EAD-Feral Reid

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 4 (2009)
Tags: Established Relationship,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 4
Summary: Aaron knew that Spencer was special. It as more than his mutant abilities. It was more than his brain. He’d always kind of figured that someone was missing. There was a part of Spencer that he couldn’t get to. Then Remy LeBeau drops into their life.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Spencer took a deep breath and exhaled. Two new scents were on the air. He hadn’t heard anyone else from the RCMP or the FBI arrive so he dropped to a crouch and waited. The two thought that they were silent but to Spencer they were not. No matter what he had an advantage on them. He could smell them but there was no way they could smell him. His gun was at his hip but when the two stepped into sight, he knew it wouldn’t work. The smell from the smaller man was strong and Spencer knew it. Another feral. Then he smelled the adamantium. Another Weapon. He wanted to growl but he waited. He didn’t know what this Weapon was doing there. He had no way of warning Hotch that there were mutants on hand.

The mutants were looking around and the Weapon was scenting the air. Spencer was happy that he had no scent and he could move so that they wouldn’t hear him. The two mutants had their backs to him and he waited. When the Weapon stepped away, Spencer dropped behind the other. Before either of them could act, Spencer had his hidden blade out and ready for action. His other hand wrapped around the mutants throat and he pulled his blade out enough for the other man to feel it. He stilled.

“Smart choice,” Spencer whispered in his ear. That got the Weapon’s attention. He turned and stared, shocked faced at him. “Take a step feral and the mutant loses his head.”

“Who are y’?” The mutant asked.

“You can call me Doctor.” Spencer shifted to look the Weapon up and down. “You are Weapon X are you not?”

The Weapon nodded. Spencer smiled and waved his hidden blade out. When he pulled it back in he held his hand out like he was holding a ball and let his needles form. He felt the mutant in his hold still. He stopped breathing.

“Do you like it? Idiots gave me nanite formed Adamantium. So Wolverine, you can heal. I can heal. What about your friend here?”

“Not ‘ere to fight, ami.”

“Yet you are here on a joint FBI/RCMP case. I can shoot him and no one would give a care. I already know that several of the victims were mutants. We have the man who orchestrated it in custody and the man who committed the crimes is slow. His brother was able to coerce him. We are hunting him now.”

“Why are you so willing to give information?” Wolverine asked.

Spencer smiled and pulled the blade against the mutant’s throat back. He leaned down and smelled his neck. The smell of spice and musk filled his nose. The musk was the same as what his Aaron carried. He never thought anyone else would smell like that. Then he smelled ozone. And it was building.

“I wouldn’t do that, Gambit,” Spencer whispered in Gambit’s ear. He could smell the charge the mutant was trying to draw in. “Don’t give me a reason to mark up your pretty skin.”

Gambit swallowed hard. “Sorry.”

“Welcome, Hotch.” Spencer let his eyes wander to where Aaron entered the barn. His boss started to pull his gun but he shook his head. “Agent Aaron Hotchner. Meet Wolverine and Gambit. Remy LeBeau, Logan, meet Hotch. They came to help with the search for Turner.”

“I see. So why are you holding, Mr. LeBeau hostage?” Aaron moved around the edge to stand beside Spencer. He moved just close enough that Wolverine’s eyebrow raised. There was no mistaking the scent of possession that Aaron was exuding from his pores. Spencer bared his fangs as Wolverine eyed Aaron up and down. The Feral took a step back.

“They tried to sneak in first and Gambit tried to blow something up.” Spencer laughed and leaned closer to Gambit again, inhaling. Aaron noticed and quirked an eyebrow. He smiled at his lover. “What did you need, Hotch?”

“The dogs are having an issue tracking him. I wanted you to head out. You can take Gambit with you as long as he promises to keep his head down. I can sit with Wolverine here.”

“Y’ would sit with Ol’ Wolvie?”

“He wouldn’t touch me. I’m another Feral’s and he doesn’t touch what isn’t his. And Doctor Reid won’t hurt you, Gambit.” Aaron stepped around behind Spencer and with a touch pulled him back. He let go of Gambit even though he didn’t want to. With Wolverine’s hearing, it wasn’t safe to talk. He knew that his eyes had to show his arousal. Aaron leaned in and kissed him. “Go.”

“Yes, Sir.”


EAD-Night Will Fall and Drown the Sun

Title: Night Will Fall and Drown the Sun
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men
Year: 2015
Tags: Crossover, Human!Gambit,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau
Spoilers: Up Through Season 10 & All X-Men Movies & Comics,
Summary: The past defines us. The past is who we are. If no one knows your past do they really know you?
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Spencer moved towards his front door, happy to be home. He’d been gone for two weeks. Two back to back cases without a night a home had run him ragged. His go bag was slung over his shoulder with his messenger bag over the other. He was tired and wanted to sleep for two days. He hadn’t heard from Remy and figured he was home but he couldn’t be sure. He stopped when he saw that the door was slightly ajar. He dropped his two bags to the floor silently and pulled his gun. He checked the safety and started forward. The ding of the elevator had him stopping and turning. Morgan was standing there with his phone in his hand. His eyes were wide at the sight of Spencer standing there with his gun drawn. Morgan pocketed the phone quickly and drew his own gun.

“What do we have?” Morgan asked in a whisper as he approached Spencer.

“Door ajar.”

It took no time at all to clear the flat. There was no one there and the only signs that someone had been there was the utter disaster that was the bedroom and food plates in the kitchen.

“What kind of UnSub breaks in trashes a bedroom and then eats food.”

“Oatmeal with blueberries, coffee, and bacon,” Spencer said as his heart twisted. There was only one reason that Remy hadn’t cleaned up after himself. He sighed. He wished that Morgan wasn’t there. It would have been easier to take care of this without the team but there was no way that Morgan was going to let this go. The meal had been made that morning. Remy had been gone just hours before Spencer had come home.


“Oatmeal, bacon, and coffee, it’s his normal breakfast when I am not home.”

“His?” Morgan looked at him in shock. “Reid, who is this he?”

“My husband.” Spencer stared at Morgan as he said the words. His friend was at a loss. A silent Morgan was never a good thing. “I’ll call Hotch. The locals aren’t going to be able to help on this.”

“Reid, you gotta explain this.”

“I will when the whole team gets here. I promise I just don’t want to tell this more than once.”

“We need to sweep…”

“Whoever took him won’t have left a single bit of evidence behind. No hairs, no fibers, no nothing. They only left the bedroom like it was as a warning. The door was their calling card.”

Morgan took a few steps closer to him. “Reid, you’re scaring me. Please just tell me what’s going on.”

“Someone broke into my apartment, Morgan and took my husband. That’s what going on!” Spencer didn’t mean to yell but it slipped out.

“I’ll call Hotch you just try and think okay?” Morgan asked. Spencer nodded. He turned towards the window in the kitchen and moved to it after taking his offered phone from Morgan. He leaned against the wall, thinking. It was his favorite spot in the whole flat. It’s what had sold the place to him when they’d looked at it when moving to DC for the academy. Remy liked it because of the defensibility. Over ten years they lived here with no issues. Now his world was shattered and he didn’t know what was going to be left of him when he managed to put it back together.

The team arrived by ones. JJ had tried to talk to him but Morgan brushed her back, leaving him to stare out the window down into the small park beside the building that he lived in. He was shocked that JJ brought Will but something told him that Morgan asked for her to bring him. Hotch was the last to arrive. When the door was shut and the team seated, Spencer pulled himself away from the window. He grabbed the carafe of coffee from the sink and filled up a cup. He popped it into the microwave and doctored it up when he pulled it out. The team was scattered all over but left him his over stuffed chair. He sat down, clasping the mug between his hands.

“What’s up?” Kate asked.

