Fear the Unknown

Title: Fear the Unknown
Series: Daniel and Atlantis Series
Year: Future Time
Category: Drama, Crossover (Stargate: Atlantis), Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Alternate Universe, Sad,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: None, talk of Daniel/Sha’re,
Spoilers: None
Summary: The N.I.D. send an agent to kidnap Daniel from Atlantis…it’s going to be a race to figure out who it is.
Words: 3,916
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Includara-Shut up

Daniel woke up in a cold sweat. He rolled over in his bed and stood up. For a month, he had rarely slept through the night. He moved to the door to the balcony and opened up it up. He was staying in Atlantis for the month. Seeing if he could stay there after two years on the mainland. Jack had been to see him once since he had come to Atlantis for the visit.

Where are you?”

I am here.

What’s wrong with me?”

Nothing. You are changing is all.

Why can’t I sleep? It’s been a month since my birthday. I’m thirteen and my mind is going crazy.”

Just relax.

Relax? Relax? You want me to relax? Tell me what is wrong and I will.”

Daniel, please. Calm down.

You are all that I have. Ronon tries but he can’t replace Jack. Jack is getting worse and there is no cure as of yet. The Asgard won’t answer us. Earth is lost: they can’t figure it out. They can’t track down the part of the NID that gave it to Jack.”

Daniel, it must happen when it happens. I cannot tell you what to expect. The journey is all that happens on the way, not what happens when you get there.

Don’t give me that! Tell me now.”

Daniel, do not test me. You know that I can withstand all that you do.

No, I don’t. The old me did. I don’t know you.”

Daniel, please.

I’m sorry. I’m just upset. Please, don’t go.”

You know I’ll always be here for you. You tried to push me away before. I am a stubborn woman. I do not leave that easy.

I’m beginning to understand that.”

Go to bed again. Try to sleep. You need it.”

I can’t.”

I’ll sing to you. Like I used to.”

It worked?”

Every time.”




Daniel, a message came through the ‘gate. It’s from the NID. They will give General O’Neill the antidote if he gives you to them,” Elizabeth said as she entered Daniel’s lab. Daniel wasn’t in there.

Doctor Weir, he left for the mainland. He went home a few days early.” Radek smiled at her sadly.


Nightmares. Every night he is woken up by them. He hopes he can sleep better at home. He took a few items with him. Rodney is going to visit him in three days to talk to him about them.”

I see. Who gave him permission?”

General O’Neill did.”

He saw him?”

Yes, they sat in the commissary and talked for a while.”


Yes, very much so.”


Elizabeth found Jack in his office. He was sitting in his chair and was staring at nothing.


Jack sat up quickly. He turned.


Why did you…?”

Because he was a wreck. The only time I have seen him like that was after Sha’re’s death. He needed to get away. He wanted to sneak out without any fanfare.”

You allowed him to leave. That was not your jurisdiction.”

Yes, it is. I have full say in what happens to him. Unless it will harm him. Harming him would have been keeping him here. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about it but he started falling asleep in the mess and I just told him he could go.” Elizabeth nodded and Jack turned back around in his chair.

Elizabeth left the office and put in a call to the mainland. Kalian told her that Daniel was asleep and had been since moments after arriving. Elizabeth wanted to talk to Daniel but she didn’t want Kalian to wake him up. So she told him to tell Daniel when he woke up to contact Atlantis. Moments later, there was a flurry of activity as one of the puddle jumpers descended from the hatch and flew into the ‘gate.

An hour later, they found a message in the system. Two simple sentences, “I’m sorry. I’ll be back.”


Jack barged into the control room. Elizabeth, John, and Rodney were standing around talking.

What happened?”

Daniel took his jumper and left.”


Yes, he went through to the Earth galaxy.”

Why didn’t you say Earth?”

He changed the co-ordinates. His final destination isn’t Earth. I don’t know the planet.”

He has gone to get the antidote.

Sheree?” Elizabeth asked.

Jack looked up puzzled. “No, that’s not Sheree,” Jack said. He smiled. “How long have you been protecting him?”

Since he became small and arrived here. I was ascended years ago just for this. Just after my death.

General, who is it?”

Doctor Weir meet Mrs. Sha’re Jackson.”

Daniel’s wife?” Rodney asked.

Yes. I’ve been trying to help him.

You should know of a cure.”

I cannot help that way. You know the rules, Jack.

Curing me will help him. He needs me. He just doesn’t want to admit it.”


NO! I’ll not stand by and watch him die inside. The Ancients and Ascended wanted him here. They should protect him!”

Jack, find the Asgard.

What?” Jack asked. He looked around. “Sha’re!”

I think she’s gone.”

The Ascended have their own way,” Elizabeth said and Jack nodded. Moments later, the ‘gate started spinning. She looked down. “It’s Daniel’s code.”

Jack ran to the console as Daniel brought the ship him.

Daniel, what’s wrong?”

Nothing. I just went to our galaxy to contact Thor.”


You know Jack, the leader of the Asgard.”

Daniel, how did you know to contact him?”

I just had a thought.”

Daniel, Sha’re revealed herself to us. Is that who you’ve been talking to at night?”

Yes, it is. I hope you are not mad.”

No, she’s been helping you. Just don’t leave like that again.”

I’ll try not to.”

No, you won’t leave like that again.”

I can’t make the promise, Jack. I have things I have to do.”

Daniel…” Jack’s voice took on a hard edge.

General, why don’t you go get some food.”

Jack looked at Elizabeth. He nodded at her, knowing why she said what she did.


You back for good?”

No. I’ll be going back and forth for chats. Rodney really misses my help. I think he’ll be visiting me here some too. I’ve told him that he is welcome anytime.”

You should just cut ties with them. You are happier here on the mainland. You looked horrible when you came back after the last time.”

This is what I am supposed to be doing. This is why I was turned into a child those years ago.”

The Ancestors couldn’t have meant for you to go through this.”

You can’t know what they meant. Even I don’t. I just have to do the best I can.”

I just worry.”

I know. I thank you for that, but I am accepting that this is what I need to do.”

Kalian just glared at Daniel before he stood up and left. Daniel shrugged and picked up Seshat. He didn’t know what was wrong with Kalian.

Daniel let Seshat into the tent and then stood up to take a walk when someone screamed. Daniel ran towards to screams. When he arrived at the main camp for the area, a man was lying on the ground with wounds on his chest. An animal was sitting beside him ready to pounce again. Daniel stepped towards it and caught its eye. When it was looking him in the eye, he started talking to it.

You don’t want to do that. He won’t taste good. Prey is out there in the trees.”


Yes, I know. Food is out there. Good food.”

The creature turned and bound back into the forest around the camp. Once it was from site people rushed to the downed man.

Daniel smiled. That was the first time since he had found out about his telepathy that he had talked to an animal. It had never occurred to him. He hadn’t told anyone about his new power. He didn’t want to be put under any tests. The knowledge in his head gave him the ability to cope with anything new that developed. He didn’t want anyone treating him special. He had finally gained all the knowledge that had been bombarding his brain. He was all good as far as his head went. The Ancient knowledge has formed with his Daniel knowledge. His only problem was the dreams he was having. Daniel crouched down beside the man and touched his face.

Daniel, step away let the healer to him.”

Daniel didn’t listen to the voice. He just closed his eyes. He didn’t know what he was doing but he let his memories guide him. A voice spoke to him.

Slowly. Heal slowly at first. Until you can control yourself,” Sha’re said to him.

Daniel slowed down. What felt like hours later to him was only minutes between when he closed and opened his eyes. He looked down at the man and saw that he was fully healed. Those around him were looking at him strangely. Kalian had large, bright eyes before he dropped to his knees beside Daniel. With the cuts gone from his face, Daniel recognized him as Kalian’s older brother.

Thank you, Daniel,” the two said at the same time.

Daniel nodded. He knew what he had to do. With everyone seeing what he had done, he had to go back to Atlantis. He had to submit to the tests that Carson would put him through. He didn’t want to. He knew what to do. He had help. Sha’re and Sheree protected him; both helped him along the way.

Daniel, Doctor Beckett would like to see you,” Teyla said from the back of the crowd. Rodney was standing beside her with a frown on his face.

I’m sorry that we were here to see this. You could have come to the city on your own when you were ready,” Rodney said.

Daniel about opened his mouth to speak back but shut it. Rodney hadn’t moved his mouth.


It was just a guess. I knew that you should have developed more powers as the knowledge in your head unfurled. I’ve been toying with ways to find out. This was the first opportunity I had. I’ll keep this secret. No one else needs to know.”

Thank you, I just wish that this could have been kept a secret. That Kalian’s older brother had not been hurt.”

Rodney nodded and turned to talk to Teyla. Daniel jogged to his tent and retrieved some things that he would need. Carson might keep him there for a few days.


Daniel arrived in his Navas. Since it couldn’t be used by anyone else, Daniel used it now to go back and forth between the city and the mainland. He also went exploring sometimes in it but that was rare. The Navas bay had a small crowd in it. Carson was at the front waving. Behind him was John, Aiden, Teyla, Ronon, and Rodney. Behind them were three people, two females and a male. He knew Teal’c instantly and only recognized Sam when she moved into the light. The other female he also recognized but he didn’t know how. Behind them was Jack, staying in the background.

Sam, Teal’c, Vala, what brings you to Atlantis.”

This is Daniel?” Vala asked.

Yes, did we not say that he was turned into a child,” Teal’c stated.

I thought you were…pulling my leg,’ Vala said.

Daniel, how did you know her name?” Sam asked as she gave him a hug.

I don’t know.”

Carson moved closer to Daniel. “You can come to my lab when you want today. With your friends here from Earth, I’ll let you have some time with them.”

I’d rather get this over with.”

Daniel we leave tomorrow.”

Then you can come with me to the lab. Carson won’t mind. It will keep me from yelling at him.”

Daniel, we have a prototype cure ready for Jack.” Rodney said. Daniel looked at Rodney in shock. He didn’t think that they were close. “Thor had us try something. Once we knew what to look for we found the organisms in Jack’s blood even when he was not around you. A mixture of your DNA and a normal antibiotic from Earth disabled the organisms. They left the blood sample.”

What are you waiting on?”

Jack’s okay. He wanted to clear a few things with you first.” Daniel nodded.

Daniel, there is trouble. Get to the control room now.” Sha’re said. Daniel took off running for the control room.

Before anyone could try to follow or ask where he was going, Elizabeth’s voice sounded over the comms. “I need Doctor McKay in the control room now.” Everyone looked at each other before they ran for the control room as well. They caught up with Daniel at the entrance.

Daniel gripped his head for a second before he took a deep breath. “It’s a ship of Atlanteans. My god, they have been in space for 10,000 years. Going at sub light speed. They stopped above a planet and found Wraith dead and one of the puddle jumpers nearly destroyed. Now they head back here. They want their city back.”

