The Movie Director and the Scientist

Title: The Movie Director and the Scientist
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Current
Tags: Alternate Universe, Oblivious Spencer, Scientist Spencer, Movie Director Aaron,
Ratings: Explicit
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 12
Summary: Spencer Reid never cared much for modern television. He liked his science fiction, but his main passion was plays. When Aaron Hotchner swanned into his life, he was happy with everything. Aaron was passionate and caring and loving, and he was all of that to Spencer. The rest didn’t matter, except it really did.
Words: 6,242
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Beta: None

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Soulmates, Entirely the Wrong Way Around

Title: Soulmates, Entirely the Wrong Way Around
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds, James Bond
Year: Current Time
Tags: Kidnapping, Secrets, Bondage, Gags, Soulmates, AU, Creepy Hotch, Gratuitous Lamp Deaths,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau/Will LaMontagne,
Characters: Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Will LaMontagne, Emily Prentiss, Henry LaMontagne, James Bond, Q, Eve Moneypenny, Bill Tanner,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 11
Summary: The timer counted down to tell Spencer he was getting closer to meeting his soulmate. When it hit zero, he was being grabbed by a man that haunted his nightmares and had for a year.
Words: 18,090
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Forced Drugging, Threatened Rape, Threatened Murder, Suicidal Thoughts, Threatened Child Harm,
Beta: rivermoon1970

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The Librarian and the Dad

Title: The Librarian and the Dad
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: 2016
Tags: Fluff, Romance, Gift Fic, Alternate Universe,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Ethan,
Spoilers: None
Summary: It started out as a little crush. Then it became so much more.
Words: 9,055
Notes: None
Warnings: Canon Character Death,
Beta: rivermoon1970
Gift For: Susspencer

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The Accident of Love

Title: The Accident of Love
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Current Time (2016)
Tags: AU, Established Relationship, Long Distance Pining, Agent!Aaron, Writer!Spencer, Lecturer!Spencer, Case Fic, Cock Cage,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Tara Lewis,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 11
Summary: When a case brings the team to town to look into case of three accidental deaths and two suicides on the same day, they uncover something even more.
Words: 11,585
Notes: This story is a bit of a diversion from my normal and so please be careful if any of the tags or warnings could be triggers for you.
Warnings: Murder, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Child Rape, Gang Rape, Drugged Rape, Canon Level Violence, All Rape is Off Screen, Canon Character Death, Former Team Member Death,
Beta: rivermoon1970

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The Billionaire and the Forgotten Husband

Title: The Billionaire and the Forgotten Husband
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Current Time
Tags: AU, First Time, Arranged Marriage, Angst,
Ratings: NC-17,
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau/Will LaMontagne, David Rossi/Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan/Savannah Hayes,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Will LaMontagne, David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan, Savannah Hayes, Emily Prentiss,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 11
Summary: Agreeing to a marriage to a stranger in return for money for his mother’s care and money to go to school with was small change in the grand scheme of things. It was ten years. He could do that. He just didn’t expect it to be so lonely inside the mansion.
Words: 18,495
Notes: Ok so this was wrote over 3 days using a wonderful little tool I found called Writer’s Block. I wrote an average of around 6k a day with it. It’s really the best. If you are a writer and you let yourself get distracted. Try this. It’s FREE!
Warnings: None
Beta: None
Gift For: Rivermoon1970

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Broken Trust

Title: Broken Trust
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds,
Year: Season 7 (Late Spring 2012)
Tags: Infidelity, Cheating,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Spoilers: Up through Season 7
Summary: Trust once broken is hard to get back, even if you aren’t the one who broke it.
Words: 8,921
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Beta: Reidemption

Aaron knocked on the door to Morgan’s apartment. Morgan had been out for a week with a broken collarbone but he’d asked Aaron to drop off a few files that he needed to look at for a court appearance the next day. The Bureau doctor had only allowed that since the Judge wouldn’t allow his testimony from discovery to be used. He heard movement on the other side of the door and prepared for a surly Morgan to open the door.

Instead it was a man his height, hair pulled back in a ponytail, glasses on his face. He was wearing a pair of shorts that Aaron had seen on Morgan before while sharing rooms on cases and a t-shirt from Cal-Tech. He looked to be around thirty years old. There was something about him that drew Aaron in though. He was beautiful, there was no denying that. His high cheek bones set off his look and if Aaron wasn’t in work mode, he’d maybe try and flirt with him.

“Agent Hotchner, Derek isn’t here right now.” The man’s eyes were wide in shock. He looked past Aaron and then off to the side of the wall in the apartment. He was nervous. Aaron wondered who the man was and how Derek knew him. “You are more than welcome to wait for him. He ran to wire money to his sister.”

“You have me at a disadvantage.” Aaron didn’t like that and he wanted to know about the man.

“Oh!” The man smiled and shook his head. “Spencer Reid. I’m Derek’s neighbor.”

Aaron held out his hand but Spencer just eyed it.

“I don’t shake hands with strangers. Sorry.”

Aaron waved him off and handed over the stack of files. “Can you make sure he gets these?”

“Oh. The files for the Gutzman case. He said you might be dropping them off while he was gone. That’s why he had me stay here.” Spencer turned and moved to set the files down on the coffee table in the middle of the living room. He moved back towards the door and grabbed a set of keys. Aaron stepped back when the younger man made to step out of the apartment. He pulled the door shut and locked it before moving towards the door across the hall. “I’m sure Derek will see the files when he gets back. Thank you, Agent Hotchner.”

“Aaron. It’s Aaron, Mr. Reid.”

“Spencer. You can call me Spencer. Derek talks about his team a lot. I need to get dressed for work so excuse me. Have a wonderful day.” Then Spencer was gone inside what Aaron assumed was his own apartment. He stood there thinking for several long minutes. He knew the shorts were Morgan’s but why was Spencer wearing them? Morgan had never talked about men before, but given his past it was no wonder. Was he afraid that the team would judge him for liking men despite his past?

Finally, deciding he’d stood there long enough, Aaron turned to leave. He sat in his car for about twenty minutes going through a few emails on his phone. He was in no rush to head home. When he was finally ready to leave, he looked up to see Spencer leaving the apartment complex. He was dressed in a three piece suit and Aaron admitted again that he was a very beautiful man.


Aaron kept an eye on Morgan after that, trying to figure out if he and Spencer were more than just friends. He tried to tell himself it was only because he was worried about Morgan but he knew that it was more than that. He’d found the man beautiful and while he’d never talked much about his own sexuality with the team, he was fairly certain that Dave knew that he was bisexual. Between the death of his father and meeting Haley, Aaron had fooled around with a few guys, trying to send off a great big fuck you to his father and have him rolling around in his grave.

If Morgan was dating the other man, no one on the team knew it and he was doing a damned good job at hiding it. He still talked about going out with the “honeys” as he called the women he casually had sex with, but it was a perfect cover.

It happened one night nearly two months later on the jet home from a hard case that had lasted longer than needed due to a police force that didn’t want them there, but the case had become federal as soon as the UnSub had dropped a body across state lines. The team was asleep while Aaron just relaxed back in his seat with his head tipped back. With eyes barely open he watched as Morgan looked at his phone. There was an unreadable emotion on his face.

“Hey, Pretty Boy! No, we are still in Georgia. I’m sorry I forgot to call.” Morgan frowned at whatever the person on the other end of the line said. When he spoke next his voice was a great deal lower but Aaron could still hear him. “Spencer, I’m sorry. I know. I know you had them stay over…I can’t help the job. We won’t be back until early morning. No, I’ll be going to mine. I’ve missed you too but I am tired. I need to go.” Morgan hung up quickly and looked around the jet. Aaron relaxed his body. Morgan seemed satisfied with what he saw and relaxed back, putting his headphones on. That sounded like every conversation that Aaron and Haley had near the end of their relationship.

When the jet landed an hour and a half later. Garcia was waiting at the air strip.

“Are we ready to go party?” Garcia asked, looking at Prentiss, JJ, and Morgan.

Jessica already had Jack down for the night. He wondered if they would extend the invitation to him and Dave like they always did.

“Hotch, Rossi?” Prentiss asked as she turned to look at them.

“I’m going home to my bed and cuddle with my dog. You young ones have fun tonight.” Dave walked towards his car parked in the same spot as always.

“Sure. Text me the address and I’ll meet you there after dropping off the files. Remember three day weekend.”

“Why do you think we are starting the weekend early?” Garcia asked.

Aaron laughed as the three women piled into Morgan’s SUV with him getting in the front seat.

When he arrived at the club, he was shocked that it just seemed like a slightly upgraded bar. It wasn’t the normal places that the team liked to go. When Haley used to go with them, the team always chose a bar. He knew that the girls liked to go to bars but Morgan liked clubs. This was probably a middle ground given that Aaron was going as well.

