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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you still needed a beta reader. I attempted to email you but it wouldn’t go through for some reason, so I’m messaging you instead. I’ve only betaed a few times, but I absolutely adore your stories. (I’ve read all of your Criminal Minds ones). I’m not really in the Stargate fandom so I wouldn’t really be able to help with anything besides grammar and such with that fandom. But I am in all your other fandoms I believe. Mostly I’ve been devouring any and all Hotch/Reid fics because they are my favorite. So, yeah, rambling. If you still needed a beta I would definitely love to help you out. If not then I’ll just tell you I love your Hotch/Reid fics and look forward to reading more. (Especially the Here there be dragons verse).

    Have a great day,



    1. I would love a beta for my CM fics. I don’t know why the email isn’t going through. Just shoot me an email there and if it doesn’t go through we can see about me contacting you first. I am very happy that you like my stories.


  2. Are you going to be writing Hotch/Reid next year? I look forward to your stories every week and you’re one of my favorite authors.


    1. I am going to be continuing to write them but I won’t be writing the fic a week. My life has got a little busier and I’m going to be doing a few fandom related things over the course of early next year. But don’t worry, I’ll still be writing them.


  3. Can you please repost

    Project File: The Guide Hunt and
    Project File: (Have You Ever Seen) A Caged Animal?

    When you go to rough trade site the story not there anymore. Thanks


    1. I have removed the links but those are in edits and will be posted when the edits are done. Everything Rough Trade is wiped before the next challenge starts. The one that was written for November will be wiped at the beginning of March. April’s wiped at the beginning of June. July’s wiped on the beginning of October.


  4. Do you repost all of your work here after it’s wiped from Rough Trade? I can’t read on that site unless I’m on my computer at home and I don’t normally have time for that. I do most of my reading on my phone so I use a program for epub’s to read them easier on the go, in between meetings, waiting in line, etc… I found one of your current posts there and really liked it but I can’t stay up all night trying to read all of it. Just wanted to know if I would get the chance to finish it if I had to come back to it in a couple of weeks?


    1. It won’t go into my site until it’s edited. Which won’t happen for a little while. I’m just now getting to editing last November and April’s story so it won’t go into mine until after it’s off RT.


  5. I just wanted to say thank you for all the stories you have been posting lately. I really enjoy your work, and it’s been a huge highlight of my day lately. I work in a nursing home and it’s been rough with all the covid stuff going on. I look forward to reading your stories when I get home. So thank you ❤️


  6. Um, hi, so, I found you in Criminal Minds and then ran into you again in Teen Wolf by surprise. I love the H/R and Sterek pairings I also noticed you’ve been in the SGA fandom, another fave of mine. I was wondering if you planning to cross over the three or anothe combination?


  7. Hi, I want to say I love your stories on H/R very much!!! Your writing solid my love of Hotch and Reid pair!!! I used to read writing in Chinese only, however, I am so happy that I have try to read in English and found your work!!😊 this helped me to spend my time when I am depressed or being bored.

    Even though sometimes I get difficulties of some of the crossover fiction, like the Star Trek one. This is mostly because I am not a native English speaker (not very good at English too) and don’t have any idea of those word or term from Star Trek so I don’t understand much at all😖
    However, with the idea of vampire and werewolf again I am very confusing at the beginning but then I really enjoyed reading those fiction too!!! And thanks for introducing those concepts in my small world!!!

    Oh, I even try to search the recipes of ‘Mac and cheese’ and make it for myself as dinner once😆
    Btw, I wrote a prompt several months ago which I found gone from that page, I guess you have declined it, right?🤔
    Everytime when I got an email of notification that you have posted a new work, I have been so excited and secretly hope that this is CM fiction and I am looking forward to seeing your next work!!!
    Stay safe and stay healthy 😊


    1. I’m glad you love my stories!

      All of my prompts given to me on that form are emailed and they do not stay on that page. It’s filed away for another day.

      I’ll be posting up another CM work tomorrow actually. I had a few issues where I couldn’t write a lot of CM for a while and then I dropped my 244k one. So I had to take a break after that. I hope you like what I do put out over the next while for CM. I have a lot of WIPs still to work on for CM as well.

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  8. Hello! I found your site through link hopping from other writers’ sites, and I’m very impressed to see the number of words you seem to manage to write in a year (over a million?!) but also very curious how you manage to do it. How do you get ideas and organize them? Do you outline? What’s your process of actual day to day writing? Your editing process? Of course you don’t have to answer, but if you ever feel like making a post about it, I would be very interested in reading it. 🙂


  9. I just want to say thanks for not making James bond a “techno-tard” in your fic. I like a bunch of them, mainly for how you characterize bond and Q’s competence(s?). And how they’re hard and soft at the same time.


  10. I want to thank you for all the hard work you do so that I and who knows how many others can enjoy the wonderfully written works you provide us for our reading pleasure. One of my favorite Rough Trade stories was The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday and I’m looking forward to when you are able to put it up on your website so I can read it again.
    Take care and keep safe in these unprecedented times.


  11. So when the radio alarm went off this morning the local radio host was talking about it being a year since lockdown started and was asking listeners who had made a difference for them. Who had made lockdown bareable for them or just helped them to survive. It dawned on me as I was trying to wake up, that for me, that person was you. Specifically all the Teen Wolf ficlets you have done over the last year. Until I thought about it, I hadn’t realised just how much of an impact they had made and I just wanted to say thank you.


    1. Oh!! Good to hear that! For me, this COVID thing have changed my routine a lots. The whole social distinct thing, I minimized my social life to nearly zero. I normally just go out for work or go to the market and don’t go gathering at all. Reading the CM fiction is one of the best ways to spend my time! Thx for writing them. Stay healthy and safe!!


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