It is theirs, but I have a feeling that everyone here will have to go home. They won’t want to share,” Sheree said. Daniel nodded.

Those in control of Atlantis, we wish to speak to you,” a female voice said over the comm unit. Daniel stepped up to the mic before turning to Elizabeth. She nodded.

This is Daniel Jackson. I speak for those in control of Atlantis.”

We ask that you leave our city.”

Daniel did a cutting motion at his throat. “Elizabeth, do you trust me. I know what I can do to either get them to stay with us, or have them leave.”

We need to stay here,” Elizabeth said.

Daniel nodded. Sound was restored. Non. I am sorry, but we cannot do that. We came from Earth. I was brought here specifically by the orders of your ascended friends. I was once one of you. I was kicked out. I was killed and was brought back in this form.”

Still this is our city, and we are claiming it now. Do not make us turn the city against you.”

I would love to see you try.”

You sound like a child.”

I am thirteen years old. But I have in my mind all of your knowledge.”

We think that you are bluffing. No child can have our knowledge and those who ascend can not come back.”

How little you know.”

Why is the shield not lowering?”

I told you. Now listen to me. I am a descendent of Atrius Valna. I can claim this city more than you. Atrius’s family left to go to Earth. You and yours did not want to go to Earth and mix your blood. We have plenty here who are also descendents of the higher families. Meckem’s heir is here so you know that we will get all of the technology working again. You may live with us if you want or you may go find a new home. It is our city.”

We will get back to you.”

Daniel turned around.

Daniel?” Sam asked.

I have known who all of you are descended from the moment I turned 13. Meckem was the one who created many of the devices to fight the Wraith. His whole family was very smart. That is Rodney’s family. My family was the highest in the hierarchy. Jack’s was the leader of the military division. I could talk for days on this but I would like to get the tests done.”

Daniel, the information…” Elizabeth asked.

It is all formed and fitted in my head. No more fighting between the halves.”

Why haven’t you told us?” Elizabeth asked. Daniel shrugged. “We agreed. Anything that affected your health would be brought to Carson’s attention.”

It wasn’t affecting my health. I stopped fighting the knowledge and every time something new popped in my head instructions would also go with it. I can deal with this. Like I said, I have all the memories that I need.”

Daniel, how can you know that? You are a…” Elizabeth stopped when all the lights in the room shorted out.

Includara.” Daniel said.

Elizabeth, you do not understand. In the perfect world, Daniel would have come here without Jack. As an adult. Something happened when the Replicator killed him. When the device at Dakara went off, it changed him. He could only come back as a child. He needs no help now. He knows what to do,” Sha’re said. She appeared beside Daniel.

Jack smiled at her. She looked much as she had. She still wore her robes from Abydos.

You. I’ve seen you here since the beginning,” Rodney said. Sha’re nodded. Everyone turned to look at Rodney. “I know. I never told anyone about it. She asked me not to.”

I knew what my duty was. There was a chance that while Daniel would come here, he might not remember anything. We never know what will happen to the mind when we mess with it.”

Why are you appearing to us now?”

Because there has been an exception made. With the arrival of the ancestors of those who lived here, a problem has occurred. I speak with the will of those who ascended. Daniel and I will go to the ship and talk to them. They have a place they can live; they just have to deal with those they created. The Atlanteans will not bother you.”

Sha’re and Daniel disappeared from view. Jack turned to Carson.

Aye, we can give you the cure now.”

Elizabeth quietly moved to her office and sat down in her chair. Rodney followed.

He was more adult than any of us when he came here.”

I know but we are supposed to protect him.”

He needs time alone. He is a teenager. That is something that we have to remember. As strong as his mind is, he is still in the body of a teenager.” Elizabeth nodded.

Daniel appeared in Elizabeth’s office. He looked around for a second before he stopped.

The Atlanteans gave me this to give to you. They agreed to go to a place much like Atlantis here. I guess a race called the Asurans created it. A mistake of the Ancients. Think Cylons. Even with the human looking ones.”

How do you know of Cylons?” Rodney asked.

I grew up watching it, Rodney. Oh, that’s right. The nightmares I have been having. My memories have been trying to come back. When Sha’re took me up to the ship, she unlocked them. She is going to tell them that it was a side affect of taking up there the way she did, the merging of our spirits. The joining of our incorporeal bodies for the trip up to the ship. They have no way to prove if she was right. Of course, they will suspect but they are giving her a freedom they have given no one before. We have little need of Sheree anymore; she wants to be wiped from the system. When that happens her soul will be free, she says. She wants to join her family in what she calls the afterlife.”

So, you are you?”

Yes, I am me. All my memories just in a smaller body.”

How can your brain handle it?”

Easy, I am highly advanced,” Daniel said and Rodney started laughing. “My brain was always close to the Atlanteans when they ascended. I won’t ascend as long as I don’t want to. One cannot ascend if they don’t want to. Right now, I don’t want to. The battle with the Ori in the Milky Way has given the Ancients something to think about. All those who died before they finally helped are weighing heavy on their minds. They agree that they went way too far in the other direction. Many think that they were worse than the Ori because they would not help in something that they created. Much like Anubis.”

Daniel, I am sorry.”

I know you are. I’ll start back in the projects full time tomorrow. I was hoping that Ronon or Teyla could go to the mainland and get my things. Especially Seshat.”

What about that friend you made?”

I’ll write him a letter and give it to him. He does not think that I should be here at all. He thinks I should stay on the mainland.”

Daniel that is not right to my nephew,” Teyla said.

My letter will include that if he wants to speak to me, he can. I will not force my presence on him if he does not want it. Kalian is very outspoken and willful. I do not want to be on the receiving end of a rant of his. Nor do I want to hear it. He thinks that those here are brainwashing me and making me do things. He does not understand, even though I have tried many times to make him see.”

Teyla nodded. “My sister’s husband is very much like my nephew. I understand now.”

Is my room by Ronon still open?” Daniel asked. Elizabeth nodded and Daniel looked around.

Jack is with Carson. With the threat of the Ancients he thought the cure might be a good thing to try right now.”

Daniel nodded. He looked over at Rodney.

Will you come with me?” Daniel asked of the scientist. Rodney nodded. Daniel always wanted someone around him when he was around Jack.


Home to Daniel never felt better. He was alone and could stop people from bothering him if he wanted. This time around, everything will be different. He won’t have to hide from Jack. The cure worked on him. A message had been sent to Earth about how Jack was cured so the hunt was on again to find those who wanted to kidnap him.

Kalian had wanted to talk. He was going with his father to another planet. The inhabitants there were willing to give some of their crop to Atlantis if some of Athosians were willing to come and live there during the crop season and tend to what they can. The crop they tend to being the one that they can take back with them. Atlantis for the time being was settled and good.

The End



Title: Rebellion
Series: Daniel and Atlantis
Year: Future Time
Category: Drama, Crossover (Stargate: Atlantis), Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Alternate Universe, Sad,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: None, talk of Daniel/Sha’re,
Spoilers: None
Summary: Daniel starts to say no to everything and stops working and doing anything anyone says. How will Jack cope?
Words: 4,445
Notes: None
Warnings: remembrances of past abuse mental/physical,

Jack couldn’t find Daniel in any of the labs. Radek said that he hadn’t shown up for work that morning and even though Jack wasn’t taking care of Daniel anymore, Jack still loved him and cared for him. Jack knocked on the door to Daniel’s room. He heard a cough from inside and the door opened. He found Daniel lying in bed with the blankets pulled up around his head.

What? I called Elizabeth and told her I was sick. Beckett’s been in to check me out. He says I have the flu.” Daniel rolled over and saw that it was Jack in his doorway, not a scientist. “Oh, hi, Jack.”

Danny. You missed our breakfast time, so I came to make sure you were fine.”

Yes, I need sleep but I am fine. Being sick isn’t that bad. It’s an excuse not to deal with them.”

Them?” Jack asked. He took a few steps towards Daniel and, when the young boy didn’t say anything, Jack moved over to sit in the chair beside the bed. “Danny?”

I just want to sleep, Jack. I just want to sleep.”

Okay, mind if I stay here with you. I can do my work on a laptop and give you whatever help you need.”

I’d rather be alone.”

Too bad, Dannyboy. I’m staying in here.”

No, you aren’t.” Daniel rolled over onto his back and sat up to look at Jack. “I would rather be alone.”

You don’t have to and shouldn’t be alone, though.”

Fine, if you don’t want me to be alone, find Ronon, or even Rodney. Have them come watch me. Anyone but you.”

Daniel, I have bent over backwards to try and make it up to you. I didn’t know that you could hold a grudge this long.” Daniel looked at Jack in shock. Jack stayed right where he was but all Daniel did was roll over onto his stomach and go back to sleep.

You should go, Jack,” Sheree said. Jack shook his head. “He doesn’t want you here.”

I don’t care. If I do this, I can show him that I care.”

And the next time you yell at him?”

I won’t.”

You say that every time. Yet you do it again and again. You won’t let Doctor Beckett give you a full exam.”

There is nothing wrong with me.”

Yes, there is.”

NO, THERE ISN’T!” Jack screamed as he stood up and looked at the ceiling. Sheree didn’t answer. Jack sat back down and looked at Daniel. Daniel was curled up, half under his covers, taking up the smallest space he could. His head was tucked to his knees with his arms around them. Jack gulped and hung his head. He stayed that way for a few minutes before he left the room. Daniel started to shiver and the covers were pulled up over him.


Rodney and Daniel exited the ‘gate. Jack was standing just on the edge of the steps. He always did when Daniel came back from off world. This time it was different.

Daniel, can we talk?” Jack asked. Daniel could hear the false calm in his voice. He was maintaining control in front of others.

I have the mission debrief, Jack. Then I have to see Carson.”

I would rather talk now. I’m sure Elizabeth wouldn’t mind.”

General O’Neill, Daniel knows more than I do,” Rodney said. Jack turned to him.

Why are you protecting him? He doesn’t need protection from me.” Jack stepped up into Rodney’s space.

You don’t scare him, but you are scaring everyone else. Let Carson check you over.” Rodney ushered Daniel away from him. Jack wouldn’t let it. He grabbed Rodney’s arm and spun him around. Rodney looked at him in shock for several seconds before Jack pulled his arm back and let it fly. Rodney fell to the floor, and he grabbed his face.

JACK!” Daniel screamed. Seconds later as Jack reached down for Daniel. An unseen force shoved him in the chest, and he landed many feet away. Jack tried to get up but he was held in place. “He won’t move. I won’t let him.”

I’ve called Carson,” Elizabeth said as she came down. She helped Rodney stand then turned to Jack. When Carson and his team came in one of them bumped Daniel and he lost control of Jack. Instead of going after Daniel, he fled the room.

I am tracking him,” Sheree said.

