James Bond


Of Kings and Their Loves (James Bond/Q)
James Bond is a Knight and Q is his Prince, of his heart as well as his realm.

  1. A Knight’s Prize New Story 02/04/2018

The Claimed Sentinel  (James Bond/Q)
James never wanted a Sentinel because it would change his whole life and take away that which was all that he was. He wasn’t expecting the Sentinel that the universe made for him, nor for that Sentinel to make sure that he kept his life the way that it was. Q turned out to be a Godsend and James wasn’t going to give him, no matter what.

  1. (I Wish I Was) Waking Up in Vegas
  2. (Have You Ever Seen) A Caged Animal? Forthcoming


The Fool (James Bond/Q) New 01/01/2018
James knew that he had messed up but getting back in Q’s good graces was going to take everything that he had.

Guardian Agent (James Bond/Q) Part One Posted 07/01/2018
Chapters 1-5
Chapter 6-10
Chapter 11-15


Alternate Universes (Varied Pairings) New One-Shot 04/24/2018
Ten pictures, ten short stories. A whole series of short stories about a few what if’s for Criminal Minds and James Bond

Always For You (James Bond/Q)
There was little to miss about a life that never happened. Q wasn’t sure what to think when his life came back to him without asking him if he wanted it.

Blue (James Bond/Q)
Q always answered when Bond called him. He always did what he needed and then stepped back into the shadows as Bond lived his life. This time was no different.

Double O Kitten (James Bond/Q)
“His employees have brought in seventeen different cats, varying ages, colors. He’s been disinterested in each one. You bring a kitten of questionable origins that you admit was used in killing two men and he takes it home and names it Double O. Think on it, Bond.”

Essential (James Bond/Q)
There was nothing more than a forced vacation that Q hated except for the fact that M was sending him out without any type of technology for a month off. He knew he was going to go nuts.

It’s Only Clothes (James Bond/Alec Trevelyan/Q)
No matter how many times they had been told, James and Alec still didn’t believe that Q could make off with all of their money in poker. However, Q changed the stakes and it wasn’t money that up at stake, it was clothes. The clothes on their backs.

Love Could Be That Strong New One-Shot 01/27/2018
For James Bond, it was a chance meeting in a lift. For Q, it wasn’t chance but it wasn’t on purpose either. Who knew what would spawn from that?

The Perfect Gift (James Bond/Q)
The Minions knew the rules. No peeking. That meant that no one was allowed to look at the security feeds to figure out who was their Secret Santa. Q knew this because it was his rule. He just wished his morals were loose enough for him to be able to break it.

Revelations at the Gala (James Bond/Q)
Arriving back at MI6 three days before Christmas with a severely broken collarbone, James is stuck at a loss at what to do with himself over the holiday that he would rather be anywhere but England for. He finds something worth coming home to more than just for the holidays.

Sweetheart (James Bond/Q)
Q stared at the gun that James had brought back, intact. The first time that it had happened. There surely had to be something wrong with the gun.

With the Sound of a Bullet (James Bond/Q)
James knew what his mission was, kill Q.


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