“When I was ten, just months after dad left, I made friends with a kid who lived on the same street. He went to private school and was living in Vegas with a family friend for a while. We stayed friends as I went to college and when I moved to DC, he moved with me.” Spencer looked up from his cup. “I’ve always kept my private life private for a few very good reasons. Five years ago, we got married.”

“Married?” JJ asked. She looked at him in pure shock. That shock was on every other team member’s face as well. “You got married? Spence why didn’t…”

“He’s been taken. He was here this morning ate breakfast and it looks like when he went back to change, he was jumped.”

“Reid, what is going on?” Hotch asked.

Spencer ignored him and looked at Will. “Travaillez-vous toujours pour le cardinal?”

Will’s eyes widened in shock and then narrowed to stare at him. “Yes.”


“Will?” JJ asked but Will just stared even longer at Spencer.

“You were sixteen when you met the Cardinal for the first time?” Spencer asked him.

“Yes. He came to the house with his lawyer. We had a young John Doe who wasn’t giving us a name. Papa brought him around to try and get him to crack. He never did. He was there for three days before the Cardinal came and took him. We never got a name out of him. It was rumored that the Cardinal’s younger son ended up running off with the kid years later.”

“Run off? That’s what they are saying? Your John Doe was thirteen at the time while the youngest son was eighteen. I seriously doubt that Jean Luc would have let him touch the kid before he was eighteen much less run off with him.”

That got a reaction out of Will. He stood up from his seat and moved closer to Spencer. He grabbed Spencer’s arm and pulled him up. Spencer let him. He knew what was coming. Will started to unbutton the top of his button down. JJ jumped to her feet but Spencer held up a hand. JJ stopped moving. When the top three buttons were undone he looked down at where Spencer’s heart was and there was the tattoo. The tattoo predated their wedding by several years. It was well known in the Guild that Remy had married and it was even known beyond that about the tattoo that the son of the Cardinal of the New Orleans Thieves Guild and the man he married. People picked up for crimes were routinely checked for the tattoo, just to be sure. The identity of the son in law of the Cardinal was well protected.

As soon as the tattoo registered in Will’s eyes, he dropped the edge of the shirt he was holding and he stepped back. His eyes were wide in shock and Spencer wasn’t sure that he wasn’t going to faint. Spencer helped him sit down in his chair. He moved to the kitchen and filled a tumbler with bourbon. Something that Remy had shipped to him from home.

“Will, are you talking about the Guilds?” JJ asked, her voice low. Spencer could hear it though. He wasn’t that shocked that Will had told her about the Guilds. It was so much of life in New Orleans.


“Spence, what do you know of the Guilds?” JJ asked.

Spencer didn’t answer until he handed over the glass to Will and tipped it up for the man to take a drink. Will drained the whole glass, coughing.

“Kid, none of this is making sense.”

“No. Some of it makes sense. Thieves and assassins.” Rossi leaned back on the arm of the couch he was sitting on. “Rumors have always moved around of assassins and thieves. The operation has never been found by the FBI, the CIA, NSA. They are too good. This cardinal, he is in control of the New Orleans area?”

“Yes,” Spencer answered.

“How do you know all of this Spencer?”

“What has Will told you of what he used to do for the Cardinal?” Spencer leaned against the back of the chair that Will now sat in. Will was silent. Spencer was sure that he was trying to figure out how he never connected that kid and Spencer.

“That he was never asked to kill, just pass information. He’s contacted on occasion when someone escapes New Orleans but he’s never asked…”

“It stopped the moment that I started dating you, JJ. That case was the last one. I never even…I know that the Cardinal switches up who he uses from time to time, I never thought.” Will looked back at Spencer in shock.

“Jean Luc loves his son in law as much as he does his sons.”

“Oh. Fuck,” Will said. He set the glass down and dropped his head into his hands. “Has the Cardinal been told?”


“If Morgan hadn’t been here, you wouldn’t have told a single one of us would you have?” Will asked.

Spencer shook his head. “No. I would have called Jean Luc and told him. He’d handle it and he’s still going to handle it. I’ll let him handle the Thieves and Assassins. We will take Remy’s current job.”

“Are you telling us that this Remy, your husband, is…” Hotch trailed off as Spencer interrupted him.

“The Cardinal’s son? That I married into the largest crime family in New Orleans? Yes.” Spencer locked his eyes with Hotch and waited. No one said anything. “Jean Luc LeBeau has two sons, his blood son Henry and his adopted son, Remy. I met Remy when I was ten in Vegas. I saved Remy’s life. Jean Luc repaid that by helping with bills and such after dad left. Remy was never interested in taking over the family business. Henry was. So Remy was allowed to stay in Vegas. I took trips with him home all the time during summer. I wasn’t aware at the time but Jean Luc had a security detail living on the street and they protected not just Remy but mom and I as well. When I started college, Remy went as well. I’d never had a friend like him before and I figured it was normal. Then when I was seventeen, I was staying in New Orleans for a week while Remy spent time with his father and brother. I was at a coffee shop working on a class I was taking over the summer when I heard someone talking. They were bouncing between French and English but as I was fluent in French it wasn’t hard to follow. They were talking about the paramour of the Cardinal’s son. I didn’t know that Henry was serious about anyone so I listened in. It would give Remy some good taunting material. I figured out then that it was Assassins talking. I wasn’t afraid, no one in New Orleans was going to mess with me. I listened as they described this paramour and well I was listening too hard as one of them noticed me. The utter fear in their eyes told me they knew who I was. They called me gendre which is very formal son in law.”

Spencer shifted to the window to look out. He could barely see the park.

“I was livid. I closed up my books, shoved them in my bag and then marched to the LeBeau house. The guards didn’t even stop me. I knew exactly where Remy was. I threw open the doors to Jean Luc’s office and Remy was sitting in a chair with his feet on the desk. Henry was sitting in the window and Jean Luc was sitting at his desk. Remy jumped to his feet, surprised to see me. Remy could tell that I was pissed. He tried to calm me down but I ignored him. I looked right at Jean Luc and said beau-fils. Henry started to laugh his ass off. Remy looked shocked as hell and Jean Luc, well he just smiled. It wasn’t what I thought. I’d been called that since I’d saved Remy’s life. Remy though stuck his foot in his mouth.”

“He started to explain and told the whole truth?” Will asked. Spencer nodded.

“The rest I am sure you can figure out.”

“You told me once you wanted into the FBI from age fifteen. How does being around these LeBeau’s help with that?”

“If Garcia were to go back to the BAU and search Remy LeBeau and the age and all the information tied to the man I am married to. All she is going to get is what Remy wants her to find. His degrees and his job as a private investigator. I’m telling you all the truth when I don’t have to. I could have easily had Jean Luc call Will to keep his silence.


Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds, X-Men,
Year: Season 6
Tags: First Time, Crossover,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Spencer Reid/Remy LeBeau,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 6
Summary: The BAU gets a replacement for JJ in the form of Remy LeBeau and Spencer isn’t sure that he likes him, no matter what his libido thinks.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Chapter One
Spencer followed behind Rossi as they moved through a local bar. The older man had picked him to go with him to meet someone who might be able to help. He’d been pretty tightlipped about who he was going to meet to the team but Hotch had seemed to know.

“Take a seat that the bar, keep an eye out for trouble,” Rossi said pointing to an empty seat. Spencer sat down and turned to look at the older man but was gone. He didn’t know what he was supposed to keep an eye out for, he had no clue what was normal for any bar much less this one. When the bartender noticed him, he ordered a glass of tea. The mirror behind the bar gave Spencer a good view of the place. He could see almost everything. Rossi took up a seat in a corner with a glass of what looked like scotch.

Rossi’s contact was late. Half an hour late by the time Spencer started to profile the other occupants of the bar. He’d made it through all sitting at the bar when a man sat down in he empty seat beside him. A glance at him through the mirror and Spencer noticed that he was looking right at him using the mirror as well.