Moments later, Jack stormed into his room throwing his LSD into the wall and watching it shatter. He felt better after that. He grabbed the first thing he found and threw it against the wall. Item after item hit the wall. Jack destroyed his room for over an hour. Sheree couldn’t stop him. In the end, she didn’t tell anyone. She didn’t want them getting hurt.

Once Jack had thrown everything, he threw some of the bigger broken pieces and watched them shatter. It wasn’t until he heard the glass from the picture frame crunch that he stopped. He looked down and saw a picture of Charlie under his feet. Jack stopped cold. He just stared at the picture then started crying. He didn’t hear the door to his room open, and he didn’t feel the prick of the needle in his arm. He welcomed it when his world went black.


Carson watched as Jack was brought into the infirmary. Elizabeth came a few minutes later and watched as he checked Jack over.

He’s fine. I’ll start the testing in the morning. Let him have a good night’s sleep. I want to talk to him before I do the testing.”

Tell him that after his little outburst in his room. I am ordering the tests done. I can’t have him running around the city. He punched Rodney.”

Daniel is with Rodney right now, in the Iso room. I felt it better after the scene in the ‘gate room.”

Good. How is Daniel?”

Scared. I’ve never seen him scared. He used to say that as long as he is in Atlantis, he’s safe.”

His emotions are overtaking the Ancients knowledge in his head. I don’t know what is going to happen. I asked Rodney and Ronon to stay close to him.”

I’d like to quarantine General O’Neill, just so that when he wakes up, he won’t scare Daniel. The lad has been through enough already.” Elizabeth nodded and moved towards the room Daniel and Rodney were in. She found Daniel sitting on the bed beside Rodney, reading a book. Elizabeth moved closer to the door and heard that Daniel was reading to Rodney. Elizabeth laughed. Daniel was reading Harry Potter out loud to Rodney. Rodney said he would never read those books.

Rodney looked up and saw her. He smiled at her and put an arm around Daniel’s shoulder to let him lean on him. Daniel rested his head on Rodney’s arm and his words started to slur. Ten minutes later, Daniel was asleep. Rodney waved Elizabeth into the room.

It calms him down and he goes to sleep instantly. Ronon told me about it. Seems Ronon does it a lot. Daniel hasn’t caught on yet.”

Well, keep it up and make sure that you take care of yourself. Carson is going to start the testing in the morning.” Rodney nodded and pulled the blanket up over Daniel. Rodney, Teyla, and John had adopted Daniel as a dear friend. Aiden had adopted him as a little brother and Ronon as a child. But Elizabeth knew that Daniel would only be happy with Jack. They had to find out what was wrong with him and fix it.


Elizabeth looked up when a knock came at her door. She looked up and saw nothing at normal height, so she looked down and saw Daniel. It had only been hours since she left him with Rodney.

Daniel, how can I help you?”

I’m quitting, resigning, whatever you want to call it.”

We need you, Daniel.”

Don’t try to guilt me. I am a kid. I want to act like one. I don’t want to worry about whether I had the translation on that machine right, and whether Rodney can fix it in time. From this point on, I will not do anything that isn’t life or death. The Ancients did this to me because they thought that I, in this form, could help everyone here in Atlantis. I am a help to no one if I am not allowed to do what I want. I am a kid that needs to do things. I thought that we had gone through this two years ago. I guess no one cared enough to follow through. Nothing you do or say can stop me this time. I won’t be used as a catch all. ‘If it’s a hard piece of technology, he’ll know what it is and save us time.’ I won’t do it anymore. Consider this my resignation.”

Daniel, just calm down. Don’t make a big deal out of it. You don’t need to resign.”

I am burned out. Going into the labs everyday makes me sick. I don’t want to do it anymore. I can’t do it anymore.”

Okay, you can have some time…”

I don’t want time. Not anytime that you would be willing to give. I want freedom. I can’t concentrate. Sheree explained to me that the knowledge in my head suppressed my natural instincts to be a kid. Now that I am trying to suppress the knowledge, the kid in me is coming out. Hence the reading and games that I play. I was fine while I was away from Atlantis. The knowledge wasn’t as busting to get out. I’ve made my mind shut that part of it out. I am making myself forget because it is hurting me to remember.”

Daniel just take some time to calm down. I’m sure once you’ve rested up…”

NO! I quit!” Daniel turned and left the room, leaving Elizabeth staring in shock. Moments later, Elizabeth received a call from Carson.

Elizabeth, I have found nothing wrong with his blood. There is nothing on the scanner and nothing out of order with his tests.”

I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Elizabeth told the people in the control room where to find her and then she left for the infirmary. When she arrived, Jack was pacing the Iso room ranting and raving. Carson stared at the room and didn’t acknowledge Elizabeth when she talked to him.

Carson?” Elizabeth said a few minutes later. Carson jumped and turned to her.

I’m sorry. I was thinking. I would like two guards. I want to take his blood while he is this way. If he has something in him it may only work when he is angry. Otherwise, it is in a dormant state.”

How did the drug get in him?”

This started about a year after he got here. It’s increased in intensity since then. Who is after Daniel and General O’Neill?”

The NID?”

Yes, his anger is only directed at Daniel. Never anyone else, unless he is interrupted when it comes to the young boy.”

Do what you have to. I need to talk to Daniel.” Carson nodded, and Elizabeth left the infirmary. She looked around the halls and then made her way to Daniel’s room. When she found that the door didn’t open, she entered on her own. She found the room empty. Nothing was in it.

General O’Neill kept on visiting him when he didn’t want him to. Sheppard let him move into the room beside me,” Ronon said from the entrance of the room.

Why wasn’t I informed?”

He did it just before the mission. He didn’t want anyone but himself to tell Jack that he had moved. He didn’t want you to lie to him. Sheree knew. She knows everything.”

I see. He moved so you could protect him?”

Yes. He feared what the General could do to him while he was angry. I’m guessing the General came in here, found out that Daniel had moved, and that’s why he did what he did in the ‘gate room.”

His attitude makes some sense now. Doctor Beckett is checking Jack over now. Hopefully, in a few hours we will have answers.”

Has he quit?” Elizabeth looked at Ronon in shock. “He talks to a woman at night. I don’t know who she is. Sheree lets me listen in. Sheree doesn’t know her name, but she knows that he talks to a female.”

I see. It seems quite a bit of his life is kept from me.”

Quite a bit of his life is kept from everyone. The General made him open up. Since then, he has shut down.”

Thank you, Ronon. Tell him that his resignation is accepted, and he can come back when he’s ready.” Ronon nodded and turned from the room. He stopped at the door and looked around.

Since I found out that most SGC records were available for review, I’ve been reading on Daniel’s life. Why must he suffer more than others must? General O’Neill told the rest of my team about Daniel’s parents, his foster homes, and his wife and brother.”

I don’t know. Maybe the memory loss was a blessing. He has memories about his parents and the one foster home he was in. That’s why he was so skittish.”

He’s talked to me some. From what the General says the homes only got worse.” Elizabeth nodded. Ronon gave her a small, sad smile before he headed for his rooms.


Yes, Doctor Weir?”

Can you play me back the things you have played for Ronon?”

No, Ma’am. Daniel has only allowed me to play them back to him. I will not go against his wishes if it is not harming him.”

But you will if you think it is necessary?”



Daniel is sleeping in his room. He’s fine and sleeping deeply. If he has a nightmare, I will alert whichever of Ronon’s team is closest.”

Good. Keep an eye on Jack as well. Please?”

Of course.” Elizabeth nodded.


It took Carson longer than he thought to find what was wrong with Jack. He ran tests on the Ancient machines and found nothing wrong. It wasn’t until he ran a blood test under a microscope that he saw it. He was able to separate the organism from Jack’s blood and tested it. It wasn’t anything he had seen before. Except one thing— it had nanites in it.

Carson called Elizabeth and waited for her to arrive. He had sedated Jack again. Jack had nearly destroyed the small room he had been held in. His hands were bloodied and very sore. Carson had been happy that he hadn’t broken anything.

Elizabeth entered followed by Radek.

You said he has nanites in his blood?”

Aye, he does. We took a small sample and applied an EM pulse to them. They were still functioning after that. I don’t know how to stop them.”

I’m sure that we can come up with something,” Radek said as he looked at Jack’s file. He nodded at Carson and took the file and left.

I was going to find young Daniel and tell him. I was wondering if you knew where he was?”

I wouldn’t know. He quit and I have no clue where he spends his time.”

He quit?”

Yes, I tried to convince him to take some extended time off but he said no. He wanted out of the job and away from the labs. He doesn’t want anyone bothering him at all for any research unless it’s dire. His eyes Carson. They were dead. He said that the knowledge in his head is hurting him. He’s trying so hard to be a kid, that the knowledge is suppressing itself. All because of the demands being made on him.”

Rodney is doing his best. He comes in to talk to me. He can’t get the rest of the scientists to stop bugging him.”

I’ve reviewed the logs. Two days ago he was woken up at midnight and all but threatened to get to the lab and fix something they messed up.” Carson shook his head. Elizabeth sighed and hung her head. “He’s a child. He may have the knowledge of the Ancients in his head, but he is a child first.”

I’ll have a talk with him. See if we can’t do anything to help.”

Two Weeks Later

Daniel looked around the small settlement on the mainland. He wanted to live near them not with them. He wanted to be alone. He moved to the edge of the woods. He found the perfect little spot just inside. His tent would be seen from the settlement, and he would be safe.

Daniel started clearing the area of all debris. Ronon had shown him how to clean up an area and make it livable. Daniel knew that fresh water could be gotten from the settlement and food, as he needed it. He just needed to clear and set up an area for a fire pit. John and his team had made sure that he had everything he needed, including his Navas. It was floating near the water’s edge and was just waiting for him to do what he needed with it. Daniel was going to use it to look around the lower parts of the land. Anything he found he would report but for the most part he was just going to have fun.

His mind was blank for the first time in over two years. The information was there, but he knew how to control the flow of it from his subconscious into his waking mind. Daniel recalled the conversations between Doctor Heightmeyer and Elizabeth. Heightmeyer had been very pleased with how he was acting. She okayed him coming to the mainland to live. Saying that he needed it, needed to be away from the stress of the every day life in Atlantis.

His body won’t handle it. He’s lost weight; he has the start of an ulcer. Luckily Carson found it in time. Doctor Weir, if you hadn’t already agreed to let him leave his post, I would have forced it. We have adults who do less than half the work he does, and they are barely handling it. Stress affects the body in weird ways. I’m surprised he hasn’t had a break down, in consideration of everything that he’s gone through according to these reports.”

Carson thinks that Daniel is having trouble sleeping on his own. Even when he is not interrupted. He talks to a woman at night. I wonder if outside the city he’ll still be able to.”

I don’t know. All he has to do is wait and see. Children bounce back. After some time, he will be back to what is normal for him.”

Which isn’t very normal. I don’t know whether I want him to be normal. We can’t help him with Jack. Now at least he has a buffer. All the knowledge in his brain is being suppressed.”

