.” Daniel left the stage. Jack tried to follow him but he had been stopped so many times that by the time he made it outside he saw a taxi driving away. He re-entered the ballroom and a waiter stopped him.

“General O’Neill, Dr. Jackson gave this to me to give to you.” The waiter handed him a slip of paper. Jack opened it and recognized Daniel’s handwriting at once.

“Oh there’s nothing like a true love to go and make a fool of someone just like before And right there for a minute I forgot that you don’t love me anymore. Oh and how far we’ll travel for a place to heal our hearts. We watched it unravel so why’s tonight the hardest part. Jack, tonight was hard. My thanks were for the years of friendship I shared with you. And Sam and Teal’c. But I am happy. I have learned to live without you.” The note said nothing else. Jack let his mind wander back to the taxi driving away. Jack had left Daniel the first time. This time Daniel left Jack. Sam came out and took the note from Jack. She read it and just stood beside him. She knew there was nothing she could say.

Chapter 2

Jack watched the man move about his house on the outskirts of New York. A horse galloped past the man and he held out his hand to brush the horse’s flank.

Daniel didn’t look like himself. The beard covered the scar on the side of his face from the last mission he had been a part of. But it was more than that. The sun had given Daniel’s face a darker tone and his eyes were haunted. Was it any wonder why no one had recognized him?

Daniel stopped and turned. Almost as if he felt Jack’s presence behind him. Daniel raised a hand to block the sun and dropped it when he recognized Jack.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Daniel asked as he set down the bucket and wiped his hands on his pants.

“You have horses,” Jack said as he watched the horses move around the yard.

“Yes, I raise them,” Daniel said. Jack shook his head in shock. “Now why are you here?”

“I came to talk. After the ceremony a month ago, I knew we had to,” Jack said.

“I see. I need to finish feeding my other animals. Go into the house I’ll be along shortly,” Daniel said.

Daniel entered his house two hours later to find Jack asleep on the couch. None of his artifacts had been touched. This meant that Jack was uncomfortable and didn’t want to incur Daniel’s wrath. Daniel smiled. He grabbed a quilt from the back of his couch and covered Jack up. Jack’s phone started vibrating and Daniel looked at the caller ID. It was Sam.

“Hey,” Daniel said answering it.

“Daniel?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. Jack’s asleep on my couch,” Daniel said answering the vibrating phone.

“Oh. He…he missed his last day of the month lunch with Teal’c and we were worried,” Sam said.

“He arrived a few hours ago. I’ve been working on the house and I guess he fell asleep,” Daniel said.

“Just have him call Teal’c,” Sam said.

“Sure,” Daniel said.

“Thanks,” Sam said hanging up. Daniel set the phone down and went to the kitchen to start cooking himself some dinner. He heard rustling in the living room and knew that Jack was waking up. He didn’t want Jack to be disoriented and went to make sure he knew where he was.

“Jack,” Daniel said hoping the voice would calm the man. Jack was moving around entirely too much for it not to be a nightmare. Daniel placed his hand on Jack’s shoulder, barely touching it. The light pressure slowly woke Jack up. It let him know that he was safe.

Jack smiled as he saw Daniel sitting beside him on the couch. He leaned up to kiss Daniel. Thinking that the nightmare had just been that a nightmare. Not the way his life currently was. It was only when Daniel didn’t open his mouth that Jack pulled back.

“Danny?” Jack asked. He finally looked around. His eyes widened in fear. “Oh god, I’m sorry. I…”

“It’s all right.” Daniel placed a hand on his arm to stop him from moving away.

“No, it’s not all right. I was an ass. I was just so scared of seeing you die. I didn’t want that. I thought I would be safer alone. I’m so sorry.” Jack leaned up to hug the younger man. Needing the touch and hoping that Daniel didn’t mind. Daniel just wrapped his arms around Jack and held tight. Daniel felt wetness start to collect where Jack’s face was buried in his neck.

Daniel started rocking them back and forth, trying to calm Jack down. He’d never seen Jack like this before. Even when he had broke down and cried about Charlie. He’d never been this open.

“I don’t deserve you, Danny. But I love you. I always will and I always have.” Jack didn’t move from Daniel’s shoulder and he held tight so that Daniel couldn’t pull back. Daniel just held on tight and didn’t let him go.

Four Months Later:

Daniel smiled as the newest addition to his horse farm ran out of the stables along with a hat in his mouth. Next came Jack running after the horse, trying to get his new hat back from her.

“COME BACK HERE!” Jack screamed as he stopped when the horse was too far away from him. Daniel couldn’t help it he doubled over in laughter. Jack heard him and turned around smiling.

“Jack, I warned you. She steals the hats off heads.” Daniel said.

“I didn’t think you were telling the truth.” Jack said. He grabbed Daniel and pulled him back into his arms so that they could kiss. When Jack’s hands started downward on his back, he pulled back.

“Ah! No fondling until the animals are fed.” Daniel said. Jack gave him a quick peck on the cheek before he let go of Daniel all together. Jack rubbed a hand on Daniel’s now hairless check. The scar stood out more but he didn’t care.

Daniel knew what he was thinking and he blushed. He didn’t like the scar and he didn’t like not having it covered.

“I like it without hair. No whisker burn.” Jack said.

“People stare.” Daniel said.

“No, they stare cause of me. Such an old guy with such a good looking younger man. They are jealous that I have you.” Jack said.

“Jack…” Jack shut him up with a kiss. Seconds before Morning Glory threw Jack’s hat back at him.

“Hey! Come back here you. We’ve got to talk about this.”

The End

Who’s POV?

Title: Whose POV?
Series: None
Year: Any except Season Six
Category: Romance,
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Very mixed
Spoilers: None
Summary: A look at the members of the SGC through others eyes. Whether they are a friend, a lover, a want to be love, or an ex-lover.
Words: 5,630
Notes: None
Warnings: None


He can sit like that for hours. In his chair leaning over ancient writings. I don’t think he’s eaten all day. Nope, I hear his stomach growl. But he’s so lost in the past he can’t hear it. He doesn’t even know I’m sitting here watching him. I have been for the past hour. I finished my work and was getting ready to take him home but when I walked into the room I couldn’t. His face held such joy and wonder, I just sat down and watched him. He reaches for his coffee cup and makes a face when he notices it’s cold. He turns in his chair the book still in hand and dumps the cold coffee in the sink. Then he pours himself another. Once back at the desk he sets the book down and opens the drawer he keeps his food in. He pulls out an energy bar and a Hershey’s bar. He eats the Hershey’s first. Slowly piece-by-piece as he reads the book. Every once and while stopping to write something down on the pad of paper beside him, then going back to just reading.

I’m sitting in a dark corner of his office. He doesn’t have much light on. If it’s too bright it gives him a headache and then he can’t work. So he just has a desk lamp on. And the doors are shut, so no light from there. It’s easy to hid in the dark in his room. His phone rings and he answers it. That short, sweet ‘Hello.’ Then he murmurs something and hangs up. He searches around his desk for something then moves and puts it in one of the trays outside his main door. I had them installed. An ‘in’ tray and an ‘out’ tray. So that Daniel could put his reports and things in it when someone needs them and they can pull them out of it and not have to disturb Daniel. He likes it. I like it. Everyone likes it. He gets testy sometimes when you bother him. This saves the sanity of Ol’ Doc Jackson and the sanity of everyone else. He’s sitting again. And reading. I wonder if he’ll ever notice I am here.

Then there’s a knock on the door. Just one simple knock letting Daniel know that there is a new report in the tray. Then you can hear the person walking off. When Daniel wants to he will get up and get it. He’s eating his power bar now. And reading again. And he sits there and reads for another hour. For once in my life I’m not getting restless. I enjoy the time that I can watch him. We ‘gate all over the universe and lately we haven’t had the time to just sit and rest. I see him smiling. I wonder what’s making him smile. Then he looks right at me.

“How long you going to sit there?” He asks. I guess I wasn’t all that quiet.

“How’d you know I was here?” I ask stepping out of the shadows and sitting beside him.

“I heard you come in. I am getting better at that. You had better be more careful. You sounded like an elephant. Then I wanted to see how long you would sit there before becoming board. Two hours. That’s a record. Usually it’s two minutes.” He stands and gets the folder from the tray. There are two.

“What’s that?” I ask trying to see.