“Hey dere pretty t’ing,” the man said as he smiled at Spencer.

“Hello.” Spencer hoped that barely engaging the man would have him moving on.

“Y’ look mighty lonely,” the man said his Cajun drawl more apparent. Spencer couldn’t help comparing his speech to Will and then that led to JJ which made his heart ache.

“I’m just fine.” Spencer swept the room with his eyes again, when he had done that, his eyes dropped to his hands that were gripping the glass of tea.

“Now don’t go lyin’ to Remy, cher. Y’ came in wit’ de older homme and he left you at the bar alone. Been watchin’ y’.”

“Do you always stare at people, sir?” Spencer spared a glance back up at the man in the mirror. He wasn’t looking at him using the mirror anymore. No he was facing him. Spencer hadn’t even heard him shifting around on the stool like that. As Spencer looked at him, he shifted even closer.

“I stare at dose worth staring at. And y’ are worth staring at. A few other t’ings as well mais we’ll start wit’ staring.” The leer on the man’s face was noticeable even from the side.

“Can I help you?” Spencer fought back the blush at the words. He wasn’t that used to people flirting with him. He felt safe looking at the man in the mirror now. He was slender like him but Spencer could tell he had muscle on him, even if his trench coat tried to hide it. His shoulder length auburn hair was pulled into a ponytail if Spencer had to guess his age in the dim light, he’d guess he was around Morgan’s age. The man was handsome and his attitude showed that he knew it.

“You wound Remy. I just wanted to keep y’ company since your ami left y’ to fend fo’ y’rself.” The man shifted closer again and if he had wanted to lean over his mouth would be right at Spencer’s hear. “Remy LeBeau at y’r service, cher.”

“Spencer Reid.” Spencer wondered how long he’d have to talk to him before he could excuse himself and not piss off the man. He looked again for Rossi and found him still sitting where he had been.

The bartender setting down a bottle of beer on the space in front of Remy and then a new glass of tea in front Spencer pulled the genius from his watching of Rossi. Spencer looked at the man, who only smiled at him.

“So what kind of cop are y’?”

“Not a cop,” Spencer answered with a smirk forming on his face. This he could do. Words games were fun.

“Oh!” Remy straightened up in his seat with a large smile on his face. His laughter was infectious and Spencer finally turned to face him. He could still see Rossi. The smiling man’s eyes widened at the sight of the full gun on his hip. “Gonna make Remy guess, eh?”

“It’s not worth it if you don’t work for it.” Spencer flirted back. He kept flicking his eyes over to Rossi but no one was paying any attention to him.

“Oh, I knew I’d like y'” Remy leaned forward again, resting his head on hand and that elbow on the bar. “So not a cop. Bodyguard? Dat y’r boss over dere?”

“Me a bodyguard?” Spencer laughed and when he saw the sparkle in Remy’s eyes he got that the man was joking with him. Spencer took a sip of his new glass of tea and started when he felt a hand on his knee. He looked down to see Remy’s hand there, tracing a finger in an unknown pattern on his pants. The genius took another sip to try and get moisture in his mouth. Remy smirked at him before the other man’s eyes flicked to the clock on the wall. Something strange passed across his face then.

“Den how about a Supervisory Special Agent with the BAU, eh Doctor Reid?” All evidence of the Remy was gone. He seemed to have completely changed. Spencer let his hand drop down to his gun when Remy started to reach into his coat pocket. The hand on his knee stopped tracing patterns and just settled there. “Don’t get jumpy, Doc. Just getting my own credentials.”

Remy pulled a wallet out of his pocket and flashed a familiar ID at him. Remy was an agent with the FBI as well. “How about we join Rossi at his table, cher?”

Spencer nodded and grabbed his tea before moving over to Rossi’s table as quick as he could. Rossi look at him in shock but he didn’t say a word. He didn’t care if the other agent followed him. Why had Remy flirted with him? This guy was Rossi’s contact? Questions swirled in his head.

“LeBeau, late as always,” Rossi said with a smile on his face.

“Couldn’t pass up the beau homme at de bar,” Remy said as he sat down on the other side of Rossi from what Spencer took. Rossi looked at the bar with a frown on his face.

“Did he run when you left?” Rossi asked.

Spencer could feel his cheeks start to heat up. He looked away from the two men and looked at the bar instead.

Non. He’s still here and he blushes so belle.

Spencer braved a glance and sure enough, Remy was looking at him. Rossi followed his gaze and let out a small laugh.

“I’ve only ever see him blush when the pros hit on him. Of course, you’d make a nun blush. So what do you hear?” Rossi straightened in his seat and changed from relaxed to business Rossi.

“Y’ are correct with y’r profile. Y’r UnSub is a t’ief. The goods he steals are ending up on de blackmarket.” Remy finally shifted his gaze from Spencer to Rossi and the genius was glad. He didn’t like being stared at, even if it meant nothing. “No one will tell me who, other than he’s been in game a w’ile.”

“That’s all you have?” Rossi asked, looking a little incredulous.

Non. I know he’s building up to take out his parents.”

“So a disowned son in New Orleans who is a thief. Who is setting up to go after those who left him.” Rossi’s eyebrow quirked up and Spencer was sure there was something there but he wasn’t even going to draw the Cajun’s attention to him. Remy though just started to laugh.

“Y’re funny, Rossi. I got into town a week ago. Y’ know dat. Quit tryin’ to blame dis Cajun.”

Spencer tried to merge the versions of this man that he had seen in his head. He was upset that the man had seeming flirted with him as a joke. Of course, he was used to it. The only ones that ever seemed to mean it were the prostitutes. Of course, he found they lied less than most other people. He’d be happy when he and Rossi could leave. He needed to think and he couldn’t do it with Remy looking at him. Other than quick scans of the room, Remy’s eyes never left him and Spencer didn’t know what to do with that.

Chapter Two
Spencer was the first to arrive in the conference room. He’d brought a few files to work on while he waited. He barely paid attention as other filed in, he was so engrossed in his files. The sound of Hotch entering right on time had Spencer closing his file. He looked up. His superior wasn’t happy. It was confirmed when the door was shut and the older man didn’t sit down.

“I’ve been overruled on JJ’s non-replacement on the team. It’s now become a use it or lose it position. So we have three options. We can replace her with another liaison, we can replace her with another profiler, and he we can convince the brass to give us another liaison if we can get JJ back, or we can do nothing.”

“What about getting in a trainee?” Spencer asked. Everyone’s eyes turned to him. “Then when we get JJ back it won’t be a big thing?”

“Strauss turned me down on that. She said JJ’s replacement will be a full fledged agent or no one.” Hotch looked tired.

Spencer sighed. He was sure that his face matched everyone else’s but he didn’t look around the room. He kept his eyes on Hotch.

“Who do you have in mind as a profiler?” Morgan asked.

“Dave and I have discussed what we are lacking and there is really only one person he and I would recommend to join the team. As for a new liaison, we have no candidates picked at this time.” Hotch took a deep breath and finally sat down but he was still ran rod straight in his chair.

“What are the chances if we add a profiler and then we can get JJ back that they will add her to the team?” Prentiss asked. Spencer nodded his head in agreement.

“Pretty good. We have the highest solve rate of the teams and every time we add a new member to the count that rate goes up. It would also allow for us to not have to have a full roster on every case. Not everyone would have to be pulled in on all cases if someone is on annual leave. We might be able to have a semblance of life. It also goes in our favor that the last two members to willingly leave did so on a burn out.”

“So where is this agent?” Garcia asked. It was the first time she had spoke up. She had taken the loss of JJ just as hard as Spencer had.

“He’s been in the Bureau since he graduated college, mainly bases in the deep south,” Rossi said and Spencer looked at him. He couldn’t be talking about Remy could he?

“He’s never applied to the BAU before now and hasn’t this time. We think though that he’ll do fine with us. His name is Remy LeBeau.”