The mind does what it wants. It will do what it thinks is best. You have to trust that it will cope with everything. I don’t know how to handle this. I don’t know what to do. All I can do is watch and make sure that no harm comes to him.”

Thank you.”

Daniel sighed as he looked around. This was just what he needed to get back to normal. A few months, maybe a year on the mainland and maybe he could go back to Atlantis. He didn’t know if he would be able to work full time by then, but he could try.

One Week Later

Daniel stepped out of his tent on the edge of the mainland’s wooded area. He watched the sunrise before he started cleaning up his living area from the small supper he had the night before. Once the sun was fully up he was going to go on a hike through the woods, to try to clear his head before he started work on the small device he had brought with him.

Daniel heard rustling and pulled out the knife that Ronon had given him before he came to the mainland.

Daniel?” Kalian called out. Daniel smiled and lowered the knife. He moved to greet his new friend as he entered the area.

I’m here, Kalian.”

I was hoping to catch you before you left.”

I’ll be leaving in about ten minutes. Did you need something?” Daniel saw the small hip bag on Kalian and two sets of sticks.

A gift from Teyla for you. She also thought you might like it if I taught you a little more on these.”

You’d be willing?”

Yes, Teyla and Ronon think I’ll be a good teacher for you.”

Did you see Seshat?”

No, I didn’t. She didn’t sleep with you?”

Yeah, but early this morning she left.”

She’s probably out hunting something. I wouldn’t worry.”

Yeah, she’s able to take care of herself.” Kalian smiled at Daniel before he started to clean out the fire pit. “You don’t have to do that.”

We’ll be back for lunch. You cook better than I do. Least I can do it get this ready for cooking.” Daniel laughed at him before he nodded and went into the tent to finish getting ready. When he came out, he grabbed his bag, and they set off. Five hours later, they came back to Daniel’s small camp. Seshat was curled up in front of the tent, and Daniel laughed.

I forgot to open it up so that she could go in.”

She’s fine. How are you?”


You are dealing well?”

With what?”

You are out here alone for the first time since…”

I’m used to being alone.”

There are rumors that you used to be a full grown adult…how did this happen?”

I don’t know. Jack told me that I was taken by an enemy, and he believed that I was killed aboard one of their ships. I was returned to the SGC in the form I am with no memories of my life before that age. My parents had been dead only a few months and I wasn’t in a good place. It took quite a while for me to let Jack in.”

But things got better?”

Things got much better. Until we got here. He changed. I know now what caused it but it doesn’t help.”

No child should have his father yell at him like he did to you.”

He’s not my father. My father died over five years ago to me, but many years in reality.”

Daniel, you love him.”

I loved him as anyone would a friend, but I never associated him with a father figure.”

Daniel, you know that’s not true.”

Yes, it is.”


Yes, it is. Cause otherwise it hurts too much.” Kalian pulled Daniel close and hugged him.

Daniel, let go. Have you let go?” He heard a small snuffle from Daniel and then Daniel started shaking. Kalian smiled. Daniel would be fine once he let everything go. After a while, Daniel started calming down. Kalian saw Teyla and Ronon in the trees. When they saw the two boys, they backed off.

I know that he is under the influence of an alien drug but…what he said hurt so much.”

What hurt the worst?”

He said that death was the only way my parents could escape me.”

No one should say that to a child.”

No one should say that to anyone.”

They’ll find a cure, and you’ll have him back.”

I don’t want him back. I don’t want anyone back. It hurts too much. Daniel knew that. He didn’t let anyone near him.”

Jack’s different, and you are letting me in.”

You won’t hurt me.”

You thought that Jack wouldn’t.”

Jack has hurt me before. I’ve read files where he has. I’m done with him.”


Don’t!” Daniel screamed pulling back from Kalian. “I am done with adults. All they do is get in the way. They make you care and then give you up!”

Calm down.”

No! I will not. Just leave, please.”

You need to eat.”

I’ll eat when I am damned ready.”

Promise me you’ll eat.” Daniel sighed and nodded. Kalian nodded and backed up from the campsite. Once he cleared the forest, he saw John, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon, and Aiden standing there. “He’s not doing too well. I got him to let go, but I pushed too far.”

Don’t let him hurt himself.”

He’s not suicidal. He won’t hurt himself.”

You barely know him, Kalian,” Teyla said. Kalian looked at her.

And you don’t know him. Jack hurt him far more than anyone should be hurt. I think his inner mind knows what he went through as a child the first time, and it’s protecting him.”

Just keep an eye on him,” Ronon said. Kalian nodded.

He’s got all he needs?” Aiden asked. Kalian nodded. The team headed off, and Kalian watched them. He shook his head before going back to his family’s living space. He kept an eye on Daniel’s throughout the day and went to bed when Daniel did. He just hoped that the cure for Jack didn’t take long. Jack was the only one who was going to be able to get through to the young man.

Jack was the only one with the connection to Daniel’s past and his psyche. Jack was the only one who could crack the shell that Daniel had erected and kept around himself.
The End


Title: Mordant
Series: Daniel and Atlantis Series
Year: Future Time
Category: Drama, Crossover (Stargate: Atlantis), Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Alternate Universe, Sad,
Ratings: PG
Pairings: None
Spoilers: 9.09 Prototype, 3.03 Irresistible,
Summary: Daniel starts to feel bitter and mad about how everyone comes to him for help. Jack is not helping since his own life is conflicting with his time with Daniel.
Words: 5,058
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Radek paced around Daniel’s office, trying to think. He didn’t know what to do. He paced back and forth in the office trying to figure out how to tell Jack about Daniel disappearing. He thought the young boy would come back after an hour to two, but it had been five since the nine-year-old boy ran out of his office.

Finally, he decided to go find Jack to tell him what happened.


Jack and Elizabeth sat in her office trying to work out a peaceful solution to the NID wanting Daniel. They’d been trying to figure it out for over a year. The NID never put any thought to the fact he might have slipped off to Atlantis with Jack, but they soon would. Hermiod told the NID that no one got aboard the ship without him knowing. He had rigged the sensors so that they didn’t detect Daniel.

You gave us sanctuary and this place was just made a ‘colony’ of Earth. Now I’ve been talking to China and Canada. They both would take us as citizens with no other motives. They agree that Daniel is better off here where he can do the most good.”

Have you talked to Daniel about this?” Elizabeth asked. Jack shook his head. “Why?”

He’s so busy doing other things. I try to get him to stop, but he just talks about how he has to get it done. He’s a nine-year-old kid that works for a living. If he didn’t go nuts because the information in his head, I would make him stop.”

Yes, we remember well what happened when you made Daniel stay in his room and not work for a few days. I don’t suggest you do it again. Not until he has better control of the information in his head. He can’t control it yet.”

Who knew that Sheree would act against us,” Jack said with a sheepish grin on his face, they had all forgot that Sheree would protect Daniel. Elizabeth opened her mouth to talk just as Radek knocked on the door and entered. Jack tipped his head back. When he saw it was Radek, he jumped up out of the chair. “Zelenka?”

He ran from the lab. A few people asked for his help. He blew up at them. Mostly yelling in language none of us knew. He reminds me of Rodney. I recognized the Czech word for incompetent. I had hoped he would come back. That was five hours ago. I’m becoming worried.”

Have you tried reaching him on the comms?” Elizabeth asked. Radek nodded.

What about that damn cat of his? Seen it around?”

No, no one has. I checked your personal rooms. Nothing. He’s a rather resourceful child isn’t he?”

He can be. I swear that when he was littled they didn’t get rid off all that is Daniel Jackson. He’s still as stubborn and as bull headed as he used to be,” Jack said as he started out of Elizabeth’s office.

Don’t yell at him too much.” Jack waved his acknowledgement. He wandered along the halls checking everyone of Daniel’s favorite hiding spots. The last place he had checked was the Navas bay. Daniel was sitting atop his personal Navas. That particular Navas had imprinted itself on Daniel. No one else could fly it.

Hey, Danny,” Jack said. Daniel didn’t answer him. He didn’t even turn around. Jack didn’t approach him. He didn’t want to scare him in case some new power had developed. Daniel had scared them all with the last power that had developed. Jack remembered a year ago, when the kid had found something in the system. He had started jumping around. Seconds later, all the papers in the room had started flying around. When Daniel had calmed down, the papers stopped flying around. Since then no other powers had cropped up, but Jack was scared to find out. Jack remembered a file Elizabeth had received that talked about the powers that a clone of Anubis had, healing, telepathy, telekinesis, among others.

Jack wait a few minutes and when Daniel didn’t acknowledge him, he stepped closer.


I’m fine, Jack. I just want to be alone.”

Zelenka is worried about you.”

So? I don’t care. I’m sick of working. I just want a break.”

I’m sure Halling wouldn’t mind you going for a visit?”

I’m sure. Can I go?”

Yes, you can. I’ll talk to Elizabeth. Why don’t you go find some dinner?”

Sure, Jack. I’ll see you later.” Jack watched Daniel move down from the top of the Navas then head out the door. Jack shook his head. He was just glad that Daniel was able to have his mornings and evenings free.


Don’t you even care?” Daniel asked as he sat on the balcony of one of the spires in the city. Jack was standing behind him. It was only a week later and Daniel hated that Jack had found him again when he wanted to be alone. “You don’t talk to me anymore. You don’t care.”

I care, Danny. I love you,” Jack said. Daniel snorted and pulled his knees to his chest.

They act like they can’t live without me.”

You are our expert on the technology around this place.”

I also want to do other things.”

Listen, I have to go. There’s a meeting I need to be a part of. Daniel, you have your mornings and evenings free. What more do you want?” Jack didn’t wait for an answer. He just left. Daniel huffed and pulled his knees closer.

I don’t have my mornings anymore and half my evening is spent answering questions over the radio, Jack. Not that you care. Or even want to care.”


Jack, what did you do?” Daniel asked as the machine in front of him powered down. He turned around and saw that Jack was looking sheepish. He sighed turned back around and tried to turn on the machine again. It didn’t work. “Jack!”

What? I was thinking about Earth. I remembered Carter and Teal’c.” Daniel looked at Jack and set down the data pad in his hand. He knew what had happened. Jack had been thinking about Earth and his friends, and that caused a surge in his mind. That caused the gene to affect the Ancient equipment in the area.

The Odyssey is doing an extra supply run this month. Some scientific equipment that we need. You can step through the ‘gate and then come back with it.

I am not leaving you, Daniel.”

I’m safe here, Jack. You miss home. Go back for a while.” He turned back around to look at the device. He muttered under his breath, “Or stay there.”

We still don’t know if there are NID agents waiting here for you to be alone and vulnerable.”

You don’t think I can be protected by John, Ronon, Teyla, and Aiden?”

No, I think that you still run off and can get into trouble. No way, Daniel.” Daniel just shrugged and started working again. Jack sat back in the small workroom. Daniel had asked for his help, but it seemed he didn’t want it anymore. After a few minutes, he decided to leave Daniel to his work.