“SG-1’s on stand down for a week. With how many teams General Hammond’s got out and how hard we’ve been working, he said we deserved it.”

“What’s the second folder?”

“The memo for you.” He says. And I laugh. Yes, General Hammond knows me. If they want me to read a memo give it to Daniel. He’ll make sure I read it.

“So one question remains…your place or mine?”

“Your, Jack, always yours.” He says as he’s leaving the room. Sweet!


She sitting there not knowing I am watching her. She and Daniel are both working in her garden. She called him earlier and he came over. It’s the first time she had been on Terra Firma since spring had sprung and she wanted to work in her garden. Both are now planting a few flowers in the bed in the back of her yard. I can’t figure out which ass looks better in tight jeans: Daniel’s or Sam’s. Of course I have seen Sam’s ass in tight jeans before just never Daniel’s. He usually wears khakis or BDU’s when I see him and they are loose. But today he’s wearing jeans. They look well worn. I guess I can say I have never really seen him outside of work.

Now they are both standing up. Sam says something to him and he nods. She disappears into the house and comes out ten minutes later with a tray of drinks and sandwiches. They both sit and eat while talking. I can’t read their lips or hear what they are saying. Both are smiling the whole time though. Daniel rarely smiles like that. But Sam does almost all the time. That’s one of the reasons I love coming to work. To see Sam.

But work is fun other wise. Except when a mission goes wrong. And the only group to have almost every mission go wrong is SG-1. Then everyone has their work cut out for them. And the nursing staff has trouble-keeping SG-1 from their fallen comrades, especially if Daniel is hurt. Nothing short of a threat to throw them out will keep them sitting down in the chairs and waiting. They are moving again. Daniel stands and strips off his shirt. He really has been working out. He’s pulling something out of his pocket, a bandana to stop the sweat from getting in his eyes. Sam eyes his and gives a wolf whistle. He smiles back. Not shy at all. Then he tucks the shirt in his back pocket to use as a rag when she or he needs it.

Daniel has changed in his days at the SGC. He used to be really shy. Ok now whom did I come here to watch: Sam or Daniel. Hey, I’m a human being. I lust after whom I lust after. Not my fault that Daniel has Jack or he would be mine. This is a wet dream waiting to happen. Two of the hottest people at the SGC working in the sun on a hot day. Dressed practically naked.

I’ve been here for three hours when Daniel and Sam stop and talk. Then Daniel is hugging Sam and leaving. As he does he stops by where I am hiding and says out loud.

“Sam’s waiting on you in the house. Said something about dinner and maybe a movie. You know you need a better hiding place. We saw you when you arrived. And you call your self a Major.” Daniel said. I stand and he smiles and hugs me.

“Then I’ll just go and have myself a wonderful evening.” I say back to him as he leaves. As he opens his door a thought occurs to me. “Are you going to go home and take shower or just go to his place?”

“His place. The moment he sees me he’ll go hard. And I’ll complain about needing a nap ’cause I worked so hard. We probably won’t make it to the living room or bedroom.” He says smiling.

“So in other words I’m gonna have to give him some meds in the morning for his knees?”

“Yeah, Janet you probably will.” Daniel says seconds before he drives away. And here I go. To see if Sam has the same ideas in mind that I do.


Jack’s sitting in his house watching TV and drinking beer. You ask how I know this…well I have a co-conspirator. Daniel. Daniel is inside with him. Daniel and he talk. All the time. They are best friends. But nearly the whole base thinks they are lovers. Daniel is bi. Hell his boyfriend right now is Paul. But Jack’s not. Jack’s as straight as they come. Daniel had told Jack about his preferences from the beginning. And Jack didn’t care. That’s one of the reasons I love him.

He doesn’t care about things like that. He’s kind and caring. And have you seen his body? It’s hot. Old age did well for him. I’ve watched him and Daniel work out. See if I had a thing for Daniel and he wasn’t seeing Paul I would be all over him. But no. Still his body is nice. Not as nice as Jack’s though.

Jack’s a good man. No wonder I fell hard and fast for him. No one on this Earth is quite like him. No one in this galaxy. Believe me I know. I’ve been around the galaxy. On this mission and that. Heard about every alien everyone has met.

He’s never really opened up to anyone but Daniel. They’ve shared so much. Jack lost his son. Daniel lost Sha’re. Because of Daniel Jack his here today. I heard about the first mission to Abydos. Supposed to be a suicide mission. Because Daniel showed his it was worth living Jack didn’t kill himself. That’s one of the reason’s everyone thinks they are lovers. Because of that first mission.

But all there is between these two is deep mutual respect. All I have to do is wait for the signal from Daniel before I knock on the door. Which the signal I’m waiting for is Daniel calling and hanging up before I can answer. Then I will show up. It’s been planned for a while now. Its just every time we have tried it something happens. One of which was Jack burning the pizza and having to leave to eat so the house could air out.

There’s the call. This is it. It means that Jack has talked about a willingness to have a relationship with me. God, I’m nervous. But hell wouldn’t you be? He scares the shit out of everyone who meets him. Daniel answers the door. He invites me down to the den where they are sitting and watching a hockey game. We all talk for a while. Then Daniel’s cell phone rings. It’s Paul. Yeah, he’s in on it too. He wants to see Daniel tonight. So Daniel excuses himself. Jack tells him to have fun and don’t break any artifacts. I guess this is an inside joke because Daniel glares at him. Now Jack’s looking at me a smile on his face.

“You know, all you had to do was ask. You didn’t need to involve this elaborate plot.” I’m staring at him. Did Daniel tell him? Did he catch Daniel?

“I didn’t know if you saw me that way. Neither did Daniel.” I say.

“Yes, he did. He’s been doing all this and I’ve been helping him. He made that call to Paul and to you from right here beside me. Danny was playing both sides.”

“Why that sneaky little…” Jack cuts me off.

“Sam, get over here.” He says. I obey.


He’s so strong, and tall. I like men who hold their tongues. He’s very simple yet complex. He can sit on the floor for hours. Due to the fact that he is an alien his room has a security camera in it. And I have access to it. And it surprises me that he has a thing with nudity. All the footage I’ve watched never has him in his room with out boxers on. He always wears them when he takes a shower. He goes into the bathroom in them and comes out in them.

Who knew he would like boxers so well. He has three drawers full of them. Most are presents from Daniel. From what I hear Daniel was the one to show Teal’c the wonders of Tau’ri clothes. And near every few weeks Daniel brings him another article. Whether it is a hat, a shirt, or a new pair of boxers. Teal’c also found suits fun. I remember the first time I saw Teal’c in one. It was at Daniel’s funeral when everyone was made to believe that Daniel was dead. Afterward he complained about there being too many pieces to the suit. I wonder what he would think of a tuxedo.

Now he’s training. I watch him do this for who knows how long. I love watching the care he puts into his routine. I don’t hear Daniel walk up behind me. He watches me watch the screen for a few then clears his throat.

“Daniel! Don’t do that. I swear Colonel O’Neill has been teaching you how to sneak up on people.” I say in mock fury. Daniel knows I like Teal’c.

“Yes, well. Jack and I were going out to dinner and Teal’c invited himself. I was wondering if you wanted to go?”

“No one else?”

“Sam’s busy. I near got my head taken off when I walked in. I choose to leave before she threatened other parts of my anatomy. Jack would like me to keep those around.” he says smiling.

“I guess. Since you did invite Sam.”

“Do a double date.” Jack says as we enter O’Malley’s. I gasp.

“What is a ‘double date’ O’Neill?” Teal’c asks.

“I think I should handle this Jack.” Daniel says. Jack nods and shoves on me slightly. I think these two set me up. “Well a date is what someone does with someone they like. Like when Jack and I go out to eat. It’s a form of courting. And a double date is when two couples go out together. Most humans double date when they do first dates with new people. It makes them feel safe.”

“I see. Thank you, Daniel Jackson.”

“As always my pleasure.” Daniel said. I turn to glare at him. This just makes him smile harder.

“I believe these two have set us up, Dr. Fraiser.” Teal’c said smiling at me.

“I believe they have.” I say. But I can’t be mad. I got what I wanted from it.


She’s so beautiful. She has a grace about her. None compare. And she’s feisty. She won’t give up a patient no matter what. She takes her job seriously. Even if the job gets her down. I’ve bee there. When she loses a patient. It strikes her hard. But she doesn’t give up on the next one. She fights till they are truly lost.