Spencer held back the groan. Dropping his eyes to the paper file in front of him he left the worlds of the team wash over him. He catalogued what they said for later review and just shut the noise out. Not only was the man replacing JJ but Spencer was still pretty sore about the joke that was Remy flirting with him. Finally, Spencer tuned back in when he was sure he wouldn’t say something he regretted.

“LeBeau will be joining us in two days for a trial run. He’s closing down his house in New Orleans and from what I’ve been told he already has an apartment here. He’s wanting a change of scenery so even if the BAU isn’t a good fit, he’s taking a teaching position at the academy. Take the next two days to get paperwork done. We are on stand down for at least that long.”

The team took his words as the dismissal they were and scattered. Spencer grabbed his files and exited as well. he quickly got lost in his world and only surfaced for lunch. Hotch leaving for the night prompted Spencer to leave as well. It was early enough that the subway would still have plenty of people on it. He’d brought a thick book to read. He finished it just before his stop with a smile on his face, all thoughts of LeBeau out of his mind.

That smile disappeared as he took in the broke down boxes outside the other apartment on the floor. He’d forgot that it had been up for rent. that meant someone had finally taken it. It had been empty for six months, longer than any of the apartments had been empty before in the building.

Non, Papa. Remy’s all moved in.” The voice carried out the open door and Spencer froze. He knew it. He’s only ever really had one conversation with the owner of the voice but he knew it. He wasn’t shocked when Remy strode out of the apartment and dropped another box on top of the pile. When the other man noticed Spencer out of the corner of his eye. He looked up and a smile broke out on his face. “Papa, I’ll call y’ later. Remy’s neighbor just got home from work.”

Remy hung up the phone and slid it into his pocket before he started towards Spencer.

“Miss Stella said m’ neighbor was another Federal Agent, didn’t t’ink I’d get luck it’d be y’, Doc.” Remy smiled at him as he stopped just a foot in front of him.

“Oh, what a happy coincidence,” Spencer said a tint of hardness in his voice, hoping the other man would take the hint. He didn’t. Instead his eyes lit up.

“Ain’t y’ a snarky one, petit. It dat anyway to talk to y’r new neighbor?”

“I’m sorry, LeBeau, what did you want? A big hug?” Spencer glared at the Cajun as he spoke. The other man only smiled at him before laughing.

“So what’s de best Chinese place that delivers here?”

Spencer’s head swam a little at the sudden change in topic, he wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of it. But when Remy’s stomach growled, he knew why the Cajun had done it.

“Been too busy unpacking and forgot to eat.” Remy actually looked a little ashamed at that admisison but Spencer just shrugged it off.

“I”ll bring you out a menu.” Spencer finally turned to his door, unlocking it. He pulled it shut behind him, not sure how the other man viewed boundaries.

EAD-Wrong Side of Heaven

Title: Wrong Side of Heaven
Fandom: Criminal Minds, The Host,
Year: 2019
Tags: Alternate Universe, Crossover,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Entire Criminal Minds series & The Host
Summary: For Spencer Reid, the world ended when he opened his eyes and realized that his lover’s body had been taken over. Now five years later it was just picking up the pieces and trying to save the world.
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Major Character Death,

60 Days Before End of World
Eternal Flame opened her eyes and looked into the eyes of her lover, Dances on the Edge. His eyes and face were different but the look on his face told her all that she needed to know. She reached out with a hand that was now her own. It had been so long. Dances had told her it would be years before they were to be together again.

“Eternal?” Dances asked as he smiled down at her.

Eternal knew that something was wrong as soon as her hand connected with Dances’. Images flashed through her mind and overwhelmed it. She had never seen anything like it.

It’s my body and my mind, Eternal Flame. Get out of my mind! A voice yelled out in her head. She had never heard anything like it.

The human inside was awake. Eternal gasped as she quickly tried to fight but a searing pain in her head had her laying back. She looked up into Dances worried eyes and then she knew nothing more.

Spencer Reid stared up into the eyes of the man that he loved. His eyes were lined in silver and Spencer wasn’t sure what was going on other than he knew that Aaron had put that thing in his head, the thing that was now dead. The thing that had called herself Eternal Flames.

“Eternal?” Aaron asked, his face looked worried. There was Aaron in the look but there were more of the differences that he’d noticed over the past few weeks. He finally saw the differences. He saw what he had been missing over the last few months. It disgusted him.

“I am fine. Just all the emotion,” Spencer answered as he pulled at his memory. There was so much there. He needed time to figure it all out. He needed to get away from Dances and protect Jack.

“Humans are astounding creatures.” Dances leaned forward and kissed Spencer. Spencer wanted to pull back but he couldn’t. He’d known that something was wrong with Aaron for two months but hadn’t been able to place it or even convince the rest of the team what was wrong. Now he knew what was wrong with Aaron. His heart ached. He didn’t know how he had won in regard to the Soul inside him. He didn’t know a way save Aaron. Not yet. He was sure that the knowledge was inside of his head, he just needed to find it.

Dances deepened the kiss and Spencer let his mind go. This was normal. He knew what to do. He could do it another time, one final time. He had two goals. He needed to get away and get Jack with him. Getting the man above him blissed out after sex was the easiest way to get his two goals completed. It would also give him one final goodbye to the man he loved.

An hour later, Dances was showering and Spencer slipped into Jack’s room, shaking the boy awake and placing a hand over his mouth. The nine year old boy just looked up at him as he nodded that he would keep quiet.

“Spencer?” Jack looked at him while he wiped the sleep from his eyes. Jack looked at Spencer. “What’s wrong?”

“We need to go Jack. I need you to pack a bag as quick as possible.”

Jack got up from his bed and moved to his closet. He opened the door and pulled out a bag. It was one of Aaron’s older go bag, Spencer had noticed it missing nearly a month before. His heart broke even more. Jack had noticed it as well. Spencer had tried to keep the boy safe and he’d noticed anyway. “Dad’s been acting weird. I…”

“My go bag’s in the car. I need you to go and get inside of it. I’ll be down as soon as possible. If I am not down in ten minutes, get on a bus and get out of here. Go to Uncle Dave’s house.”

Jack nodded, pulling the go bag behind him he hugged Spencer before he was shoved out the door. After moving silently up the down the hall, Spencer stood at the entrance to the bedroom, listening to Dances showering, making sure that Jack got out of the house. As soon as the door shut with a soft click, he pulled his gun from the back of his pants and grabbed his holster from the dresser. His messenger bag was leaning against the wall where he’d left it. Slipping it on he looked around for anything else. He pocketed his credentials and anything in the room that he wanted. He wouldn’t be back.

The small silver case was in the sock drawer right where Dances had told him it would be. It slid open and Spencer looked down at the creature inside before he closed it. He slid that into his bag. It was his proof for Morgan. If he had Morgan on his side, the rest of the team would follow.

“Eternal?” Dances voice called across the room. Spencer flipped his shirt over his gun before he turned back. Dances looked shocked to see him up and dressed.

“I was restless.”

“New bodies always take adjustment.” Dances eyes focused on him and then Spencer saw the change in his face. This wasn’t Aaron and it wasn’t Dances, not the Dances that he had seen over the past two months. “Who are you?”

“Spencer Reid,” Spencer answered as he pulled his gun and fired at Dances’ knee before he could react. Dances went down in a heap and Spencer moved over and pulled the gun safe up before the other man could get up and get to it. The cell phone was next, smashed against the wall.

“How?” Dances asked. He looked genuinely shocked. It was rare, his new memories supplied for a host to fight a Soul.

“I don’t know but Eternal Flames is dead and I will find a way to get you out of Aaron’s body. I will find out what is going on and it will stop.”

“Your world is gone, Doctor Reid. Give up now while you can still hold onto your family.”

“Aaron, I know that you are in there and I will save you. I love you and Jack loves you.”