Jack wandered around the city. He didn’t know what was wrong with Daniel. The kid worked less than he did. He spent hours in the morning playing with Ronon and Aiden. Finally, Jack went for dinner. He didn’t see Daniel in a corner of the mess hall with a group of scientists around him. Or the machine in front of the boy with his half eaten food tray shoved to the side.


You are a little brat. You know that?” Jack screamed at Daniel. He had come back to their quarters and found the doors locked. Daniel knew better than to lock him out of their rooms. When Jack finally found a way in the rooms, Daniel was just sitting on the couch working. Jack immediately screamed at him and the fight had started.

I didn’t lock the doors, Jack. I was sitting here typing. Why would I lock them?”

Then you had Sheree do it.”

No, I didn’t, Jack. She doesn’t do everything I ask of her. She has to think of the city and its people first.” Jack just growled and stalked closer to Daniel. Daniel pushed his laptop from his lap and stood up to meet him, all four feet three inches of Daniel standing in front of Jack’s height of six feet two inches.

Is that it? Sheree knows more about the people of the city and she doesn’t need you as much? You miss the attention that much so you are acting out.” Jack stepped closer so that Daniel had to tip his head back to see Jack’s face. “Maybe that’s why your parents came back to America. So that they could put you in school and get the bratiness out of you.”


Oh, that’s right. You can’t remember that. You can’t remember the last thirty years of your life. You know I am getting sick of dealing with your attitude. You’re a little kid that can’t accept when he’s not the center of attention. I came by to tell you that the Asgard need me. Thor doesn’t want to risk you getting hurt so you can’t go. I don’t know how long I will be gone.” Jack turned from Daniel and went to the door. He opened it and left with no words to Daniel. Jack walked to the control room. He wanted to calm down from talking to Daniel so he decided to pace for a few minutes. To any one it would seem like he was upset about having to go with the Asgard.

Jack?” Elizabeth asked. Jack was pacing in the control room. Elizabeth didn’t know why he was in the ‘gate room. Finally, Jack stopped pacing and he looked at her.

Thor contacted me a little while ago. He needs my help with something. I have no clue how long I will be gone. I’ve already talked to Daniel. He’s fine with this,” Jack said. He waved at Elizabeth as an Asgard beam enveloped him. Elizabeth stared in shock. She had never known Jack to be that curt with anyone. Over the past couple of months, Jack seemed to anger quickly, but he never lashed out so no one paid any attention. Maybe they should have.

Elizabeth was just about to ask someone to find Daniel when he came running into the ‘gate room. His face was tear-streaked, and he was out of breath. When he saw that the ‘gate was shut down, he started crying again. He turned around and fled the room. He ran into Rodney in the hall and fell down. He shrugged out of Rodney’s helping hands as they tried to right him and took off. Rodney looked confused. Daniel had never cried in public before. Rodney looked up at Elizabeth.


I don’t know.”

Doctor Weir, where is General O’Neill?” Sheree asked over the speakers.

He just left with Thor. We have no idea when he will be back.”

Oh, dear. I cannot find Daniel. He is hiding himself from me. General O’Neill said a few things to him. I do not wish to play them back to everyone.”

Why didn’t you stop General O’Neill?” Rodney asked.

I do not monitor their rooms all the time. Daniel and General O’Neill both wanted privacy. Then General O’Neill disappeared, followed by Daniel. I played back the recording device in their room. It is most disturbing.”

Doctor Weir, this is Teyla. Ronon and I were sparring and Daniel came running into the room. He is crying and inconsolable. Do you know what is wrong?”

Not yet. Sheree was just explaining everything to us. I’ll let you know.”

I will wait.”

Sheree why don’t we go to my office? Rodney, call John have him meet us there now.” Rodney nodded and clicked his radio. Twenty minutes later, Rodney, John, and Elizabeth were seated around the desk in Elizabeth’s office.

I shall play back what General O’Neill and Daniel said to each other.”

They listened to the play back intently. Rodney’s reaction was the strongest. He wanted to rip Jack’s head off for what he had said to Daniel. John was right behind him, but he was more worried about why Jack had said what he had. Elizabeth showed almost no reactions and thought about the idea that she and Carson had been thinking about for the mood swing of Jack. She knew that his reactions and actions weren’t enough for her to make him do anything that he didn’t want to do, but she wanted to. She wanted to get Daniel totally away from Jack and safely under the care of someone else.

What is most disturbing is that his heart rate was normal. He wasn’t excited at all. He was calm and collected. Yet, his words…I guess I am not used to humans from Earth.” Sheree made a sound like a sigh and then there was nothing from her.

My god,” Elizabeth gasped. John looked at Rodney and Elizabeth in shock.

I’ll find Seshat and take her to him.” Rodney stood up and left the office. John stood up as well.

I’ll go see how he’s doing.”

And I’ll try contact Thor or Hermiod. Hopefully before they are out of range.” Elizabeth went to the control room and had the tech open a channel to the Asgard frequency. The ship could have left the galaxy by then. She didn’t know which one they had been using.

Calling the Asgard ship, I need to talk to General O’Neill immediately. It’s a matter of great importance. Asgard ship, please respond.” Elizabeth waited and repeated the message every few minutes. When twenty went by with no reply, she had them shut down the link. Elizabeth sighed.

Ma’am?” A voice queried.

I think that we are going to have some problems.”

What is going on?” Chuck asked.

General O’Neill left on a mission with the Asgard. In his place, he left a very distraught Daniel and a mess to be cleaned up. Please tell Carson that when General O’Neill gets back, he has free rein with him. I want his body scanned for everything. This isn’t like him.”

Yes, Ma’am.”

I’ll be with Colonel Sheppard and his team. They are trying to calm Daniel down.”

I’ll make sure that no one bothers your team unless it’s an emergency.”

Thank you.”

Ma’am, what did General O’Neill say to Doctor Jackson?”

He called him a brat and said that he was sick of Daniel.”

That doesn’t sound like him, Ma’am. Maybe there is an explanation?”

No, it doesn’t, but it’s what he said. Daniel has been more prone to disappearing from the labs lately. I think it’s because he misses General O’Neill. From what I understand, he hasn’t been around their living quarters as much.” Elizabeth nodded at the tech, and she walked out of the control room. She moved to the closest transporter and made her way to the sparring room. When she entered, she found Rodney, John, and Teyla sitting in a half circle around Daniel and Ronon. Daniel was sitting in Ronon’s lap. His face buried in Ronon’s neck. She could hear the sobs from the doorway. Seshat was sitting beside Daniel, rubbing her face in his side. John looked up and saw her. He stood up.

He’s not doing too well. We can’t get him to talk or anything. He just sits there and cries. He hasn’t acknowledged anyone but Ronon, and he is scaring us.” John turned back to look at the child and watched as he slowly cried himself to sleep. “Ronon wants to take him to the mainland. Ford’s there helping with some things on assignment. I said I would fly them.”

Go ahead. Whomever he attaches himself to will be grounded. We still need ZPMs, and your team is best at finding them.”

Yes, Ma’am. I think that it will be Ronon.”

I think so as well. You can leave when you are ready. I want Ronon to keep an eye on him. He’s almost ten pounds under weight for his age. If he doesn’t eat, he needs to be brought back so that he can be given supplements through an IV.”

Yes, Ma’am. I think we will leave immediately.”

Good luck.”

Thanks.” John walked over to Ronon and talked to him for a few seconds. Ronon nodded and stood up. Seshat jumped to Rodney. Elizabeth frowned. She couldn’t wait to give General O’Neill a piece of her mind.


Daniel woke up in a small tent, and he didn’t know where he was. He rolled over and saw Ronon sitting at the front of the tent. Ronon looked at him and smiled. Daniel smiled back. A cup was handed to him. Daniel smelled the freshly made coffee in it. Daniel smiled at Ronon and took a sip. He remembered the fight that he had got into with Doctor Lam on Earth and then Doctor Beckett on Atlantis about his coffee drinking. In the end, he won out. He was allowed three cups a day until he was fifteen, and then he would be allowed as much as he wanted. Of course, during the day he drank more than three. No one monitored how much he drank, and sometimes when he was upset, people gave him a lot more without caring.

Feeling better?” Ronon asked once Daniel had drunk most of the cup. Daniel nodded. Ronon smiled.

Sheppard left us here with Ford for a few days.”

I don’t want to be here on the mainland. I want to go back to Atlantis,” Daniel said. Ronon frowned.

I think you’ll be better off here on the mainland.”

I don’t care. I want to go back to Atlantis. You are not my father! My father is dead!” Daniel screamed the last parts and stood up. He pushed past Ronon on his way out of the tent. Aiden started towards him, but Daniel just went the other direction. Aiden frowned at him and stopped walking. Ronon exited the tent as Daniel stopped at the edge of the clearing. He knew that he wasn’t allowed to go past there. Even thought that part of the mainland was settled, there were still strange creatures that could harm him.

Daniel, I sent a message to Atlantis. In four hours, a jumper will come to get you,” Ronon called. Daniel nodded so that Ronon knew he heard. He just wanted to go back to Atlantis and work. He wanted to forget.


Two days later, Daniel was sitting in his room on his bed when a knock came at his door. He thought the door open and Elizabeth stepped into the room.

Hermiod was finally able to track down General O’Neill…”

I don’t care,” Daniel interrupted. Elizabeth frowned but continued on.

General O’Neill refuses to speak with anyone on Atlantis, until his mission is done.”

I see. I’m sure that he will make it back in due time. I bet you can’t wait for him to get back so that he can help you with the mission works ups.”

Don’t you miss him, Daniel?”

No.” Daniel stood up from his bed and walked over to his desk. He opened up his laptop and started typing. Elizabeth exited the room. She didn’t know how to fix what had happened between the man and this small boy. She made her way back to her office. She left a message with Thor but had yet to hear back from him.

When she dialed Earth for a check in, she found out the life support system on the Daedalus needed an overhaul, and it wouldn’t be back to Atlantis for two weeks, that meant that the few things that Daniel wanted from Earth wouldn’t get there and help his spirits. Elizabeth sighed and asked John, Aiden, Rodney, Teyla, and Ronon to come to her office. She knew that Daniel wouldn’t react to the news, but an eye would have to be kept on him.

Two Weeks Later:

Do you know how often I told people not to bother me during the mornings? I may have Ancient knowledge in my head, but I want to do things for myself. Every one of the scientists who asked for my help said that it was only going to take a few minutes then he would be gone. Then there were the ones who said that I had enough time playing and I was needed at that instant to do things. I tried to tell Jack, but he wouldn’t listen. He doesn’t even spend any time with me. He was always doing other things. I don’t have alone time anymore. I haven’t read a book fully through in three months. I get a few pages read, and then a crisis develops in the lab.” Elizabeth sat back in her chair. Daniel stood up from his seat and turned away from her. “Rodney and Radek try, but they can’t control everyone. I haven’t eaten a meal without someone asking for my help in weeks.”