She cares. And after five years on the job here at the SGC most wouldn’t. Not many of our infirmary staff last over a few months. Most can’t take the pressure. She takes it in stride.

The base calls her a Napoleonic Power Monger thanks to you know who. That’s only because she the only one on the base to tell him what to do besides General Hammond.

I don’t know why I love her I just do. And she loves me. We’ve been a couple for a while now and the sight of her still takes my breath away. She smiles a lot in the SGC bout outside it she laughs. Her laugh is wonderful. Melodic and sweet. She threatens me with a longer needle in checkups every time I tell her this. But I know she likes it.

I know she’s been hurt. Her ex-husband couldn’t take her being military. She fears the rejection. But I know that she knows deep down I wouldn’t do that to her. I wouldn’t try to make her quit her job. Her job is her life. Like mine is for me.

I am waiting for her at a local Italian restaurant. We both were happy when the General gave us the time off. With SG-1 being off world for the past week and Janet helping Cassie get settled in college the week before we haven’t sat down to a fast food meal or reheated meal together in a few weeks.

She’s half an hour late and I’m worried. If she’s late that meant a team came through hurt. Which means she could be there all night. I’m pulling out my cell phone when I see Jack enter the restaurant. He sees me and heads over to my table. He doesn’t sit which means he’s just dropping off a message.

“She’ll be a little late. SG-12 came in hot with a few minor injuries.” He says what he needs to then leaves. I smile. Janet must have sent him. Because she knows that just calling me would send me to the base quick as a flash. But since Jack was able to leave I know it’s not that bad. My phone rings.

“Hey.” I say.

“Hi. Order for me. I’m leaving now. It should be ready by the time I get there.” Janet says.

“I will. Chicken?” I ask.

“Chicken is good. See you soon.” Janet says before hanging up. She never gives me a chance t answer her. She never does. It’s a quirk. One that I love about her. She has to get the last word in. I wave the waitress over and place our orders. She a regular waitress and knows about one of us ordering for two then the second arriving minutes before the food gets to the table.

Twenty minutes later as the waitress is bringing us our food she arrives. She’s dressed simply in a pair of jeans and a sweater. As am I. As always she sits beside me at the table and not across from me. We spend so little time together outside of work we take all the touching we can get. After the waitress leaves we share a quick kiss.

“I’ve missed you, love.” I say.

“I’ve missed you, Danny.” She says back squeezing my leg.

Daniel and Jack

He’s a very private man. Dr. Daniel Jackson that is. I’ve been working with him for a few months now. Directly that is. Since I became a Major. I watched him during the time that O’Neill was trapped in Antarctica. Their friendship is wonderful. Two men who have very little in common. But they are close friends. I know why. It’s because of Daniel saving O’Neill’s life on that first fateful mission to Abydos.

Everyone knows that Friday’s for the guys are beer and pizza night and Tuesday’s when they are on world is team night. Even now. Even though O’Neill technically isn’t part of SG-1 anymore. They had been a team for seven years before O’Neill took the promotion. Even though Daniel was only part of it for six years. He spent a year as energy. I wasn’t around for that. I’ve only heard about it. But the bond those four share is strong. O’Neill’s promotion didn’t change that and couldn’t. I think that even if he retires they would keep the tradition up.

This base has a rumor mill worse than a high school. But it’s only natural. I mean once we step outside those doors on the ground level we leave work behind. We can’t talk about it at home. So the rumor mills run rampant. It’s usually harmless. No facts at all. In my time here I have heard two most of all. O’Neill and Carter. Seems that on has been around from the beginning. And O’Neill and Daniel. That one seems to come and go. Little things bring it back. I’ve been told the first time it started was when SG-1 saved Earth near a year after the program started. Everyone believed that Daniel had died on Klor-el’s ship. When O’Neill, Carter, Teal’c, and Bra’tac came back Hammond said that there was someone SG-1 would want to see. Daniel revealed himself and O’Neill hugged him in front of the whole base.

Over the years it’s died down I hear.

So here I am waiting on my friend in a gay bar in Denver when I see Daniel walk in. This was new. Hell I didn’t know he was gay. Or Bi. He did have a wife. So that makes him bi. Or gay. Not interested in women since then. Well what ever. Guess this goes good for me. Maybe I do have a chance with him. See me I am a gay man. But it didn’t stop me from going into the Air Force. I just practiced discreetly.

He moves to the bar and the bar man seems to know him. Daniel talks to him for a minute then nods and takes the whiskey the man gives him. That’s strange. I was told he didn’t like alcohol that much. He stands beer cause Jack drinks it. Then I see a man walk up to Daniel. I can see the man is on his way to being drunk and he makes a pass as Daniel. When Daniel refuses him he acts like he going to hit Daniel. As his fist goes back Daniel smiles. This gets me wondering. Why is he smiling? This only pisses the man off more. Daniel takes a sip of his drink and the man tries to move his fist. I notice why he doesn’t. Someone has a hold of his arm.

It’s General O’Neill! The man takes one look at O’Neill and backs off. Daniel starts laughing. Then so does Jack. The bartender hands Jack a beer and Jack nods his thanks. It seems that some of those rumors are true. Both men are comfortable here. They make their way my way. This is the area where you can talk. I can hear O’Neill now.

“So, why are we here and not at home having fun?” O’Neill asks.

“Because a friend of mine is in town visiting another friend and he wants to see me.” Daniel says. He kisses O’Neill on the cheek and O’Neill smiles. I think Daniel whispered something to him.

“I guess the fun can wait. I think he’s here. Someone’s waving at you.” O’Neill says. I turn the direction he’s pointing and my smile fades. It seems that the friend Daniel’s waiting on is mine as well.

“Daniel. God it’s been years.” Jacob says as they hug.

“Yeah, well I’ve been busy. Jacob Reeves this is my boyfriend Jack O’Neill.” They shake hands. I see Jacob looking around. “Jacob, who’s the man you’re waiting on?”

“My boyfriend. Seth Keirney.” Yeah, now’s the time to make myself known.

“Keirney?” O’Neill says. His eyes go wide and he looks around. Daniel is the one to spot me.

“Seth.” Daniel said. Jacob looks at them.

“Daniel. General.” I say.

“You know Seth?” Jacob asks.

“We work together.” Daniel says. I see O’Neill watching me. Then his eyes lighten. With out words we’ve come to an understanding. I’ll keep yours and Daniel’s you keep mine.

Sam and Janet

They are friends. Best of friends. Everyone knows it. But they don’t question it. Theyhave no reason and Janet are two military women who came together because of the job. And Cassie.

Sam fell in love with Cassie but she didn’t want to give up her job to have to raise her. And she knew she would have had to. But Janet…she was able to raise Cassie. So that’s one way they hide. I really think that I’m the only one who’s noticed. Maybe Teal’c has. I never know. He knew about my partner before my partner did. He sorta helped us clue ourselves in.

I’m in O’Malley’s by myself because my partner is working late. Sam and Janet are eating alone in a booth. They are so good together. Janet’s wearing makeup so I know it’s a date. Sam wears makeup all the time, but Janet only does on dates. She told me so herself. She told me one of those times I was bored in the infirmary. And no one had brought me anything to do.

I keep myself hidden so they can’t see me. They will take pity on me and invite me to eat with them. They say they won’t mind. And they won’t. Neither would be pissed at me. It would just be more of a team dinner. No chance of them getting caught. But I’ll feel bad. So I hide. And I watch. I love seeing them interact. I love seeing Sam’s eyes sparkle when she laughs. She only does that around Janet.

And Janet. She smile reaches her eyes and brightens her whole face. Both women are beautiful. But for me. I’ve never really swung that way. I like my bodies a little harder. And the equipment to dangle. Yeah, I was married once. I wouldn’t say it was a loveless marriage but I only did it for personal that I could have a life. One that included I’ve got my lover. And for once in my life I am in love.

Janet keeps checking her watch. Why haven’t they ordered? I see Janet get up and check outside for something. Maybe they are waiting on someone. I hide behind a menu when I hear Janet talking to someone.

“Your late.” She says in her doctor tone.

“Yeah, I can’t find him.” I hear a voice say. Was that who I think it was. Yes, it is.

“Jack, how hard can it be to find Daniel? He’s either at your house or his.” Janet says. They stopped by my table. Damn. I want to know why Jack’s looking for me.

