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House M.D.
Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Mortal Instruments
Star Wars Legends

House M.D.

The Date (House/Wilson)
The night after Cameron’s date isn’t all she hoped it to be.

Marvel Cinematic Universe


Broken Things Need a Home (Steve/Tony, Plus Many Secondary Pairings)
When Tony ran from home at the age of seventeen, he never thought that joining the circus was going to be the best option to flee from his father until he ran into them at the edge of town. The black eye and the ripped clothes had the workers taking him in with little questions. Has he found the family he always wanted?

Clockwork Hearts (Steve/Tony)
Steve was hopeless when it came to science and whatever else Prince Tony did. Still when King Howard approached him to be Tony’s assistant, how could he say no? How could he turn down the chance to be close to the one that he had loved since they were children?

The Fear of Being Alone (Steve/Tony)
The Avengers are called to fight against Loki, during the fight Tony disappears. When the fight is over and Steve heads back to the tower, he is so mad at Tony and he wants to know why he left.

It Couldn’t Be Easy (Steve/Tony)
Never ask Tony to reinvent the handcuffs while he is sleep and Steve deprived.

Savory Surrender (Steve/Tony)
Steve thought he knew what to expect when Tony told him he was making them dinner for their date. He’d heard about the omelette from Pepper. This was nothing like what he expected.

The Shock of the Soul (Steve/Tony, Plus Many Secondary Pairings)
What did it matter to Steve now what the name of his soulmate is? The woman or man had to be dead and buried. He would have to live his life alone. He finds himself attracted to Tony Stark, he thinks on why Tony doesn’t have a soulmate for himself.

That’s MY Body! (Steve/Tony)
During the Battle of Mid-Town, Loki feels the end coming and set a spell loose on the man who was the reason of his fall. He finds a cop there in the middle of it all and decides that Iron Man will love living in his body for a while. Just long enough for him to escape.

Under Tony’s Skin (Gen/Pre-Slash)
Tragedy strikes for Tony two years after he joins the Avengers. How is he going to balance having a child while still trying to save the world?


You Make Being Me Hard (Steve/Tony, Harry/Draco)
Steve Rogers has been happy teaching in Hogwarts. His life has been easy and normal. That is until Tony Stark comes back to Hogwarts and takes over the job as professor of Inventive Magic and Head of House of Slytherin. Steve remembers that Tony made being at Hogwarts horrible for Steve back when they had went to school together. Now they had to work together?


Winter Soldier Cycle (Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony)
Bucky Barnes is found alive and well in a cryotank in the middle of Russia. Steve is so excited to have him alive and well that he sees nothing wrong. Tony on the other hand sees a lot wrong; he just can’t put his finger on what it is. The rest of the Avengers think that he is jealous that Steve wants to spend time with Bucky instead of him. When the Winter Soldier becomes active, Tony is the only one not caught off guard.

1-The Look in the Eye (5,044)
When Bucky comes home alive, no one sees anything off. It’s up to Tony to show them that Bucky isn’t all that he appears to be and the only back up he has is the Hulk and JARVIS.

2-Disassembled (4,164)
Now living in Malibu, Tony Stark is getting on with his life as a former Avenger and new head of R&D at Stark Industries. He doesn’t dwell on his former life, instead he pushes forward with a new idea along with a new recruit to R&D Maya Hansen.

3-Return of the Winter Soldier
Captain America and his sidekick, Bucky have gone missing. SHIELD is thinking HYDRA while Iron Man is pointing his finger at Bucky. The rest of the Avengers straddle the fence, wanting to do anything to find their wayward Captain and his oldest friend.

Quiet Nights
Hydra rears its ugly head again and their end plan is started. It starts with a bullet that kills Fury and ends with a show down between Steve and the Winter Soldier. Will Steve be able to hold onto himself through all the turbulence and will he come out on the other side?

In From the Cold
Tony wasn’t sure what woke him up but he knew that it was urgent. He looked around and it was then that he saw the shadow on the other side of the room. The Winter Soldier had come for him, finally.

Yesterday & Today (Steve/Tony)
In a world where Alphas, Betas, Omegas make up a part of society, Steve Rogers is trying to get used to the world now as compared to when he had been born. He’s the leader of the Avengers as well as an Alpha. This is a look at his life before and after certain life changing events for himself and Tony Stark.

1-An Omega Today, Iron Man Yesterday
The world was so vastly different for Steve when he woke up that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be there. The only bright side was that he could now have a job different than the military. Alphas, Betas, and Omegas were normal citizens who could do what they wanted. Steve wasn’t sure what he wanted to be.

2-Together Today, Alone Yesterday
Steve had decided that he wasn’t going to pussy foot around anymore. He knew that Tony wanted him and he knew that he wanted Tony. Then it happens, they bond and then Tony is ripped out from under him. He’s left floundering and SHIELD has no clue where the Omega is. Word starts getting back to SHIELD that the Winter Soldier is on the field and from what Intel can gather, he has Tony in his grasp. Can Steve get to him in time?