“Jack!” Dances yelled. The afterthought of the jack showed whoever Dances was, he cared for Jack but didn’t love him.

“He’s already gone.” Spencer crashed the butt of his gun into Dances’ head and watched him crumble. He needed to get out of there. Grabbing all the cash that he had, he also grabbed Aaron’s wallet, stripping it. He would stop and drain as much as he could out of the banks. There was an ATM just down the road.

Getting into the car, Jack said nothing as Spencer pulled away. He had to get them to safety. He had to get the team to safety. Morgan was the first stop after getting all the money he could from the ATM. It was after eleven and Spencer hoped that the man was at home.

Morgan answered after only two knocks. The shocked look on his face at seeing Jack and Spencer was something that Spencer rarely ever saw on his face. His eyes scanned Spencer’s face and body. Spencer wanted to be indignant on Aaron’s behalf. Morgan was looking for evidence of Spencer being hurt.

“Reid? Jack?” Morgan’s voice sounded worried.

“Morgan, we need to come in. Please.” Spencer looked all around. It wasn’t safe out where they were. Safer was inside the house. Morgan stepped back and allowed them both in. Jack set down his things but didn’t leave Spencer’ side.

“Reid, I smell gunpowder.” Morgan looked at the gun in Spencer’s holster. “Who did you shoot?”

“I told you two months ago that Hotch was acting weird.” Spencer turned his back and showed Morgan the scar on the back of his neck. He’d found it while driving. “Hotch gave this to me tonight when he tried to implant something into me.”

Spencer pulled into his messenger bag and pulled out the silver case. He’d opened it once already and did again to show Morgan.

“This one was for Jack. Aaron was going to put it into him in the morning.”

“What happened to the one in you?” Morgan asked as he reached out and the glowy thing inside the canister reached out its feelers to touch him. Spencer reached out and grabbed it, killing it. Morgan gasped. The silver fluid leaked everywhere before Spencer shut the case.

“It died inside of me. I don’t think that it was something that they think can happen. The thing inside of Aaron talked. The entire FBI will be taken over in the week. Everyone above Aaron has been taken over. Morgan, we need to get out of here. This is the first wave, everyone in power. Everyone in law enforcement.”

“How can we tell…” Morgan believed him, Spencer could tell that.

“Contacts. Hotch has been wearing contacts. There are silver rings in the eyes of those taken over. We need to call the team and we need to get out of here. Run as far as we can as fast as we can. I drained as much as I could from mine and Aaron’s accounts. It’s not going to take long for Aaron to track me.”

An hour later, the team was gathered at a rest stop outside DC. Jack was sitting in Spencer’s lap on one of the picnic tables. JJ and Will along with Henry were the last to arrive. Spencer held Jack close while he told everyone what had happened. JJ had stepped up to touch the scar on his neck.

“We need to get out of DC. We need to get far away to where we can regroup and think. Obviously the bigger the city, the worse the presence of the Souls will be.”

“Souls?” Rossi asked.

“That’s what they call themselves. I get flashes, bits of information from the one that died in my head. I am sure that given enough time, I can unlock all that’s inside here.” Spencer tapped his head. “They’ve done this to a lot of planets. I can’t even begin to understand why.”

“So where do we go?” Will asked.

Spencer was relieved that all of them believed him but seeing the dead Soul in the case and how freaked out Spencer was. If it had been anyone else and if Jack wasn’t so focused on Spencer, he was sure the team would have tried to get a hold of Aaron.

“First we need to get away from DC. Get to a city and get burner phones. Anything that can be traced needs to be dropped.”

“Already done, Spence. After we talked to Morgan, all of us left our phones at home. We may have Penelope and Kevin with us but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be traced. So north or south?”

“South. We need to buy two or three cars.”

“I have the money for that.” Rossi leaned forward from leaning on the side of the table. “I keep a good bit of cash on hand. We can afford a few cars with what I have. Where do we want to meet up?”

“Huntsville, Alabama,” Will said. He moved in closer to the group. “I have a childhood friend that lives there. He’s just on the wrong side of the law. Pretty much a good thing that he won’t be taken over.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Blake said as she stepped up. She sighed. “I called James and told him that he needed to get away and get to me. I told him I’d call him. He kept trying to get me to come to him. His speech patterns were off. He’s at Harvard, one of the top schools. As far as infection points, it’s a high one.”

“Oh, Alex,” Spencer said, his heart hurt at the thought. Another thought popped into his head. He looked at Morgan. “What about your mom and sisters?”

“We have a codeword that I texted to them. Later I’ll call mom and tell her where to meet me. I have a few spots picked out using codes. After Foyet, we set it up, just in case. There is a safety deposit box with a burner phone in it that I’ll call in seven hours.”

“Good. We can’t travel together. We get cars and then we dump our current ones. We take three routes to get to Huntsville.” Spencer looked around at his family. There was one missing and it hurt so bad but he wasn’t ever going to give up on Aaron. He would find a way to save him.

Chapter One
5 Years After End of World
Derek stepped out of the car and looked at the Washington Monument in person for the first time in over five years. He looked across the hood of the car to take in the woman he’d found six months ago. Emily Prentiss looked nothing like she had when she’d left the BAU after her faked death. No one looked the same. Subtle changes made it easier to hide. Derek had facial and even head hair. Emily’s hair was died a bright shade of red.

“So who are we meeting?” Emily asked. Derek trusted her but their ace in the hole was the best kept secret.

“Me,” a voice said and Derek turned his head to look, his hand going to the small of his back where his gun was hidden. A young man was standing there. He looked to be no older than twenty five. Derek hadn’t seen him in two years but the Soul hadn’t changed much. “My name is Walks Among the Stars, Miss Emily. You two are the last to arrive other than…” Star trailed off not saying the name out loud.

“He’s not here yet? He was supposed to arrive first.” Derek didn’t like it. He knew from his contact with the others over the past year that no one had seen Reid since the last time that he had in Florida in the spring of the year before. “When did you last see him?”

“Summer in Texas four months after you. He and Jack were fine then. I split up from them then.”

“Derek, what’s going on?” Emily was upset.

“We need to move. FBI presence has been up in the city.

EAD-Grimm Hotch

Title: Untitled
Series: Maybe
Fandom: Criminal Minds, Grimm,
Year: Season 7 (Spring 2012)
Category: First Time, Wesen!Reid, Grimm!Hotch,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Nick Burkhardt/Sean Renard
Spoilers: Up Through Season Seven of Criminal Minds & Season One of Grimm
Summary: Spencer was used to being called pet. He started out as Gideon’s and it took a while to come out of that shadow but now he’d being called Hotch’s and he finds he doesn’t mind it as much. (And then the whole things grew plot)
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Spencer opened the door a few seconds after the knock. He’d been right by it looking for a book to distract himself when it had sounded in the quiet apartment.

“That was quick,” Hotch said his hand still lowering after knocking.

“I was at the shelves behind the door. What can I do for you?” Spencer stayed in the doorway, making Hotch look into the apartment. Spencer knew that it meant that the older man wanted to come inside but Spencer didn’t care. The part had been nice and all but he wasn’t ready to forgive or forget.

“Can I come in?” Hotch asked. Spencer just stared. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I forgot about your birthday. I…” A present was held up and Spencer could only cock and eyebrow before he stepped back to allow him into his apartment. His inner self tried to assert itself but he stopped it. It was the first time that he’d allowed a human into his apartment. Only his Wesen friends had been allowed in before.

“What is that?”

“It’s the actual present I got for you. It’s been sitting on my desk in the apartment. I can’t give off any reason other than I was too busy with non work things that I missed picking it up on the day of your birthday.”

“Then what was the present you got me?”

“It’s what JJ went and picked up for you with my card an hour before your party. I had seen it and thought that you would like it.”

