Coming To a Head

Title: Coming to a Head
Series: Attraction
Fandom: Criminal Minds,
Year: Season 7 (2011)
Tags: Asexuality, Asexual!Spencer, Panromantic, Established Relationship,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 7
Summary: It was bound to happen. One of them was going to break. Aaron just didn’t think it was going to be him.
Words: 3,291
Notes: Everything I got, I got from Asexuality Archive &
Warnings: None
Beta: Charlie_Remington,

Aaron loved date nights and hated them with equal measure. He was sitting in a nice restaurant after a hard day at work, meetings every time he turned around. Jessica was keeping Jack until he got home and Spencer…Spencer was wonderful as always. He’d thought there would be a nervousness to their dates but there wasn’t. It was just like team dinners out except for the fact Spencer sat beside him. They tried to have one once a week and so far in the three months since Aaron had finally admitted his feelings, they had only missed two due to cases.

And Spencer’s hands.

Spencer’s hands when not occupied with eating were always touching him. After several years of the only real touches he got were from his son, Spencer’s touches were arousing. He’d never been aroused by a hand on his inner arm before nor by a hand on his knee. If the hands were wandering up any higher, Aaron would have thought he was trying to start something. He hadn’t quite taken Spencer at his words that he liked touching. He was so untactile on things; except for his books.

Happy when the date was finally over, Aaron kept his hand on Spencer’s lower back as they walked to the car. He could get home and when he showered for the night, he could jerk off. Date nights always ended with them in the same bed. It felt wonderful and Spencer never questioned or made little of the hard on that Aaron was sporting in the morning.

Idle fingers rested on top of his on the gear shift on his car. It was like the digits had a mind of their own and their job was to drive him absolutely insane. There was no rhyme or reason to what the fingers did. One second the tips were barely brushing the skin on the back of his hand and then the pressure was more and the fingers traced his bones. Light scratching, heavy rubbing, then for a moment fingers linked with his own. It was maddening and Aaron was afraid of snapping.

Aaron was never as thankful as when he pulled his car into park in his spot in the garage. He easily shut the car off and got out. Spencer was only seconds behind him, shifting his bag onto his side. The younger man hadn’t taken it into the restaurant with him but since they had gone right from work out to dinner, he’d had it with him. When they got into the elevator, Spencer linked their hands and his thumb turned in and started to rub at Aaron’s pulse point. No one else got on as they moved up to his floor. He wanted inside his apartment, where it was safe and he could do what he needed to do.

Letting them into the apartment, Aaron didn’t hold himself back. Spencer set his bag down on the floor and turned to say something but Aaron pushed him into the wall by the door. He kissed Spencer like he was drowning and the young man was his only source of oxygen. His hands wandered and before he knew it, they were under Spencer’s shirt and touching bare skin. He felt the contraction of the other man’s stomach muscles. The moan slipped from Spencer throat as Aaron dragged his short nails down the other man’s sides. Body arched up into his and he shoved back, feeling his half hard cock drag against his underwear at the friction.

Mouth opened to let him in and Aaron took. He kept his hands on hips and used his body to hold Spencer against the wall. He started a lazy thrust into Spencer. Spencer’s hands weren’t idle but they were hesitant. Aaron was near frantic with his claiming of the mouth attached to his own when the sound of someone clearing their throat had Aaron shooting back from the man like he’d been burned.

When Aaron finally decided to face his ex-sister-in-law, she was laughing behind her hand and her eyes were crinkled in happiness.

“Jack’s down for the count. He went to bed with no issue. I’m glad that you had a good time on your date.” Jessica grabbed her purse and kissed Aaron’s cheek before she slid out the door with a smile to Spencer. The genius’s eyes were wide with shock and not a small amount of embarrassment. He’d been caught making out at the door by someone. He’d never been caught like that with Haley. He’d been more aware of what was going on around him then. Always proper. There was something about Spencer that had him feeling worse about him than he ever did as a teenager. It showed in the fact that Jessica was able to sneak up on him.