“Well he’s not. And his cell phone’s at his house. I could page him. But he would go to the base. I lost Daniel. So sorry. The double date can’t happen.” Jack says. So Jack knows about them. I giggle. Jack turns to me. I know he does because I know him. I’m still hiding behind the menu. “Excuse me. This was a private conversation.”

“Then maybe you should have it at your table.” I say. Adopting a slight Spanish accent. Jack blows out a breath and they move to their table. Jack will be watching me for a while. My waitress comes over. “I’ll be moving to that table shortly. Just deliver my food over there.” I wait and set down my menu. I think Jack will be a little mad. Yeah, he’s looking this way. I smile at him. I pick up my glass of beer and make my way to the table.

“Daniel Melburn Jackson.” Jack says as I sit down beside Sam. I just smile and nod.

“You can’t tell me I wasn’t good.” I say.

“Don’t worry. When we get home. I’ll get you good.” Jack promises. Janet and Sam smile. I think they would love to see it.

Jack Again

He’s so damn hot. He really doesn’t know it. He thinks that since he’s old no one thinks he’s hot. Me I’ve always liked older men. I don’t know why. Of course with me working with him it would never happen. Plus Jack is so not gay. I wonder what he’d do if he found out I was. Throw me off his team? Nah, he wouldn’t do that. I really don’t think he’s homophobic.

There was that one time on P3D- 635 where the leader of the tribe was gay. Jack took it all in stride. He even played along when I tried to help him and say that he and I were together that’s why he couldn’t take the offer they gave. Seems that in their culture only males and females get together to have kids. Otherwise it’s strictly homosexual relations. I thought I would get punched out when we got back to our tents for holding his hand briefly. He asked me why I did it and I told him. He nodded said thanks and went to sleep.

He invited me over for dinner tonight. Said we hadn’t had anytime alone lately. And since the job is so demanding we never get the chance to go out with women. Although for me it’s men or women. I really do wonder what he would do?

Jack can cook. Most people on the base thinks that he lives off of fast food. But Jack can cook. He loves cooking meals for people. But since Sarah left he hasn’t been able to. That’s why he loves it when I agree to dinner. He can cook anything he wants. Of course the first time he did it for me I found he knows Italian fluently. That was right after the attack on Earth. I know Italian but Jack knows it better than I. We talked the whole night in Italian.

I can hear him peddling around in the kitchen. I think he’s looking for the strainer. He always loses it. His phone rings. He yells at me to answer it.

“O’Neill residence.” I say. I hear screaming over the phone and it’s in English but the person is talking so fast and loud that I can’t understand them. And the voice is definitely “Please stop yelling.”

“Why? So that I don’t disturb you and your lover boy. He was mine you know. I had him first. Now he’s running around with another man…” He says some more things but Jack grabs the phone.

“Terry, you need to stop calling. God your in jail. I am not yours.” He says before hanging up. I hear the pasta boil over and he runs into the kitchen. Jack’s had a male lover. Jack’s had a male lover. I’m stuck to the spot. I can’t move. Finally I can move when he yells that dinner’s done. I move to the dining room. He doesn’t look me in the eye. I decide we can eat before I confront him. I ask about what he thought about what happened to SG-14 lasts week.

We have moved to the living room. Jack surprising isn’t drinking any beer. We are playing chess. I’m winning as usual. It won’t be long before he says he wants to play gin.

“You surprise me.” He says to me. I look up at him. He smiles briefly then continues. “You find out that I am bi and don’t try to delve into it.”

“Well, you don’t seem keen to talk about it. And it’s none of my business.” I say to him. He nods.

“Actually it is your business. I broke up with Terry right before that mission to Klorel’s ship. He got drunk in a bar and killed a few people.” Jack says to me.

“How is this my business?” I ask confused.

“Because I fell for someone else. That’s why I broke up with him. I couldn’t be with him and love that other person. But it was futile to even love the other person. There was no way that other person could love me.” He says. Can he mean…? Is there a chance for us? “I love you, Danny.”

You Figure It Out

He’s asleep on the couch. I invited him over to my place after he came back. I tried to sleep but I need to see that he’s home. He’s sleeping so peacefully. He looks so young when he’s asleep. Like everything that has ever happened to him never has. Like us. Our fight that lead to out breakup. My inability to control my anger and jealousy.

He rolls over and groans. I know it a groan and not a moan because I know his moans. Or I used to until two years ago. That’s when he walked out the door saying it was over. We stayed friends. Kept things professional. But everyone knew something happened.

I wouldn’t have invited him over. But after he got back from being gone he looked so lost. He has his own place but right now I think what would be best is company. He needs contact with friends. And no matter what I want. That’s what we are. Friends.

He’s moving again. It’s like he can’t get comfortable. It’s dark in the room so when he shoots up into a sitting position breathing hard he doesn’t see me. I know it was a nightmare. He never screams out. Never has. No matter what. I’ve asked why he doesn’t. He never answers.

“God!” He says. He stands up and moves to window in the den. I follow him with my eyes. “Of all the memories to give me of my time ascended. Why that one?” He asks Oma. I’ve heard he does that a lot. But I wonder what memory it was. I know it’s nothing to do with me. He never dreams of me anymore.

“Is it punishment? Because some part of me loved seeing him there in pain. You know in the end I forgave him. But how could I forget what he said to me. How?” He’s starting to cry. He’s sinking down onto his butt on the floor. I’m not moving till I’m sure.

“I know your watching me. I can feel you. I know you are asking why I don’t tell him. That I still love him. I guess I couldn’t handle leaving again.” I move to his slumped form and envelop him in a hug. He says nothing and just accepts the embrace.

“I’m sorry.” I tell him. And I mean it. I am sorry for everything he has been put through. Everything I’ve done to him. All he does is snuggle closer into my embrace. He doesn’t want to talk. Just to feel. I understand. He has had someone comfort him in a while.

“Thanks, Jack.” Daniel says to me. I also hear him fall asleep again. I don’t think I’ll be letting him go this time. Or at least not until he goes away and I can go with him.

The End

Who Knew?

Title: Who Knew?
Series: None
Year: Season Eight
Category: Mystery
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Janet/Sam
Spoilers: None
Summary: Sam goes to Jack’s after her bike quits near his house. What she finds surprises her.
Words: 1,254
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“Shit!” Sam said as her bike stalled again. She took out her cell phone and saw that the battery was dead. She started looking around. This area looked familiar. Then she saw Jack’s house at the end of the street. She walked her bike to his driveway and parked it. She hoped he would take her home. She knocked on his door and heard nothing. She hoped he wasn’t asleep. Then she heard someone heading down the hall. Jack opened the door.

“Carter?” He said. Sam looked at him. No shirt and his pants were on, but unbuttoned. No socks or shoes. Maybe he had been asleep.

“Sorry, sir. My bike quit and I was hoping you’d take me home. My cell phone quit. Or just let me use your phone.” Sam said.

“No, I’ll drive. Just give me a few. I need to get dressed.” Jack said moving from the door. She saw him head to his room and he heard the sounds of talking. Sam wondered who the lucky lady was. Then she walked into the living room. She saw the remnants of pizza and beer. Along with a shirt. It must have been Jack’s. Then she saw another shirt. Both shirts were shirts men would wear. And she saw two pair of shoes. The General’s sneakers and a pair of men’s dress shoes. Then it hit her. The General was gay! And upstairs in his bedroom was another man. And Sam had interrupted them. She quickly moved out of the living room to stand by the door again. She saw a pair of boxers in the hall next to Jack’s bedroom door. Jack moved out of the bedroom and headed her way.

“Well, let’s get your bike in the back and I’ll take you home, Carter.” Jack said his tone light and happy. Now Sam knew why Jack had flirted with her but never tried anything. If everyone one the base thought you were doing your 2IC they wouldn’t expect that you were doing men. Sam smiled as Jack dropped her off at her place.

“Thanks, Sir.” Sam said as Jack drove off. She went into her place to see Janet waiting on her.

“Your late.” Janet said. She looked mad but Sam could see the humor in her eyes.

“Sorry. My bike quit on me and my cell phone died. I was near the General’s and he brought me home.”

“Well, we still have time to make it to the movie.” Janet said standing from the couch.