Daniel, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

No, because no one cares. Ronon has scared off a few, but he can’t be there every second of the day. Anytime I say ‘no’ to them, they say that I’m a little brat who doesn’t do his job. When I tell them that I’ve been working for seven hours straight with no rest, they just tell me to suck it up. The Wraith are out there, and we need to defeat them. Not all of the scientists are like this. Now, I am taking Seshat and Ronon and we are going in my Navas. I would rather go alone, but I know that it won’t be allowed. Ronon will give me the space I need.”

Go, I’m sure by the time that you get back, General O’Neill will be back on Atlantis.”

Rodney, Radek, and I want permission to start on the ‘gate project that was denied last year. With the problems Daedalus had, we think that your approval will go a long way with the IOA. We need supply lines between Earth and Atlantis.”

This is the project where Rodney wants to harvest unused ‘gates from all over the galaxy and take them to planets between Earth and Atlantis?” Elizabeth asked. Daniel nodded.

Rodney thinks the whole trip can be made in half an hour, much easier for personnel transfer and smaller supply runs. And Atlantis wouldn’t have to lose its leader if the IOA wants to talk to you in person.”

The IOA doesn’t want to lose our teams that are out there looking for ways to defeat the Wraith.”

We won’t have to. Rodney and his team will be out there, but most of the time the planet is a bust. There is nothing there. Those ‘gates can be harvested by a team of scientists and a few soldiers. I can fly the jumper.”

They sent you to do this because they think I’ll agree because of what’s happened to you.”

No, they think that I am the best to pitch it. Rodney and I thought it up. Rodney also thinks that the scientists will get their own feet under them if I have a project taking up all my time. This project would take all of my time and make it so that if I say ‘no’ they have to take it for an answer. I never asked to be treated as an adult. I never asked to be treated as a child. I wanted to be treated with respect.”

Daniel, I’ll talk to them.”

It won’t help. Rodney, Ronon, and Radek have all done it. It doesn’t help.” Daniel stood up from his seat and moved to the door. As he left, Elizabeth followed him.

Daniel, why don’t you stay here? You can make your request to the IOA yourself.” Daniel nodded and stepped up to the control consol. After Elizabeth went through the normal procedure, Daniel stood in the background, waiting for Elizabeth to finish. “General, is Mr. Woolsey there?”

He can be here in a minute. I’m sending Walter to look for him.”

Thank you, General,” Elizabeth said into the comm. She turned to Daniel and motioned for him to step up. A few minutes later, Woolsey’s voice was heard over the comm.

Doctor Weir, you can go ahead.”

Actually it’s one of our science members who wishes to talk to you.” Daniel started laying out the plan again, revised a little from the last time it had been brought before the IOA. When Daniel was finished, Woolsey started speaking.

Who is this?”

Daniel Jackson, Mr. Woolsey.”

Oh, I see. I’ll bring this before the IOA and will send our answer the next time that Doctor Weir checks in.”

Thank you.”

Now there is someone else who would like to talk to you, Daniel.”

Daniel?” Jack asked over the comm. Daniel just turned and walked away. “Daniel?”

General, he left.”

Dammit! Elizabeth, please get him to come back.”

I won’t make him do something that he doesn’t want to do. He’s made his opinion on you clear. After hearing what you said to him, I’m not sure I would accept an apology if I were him anyway. And how are you on Earth?”

They didn’t feel like transporting me all the way back. When Thor found out that the Daedalus was leaving, they dropped me on Earth. Just tell him that I am sorry. I acted like an ass.”


Why what?”

Why did you act like an ass?”

You really want me to say it in front of everyone?”


Fine. I resented him a little bit. My life here on Earth was over the moment I fled to Atlantis. I couldn’t just go back to it. I couldn’t just leave him and we can’t come back to Earth. The NID are still out there, even in small numbers. The ones responsible are gone but who knows who else is after him. There’s also the Trust.”

I see. He never asked you to do anything that you did. All you had to do was ship him off here. Hermiod said that he could have made sure that Daniel was fed and cared for on his trip here.”

He’s Daniel Jackson. He was my best friend for over eight years. I couldn’t just leave him, and I never should have done it in a fit of rage. No matter what the reasons I actually left.”

I’m glad you’ve acknowledged that, but what about Daniel? If he doesn’t want you here and can’t stand being around you. I won’t let you back on Atlantis.”

I know. I just want to talk to him. Let me talk to him.” Elizabeth looked up and saw Daniel standing a few feet away.

He can come back if he wants. As long as he stays away from me.”

I am your adopted father, Daniel. You can’t tell me what to do. Let’s not fight, Danny. I am so sorry. I don’t know why I said what I said. It just came out.”

No, you are not my adopted father. You are someone who adopted me. It’s no different from what happened to the other Daniel. I’ve read what happened to him. If you can leave me so easily, I don’t want you anymore. You did what every one of his foster parents did. Once you got sick of me, you tossed me away.”

Daniel, I’m sorry.”

Say it a few more times, Jack. Maybe someone will believe you. I want proof, not words, Jack.” Daniel nodded at Weir before he left the control room again.

Is he still there?” Jack asked.

No. He left. Jack, I’m worried about him. He really needs something good to happen. Try to make sure the IOA approves the ‘gate harvesting plan. He needs it.”

I’ll do my best. I’ll try to get Carter to explain it though. She would do much better than I.”

That’s fine. How is Colonel Carter?”

She and her new husband are just fine. Shanahan and she made up a short while after her father’s death.”

That’s good to hear.”

Yes, she’s also taking time off. They want a kid. It’ll be good for her.”

I must go, General. I have other matters to attend to.”

See you soon, Elizabeth.”

Try to think of a way to say you’re sorry that he will believe. I’d hate to see you lose him and him lose you.”

I will.”

Eighteen Days Later:
When Jack returned to Atlantis, he didn’t get the greeting in the ‘gate room he was used to. He didn’t feel the joy of hearing his kid running to him or see his kid jumping into his arms. He was met with the noise of normal operations for the ‘gate and control rooms. Elizabeth stepped forward. She was the only one there to meet him. There wasn’t a kid waiting for him. Even to watch him come home.

Welcome home, General. Report to Doctor Beckett, you’ve been gone a while and need a checkup.”
The End

Trouble, Thy Name is Daniel

Title: Trouble, Thy Name is Daniel
Series: Daniel and Atlantis Series
Year: Season Nine/Two
Category: Alternate Universe, Drama, Humor, General, Hurt/Comfort, Crossover,
Ratings: PG
Pairings: None
Spoilers: 1.16 The Brotherhood, 2.14 Grace Under Pressure, 2.11 The Hive,
Summary: Jack and a seven-year-old Daniel go to Atlantis to escape from the N.I.D. who wants the Ancient knowledge in his mind.
Words: 5,650
Notes: Thanks to Edna for the Beta.
Warnings: None

Jack, I don’t like this game any more,” Daniel said as walked around the small room he had been in for over two weeks. Every time anyone came to the door, he had to hide. No one knew he was on the ship. Jack was supposed to be making a trip to Atlantis to help boost morale, but what no one knew was that he had made plans to stay in Atlantis.

I know you don’t, Danny. It won’t be much longer I promise. I know this isn’t much fun for you,” Jack said. Jack watched the seven-year-old Daniel move around the room. Jack had brought books with him, but Daniel had gone through them in the first week. Then the second and the last weeks had been spent with a bored Daniel.

The comm. unit buzzed, and Jack pressed the button so that he could talk.

O’Neill,” he said.

We are docking in Atlantis now, General. I will let you know when Weir is on her way to your room,” the communications officer said.

Thank you,” Jack said as he clicked off the comm. unit. Daniel was now sitting on the bed. Jack wondered what the boy was up to. Daniel was smiling and sitting still, something he had found wasn’t a good combination in the young child. “Danny?”

Can we play horsy?” Daniel asked. Jack laughed. Daniel loved to play horsy. His father used to play with him. Daniel remembered everything about his parents. For some reason when Daniel had been made a child, he was basically returned to the age he had been when his parents died. Daniel had been so wary of Jack in the beginning. It had been explained that Jack was his new foster parent, but Daniel didn’t trust him. Jack remembered the conversation they had.


Daddy says that old men like you only want little boys for one thing,” Daniel said to Jack. Jack just stared at Daniel. What had Melburn told this kid? Jack asked himself.

Daniel, I’m your foster parent for right now. I don’t want anything from you. I just want to take care of you,” Jack said to the young child.

You’re too old. You just want me for something,” Daniel said. Jack sighed. Daniel had seemed fine at the SGC for the two days he had been there. He’d been put through test after test to make sure that he was fine. Everyone had remembered the fiasco with his mini and wanted to make sure that Daniel was fine.

Once the two had gotten to Jack’s it had started, Daniel asking why Jack wanted him. Why was he staying with someone so old? Jack had never really talked to Daniel about how he was as a kid. He never really wanted to know. Now he wished he had.

You know you look older than my grandpa, Nick. Did you meet him? Does he know that someone your age is taking care of me?” Daniel asked. Jack covered his mouth before he could say anything else.

Now listen here young man. I am taking you in. I will be a friend to you if that’s what you want, and over time, if you think you will have me, I will adopt you. I do not want to do anything bad to you. Just love you,” Jack said. When he removed his hand from Daniel’s mouth, he found a huge smile on Daniel’s face.

Can I get a cat?” Daniel asked. Jack groaned. He knew he was in for it.


General, Doctor Weir is on her way,” the communication officer said.

Thank you,” Jack said back. He looked at Daniel who was sitting on the bed still begging to play horsy. “Daniel, I’ll play horsy when we get settled in our new home.”

Who’s Doctor Weir?” Daniel asked. Then he cocked his head. “New home? What was wrong with our old one?”

Those men, you remember them.” Jack watched Daniel’s eyes grow in size before he ran to Jack’s arms and buried himself against him. “You’ll be safe here. I promise.”

I trust you, Jack,” Daniel said seconds before a knock came at the door to their room. “Do I have to hide?”

Who is it?” Jack asked as he stood up with Daniel in his arms.

It’s Weir and Sheppard,” Elizabeth said. Jack opened the door and let the two enter the room. “Hello, Daniel. My name is Elizabeth and this is John.”

Hello, Daniel,” John said. Daniel looked at the two new people.

He’s a little shy. Danny, they are friends. I promise,” Jack said.

Can I show them Seshat?” Daniel asked. Jack laughed. Daniel loved his kitten.

Yes, you can but only after they shut the door. We don’t want her getting out.” Jack put Daniel down. Daniel ran over to the cage that held his kitten. He carefully pulled out the kitten who stretched and curled up in his arms.

And how did this get approved?” Elizabeth asked.