Mortal Instruments

They Wanted It (Clary/Jace, Alec/Magnus)
They wanted it. The Clave wanted her to die. They wanted Jocelyn Fairchild dead and they didn’t care what happened to those around her. What it did though was change their world more than they would have liked.



Drabble Collection
A nice little place where I’ve logged all of my drabbles.

Short Stories
A collection of my stories between 101 words and 1000.

12 Days of Christmas (Jack/Daniel)
Daniel’s getting gifts. Who are they from?

Aftermath (John/Rodney)
The aftermath of Trinity for John and Rodney.

Blind Date (Jack/Daniel)
Jack’s friends set him up on a blind date.

Broken (Jack/Daniel)
Can Jack take Daniel in?

Christmas Surprise (Jack/Daniel)
Daniel gets a surprise Christmas present. And it’s not what he asked Santa for. But he’ll keep it anyway.

Coveted (Jack/Daniel)
Sometimes you covet what you think you can’t have.

Daniel’s First Christmas (Jack/Daniel)
Jack gives Daniel his first true Christmas of his life.

Distortions (Gen)
After being forced to leave the SGC over his beliefs about the Alternate Reality, Daniel is forced back. Can SG-1 accept this new Daniel and the changes that have made him into a new man?

Duty (Jack/Daniel)
An alternate fallout of what could have happened after ‘Heroes’.

Faceless (Gen)
After an off world accident, Daniel has trouble picking up the pieces.

Forbidden Fruit (Jack/Daniel)
Jack knows he can’t escape. What is he to do?

From The Future (Jack/Daniel)
A five-year-old little girl comes through the gate. She sees Jack and runs to him screaming Dad. But why was she sent there? And can what she knows really save Earth from the Goa’uld?

Grace (Jack/Daniel)
Jack can’t help but care for Daniel.

I’ve Missed You (Jack/Daniel)
He returns home two years after a bad fallout. Hoping to find peace.

Lost in Flame (Jack/Daniel)
Daniel died in flames. He died for his friends. Hope is lost in a galaxy at war.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Lovers, Friends, and Other Strangers (Daniel/Vala)
Jack comes to right a few wrongs only to find out that he may be too late.

Rover & Munk (Jack/Daniel)
Jack and Daniel as animals.

Silent (Jack/Daniel)
Jack finds out about Daniel’s little secret. And he blows a gasket. And Daniel has fun making him madder. But how will things end? Is the friendship gone? Warning: Slash

The Journal (Jack/Daniel)
Writings in the journal show one of our most beloved characters running from life at the SGC. And not really looking back. Until the he comes face to face with the SGC.

Three (Jack/Daniel)
Pasts come out in a threatening way for Jack.

Trust (Jack/Daniel)
Daniel opens up to Jack about his past. But what does Jack do?

Who Knew? (Jack/Daniel)
Sam goes to Jack’s after her bike quits near his house. What she finds surprises her.

Whose POV? (Slash, Het, & Gen Multi Pairings)
A look at the members of the SGC through others eyes. Whether they are a friend, a lover, a want to be love, or an ex-lover. Each story is a stand alone. Warning: Slash, Het, and Gen what ever my mindmuse wants

Willing Slave or The Body (Jack/Daniel)
Sometimes that’s all it is, is a body. Not the person who used to own it. Just a body being used.

Window of Opportunity (Jack/Daniel)
On a planet SG-1 finds another device that loops time. In twelve-hour intervals, but this time it’s not Teal’c and Jack who get stuck in it. It’s all of SG-1. Can they figure out how to fix it? Or will they be stuck looping?

You Don’t Love Me Anymore (Jack/Daniel)
Five years after the defeat of the Goa’uld, he returns to see if he could walk out on him. Warning: Slash Blame my muse. He’s on a kick about sad stories…


Assassination (Jack/Daniel)
SG-1 finds themselves at the hands of an assassin. What are they going to do?

The Assassination
An assassin is out to get SG-1. And they strike to close to home. Can the assassin be found before they can finish the job? Or will SG-1 be gone for good? Warning: Slash

Holiday Fallout
Given three weeks mandatory vacation and told where to go, SG-1 thinks this will be three weeks of being bored. Until they meet their house-mates and Daniel is nearly run down. Has the trouble that got them sent away followed them?

Daniel & Atlantis (Gen/Het)
Daniel finds himself at a loss when he his turned into a seven-year old and the NID want him. He flees with his guardian Jack to Atlantis hoping to find a home to stay.

Trouble, Thy Name Is Daniel
Jack and a seven-year-old Daniel go to Atlantis to escape from the N.I.D. who wants the Ancient knowledge in his mind.

Daniel starts to feel bitter and mad about how everyone comes to him for help. Jack is not helping since his own life is conflicting with his time with Daniel.

Daniel starts to say no to everything and stops working and doing anything anyone says. How will Jack cope?

Fear the Unknown
The N.I.D. send an agent to kidnap Daniel from Atlantis…it’s going to be a race to figure out who it is.