Drinks flowed but Aaron kept himself far too sober than he probably should have been given that Morgan was dancing with so many women. He still only suspected that Morgan and Spencer were dating but it irked him. Aaron’s eyes stayed on dance floor, watching everyone have a good time.

“So are you sure that he hasn’t tried a relationship?” Prentiss asked.

“No,” Garcia answered. She took a sip of her drink. “He’s just been put off by the clubs. He still talks about…is he?”

Aaron found Morgan again and saw that a woman was leading him into the back of the bar towards the bathrooms. He was sure that his eyes were bugged out of his head.

“Yes, he is,” JJ said with a giggle. The other two girls started to giggle as well. Aaron was pretty sure that he was going back there for sex. He had no clue if his and Spencer’s relationship was open but he needed to speak to Morgan. Aaron watched as another women moved back towards the bathrooms. Two minutes later, she came back out. Morgan was on her heels, trying to grab her phone. The girls stopped laughing but didn’t move. Aaron got up to his feet and moved over to the pair.

“Austin! Please!” Morgan had just finished buttoning his pants, leaving little to the imagination of what had gone on in the bathroom. The woman he’d gone back with was walking out of the bathroom.

“Don’t think so, Derek,” the woman, Austin, said. Morgan grabbed her arm and spun her back towards him, grabbing her phone. He had just bypassed the lock screen when Aaron grabbed the phone from him.

“Unhand her, Morgan.”

“Hotch, you don’t…”

“I don’t understand that you were back there getting a blow job from a strange woman when you have your neighbor back home? I heard you lie to them on the phone saying you were still back in Georgia.” Aaron tried to keep gender pronouns out to save his dignity a little, even if he didn’t deserve it.

“Morgan?” Garcia asked. Aaron turned to see the girls standing there. All three looked a lot more sober than they had been just moments before. Garcia looked confused while JJ and Prentiss looked pissed.

“That’s not even the brunt of it. Today is their three year anniversary,” Austin said. She slid her phone in her pocket after Aaron handed it over. “He came to me three months ago, told me he thought you were cheating but I told him no way. He’d never do that. Not Big Mr. FBI profiler Derek Morgan. I told him that he was just getting jealous of the job. Then I see you taking that woman back there. Find her on her knees with your dick in her mouth. So what was it, finally decided that you couldn’t do a relationship or just didn’t want to settle down with a man?”

“Austin, please.”

“No. Fuck. I am not lying to him. This is going to tear him apart.” Austin turned around and Morgan reached out for her again. Prentiss stepped in and grabbed his wrist. Spinning him and locking his hands behind his back.

“No. You don’t touch her.” Prentiss looked even more pissed now. “Hotch, can you take JJ and Garcia home?”

“We’ll get a cab,” JJ said as she wrapped an arm around Garcia’s shoulders and led her away. Prentiss shoved at Morgan and they started out as well.

“Prentiss, take him around the beltway or something.” Hotch watched for Prentiss’s nod before he turned to Austin. “Do you need a ride? I know that you don’t…”

“You are Hotch. From what Derek has said about you, I can trust you and I am in no condition to drive between my anger and the drinks I’ve had. You know the way to Spencer’s?”

“Yes.” Aaron led her out to his car after he’d given the bartender a bit of cash to cover the disturbance and the drinks. Austin’s hand rested over her phone the entire trip. Aaron figured she’d either filmed part of it or gotten pictures.

“He’s never said anything about Spencer has he?” Austin asked a few minutes into the ride.

“No. I only had a guess at it after seeing Spencer in Morgan’s shorts. Then tonight the phone call. I wasn’t aware of the length.”

Silence filled the cab of the car for the rest of the trip. Aaron parked in the visitor parking. Austin wasn’t getting out of the cab so he moved over and opened the door.

“He can’t stand lying. He really can’t. I just…fuck.” Austin leaned back so quick and so hard that her head bounced off the seat.

“Austin?” Spencer’s voice carried over the parking garage. She jumped out of the car and Aaron turned around as well. “Agent Hotch…Aaron. What’s going on? What happened to Derek?”

Aaron opened his mouth but the scared look fell off Spencer’s face. He looked between the two of them and then settled on Aaron.

“Agent Hotchner, I thought your team wasn’t coming back until tomorrow?” The chill attached with the words had even Aaron shivering. The switch to agent was telling of his mindset.

“We flew in two hours ago.”

“And why is Austin with you?”

“Papa!” Two voices called out. Aaron saw two girls with black hair running at Spencer. They stopped just at his back, one on either side of him. “Aunt Austin!” The girls ran at her and Austin leaned down to hug them. The woman handed over her phone to Aaron and then led the girls off. Aaron stepped up and handed the phone over to Spencer.

Spencer took the phone, frowning but unlocking it and frowning at whatever was on the screen. He touched the screen and Aaron heard the music from the bar start up. Thankfully the music was so loud that no noises could be heard over it. Aaron watched his face as he watched the video.

“I see. Thank you, Agent Hotchner for bringing Austin over. I…” Spencer handed Austin’s phone back over and then dug into his pocket for his own. He dialed a number and Aaron wasn’t sure he wanted to be there for the conversation. “Mr. Haverda? Yes. It’s Spencer in 7. I won’t be renewing my lease. No, some things didn’t work out how I thought. I’ll be out a month before the end so you can do any replacements that are needed. Thank you.”

“Anything I can do?”

“Where is Derek?”

“Prentiss is driving him around the belt, I think. They knew that whoever his boyfriend is that he is Morgan’s neighbor. I figure she’s waiting on word from me.”

Spencer nodded. “I’ll be staying with Austin. The girls go back to school Monday. I had them pulled for the day Friday in…well it doesn’t matter anymore. My car is in the shop so we’ll have to takes cabs.”

“I’ll drive you wherever. I think my backseat is big enough for three. I can throw the car seat in the trunk and there is nothing else in there except my go bag so a bag or two of yours should fit. If you are wanting to avoid Morgan, I can call you when he gets to work Monday so you can pick up more things…”

“You are nicer to a stranger than you should be.”

“My wife was cheating on me at the end of our marriage. Because of my job. Also, it’s either that or you may find yourself inundated with Prentiss, Garcia, and JJ trying to kill Morgan while cuddling you. I have a feeling that Garcia is probably hacking all kinds of things right now of Morgan’s.”

Spencer smiled and Aaron wanted to see it more.

“I need to pack up my things. I just got back from a week away so I have a bag packed; all I’ve got to do is wash up the dirty things. I just need contacts and the girls’ weekend things.”

“I’m more than willing to help you.”

The younger man nodded and Aaron followed him up to the apartment. Spencer slowed while walking when they neared the door of his place. His eyes were locked on Morgan’s.

“Would you mind keeping a watch on what I do while I clean my things out of his place? I know he has a few files in there and I’d rather not be accused of something.”


Aaron did that as well as helping him pack up things for the girls. There were pictures scattered all over Spencer’s apartment. Him and the girls. Him and who Aaron assumed was his mother, mother, son, and granddaughters. There were even a few of Spencer, Morgan, and the girls. Aaron wondered not for the first time what Morgan had been thinking. They weren’t living together and from the looks of things, it was still a fairly non-constrictive relationship. Spencer had given Aaron the key to Morgan’s place after he grabbed his sleep clothes from a drawer and a stack of books from the bedside. Two movies had been taken from the stack on top of the DVDs and given that the titles were children’s movies, Aaron figured that he wasn’t stealing. In fact, given what he knew of Morgan’s taste in movies, there were quite a few that were probably Spencer’s that he left on the racks.

Austin came up with the girls half an hour later. She hugged Spencer and he kissed her cheek.

“Aaron, this is Guinevere and Izabelle. Gwen, Iz, this is Aaron. He’s going to drive us and Aunt Austin to her place where we are going to stay this weekend.”

“Did Derek’s case take longer than he thought?” Gwen asked as she looked at her father. Iz’s eyes though didn’t leave Aaron.

“No,” Iz said before Spencer could answer. She looked Aaron up and down and moved over towards him. Her hands went right for his pants leg and lifted it up. His empty holster for his backup was visible.

“Izabelle!” Spencer pulled her back, Aaron’s pants leg dropping.

“Stern face, black hair, back up gun. This is Hotch.” Iz just smiled at him as she talked. She was very intelligent. Aaron could see it in her eyes. He guessed that she and her sister were around eight years old.

“What happened, Papa?” Gwen asked.

Spencer crouched to look his daughter in the face. “Derek and I are no longer together. We are going to stay with Austin for the weekend and then when you girls go back to school I’ll see about finding a new place for us to live.”

“Oh,” the girls said at the same time. Iz looked away from Aaron finally and looked at her father. She kissed his cheek and moved to her and her sister’s bedroom. She came out with the bags that had been packed. There was a green teddy bear in her hand and Aaron watched as Spencer’s face looked gutted at the sight of it. Gwen ran off and came back with a matching purple one.

