Accepting the Dragon

Title: Accepting the Dragon
Series: Here There Be Dragons
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 5 (December 2009)
Tags: Angst, Established Relationship, Season 5,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 5
Summary: Trying to find a normal while stuck in dragon form is taking some getting used to. Reed’s restless in that form and Aaron is worried about him.
Words: 13,102
Notes: This story does have sexual contact between Reed in his dragon form and Aaron. If that is not your thing, you’ll be able to figure out where the sex is starting and you can jump down to where Reed says-“There is a reason that dragons mate in the forest, Aaron.” and you’ll be fine.
Warnings: None
Beta: rivermoon1970

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Title: Shattered
Series: Here There Be Dragons
Fandom: Criminals Minds
Year: 2009 October Season 5
Tags: AU: Fantasy, Magic is Known, Hurt/Comfort,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner/Henry LaMontagne/OFC,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner, Derek Morgan, JJ Jareau, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, Jessica Brooks, Will LaMontagne, Henry LaMontagne, Brianna Clayton, Indara,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 5
Summary: Life can’t ever be normal. Spencer is taken from him and Aaron shows exactly what he’ll do to get him back.
Words: 12,068
Notes: I see Jaime Murray as Indara. Bailee Madison as Brianna Clayton. Simon Baker as Alan.
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Torture, Kidnapping, Forced Drugging,
Beta: rivermoon1970

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Reed, Sparkle, and Pretty

Title: Reed, Sparkle, and Pretty
Series: Here There Be Dragons
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 5 (September 2009)
Tags: AU: Fantasy, Magic is Known, Partial Shifted Sex, Rough Sex,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner/Henry LaMontagne/OFC,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner, Derek Morgan, JJ Jareau, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, Jessica Brooks, Will LaMontagne, Henry LaMontagne, Brianna Clayton, Tria Devonshire, Serena Devonshire, Indara,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 5
Summary: Life is still unsettled for Aaron and Spencer. With the addition of Jack to their household and the changes that brings, they really aren’t ready for the new troubles the addition of a child dragon can bring.
Words: 16,353
Notes: I see Jaime Murray as Indara. Alyson Hannigan as Tria Devonshire.
Amber Benson as Serena Devonshire. Bailee Madison as Brianna Clayton.
Warnings: None
Beta: Reidemption

Aaron smiled as Spencer shoved back his dinner plate. His dragon had been off his game all day long and it hadn’t taken Aaron much time at all to figure out why. He leaned back in his seat, drawing attention to his tie by opening up his jacket and letting the sides fall away. Spencer narrowed his eyes at him.

The crack of thunder startled Aaron but Spencer just smirked. He stood up and moved to the doorway to look outside. Aaron stepped up behind him and touched the back of his neck. He jerked his hand back but the spark of electricity was so strong it made his hand numb. Spencer turned his head and looked at him. His eyes flashed blue.

“I’m going to go fly. I need to stretch my wings.” Spencer opened the door and before he’d even stepped off the small sheltered porch, his wings were spreading and Reed took off to the sky. As he flew higher up, his body got bigger until he was roughly the size of a cow. Another crack of thunder and Aaron stepped out onto the porch. Jack was asleep upstairs and there were monitoring wards on the room. If Jack woke up both he and Spencer would feel it. Jack was settling well but still ended up in bed with them most nights. Aaron had waited to have dinner with Spencer as he’d worked late at the office after a case. That had been an odd feeling, being the one waiting. He’d only missed one case in the week and a half that he’d been home with Jack. He was dressed in a suit because he’d been in court with Jack most of the morning and all of the afternoon.

Don’t be alarmed!

Before Aaron could ask him what he meant a large bolt of lightning appeared in the clouds and instead of striking the ground, it struck Reed. Forgetting the storm, Aaron ran out into the rain. Reed shot up farther into the sky. Lightning bolts that were aimed for the ground were now arcing at him. He had never seen anything like it in all the years he’d been alive. Reed flew at top speed through the sky and the arcs followed after him in a weird dance. He was sure that he wasn’t the only one seeing this and knew that it would probably be in the news. The Council, mainly Alan, had taken the news in hand and made sure that the address of Aaron and Spencer, as well as Jack now, was protected. The news had quieted down with Alan handling press.

Still, the case that Aaron had missed had been horrible. Aaron’s absence had been felt but mainly because not only was the team a man down, JJ was swamped with the press. She wasn’t able to help as much as she usually did. Prentiss even stepped up to help her, cutting her time to help the team in half but it had been needed given that mostly the press was split between wanting to talk about the case and the rest was about Reed. That left Morgan, Dave, and Spencer running the entire show. The reports that Aaron had read through from the local department that had called them in were glowing. Of course, it also meant that Spencer had revealed a few new secrets while he’d been on the case.

Aaron had been sitting up, worrying about the team when the call came in from Dave. The older man had tried to get Spencer to go to the hotel to get sleep with the rest of the team but he was having none of it. His only answer had been to tell Dave to ask him. Aaron had then explained that while yes, Spencer went back to the hotel at night with Aaron, he rarely slept. It was more watching over Aaron than anything, but he brought back files, maps, and anything else he needed and worked through the night. When not on cases he slept when Aaron slept but he didn’t need to. In fact, he only needed what averaged to two hours a night but could go a week without sleeping and not feel any ill effects. In the end, Aaron had told him to leave Spencer to what he was doing and only worry if his eyes stopped shining when in dragon form. Dave had taken that to heart.

The next day Morgan had called and told him that Spencer had been sleeping for the past two hours on his shoulder while they discussed the case in the office the police were letting them use. He also wanted to know how in the hell he could sleep so dead. Aaron had laughed at that. He wasn’t shocked that Spencer was asleep on Morgan. He wouldn’t want to sleep somewhere alone and on someone was always the best option.

Aaron was shocked at the pull of emotions from Reed and turned to track him in the sky once again. He didn’t know what to do when he saw the dragon headed right at him. He watched as his mate shrank in size until he was roughly human sized and then the change was quick. Spencer crashed into him and they both toppled to the ground. Electricity danced on Spencer’s skin. Spencer’s hands worked on opening Aaron’s shirt and the second it was open, he was touching skin. Aaron thrust up wanting more contact. His own hands worked on stripping Spencer’s upper half of its clothes as well. He could feel the need off of his mate and pulled him down for a kiss.

“Let’s take this upstairs,” Aaron whispered as he tried to sit up. His hands were jerked away from Spencer’s body and pushed down into the wet grass by unseen hands. Spencer sat up and smiled as his hand trailed down his chest. He felt the fingers curl and then just a hint of claws. His entire body shuddered at the feel.

“No. I want to fuck in the storm.” The second that Spencer’s hand touched the top of his pants, the cloth was gone, including his boxers. He also noticed that his shirt was gone but not the tie. The tie was new. It had arrived the night before and knowing that Spencer was going to be home the next day, Aaron decided to wear it. It was the exact shade of Reed’s eyes. He knew that Spencer would notice it; he just didn’t know the reaction it would have on the dragon.

Aaron tried to lift his hands but they were stuck hard. He glared at Spencer but the dragon was paying him no mind. Spencer grabbed a hold of the tie and used it to pull him up some. Whatever magics were holding him down loosened just enough for him to go up.

“I want to ride you with the storm raging around us.” Spencer shifted and ran his hand down his own body, smiling. His clothes disappeared. “Have you ever noticed faint scarring on my back and arms?”

Aaron nodded because words were failing him. The dragon was rubbing their hard cocks together and with the wantonness of being naked outside where anyone could see, Aaron felt like he could come at any moment.

“Come on, Aaron. What’s wrong?” Spencer let go of the tie and Aaron sunk back slowly. The dragon reached for a hand and trailed it up his thigh then around his hip to the swell of his ass. Aaron felt the slightly distorted skin. He’d felt it the first time when he’d fucked Spencer. He never asked though. He had his own scars. “Dragon got your tongue?”

The distortion of the skin felt weird to him then. He explored with his fingertips. The skin felt hot and just plain weird. Nothing like it had ever felt like before.

“I knew when I was a thousand years old that I would bond with a male. I could feel that through the weak bond that formed when we were born. Draconic tattoos are different than human. I had many placed on my body. The ones on my arms, those are weapons. I can call them forth when I wish, if I have enough of a charge but the ones on my back, the ones you are feeling right now. Those are so much different. They lost their charge and I needed a boost. I couldn’t do that before now. A large dragon playing chase with lightning bolts in the rain…would have drawn too much attention. But now I’m out. The world knows me now. What do you feel?”

Aaron pushed slightly with his own magic and felt one of the tattoos almost shift under his fingers. Spencer shifted above him, his mouth falling open and a moan slipping from him. Aaron’s other hand popped free and he slid it to Spencer’s back. Whatever that tattoo was, it had made Spencer feel really good. He could feel the charge on the skin as it danced across his fingers. He found a second tattoo on the opposite side and he pushed at it as well.

“Fuck. Aaron.” Spencer’s head fell back and he started to pant. Aaron trailed his other hand to the crack of Spencer’s ass. That’s when he felt the slickness of his opening and just how loose he was. They were sex tattoos. He’d only met one person with sex tattoos. She’s had normal human sex tattoos. He’d never heard of one that would stretch someone. Lube them yes. “In me. Now.”

Spencer shifted and Aaron lifted at his hips. The dragon guided Aaron inside of him. The feel of electrified flesh surrounding him had Aaron groaning. He hoped he never got used to that feel. Pulling his knees up, Aaron held his dragon steady as his hands moved to Aaron’s knees to steady himself. He braced himself there and lifted up on the cock inside of him and thrust down. When Spencer opened his eyes and looked at him, his eyes were electric blue. He easily trailed a hand up Spencer’ stomach and then pulled him down into a kiss. His free hand trailed up and down Spencer’s back finding a third tattoo in the middle of the small of his back. He was shocked when his fingers trailed over it that Spencer sat upright.