“Yes, but first gossip. Never to leave this house.” Sam said. Janet brightened up and rushed over to Sam.


“So, while I was waiting for Jack to change I looked around. Evidence that he was not alone was everywhere. But the evidence was also that another man was with him. In his bedroom. In the early evening.” Sam said. Janet looked at her wide-eyed.

“You mean that…”

“You didn’t know?” Sam asked.

“No. Not as his doctor. Maybe it’s not penetrative yet.” Janet said as Sam grabbed her coat. They walked out the door. They didn’t talk again until they got into the car.

“Janet, you got Daniel a pair of boxers for his birthday, right?” Sam asked remembering the boxers she saw in the hall.

“Yes. Why?” Janet asked.

“What did they look like?” Sam asked pulling the car over and shutting it off.

“They had Sphinxes on them. And the band had the word Egypt written around it.”

“Well, I saw those boxers in the hall by Jack’s bedroom.”

“No! Let’s go see.” Janet said. Sam started the car again and drove to Jack’s house. Twenty minutes later Jack and Daniel exited the house. Jack took a quick look around the neighborhood then kissed Daniel. Then they got into Jack’s truck. Sam pulled out a few minutes later and followed.

“Do we follow them and bump into them?” Sam asked. Janet nodded. Jack pulled into one of the local Italian restaurants and Sam followed. The place was packed and no seating was available for Sam and Janet. They were turning to leave when they heard a voice say.

“They can sit with us. They’re friends.” Daniel said. As they sat down at the table Jack said.

“You need to work on your tailing, Sam.”

“And you need to make sure Daniel’s boxers make it inside the room.” Janet said.

Daniel blushed at Janet’s announcement. He had told Jack to make sure there was nothing that said he was there.

“I got in a hurry.” Jack said.

“And both of your guy’s clothes scattered all over the living room.” Sam said. Daniel turned and gave Jack a hard glare.

“I think someone’s sleeping alone tonight.” Daniel said. Jack gave Daniel pouty eyes. “Don’t. You know I hate it when you don’t clean up. What would have happened if someone else from the base came over? You would be sitting in the brig right now. You told me you got all of that last night.”

“Last night?” Sam said. Janet was laughing at her reaction. “I thought you guys had eaten lunch and ended up in the sack.”

“No. Never made it out of the sack. Except for lunch and breakfast.” Daniel said.

“Don’t tell me you two have never done that?” Jack asked. Sam nearly choked on her drink and Janet had to pound her on the back.

“We’ve known for a while now.” Daniel said.

“You’re discreet but Cassie sort of blew it.” Jack said. Janet’s eyes widened in surprise. “It was after that first fight. She was kinda broken up. Daniel here just happened to be the one she broke to. I just happened to enter the apartment after she said it. She understood that telling Daniel was fine since he was a civilian.”

“She never even told us.” Sam said after she recovered.

“I told her not to. It was better you didn’t know.” Daniel said.

“Well we know who’s the man in this relationship.” Janet said.

“Yeah, found that out the hard way. We got in a fight and he and I broke up. You know after a few years of getting sex regularly and then it being cut off was bad.” Jack said.

“I can hold out with my hand longer than he can.” Daniel said. Jack blushed. And the girls laughed. “So he learned the hard way to do what I say.”

“So the shy act?” Janet asked.

“Not an act. I just don’t like showing myself around people who I don’t really know.” Daniel said.

“Years?” Sam said. Janet looked at her then at the boys. “That means you were together before you died.”

“Yes, right after the fiasco on Euronda.” Jack said.

“You let him go?” Janet said.

“Yes, He came back. He said he would. I trusted him enough to wait for him. He needed it. He didn’t feel he belonged anywhere.” Jack said.

“Damn and all the bets on the base are around the fact that Jack just loves to be buried in Daniel.” Janet said. This time Daniel needs help breathing after taking a drink.

“Well they are. None what so ever talk about love. Just the need to have sex and the fact that no one else can stand you two enough to be that close.” Sam said.

“Yeah, I know. Most think I can’t love anyone and that Daniel won’t after Sha’re.” Jack says. Daniel glares at Jack. “I really think I’ll be sleeping alone tonight.”

The End


Title: Trust
Series: None
Year: Any
Category: First Time
Ratings: PG
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: Daniel opens up to Jack about his past. But what does Jack do?
Words: 3,214
Notes: None
Warnings: Mentions of Abuse

So here I am looking at pictures I found in his office. From his younger days before he went to college and when he was at college. He always wore long sleeves and turtlenecks. Even that first year that he was here at the base he wore them. Then he stopped. He smiled more. Even when Sha’re was gone he still smiled. And he always wore the BDU jacket. I always thought it was from the cold. He grew up in a desert. He lived on Abydos for a year. In Colorado even during the summer it doesn’t get all that hot, unless it’s an Indian summer. Not as hot as he’s used to. But after that first year he got used to it.

I came to his office to find some chocolate. He always has it on hand, if not for himself then for Carter when it’s that time. I found the drawer that he has it in. Along with a letter. I know I shouldn’t have read it but I did. It was from a woman. Stella. Stella Smith. From reading it I got that she was one of his many foster parents. She started the letter off with I’m sorry. I don’t know what for. She and Daniel must know. I look at the date. It was dated the third of August of 1997. Not long after he got back from Abydos. She talked about how she wished she could have stopped him and that Daniel had been forced to do what he did. After that the note was nice and sweet. She was talking about how her life was. And that she had in total adopted seven children so far and that she had got re-married after the death of her husband and that this husband was nice and caring. And that she wanted Daniel to meet him, if he ever got back to the Chicago area.

I put the letter up and the pictures. And I start to make my way to Daniel’s apartment. I haven’t been around that much over the past year. I am afraid he’ll find something out that he didn’t need to know. But first I stop by Hammond’s office. I want to ask about Daniel’s file. And about this Stella Smith. I read the file the Air Force had compiled on him right before the trip to Abydos. But a few things were classified. I guess that where the stuff about Stella is. I tell him about the letter. Hammond looks shocked.

“I thought that he would tell you.” Hammond said.

“Tell me what?” I ask. He shakes his head. He goes over to a cabinet of his. He unlocks it and pulls out a file. He hands it to me.

“Your eyes only. A few things were left out of his file that you read in 1996. A great deal has to do with the Smith’s and a little about his sexuality.” I nod and leave. His sexuality. Daniel’s straight. Because believe me if I knew he wasn’t I would be telling him a few things. I go to my office and lock the door. I start reading.

“Stella and Adam Smith. Last foster parents Dr. Jackson had. He went to college just after Mr. Smith’s death. Mr. Smith was a well-endowed man. When he was killed all of it went to his widow. No one knows how Mr. Smith really died. While the stories given by a then 15 Dr. Jackson and Mrs. Smith was perfect every time they told it. None really believed that Dr. Jackson shot Mr. Smith.” Daniel shot someone at the age of fifteen? What the hell? Daniel hates guns.

“The cops said that Mrs. Smith had called the cops a few times about domestic abuse but nothing was ever done. The night in question Mrs. Smith had been beat unconscious and Dr. Jackson had said that after Mr. Smith had beat her he turned on him. That was when he took off through the house. The house was a wreck. Dr. Jackson went to Mr. Smith study. There he found Mr. Smith’s pistol. He told Mr. Smith to leave them alone but Mr. Smith kept on walking towards him. Dr. Jackson said he had no recourse but to fire. Mrs. Smith and Dr. Jackson’s bodies were covered in bruises, while Mr. Smith had very little. The police and the courts deemed it death by self-defense. Dr. Jackson was sent to college right after that. And his total college years were paid for by Mr. Smith’s companies. As pay back for the abuse he went through. Dr. Jackson has not contacted Mrs. Smith that we have been able to find.”

“Damn.” I say. That’s all I can say. Our little Daniel killed a person at age fifteen. He never talked about it. Never. Maybe that’s why he wants to save everyone. To make up for the life he took. I pick up the folder again. There is just one page left. I guess this one has to do with his sexuality.