“I’m going to go…just go.” Spencer would have ran if he didn’t want to show how freaked out he was, Aaron figured as he watched the man make a break for it. He was sure that Spencer had never been caught making out with anyone, ever. He took his time locking up, checking the windows, and setting the alarm, giving Spencer the time he needed to get himself under control.

Aaron also used this time to figure out what he wanted. He’d been denying himself sex, giving Spencer time. The worst thing that Spencer could do was say no and then Aaron would be left jerking off alone in the shower. Just thinking about sex of any kind had Aaron’s erection reawakening. He checked on Jack who was exactly like Jessica had said, dead to the world. He kissed his son’s head and then shut the door carefully.

One of the reasons he’d picked this apartment was that it was a three bedroom plus an office as well the fact that it had two full baths, one in the hall and the other off the master bedroom. Stepping into the bedroom, Aaron pulled the door shut. Jack knew that he would need to knock and wait to be called in to come in. It had been that way ever since Jack had moved into a bed that he could get out of. Aaron had memories of friends walking in on parents masturbating and it wasn’t something that he had wanted to repeat with Jack. When he’d chosen to finally try a relationship with Spencer, he’d been so happy that he hadn’t had to train Jack.

Spencer was in the bathroom, brushing his teeth; wearing nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms. Aaron stepped into the room and trailed a hand down his spine, his nails dragging on his back.

“Can we try?” Aaron asked his voice low; almost not audible over the running water. Spencer just looked up at him in the mirror before rinsing off his brush and rinsing out his mouth. When he was done he shut off the water and turned to look at Aaron, leaning back against the counter.

“What’s wrong, Aaron?”

Aaron opened his mouth to talk but he didn’t know what to say. Instead he closed the distance between them and picked up the kissing where they had left off in the living room. Spencer opened his mouth as soon as Aaron’s tongue slid across his lips. Kissing Spencer was something that he thought he could never tire of. Another half step and he was pressed against the lithe body. Hands pulled on his belt loops and Aaron couldn’t hold back anymore. He grabbed at Spencer’s hips and lifted him up onto the counter. Legs spread as soon as he was settled and Aaron gladly pressed himself into Spencer. He set up a slow, lazy pace of thrusting himself into the younger man.

Nimble fingers started on his tie, throwing it somewhere to the side before going after his shirt buttons. Without separating their mouths, Aaron shrugged off his jacket. Seconds later, Spencer was shoving off his shirt. Aaron marveled at how quickly the younger man was able to unbutton the shirt. Hands on his shoulders pushed him back and he looked down to watch as his pants were undone and a hand snaked in and caressed his cock. He almost came right then from the feeling of the other hand. Grabbing wandering hands, Aaron stepped back up to Spencer and instead of going for his mouth, he went right for neck. Spencer let his head fall back so that Aaron could get to as much skin as possible.

Letting go of Spencer’s hands, Aaron worked his boxers and pants off. When he was naked except for his socks, Aaron moved his hands to Spencer’s shoulders. He trailed his hands down his back and then when he reached pants, Spencer moaned. Taking that as permission, Aaron worked the sleep pants down the swell of his ass and when his fingers brushed countertop, Spencer lifted up. Aaron pulled them off in a quick motion, letting them fall between his feet then kicking them away.

Lube was in the drawer to his left and Aaron didn’t want to look away to see it so he reached blindly into the drawer after he nearly ripped it off it’s track to get it open. Spencer’s hand wrapping around his cock had him almost dropping the lube. Coating one of his hands only took seconds and then he had both of their hard cocks in his left hand.

Spencer leaned back, bracing himself on one hand and Aaron was a little shocked to see that his eyes were closed. His legs though wrapped around Aaron’s thighs and kept him close. He was breathing hard, near panting so Aaron kept up on the stroking of their cocks.