Aaron was intrigued by the reaction. He easily surprised the dragon and rolled them to where Spencer was on the bottom. Aaron was still inside of him and it wasn’t hard to thrust harder. His mate tried to roll them back over but he was lost to wanting more of the cock inside of him. Lightning flashed overhead and Aaron watched it reflect in blue eyes. He wiggled a hand in between the wet grass and Spencer’s back, moving to the tattoo. “What does this one do?”

“Aaron. Please,” Spencer begged as Aaron pulled out of him. He flipped the other man over onto his stomach and spread his legs so he could move in between them. Each of the tattoos was visible now. They pulsed with a light that was the exact shade of Spencer’s eyes. Holding down Spencer’s hands on the ground, Aaron leaned down and licked at each of the three tattoos. “No.”

“No what?” Aaron asked, he bit at the middle tattoo and it flared brighter for a second then faded. “What does it do, Spencer?”

“It cleans me out. Left side loosens my muscles and the right lubes me up.”

“Keep your hands on the ground or I’ll magic them down like you did me.” Aaron shifted downward some and spread the cheeks in front of his face as far as they could go. Spencer’s entire body stilled with that one movement. In the three months since sex had entered into their relationship, they really hadn’t gone too far out of just fucking. Between cases and abductions, and just plain tiredness, creative things had fallen to the wayside. Sex outdoors, in a magically created storm by Reed was pretty outside their normal so Aaron wanted to make it really memorable.

That first lick had Spencer trying to thrust back on him more. Aaron knew what he wanted and gave it to him. He thrust his tongue inside the loosened hole. There was no trace of even the lube left inside of him, just the taste of Spencer. He pushed his tongue inside as far as it could reach, listening to Spencer’s gasps and moans. Just those sounds were making him harder and aching to be inside of his dragon.

“Aaron, in me. Gods, please.” Spencer shifted his legs under himself, lifting his ass into the air. Aaron brushed his fingers across the right tattoo and pushed with his magic. Spencer shivered and keened. Lying down on the ground, Aaron coaxed Spencer over onto him. Just seconds later he was inside his mate. He’d said he wanted to ride him with the storm going around them. Aaron was taking him at his words.

The ground shook and Aaron looked to his left as a large bolt of lightning struck not ten feet away. He didn’t worry though. He could tell by the way the storm was acting that it had been created by Spencer. He could control it. He wouldn’t allow Aaron to get harmed by it. Thunder rolled and Aaron closed his eyes as the nearness of the storm had the ground shaking. Spencer was riding him hard and he felt like he was on the cusp of coming. Yet there was something that was holding him back. His breath caught in his throat as another bolt of lightning struck the ground even closer and Spencer tipped his head down to look at him. His eyes were glowing. Glowing brighter than they ever had before.

Spencer thrust down on him hard and threw his head back, screaming. Aaron felt his release land on his chest but didn’t pay a single bit of attention as one of the largest bolts of lightning that he’d ever seen seemed to be arcing down to land behind Spencer. It changed at the last second and it struck the dragon in the back. Aaron braced for pain but nothing happened.

Tipping forward, Spencer braced himself above Aaron. His eyes wide open but seeing nothing. He was still buried inside the dragon and the pressure was so great and the electric arc across skin ramped up some but not enough to hurt. Instead it pulled his orgasm from him. Aaron opened eyes he hadn’t been aware he’d closed to see a glow all around him. He turned his head to the side to see and saw Draconic writing glowing bright on Spencer’s arms. The tattoos he’d been talking about.

As the dragon breathed in and out, the glow faded and faded until there was nothing except the pale lines that Aaron was used to seeing. Spencer’s eyes returned to their normal brown and he smiled.

“What the hell was that?”

Spencer only shook his head and then jerked it in an upward motion. Aaron looked up and saw that the storm was gone. The stars were visible and it was a beautiful night. Even the rain had stopped. It was like the storm had never happened.

“Spencer’s at full power. Finally,” a female voice said.

Aaron watched as Spencer lifted up off of him, brushing hands down each arm and then a dagger appeared in one hand and a sword in the other. Aaron summoned a pair of pants onto his body but Spencer…Spencer was just standing there naked, staring down the woman who was cloaked at the edge of light from the back porch light. The dagger was thrown backwards and Aaron caught it by the hilt. He could feel the magic of the dagger.

“Reveal yourself.”

The woman stepped closer and let the hood of her cloak fall backward. Aaron looked at the woman in shock. She was beautiful. Spencer dropped the sword in his hand and rushed at her. He wrapped his arms around her and she wrapped hers around him.

“You and your nudity, little one.”

It was that moment that Aaron figured out who she was. Serena. The European Judge who was never sighted without a cloak about her head. Her voice was different than the times he had met her but he knew that she was secretive. It wasn’t a shock that what the world saw of her was an act. A cloak of purple appeared in her hands as she stepped back and wrapped Spencer in it. There was such a look of fondness on her face.

“Tria and Brianna are staying at the house we bought in McLean. I was sent ahead to take a good look at the relationship between the two of you. That was quite a show you put on.”

Spencer laughed but wasn’t blushing. Aaron started to though. He could feel the heat on his cheeks. He hadn’t been watched having sex in over a millenia and never without his consent.

“I’ve not seen a storm like that since you were just a few hundred years old. Every single magic user in a five hundred mile radius had to feel the effects of that one. I am surprised you waited as long as you did to declare your power to those around you.”

Aaron slipped the tie off from around his neck as he took in the words of the other Immortal. It wasn’t the sex she was talking about. It was the storm.

“It’s been nearly two weeks since the world found out about the true existence of High Dragons. Time enough to settle. I’m sure the news is going to run with the storm but you are correct. I am at full magic power for the first time in five years.”

“Why don’t we go inside so that Aaron can get dressed in something more than conjured sleep pants?” Serena smiled at Aaron before she turned towards the house. He watched in fascination as she stepped right through all the magical wards on the house. He felt the wards shift and accept her but at the same time Jack jolted awake. Spencer shifted to dragon form in a split second and took off towards the open window on the second floor. He slipped inside and was gone from sight. “What was that?”

“Jack’s awake. You passing through the wards woke him up. Make yourself at home in the kitchen, Serena. I’ll go change and bring Spencer and Jack down.”

Serena turned towards the kitchen and Aaron moved past her up the stairs. The sight that greeted Aaron had him laughing. He never got tired of seeing that. It was the sight that had greeted him when he’d woke up the morning after bringing Jack home after the death of Haley.

Jack was walking down the hall with a blanket and his teddy bear tucked under one arm and Reed hanging with one of Jack’s arms under his, hanging there in a pose so close to how most kids carried cats for the first time. Reed was small so that the boy could carry him safely. He wanted to see the look on Serena’s face when she saw them.

“How are you doing buddy?” Aaron asked as he took the blanket and bear from his son. Jack just shifted Reed over to where he had both arms wrapped around him.

“She feels weird,” Jack said as his only answer before he moved towards the steps.

Serena was at the coffee pot pouring a cup when the three of them entered. She turned and smiled at Aaron and then looked at Jack, her face wholly unsurprised to see Reed hanging in Jack’s arms.

“That’s an image I haven’t seen since you were two thousand years old, Reed.” Serena looked back at Aaron. “He used to do that with village children. They giggled and laughed and just cuddled the crap out of him. I’m not shocked he does it with Jack. In human form, Spencer is at odds around children but in dragon form, he’s their best friend.”

Reed snorted out a puff of smoke at Serena. Jack laughed and sat down at the kitchen table. Reed settled into his lap with his head propped on the table. Jack reached for his bear and blanket. The bear was set in his lap beside the dragon and Aaron settled the blanket around him. Jack was staring at Serena. The adults kept silent as Jack just stared at her.

Five minutes later, Jack pushed up at Reed until he crawled onto the table. He dropped his bear onto the chair and shoved off the blanket. He touched Serena’s knee with his hand as soon as he stepped close. He gasped as he did.

“You feel like Daddy.”

“That’s because I am like your daddy. And I have someone much like Spencer.”

“My Reed?” Jack asked. Serena laughed at that. Aaron hadn’t been shocked when Jack had called Reed that the first time. The boy had been very perceptive and only called him Reed in dragon form and Spencer when he was human.

“Yes, your Reed.”

“Time for Little Lords to be in bed, young Master Hotchner,” Reed said as he jumped down from the table. Jack giggled and moved over towards the dragon. Aaron watched as he grew in size to be just perfect for Jack to jump onto the back of and ride. The blanket and bear flew across the room to land in Jack’s open arms. With tail swishing back and forth, the pair left the room.

“Like I said, as Reed he’s perfect with children.”

“I’ve noticed. So, while we are alone…”

“Oh, there is not going to be an interrogation, Aaron. Tria and I knew everything we needed to know about you the second that we found out that you and Spencer bonded. No amount of twisted magic can force the bond on a High Dragon. It would kill him. You are everything that Spencer needs and wants in life. Tria was shocked though the first time she saw Reed on your neck during a press conference. We knew him on sight and it was then that discrete inquiries were made. We feared delving too deep as it would alert those around about who he was. Alan vouched for you and really, Reed trusting you like that after what had happened told us that no matter what, you were a safe person.”

“Then why send just you?”

“Because of Bri. She’s having so many issues. Spencer was a precocious child but this is a whole ‘nother matter. We cannot get her out of dragon form. Spencer bounced between the two at will, suiting his own needs. Our issue with him was clothes. In human form, he wanted to be naked as he was in dragon form.”

Aaron laughed at that. He could see Spencer as a child doing that. The way he’d been settled to stand with weapons, naked, in front of the woman told him that he wasn’t at issue with being naked.