“Are we ready?” Austin asked. Spencer only nodded for an answer. Iz handed off the purple backpack to her sister and then moved to the front door. Aaron grabbed Spencer’s bag before the man could. Austin wrapped her arm around him and guided him out of the door just behind the girls.

“Hotch!” Austin called out and then tossed a set of keys at him. Aaron caught them and found that there were only two on there. He fumbled a little but got the main lock and the deadbolt locked before he turned. Sitting at the base of Morgan’s door were the two teddy bears. He figured out then that the girls were a great deal smarter than he’d thought. Children saw more than others, he knew that, but it was surprising that they weren’t trying to fight it. They accepted that Morgan and their father were done. And seemed to lay some of the blame at Morgan’s feet.

Aaron drove the small group across town to a duplex. Spencer thanked him for the ride and then they were gone. As soon as the front door was shut, Aaron texted Prentiss and said that it was clear for Morgan to go home. Prentiss texted back and thanked him. She asked how the boyfriend was and Aaron answered truthfully that he was devastated but strong. Nothing else came.


When the call from Garcia came early Sunday morning, Aaron rolled out of bed and started to get dressed. He needed to drop off Jack at Jessica’s and then get to Quantico. He didn’t even realize that he hadn’t gotten Spencer’s number off of him until he saw Morgan on the jet. The debrief on the case was done as soon as the jet was in the air and they could take off their seat belts. The team functioned as normal right up until Dave figured out that every time Garcia had something, she called Aaron and not Morgan, as was normal.

Aaron normally would have never aired someone’s personal business, but as the rest of the team was well aware and Garcia was doing her level best to pretend that Derek Morgan didn’t exist, he pulled Dave aside and told him.

Phone vibrating, Aaron pushed Dave out of the door and closed it. It was a text from an unknown Virginia based number. He frowned.


Aaron frowned even farther. He was pulling up his screen keypad when another text came through.

Sorry. This is Spencer Reid. I forgot that I never did give you my number. Austin has the girls at the Jeffersonian so now would be a wonderful time to start moving things into storage. If the BAU is on a case. The words sounded very much like something he’d expect from Spencer but it still didn’t tell him how he knew Aaron’s number. Still he texted back that they were. He got some sort of smiley face and then nothing.

The case went well, and when they returned to the office there was a registered letter waiting for Morgan on his desk. Morgan’s eyes flashed with hurt and he slipped it into his leather briefcase. Aaron was standing waiting. He hadn’t brought up Morgan’s personal life while on the case but now the case was over. Aaron pulled his office door shut and leaned against the door.

“Thank you for taking Austin over there Thursday night. I…Did he and the girls make it there fine?”

“I drove them. Spencer’s car was in the shop.”

“Yeah. A brake line was leaking and he takes his car safety very serious with the girls. Did he…” Morgan’s eyes tracked over to the small box that was in the corner. Aaron saw the purple bear sticking out of it.

“No, Izabelle was the first to pick up her bear. I didn’t think anything of it, just that they wanted something to cuddle. He told them that you and he were not together anymore and that’s it. They left the bears at your door on their own. Very perceptive girls.”

“Just like their father. Their mother was never in the picture. She left them with him when they were under a year old and signed away all rights.”

“What’s in the letter?”

“Probably a notification that I was taken off as his medical power of attorney and other things. He’d done it before we got together actually. The girls were two the first time I met them. Gwen distracted Spencer while Iz snuck out and then she snuck out as well. I found them two floors down trying to make it outside. I’d seen them around, knew who they belonged to. Spencer was shocked when I knocked on his door with a girl on each arm. They both took to me well. It was a year later that he asked me to be a second in the line of making choices for the girls. Austin moved to the area two years ago. He’d met her a few years before that but he had no one else in the area he trusted.” Morgan sighed and closed his eyes, leaning his head back onto the chair. “I think I need a little bit of time off. Go home to Chicago and think.”

“It might be best. I had to tell Dave. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong and Garcia acting like you don’t exist was just too much.”

“I understand. I didn’t…”

“Don’t. There isn’t a thing that you can say to me that will change what happened. I don’t need the reasons or excuses. Get your life in order.” Aaron pushed off the door and then he swept from the room. He settled in his own office and picked up his phone. There was nothing.

When he had confirmation hours later from Garcia that Morgan was on a plane to Chicago; Aaron texted Spencer but heard nothing back.


Sighing, Aaron leaned back in his chair. The newest batch of applicants was worse than the last batch and the one before. The last replacement for Morgan hadn’t lasted more than two cases before requesting a transfer. Morgan had left the unit eight months before after a near month off. It hadn’t come easy. In the end, he’d transferred to the Chicago branch to be with his family.

“Aaron,” Strauss said as she entered his office with his name as the only noise to alert him to her being there. “I have an applicant from White Collar Crimes who would like to submit a case workup as his interview.”

“What?” Aaron stood up and took the file she was handing over. She took a seat once he’d taken the file from her. It was an entire case workup. It was based one of the three cases that he and Dave had worked up for applicants for Morgan’s position. It was perfect. He looked at the case part as it was presented. There was a handwritten geographic profile. The case was worked to take place in Albany, New York. What caught him was that the profile was wrong. He looked at it more in depth and found that one of the locations in the list had been crossed out and rewritten by hand. There was a note that the address given in the file didn’t lead to a bakery but a flower shop, but since the bakery was a big point in the file, he went with it instead of the flower shop. In the overall scheme of things it wasn’t much but looking at the geographic profile it narrowed things down by nearly a mile over all. He hadn’t seen a file like this from a new profiler outside of JJ.

“I have his partial resume here. He was worried about your rejection of him based on prior meetings. Or favoritism.” Strauss handed over a sheet of paper and Aaron read over it. Three PhDs all achieved before the age of twenty, one along with two BAs in that time. Two more BAs and another PhD in the ten years since; became sole parent to two daughters in the middle of the academy. His work with White Collar was perfect. Recommendation from his current unit and section chief. He knew no one from White Collar Crimes. Looking up at Strauss, Aaron saw someone at the edge of the bullpen, looking at his office. It was Spencer. Aaron smiled despite himself. Then the resume clicked in his head.

Morgan had never mentioned that Spencer was another FBI agent, but given the resume in his hand along with the way the man was hovering. It had to be him.

“You can tell Doctor Reid that as of right now, he’s in his trial run for the space on my team.”

“Good. You don’t know the way the sharks are acting right now. Doctor Reid has never shown that he’s interested in leaving White Collar but when your latest agent put in the transfer, his paperwork was on my desk. The AD wanted him to be the last to put in his application. The AD it seems knew something that I didn’t. Doctor Reid was set to come into the BAU from the moment he joined up as a cadet but when…”

“When Gwen and Izabelle were dropped in his lap, he chose them and took a job in White Collar because it would have him home. You can send him up.”

“How do you know Doctor Reid?”

Aaron looked at Strauss, just staring. She stared back, nonplussed. “He’s the reason that Agent Morgan is no longer on this team.”

“Doctor Reid is the man that Morgan cheated on?” Strauss looked shocked. It hadn’t taken long for the rumors to start up about why Morgan had been on the outs with his team and instead of having the rumors getting outrageous, Morgan had confessed to what he had done without naming who the other person had been. “He’s a brave soul. It might be best to keep that under wraps for a while. Garcia might smother him otherwise.”

Aaron allowed a smile on his face as he escorted Strauss from his office. He locked eyes with Spencer. “We have a case in Las Vegas, Doctor Reid. Better pack a go bag.”

Spencer nodded, smiled and took off. JJ and Prentiss looked up at him while Dave ambled out of his office.

“New recruit?”

“No. Been in White Collar Crimes. I think that he’s that cadet that Gideon wanted added to the unit so long ago. The one that turned him down due to his family.”

“The genius? What changed?”

“I don’t know.”


The case was hard. Seven women and five men raped and killed by a duo. Spencer never wanted to leave the conference room they had taken over in the Vegas FBI field office. He slept on the couch for a few hours at a time unless Aaron forced him back to the hotel. He seemed nervous and Aaron couldn’t figure out why.

On the fifth day, when the second body after they had arrived showed up, a woman entered the conference room and locked eyes with Spencer. “Agent Hotchner, I thought that Agent Morgan was on your team. Not Doctor Reid.”

“Agent Morgan transferred to the Chicago office.”

The woman looked at Spencer again and Aaron braced himself. Spencer had turned back to the profile board they were working on. Prentiss had noticed the tension and closed up the file she was reading. JJ stood up to move over to where Spencer was and Dave had actually put his hand on his gun.

“What, did you break his heart, Doctor Reid so you could finally join the BAU?” The woman asked.