Leaning over, Aaron kissed him again and Spencer’s mouth opened. Before Aaron could even think of doing anything, Spencer had a hand wrapped around the back of his head, keeping him close and thrusting his tongue into his mouth. Aaron took that as he was enjoying himself and let his worries wash away. When he needed to breathe, he trailed kisses down Spencer’s neck and even farther down. Skin flushed and breathing hard, Spencer was beautiful.

Aaron bit the skin above Spencer’s heart and then moved even farther down to lick at a hard nipple. Hand on his head tightened and kept his lips right there so Aaron bit slightly. With no warning, Aaron felt Spencer buck and then warmth was spreading over his hand. His own orgasm ripped from him. He kept pumping until Spencer went lax and near slumped back into the mirror behind him. The sink faucet had to be digging in his back but Spencer didn’t seem to care.

When Spencer seemed to be breathing normal again, Aaron felt the man move and then he was being kissed again. Spencer legs tightened around him and then Aaron had a body relaxed into his. It was hard but Aaron worked around to where he could grab one of the washcloths on the back of the sink and he wetted it. Only when he was ready to separate from Spencer did he actually push at the man to get him to move just enough to get them clean. The younger man tried to grab the cloth but Aaron kept it away from him.

“Let me do it, please?”

“Okay,” Spencer whispered. His eyes were locked with Aaron’s. “I never tried to play with my nipples when I masturbate.”

“So that felt good?” Aaron focused on cleaning Spencer up before he cleaned himself up. The lazy smile from his lover told him that he had enjoyed that aspect. Aaron had been looking forward to a shower but now, now he wanted to get into bed and cuddle with Spencer. Before letting the other man slip off the counter, Aaron grabbed his pants and helped him into them, keeping a hold as Spencer slid off the counter and pulled them up over his hips.

Spencer shifted away from him and Aaron watched as he grabbed for the t-shirt but Aaron covered his hand with his own.

“Do you mind sleeping without it?”

“Whatever you want.” Spencer dropped the shirt back onto the counter.

“No. I…” A hand over his mouth stopped him from speaking.

“Aaron, I have always slept in pants and a shirt. Always. I don’t mind sleeping in less but when one never sleeps in the same bed as someone, you get stuck in a rut. I can’t read your mind, you have to ask. If you like sleeping skin to skin we can.”

“If you want to wear pants you can. I just…I want to feel skin.”

“Okay.” Spencer pulled him into a kiss and Aaron lost himself in it for a moment. Spencer pulled away and muffled a yawn into his hand. “I’ll go get into bed while you finish up.”

When Aaron came into the bedroom from the bathroom. Spencer was in bed but he wasn’t lying down. He was sitting up with his back to the headboard. He patted the bed beside him. Aaron moved to sit down but Spencer motioned for him to lie down. Aaron did, pillowing his head on his lover’s thigh.

“I guess that we need to talk a little more.”

“Spencer.” Aaron tried to sit up but the hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“You have done the exact opposite of others that I’ve tried to have relationships with. Instead of trying to have sex as much as possible to fix me, you’ve tried to fight what you feel and turned yourself celibate. I feel secondary sexual desire, Aaron. Pleasing you makes me feel happy. It takes a while in normal situations for me to feel comfortable with it but we’ve known each other so long that it was near instant. I gave you time to get around your hang ups but it wasn’t until tonight that I figured out you were denying yourself. Every time isn’t going to be perfect. There are going to be times where I don’t get off. While I can enjoy sex, I don’t always have a mindset for it. Making you feel good feels good to me. Sex isn’t only about the orgasm. It’s about feelings and love. Your need for sexual contact is part of who you are. I won’t deny you sex. Unless I am really, really not in the mood for it. You aren’t pressuring or forcing me into sex. Your guilt complex in this case is hurting both of us.”

Aaron rolled a little and buried his head into Spencer’s thigh. Every single thing that Spencer said made sense. He was denying himself and to an extent Spencer because of a guilt complex. He didn’t want to use Spencer. He wasn’t listening to Spencer’s cues. The make out sessions that Aaron stopped, not him. The early mornings where Spencer would rub against his crotch. “Sorry.”