“High Dragons age just as humans in their human form. Their dragon form grows as their magic does. Tria hit maximum at a thousand years old while Spencer hit his at four hundred years. That is not to say that their magic powers are unequal. I am not sure who would win in a fight between the two of them. Spencer just gathered power to him quicker and his size grew faster.”

“So Tria stayed behind to deal with Bri while you made Spencer aware that you were in town.”

“We came a little earlier than the plans were because of Bri. Tria is hoping that Spencer can help with her.”

“He’s discussed that she may come live with us,” Aaron said.

Serena looked at him, trying to read him. He just cocked his head to the side and stared back. “The famous Hotchner blank look. Why would Spencer discuss that with you? We had no plans…” Serena jumped to her feet. “Fuck me. He knows who her mate is.”

“We do.” Aaron leaned back as Spencer entered the room. He was dressed in sleep clothes. Aaron had forgone changing out of his conjured pants. He was in his home, he dressed how he wanted.

“He’s down for the count. I know exactly who her mate is as he awakened as an Immortal the moment that we touched.” Spencer sat down in Aaron’s lap even though there was a perfectly good chair next to him. The possessiveness of it told Aaron that he’d heard every single word spoken between them.

“Jack is not an Immortal.”

“No. He is not. The child’s parents are aware of what their child is and what it means. However, I am not going to force the meeting. If it happens it happens. I am more than willing to take her on. The FBI cannot stop me from taking her on cases if I have to. It would never be ideal but it’s better than the alternative. I think though that being around her mate will settle her down. We all have our quirks.”

“I’ll go back to Tria and make her aware of what is going on. Expect all three of us around nine in the morning. Bri eats like a horse so be prepared.”

“I’ll take her hunting. There is a nice farmer a few miles away that has livestock just for me. In preparation of you all arriving, we’ve had him up his herds.”

“That’s ingenious. And you all pay for it?”

“Of course, we pay for the babies, feed, and a small fee to house them. Aaron provided for me well.”

“I can see that. Put your claws back in, Spencer. I’ll see myself out.”

Serena was up and gone from the room and Aaron felt the second she passed through the first set of wards and then the second.

“I have too much energy. I don’t think I’ll sleep for a week. Go to bed, Aaron. I’ll work on some paperwork and things in the office.” Spencer kissed him and settled down into his body. He could tell that what Serena took for defensiveness was worry. There was something more going on with the young dragon and Spencer was worried about it.

“Come and lay with me until I fall asleep. I’ve missed you while you were gone.” Aaron leaned his head into Spencer’s neck and inhaled. The scent of ozone that always seemed to waft off the dragon was stronger now. He wondered if this was what he was going to smell like all the time now.

“Fine. But only until then. I feel like I might vibrate out of my skin. I forgot what having my full abilities meant for me.” Spencer stood up from his lap and held out a hand to pull him close as Aaron stood. He felt like he had skin hunger. Like he needed to touch as much as he could. Following the lithe dragon to the bedroom, Aaron had his hands near pushing Spencer’s pants off. When the door clicked closed, Aaron let them slide from hips and then he was there, pressed up against his back.

“Want to be in you again,” Aaron whispered across Spencer’s neck just before he bit down. The dragon jerked his shirt off and the second it was dropped from his fingers, Aaron had him down on the bed. With a thought his pants went away. He pressed his thumbs down just above Spencer’s hips and he felt the flood of magic. Spencer cussed and then Aaron was sliding inside of him. There was a brief struggle as Spencer tried to get his legs under him but Aaron grabbed his thigh and kept him there.

“Aaron!” Spencer hissed and then moaned when he was thrust into harder than before. “Please. Fuck. Aaron. I’m going to regret getting those, aren’t I?”

“No. You’ll love every single second. Can you do them on me?” Aaron knew he wasn’t going to last long. Every thrust pushed him that much closer to orgasm.


Aaron thrust in hard and came as Spencer tried to rub himself off on the bed. Pushing himself up, Aaron grabbed his hips and flipped him over. Spencer whined as the loss of the friction on his cock. Dropping to his knees, Aaron pulled his dragon closer and swallowed down his cock. Spencer shot up on the bed and gripped the back of his head, Aaron felt claws rake across his head and the smell of ozone got larger. One hand on thigh, Aaron reached around with the other and found the tattoos. The claws dug in harder on his head and he moaned around the cock in his mouth.

A push on his magic and he activated the middle tattoo. He was looking forward to that one.

“God, dammit, Aaron.” Spencer flooded his mouth with release. Aaron pushed up and the dragon groaned as his reawakened erection brushed across his hip. “Are you trying to fuck me into unconsciousness?”

“Not telling.” Another push of magic across a different tattoo and Aaron was inside of him in seconds. Aaron licked at his chest, bit at nipples, and then grabbed at his left thigh to press it up so that he could fuck into him harder. He didn’t know what this urge was inside of him but fucking Spencer was making it happier and he was glad to do it. One of Spencer’s hands was gripping the bed sheet while the other scratched at his back.

“Aaron please. Fuck. I can’t…” Spencer’s back arched up to an almost painful degree and Aaron just watched, all thoughts of movement gone. He almost missed that Spencer came again. He wasn’t screaming in pain but through the bond there was nothing. Aaron tried to reach out and grab him but instead of flesh, he was gripping scale. A surge of electricity arced out from where Aaron was touching him and then Spencer dropped to the bed, Aaron landed on the floor. He was panting like he’d run several hundred miles and his eyes were sightless.

Spencer’s arms were covered in scales but from his stomach down was still flesh.

“Serena said I was always going to be weird.”

“What the hell was that?” Aaron asked when he finally found his voice. He stood, not caring he was naked.

“That was the final cresting of my powers. Between our bond still fully settling, the absorption of that entire storm, and whatever draw you had to try and fuck me into oblivion, my magic decided it was time to do something I shouldn’t be doing for at least another two thousand years.” Spencer yawned so large that his entire jaw cracked. Aaron watched as the scales receded and he was left with fleshy, naked Spencer again.

“I…” Aaron reached out but stopped before actually touching. Spencer reached out instead and pulled him in. Tugging until Aaron was laying beside him on the bed. “Who felt that?”

“Only Tria. And if she’d have been in England she would have felt it. I don’t know exactly how much you know on High Dragons but we are considered children for only the first twenty years of our life. We age like humans in that time. For the next several thousand years we are considered teenagers. We go through two magical power crestings in that time. When the second happens we are considered young adults. Still fully under the control of the adult who raised us. Since there were no High Dragons around, Tria has taken over the role of adult even though she only went through her final cresting three thousand years ago. Her egg hatched not even a hundred years after the spell was cast.”

“She’s ten thousand years old?”

“Yes and she was seven thousand when she had her final crest. She was on time. Tria mentioned that since I’d gained my full size in near half the time it took her, I could have this happen early but with her there were signs. Two hundred years of signs. I started none of those.” Spencer pushed Aaron onto his back and curled around his side. The feel of static left his skin and then warm scales were pressing in. Human sized Reed was trying his best to wrap himself around Aaron. He said nothing, just laid there and rubbed his hand up and down Reed’s side. He didn’t know what it meant either and was a little freaked out as well.


Breakfast was never a meal that got a lot of fanfare. Spencer usually just drank coffee, sometimes ate some toast while reading the paper. Reed would sometimes hunt. Aaron usually at least fixed oatmeal if he wasn’t in the mood for a full meal of eggs and meat. Since Jack had entered their lives, breakfast was still low key but now there was another person to consider. Jack didn’t like to eat alone and so that meant all three of them, when Spencer was there, eating at the same time. Jack wanted to eat what they were eating so it was always three meals of the same thing and since Jack needed more than coffee and toast, Spencer had gotten used to eating a full meal at breakfast.

Aaron looked at what was in the fridge. He had no clue what Tria, Serena, and Brianna would want to eat. He looked at the clock. It was just before eight and he was a little shocked that Jack was still asleep. The boy had come into their room in the night and snuggled down between Aaron and Reed. When he’d gotten up for the day, Aaron had left Jack in the bed and Reed had just curled more around him. He wasn’t shocked that he was asleep still.

A knock on the front door surprised Aaron. He moved to see Will’s car through the window. He was half tempted to wake Reed but decided against it. Throwing open the door, Aaron smiled. JJ frowned at him. Henry wiggled out of his mother’s arms and took off towards the upper floor.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why did you guys come over?” Aaron asked, trying to figure out what prompted their surprise visit.

“Henry wanted Jack and he threw a pretty spectacular fit when we said no. You said to trust his instincts and ours,” Will said.

“We had a visitor last night. Henry’s mate will be here in an hour.” Aaron knew that something was pulling Henry to their house.

“Where’s Spence?” JJ asked.

“Reed is upstairs asleep. We had a very interesting night before and after our visitor left. I’d caution against touching him at all right now.”

“So that storm was him?” Will asked. The adults toed off their shoes as they entered and followed Aaron to the kitchen where he started to lay out a full meal. He also started a pot of coffee. Aaron explained everything from the moment that Spencer had got home to the moment they all went to bed, minus the sex. Spencer hadn’t said he couldn’t tell them and that was the only time that Aaron was supposed to lie to the team.

“He really can’t catch a break can he?”

The wards tripped at the front of the house and Aaron was moving to the door with a gun pulled from above the fridge before he even thought of anything else. Whatever happened had triggered the magic that Will had in him because he was grabbing a gun from above the fridge and handing it to JJ. Aaron was not prepared for his front door to bust open and something green shot past him. A roar from the upstairs had the green thing stopping and Aaron rounded the corner to see Reed, still human sized, his whole body was alight with blue sparkling energy.