I asked Mister Hank. He stopped by the house, and I showed him my new kitten. I couldn’t leave her behind. She’s just a baby. Babies don’t get left behind,” Daniel said. John smiled and knelt so that he could pet the kitten.

Seshat’s a strange name. Where’s it from?” John asked. Jack groaned while Elizabeth laughed.

Jack hates myths,” Daniel whispered to John. John laughed and ruffled Daniel’s hair. “Seshat is the Egyptian Goddess of reading, writing, architecture, and arithmetic. She is also associated with libraries, letters, archives, and historical records. She keeps track of the royal annals, with the ruling periods of every king and the speeches that were spoken during the crowning rituals. She also assisted the pharaoh mark out the boundaries of a temple in a ritual known as ‘stretching the cord’.”

Wow, that’s a good name for her,” Elizabeth said.

Is everything ready for us?” Jack asked.

Yes, Hermiod is ready for you whenever. The leader of the International Committee has everything ready,” Elizabeth said.

Thor also said that he would make sure that no one bothered us. He considers Daniel and me part of his race, and he will do everything to protect us,” Jack said.

Thor, he was a good alien. I liked him,” Daniel said. Elizabeth smiled at Daniel. Daniel moved to put away his kitten, and then he went over to John, and held his hands up. John picked up Daniel. “Can you play horsy?”

Daniel!” Jack said while trying not to laugh.

What? You said you were getting too old. John looks young. I bet he could play for hours,” Daniel said. Jack laughed.

Actually there is a guy here who would love to play horsy with you. His name’s Ronon. He’s big and can play for hours and hours,” John said. Daniel turned to Jack.

Can I go play with him?” Daniel asked. Jack had noticed the change in Daniel over the few months he had the kid. He wasn’t scared of being thrown away.

Maybe later. We have to get set up here. After you play, you’ll be tired. Do you want to have to get everything ready when you are already tired?” Jack asked.

But after we do that, I’ll be too tired to play,” Daniel said. Elizabeth smirked at him.

Danny, we have to set everything up,” Jack said.

But those men are here, the ones that do whatever you say. They can do it,” Daniel said.

General O’Neill, I can transport your things to your room. I know that young Daniel is probably getting cabin fever,” Hermiod said over the comm. unit.

Thanks. That will save some time, and you’re right. Danny could do with a little bit of playing,” Jack said. Daniel looked at Jack wide eyed. He ran to Seshat’s cage and took her out of it.

Ronon would love to meet him, and I know that Rodney would love to meet Seshat,” John said.

Just your team right?” Jack asked. John nodded. “Good. He can go with you.”

Yeah, thanks, Jack,” Daniel said as he hugged Jack. He ran to a box and pulled out a harness, putting it on Seshat before he moved to stand beside John. Elizabeth smiled at the little boy, as he and John were teleported out of the room.

As long as they are on Atlantis, John’s team will be Danny’s guard. Between the four of them, they can cover him, and he won’t know. It seems that Ronon loves kids. He likes going to the mainland to visit the Athosian kids. Rodney left his cat behind on Earth and he’s missed her since then,” Elizabeth said.

That’s good. He needs that. He runs off a lot, and I am scared for him. He doesn’t have any knowledge of his past life.”

I thought there were a few problems with him?” Elizabeth asked.

It took a while, but he finally started to trust me, once I convinced him that I didn’t want to molest him,” Jack said.

Molest…” Elizabeth didn’t say the rest.

Melburn, his birth dad, made sure he was wary of what some older men want of little boys. I think that because of where he lived and what happened there. He wanted to make sure that his son was protected,” Jack said.


You’re as big as Teal’c,” Daniel said to the giant in front of him. John set him down, and he in turn set down Seshat.

Colonel, is that a kitten?” Rodney asked. He crouched down and started to pet her.

This is my kitten. Her name is Seshat,” Daniel said. He looked at the woman in the room. “You’re pretty.”

Thank you. My name is Teyla Emmagan,” Teyla said.

I know who you are,” Daniel said.

Really?” John asked.

Yes, she told me,” Daniel said. He started looking around the room.

She?” John asked. Daniel just shrugged. John looked at them and mouthed ‘Elizabeth.’ The rest of the team nodded. Daniel looked at Ronon.

Can we play horsy?” Daniel asked. Ronon looked at the rest of his team.

It’s a child’s game where the adult or larger person gets on the floor on his hands and knees. The child climbs onto his back, and holds onto the adults shirt or hair. The adult walks around on his hands and knees like a horse,” Rodney said.

Oh, that. Yes, we can play, but first I need to eat. Are you hungry?” Ronon asked. Daniel nodded. Rodney moved over to the door and told the SF outside to get the two some food.

I know until the Daedalus leaves I can’t be seen by anyone, and it can’t be known that Jack is coming to live here. The N.I.D. wants me. They want the information that they think is in my head. Because of who I used to be. I may be small, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hear,” Daniel said as he handed Seshat to Rodney. John looked at Teyla and Ronon.

Find Jack. I think that Daniel hasn’t been telling everything,” John said. Teyla nodded. She left the room to find Elizabeth and Jack. John watched Daniel move around the room. It was the room that Teyla used as a training room. It was where she trained John to stick fight. It was a place that was seen as Teyla’s. No one entered unless asked so it made for a perfect place to hide Daniel until the Daedalus left three days later.

Daniel was still moving around the room when Jack and Elizabeth entered the room. He saw Jack and ran to him. Jack picked him up.

Hey Buddy, what’s up?” Jack asked.

I spoke too much. I’m sorry, Jack. I’m really sorry,” Daniel said.

What do you mean? We don’t have secrets from these guys.”

She does,” Daniel said.

The ’she’ he mentioned before. We thought that he was talking about Elizabeth. He said he knew who Teyla was and that ‘she’ told him,” John said.

Danny?” Jack asked.

She started talking to me days ago on the Daedalus. I was scared at first. You couldn’t hear her, but then she started talking about the place we were going,” Daniel said.

Who is she?” Elizabeth asked.

I don’t know. She’s here in the city. She’s everywhere in the city. I think she might be the consciousness of the city,” Daniel said. Jack looked shocked. Daniel started wiggling around in Jack’s arms to be let down. Jack set him down without thinking. “Ronon, can we eat?”

Sure, why don’t we intercept the person that got our food, and we eat it in my room. I think they need to talk,” Ronon said. Daniel nodded and held out his hands to be picked up. Ronon picked him up and they left the room.

General?” Elizabeth asked.

I don’t know. He’s acting normal for him.”

For him. General, I know that Doctor Jackson was a really smart man, a genius. Is he acting normal for a seven year old?” John asked.

No, but I was assured that he was fine,” Jack said.


Daniel, are you ready to go to dinner?” Jack asked as he entered the small area where they lived. He entered the room, but Daniel wasn’t there. He looked the whole place over and didn’t find Daniel or Seshat. Jack cursed and clicked his radio. “Daniel Gabriel Jackson, get your ass back to the room right now!”

I’m with Sheree, Jack. She’s showing me things,” Daniel said.

Who?” Jack asked.

Sheree, the matron of the city. We are learning from each other. I’ve told you about her,” Daniel said.

Danny, you need to come back now.”

No, I’m having fun.” Daniel’s radio clicked off, and Jack cursed. He clicked the radio again.

Sheppard, he’s escaped again and his imaginary friend is taking him for a ride.

Sheree again, Jack?” John asked.

Yes, keep an eye out would you?”

Sure, I’ll tell Teyla and Ronon, and they will go looking for him. He’ll come back when he wants to.”

I know. I just wish he didn’t leave in the first place, O’Neill out.” Jack clicked the radio. He grabbed his life signs detector and went about looking for his young charge. Two hours later, he came across a room that had two signs in it. The door wouldn’t open. That in and of itself was strange because almost every door on Atlantis opened for him. Then he saw the two signs disappear from the screen in front of him.

McKay, can you track my signal?” Jack asked into the radio.

Yes, why are you there?” Rodney asked.

I was trying to find Daniel. I came across this room, and there were two life signs inside it. Then seconds later, they were gone. Find all you can on this part of the city.”

There is a transporter in that room. I can’t track where it goes. Its destination is not marked in the system. In fact, there are many places in that part of the city that are mysterious. We were never able to get that part of the city to work.”

How does Seshat register on the LSD’s?”

As a person. You think that could have been Daniel?”

Oh, I know it was Daniel. I couldn’t open the door. This city loves Sheppard and me. After trying the door, the two left. Daniel needs a good lesson with my hand when he gets back. This city is too dangerous to be wandering around alone.”

Jack, the ‘gate just activated. Alina is asking to see Daniel,” Elizabeth said over the radio.

Alina? From Dagan?” Rodney asked.

Yes, the same. She says she has a gift from the Ancients.”

I’ll be there in a minute,” Jack said then he clicked the radio off and took off for the ‘gate room. When he entered, he found a woman standing and talking to McKay.

Welcome Alina,” a voice said. The voice carried throughout the whole room but without the aid of speakers. The voice was melodic and soft. “You have gift?”

Yes, I have a gift. It is the ‘ZMP’?” Alina said. McKay came forward.

ZedPM. You brought it with you. Why?” McKay asked.

Yes, I received a message in my dreams that the Ancestors had come back to Atlantis, and it was needed. I must get back home. Is Daniel really here?” Alina asked.

Yes,” the voice said. Alina looked around. “I am his speaker.”

Good, Dagan would love to see a real Ancestor,” Alina said.

We’ll see,” Jack said going along with everything. He wondered about whether the voice was Daniel playing around or the one that everyone called Daniel’s imaginary friend. “Are you Sheree?”

Yes, I was given that name by Daniel.” Sheree answered.

Why can’t we see you?” Jack asked.

You cannot see me because I do not truly exist. I am the consciousness of the city. Daniel, when he was turned into what he is, retained all of his subconscious memories. They became the focus of his new being. He is an Ancient, a living breathing Ancient with all of the powers to go with it. He is the future of his city. He will bring along with him everything. Allies you need and the power with it.”

We have lost a few allies because we are not the Ancients. If Daniel can prove that he…”

Hold on,” Jack interrupted. “Daniel is seven. We came here to get away from people wanting things of him.”

Jack, he knows what he is supposed to do. His body is that of a seven year old but his mentality is that of an Ancient. He is what he was when he was ascended as far as his mind goes.”

How come we never heard of you before?” Rodney asked.

I was dormant until I felt him come closer to me. I ‘woke’ up,” Sheree said.

You are alive?” Rodney asked.

As much as I can be,” Sheree said.

I think we have a few complications,” John said. The adults nodded. They all waited for Sheree to talk again but she didn’t. Jack heard giggling, and watched as Daniel entered the room. He stopped when he saw the looks he was getting from all the adults.


Get over here now, Daniel Jackson,” Jack said. Daniel looked at Jack with wide fearful eyes, but he didn’t move. “I said get over HERE NOW!” Daniel took a step forward then turned around and ran away. Jack took off after him only to be stopped by Ronon.