“Don’t, Aaron. I should have realized before now. It was just a problem with communication. I know better now. You know better now. I do want to try something at a later time.”

“What?” Aaron finally pulled his head from the warmth of Spencer’s leg and rolled to look up at him.

“I’ve never had or given fellatio. I want to try sometime.”

“Giving or receiving?”

“Either. I’m not picky.” Spencer started to comb his fingers through Aaron’s short locks. It felt good and just when Aaron thought he might be falling asleep. “You seemed off all night at dinner and then when we got back here…what did I do to cause that?”

“It’s nothing. I don’t think it’s going to matter anymore.” Aaron didn’t want to admit he’d been worse than a virgin teenager. That he’d lost that much control.

“I know it’s something I did. I want to make sure I don’t do it again.”

“It’s nothing you did. Not really. I’ve not had sex with someone else since before Haley and I separated. Every touch of yours felt like it was connected with my cock. I don’t think I am ever going to have that issue now.”

Spencer looked shocked. The faraway gaze told Aaron that he was thinking back to everything they’d done that night. He was used to it and waited. Everyone on the team was used to him and his quirks. “I touched your arm, hand, and knee. I never went higher. Ever.”

Aaron pulled Spencer down until they were both lying down on the bed. Spencer rolled to their preferred position for sleeping, his back to Aaron’s chest. The heat of skin on skin was wonderful to Aaron. He trailed his hand down Spencer’s chest to settle on his stomach. Spencer burrowed farther back into him as Aaron pulled the covers up and over them.

“Think of it like this. What if you’ve not had coffee in a while? Months. You’d take decaf just for the taste wouldn’t you?”

“Sorry,” Spencer whispered. He turned his head around and Aaron kissed him softly.

“You didn’t do a thing wrong, Spencer. I should have told you what the touches were doing. I was just so shocked and I put all my energy into keeping myself under control I didn’t even think about asking you to stop.”

“Whenever you want sex, Aaron just ask. We can do something as simple as what we did in the bathroom or you can rub off on me.” Spencer’s voice was soft but Aaron heard every word. He tried to hide his face in Spencer’s hair but when the younger man rolled over, he had nowhere to hide. “You are not using me, Aaron. I get happiness from you. When you look up at me and smile when we are working. Being here, in your bed with you holding me close. Getting to spend time with Jack. Sex is a part of your sexual identity. I knew that going into this. If I didn’t feel secondary sexual desire, this might go a great deal differently but I do feel it. You make me happy, why can’t I make you happy?”

Aaron had no fight for that. It was so simple when Spencer put it in words like that. Compromise. Give and take. Just like a relationship should be.

“I’ll ask. It’s going to take me a little to get used to it. I hate leaving a partner unsatisfied but if you really aren’t feeling it, I’ll get used to it.”

“That’s why I’ve been looking into fellatio. I can suck you off and still get the closeness you need and not have to worry about you seeing me not getting hard. We are both in new waters here. I’ve never had someone who has cared as much as you do.”

“I love you, that’s why.”

“I know. I just…I’m a little lost too but we’ll fumble our way through.”

Aaron sighed as Spencer rolled back to where they were back to front again. He was using Aaron’s arm as a pillow for now. Later, he’ll slip up to where he’s using the pillow but by then Aaron’s arm was going to be half asleep but it was worth it. Everything was worth it. Spencer made more than just Aaron happy. Jack adored him and looked forward to him being over just as much as Aaron did.