“I do.” Spencer’s eyes automatically tracked to the the end table where he’d placed the swirling globe. The various colors were all different liquids that never mixed and never settled. He’d stared at it for nearly half an hour before deciding to read a book. “What is this one?”

“A book.”

“Really?” Spencer sarcastically asked. The shape of the present was very indicative of what it was. “I never would have guessed.”

“Does this mean I am no longer on the outside?” Hotch stepped towards the kitchen.

“Coffee is in the pot, water and pop is in the fridge.” Spencer waved towards the back room. “I need to change my shirt. I’ll be right back.”

Spencer moved towards the bedroom and grabbed a t-shirt from the dresser. He liked to relax when he got home and relax meant out of his work clothes. He could stay in the slacks for a while but he needed the tie off. Ripping it off, he threw it towards the top of the dresser. He caught his reflection in the glass and he stared. He could see his true self flash in his eyes. He needed to get a weekend away and go and visit Doctor Kimura. She had a farm an hour away and she allowed him to come and go as he pleased. He’d been several times after his knee had healed just to let his true self out. He saw staring at his eyes for so long and so hard that it wasn’t until he felt a hand on his shoulder that he realized that Hotch was in the room.

It was just a little too close to the surface and Spencer felt himself woge. He’d done it before in front of some of the team but it was a scared response and none of them had ever seen it. What he wasn’t expecting was the blackness of Hotch’s eyes. The infinite darkness that reflected himself back. A Grimm. Hotch was a Grimm. There was shock written all over Hotch’s face and it was what was going to save Spencer’s life. He dropped his shirt to the floor and took off. He had his wallet in his pocket and his phone. He could escape and get out of DC. He had places to go. Friends who would hide him until he could get a new identity.

Spencer was so focused on escaping, he didn’t look back. He didn’t try and think about looking back. He was halfway down the hall when all air left his lungs and he was tackled to the ground. He let out a sob as he tried to scramble away from Hotch. He just needed to go a few feet and he could grab the wall but Hotch grabbed his arms and rolled him within the confines of the other man’s legs. Spencer was still woged so when his eyes roved over Hotch’s face, that darkness was there again. He closed his eyes because he could feel the fear creeping over him. He’d not lied when Morgan and JJ and him had talked about fears and he’d said darkness and because of the inherent absence of light. It was a Grimm’s eyes that scared him more than anything in the world because it meant death.

“REID!” Hotch screamed and Spencer’s eyes opened on their own. The blackness was still there and Spencer tried to escape again but Hotch grabbed his swinging hands and pinned them above his head. He gulped in a breath and went still. Hotch just stared at him and calmed down some. Hotch’s free hand wasn’t going for his gun or a hidden blade, he was just staring down at Spencer. “If I let you go will you stay in one place?”

Spencer couldn’t speak so he nodded. He was lying and he wondered exactly what kind of Grimm was going to let a Wesen go? But Hotch rocked back to his haunches and let his hands go. Spencer took in a breath and exhaled, preparing for running again. He sat up and Hotch just stayed here he was. Spencer scooted back and still the Grimm did nothing. Taking in a deep breath, Spencer launched away from Hotch towards the opening of the hallway. He had just grabbed a hold of the wall when he was jerked backwards. He slammed on his front on the floor again and this time Hotch sat down on his thighs as he grabbed his arms and pulled them both behind his back. He was trapped this time fully. He could only wiggle. He did and that’s when he stilled. With the way that Hotch was leaning over him there was no mistaking the hard on pressed into his butt. Hotch was getting excited, trapping him into the floor.

Hotch leaned over him even farther, pressing the erection more into him. Spencer tried to breath but he couldn’t get enough oxygen into his lungs. His vision was going grey at the edges. “Calm down, Reid. REID! Breathe!”

There wasn’t enough oxygen. He had heard so many stories about the depraved Grimms out there. The ones that no Wesen wanted to cross the paths of. Hotch was so normal. That he was a Grimm. That he was one of THOSE Grimms, Spencer couldn’t wrap his mind around it and it just sent him hyperventilate even more. The grey edges of his vision were no longer grey they were black and then everything was black.


Title: Untitled
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Undecided
Tags: First Time,
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Summary: He started out as a friend and then he became more and Aaron wasn’t sure exactly how to go about telling the man on the other side of the phone that he was in love.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Aaron Hotchner pulled his cellphone from his pocket, feeling it vibrate. The little blue icon told him that he had a new message. He looked around the jet but the team wasn’t paying attention him at all. Morgan was sitting in the far back chair listening to music and across from Rossi was reading a book, JJ and Prentiss were leaning over a magazine on the couch, talking. Reid was nowhere to be seen and since the plane was small and there wasn’t really anywhere to hide, the younger man had to be in the bathroom. Seconds later, the door opened and Reid exited the bathroom. It was a crazy day. The case had wrapped up when Reid had figured out where the UNSUB had to have been hiding the women he was taking. From there it was waiting for the UNSUB to return.

Reid had his phone in his hand and it was the first time that Hotch noticed that it was a newer phone. It looked like something that Morgan would use not Reid. He was smiling down at the phone and typing away with a single finger. He was typing faster with a single finger than Hotch typed with two. Reid had adapted to a very high tech phone easily.

Phone vibrating again, Hotch finally opened the message.


Not at the moment.

Hotch let the smile creep onto his face. Looking around to make sure that no one was looking at him, Hotch let the full smile out. Rossi had signed him up for a forum that cops the world over used to talk to each other. Hotch had balked at first but sitting at home, lonely for someone to talk to and not being able to talk to his team. What started as a way to pass the time had morphed into something that Hotch spent a great deal of his downtime doing, when he wasn’t with Jack.

Just got done with a case. Needed someone to talk to and didn’t see you on the forums.

The smile on Hotch’s face slipped some. He looked up to find that JJ and Prentiss were now laying down in chairs, Reid was draping a blanket over both of them. They looked up at him and smiled before closing their eyes again to get some sleep. Rossi was now stretched out on the couch and Morgan was out like a light. The jet was silent. Reid moved to sit down and Hotch noticed that he had two cups of tea in his hand. He set one down in front of Hotch and then moved to the seat across from Morgan, leaving Hotch to his area, alone.

Did you lose someone?

No. Not in the typical sense. We weren’t able to get to the victims in time and one of them died. If only I had been quicker.

Hotch sighed and closed his eyes for a second. The man that he only knew as LongHairedBadge worked on a police force somewhere in the United States but there were a great deal of cops in America. Nothing ever really got that personal for them. LHB as he was in Hotch’s phone was single and had never been married. All that LHB knew about him was that he was a widower. He’d never told the other man about his son, that wasn’t something that he needed to know. The app that they used to talk never shared information between them, other than a screen name. While it used a phone number, the number was secure.

You can only get there as quick as you can. Your fellow officers don’t blame you and you shouldn’t blame yourself.

My chief said the same thing.

There was something else wrong with LHB. All of his answers to even how he was doing were generally longer than that. He knew from LHB’s word choice that he was a younger man and a very smart man. Hotch wanted to get him and Reid talking, just to see who would win.

I wanted to ask you something.

Hotch looked at the words on the screen. LHB never asked questions like that. He just asked the question. Maybe this was what was causing the other man some worry.

You can ask me anything, whether or not I answer is the question.

🙂 I have a conference that I am going to in New York, it’s some big thing and I didn’t know if it was something that you were going to. My chief thinks that it would be a good thing for me to go to with him. I don’t know why he wants me to go, I alienate everyone.

I’m sure that you don’t and I will be going to the conference.

Hotch wondered if the man was going to ask to meet up. It was easy to talk to him but this was anonymous. He was going with Reid and Rossi to the conference and Reid was giving a presentation on geographical profiling. Reid hadn’t balked at all, just that he needed to go for the full week conference. The other members of the team were getting a week of leave. Reid wanted to go up and then come back right after the presentation but Hotch had seen how much sleep the other man wasn’t getting. Rossi was going to stay with friends while Hotch and Reid were going to share a suite. It would be the first time in a while that the two of them bunked together. Hotch was looking forward to it.