“Until his late mid twenties Dr. Jackson was only known to know the company of men. Until Alex Kensington. Mr. Kensington was a college roommate at Oxford. Dr. Jackson and Mr. Kensington lived together for three years. One night Dr. Jackson showed up at a local hospital saying he was the victim of rape. The doctors evaluated him and called the local police. Dr. Jackson gave statement saying this wasn’t the first time. That this had been a normal event for the last year. Mr. Kensington was arrested. Once the local papers got wind of it. Many more victims came forward. That was the last time that Dr. Jackson has been with a man. After that he was with Sarah Gardner. Until shortly before he came to work on the project. It is believed that after the problem with Mr. Kensington Dr. Jackson will probably never have relations with a man again. He has never seen a shrink about what happened. But it is deemed that since he has been fine with it. There should be no affects in his life.” I look
at the folder. No wonder that little piece of information wasn’t in his normal file. They believe that he wouldn’t do that again. Hell I know a lot of guys that never have penetrative sex again after they have been raped. They can’t do it. But most of them are gay. Seem that Daniel is at least bi. Or was bi. Can he really be called heterosexual? Or just a non-practicing gay man?

Now I’ve got a dilemma. Do I confront him about this? Just to talk. Like a worried friend, I know that this has never affected his role on the team. But now I am worried. He’s got all that in his head. No wonder he didn’t want to see McKenzie. I wouldn’t. Maybe those shirts are ways that he protects himself.


I near Daniel’s apartment my mind made up. I will try and get him to tell me about it without him finding out I know. I took the file back to Hammond. He told me to sit. We sat like that for a good long while. Finally he started talking.

“I didn’t know what to do when I was sent that file. I got it after the mission to P3X-593 or Simarka. But he had proved so valuable on the missions I decided I would watch him. No reactions at all. Not even when some of the Marines called him gay and would taunt him. And when you talked of his reluctance to even fire a weapon I got nervous. After what he had done could he fire one? He did. I even remember you talking about how easy he was to train to fire it. By the mission to Cimmeria I had all confidence in him.”

“Why did you give me that?” I ask. He really shouldn’t have. As long as it has no bearing on his performance then I shouldn’t have been told.

“You hide it well, Jack.” He says to me. He used my first name. I guess this is personal. “But not well enough. Teal’c knows as well. We have talked about it. I showed that to you hoping that it would open your eyes and you would tell him.”

“Tell him what, Sir?” I ask.

“That you love him.” He says.

“Sir, you shouldn’t be saying that.” I say back to him. This is the military. He’s my CO. He should be putting me in the brig for loving another man.

“Son, I don’t care who you sleep with as long as it doesn’t affect your work. And I don’t think sleeping with Daniel will make you hover near him any more or less. Hell this whole base goes out of their way to protect him.” I stare at him dumbfounded. I can’t say anything. I just stand and nod. “SG-1 has stand down for a week. After the Russian debacle I think you need it.”

“Thanks, Sir. I’ll tell Carter and Daniel.”

“Teal’c is already getting ready to leave for the Land of Light.” Hammond says to me. I nod and leave. Stopping first to tell Carter to get a life. And that’s what brought me here. Standing outside Daniel’s apartment knocking on his door. I knock again a little louder. Sometimes when he’s in his study he doesn’t hear the first set of knocks. Again no sounds come from in the apartment. I use my key to enter. I know he’s there. His car was outside. And it’s raining so he didn’t walk anywhere. His apartment is dark. He may have a headache. He doesn’t like a lot of light when he has them. Then I see him leave the kitchen and make his way to the balcony. He sits down by the door and looks out. I see the headphones traveling from his head to the hand held CD player in one hand. I’ve never seen him listen to music like that. It’s always over his stereo system. He takes a drink of his coffee. I think its coffee and starts to sing.

“long lost words whisper slowly to me
still can’t find what keeps me here
when all this time I’ve been so hallow inside
I know your still there

watching you wanting me
I can feel you hold me down
fearing you loving you
I won’t let you pull me down

hunting you I can smell you- alive
your heart pounding in my head

Watching you wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
saving me raping me
watching me”

I don’t know that song but he I love hearing Daniel sing. Even if it is that sad of a song. I never knew he could sing. I think back on all I have learned about Daniel over this past day. Then he’s singing again.

“I tried to kill the pain
but only brought more
I lay dying
and I pouring crimson regret and betrayal
I’m dying praying bleeding and screaming
am I too lost to be saved
Am I too lost?

my god my tourniquet
return to me salvation
my god my tourniquet
return to me salvation

do you remember me
lost for so long
will you be on the other side
or will you forget me
I’m dying praying bleeding and screaming
am I too lost to be saved
am I too lost?

my god my tourniquet
return to me salvation
my god my tourniquet
return to me salvation

my wounds cry for the grave
my soul cries for deliverance
will I be denied Christ
my suicide”

He looks at me as the song ends. I think he knew I was there the whole time. I know this by the look in his eye. Resignation.

“Can we talk?” I ask before the next song starts. He nods. I see him shut down the CD player and stand. I follow him to the kitchen and watch him refill his cup from the coffee pot.

“Hammond finally gave you my classified file. I saw you reading it in your office. I was stopping by to see if you wanted to get some dinner.” Daniel says to me. I look him in the eye.

“Well actually I asked him about Stella. I was looking for some chocolate to eat and found that letter. He was surprised that you hadn’t told me about that.” I say. He looks at me. I can see fear in his eyes. He’s scared of me. He’s scared of what I might do to him. Shit. Doesn’t he know I would never hurt him?

“I was going to in the beginning. Then I found reasons not to. That you wouldn’t trust me that I wouldn’t be allowed to find Sha’re. Then that you would be pissed I hadn’t told you sooner. I almost told you in Hadante. After you took my glasses from me.” He said.

“I’m not mad. Hell that was more than most could put up with. You did well at hiding it. That naiveté you had in the beginning. No one thought that you had had anything bad done to you in your life.” I move to hug him. He flinches when I touch him. Afraid I’ll hurt him. He’s trembling when I pull him to me. But he calms down accepting the touch. I look at the clock. It’s around eight. My stomach rumbles and I hear his do it as well. He starts to laugh.

“I think it’s trying to tell us something.” Daniel says as he pulls back. I nod. He moves to his fridge. Empty. And the same damn thing with his freezer. “Damn.”

“That’s what mine will look like. Except I will have things trying to take over my fridge.” I say. And I know it will be true. I swear there was a small Ewok in my fridge after last mission.

“I throw anything out that will go bad before I leave.” Daniel says. He looks at me and I laugh. Yeah he would do that. I still notice he’s wary of me.

“How about pizza. I’ll go pick it up. Along with some Coke and beer?” I ask. He nods.

“Sounds good.” He says. I go and pick up the pizza. When I get back I see Daniel in the bathroom. He’s in a small medicine cabinet behind the mirror in his bathroom. I never knew that opened. I set the pizza in the kitchen and the drinks in the fridge. He sees me and shuts the cabinet. I don’t ask. He’ll tell me. I see he has three pill bottles in his hand. He sets them down the coffee table and moves to get food. I don’t pry.

“Go ahead, Jack. I know you’re curious. It actually feels good I can talk about this to someone.” Daniel said as he dished out the food. I look at the bottles. Three different sleep aids. He sets the food down as well as a beer for me and one for him. “When we are off-world Janet gives some lighter stuff. But sometimes I have nightmares. After Smith I saw a shrink. I don’t think that was in my file. She was nice. But liked giving people drugs. After four months I stopped going. Since then I’ve been seeing a nice lady here in the Springs. Janet set me up with her. I rarely have to use any of that. Mostly when a mission goes badly. That’s why I rarely stay at your house. If I do have one I can scream my lungs off. Mostly it’s in other languages. Sha’re said I had some really bad ones after you left there the first time. Then when she was taken, I saw Doc Warner about it. He said nothing. Did nothing. Then when Janet was posted there and the Hathor incident. I really needed them. She

“You’ve never had one off-world.” I state. I’m surprised.

“No. What Janet gives me when I go stops the REM process. But I don’t always take it. I know when I will probably have one. I know I will tonight. And it’s not your fault. Today was the day I left Alex.”

“And you were going to do this alone?” I ask.

“Jack, I’ve been alone.” Daniel says. I see the tiredness in his eyes. He wants to trust me enough to let me help. And I want to help.

“Let me help. I’m here.”

“For how long?” Daniel asks. I look at him funny. I know I do. “How long before you get tired of it. How long before you can’t do it anymore. And I have to learn to do this by myself again.”