Now that the green thing was stopped, Aaron could see the details. The dragon was only the size of his fist! Aaron handed his gun back to Will and approached the dragon. He could feel tiny air currents from her wings as she hovered in the air. She moved to look at him and landed on his hand, she was so small! He felt more than heard two others running up into the house. Will had a gun raised but at Aaron motioned to lower it, he did. He could feel the power radiating off of Reed but at the moment he didn’t want to get closer. Reed would calm down if Aaron stayed calm and showed him there was no threat.

“Tria Devonshire, Serena Devonshire, I’d like you to meet William LaMontagne Jr and Jennifer Jareau, she goes by JJ. Will, JJ, this is Tria and Serena.” Aaron held up his hand. “This is Brianna.”

“She slipped away from the hotel and it didn’t take long to figure out where she was going. Is the mate here?” Tria asked, barely looking at Will and JJ. She took a step into the house and stopped when she saw Reed. Her eyes widened and Aaron turned to look as well. The arcs of blue were gone from his scales but standing at each side was Henry and Jack. Reed’s wings were wrapped sort of around them, keeping them back. His eyes were still wild.

“She broke wards didn’t she?” Serena asked as she pulled Tria back some. Aaron only nodded. A ruffle of wings and then Reed took a step towards Brianna. His wings pushed the two boys back and the tiny dragon jumped down from Aaron’s hand, coasting to land on the top step. Aaron could feel how tense Tria and Serena were. Will just snorted. The tiny dragon doubled in size but Reed still dwarfed her. She didn’t show fear though, whether that was her age or bravery, Aaron was unsure.

Aaron felt it before it happened. There was merriment across the bond and when the small dragon reared back and tried to bite at Reed’s nose, he huffed out smoke and she tumbled down the stairs. A bark of laughter erupted from Reed before his form shifted to Spencer. Thankfully, he was dressed. Henry ran right to his leg and gripped while Jack moved to stand behind his friend. Spencer brushed the boy’s fringe from his head as the little dragon climbed the stairs.

“Sparkle,” Henry said.

Tria snorted behind Aaron, and Serena outright laughed. Spencer’s eyes narrowed and looked at Tria.

“While Reed isn’t much better than Pretty, at least her eyes do sparkle.”

“What?” JJ asked.

“High Dragons have always got their names from their bonded. Aaron called me skinny as a reed that first night and it just stuck. Serena was small but all she could say as far as Tria was pretty. Reed has nothing to do with the name of the family I took when experiencing life as a child again. Tria laughed because we are pretty sure that Sparkle is going to be Brianna’s name.

“Unca Pence…mine?” Henry asked. Spencer turned and picked up the boy, settling him on his hip. He reached around with his other hand and drew Jack with him as they all three started down the steps.

“The boy is already an Immortal,” Serena said as Jack leaned down to pick up the tiny dragon. She gently climbed up his arm and settled on his shoulder.

“He healed me the night he became Immortal. That’s when I knew.” Spencer set Henry down and crouched to the kids’s level. “Sweetie, if you don’t want this…you don’t have to do this.”

Aaron watched as the dragon shook her head no and then leaned towards Henry. Just as Henry reached out to touch her, the dragon’s tail slid under Jack’s shirt. Spencer’s eyes were on it and Aaron watched as his eyes flared blue. A giant ball of blue light enveloped the two dragons and two humans and Aaron could see nothing.

The house started to shake and Aaron looked at Tria. Her eyes were wide as saucers.

“What is going on?”

“I don’t know. The field of electricity is holding in massive power. When Serena and I bonded as children we were unable to keep our power in but it didn’t need this. Something else is going on.”

“Step back,” Will said. Aaron looked at him but did it. As he moved farther away he saw the sphere was growing larger. A coldness started to creep into his heart and he stumbled as he moved. Will helped him right himself and kept a hold of him.

“What are you feeling?” Tria asked.

“Cold. What’s happening in there?”

“I don’t know. He…after you left last night, Serena, he said his magic crested. Tria had signs he said, two years’ worth. He had none. What would he need to be full power for?”

“Seer dragon,” Serena whispered. She looked worried. “When they bond they can emphatically drop a whole city. But seers have two mates.”

“And Henry AND Jack are in there,” Will said with a smile. He looked at Aaron. “That coldness? Probe it more.”

Aaron did as Will asked, unsure how exactly Will was handling all of this so well. He touched that still too small bond he had with Jack and found that it had grown and shrank at the same time. It had attached itself to him more but what was shared over that bond was different, and he could feel an echo of Spencer on the other side of the bond, twice. Will was correct. Jack was bonded with two, both Henry and Brianna.

“I met a man once who knew a lot about High Dragons. More than I’d ever heard before. I was seven when I met him. I listened to him for hours. He was gruff and kind of an asshole now that I think about it but he told a story about a little green dragon and her two knights.”

“The story of the seer,” Tria whispered. She looked over at the ball of blue and just looked at it. “It was a rumor when I was searching for Spencer. A green dragon with a mate of fire and a mate of ice. By the Gods! That means there is another dragon out there. The seer was to be born fourth not third. She was to be the middle.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Devonshire, that third dragon you want to start hunting for, he’s fine. The storyteller was his mate and that’s all I am allowed to say on it. I’ve put out feelers for them and when the time comes, they’ll find me or Spencer.”

Aaron just looked at him. Will had always been tight lipped about a lot of things and he’d been fairly certain that he’d lied about who taught him magic. He wondered now if he was taught by the dragon or the Immortal. He’d mentioned meeting a dragon before but the swamps and the Bayou were full of weird things and it hadn’t been outside of Aaron’s realm to figure that a dragon was hiding there but a High Dragon? Will might talk to Spencer more than he would Tria about the third dragon.

The house shuddered again and Aaron’s gaze moved slightly to the sphere. It looked like it was cracking. Aaron felt a tug on his bond with Spencer and he moved forward. He brushed his hand across the sphere and watched as where he touched it, it went clear. Laying his palm fully on it, Aaron watched as the clearness spread across the whole thing. All he saw was red scales. Reed was massive in size, filling the entire sphere and his wings were cocooning the kids. The sphere cracked more and when Aaron pushed on it, it shattered, sounding like glass falling down. Ice. It was ice. Reed’s wings creaked with the cold that was now blasting out from the circle of said wings.

The little dragon slipped out, she was back to the size of Aaron’s fist and she flew right to Aaron. Instead of going to his neck though she slipped into the pocket of his polo. The cold abated and Henry slid out from Reed’s wings. He landed on his butt and then Jack giggled. Aaron watched his son drop down and then took off running. As soon as Henry could get to his feet, he was off as well. Jack stopped at the door leading outside and waited for Henry. When the younger boy got there, they both turned.

“Come on, Sparkle!” Both boys yelled.

Aaron’s pocket wiggled and then the little dragon took off. As the adults watched, Sparkle turned into Brianna and then she ran into the backyard with the boys. The Immortal looked at his dragon to find him in human form. Spencer was taking in large gulps of air and exhaling forcefully. There was blue dancing all over his skin and Aaron was afraid of touching him. While he’d never hurt him on purpose, he was afraid of the damage done unconsciously.

“That explains that,” Spencer said as he stood up and looked at the five faces staring at him. He drew in a careful breath, feeling his lungs expand. His breath rattled and Aaron looked at him in shock. The Immortal took a few steps toward him. Exhaling all the way, getting rid of every bit of air in his lungs, he watched the cloud of vapor from the ice he’d inhaled from Henry. “So, Henry’s affinity has been found.”

“Fire and ice,” JJ said.

“Keep your secrets, Will.”

His gaze turned to her and Aaron could feel the anger there. Tria backed up, seeking Serena. The whole thing was odd. He could see the worry in her eyes but the feelings he was getting from Spencer over the bond was certainty. He was sure of what he wanted to try but she wasn’t. “Spencer.”

Spencer didn’t say a word. He turned and moved into the backyard where Aaron watched as he shifted to Reed and started to play with all three kids. Aaron looked to Tria. Serena was whispering in her ear. She nodded.

“I’ll trust what he feels. If he says he can do it, he can. His grasp of innate magic has always been strong.” Tria kissed Serena’s cheek and moved towards the backyard. As she cleared the house, she shifted. Her size was smaller than that of Reed and the kids only hesitated a second before adding her to the fun. Bri was still in human form.

“So, Will. How about you and I go shopping for the hoards. I’ll treat you to breakfast and you can tell me all about you and your family.” Serena smiled at Will and he just smiled back. He bowed and extended his arm. When they passed JJ he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Want me to call the team?” JJ asked after the door had shut.

“Please. I’ll call Jessica and get our breakfast cooked. Spencer didn’t eat a lot last night so he’ll be hungry today.”

Aaron let himself get distracted by the cooking of food. He’d found out he had a son and was settling into that quicker than he would have thought. Now he basically had gained a daughter and another son in one fell swoop. It was strange feeling inside his bond with Spencer. Jack echoed through him but it was stronger because of the bond between Spencer and Bri.

Their plans for a nanny would need to be changed as there was little reason to not have Henry with Jack and Bri when Will was working and JJ was on a case. He was putting the finishing touches and was about to call everyone in to eat when he felt an arm slip around his waist and he was pulled back into a solid chest.

“Had your freak out?” Spencer asked. Aaron nodded, not wanting to speak. “You have to share him but Aaron, have you fully realized what this means?” Spencer spun him around and bracketed his face with his hands. “You have him forever.”

“For…” Aaron stopped because Spencer was right. Jack was Immortal. There was only a few things that were going to be able to kill him. Not old age. He smiled and Spencer smiled back.

“So let’s eat outside and enjoy the newer additions to our rapidly expanding family. We can discuss Jack’s new bedroom later.”

“New bedroom?”

“Later. I want bacon and I haven’t had coffee yet. Let me deal with Bri for now, Aaron. Don’t step in. She went to you and she feels safe. Let me be the meany.”

“Okay.”Aaron kissed Spencer and felt the skin hunger from the night before ramp up again. He let his hand wander under his shirt. Spencer near purred in his ear. That didn’t help with his want of fucking Spencer but he knew this wasn’t the time or the place.