“Actually, Agent Prescott,” Spencer started and turned to look at the female agent standing there. “He broke my heart when he was caught in the bathroom of a bar, stone sober, pants at his ankles with a women sucking his cock. So I suggest you turn around and go back to your division which is White Collar Crimes and not here in the room the BAU is using.”

A man was rushing behind the woman and jerked the door open. “Agent Prescott, I told you that the restraining order was still in effect and you needed to stay in your area. Agent Hotchner, I am sorry. Agent Prescott just got back from two weeks leave and wasn’t aware until she got in this morning that the BAU was here. Now, Prescott.”

Prescott glared at Spencer and then spun and left. The man followed after her but before she made it into the elevator the head of the field office was walking towards the conference room. The team was dead silent; mulling over the new information when the head opened the door.

“Doing okay, Spencer?”

“Just fine Samuels. I almost have the code the dominant is leaving behind cracked .” Samuels stepped fully into the room and pulled the door shut.

“Word got to me that you’ve been pulling second PhD level cram sessions. Why don’t you take a break?” Samuels looked at Aaron and smiled. “He was working on his second PhD when I was finishing up at Cal-Tech. Scrawny little thing he was. Couldn’t run for shit. Agent Hotchner, I am truly sorry about Prescott. Don’t worry she won’t come back here. She was transferred from DC to here because she kept trying to fuck with Spencer. She’s an excellent agent just has a hate on for Spencer.”

“Have a good day, Samuels.” Spencer didn’t look up from the board.

“See I thought you might say that. I have a surprise for you.”

“No.” Spencer turned and his eyes moved past Samuels. Aaron looked as well and coming off the elevator were the twins and a woman that Aaron remembered from the pictures. Spencer dropped the notepad in his hands and was up and out the door. He dropped to his knees and the girls ran right at him. Iz looked up after hugging her father for a minute and her eyes widened. She disentangled from him and ran right at Aaron, nearly hitting Samuels with the door.


“Hello Miss Izabelle.” Aaron was shocked when she hugged his leg and didn’t let go; even when Spencer entered with Gwen in his arms and the woman trailing behind him. “Izabelle, I’d like you to…”

Izabelle looked around and she smiled. “The rest of the BAU team. Miss JJ, Miss Emily, and Mr. Dave. We remember them from..” Izabelle trailed off and looked at her father and then shook her head and smiled. “Hello. My name is Izabelle Reid; this is my sister Guinevere and my grandma.”

“Thank you, Samuels.” Spencer smiled at him.

“You are welcome, brainy.” Samuels reached out and ruffled Spencer’s hair before he left the room.

“Hotch?” Prentiss asked.

“This was something that Reid and I were going to broach when we got back. I didn’t want to color the first case with the knowledge.”

“I was Derek’s boyfriend,” Spencer said as he set Gwen down on the ground. The girl stayed there at her father’s side while Iz stayed right at Aaron’s. “I had Strauss do a blind audition of sorts for me on the team. Hotch knew nothing of my name and such before I met him. Of course this case popped up and well…here we are. These are my daughters. Iz has already introduced them. Austin, the lady from that night, she brought them out here for a week to spend with their grandmother. They head back home tomorrow. Samuels always keeps track when Austin or even I bring the girls out. We kept in contact after college. One of the few I do keep in contact with.”

“Spencer, are you going to do proper introductions?” The woman asked with a fond smile. She stepped up behind Gwen and rested a hand on her shoulder.

“Of course. This is my mother, Diana Reid. Mom,Agents Emily Prentiss, JJ Jareau, and David Rossi.”

There was a look of apprehension on Spencer’s face as he did the introductions. Diana looked each of them up and down as he did the introductions. Then Spencer turned to Aaron.

“And this is my new Unit Chief, Aaron Hotchner.”

“The young man who drove you and the girls to Austin’s the night that boy broke your heart. Thank you, Agent Hotchner. I do hope that someone scratched that boy’s eyes out.”

“Mom.” Spencer started to blush as he directed his mother to a chair. Gwen followed and sat down in her lap while Iz stayed right with Aaron. She hadn’t let go of his leg yet and by the way that Spencer’s eyes kept dropping down to look at her, he was a little worried about it. The doors opened again and Austin entered with a smile on her face. Iz waved at her and tucked her hand right back around Aaron’s leg.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am. The other member of our team, Penelope Garcia damn near castrated him,” Prentiss said as she moved around the table.

“Can I trust you all with my son? You used to work with that boy.”

“We barely know Spencer but he’s now a member of this team and none of us like liars,” JJ said as she moved closer to Diana and shook her hand. Diana smiled up at her.

“Sorry, Spencer. It’s kind of hard to say no when a black SUV pulls up and Samuels gets out.”

“There may have been a promise of candy as well,” Iz said. She squeezed just a little tighter on Aaron’s leg as Spencer moved over towards them, like she was afraid of being pulled away.

“You two and your sweet tooth. So have you eaten lunch because we haven’t.”

“Can we have Thai?” Gwen asked, speaking for the first time.

“Sounds good to me,” Diana said.

“Regular for everyone?” Aaron asked. The team knew what each one wanted from almost any place they went. “Reid, can you order for your family?”


“Good.” Aaron looked down at Izabelle and smiled. “I’m going to need my leg back to go get lunch. Are you hungry?”

Izabelle nodded and sighed as she finally let go of his leg. Instead of going over to where her grandmother or aunt were, she went to the table and sat down. She reached into her father’s messenger bag and pulled out a book on physics and opened it to a very specific page and started to read.

“I’ll go as well,” Prentiss said and moved towards them.

“Iz, Gwen, this is just like when I have files at home.”

“Don’t open them!” Both girls parroted and smiled.

Spencer laughed and turned to open the door ushering out Aaron and Prentiss. As soon as they were on the elevator, Prentis pinned Spencer with a smile.

“And what exactly is your IQ?”


“I’ve watched you reading files…”

“I can read twenty thousand words per minute and I have an eidetic memory. It’s why I did so well in White Collar Crimes. My unit chief was reluctant to let me go but knew that I’d wanted into the BAU since I joined. The girls are at a boarding school, their choice. They did pre-k for two months and said they were not going back there. I found a really good boarding school for them. They don’t care if the girls board full time or part time. I can pick them up on a Tuesday and as long as they are back Wednesday for first class, there are no eyebrows raised. I get them every weekend and the school is safe. I haven’t tested their IQ but the school keeps them entertained in class.”

“I wondered how you knew my number. You saw it on Morgan’s phone one time didn’t you?”

“Yes. Sorry. I didn’t even think that…Sorry.”

“So is Hotch Izabelle’s first crush?”

The elevator doors opened and Spencer laughed.

“Yes. She said she fell in love with him that first night. I didn’t think much of it until now.” Spencer looked at Aaron from the corner of his eye and Aaron saw that he was blushing. Aaron settled a hand on his shoulder and when Spencer didn’t duck away from it, Aaron knew that Izabelle wasn’t the only Reid with a crush on him.

When the three of them got back with food, Izabelle and Gwen were sitting on the table with the remaining members of the team sitting in chairs in front of them. Dave had a deck of cards in his hand and JJ a deck as well. They were both flashing up cards and each girls was spouting off what the cards were.

“That’s two decks each,” Austin said with a smile as the food was passed around as the last few cards were described.

“You taught them how to count cards?” Prentiss asked, looking shocked at Spencer.

“Mom lives here, Prentiss. What are the odds that I grew up here?” Spencer smiled.

“You grew up in Vegas?” JJ asked.

“Yes. Lived here until I moved to Virginia. Other than the years at Cal-Tech.” Spencer used a fork while his two girls used a set of chopsticks each. “After we eat, you guys need to leave. Hotch is being kind letting this distraction in.”

“Yes, Papa!” The girls said at the same time. Austin laughed while Diana just smiled. Aaron watched her and the way that she acted and ate. She was heavily medicated and seemed to have been in some kind of an institution. The discussion while they ate was all about the girls and how they liked school. That devolved into a discussion of math and physics. The girls were smart and there was no hiding it. Spencer wasn’t able to hide his intelligence either but given that he was an adult, he slid under the radar.

As they were saying their goodbyes, Aaron watched as Izabelle didn’t want to leave. She wasn’t throwing a fit but he could tell that Spencer was getting a little fed up with her. Finally though, Austin got her out the door. Spencer turned right to the board and started to work on the code again but this time instead of guessing he wrote out a very cryptic set of words.


The sound of Jack’s laughter drew Aaron over to the gazebo where he saw his son’s head. He didn’t want to ruin whatever run he was having until he saw a mess of hair sitting under a tree on the other side of the gazebo. He looked around for the twins as he walked towards Spencer. A squeal of laughter drew his gaze to his son. Jack was sitting in between the twins with a book in his lap. They were all reading from it.


