In my stories, I have a lot of OCs (Human and Animal). Some stand out more than others. Here is going to be the repository of the bigger OCs that I have created.

If you have someone that you want to know who I have in mind for and they are not listed, please comment and I’ll see about adding them.

Simon Baker
Alan portrayed by Simon Baker (Here There Be Dragons)
Bailee Madison
Brianna Clayton portrayed by Bailee Madison (Here There Be Dragons)
Maine Coon Cat
Curiosity (The Alphabet Game, Don’t Talk of Stars Burning Above,  & The Fluffy Wake Up)
Orange-and-white Beagle pup, jumping up
Idris (Winter Vacation)
Jaime Murray
Indara portrayed by Jaime Murray (Here There Be Dragons)
Joe Flanigan
Jackson Grimes portrayed by Joe Flanagan (The Mirror Crack’d)
Gilles Chevalier
Jake Durham portrayed by Gilles Chevalier (Rough Series & The Failings of Assumption)
Ian Somerhalder
Lucifer Morningstar portrayed by Ian Somerhalder (Immortal Loves)
Midnight (The Fluffy Wake Up)
Amber Benson
Serena Devonshire portrayed by Amber Benson (Here There Be Dragons)
Alyson Hannigan
Tria Devonshire portrayed by Alyson Hannigan (Here There Be Dragons)
Reeve Carney
Victor Marks portrayed by Reeve Carney (The Mirror Crack’d)

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