What presentation are you looking forward to?

Not really any of them. I’m going as a presenter.

Will you be there the whole week?

The sound of Reid shifting pulled Hotch’s gaze from his phone to look around the plane. He took a sip of his now cold tea. Reid was stretched out funny in the chair, his knees raised and his socked feet resting on the other chair. He looked like a small child and Hotch had to look away. He liked talking to LHB but he really wanted to talk to Reid the way that he talked to the other man. It was hard sometimes to see Reid staying at the edges of the team. The younger man went out with them on occasion after a hard case but he really didn’t do it unless he was shanghaied into it.

The happiest that Hotch had seen him lately was the day that he and Jack had gone to the museum and had found Reid there. Jack remembering him from get togethers that involved the extended BAU family, latched onto him. What was supposed to be a morning spent at the museum turned into an all day trip with Reid giving Jack a one on one tour of the place with all interesting facts.

The whole week.

Good. I need to try and get some sleep. My chief is giving me looks.

Good night.



Hotch dropped his go bag on the floor beside his bed. He had half an hour before he was going to meet LHB in the coffee shop attached to the hotel. The other man was staying at the hotel as well.

EAD-Super Hero/Super Villain

Title: Untitled
Series: ?
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: 2015
Tags: Super Hero!Hotch, Super Villain!Reid, AU,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 10
Summary: Aaron just wanted a roommate and to find a way to help the world. He didn’t want to fall in love with him.
Notes: None
Warnings: None

Aaron Hotchner watched his boyfriend, Spencer Reid, move around their apartment. He was moving gingerly and had been since he’d come home after doing homework in the library at GWU. He was worried. Spencer had said he’d fallen down the stairs at the college but Aaron wasn’t sure he believed him. He’d gotten a peek at what looked liked a knife wound on his lower back when Spencer had stretched up to grab a book earlier. He was afraid that someone had hurt his boyfriend.

It was too soon, Aaron know, but he was in love with the shy, younger man. He didn’t want to think that someone was hurting him and Spencer didn’t want want his help. He silently followed Spencer to his bedroom, even though they had been in a relationship for six months and intimate for four, Spencer didn’t sleep in Aaron’s bed every night. More often than not he was asleep on the couch in their small office.

Trying to sneak up on Spencer to see if he could figure something out, Aaron opened the bedroom door that his lover hadn’t shut all the way. He’d never seen much of Spencer’s upper body, other than what his tank tops covered as his lover was never without at least one of them on, even during sex. It hadn’t taken long for Aaron to understand that there was something under the shirt that Spencer was ashamed of and all he could do is just wait for him to be trusted with that secret. He was shocked to see a thin scar running from under ribs on Spencer’s left side all the way across his back to his right hip. That scar and what had caused it were nightmares he’d not been able to get rid of. He knew where those scars came from and he had been the one to cause it. There was only one person in the world who had a scar like that and he’d been looking for him for over a year. Aaron knew he must have made a noise because Spencer spun to face him, clean tank top in hand like he was getting ready to put it on. Aaron’s hand was stretched out across the distance and his fingers brushed across the start of the scar on his right shoulder.

Looking up into Spencer’s eyes, Aaron saw fear. And then all he saw was green. A flare of bright green that he knew well. There was only person whose eyes did that.

“Tech?” Aaron felt his own eyes start to get warm and then the world took on a green tinge. He’d taken on Spencer’s abilities from where he was still touching the younger man on the shoulder. The fear in Spencer’s eyes hardened. Then something grabbed him from behind but he paid it no mind. He didn’t try to fight.

“Knock Off?” Spencer asked, his voice barely a whisper. His lover took several steps back from him and it was then that Aaron got a good look at the front part of the scar. Spencer had been the young man who had broke out of the holding facility in California. Going on that knowledge that meant that Enforcer and Lady Silver were the other two who had got out at the same time. The three escapees he’d been denied the right to search for. He’d been sent back to DC to lick his wounds. Still he’d looked for the man he’d injured to make sure he wasn’t damaged.

Aaron knew exactly what it was that had a hold of him. It was Doctor Technology’s minion robots. He hadn’t heard a door open or a window break which meant that Spencer had at least one hidden in the apartment. The only thought that Aaron had was that his boyfriend was his arch nemesis.

One Year Earlier
Aaron knew that Spencer would take the room as soon as the young man saw it. He would be a perfect roommate. He looked like someone who wouldn’t care that his roommate kept weird hours for a lawyer. Aaron knew he was a student at GWU. He would probably keep weird hours as well.

The apartment was paid for by his job. Not the one that Spencer thought he had, the one that most everyone he knew thought he had. No, his real job. He was the leader of the government run super hero team the BAU. His codename was Agent Mimeo, because of his ability to copy any ability if he was touching someone while they were using it. He and his team were the best and that was why they were based out of the DC area. He was only getting a roommate because they hoped it would help keep him grounded and make him less obvious.

“I’ll take it!” Spencer said with a smile on his face. Aaron felt his heart skip a beat at the transformation on Spencer’s face with the smile. He was a beautiful young man. Aaron was afraid of losing his heart to the young man but he couldn’t back out of letting the man be his roommate. That would make Spencer suspicious and that was the last thing that he needed.

It only took one trip for the both of them to get everyting of Spencer’s from his car. It all looked like clothes to Aaron. How had he not acquired anything else wherever he had been living before moving to DC?

“I was in a furnished apartment in Vegas and the weather between there and here means I need a new wardrobe. I didn’t need that many summer clothes so I donated most of them and just brought my favorites with me. I have a lot of books but I am not going to send for them until I find a permanent place after I get settled after finishing school.”

“You like to read?” Aaron asked as he watched Spencer unpacking his clothes. He took a seat in the small rocking chair that had been in the room when Aaron had moved in. What the younger man unpacked barely filled up a quarter of the closet. Aaron made a mental note to take him shopping as soon as possible. It was starting to get really cold out.

“Oh, I love reading. I can read twenty thousand words per minute.” Spencer stated like the fact that it was, not a boast. It fit with what little he knew of the man for only spending about an hour with him.

“Where were you living before this? It’s October, classes started last month.” Aaron hoped he hadn’t been sleeping in his car or on campus on benches. It was way too cold outside for that.

“I crashed with a friend. But he has a one bedroom and his couch was getting uncomfortable for me. I’m a little tall for the couch.”

Aaron was happy that the man wasn’t sleeping on a couch anymore. He had done it for a while after high school and before he’d gone to college and it had been horrible. The clock on the wall in the living room chimed the new hour. It was seven.

“It’s dinner time and I haven’t ate yet. Do you want to order in or go some place to eat?”

Spencer looked at him with a strange look on his face. His hands worried at the hem of his button up.

“I want to go out but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. I can go alone.”

Aaron waved him off with a smile. He wanted to get to know his new roommate. “We can go out. Have a place in mind?” Aaron could tell that he wanted something but he was afraid to say anything.

“I always eats Mexican on my birthday. I just haven’t found a good Mexican place yet here in DC.” Spencer wasn’t looking at him. Aaron stood up from his chair and took a step towards the younger man.

“Today is your birthday?” Aaron asked and Spencer nodded, not looking at him still.

“I’m twenty three today.”

“Twenty three?” Aaron swallowed. Seven years between them. His thirtieth birthday was next month. Spencer had introduced himself as Doctor Spencer Reid and Aaron had assumed that he just looked really young not that he was that young. “You have a PhD at twenty three?”

“Four.” Spencer finally looked at him. “And four BAs.”