“Never.” I say. Maybe now is the time to tell him. Maybe that will show him that no matter what I will be here. Unless it freaks him out. Unless it pushes him away. He picks up his pizza and starts eating. I do that same. Let’s do this on a full stomach. He barely drinks the beer. I am glad. He doesn’t need to be drunk tonight. The whole pizza is gone before we are both full. He’s switched to coffee and so have I.

“Why?” He asks. I cock my eyebrow at him. Asking clarification. “Why are you so sure you won’t leave me?”

“Because I love you.” I say. Damn. I meant to do that better. He looks at me. I don’t see anything in his eyes. He just stares at me. I hope he isn’t going to rant and rave.

“Oh.” He says. That’s it? That’s all he’s going to say. One two-letter word. Then he throws himself across the couch and into my arms. He’s crying. I just hold him. I don’t know why he’s crying. “I love you too. I was just so scared.”

“You weren’t the only one.” I say. Ok so this is a good thing.

“I was so scared that if I told you, you would hate me. Or..” He doesn’t finish that thought. It takes a while for me to figure out what he means. I make him look me in the eye.

“Never. I would never hurt you like that. I promise. And if I did. Sam and Teal’c would kill me. Hammond would too.” I say. He doesn’t say anything. Just nods and lays his head on my shoulder. I put my arms around him. We stay like that for a while. I know he’s sleeping. I don’t want to wake him. I pull the blanket off the back of the couch and wrap it around us. I allow myself to fall asleep as well.


I’ve been awake for an hour. Watching him sleep before he wakes up. He looks so different from last night. He looks so young when he’s asleep. I shift little and he grips my arm tighter. I start rubbing his back. He relaxes back into sleep fully. I smile. He’s possessive. He doesn’t want me to leave. Maybe I can be the one to show him that not all people are like Smith and Kensington.


Title: Three
Series: None
Year: Any
Category: Drama
Ratings: R
Pairings: Jack/Daniel
Spoilers: None
Summary: Pasts come out in a threatening way for Jack.
Words: 3,043
Notes: None
Warnings: Past Mentions of rape,

Jack picked up his cell phone and read the caller ID. Private name, private number. He knew who it was.

“O’Neill.” Jack said setting aside his work. He had three more hours of paper work before he could even think of going home.

“It’s me. He got parole.” The voice said on the other end. Jack knew the female voice well. “I called Sara. She’s taking care of everything. She said her husband will do fine in protecting her.”

“Thanks. How about you?” He asked. He knew there was a chance her line was tapped. He didn’t want to reveal anything.

“Nothing is under my name. It’s been like that. He shouldn’t be able to find me. I’m worried about you though. You’re never home. He could set something up as pay back.”

“He won’t be able to. Not at my place. I’m home more now. Don’t worry, J. Everything will be fine. If he tries something he’ll go back for a long time. Make sure to get some sleep. Make sure that doc of your gives you sleep aides if you need them.”

“I will. Love you, Jack.” She said.

“Love you, too, Julie.” Jack said before hanging up. He knew this day would come but he had hoped it would be a long time from now. He picked up his papers again and started working. He made himself work. Otherwise he would be even later getting home. And he didn’t like that. He was just happy that Daniel knew self-defense. And could use if he had too.


Daniel had had a hard day at work and he knew that Jack wouldn’t be home for a few hours, so he went to his favorite bar in Colorado Springs. The Springs had no good gay bars so he went to the one that he and Jack went to all the time. Even before they had started their relationship. Everyone here knew him. Knew him as Jack’s friend. Very few knew he was Jack’s lover. But most here knew he was gay. Well technically bi. But no women since Sha’re. He couldn’t handle that.

“What’ll it be, Doc?” Steve, the bartender asked.

“Guinness, bottle.” Daniel says. Steve smiles. He knows that’s Jack’s favorite beer. And one of the few that Daniel will drink. Steve sets the drink down.

“Need a warning?” Steve asks. He knows to not let Daniel drink too much. Sometimes Daniel remembers sometimes he doesn’t.

“Yeah.” Daniel answers. He sees a man sit down beside him. He takes a glance at the man. He doesn’t know the man so he turns back to watch the football game that’s one. It’s the one from last Sunday. Steve plays those NFL games all week in his bar. He’d seen this game Sunday with Jack. But he knew there was a good play in the second quarter so he watched it. Once he’s finished his first he looks for Steve.

“Let me buy you another.” The man beside him says. Daniel looks at him.

“No thanks. I can buy my own.” Daniel says. The man frowns.

“Just let me buy you one. It can’t hurt. You may like me.” The man says.

“No. I was just leaving.” Daniel says. He locks eyes with Steve and motions to his beer and to the door. Steve knows to put it on his tab. Daniel doesn’t notice the man follow him. But Steve does. Steve finds someone to cover the bar then follows them both out with his shotgun. Daniel had just put the key in the door of his car when he felt the hand on his mouth.

“That wasn’t nice. Pretty boy.” The man said. He used to free hand to feel up Daniel’s crotch. Daniel snapped his head back to catch the man. It impacted hard and the man staggered back. By then Steve had gotten close he aimed his shotgun at eh guy.

“Doc?” Steve asked.

“Thanks, Steve, but I’m fine. Just let him go. I don’t want to deal.” Daniel said. Steve nodded.

“Get your ass out of here. I never wanna see you again.” Steve said. The man took off. Daniel unlocked his door and sat down. Steve moved to watch him. “Want me to call you a cab?”

“No. I’m fine. Just tired.” Daniel said managing a weak smile.

“The General has shown you some moves.” Steve said as Daniel shut his door. Daniel nodded. He waved and drove off. He drove to his house instead of Jack’s. They hadn’t made plans so Daniel knew he would be able to avoid Jack tonight. He wouldn’t tell Jack about this. Jack worried enough as it was. When Daniel had told Jack about the guy I college who had raped him, Jack nearly went crazy. Jack wanted to kill anyone who ever hurt Daniel. Sometimes Daniel loved it. Others it bugged the hell out of him. And with the week he had had. He didn’t want to deal with it tonight.


Jack entered the bar for a quick drink before he went home. He caught Steve’s eye and saw fear in it. Steve cocked his head to the back room. Jack frowned and followed. Steve handed him a beer and motioned for him to sit.

“Nothing happened. The Doc was so tired he told me to let the fucker go.” Steve said.

“Huh?” Jack asked, wondering what the hell Steve was talking about. Then it hit him. ‘The fucker’ and the word ‘Doc.’

“A man tried to take Dr. Jackson. In the parking lot. Doc fought him though. Took him out with a head butt. All the guy accomplished was a little groping.” Steve said eyeing Jack funny.

“Is he all right?” Jack asked standing.

“Yeah. This was about three hours ago. I figured that you knew that’s why you came by.” Steve said.

“No, I just got off work. Wanted a beer before heading home. Did he say where he was going?”

“No, but I assume he went home.” Steve said.

“Thanks.” Jack said digging out his wallet.

“Your welcome. And it’s on the house. When you see him tell him the one he had was as well. After that I couldn’t charge him.” Jack nodded and left. He drove quickly to his house to see an empty drive way. He turned his car around and went to Daniel’s house. He saw Daniel’s jeep parked out front and smiled in relief. Then it faded. It meant that Daniel wasn’t going to tell him. He was going to deal with his demons alone and the next day act normal.

Jack exited his vehicle and walked up the short way to front door. He didn’t notice the man sitting in the car across the street. Or that the man was frowning when he tried the door. Jack found it locked. He got out his keys and unlocked it. It’s still wouldn’t opened. Next he unlocked the dead bolt. This time the door opened but only a few inched. The chain was on it. He shut the door and locked it back. But not the dead bolt.

He made his way around to the back door. This one had three dead bolts but Jack had the keys to all of them. Daniel had always been like this. He didn’t like those security alarms. They were too easy to by pass. But with a dead bolt you’d have to make a lot of noise. Daniel had one of those electronic one’s but he only used it when he went on missions and while he’s at work. It was the kind that can tell if there’s a leak in the house or if the house is on fire. Jack shut and locked the door behind him.

He went through the house slowly so that Daniel wouldn’t hear him. He had once done this at Daniel’s apartment and had nearly got hit in the head with a baseball bat.

“You could’ve knocked, Jack.” Daniel said from the living room. Jack spun to look at him. He saw Daniel sitting in the dark. He didn’t see any beers bottles or wine bottles. Nor did he see the glass that was a tell tale sign that he had drank some whiskey.