By lunch time, the entire team was in the living room. Will, Serena, and Tria had the kids in the backyard. The only thing that the team knew was that Aaron and Spencer wanted to talk to them. They had only seen the two women at a distance and Bri was playing hide and go seek with the boys in her dragon form so they hadn’t even seen her at all.

“Hotch, Spencer, what’s with the meeting?” Morgan asked as he sat back with his beer. Everyone but Spencer had one. He had a glass of tea.

“We had a visitor today that was friendly and untrained in magic. She shattered my wards on the house. All of them. Even the ones Foyet only bypassed. I can raise up different wards that will work the same but it’s hard to add people to them, unless they are already inside when I do raise them.”

“Okay. So when are you going to do that?” Prentiss leaned back on the couch, not shocked while Morgan and Dave both looked confused. “Dragon magic is very different than human magic. He can do a lot of things and all he needs is a strong will and knowledge. After last night, I’d say that he could power this whole city. I’d pay money for that footage by the way.”

“Of Reed playing chase with lightning?” Aaron looked at Spencer and found him blushing. He looked back at Prentiss and found her smiling. “Oh.”

“What happened?” JJ asked, looking between the three of them.

“A dragon in a bond gets very excited when they play with their element and we all know that Reed’s is lightning.”

“Yes and, Emily.” Spencer paused until she looked at him. When she did, his eyes changed and then his skin rippled. It went from flesh to scales. Morgan jumped from his place right beside him, nearly dropping his beer.

“Shit,” Prentiss said as she looked him up and down. Aaron was on his other side. “Just stay there please.”

“PAPA!” Bri yelled and Spencer shifted to human form to stand and turn. Aaron felt a pulse of fear over his bond with Spencer then in a flash, a child sized dragon was darting into the house. She crashed into Spencer and toppled him back onto the couch. Prentiss jumped up and away, looking around like she was trying to find something to attack. Jack and Henry were right behind her and Tria and Serena hovered at the entryway into the living room. The dragon shrunk down to her tiny size and moved up to Spencer’s neck. Her eyes darting around the room.

“Spencer?” Garcia asked.

“Sparkle, this is Aaron and my team. They aren’t going to hurt you. These are Jack and Henry’s aunts and uncles. They are going to be yours as well. This is Emily, Penelope, Derek, and Dave.” Aaron watched as each of the team waved when Spencer said their name. Garcia was the first to come close. She held out her hand and Sparkle stretched out her snout and sniffed. She sneezed so hard that Aaron saw her dig in claws to stay on Spencer and draw blood. “You’ll get used to it little one.”

“Get used to what?” Dave asked as he leaned forward in his chair. Sparkle turned to him and snorted at him. Her eyes turned very sparkly and a small tornado appeared in front of her heading towards Dave. It made Spencer laugh as it ruffled Dave’s clothes. Jack and Henry crawled into Spencer’s lap, each sitting on a leg.

“Fae magic,” Tria said as she stepped into the room farther. “To Reed it feels funny. To me it makes my skin itch. I’d say for Sparkle it makes her nose itch and cause her to sneeze. With time it will lessen as it has for Reed being around Miss Garcia.”

“Fae magic is wild like a dragon’s so they have a combat of sorts. I think I had Aaron questioning my sanity when it came to Garcia in the beginning. It had been a long time since I had been around a Fae.”

“Should I stay away?” Garcia asked.

“It doesn’t hurt us. So no. She needs to get used to it.”

“Is she Henry’s…” Prentiss asked.

“That’s the kicker,” Aaron said.

Mine!” Sparkle yelled from her perch on Spencer. She grew bigger and wrapped her tail around Henry and one of her front arms around Jack. Spencer looked down at her and then at the team.

“Ignore her.” Spencer and Aaron shared a meaningful look and he nodded. “Sparkle is the one that broke the wards on the house this morning. She will be staying with us until she’s adult-human aged.”

“Us? That why she called you papa?”

“That is probably because that is what Jack calls me.” Spencer smiled at Aaron who just smiled back. I’ll be starting the paperwork tomorrow that will make her adoption by me legal. There are a lot less forms for a magical adoption like this. Strange that I can adopt a child of no blood relation easier and quicker than Aaron can get custody of his biological son.”

The doorbell ringing drew everyone’s gaze.

“Aaron, mind letting Jessica in?”

Aaron moved to the door to let her in. Jessica was looking at the cars parked around.

“The text said today for lunch yes?” She asked as she stepped inside.

“We’ve had a lot happen. Come in and find a seat. You made it just in time.”

It took two hours to explain everything from start to finish. Starting with Spencer’s new additions including his new Wyvern form. Tria showed off hers and it prompted more questions. Aaron kept an eye on Sparkle, realizing that she was talking to Tria and Spencer but they were ignoring her. He wondered why. Aaron had stayed standing allowing Jessica the couch. He almost missed the pull on magic from Sparkle but Spencer didn’t. Wind started to swirl in the room and Tria stepped forward but Serena grabbed her and pulled her back.

Jack and Henry clambered off Spencer’s lap and then ran to Aaron. The team moved away with Morgan pulling Jessica with him. Spencer was focused solely on Sparkle and in a flash she was larger than Aaron had ever seen her. She was still small. She moved as quick as Reed, and Aaron was shocked when he saw claws. Before the claws could connect, he saw the red of scales. Reed was cow sized, three times the size of Sparkle and he snarled at her as her claws raked over him. Aaron wanted to step up but he remembered Spencer asking him to let him deal with her.

Sparkle lunged at him, teeth out. Reed deflected her and she growled as she slid off his side and into the couch. Jack wrapped his arms around Aaron’s leg and held tight but when he reached down to pick him up, Jack shook his head no.

Morgan sought out Aaron who only shook his head. As much as Spencer acted human, his instincts were that of an animal. A very intelligent animal but still an animal. He wasn’t sure what exactly was the cause of this outburst but he trusted that Reed was handling it best. Sparkle grew a little more and Spencer snarled again. Aaron felt a surge over the bond and it was wholly Reed. He couldn’t feel anything except him, and Sparkle growled.

“She’s trying to influence you over the bond. If you stepped in there, Reed would step down. It happened with Tria and I. It’s part of the issues we are having with her.” Serena threw out a hand and a bubble of light appeared where a burst of flame came out off the smaller dragons mouth. Reed roared and for a second it looked like Sparkle was going to submit but she didn’t. “The wards aren’t up. Get him and her outside.”

“REED!” Aaron pointed when the larger dragon looked at him. He shifted and grabbed Sparkle around the throat and threw her towards the hallway. Aaron’s heart leapt in his throat. He grabbed Jack and Henry but they didn’t move to protect their bonded. He tried to reach out to them and found that as much as Reed was blocking Sparkle from him, he was cutting her off from everyone. He’d never seen Reed be savage outside of eating and he had never seen Reed take out a creature. The dragon called a line there.

Reed surged after her and they tumbled down the hall and out the backdoor. Everyone let Aaron take the lead outside with the two boys right behind him. Sparkle’s form shuddered and she grew in size. He watched as her colors shifted. She was still green but the scales at the top of her wings and down the joints were now purple. Her tiny horns on her head and the spikes down her back were the same color.

Something rushed past him and he watched as Pretty rushed in. She was smaller than Reed but bigger than Sparkle and she had the same purple in the same places. Aaron turned to Serena.

“Is that a female High Dragon thing?”

“The purple? No. Reed will have it if he wishes but he hides it. It’s the only way to tell a regular dragon from a High one unless the dragon wishes to hide. It’s why Reed was able to hide and no one even brought up the word High Dragon. Those that know the breed look for the purple. When Brianna gets older she can hide it in her larger forms. Right now when she is small the color hides itself since she is weak as her natural form grows she’ll be able to hide it in her larger forms like Reed does. Look.”Serena pointed and Aaron watched as Reed grew again in size to match Sparkle’s and the purple showed up on him. He lifted a front leg and shoved at Sparkle. She landed on her back and he held her down. She struggled for several minutes while Reed just stared at her. Finally, she stopped moving and shifted to her human form.

“Go to your room and think. Take Jack and Henry.”

Bri scrambled to her feet as soon as Reed released her. She ran past all the adults and didn’t look back at the boys.

“No playing right?” Jack asked.


“Aaron?” Jessica questioned.

“I’ll explain when the kids are in their room.”

Jack ran forward and hugged Reed, kissing his cheek before he ran after Bri. Henry did the same but stopped at his parents and Aaron. Before Henry was in the room, Jack ran back out and kissed Aaron and hugged him. Reed started towards the house and halfway there he changed to Spencer.

“Bri will do a lot to not make her bonded mad at her. I wasn’t nearly as hard but the humans who helped raise Tria did much the same with her once Serena was found. It will help cut down small things. This started because Tria and I were ignoring her speaking to us using her mental abilities. We were having a discussion with others, if she wanted to ask, she should have spoken aloud or spoken to everyone in their minds. Instead of chastising her infront of everyone we told her until she talked to everyone, we were going to ignore her. She got fed up and instead of talking she attacked. That’s what she is in trouble for. She knows the rules weren’t going to change when she came here, but she wanted to see if I would cave like Tria did. I was an easy dragon to raise. I know that what you saw was savage, Jessica but Aaron kept the boys in hand and I could have safely removed them from the situation if she tried to use them against me. Or pulled Sparkle into the air with me.”

“I saw your weren’t hurting her. She was trying to hurt you.”

“My scales are hard and while her claws are sharp, she doesn’t have the strength to pierce my scales yet. Aaron, I’m going to raise the wards. Get everyone except the kids into the library. The kids can stay where they are.”

“Stay where I can see you.” Aaron waited for the others to pass before he stepped up to him. Spencer cupped his cheek and pulled him close to tip their foreheads together. “I mean it, Spencer.”