“Reid,” Aaron said as he looked over at Spencer. The young man was standing up. “Do you live near here?”

“We live a block over.” Spencer pointed in the direction that Aaron lived as well. “What are you doing here?”

Aaron pointed at Jack. The look of utter shock on Spencer’s face was priceless.

“That’s your Jack? Derek mentioned him but never showed pictures. His aunt brings him to the park a great deal. He loves soccer.”

“Yes, he does. Do the girl’s play sports?”

“Aaron!” Izabelle screamed.

Aaron braced himself for the young girl running into him. He looked down to see her running at near full speed at him. Jack and Gwen were standing up and his son had a frown on his face. Aaron crouched and picked up the gangly eight-year-old. She willingly ran into his arms and he slung his free arm around Spencer and led him to where the other two kids were. There was a bench all around the inside of the gazebo. Dropping down onto it, he settled Iz at his side but she wouldn’t have it, she crawled into his lap.

“Jack, I’d like you to meet Spencer. He’s the new member of my team.”

“Hi,” Jack said waving.

“Spencer, this is my son, Jack.”

Spencer held his hand out and Jack leaned over and shook it with a smile on his face.


It took Aaron three months to figure out that day in the park was the end of his life as he knew it. He’d left that night, long after he should have gone home with Jack, knowing what had drawn Morgan to the man. He still hadn’t figured out what had pushed Morgan away from Spencer either. He knew that night while laughing as the girls tried to describe Star Wars to Jack that he was falling in love with Spencer and that his two girls already held his heart.

Every single weekend that Spencer and Aaron were in town, the girls wanted to go to Aaron’s or Jack wanted to go to Spencer’s. After that first day in the park, it hadn’t taken long to figure out that if alley and yards were used, it would take the kids five minutes to get from apartment to house and vice versa. If the kids used the street it took almost double. Jessica had been introduced to the twins when a case came up late on a Saturday night when Jack was staying with Spencer. Aaron had met her at Spencer’s house and the doctor had easily given over a set of keys, the codes for the alarm, his and Austin’s cell. The kids were already in bed but Spencer woke the twins to introduce them to Jessica. The girls had been less than impressed with the disruption of their sleep.

When they got back four days later from the case, Jessica and the kids were still at Spencer’s house. The kids had made the decision that the house was more fun and they didn’t need to leave. Aaron wasn’t that shocked. Jack was asleep on the couch in the upstairs office while Jessica was in the downstairs guest room. Aaron set his go bag down on the couch in the living room and sat down.

“What are you doing?”

“I was thinking of going to sleep in my suit.” Aaron was tired and wasn’t sure if he had the energy to get out of his suit.

“Hotch, I have a perfectly good bed upstairs. That couch is lovely to sit on but for people our height is sucks. I know because I’ve fallen asleep on it too many nights.”

“You only have one guest room and I know that Jessica is in it.”

“We are both dead tired after the flight back. We shared a bed on that case in Nebraska a month ago and I know that my bed is bigger than that. You are too tired to drive anywhere else and so am I. Just come with me and lets both get a good night’s sleep.”

Aaron was wary but sleeping in a non hotel bed sounded wonderful. He nodded, grabbed his bag and followed Spencer into the one room of the house that he’d never allowed himself to go into. The room was beautifully done and he could tell that Spencer had taken care in decorating it. The genius let him have the bathroom first and Aaron changed into the sleep clothes he’d used the night before. He left his bathroom kit on the counter and tried to ignore the condoms and lube that he found in the bathroom cabinet when looking for a rag to wash his face with.

Spencer was already changed into sleep clothes by the time that Aaron was done in the bathroom, but he went in and brushed his teeth. Aaron kept the same sleep arrangements that they had in Nebraska. Aaron marveled at the size of the bed. It was at least a king size bed.

“I have a nightlight in the corner that’s going to come on when the lights go out. Will that bother you?”

“No.” Aaron found that little bothered him when it came to sleep. Spencer slipped under the covers and Aaron listened to his breathing. He realized the moment that the genius slipped into sleep and only then did he allow himself to finally succumb to his exhaustion.

The sound of giggling woke Aaron up. He cracked his eyes open to see nothing but darkness in front of him. There was some kind of light at the edge of his vision and he turned to look to see that the darkness was hair. He pulled his head back and found that it was a head as well. The giggling got louder and the head in front of him shifted.

“Gwen, Iz, out,” Spencer said with a voice that was rough with sleep and that was when Aaron figured out that he was wrapped around Spencer in Spencer’s bed with at least the girl’s looking at them. He also realized that he was hard and his cock was pressed into the crack of the younger man’s ass. The giggling got louder and Aaron heard Jack laughing as well. He groaned and tipped his head back to try and bury it back in his hair. “They’ve seen you already. No sense hiding.”

“I know,” Aaron whispered. Spencer shifted and rubbed all along his cock. Aaron tightened the arm he had wrapped around Spencer’s stomach and it pulled him back even closer. There was no way that he’d missed the cock pressed into his ass and he wasn’t trying to get away. He took a chance a lifted his hand up just enough to edge it under the shirt the other man was wearing. He brushed his fingers along skin and he felt and heard the intake of breath.

“Let’s go get some breakfast,” Iz said and then the sound of the door shutting echoed through the room. Aaron didn’t want to breath and disrupt what they had here. He knew though that they needed to talk.

“You know that it’s what they have spent the last month trying to get to happen right?” Spencer asked.


“Well, I think that Gwen’s plans had kissing in it before we slept in the same bed.”

“How detailed are these plans?”

“She snuck lube and condoms in the shopping a week and a half ago. I didn’t realize it until I got home.”

Aaron didn’t know quite what to say to that. He had only ever thought about sex with another man in an abstract way. He’d never acted on impulses he had when younger because he was in love with Haley. His acceptance of his own bisexuality came after college. He’d raised Jack to be more accepting than his own parents had been. Jack knew that love came in all shapes and sizes.

“The ones in the cabinet. Can’t have missed them when getting a rag to wash your face. She got my preferred brand of lube which means she or Iz has been in bedroom. The condoms are one of the better brand for anal sex, which means I don’t want look at their search history.”

“You don’t have a block on that?”

“Unless it’s a Garcia level block, they can bypass. I check from time to time and they can’t delete history, Garcia made sure of that. I have two geniuses Aaron. I treat them like mom did me. If they ask, I tell. Which in pre-k meant that when Johnny dropped his pants in class that started a discussion on why boys have penises and girls vaginas. They know not to talk about things like that around others though.”

“I’m dreading Jack’s talk and we are the same sex.”

“Thankfully, the girls and I have already covered that. Gwen’s never brought it up again, and Iz wanted a book on anatomy.”

Aaon tried not to groan. He wondered if he could talk Spencer into giving Jack the talk. “I envy your scientific mind.”

“You say that now. So, are we going to talk about this?” Spencer pulled Aaron’s hand from inside his shirt but he didn’t let go of it. Instead he placed a kiss on the back of it. “I promised myself after Derek that I wouldn’t let anyone in who didn’t have a child because I didn’t want the girls hurt like that again. I know it’s not every guy or girl’s fault that he cheated on me. But a person with a kid has just as much at stake. You are good with the girls, I can tell you adore them.”

“I do. You adore Jack. He adores you and the girls. He’s asked me if I’m going to start dating again, I told him I’m unsure. He said he’s okay with me dating again. Knowing what I know now, I’d say it’s okay as long as I date a certain father.” The bed was warm and it was nice to be in it with another person. He closed his eyes and just listened to the sound of their combined breathing. It was really nice.

“We should probably get up and see what the damage to the kitchen is.”

“No.” Aaron tightened his hold on Spencer and snuggled down into the bed more. Spencer laughed but didn’t try and get out of his hold. Even through their talking, Aaron’s erection had held, pressed into Spencer’s body. He felt no need to take care of it though. He knew that there was no way that Spencer wasn’t feeling it. He wondered briefly if Spencer was hard from their contact. It felt so good though to just hold someone that he didn’t want to change what they were doing. “Don’t you trust them?”

“With cereal yes. Pancakes no. Iz gets flour everywhere and Gwen gets egg all over the counter.”

“Easy to clean up.” Aaron marveled at how easy this was. How happy this made him. Home wasn’t a place for him. It was being with Spencer and the kids. In such a short time the younger man had come to mean so much to him and he didn’t want to let him go. They’d figure out how to balance this and work and the kids and everything else all together. As far as the kids were concerned, they were past the point of no return. They wouldn’t be able to split them even if they wanted to. Even if they fizzled, Aaron would make sure they stayed friends. He wasn’t going to break Spencer’s trust like Morgan had.

He was downright shocked that Spencer was even willing to try anything with anyone so close to the end of that relationship. Yet Aaron wanted him and he rarely did anything that he wanted without going over the reason why he shouldn’t ad nauseum. He didn’t care this time.