Spencer had hang ups about emotions, Aaron knew that. He didn’t know what the younger man felt about him exactly but he never acted strange after Aaron told him he loved him and he didn’t act strange then. Deep attraction was there. That was obvious and there was something more to it but Aaron wasn’t sure if it was love or not. He’d wait to find out though.
The End



Title: Intertwined
Series: Attraction
Fandom: Criminal Minds,
Year: Season 7 (2011)
Category: Asexuality, Panromantic, Pre-Slash,
Ratings: Adult
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up through season 7
Summary: It was a side to Spencer Reid that Aaron had never seen before. Now that he saw it, he wasn’t sure how he had missed it.
Words: 2,492
Notes: Let’s say this is before Beth ever entered anyone’s minds. I did research for this. Most of what I did I got from here: 
Warnings: None
Beta: Charlie_Remington,

Everything was going fine. Movie night with Jack was wonderful. Ice cream, popcorn, and pizza everything was great. Jack enjoyed the magic tricks that Spencer did for him and even taught him a few. Jack went to bed and it was just the two of them cleaning up. Aaron was used to keeping his feelings for Spencer in check. He’d done it for a long time. He was pretty sure that he was the only one who knew he was in love with Spencer.

Watching Spencer put up the dishes, stretching to put up the ice cream boats he’s brought for sundaes long ago, Aaron couldn’t help it when he reached out and ran his fingers over the skin revealed between where pants started and the shirt ended. Spencer spun and looked at him with wide eyes and that was all it took. All his careful planning out the window due to a small stretch of flesh.

Aaron pressed his lips against Spencer’s and pushed the younger man into the counter. When Spencer didn’t push him away, Aaron deepened the kiss. He let his hands trail down Spencer’s sides to pull the younger man into him. Aaron groaned as the pressure of Spencer’s body made him hard. There was a hesitance to the tangle of tongues but the younger man didn’t try and stop him.

All of his fantasies were cascading over his mind and he didn’t want to let the younger man go. Spencer’s hands were on his shoulders, not moving from those spots but he didn’t care. Letting one of his hands drift from hip to inside the back of Spencer’s pants to touch warm flesh, Aaron trailed his lips down Spencer’s jaw onto his neck. More pressure and Aaron stopped.

Spencer wasn’t hard. He wasn’t even half hard.

“Reid? Spencer?” Aaron asked as he pulled away from the younger man. Spencer was looking at him with confusion on his face. Spencer wasn’t letting go of his shoulders, keeping him close. That was good but he didn’t understand why Spencer wasn’t reacting.

“Hotch, what’s wrong?” Spencer leaned close to kiss him again but Aaron stayed back. The confusion deepened on Spencer’s face. He dropped his hands from Aaron’s shoulder and wrapped them around his middle. He looked like he wanted to bolt. “Did I do something wrong?”

“You…” Aaron stopped and looked down. Spencer followed his eyes and then his own eyes went wide. He reached out and cupped the side of Aaron’s face, pulling him close for another kiss. It was a soft, sensual kiss. Aaron found he liked it better than the others they had already done.

“I thought you knew,” Spencer was smiling.

“Knew what?” Aaron asked as he looked into Spencer’s eyes again. His eyes were soft but wary.

“Why don’t we go sit in the living room. Do you want something to drink? I would like to get a cup of coffee.”

Aaron just nodded. He left Spencer in the kitchen and moved to the living room. Taking the chair and leaving the couch open for Spencer. He heard the fridge door open and close. A minute later the genius was sitting down on the edge of the couch, handing him a glass of tea before taking a sip of his own coffee.

“I…” Spencer stopped and took another sip of his coffee. “I liked the kissing. Don’t take that for a show that I didn’t. I just don’t equate kissing with something arousing. I like kissing. I like touching.” Spencer set down his mug. “I’m going to say some words and I want you to tell me what you know. All in regards to sexuality and/or relationships.”


“Romantic attraction.”

“The attraction towards someone where you want to be in a relationship with them.”

“Sexual attraction.”

Aaron cocked an eyebrow at that but he mentally shrugged. “The attraction to someone where you want to do sexual things with them.” He hoped that the genius didn’t want more than that. He wasn’t going farther into the sexual things.

“Sensual attraction.”

“The attraction to someone where you want to do sensual things with them.”

“Like?” Spencer was smiling. Aaron was happy that whatever he was saying was making Spencer happy but he was getting more and more confused.