“You’ll be able to see me. This will be the truest test of our bond, Aaron. This house is soaked in your magic. Even without the wards, if anyone malicious steps inside, your magic would tell you. After this, the only way anyone who isn’t allowed in will get passed is if I am dead.”

Aaron’s grip on Spencer’s waist tightened at the thought. “Don’t talk like that.”

Spencer chuckled and leaned in for a kiss. “I don’t like the thought of me dead either but you need to know it because that means if someone deadly is in the house I have invited them or I am dead. Go. I’m getting hungry.”

Aaron smiled. He was hungry too, not just for food. He leaned back in and kissed him hard. He felt the tingle of electricity even through Spencer’s clothes. He only stopped because he wanted to whisper in his ear. “Tonight you are showing me that Wyvern form, alone.”

Spencer’s entire body shivered and Aaron felt a spike of lust over the bond and then a tinge of shame. He needed to remember to talk about that later.

“When does this skin hunger for you end?”

“Whenever my magic fully settles. This is going to help settle it. Go before I forget myself. Don’t need to scare the team and Jessica.”

“Not worried about Will?” Aaron asked as he stepped back.

“I think he wouldn’t be shocked by a single thing when it comes to dragons. Especially the sex parts. Magic users from New Orleans are different from magic users from the rest of the world. I’d not be shocked if he lost his virginity in a ritual.”

Aaron wasn’t sure he wanted to think about someone else having sex, much less JJ’s boyfriend. He took one last kiss, this one more chaste than the last, before he moved into the house. He found everyone in the library looking out the window.

Spencer was standing in the middle of the backyard with his arms at his sides. Aaron watched as electricity built around him, starting at his toes and building up. He felt the change in the magic of the house just as what looked like a bolt of lightning shot out of him and up into the air. A shiny dome settled around the house.

“My wards are red but then my main element is fire. Serena and I are not going to stay long. I know that it’s just going to make things worse. After Spencer, I thought I was ready for another baby dragon but this is nothing like him. We are a call away if you need but I think it’s best we leave tonight. I know that this is horrible timing. With Jack.”

“I’m here for a while. We haven’t even started to look for a nanny for Jack. Jessica wants to help but with the addition of the bond and Bri, we are going to need a live in.” Aaron turned to JJ and Will. “And Henry is more than welcome to stay here when we go on cases. I know that you guys use your neighbor but I don’t think she’ll like the addition of Jack and a dragon.”

“Henry’s bedroom will have to be redecorated. As will Jack’s here. Spencer wasn’t kidding.” Serena sighed and leaned against the wall facing Aaron. “Tria and I were inseparable and those helping to raise us just threw straw filled mattresses on the floor and we slept there until we moved out. Given there is three of them, they are going to puppy pile. Getting rid of his bed and getting a large floor mattress will help them settle. For the first few nights, Henry is going to want to stay here or have Jack and Bri with him. I do not envy you. My biological parents were dead so it wasn’t hard for me to just live with Tria.”

“Thanks. I’ll look into what I can find in the area. Don’t feel bad. I was very set in my ways and from the moment that Reed touched me, my life has changed in so many good ways. I’ve gotten good at rolling with…” Aaron trailed off as Spencer disappeared in a ball of swirling purple electricity. “What the hell?”

“Everyone brace yourself,” Serena called out. The purple electricity shot away from Spencer and filled the entire dome. Aaron reached out and touched a small bolt of the purple energy. It shot away from him and after a few feet he couldn’t see it anymore. Seconds later, all the energy disappeared into the walls of the house.

Aaron felt the wards as a living extension of Spencer. It settled into his core, in the space next to where the bond was. He could feel it, but it was just there like the bond.

“That’s…” Prentiss was at a loss for words. Garcia was just speechless.

“I think I know exactly why the Council was scared of him and why they had him taken,” Dave said.

“There is a reason we kept ourselves hidden. We thought the Council could be trusted. We never saw betrayal coming from that direction. I was beside myself. The first time that I saw an image of you, Hotch with a tiny Reed around your shoulder, I almost shifted in the middle of London. I spent a week trying to figure out exactly how you got a hold of him without alerting anyone on either council. You guarded him with a zeal that made me sure that he was safe in your hands. Then he told me that you were a good mate. Spencer’s trust in the innateness of magic tells me that he’ll be the best to raise Bri. You love your son wholly, even though you never knew of him.”

Hours later, the last of the adults left, leaving Henry with them. After the kids had come out of time out, Bri was a perfect angel and the boys were unaffected. After dinner, the little dragon had curled up in Spencer’s lap. Spencer had shown he was the alpha to her and she submitted. Aaron didn’t figure they would have too many problems on that front until she hit puberty.

“Aaron?” Spencer asked as he stepped up behind him. His hand slid under Aaron’s shirt and he raked his nails across his stomach. “The kids are out like lights. If any of them move outside of the room, we’ll know.”

A swell of pressure behind him and Aaron felt the presence of Spencer behind him shift. The hand on his stomach grew warmer and harder. He swallowed. Spencer had changed into his Wyvern form. Aaron moved to turn around but Spencer’s arm tightened.

“You said you wanted this. There are journals from the High Dragons that are no longer around that talk of human distrust and dislike of our in-between form. I would rather you never see it outside of a fight if you are going to be disgusted by it.”

Aaron knew that there were a lot of words that could assuage his fears, but there was a single thing that could break through it more. He grabbed the hand around his stomach and pushed it down his body. There was no way that Spencer couldn’t feel how hard he was. They had been made for each other. Even if Spencer was in human form when they had sex, he was still a dragon. There were those that didn’t see a difference between having sex with a creature with no intelligence and having sex with a creature who was smarter than them. Spencer, no matter the form was smarter than every other human, Fae, Elf, and Shifter he’d ever come in contact with.

Consent was the issue and Spencer was able to give it, no matter the form. He still wasn’t sure about sex with him in full dragon form but his Wyvern form was thrilling to him. He thrust forward into the hand and then back into Spencer. He felt the tug on his body and then he was being walked backwards towards their bedroom.

“Henry asked me about other children.”

“Other children?” Aaron questioned.

“Bri told him and Jack exactly how long both of us have been alive. I told him the truth, that I’ve never bothered to have a child, human or dragon and that the only relations you have are four thousand years removed. Too much time and other DNA difference to consider them relatives. I told him all your other children died before having children of their own, many to wars fought over the years. I told him nothing of the most recent. I wanted to let you know in case he asked. He is a very inquisitive child.” Spencer’s voice was calm and smooth, despite the subtle changes in his mouth. Aaron hadn’t been able to see many of them up front but he figured that his teeth were terrifying.

“Having a loving mother and father makes him able to push boundaries. Jack will get that way soon. Bri, I think, will help hold them both back, afraid of hurting her bonded or being hurt because of them.” Aaron was distracted by thinking of the kids that he didn’t realize that his pants had been undone and a hand was snaking around his cock. He wasn’t sure what to expect but the softness of the scales on the dragon’s hand was not it. Spencer ran hot all the time. Reed was cooler but this form, his Wyvern form was like an inferno.

“What do you want, Aaron?” Tongue snaked up and trailed up his neck. The hand on cock started to pump and he shivered at the feel of scales. He knew that it shouldn’t be as hot as it was.

“You. Fuck, Spencer. Can you fuck me like this?”

There was no answer but Spencer’s hand not in his pants trailed down his arm and wrapped around his wrist. It was pulled behind him all he felt was scales. The dragon was naked. He’d traipsed through the house naked. His hand was moved a little more and then he felt it. The scales on the underside of Spencer’s hands were soft but nothing like the scales on his cock. He wanted to turn and look but he was being held in place. He settled for pumping the cock a few times and feeling the smooth slide. The scales never even shifted to scrape at his hand but the slight bumps felt wonderful.

“I want that in me, if it’s safe,” Aaron said, breathless.

“It’s safe. Is that all you want?”

“No.” Aaron relaxed into the hold that Spencer had on him and waited for the hitch in his arm telling him that he relaxed as well. A push with his magic had the dragon falling back onto the bed and he turned to stare at him. There was just enough light from the moon that he could see all of him. His scales were beautiful and Aaron crawled up the bed to straddle his hips. A hand shot out to hold him in place and Aaron felt the slight dig of claws into his skin. He settled and just looked. He looked exactly the same, just covered in scales. His eyes were brown and his teeth weren’t as sharp as he thought they were going to be.

Leaning down, Aaron kissed him. Spencer’s hand tightened on his thigh, pulling him closer to him. He thrust their groins together. The heat that the dragon was putting off was astounding and Aaron wanted to feel that inside of him but first he wanted to taste. The scales were not as hard as Reed’s but that was understandable. He could feel the sparks of electricity though just like he was touching flesh. Aaron moaned as he settled down and allowed the thrusts. He was a little shocked at the first touch of Spencer’s tongue inside his mouth. He expected it to feel different but it felt the same, tasted the same.

“You are unbelievable.”

“Why?” Aaron asked as he tilted his head to the side to lick at Spencer’s neck. He could feel the growl that built in the other man’s chest but it wasn’t in displeasure. It was close to the growl that Reed did when really happy, it was so different than a purr from a cat that he never wanted to call it that.

“I’ve never had someone look at my Wyvern form and get horny before.”

“Tria and Serena never talked about it?”Aaron asked.

