Evil Author Day

Evil Author Day is exactly what it sounds like. I get to be evil today. I will be posting up sections of WIPs that I have currently have listed as active. There are other stories that while I am working on I do not consider them active at this point. While I consider these stories active at this point, that doesn’t mean I will ever post them in a finished entity or that what I post here will be in the final draft that is posted. Some of these might never see a posting day.


If I finish a story, I will remove the link to the EAD post and link straight to the finished story.

Titles in “” are placeholder names. The final name it’s posted under might be different.

I’ll remove the finished stories from my listings of EAD. To keep the lists short and clean.

EAD 2022


Criminal Minds

James Bond

Teen Wolf


EAD 2021

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Criminal Minds


Criminal Minds

  1. Temporary Unit Chief Reid

James Bond

  1. Here Kitty Kitty Posted

Criminal Minds

  1. A Universe of Meetings-“Bar Fic” Posted: The Agent and the Bar Owner
  2. A Universe of Meetings-“Big Brother” Posted: The Agent and the Big Brother Professor
  3. A Universe of Meetings-“Undercover”
  4. “Cheating”
  5. “Daddy Reid”
  6. Genius Attraction
  7. “Kidnapped”
  8. “Sharing A Bed”
  9. “Super Hero/Super Villain”
  10. “Texting”

Criminal Minds/Grimm

  1. “Grimm Hotch”

Criminal Minds/Host

  1. Wrong Side of Heaven

Criminal Minds/X-Men

  1. “BAU Remy” (Spencer/Remy)
  2. “Feral Reid” (Aaron/Spencer/Remy)
  3. Night Will Fall And Drown the Sun (Spencer/Remy)
  4. “Pen Pals” (Spencer/Remy)

Criminal Minds

  1. Twins
  2. Untitled Story (Gen or Pre-Slash, unsure)

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