“Kissing, touching, cuddling.”


Aaron stopped himself from opening his mouth as he just looked at Spencer. He knew the answer to the question, he’d just never applied that term to Spencer. It fit though. When he was on a case, he was all clinical about sex but when they were out at bars and such, hanging after a case he was fine with dancing but when it seemed that it was getting too personal, he’d disengage. Morgan had taken it for virginal behavior but Aaron never had, he just hadn’t put a name to it. Asexual fit more than anything else he’d ever used as a label for the young man and he wasn’t sure how every single member of the team missed it.

“A continued lack of sexual attraction to anyone.”

“You used the word sexual to describe attraction in regards to asexual. Why?”

“Because asexuals can be romantically and sensually attracted to someone without wanting to have sex with them.” Aaron watched as Spencer nodded and his smile got even bigger. “Where do you fall on the spectrum?”

“Romantic but I like sensual things. I really like sensual things but I want a relationship out of it. I…Gideon knew. I just assumed that he’d told you.”

“Gideon didn’t share things like that with me. It wasn’t something that I needed to know outside of maybe if it came to be of importance on a case but he’d expect you to step up and tell me yourself. Bi?” Spencer was obviously attracted to him, he wasn’t sure on the female side of things.

“Pan. I am more attracted to the mind than the gender. I know that these little nights you’ve invited me to have been dates. I just figured you were working out whether you could be in a relationship with me. Without putting a label on it for pressure.”

“Please don’t take this as anything other than me wanting to know, I’m not trying…”

Spencer held up a hand to stop him. “I’ve had sex, Hotch. With guys, with girls, my own hand. I know you. I know how your mind works. You weren’t asking if I’ve had sex to figure out if it was just a bad partner that made me not want to have it or that I’ve not had it so I can’t be asexual. We’ve all done the research. Just ask and I’ll answer.”

Aaron nodded but he couldn’t form words. Spencer was correct. Other than other asexuals, psychologists, and psychiatrists, the members of the BAU were probably the most knowledgable. But reading about asexuals and talking to one were different. There were so many questions he had but a great deal of them were personal. There was one burning question though that he really wanted to know the answer to.

“You’ve had sex. You didn’t say whether you were okay with sex.”

“I’m fine doing sexual things with a partner I’ve been with a while and have a strong romantic relationship with but the orgasm is the only thing I like. I can get lost a little in making sure that I am doing what I need to, to make my partner happy. The first time I had sex was with a woman. It was the day I hit the age of consent and she was a really good friend but I just…I felt like I would rather be anywhere but there. It was rather humiliating to me but I wanted to finish what I’d started. I’d long held that I was asexual and my friend knew it, we just…I’d rather my first time be with her and I’d known her since I started college there. As to sex with a man, I’ve topped and I’ve bottomed but I don’t prefer to top as I just go through the motions.”

Aaron nodded. That was a lot to take in. He knew the statistics on asexual and non asexual relationships making it. Was it worth it to try and deal with the consequences if it failed? He looked at the clock. It was after nine but unless a case came up, there was no work until Monday. There was no time rush on their discussion.

Spencer stood up, draining his coffee. Aaron watch him move into the kitchen. He expected the younger man to refill it but he was washing it instead. Aaron was afraid that if he let him leave now, he’d never get up the courage to try.

Before Spencer was done, Aaron stepped up behind him and took a hold of his hands. The genius said he liked touching so Aaron was taking him at his word. They had known each other a long time and he’d never minded the touch before.

“I want to try, Spencer.”

“You know the statistics as well as I do. I thought you had known for years, not minutes, Hotch.” Spencer’s voice was soft and full of fear.

“I’d rather try and fail than to have never tried at all.” Aaron leaned even closer and kissed the side of Spencer’s neck. He let go of his hands and wrapped his arms about the younger man. The way that he relaxed back into Aaron’s hold told him that Spencer didn’t want to be let go of. “These little dates haven’t only been to spend time with you. It’s to get Jack used to you and you used to him. I want this. I want you in my life. I don’t see this as any different than if you told me that you don’t like anal. It’s not like I am going to demand sex from you.”