“And you haven’t taken over the world?” Aaron joked but something on Spencer’s face stopped Aaron cold. He didn’t draw attention to it. Instead he just smiled and started out of the bedroom. “I know a great Mexican place. It’s just two blocks over. Let’s go.”

Spencer was silent during the walk to the restaurant. Aaron kept trying to get him to talk but the younger man would just give one word answers and then was silent. Aaron wasn’t sure what he had said that had made the man clam up but he was going to get him to talk at some point. He just had to find the right subject. He’d already said he liked reading.

Aaron waited until they were seated before he tried again to get the younger man to talk.

“So four PhDs. What in?”

“Mathematics, Robotics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering.”

“So college at a pretty young age?” Aaron sat back in his chair and let the waitress set down a basket of tortilla chips and a bowl of salsa. Spencer looked at the salsa and then grabbed a chip to dunk into it. He tried just the salsa and smiled at Aaron when he swallowed the bit in his mouth. Aaron coughed to cover his staring at him and grabbed his own chip to give his hand something to do.

“I graduated high school at age twelve and I started college right after. Cal-Tech really wanted me and they moved my mom and I into a nice house there. Mom wouldn’t let me go to college at that age without her tagging along. She was offered a job there as well teaching literature. We were really happy there.”

Aaron was surprised by how much he was talking. He’d been so quiet on the way but maybe he just didn’t know what to talk about. Aaron smiled and continued to eat chips. Spencer was munching on them as he talked, small bites so it didn’t take too long to chew before he could talk again. He didn’t ask about his dad.

“I worked on degree after degree and mom taught. I only came…” Spencer stopped talking and seemed to deflate on himself. Aaron wondered what was going on. “Mom died six months ago in a car accident. She was driving to LA when a drunk driver caused a thirteen car pile up. It’s why I moved to DC.”

“I’m so sorry, Spencer. That had to be hard. You seem to love her a great deal.”

“She was my best friend. I know that many call that creepy but she accepted me for who I was and not who everyone thought I should be. My senior year in high school, I was bullied pretty bad and one night it got really bad. I was tied naked to a goalpost by the football team and when mom realized I was late, even for me. She drove to the school and found me tied up. She called the cops and she brought up charges on the entire team as well as the other students who watched and didn’t help me. It was December and nights can get cold out there.”

“She sounded like a great mom.”

“She was. What about your mom?”

“I was raised by my aunt. Mom died giving birth to my brother Sean. Neither of them made it. I was only three. Dad…I’ve not seen him since the day my aunt took me in at five. He didn’t take the loss well.”

“I’m sorry, Aaron. That…My dad left mom and I was when I was eight. It was bad for a while but mom and I got through.” Spencer opened up his menu and Aaron watched his eyes glance over it. He closed his menu and set it down at the edge of the table. Aaron wondered if he was looking for a certain menu item and had stopped when he found it. He didn’t want to ask though. Aaron took his time looking over the menu. This wasn’t a date and he needed to make sure he acted like it. Even if so far Spencer seemed to be hitting all of his buttons for what he liked in someone.

The waitress came and took their order. Spencer rattled off a complex sounding dinner in Spanish. The waitress smiled at him and wrote it down before turning to him. Aaron ordered his regular chicken fajitas.

“You want to ask, just do it,” Spencer said as he smiled at him.

Aaron laughed and shook his head. Spencer saw a lot more on his face than anyone else ever had. He laughed so that he didn’t react in another way. He’d have to make sure to keep his face straight when he received messages about his job.


Aaron dodged the first robot and punched out at the second one that flew at him. He knew exactly who had set the robots loose and he needed to figure out where Doctor Technology was to stop him from getting inside Quantico. It had been his goal the3 first time that he’d attacked the base. He’d been alone that time, other than his robots. This time he had two new people. The woman had taken out Dave the instant the fight had started. She sent him off walking and well, no amount of calls or intervention by Emily had stopped him. FBI agents were moving off to keep an eye on him.


Aaron barely saw Spencer for the first month they lived together. The genius was always in his room or at school. So when he woke up on his birthday, a day he’d taken off from his day job, he was excited to spend at least a little bit of the day with him. He hadn’t had a weekday off from his day job in a while. Looking at the clock, Aaron figured Spencer was already at school. It was Monday so he would be back to the apartment after noon. He’d eat a quick lunch of whatever was in the fridge that was his and then he would disappear into his room where he would maybe come out for dinner. More often than not, Spencer would just run out and get take out and eat it in his room. On a special occasion, Aaron could talk him into eating with him.

Plans for the day had been made the night before just before bed so Aaron got ready to do some rearranging in the office. He’d taken the second largest bedroom and had turned it into an office. Of course, the size difference between it and the smallest was like two feet shorter at one wall. He had two walls lined with bookshelves and was going to move two of them to one of the other walls and then Spencer could put his desk there. The other two bookshelves were going into his bedroom so Spencer could put his own in there. There would be just enough room for the couch in his bedroom to be moved into the office as well. He didn’t use the office much, taking calls and sometimes working on cases when he had one that he wanted to see through all the way to the end. It wasn’t going to be hard for him to move it all around.

If Aaron had felt more comfortable in their friendship, he’d go into Spencer’s room and do it all but the young man seemed to like his privacy. The door to the room was shut more than open, even when he was in it but while the door was never locked, Aaron took it as a keep out. So instead he just made room for the desk, roughly remembering the size from where he’d helped Spencer move it in the first weekend he’d been living there. Spencer had found it at a second hand shop.

At ten minutes before twelve, Aaron was done with moving all of his things around. He was happy he was done before Spencer got home. He was just about to sit down on the couch when the sound of the front door opening told him that his roommate was home. He was home early.

“Aaron?” Spencer called out. There were no sound of footsteps though. He’d stopped just after entering. The man must have seen his car in his spot out front.

“In the office,” Aaron called back. He waited for the genius in the entryway, blocking his view of the room. When Spencer came into view Aaron smiled at the cocked eyebrow.

“Are you all right?” Spencer asked as his eyes traced up and down Aaron’s body, looking for signs of an injury or sickness. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I took off a day from the office and we are going out to dinner tonight but first. We are moving your stuff into the office. I have room made for your desk and two bookshelves. I also brought in the couch from my bedroom.”


“I know you need space sometimes. I’ve seen your bed covered in books with you sitting on the floor. You can at least take over both desks in the office. I hate that you spend al your time in there. I know you need to work but at least in the office you are out of your bedroom some. This way you have another place to go.” Aaron smiled. He’d tried to get Spencer to do some of his homework in the living room or kitchen but the younger man always nodded and never did.

“Why do you care?” Spencer looked shocked that he worried about him like that. It was like no one ever cared for him. Aaron remembered that first night and what he’d learned of his childhood. Bullies, no father. His mom had been the only one every care for him.

“We may be just roommates Spencer but I like you and I think we are friends. How can I not care that you come home from class most days and barely leave your room? I don’t use the office much. It wasn’t a hardship to move everything around.” And it wasn’t. It made it more an Aaron and Spencer place and not so much an Aaron place.

“I just…all my other roommates would rather never see or hear me. I just figured you would be the same. I mean you have a job and it’s hard and time consuming and I would just get inte way.”

“Spencer, if you are bothering me. I’ll tell you. I meant it when I said you could use the living room. It’d be nice to see you when it’s not super late or really early.”

Spencer blushed and ducked his head. “ So why did you take the day off?”

“I always try to take my birthday off work. It’s the only day a year I do.”

Spencer’s eyes lit up. HIs face changed and Aaron was treated to the same smile he had seen that first day. Aaron knew then that the genius was getting past his the armor around his heart. Spencer never talked much about the heroes that were in the news and Aaron didn’t bring them. He’d rather live in ignorance then have Spencer dislike Agent Mimeo.

“What are you going to do with the rest of your day?” Spencer set his ever present messenger bag down on the couch and started looking around. Aaron watched as he figured out where he wanted his things.