“Outside of the talk I got from Tria when I hit puberty, I’ve never discussed sex with them. A healer in the village we were living in at the time walked me through sex with a man and with a woman. They grew up with each other and have never looked at another, while they have theoretical knowledge of sex with a man, they have never actually had it so they had someone else talk to me about it.” Spencer drew his head back up for a kiss as his hands traveled down his back and settled on his ass. He was pulled up and he felt a finger at his hole. He jerked, afraid of claws but the chuckle in his ear settled him down and then he felt teeth graze his neck. He stilled as the pressure from the teeth heightened, but he felt nothing except for blunt teeth so much like his human teeth that he wondered how he’d missed that. The finger slid inside of him with ease and his hips stuttered in their thrusts into Spencer. Aaron had stopped buying lube because the conjured lube felt better than anything he’d ever used before. If Spencer conjured it, there was an added spark to the feel of it inside of him. If he conjured it, the dragon almost always came before he was fully prepped. The runes on Spencer were nice and Aaron was going to make good use of them.

Spencer took his time prepping him as Aaron kissed his lips and laved at his neck. It wasn’t long before Aaron slid down the bed to where fingers couldn’t stay in him any longer and Spencer groaned. “Aaron.”

“I want to taste every inch of you,” Aaron said as he found where his pulse point was in human form. He could still feel the thump thump of the blood in his veins even if he couldn’t bite at the skin. The scales were hard and he was finding that licking a wrong way could cut his tongue so he made sure to be careful. His nipples were not scale covered but instead were nubs of thicker, pale red skin. When he found the first, he licked and bit at it, causing Spencer to nearly flip him off the bed. He grabbed at the dragon’s arms and pinned them to the bed. It wasn’t long before he’d made his way all the way to groin. The only scents in the room were their combined arousal as well as ozone from Spencer and his own sweat. He easily licked everywhere but where he knew that Spencer wanted him to.

Listening to the gasps and groans, Aaron finally licked the underside of Spencer’s cock. The taste was familiar from where he’d trailed down his body but the musk that was normal for Spencer wasn’t there. Aaron licked at the head once before taking him fully in his mouth and going down as far as he could. The hand in his hair was a shock, as was the suddenness in which he was pulled from the cock and shoved down face first into the bed. His hands were grabbed and pinned above him as his hips were straddled. He couldn’t move. It made him even harder than he had been.

Aaron knew that Spencer was stronger than him, in human form and so much more in dragon form but he’d never used that strength against him like he was now. He felt the ghosting of breath on his back and neck, shivering he waited.

“You had your chance,” Spencer leaned on him more and he felt his cock slide in between his cheeks. “You fucked me raw yesterday, now it’s time for me to return the favor.”

“Please,” Aaron begged. His entire body ached with the need to be fucked by him. He tried to get his legs under him but Spencer’s weight made it hard. He knew he was being indulged as each movement of his was allowed only after a few seconds of resistance. He’d never thought that he’d allow himself to submit to anyone ever. He had always been the most powerful and while he knew that Spencer was greater in power, it only ever came out when needed. With him he didn’t need to try to be the one with everything in hand. He could just give it all up and allowed to be something that just wanted pleasure.

“Please what?” Spencer asked as his free hand brushed at his crack before slipping down to grab his cock. The feel of the scales on his sensitive flesh had him almost coming but the grip turned from caressing to hard in seconds and his orgasm was denied. He sobbed as the hand removed itself. He was so focused on that, he missed the subtle shifting and then the feeling of being breached.

The feel of the difference between scales and flesh was enough to tip Aaron over. He shuddered through the feel of his orgasm combined with Spencer pushing into him and pulling out of him in a slow fashion. It prolonged his orgasm by moments and when he collapsed down on the bed, Spencer seemed to have been expecting it because Aaron hadn’t realized that a hand was holding his chest up and when his body went lax, he was laid on the bed gently.

“You okay?” Spencer whispered in his ear and he could only nod. “Is the skin hunger gone?”

Aaron shook his head. He could still feel the want of skin to skin contact and he tried to arch his back up to showcase it but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. Spencer blanketed his body, still inside of him and thrusting slightly. The angle changed and he didn’t brush his prostate at all anymore. The minor catches of the scales on his skin had Aaron groaning and trying to take more of Spencer inside of him. It was gentle, their love making. He was tired from the stress of the day or he figured that he probably would have started to harden again but he didn’t want it to end.

The thrum of the bond was delicious inside him and it was heady. He floated in a wave of pleasure. He felt lips on his neck and then Spencer was pulling out. He whined, knowing that his dragon hadn’t gotten off yet.

“You are mine. I want to mark you as mine.”

“What do you mean?” He felt a tongue trace down his back. And then swipe at his lower back. Right where Spencer’s sex runes were. He could feel the arc of magic. Then a swell of magic as teeth closed around the swell of his ass cheek. Teeth sharpened on his skin and he felt the puncture of his skin. Magic flooded his body and his skin felt alive. He felt a jerk of Spencer’s body where it was splayed across his legs and then his release coated the bed and said legs. The dragon didn’t let go though. He applied more pressure and Aaron was sure that he was going to pass out from the magic before he let go. He didn’t say a word though. He just crested on the feeling and soon the magic faded. He felt Spencer slump on him, flesh instead of scale. His tongue trailed on the wound and he shuddered. That was going to leave a mark.

“Tria did it on Serena’s breast so be thankful I didn’t do it on your groin.” The licks trailed off and when Aaron made to roll over he expected pain but instead there was nothing. He needed to look at it in the mirror when he got a chance.

“Thank you.” Aaron cupped Spencer’s face and pulled him close for a kiss. He was tired but he knew the bed needed changed and he needed to wipe himself off. Spencer deepened the kiss and his hand trailed down to the mark on his ass and he felt it. That magic inside his body flared.

Spencer pulled away, moving off the bed and smiled down at him. “You look wrecked.”

“Aren’t you just the nicest dragon,” Aaron said as he grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. Spencer grabbed it and tossed it back, hitting him in the face. The lethargy of a stressful day told him that he’d sleep like the dead and he was ready to start that as soon as possible. “You get to change the bed.”

“Then get in the bathroom so I can.”

Aaron smiled and pushed himself up to his feet. He wondered exactly how long Spencer was going to sleep. He only needed about two hours but for the want of cuddling, he’d sleep longer if he wanted. Aaron hoped they cuddled all night long.


Aaron smelled the bacon long before the scent of coffee and pancakes filled his nose. He looked at the side of the bed where Spencer was still asleep. He figured it was JJ or Will or even both of them. The wards pulsed with a happiness that Aaron had never felt off his own wards. He wondered if the wards were reacting to Spencer’s contentment or they were always going to feel like that when the household was safe. He didn’t want to wake the dragon, knowing that if he was sleeping, he needed the sleep.

Throwing on a pair of pants and a t-shirt in deference to whoever was in the kitchen, he made his way down into the kitchen only to stop when he saw a woman standing at the stove that wasn’t anyone that he knew. She turned to look at him and smiled.

“Lord Hotchner,” she smiled and bowed to him exactly like the servants had in his childhood home. If it wasn’t for the fact that Spencer was alive and well in the bed he’d just left and that Spencer had promised him that the wards wouldn’t allow anyone in that he didn’t approve, he’d have a gun in hand threatening her.

Aaron looked her up and down. She was about half a foot shorter than him and had long black hair and porcelain white skin. Her eyes though told Aaron exactly what she was. She was old and powerful and not to be trifled with. He knew the look in the eyes he was looking in, he saw them every single time he looked in the mirror. “Who are you?”

“You can call me Indara.”

“That tells me nothing.”

“There is power in names, my Lord. As you are well aware. You have two pieces of the puzzle that is me. Immortal and Indara. There are few more that you will need to understand who exactly I am. I came through catulo’s wards so you know I am not a threat. Think on it. Who would he grant access to a place where he lived without you meeting me?”

The shuffling of feet alerted Aaron that someone was awake and from the loudness of the feet on the stairs behind him, he knew it was Spencer. He waited to see exactly what his dragon was going to think of the woman in the kitchen. He was shocked when he passed right by him. He looked worse for the wear. Tired in a way that Aaron hadn’t seen him before and wondered if more sleep wasn’t needed by him in the time it took for him go into the kitchen and sit down at the table. He stretched and Aaron heard bones pop and crack.

Indara turned and with an oven mitt slapped the back of Spencer’s head. He watched as his dragon ducked down and muttered an apology before he reached for the cup that she set down on the table with her other hand. He drank it without even sniffing it or opening his eyes. Aaron watched as he drank the entire cup before sighing. Ten seconds later, his eyes snapped open and his head jerked around so quickly that Aaron wouldn’t have been surprised if it had popped off.

“Assi!” Spencer jumped to his feet and hugged her, his hands wrapped around her waist and he picked her up spinning her around. She smiled and hugged him close. The look on her face told him everything that he needed to know about her. That Spencer loved her and she loved him. His magic created a spot for her in the wards which meant that she was precious to him. He tried to figure out the word that Spencer had used. Dragon Tongue was the oldest language on the planet and Aaron had been finding it hard to grasp until he’d figured out that it had spawned into Latin for humans. Still, there were a lot of words that he needed to learn and catulo and assi were ones he needed to ask about.

“Your Aaron is a looker,” Indara said and Aaron was treated with the look of Spencer blushing. Before any more could be said, the sound of three sets of running feet sounded and Aaron turned to see the kids all coming down the stairs at the same time. Bri walked right up to Spencer as he set the Immortal down. Jack stayed right with Aaron and Henry seemed torn between which bonded to go with. He settled for staying back with Aaron. Spencer bent down and picked up the child dragon and hefted her right onto his hip.

“Brianna, this is Indara. She’s going to be your nanny.”

“Spencer,” Aaron started as he took a step forward but he stopped when the two boys ran up right to Spencer and stared at the new woman. They hadn’t discussed that at all. They hadn’t even figured out what they would need as far as a nanny and JJ and Will needed to be in on the discussion.

“Assi?” Brianna asked as she held out her hand. Indara held out her own and watched as they pressed palm to palm.

“Yes. Just like I was your Papa’s.”

“Really?” Jack asked, stepped just a little bit closer to Indara. “You helped raise him?”