Placing a kiss on the back of Spencer’s neck he closed his eyes and just relished the feel of the man in his arms. Spencer hummed and pulled the blankets up farther.

“I guess we can stay here a little longer. It can’t be any worse than waking up to an exploding volcano because they couldn’t wait for me to wake up.”

“See, it can always be worse.”

Aaron barely dodged the hand that flung backwards at him but he caught it and then wrapped their linked arms back around Spencer’s chest. This was happiness.
The End

Sweet Chemistry

Title: Sweet Chemistry
Series: A Universe of Meetings
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 10 {Summer 2015}
Tags: AU, Baker!Spencer,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 10
Summary: Aaron had never been a big fan of sweets but Garcia had found him a truffle that fit what he liked in his rare indulgences. Then he met the genius who created it and he’s pretty sure he loves Spencer Reid just as much.
Words: 5,659
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Beta: Charlie_Remington
Gift For: Verity_Reigns

Aaron was shocked that the bakery was open so late. He’d made the trip just to appease Jack. He was two days into two weeks off and had spent the day with Jack. Only for their fun day to be ruined when Jack, while playing soccer at the park had fallen and broken his wrist. That was the only reason that Aaron was out at ten at night to see if the bakery was open. He’d looked up the hours online only to find out that the bakery had an opening time but not a closing time.

Opening the front door, Aaron looked around. He’d actually never been inside of Sweet Chemistry before but he’d had the offerings of the place many times before. If Garcia didn’t have time to make things for people, this was where she got their sweets. JJ and Kate had stopped regularly on their way into work. Kate was gone, her notice worked out and happily awaiting the birth of her child. JJ was starting to really show and that meant that she stopped into the bakery more before work.

The door chimed when it closed behind him. The lights were low and there was no one in sight. Aaron frowned and stepped farther in trying to see into the kitchen area. He stopped when a young looking man stepped out of the kitchen. He had a bright purple apron on but that’s not what kept Aaron’s gaze on him. It was the smear of flour on his cheek. Aaron’s heart skipped a few beats at that point. The man was beautiful. Pale skin, captivating eyes, and high cheekbones made him something that Aaron was sure that if he’d been born a few centuries prior, he’d have been chased after for art.

“Welcome to Sweet Chemistry. How can I help you?”

Aaron looked for a case to see what offerings the place offered but it was empty and he couldn’t remember what Jack had asked for. “I don’t remember what I came in for. I didn’t think you’d be open so I didn’t really try and remember.”

“That makes no sense,” the man said as he rubbed at his cheek. All it did was make the flour smear worse. Aaron really wanted to brush it off his cheek.

“My son wants something from here that I can’t remember the name of. One of my agents comes in and gets them for him and leaves them with me to take home. I’d know it on sight but I can’t remember the name of it. I was certain the shop would be closed so I didn’t even try and remember the name of it, I came to make my son happy and hoped that he wouldn’t be too upset when you were closed.”

“You said agent. So NCIS or FBI?”


“Tell me what they get for you all. I’m sure I can narrow down what your son gets.” The younger man took a seat on the chair behind the register and looked at him. “I don’t forget orders and it sounds like your son gets his treats a great deal.”

“I…I know that Garcia…”

“OH!” The younger man smiled and took off towards the kitchen. Aaron just stood there shocked. He wasn’t sure what the hell was going on. Several minutes passed and he was just about ready to head into the back when the young man came out with a box in hand. “Penelope and JJ are regulars. I’m assuming you are their boss and Jack is your son?”

Aaron only answered with a raised eyebrow. That was a lot of information for the young man to know but given that JJ and Garcia did come in a lot and the name of Jack had to have come up.

“I have an eidetic memory. Jack likes the Cheesecake Surprise.” The young man handed over the box.

“Cheesecake Surprise?” Aaron couldn’t remember what Jack had called them but that wasn’t it.

“What goes in the middle is changed with each batch. Last week was a raspberry and fig compote. Today’s batch is a peach ginger nougat. I’m sure Jack will love it.”

“That’s not what Jack called it, I’m sure.” Aaron tried to hand back the box but the younger man just smiled.

“Penelope calls them the Boy Wonder Delight I think. The horrible thing is that the staff has been calling them that as well. Twelve dollars even.”

Aaron just looked at him. That name sounded like the one that he’d heard Jack call it but this man was very different. He wasn’t sure what to think of him, still he set the box down to dig out his wallet. He had the exact change inside and handed it over. His fingers brushed the young man’s but before he could say anything, a group of people came in the door, loudly. The young man started to tell them to sit down and he’d get them coffee. Aaron took his leave, promising to come back sometime to see if that had just been a one off.

Jack was asleep when he got back to his apartment so Aaron slipped the sweets inside the fridge. It wouldn’t hurt to eat them for breakfast. He wanted a peek at the sweets so he opened the box, surprised to see a half dozen of Jack’s treats as well as a half dozen truffles inside.

For going out at night on the off chance I was open to make your son happy, was written on the underside of the lid in a messy scrawl.

Aaron picked up one of the truffles and bit into as he shut the lid and then the door of the fridge. He sighed as he did. The man had known exactly who he was. The dark chocolate center of the truffle filled his mouth and he smiled. Between the two layers of chocolate, the hard bitter outer shell and the softer, only slightly sweeter inside was a coating of thickened grenadine. No one else at the office liked them and on days that Garcia knew that he needed a pick me up, she’d leave one on his desk when he was out of his office, as a surprise for when he got back.

Plans were forming in his head to go back. He had to get to know that young man.


Five days later, Jack was wanting to go to Sweet Chemistry to try their new item. That’s when Aaron found out that Jack and Jessica went every single Wednesday after school to get the new treat. The entire place was packed and the line was twenty people deep outside the place. There was no tables free that Aaron could see and he almost wanted to turn around when the sound of a whistle drew his attention to where Morgan and Garcia were holding the out door open. They were waving them over.

“Come on Hotch. We have a table.”

Aaron pulled Jack to walk in front of him as they moved inside the bakery. The smell of fresh baked sweets and coffee assaulted Aaron’s nose. He followed Morgan and Garcia to a very large table in the corner. He hadn’t really noticed it before. There were two carafes of coffee as well as a tray of cups. Morgan sat down beside Dave while Garcia took a seat beside where JJ was sitting. Will was on her other side with Henry squashed between his father and Dave. Jack took a seat beside Morgan and Aaron took the next to last open seat.

“Shocked to see you here, Aaron,” Dave said as he took a sip of his cup of coffee. Garcia handed over a freshly filled cup.

“Jack usually does this with Jessica after school and since it’s summer, he was missing it. I was off so I figured why not.” Aaron tried not to turn to look to see if the man was there. He’d finished off half of the truffles before he’d gone to bed that night and the others he’d eaten with his coffee the next morning. Those sweets were his one weakness.

“Did you like the BWD last week, Aunt Penny?” Jack asked.

“It was interesting. How did you get to try it?” Garcia looked at Jack with a frown on her face. “I got one Saturday but when I came in Sunday, I was told the last half dozen had been sold late the night before.”

“Dad went and got some for me.”

“I went out at ten at night to get them for him. I was shocked the place was open.”

“Boy Wonder closes the place when he leaves for the night. He does his best baking at night he says. I’ve come in while you guys are away on cases and found him open at two a.m. I’m not shocked he was open at ten. So what did you get for yourself?”

“I asked for nothing but when I got home I found a half dozen of those truffles you get me in the box as well as Jack’s cheesecake things.”

“Those are not just cheesecake things, Sir.” Garcia smiled at him even though her words were forceful. “Those are bits of heaven and hell wrapped up in a delicious treat. If I ate as many of those as I wanted, I’d need a crane to get to and from work.”

Aaron laughed, hiding it with his mug. Jack laughed outright as did everyone else.

“Want to go play?” Henry asked, looking at Jack.

“Play?” Aaron looked around, there wasn’t a kids table. Jack though nodded and Henry wriggled under the table and appeared between Aaron and the empty chair. Aaron watched them pop into a room that he thought was a bathroom. He could see a few other kids in there.

“It’s a tiny children’s kitchen,” JJ said at Aaron’s curious look. “There are classes that happen in there throughout the week and right now I think Henry said it’s all stuff to make fruit pizzas. No baking required. If baking is required, someone from staff is in there to make sure the kids don’t hurt themselves.”

“Who owns this place?”

“Spencer Reid,” the young man said from the other day. Garcia smiled and stood up to give him a hug. He allowed it with a look on his face that said he wouldn’t rather be doing anything else but that he wasn’t upset. “Hello, Penelope.”

“Boy Wonder, this is our boss, Aaron Hotchner. You can call him Hotch.”

“A name to put with a truffle,” Spencer said with a smile as Penelope let him go and pushed him down into the empty chair.