“Didn’t want to wake you up.” Jack said. He sat down close to Daniel. Daniel moved away. Jack nodded. Daniel didn’t want to be touched. He knew this sign. “I stopped by Steve’s for a drink.” Jack said. He waited for Daniel to fill in the blanks. Daniel sighed and scooted closer.

“I didn’t want to worry you. He didn’t do anything. I can take care of myself.” Daniel said.

“I do worry. Why’d you come here?” Jack asked.

“I didn’t want to deal with you. You would have seen my face and known something had happened.” Daniel said. Jack nodded and stood. He pulled Daniel up with him.

“Go to bed. I’ll sleep in the guest room. That way I’m close by if the nightmares happen.” Jack said.

“Thanks, Jack. I love you.” Daniel said as he made his way to the bedroom.

“Your welcome. I love you, too.” Jack said. He made sure Daniel was in bed before he went to bed himself.


Jim waited for a while after that man entered before trying his luck. He used his lock pick to unlock the front door. It opened and was stopped by a chain. He had been expecting his and used the cutters on it. He expected to find both men in the same bed but Daniel was alone. He found the guest and made sure he wouldn’t be able to get out of his room. Jim moved slowly and straddled Daniel. In seconds he had Daniel’s hands pinned by his knees and a hand over Daniel’s mouth.

“Shush, Daniel. Don’t worry. You’ll like this.” Jim said reaching for Daniel’s pajamas. Daniel’s eyes widened in shock and he tried to thrash. His whole body was pinned. He tried to scream but it was muffled greatly. Jack was asleep in the next room and would never know this was happening. Daniel knew Jack would blame him. Jim grabbed Daniel’s flaccid cock and started to pump. After a few he was very pissed off. Daniel was still limp.


Jack heard the noises that sounded like Daniel was having a nightmare. He looked at the door. He didn’t remember shutting it. He knew he hadn’t. So that he could hear Daniel better. He looked around the room for anything to use. He saw a baseball bat sticking out of the closet. He tried to door and found he couldn’t open it. He dressed quickly and called Sam at the mountain. She, Teal’c, and SG-11 were doing an experiment and he knew they would be at the base all night long. He told them to stop the experiment and get over to Daniel’s now. Someone was in the house. Jack was glad Daniel lived so close to the mountain. They would be here in ten. Then Jack climbed out the window, bat in hand. He made his way slowly to the front door. He waited for Sam and Teal’c to arrive and hoped that Sam had called Pete. He wasn’t going in there alone. That could cost Daniel his life.


“Fine. I’ll just fuck you.” Jim said since Daniel still wasn’t getting hard. Daniel tired harder to get out of the grip of this man. It had taken him a few seconds but he had recognized the man as the one who had assaulted him at the bar. The man had followed him home. Jim pulled the pants down as far as he could used them to trap Daniel’s legs around him. He settled in between Daniel’s legs so he could reach.

That’s when he heard the door open. Relief was on Daniel’s face. And shock on the two men’s face. Jack had a gun pointed at Jim.

“Off him, Jim.” Jack said. Jim put up his hands and moved off Daniel.

“What’d you do, Jack? Follow me.” Jim asked. Daniel quickly pulled up his pants and ran to Jack. Jack pulled him into his arms and kissed the top of his head.

“Did he hurt you?” Jack asked. Daniel shook his head no. “Good. Sam and Teal’c are out there. Go.” Daniel quickly left the room. “You’re lucky. If you had hurt him you would be dead.”

“So that’s your new fuck toy, Jacky?” Jim asked.

“I think they will be revoking your parole. Julie warned me you had gotten out. Your dumb luck that you had to pick my lover to assault. With my connections you won’t be seeing the light of day for a while.” Jack said. Jack heard Pete enter. “Officer Shanahan, welcome. I’ve got your scum bag right here.”

“Who is he?” Pete asked taking out his cuffs.

“Recent parolee. Got out from doing a stint for attempted murder and rape. Name’s Jim Gates or Jim O’Neill.” Jack said. He heard everyone gasp. “Yeah. He’s my brother. One of three to come out of my mom. And all at the same birth.”

“I’ve got him. I heard he was heading this way. You go to Daniel.” Pete said. Jack nodded and left. Teal’c was standing guard and Sam was comforting Daniel. He didn’t want to get to close if Daniel was still freaking. He heard a car pull up and out jumped his sister.

“Julie? What are you doing here?” Jack asked. She ran and hugged him. Jack led her inside. She saw Daniel and moved to him. Julie and Daniel had always got along wonderfully. Daniel saw her and let her hug him. She looked up at Jim as he was led out.

“I’m gonna go with him.” Sam said. She followed Pete to the door.

“As will I.” Teal’c said. Jack nodded and thanked them. As did Daniel.

“As to your question. Ara called. Told me what had happened in the bar. She was there. She recognized Daniel from pictures of you two and knew that he would be back.” Julie said. She hugged Daniel again. “I’m sorry. I tried to call. But I don’t have your cell, Danny or home number. And Jack shut his cell off and wasn’t at home.”

“Not your fault. Nothing happened.” Daniel said. He liked being hugged by Julie. “Brother?”

“Yeah.” Jack said sitting on the couch on the opposite end. “Twenty years ago he nearly killed a woman after raping her. We disowned him after that. We changed our last name to our mothers after that. Luckily both mom and dad were dead by then. I don’t think they would have lived through what happened after.”

“That’s why you acted funny every time I called you Jim after I came back with amnesia.” Daniel said. Jack nodded.

“I was going to tell you. Since he was out. Damn!”

“It wouldn’t have helped. He wasn’t after me because I was your lover. He just saw me in the bar and thought he would have some fun.” Daniel said moving to lay down with his head in Jack’s lap. “He picked the wrong guy. For a few reasons.”

“Yeah. He won’t bother us again. I’ll make sure he finishes out his sentence and gets more added.” Jack said. A thought dawned on Julie.

“Jack, what about the Air Force. He could cause trouble.” Julie said. Jack laughed. So did Daniel. Jack liked that. That Daniel was laughing. It meant he wasn’t that bad off.

“No, he won’t. Believe me there is no proof. Plus it would be seen as slander. He just wants to get back at me for putting him away both times.” Jack said. He started rubbing Daniel’s back.

“Plus, it will go away if he does. We have friends in high places.” Daniel said. Jack nodded. Julie smiled.

“Yes, your nice covert jobs.” Julie said. A knock came at the door. Julie got up to get it when Jack motioned to the door. Daniel didn’t know her but since she hugged Julie he knew she must be Ara. Daniel sat up.

“Ara.” Daniel said. He tried to sit up. But Jack wouldn’t let him.

“Stay down, Daniel. No need to get up. I heard about it. I was in the police station when Shanahan called it in. I recognized the address as the one that Jules gave me for Jack’s lovers and I rushed over. Who was it?” She asked sitting down. Julie laid her head on Ara’s shoulder.

“It was Danny.” Jack said.

“So he keeps it in the family.” Ara said.

“What?” Daniel asked. This time Jack let him sit up.

“This time he didn’t know. It was just dumb luck.” Jack said. Ara nodded.

“What?” Daniel asked again looking at the three people in the living room with him.

“That woman? It was Ara.” Julie said. She squeezed Ara’s leg. “He didn’t want his sister to be a lesbian. So he took it out on Ara. We all three knew from child hood we were different. Jack gay. Me lesbian. And him bi. Jack married to cover it up for the Air Force.”

“I loved her.” Jack said. Daniel knew he did. “I know nothing happened. But in the morning I want you get go to the base and get blood work done. Safe side.”

“Yeah. I just want to sleep. Get me my pills?” Daniel asked as he went to his bedroom. Jack stayed with him till he was asleep. Julie and Ara were still in the living room.

“He took that calmly.” Ara said.

“He’s going to blow.” Julie said.

“No, the first time the man actually succeeded. It was in college. That’s why he has the sleep pills. Nightmares can be bad. He’s strong. I don’t think he’ll be comfortable for a while but that’s understandable.” Julie and Ara stood. Jack handed them his keys. “Go sleep at my place. Danny’s beds are kinda small. You two wouldn’t fit. I barely do. Except in the one with him.”

“Call us later.” Julie said as she left. Jack watched Daniel sleep. He knew this would be hard. But they would get through it.

The End