Different (Jack/Daniel)
Jack O’Neill finds himself on the run after his word is destroyed. He finds a new home with a new SGC. He also finds a new family.

This Is Different
After Earth is taken over by Anubis, all of the SGC is killed except Jack. He was able to make it through the Quantum Mirror and it trying to find a place he can call home.

Even Weirder
Jack’s settled into his life in the Alternate Reality. It’s been a year. Along with a few other big surprises. Including Jack’s parents showing up unannounced. And a few bumps in the road that may separate the boys.

Finding Home (Jack/Daniel)
An AU look at a life for Jack and Daniel without the SGC.

One look at how an AU for Jack and Daniel could have gone…Starting with their first meeting and ending with the death of one.

Jack’s back.


Adaptation (Jack/Daniel) Stargate/The 4400
Jack and Daniel as 4400, their ups and down in life and relationship as the series goes on and beyond the end of the series.

As of right now this series is on a most permanent hiatus. I have not found a way that I want to go given what happens in Season Four. I have posted a previously unreleased interlude that I had written years ago. Its posted nowhere else except here. I hope that someday I will be able to finish this fic.

Season One (Jack/Daniel)
Season Two (Jack/Daniel)
Season Three (Jack/Daniel)

Stargate/Criminal Minds

The Science of Jealousy (Rodney McKay/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay)
While John and Rodney are on Earth getting ready to head back to the Pegasus Galaxy with Atlantis, Rodney always disappear without explanation at random times, when he comes back he’s happy and loose, one day John follows him and see him kissing a young man in front of the hotel before entering it.

We Don’t Come in Peace (Stargate/Halo)
Stuck out in space, the crew of Destiny find an ancient enemy that has been sleeping. They lose contact with Earth and find that they have gone forward in time. They emerge in the year 2554 and come across a Demon.

Escape (Daniel/Ronon, Slash Pairings, & Het Pairings)
The Destiny crew finds that their destiny is larger than they ever thought. They get to save two galaxies and a hero who saves the entire human race across time two times. Only they have to make it to the future in time to save it before they can save themselves.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five





Inside the whole story arc is the language of the Ancients and probably Covenant will be added. This is where to go to find all the translations for all words not English in the stories.

They Come-Appropinquis
Changing Sickness- Mutario Aegritodu
daemon insidiari- demon lie in wait
unus unus septum-117


Star Wars Legends


New Sith Empire

The Galaxy finds out the hard way that sometimes those in power don’t know what they are doing. The lines of black and white and right and wrong get blurred. Starts in 39 ABY and goes forward. Legacy Books Series and Fate of the Jedi Book Series story arcs are used but changed to suit my needs.

1-Loss (Jacen/Tenal Ka) PG-13
Set in 39 ABY. The death of Tenel Ka and the aftermath for her daughter and Jacen.

2-Empire (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 42 ABY. Jacen and Allana are adapting to their new lot in life. Things get interesting when the galaxy starts to go haywire.

3-Wedding (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 42 ABY. As the Galaxy prepares for an all out war, the Hapes Consortium and Empire prepare for a wedding. Tragedy strikes though but the plan backfires in the worst way.

4-Consequences (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 42 ABY. After the death of Mara Jade Skywalker at the Wedding of Jaina and Jagged, the Empire and the Hapes Consortium are calling for Luke Skywalker’s blood. At galaxy that was already starting to fracture, it at its breaking point. What can be done to stop the bloodshed?

5-Conscription (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 43 ABY. The Galactic Alliance has decided that the Hapes Consortium and the Empire are setting up for war against them. The people of the galaxy don’t know who to believe. Jedi are good and Sith are bad. What do you do when one group calls the other Sith and those supposed Sith are calling the others Sith. Beliefs are not just black and white anymore and the GA is calling for all Force-sensitives are now being conscripted into service.

6-Meetings (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 44 ABY. Meetings set one’s whole life. Who you meet shapes who you are. Who you don’t meet can destroy your life. When two people meet it changes the way the war between the Empire and the Alliance. The galaxy is not ready for two women who have been scorned.

7-War (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 44 ABY. The galactic cold war ends and war ensues. The Galactic Alliance thinks that their position is secure until they find that the little people in the galaxy do not support them. They face a battle on two fronts, against the Hapes Consortium and the Empire and those planets that support them.

8-Reunion (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 45 ABY. During a critical battle to gain control of the Centerpoint Station to stop the Galactic Alliance from using it against them, Jacen thinks he is losing until a ship arrives and saves the day. Who is in control of this ship and are they really allies.

9-Turning Tides (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 45 ABY. With the resurgence of public figures for the Hapan and the Empire, the Galactic Alliance has found that they are in a position of defeat. The war goes on with little hope for them.

10-Defeat (Jacen/Tenal Ka)PG-13
Set in 45 ABY. After the Battle of Coruscant over, the Galactic Alliance finds that it has been following a Sith instead of fighting one. Luke and Jacen face off on Ossus and the war in finally over. Who wins?


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