Aaron took a small step back and turned Spencer around in his arms. He forced the genius to look him in the eye. “We adjust and we compromise. Just like any other relationship. I love who you are. Yeah, I see more of you now but it doesn’t change that I love you.”

Spencer’s eyes widened at the confession. He reached up a hand to cup the side of Aaron’s face. When the kiss was offered by a stretch of his face closer, Aaron took it. The genius’s free arm snaked around his waist and pulled their bodies into full contact. He couldn’t help but get hard with Spencer’s body pressed against his. Spencer had to feel and Aaron tried to lessen contact but the arm around his waist kept him where he was.

“You can touch, Aaron,” Spencer said after he pulled out of the kiss. “I’ve never been freaked out by a touch.”

“What do you want right now?”

“I don’t want to go home.” Spencer leaned down and kissed the side of Aaron’s neck, right at the edge of the collar of his polo.

“Is that it?” Aaron nudged the younger man’s face away from his neck and kissed him again. Kissing, he could get used to kissing him. He finally started touching back. A hand buried in Spencer’s hair, the other going to the small of his back. He remembered how warm his ass had been before and was tempted to slide his hand lower but he kept it up.

“I enjoy masturbation.” Spencer let go of Aaron’s face and his hand moved up to grab the one in his hair. “Friction is friction. Whether it’s your hand or mine.” Before Aaron could do a thing, Spencer had his hand on his groin and he could feel that the genius was getting hard. “I can’t promise that I’ll be able to maintain with you but we can try.”

“No.” Aaron pulled his hands up and cupped Spencer’s face. “It’s not that I don’t want to but let’s just take our time. You don’t need to rush into sex with me just to make me happy. I’m content holding and kissing you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Never been more sure. I’ll lock up while you change. I think that pair of pyjamas you wore a few months ago are still in the bottom drawer. I kept forgetting to drop them off to you.”

“Subconscious,” Spencer muttered and Aaron couldn’t help the light smack he made on Spencer’s hip after he let go of his face.

“No lip from you.” Aaron placed a kiss on the tip of his nose. “Do you want to shower? I did when I got home.”

“I showered at home as well. I’ll just head up and get changed?” Spencer let go of him and he let go of the younger man. When he nodded, Spencer went right towards the master bedroom. It didn’t take long for him to make sure the apartment was locked up and the alarm set. He didn’t know what to expect when he entered his bedroom but he really shouldn’t have been surprised to find Spencer sitting crosslegged on the bed with a book in hand. He tried to think if Spencer had carried it with him but then the genius turned a page and he saw that it was one of his own. In fact it was one of his spy novels from the bookshelf on the far side of the room. Aaron decided to grab his things and moved to the ensuite before he changed his mind on what they were going to do.

When he exited the bathroom, he found that Spencer was nearly done with the book. He waited, watching the steady turning of the pages with the same awe he did the first time he’d seen it. When the last page was turned, Aaron sat down beside him on the bed as he closed the book.

“Like it?”

“I don’t read much fiction that is newer than a hundred years old. You have a big selection of spy novels.”

“I’d love to talk to you about them.” Aaron took the book from his hands and leaned over to kiss his cheek before he stood to put the book back.

“Inaccuracies and all?” Spencer was smirking when Aaron turned to look at him. Aaron just waved at him to lay down. Sharing a bed wasn’t all that strange. Cases in smaller towns sometimes meant bed and breakfast like places where it was single beds. The only difference was that he’d be allowed to touch, finally.

Getting settled into the bed was a lot less awkward than Aaron thought it would be. Spencer fit in his arms and along his body like they were made for each other. His arm lay across the younger man’s stomach and their hands were intertwined. He could live with this because Spencer made his life worth living in the moments they shared.
The End