“187 has been to almost every single cooking school in America. It’s how he’s able to come up with such yummy sweets. He graduated Le Cordon Bleu at age twenty two and then just hopped around from school to school.”

“Penelope.” Spencer blushed and looked away from Aaron.

“I do love the dark chocolate cherry truffle.”

“It’s the only sweet that he eats. Don’t let him fool you!” Garcia laughed as she spoke and it was Aaron’s turn to look away. Spencer laughed and Aaron blushed even more. He looked up and saw that Dave was looking at him, hard. He tried to look away but he caught the smirk on the man’s face. Dave was the only person in the world to know that he considered himself bisexual. It was something he’d never shared with Haley and he really should have realized then that no matter how much he loved her, it wasn’t going to work out long term. The thoughts of Haley had his heart aching but the pain was a great deal lesser than it had been before Beth.

When their fingers brushed when they both reached for the carafe of coffee, Aaron sucked in a lungfull of air. He noticed that Spencer was just as affected by it and was more forceful when he brushed their fingers together again. He took the carafe and filled up Spencer’s coffee before he filled his own.

“Aunt JJ!” Jack exclaimed as he moved up between Aaron and Spencer, his eyes glued on JJ. “Henry says that you guys are going to see Jurassic World tonight. Can I go too?”

“Jack!” Aaron said. Jack turned to look at him as the table erupted in laughter. “It’s not nice to…”

“Henry really wants me to go but he said I had to ask. Please, dad?”

“It’s fine, Hotch. I was going to ask as I know that Henry wanted to see it with Jack. We’ll drop him off around your place after.”

“What about a sleepover?” Will asked. Something nonverbal passed between JJ and Will through a few hand movements and a couple of raised eyebrows. Finally, JJ looked at him.

“We would love to keep Jack overnight.”

“Sure.” Aaron was watching JJ tyring to figure out what was going on when he realized that Morgan and Garcia were getting up to leave. He turned but neither paid him any attention.

“Jack, go tell Henry we need to get going. Okay if we take him from here. I still have a few sets of clothes at mine that he should fit in from the last weekend over.” JJ stood up and Will followed her towards where the kids were. Aaron looked at Dave to see the man smiling as he laid down a twenty on the table.

“Have a fun night, Aaron.” Dave slipped away and then it was just Aaron and Spencer.

“What happened?” Spencer asked. He looked at Aaron with such confusion on his face. “Why did they all leave?”

Aaron smiled and turned to face the man. “I think that was their not so subtle way of leaving us alone.”

“Alone? Why would…” Spencer stopped talking and turned to look at the counter. Aaron looked out of the corner of his eye and saw a girl who looked like a teenager making a kissy face at Spencer. Spencer looked away from her and blushed. “Oh.”

“Seems that your friends and mine have the same idea.”

“Mallory has been trying to get me to ask Penelope for your name and number all week,” Spencer admitted. He turned towards Aaron some.

“When can you slip away?” Aaron asked.

“Anytime. I’m actually off today but I came in to deal with a little bit of paperwork. What did you have in mind?” Spencer reached across the table and laid his hand over Aaron’s.


The team started to base Aaron’s mood off of whether he had a cup of coffee from Sweet Chemistry in his hand when he came into work. If he didn’t, it wasn’t a good morning. If he did, it was going to be a good one and if he brought sweets for everyone it was a great day.

One date had led to another and another. It was now turning into fall and Aaron was happier than he had been in a long time. Jack was enjoying having Spencer around and had taken to him a great deal better than he had Beth. Saturday morning’s routine for when he was in town now included stopping by the bakery for a late breakfast with Spencer.

The staff at the bakery was super excited because that meant that Spencer had a life and they didn’t have to worry about him. Their sex life was full even with the odd hours that the both of them worked. Nothing of their relationship was awkward at all. It was like they had known each other for years.

It hadn’t taken long to get his entire past from him, without Garcia telling him. Spencer not only had a degree from Le Cordon Bleu but he had three doctorates and two BAs. He’d gotten those because he was interested in science but he admitted one night while they’d been stretched out on Aaron’s bed after a very athletic round of sex, that baking made him happy. It was one of his only truly happy times in his life growing up and he’d wanted to own his own bakery since he was thirteen and had talked the kitchen staff at Cal-Tech into letting him bake things on Fridays to take to his mother when he visited her on weekends.

Aaron had opened up about his own childhood after Spencer had talked about his father leaving him alone with his not well mother. Aaron had wanted to pull him close after the younger man had admitted that he’d put his mother in a sanitarium when he’d turned eighteen. He hadn’t had to want it for long because Spencer had moved over to lay his head on his chest. Aaron wrapped his arms around him as he told him the whole story of that day. How horrible he’d felt for so long. He knew it was the right thing but that hadn’t made him feel any better.

After they’d bared their souls at each other, it had just seemed natural for Aaron to open his body to Spencer. He’d never let another male have him that way. Spencer had been gentle and the sex had been wonderful. It was one of the best nights of Aaron’s life. Just the thought of Spencer fucking him had Aaron starting to get aroused.

Aaron knocked on the back door of the shop. The bakery was actually closed even though Spencer was inside. He’d tried the front door first but had found it locked. The door opened and Spencer looked at him with a gaze that for the first time ever looked upset.

“Aaron? I thought you were on a case?”

“We finished it up quickly and I just got back to DC. It’s too late to pick up Jack so I thought I might visit you.”

“Now’s not the best time.” Spencer wasn’t moving to allow him inside.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m trying to figure out a new dessert. I know what I want it to taste like I just can’t get it there. It’s missing something and it’s upsetting me.” Spencer sighed but took a step back waving him inside. Aaron stepped inside shutting and locking the door out of habit. Spencer had only one area active at the moment, the lights in the rest of the kitchen were turned off. He recognized the makings of truffles.

“Why don’t I take your mind off it for a little bit?” Aaron smiled and pulled the younger man towards him, kissing his lips. Swiping his tongue across lips Aaron could taste faint chocolate. It was sweeter than he normally liked but what he wanted wasn’t the chocolate. Spencer opened his lips and Aaron dove right in. He’d missed Spencer while on the case. More than he’d ever missed Beth.

Hands settled on Spencer’s hips, Aaron backed him up towards where Spencer had been working. A quick check when he needed to breath told him the workspace behind the genius was clear. He lowered his hands and lifted.

“Aaron!” Spencer squeaked as he wrapped his arms around Aaron’s neck so he didn’t topple over. The table rattled when Aaron dropped Spencer on it. As soon as the younger man was settled, Aaron kissed him again. He distracted the genius with his mouth as he pulled the bowl of melted chocolate closer and then worked on opening Spencer’s shirt. He could tell by the fact that he wasn’t wearing an apron that he was upset. The apron usually got tossed the second he started to get frustrated. As soon as the neck was clear, Aaron started to kiss down his jaw. “Aaron, I’m working.”

“So am I.” Aaron nipped at the skin stretched over Spencer’s collar bone and felt the man go limp. He knew his points to get him to do what he wanted. A hand buried itself in his hair to keep him right there and Aaron smiled as he licked the now red mark. The rest of the shirt was undone in seconds. He knew that even if Spencer figured out what was wrong with the chocolate, he’d start over from scratch so he dipped his pointer finger in the mixture and brought it up to the younger man’s neck, smearing a trail behind. Spencer tried to pull back to look but an arm around his shoulders stopped him. “I’ve got to try it before you declare it ruined. You need a second opinion.”

“Aaron?” Spencer squeaked again but before he could say another thing, Aaron licked at the chocolate on his throat. When he was sure that Spencer wasn’t going anywhere, he pulled his arm from around his back and dropped it to his crotch. He knew that the genius would freak if he tried to take his pants off but that didn’t mean that Aaron couldn’t play. Spencer was already hard and Aaron worked on making him as hard as possible. He’d craved Spencer while gone on the case. The fact that the call for the case had interrupted their attempt at a second round of sex that night near a week ago had just been the start of it.

When all the chocolate was gone from skin, Aaron leaned up to kiss him again but Spencer shook his head. Aaron watched as he leaned over and grabbed a smaller bowl. The chocolate in it was darker and a little thicker than the first bowl. He dipped one of his fingers inside and held it up for Aaron to taste. The chocolate was richer and barely held any sweetness to it. It was very close to the filling inside his favorite truffle. There was something else in the mixture though. Something that he’d never had before, not in chocolate. It was the slight aftertaste that told him what it was. Black walnut. Aaron cleaned Spencer’s finger and sucked and licked at it until the man pulled it free. That’s when Aaron took the bowl from him and pushed him back. Spencer leaned back on the table, his chest on display. He was propped up on his elbows and he watched as Aaron drew a nonsense image on his chest with the chocolate. He started licking him clean at his navel and worked up. The second lick had Spencer closing his eyes and dropping his head back.