He is scared of you,” Ronon said. Jack turned to the larger man. “The last time that someone yelled at him like that, the man was a drunkard and he hit Daniel. I will find him and talk to him.”

Tell him I’m sorry.”

Ronon nodded.


Ronon, Teyla, John, and Rodney searched for Daniel but didn’t find him. They reported to Weir, and she stared down Jack. Jack moved to the control room and used the P.A. system to talk to Daniel.

Come on, Danny. You must be hungry. You need to eat. I’ll stay away from the mess and you can eat. Please, Danny, everyone is worried about you,” Jack said. He repeated his pleas every few minutes, and then finally two blips just appeared on the LSD beside Ronon.

Elizabeth you might want to come down here,” John said. Elizabeth looked at Jack, and they both took off. They found the team in the middle of a large room.

It’s as big as the jumper bay,” Jack said.

It’s a submersible bay,” John said. He pointed where Rodney was looking at one of the subs. “Rodney’s already called Radek down here to help him.”

This is great. If we had known about this a while back I wouldn’t have almost drowned. We can finally see if the Ancients left any installations on the bottom of the ocean. I know that John has wanted to do that for a while,” Rodney said as he rejoined the group.

And we can see who your large friend was,” John said. Rodney scowled at him. Moment later, Radek joined them in the room. He saw the subs and immediately went to look at them.

Elizabeth, we are missing one,” Radek said.

And how do you know this?” Rodney asked.

Because there are marks here in the dust of small feet. I’d say that they are Daniel’s.” Radek pointed down, and Jack moved to look at them. Jack clicked his radio.

Daniel, get your ass back in the city,” Jack said.

Why? I won’t let you hit me,” Daniel said. Jack sighed.

I would never hit you.”

Yes, you would. You said so. ‘Daniel needs a good lesson with my hand when he gets back.’ I heard you when you said that outside the room that transports me into the bay. I will not let you hit me.”

I’m sorry, Danny. I was mad and worried. I didn’t think before I said that, Danny. I would never hurt you. I promise.”

You swear on Charlie?” Daniel asked. Jack swallowed and bowed his head for a second.

I swear on Charlie. Now, please come back. Do we need to leave?” Jack asked.

No, it’s a force field holding back the water. Once the ship starts through, the air engines kick in.”

Good, I think we have a few people here who would love to look at the sub in action,” Jack said. He heard Daniel giggle.

It’s not a sub. It’s a Navas. The Latin word for ship is navis. The full name is Aqua Navas: water ship, but they just call them Navas’s.”

That’s nice, Daniel. Something else that Sheppard can’t name.” Jack heard Daniel giggle again and then they heard a noise. They turned to see one of the Navas’s enter the room through a hole in the bottom of the city. After the ship set down, Daniel came down the ramp of the ship with Seshat following him. He stopped in front of Jack and looked down. Jack dropped down so that he was looking the kid in the eye. Then he wrapped his arms around Daniel and started crying. “Don’t do that! You scared me, Daniel.”

I’m sorry, Jack. I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do,” Daniel said as he hugged Jack right back.

I know.”

I can explain.”

Sheree already did but you need to make me a promise. Promise me that you won’t wander off anymore. When you go to do something, come get me. If I am not available, then get Rodney, John, Teyla, or Ronon.”

Or Radek. Radek is fun. He’s helping me with my accent,” Daniel said as he looked at Radek.

Accent?” Jack asked.

My Czech accent.”

Danny, can you speak Czech?” Jack asked. Daniel nodded. “What other languages?”

Well at first I didn’t know, and then I went onto the database and found that I spoke about forty three different languages: Ancient, Furling, Nox, Asgard, Wraith, Goa’uld, and a bunch of other languages.” Daniel looked up at the adults who were looking at him. He blushed. “I’m sorry I lied. I knew that if I let them know the N.I.D. would want me more and I might not be allowed to come here.”

It’s fine, but what else have you lied about?” Jack asked.

Nothing, that’s it. I’m hungry, Jack. Can we go eat?” Daniel asked. Jack nodded. He looked at Elizabeth and pointed to his watch. Elizabeth nodded and understood that in a little bit Jack would be there to see her. Everyone waited for the pair to leave, and then they started talking.

Wraith, he knows Wraith,” Rodney said.

We don’t have the translations on the database do we?” Elizabeth asked.

No, we haven’t had the chance to transfer a viable dictionary to it, yet,” Radek said.

He is an Ancestor; would he not have that knowledge?” Teyla asked.

He’s seven and an Ancient, staying with a man that he doesn’t seem to trust all that well,” Rodney said.

I think that Daniel would trust him if he showed he wanted to be more than a simple foster father to him,” Elizabeth said.

He has many who would take him in. My team included,” John said.


Jack, where’s Seshat?” Daniel asked over the radio. Daniel had been working with Zelenka on getting a Wraith dictionary into the database for most of the day. All the other scientists were working on the new Navas’s and making sure that all of them were working. Only one wasn’t working and when they had asked Daniel whether he could fix it, he had said no.

Last time I saw her she was on her way to the Navas’s bay.”

No one’s seen her, Jack. I’m worried. She could be lost.” Jack could hear the fear in Daniel’s voice. Jack sighed and set down the reports that he was reading through about all the mission that the Atlantis teams had went through. Jack looked up at Weir and motioned to his ear. Elizabeth nodded and smiled at him. Jack got up and made his way to the lab where Daniel was. He found Daniel sitting on a desk while Radek tried to calm him down. Daniel saw Jack and launched himself at the older man.

Calm down, Danny.”

Don’t want to lose her, Jack.”

I know. Just calm down. You and I will find her. Let’s get a LSD, and we will go. Do you want Ronon to come too?” Daniel shook his head. He squeezed Jack tightly and buried his head in Jack’s neck. Radek saw the smile in the young child’s eyes and laughed silently. He wondered what Daniel was up to.

Can we check the room first?” Daniel asked.

Sure, buddy. We can go there before we get one of the LSDs from Sheppard,” Jack said. Daniel waved at Radek as the pair left the room. The little boy that had been on the verge of tears was gone. He was smiling and laughing to himself.

Jack held onto to Daniel who he thought was now crying. Jack started rubbing his back more to try to calm the boy down, but it didn’t seem to be working. All Daniel did was start crying more. Jack was happy when they got back to their quarters. When he stood Daniel on the end of the bed, he saw that Daniel was laughing.

Danny?” Jack asked.

I can’t get you alone anymore. There is always someone around so I had Rodney take Seshat with him when he went out in one of the Navas.”

Okay, why did you want to get me alone?”

When we came here Grandpa George send some papers with me. He said it was for when ‘Jack gets his head out of his ass,’ his words. I was hoping you would sign them.” Daniel jumped off the bed and ran to the small desk that Halling had made him so he could work on things. He pulled out a stack of papers that read “Petition for Adoption” and handed them to Jack.

Jack read the words on the paper and saw that everything was filled out on the papers. All Jack had to do was sign. He even saw that Weir had filled out the part of the papers that was normally reserved for a Judge.

Grandpa said that since we were going to live here, the only person who could make the decision was Elizabeth. So I took that papers to her, and she signed them. You don’t have to sign them now. I just wanted to give them to you. I can go back to Radek now. We were a little busy.” Daniel moved to the door and tried to leave, but Jack grabbed his arm. Daniel turned around.

Where’s a pen?” Jack asked. Daniel smiled and dug through the papers on his desk to find a pen.

Six Months Later:

Elizabeth watched as Jack and Daniel swam off one of the piers in the city. Daniel had only been swimming for a few weeks. He confessed to Jack that he had never leaned to swim since he had grown up in Egypt.

Jack! Watch me!” Daniel screamed as he dived under the water and came back up just a few inches from where Jack was. Jack smiled at him and dunked him under the water. Daniel came up sputtering and splashed Jack.

You’re doing well, Danny. Soon you’ll swim better than me,” Jack said as he splashed Daniel back. Elizabeth knew that there wasn’t just one that reason Daniel came to Atlantis. He wasn’t just there because he was an Ancient incarnate. She watched as Jack became open and loving. She watched as Daniel became a kid, a true loving kid who worked during the afternoon but spent his mornings and evenings just having fun. She remembered when she talked to Jack once.


He never had a childhood. The moment the stone fell on his parents, he wasn’t a kid again. He went from home to home and never stayed long. His longest stay was just two years, and that was during his college years. Even when he started working, he was going from Chicago to places around the world. That’s why he only ever had an apartment when he worked at the SGC. Always scared the job wouldn’t last all that long.”

So maybe this was a good thing?” Elizabeth asked. Jack nodded.

He doesn’t have any of those memories from his past. We can create new ones for him.”


Elizabeth watched Aiden Ford join Daniel and Jack in the water. That had been another gift that Daniel had bestowed upon them. Daniel had talked them into letting him off world to look at a site. The planet had started crawling with darts, and Daniel was nowhere to be found. Three days later, they received a transmission from the same planet that Daniel had disappeared on. They had known it could be a trap, but Jack couldn’t not go.


When the team arrived, they found Daniel standing in the middle of a field with a stunned man at his feet and a dart beside him. Jack rushed forward only to stop when he saw the man. Daniel smiled at him and reached up for a hug. Jack just stood there, staring at the man on the ground. Daniel ducked his head, and wrapped his arms around himself.

I’m sorry, Jack. I know I said I wouldn’t run off, but I had to. When the darts started flying, I could feel him. I could feel his attachment to Atlantis. I let a dart take me. When I woke up I was in a cell near Aiden. He’s safe for now, but I would get him in the jumper. He could wake up at any point, and he won’t like it.”

Ronon, get Ford in the jumper!” Jack screamed. John came running forward and looked at the young man who was lying on the ground, out like a light from the Wraith beam. Teyla and Rodney were next. When they came back through the ‘gate, everyone had huge smiles. Carson met them at the steps and was shocked when he saw who the man being carried by Ronon was.

He’s got a while of detoxifying then he’ll be back and ready to go again,” Carson said. The city was abuzz with news that Ford was back. Carson had to throw people out of the infirmary because they were trying to see the young man.

It didn’t take long for Aiden to wake up. He woke up and immediately tried to break out of the bonds. Daniel moved closer to the bed, and started talking to Aiden. Aiden stopped screaming. He listened to Daniel as he talked about the city. Aiden calmed down considerably.

That’s the way it went until he was released. No one but Daniel could calm him down.


Aiden went through a long withdrawal and only survived with the helps of his friends and Daniel. Daniel sat beside him every morning when he woke up, and stayed with him at night when he was falling asleep. No matter what Aiden said to him.

Aiden came to Daniel’s side and helped the little boy fight against Jack. John’s team was more watchful of Daniel and protected him because he brought Aiden back to them. All of Atlantis loved the little boy and cared for him.

The End