“Aaron. Please.” The younger man shifted and then was using a hand to grip the back of his neck again. “Fuck.”

“Tastes perfect to me.” Aaron bit at the skin he’d just cleaned, just below a nipple. “The mixture of flavoring, chocolate, and you.” Licking his fingers clean, Aaron watched as Spencer panted. The genius looked at him when he didn’t go back to licking him clean. His hand rested over his pants and he nodded.

“I forgot underwear this morning. Mallory called off. She got sick in the night. Rushed out.” Spencer’s eyes were locked on his hands, watching as Aaron unbuttoned his jeans and then slowly pulled the zipper down. His cock sprang free and Aaron wanted it in his mouth as soon as possible. A spoon was on the table at Spencer’s hip and he grabbed it, dipping it into the chocolate before drizzling it on Spencer’s stomach and then a little on his cock. At the touch of the chocolate on his cock, Spencer jerked and moaned his head dropping back again.

Aaron pulled Spencer down a little so that his thighs were off the table and coaxed him to wrap his legs around his waist. He started at nipples and licked his way down Spencer’s chest. He’d never done anything like this with any of his lovers. Not Beth and especially not Haley nor the few male or females lovers he’d had in college while he and Haley had been broken up. He just couldn’t see him not doing it with Spencer. Spencer dropped his legs and braced them on the shelf below.

“Aaron, please. Oh, God. I’m so close. Fuck.” Spencer was panting more than anything else at this point.

Doubling his efforts, Aaron quickly licked up every bit of chocolate on Spencer’s stomach. The chocolate on his cock had run down some and was pooling at the base. Aaron licked that up first. The hand on his head tightened and he moaned as he licked up the underside of Spencer’s cock.

“Don’t tease or I am going to come on your face.”

Aaron smirked as he opened his mouth to take Spencer in whole. He barely made it all the way down before he felt Spencer start to tense. Quickly moving back, up he pressed his tongue to the underside then sucked.

“AARON!” Spencer screamed and Aaron held his hips down while he came. Aaron closed his eyes as he came as well, without touching himself. Not all the chocolate had been cleaned off Spencer’s cock so the taste of his release as well as the chocolate filled Aaron’s mouth. He swallowed and waited for Spencer to stop coming before he pulled off to finish cleaning up the chocolate. He kissed his way back up Spencer’s now sweaty chest and then pulled him in for a kiss. Spencer licked his way into his mouth.

Spencer’s still shaky hands dropped to his groin and Aaron thrust up against them to show him that he wasn’t hard anymore. The hands stilled.

“I came when you did, Spencer. I wasn’t even touching myself.”

When no reply came, Aaron leaned back and looked at his lover’s face. Spencer was looking off to the left and then he dove over for a notepad. He smiled and watched as Spencer wrote down a line of something. He craned his neck and saw Cl-NaSO42-MgCaK. He had no clue what that meant but he knew it was a chemical formula. He stepped back as Spencer pushed at his shoulder. Before he could step completely away, Spencer pulled him into a heart stopping kiss and jumped from the table.

“I need to shower and get to making. I know exactly what it’s missing.” Spencer was gone towards the full bathroom at the back. Aaron had been shocked the first time he’d realized there was a shower stall in there but given he’d watched Spencer run into Mallory one time when she’d been carrying a bag of flour and they had both ended up looking like ghosts, he understood. There were also lockers that staff kept clothes in.

Aaron pulled up a chair and waited. He had his go bag in the car and he’d shower next but he didn’t want to leave the door unlocked while Spencer was in the shower even though he’d be gone less than five minutes. Ten minutes later, Spencer emerged in a pair of slacks and a t-shirt. He went right to work on the truffle while Aaron left to clean himself up.

Watching Spencer work, getting so lost that he didn’t even realize that Aaron was there was something to see. When he was aware of what he was doing, Spencer could be clumsy but lost in his own head like he was when he created desserts, he was grace in motion. Four hours and five tries on the base later, Aaron was opening his mouth as Spencer popped in a truffle. It was a dark chocolate truffle with the black walnut filling. He wondered what the thing that Spencer had been missing was and then as he chewed, Aaron tasted it. Sea salt. Aaron blushed as he tried to swallow without choking. He knew exactly how Spencer had figured out what was missing. As Spencer leaned over him, smiling. Aaron felt himself start to harden in his pants.

“That’s wonderful,” Aaron said. It could very well become his favorite sweet that Spencer made, if for no other reason than sentimental. “Let’s get you home and into bed. Remember Grace said if she caught you in here when she opens up, she’s going to only make decaf for a week.”

“Okay. I am getting tired.” Spencer looked at the dirty bowls and table but Aaron just pulled him towards the door. He knew that morning staff would clean it up. They would rather Spencer sleep than worry about cleaning after staying so late. Aaron flicked over the little paper hands on the clock to show 3am. That would tell morning staff when he left. It was a system so that they knew when to expect him in the next day. He locked the door after getting the keys out of Spencer’s messenger bag. The genius didn’t even fight him when he drove to his apartment instead of Spencer’s flat.

Ten minutes after stepping inside, Aaron was covering up his lover who was fighting keeping his eyes open. Aaron changed his clothes and slipped into bed with him. Spencer settled down with a kiss to his neck and Aaron fell asleep not long after.


Aaron knew something was up when JJ and Garcia kept looking at him when he got back from what had amounted to a long lunch meeting with Cruz and a few other Section Chiefs from other departments. When he turned around from setting his briefcase down and found the entire team including Dave gathered outside his office he really started to worry.

“Yes?” Aaron asked. He sat in his chair and waited for them all to enter. Dave and Morgan entered first with JJ and Garcia coming after. JJ had a small box in her hand. It was from Sweet Chemistry. Aaron knew that today was Wednesday so Spencer had unveiled a new sweet today. He had plans to stop after work to try it and pick up one for Jack.

“So, I stopped in after my doctor’s visit,” JJ started as she set the box down on the desk in front of him. Aaron opened it and saw a truffle inside. “Spence wasn’t in there yet or was in the back. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of Grace. That one is for you. I picked up enough for everyone.”

Aaron picked up the truffle realizing that they wanted him to try it. He bit off half and the second the flavors hit his tongue he knew exactly what it was. He felt his cheeks heat up as soon as he popped the other half in his mouth. It was the truffle from two weeks before. “Yes?”

“Are you blushing?” Dave asked as he dropped into one of the chairs across from him.

“I was there when Spencer created that one. I helped with a missing ingredient.” Aaron wasn’t going to go into more detail than that.

“Did he tell you what he called them?” Garcia asked. She was blushing as well. Aaron shook his head. “Hotch’s Truffle.”

Aaron coughed to cover the near choking that he did. He looked at the team in a little bit of a shock. Grabbing his phone he started to text Spencer when noticed he’d missed a text from Jessica. Jack had the day off from school and had wanted to spend it with Spencer. Aaron hadn’t been able to say no. Jessica wanted to know if he knew that Spencer had named a sweet after him. As far as he knew Spencer was at the shop.

“That boy is gone on you, Aaron. Go spend the afternoon with him. We’ve been going nonstop for weeks. One afternoon on a day Jack is out of school isn’t going to bring the place crashing down.”

Dave ushered him out of the office and had Morgan escort him to his car. He ignored the comments from the girls. He’d known since waking up the morning after that night that he was in love with Spencer. He hadn’t said it to the genius yet. Today he was going to fix that.

Spencer wasn’t at the shop. In fact, Grace had told him that he’d made sure that he wasn’t going to be in the shop that day. His entire staff was smiling and smirking at him. They were all well aware of his nickname with his team members. He left ignoring the large sign that gave the name of the new sweet that was in the case the treat was displayed in.

It didn’t take long to figure out where Spencer and Jack were hiding. After Spencer’s favored park and library were devoid of man and child, Aaron made his way to a used book store that Spencer near lived at in his time off. He found Jack curled in a chair with a book in hand and Spencer was in the stacks on the wrap around section of the second floor. Aaron climbed the ladder and wrapped his arms around his lover, pulling him tight against his body.

“Aaron?” Spencer tried to turn around but Aaron held him even tighter.

“I love you, too,” Aaron whispered in his ear. “JJ got me one of the truffles and just tasting it had me blushing in front of my team. You know that I am never going to be able to eat one of those without thinking of that night? It was that night I knew I loved you. I know it’s so soon but I just can’t stop what I feel. You named it after me.”

“How could I not? I do love you,” Spencer whispered. Aaron allowed him to turn in his arms and then kissed him as soon as he could. It was perfect and sweet. He’d been so unhappy with life before Spencer that he’d thought about leaving the BAU just to give himself something different. His only happy point had been Jack but Spencer had given him life again and he wasn’t going to let go.
The End