“Tria and Serena were very busy with Europe’s magical communities by the time that Spencer came into their lives. He was a regular trouble maker. One day when he was just about Brianna and Henry’s age, he ran away from home.”

“Ran away?”

“I was told I wasn’t allowed to read for the rest of the day. In my mind, I was going to find a place where I could read all day and didn’t need to learn to fight. Instead, I ran into Indara and she convinced me to go home. Which was a feat because Tria and Serena had been unable to do that since they found me.” Spencer was smiling and held out a hand to Henry. Aaron watched as the younger boy moved over and Spencer pulled him up and wrapped his free arm around his butt just as he was starting to fall down to the ground. Henry giggled at that.

“From then on, I watched him when they couldn’t.”

“She was my nanny and then my best friend for the first thousand years of my life. After that we visited when we ran across each other. I didn’t realize that my wards still made a place for you to pass through.”

“I didn’t either until I moved up to them. When instead of alerting you that I was here, I was allowed to pass through, I just came in. You and Aaron were still asleep and the kids were all huddled on the floor. I’ll find a nice big mattress for them today.”

Aaron saw the way that the kids were enthralled with her and finding out that she had been Spencer’s nanny, that he’d even had a nanny was shocking but there was no fighting it. His magic said he could trust her and the kids wanted her there. How could he say no?

“I have breakfast ready.”

“You didn’t have to cook,” Aaron said as he moved farther into the kitchen.

“Tria and Serena have a household of thirty five paid servants and have since they were a hundred,” Spencer pointed out. He handed over Brianna to Aaron and then Henry before he picked up Jack. Indara held out her hand in much the same way she had to Bri to him. Jack touched his hand to her’s and his face lit up. He looked at Henry and Aaron moved so the youngest boy could do it as well. He felt the magic bonding. It was different than parental bonding but very close at the same time. “Indara’s gift as an Immortal is child rearing. Her healing spells are second to none and she has a lot of experience in house care. When can you start?”

“My latest charge turned thirteen a year ago but there was something that told me that I needed to wait and then I saw you on TV. I had heard what was believed to happen to you but I was one of the few that ever saw you in your catulo form. I knew who you were on sight. From there I learned as much as I could about Aaron and the rest of the team. You were hiding so I didn’t even think of going to you and then I felt the crest of your powers, the echo of it. I knew that I needed to see you then. I was outside the property when I felt the magical backlash of Brianna’s magic dropping Aaron’s wards and then your signature in putting up new ones.”

Aaron listened as they talked. The kids were rowdy from a night of rest and the settling of their bond. He listened as Indara spoke of Spencer’s childhood with the kids and Spencer told them of things that he’d convinced her to do as pranks to the staff of the house. When breakfast was done, Spencer moved to his lap and sat down, and it made Indara smile. He could see the love in her eyes and he agreed that she was a good choice for nanny.

“Hey, are you okay with this?” Spencer asked, his voice pitched low so that it didn’t disturb the story that Jack was telling about a human classmate of his.

“Yes. I didn’t know that you had a nanny.”

“She could be used against me, Aaron. Her magic is centered around home and hearth. She can defend but not as well as Serena can. She was better never mentioned. Especially since she hadn’t sought me out.” Spencer turned his head and traced his lips on Aaron’s forehead. He could feel how happy his mate was at having her there, at having her be the one to help with the kids. “She’ll stay as long as we want her to. Even if it’s a thousand years. He knowledge of magic is great and with Bri’s seer gifts unsettled and untried, it could be a really good thing.”

“What room would she like?”

“The storage room here on the ground floor actually. We can empty it out today before I go in to file papers for my leave. Strauss will have to live with me only being able to consult by phone until we get Bri settled in. Thankfully, the bond with her has settled Jack some and you’ll be able to return to work in that month period we put at the minimum. We can start the search for a school for them next week. I have a few I’ve been looking at but I want to meet with the teachers.”

“Bri going to take a steady hand?” Aaron could see her talking the boys into a lot of things.

“There is that, but there is also exactly how they are going to treat the bond between them. The bond I let happen when you first found me is very close to what they have now. But the thing is that they don’t understand it outside of that they feel better when they are together. If Jack gets a paper cut in class, the other two are going to go to him, no matter what. They are going to go to him, through whoever is stopping them. The only thing that that is going to get the school, is an injured adult. England’s magical schools never stop a bonded from running out of the room, the children are taught not to abuse it. If there are no schools in the area that I like, Indara will home school. She taught me.”

Aaron nodded and watched as Bri settled in between Jack and Henry on the floor where Indara had sat down. “How worried should I be about Brianna trying to dominate her?”

“She won’t. You maybe in time but not Indara. Puberty will be horrible.”


“They’ll go through it at the same time. Whenever Henry gets to that age where he’ll start it, it’ll stop the delaying that the bond will put on Jack and Bri. Three moody teenagers.”

Aaron tightened his grip on Spencer’s waist and closed his eyes, just breathing in the scent of his mate. It was going to be interesting, the life he was going to have, but if it meant no Spencer, he wouldn’t ever want to give it up.

“When do I get to meet Henry’s parents?” Indara asked as she stood up, helping each of the kids up to their feet. They took off towards the backdoor and Bri changed into Sparkle as soon as she was free of the house.

“Later today, They are coming over and going to be staying here while they settle into the bond to where Henry will feel all right sleeping away from the others and Bri and Jack get used to them so that they will feel fine going there.”

“Tria contacted me when Brianna hatched, but the girl was very recalcitrant to take me as her nanny. She’s settled more in the day that you have had her than in the time that she was with Tria and Serena and not all of it has to do with the bond.”

“I need to warn you, Assi. That there was a dragon that hatched between Bri and I. We have no clue where he is. He was in the swamps of New Orleans but I don’t know if he is still there. He could seek me out since I’m pretty big in the news right now.”

“Hmm.” Indara smiled at both of them and turned back to look at the kids.

“Assi?” Spencer asked.

“I have my secrets, catulo and some of them I can’t share.”

“Interesting. So time in New Orleans. Are you drawn to High Dragons or do we just seem to find you?”

“You just seem to find me. I haven’t seen him in two hundred years and you are right that he’ll probably seek you out.” Indara moved forward and kissed Spencer’s head and then did the same to Aaron before she went outside with the kids. Aaron was a little shocked because he hadn’t had someone kiss him like that since his mother had passed away.

“Get used to it. As you can see, I’ve not been able to get her to stop with me. I’ll see about having furniture delivered later today for her room if you want to start looking through all the things to see what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.”

“Not going to help me?”

“I don’t know what you want and what you don’t. I’ll try and get rid of all of it, or get stuck in a book.”

“There are no books in there.”

“Never said it was a book that I found.” Spencer kissed him soundly on the mouth and then moved as far out of reach as he could with a smile on his face. He thought that with Spencer beside him, he’d be happy with anything in life.
The End

Dragon Tongue


Title: Revealed
Series: Here There Be Dragons
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 5 (August 2009)
Category: AU: Fantasy, Magic is Known, Established Relationship,
Ratings: Teen
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 5
Summary: Spencer reveals his secret in the most public way possible. Shifting to dragon form in the middle of a busy DC street. All to protect a child.
Words: 8,905
Notes: None
Warnings: Canon Character Death,
Beta: Charlie_Remington

Spencer smiled as he took a sip of his coffee. The girl behind the counter fluttered her eyelashes at him and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. It had been a while since anyone had flirted with him, he almost missed it except she blushed when his eyes didn’t leave her face. A hand on his lower back nearly made him jump but the burst of emotion from Aaron along the bond had him settling down. His mate stepped even closer and kissed his cheek.

“Ready?” Aaron asked.

“Sure,” Spencer answered and turned to leave. He watched the barista’s face as he did and saw the disappointment. Aaron used the hand at his back to pull him from the coffee shop. He hid his smirk into his coffee as he felt more emotions from his mate across the bond. Aaron was jealous, he’d never made anyone feel jealous before. This was one of their first big trips out since he’d started to work with Aaron at the BAU in human form. Before the only trips they had really done together was to get clothes for him. Today was a test on his spending several hours in human form with many others around. On cases he did well but there was usually not a lot of people around.

Spencer stopped at the window of the bookstore and Aaron’s hand slipped off of him. He barely paid attention. There, on display, was a book on dragons. Not the mythological ones that most people thought of but actual dragons. He decided to step inside and look at it. It was massive. The size of a coffee table book but well over a thousand pages. He saw that there was a copy on a stand that people could flip through. He went right to the index and found what he was looking for. High Dragons. There was only a single set of numbers out from the words and he flipped easily to that page. He quickly scanned the page and then went back to read it a great deal slower. It was a small section that stated that High Dragons were not a myth but that the species as a whole liked to live as humans. That there was no way to tell a High Dragon from a dragon or a human when in either form, which was true. Aaron had suspected for a long time at what he was but had never been able to get anything concrete until he’d seen him sleeping in the library in human form.

Deciding that it would be a good idea to buy the book to look through, Spencer grabbed a copy and moved towards the register. His new debit card was in his wallet. It hadn’t taken as long as he thought to get things reactivated in the Spencer Reid name. Of course, Alan helped with a lot of that. He only realized once he’d paid and the book was in a bag in his hand that Aaron hadn’t followed him into the store.

Spencer moved quickly to the exit and found that Aaron was nowhere in sight. He reached down to his pocket and his cell phone but stopped. He hadn’t tried to track Aaron through his magic. They should be connected enough that he would be able to see a trail of his magic. It would be easier in his dragon form but he wanted the challenge of his human form. Tria was still worried about his magic being suppressed for as long as it had and issues that could arise from it. He’d had flare ups but nothing that he couldn’t control. There wasn’t a part of his magic that he wasn’t in control of anymore. Of course, his small bouts of healing were just that. He was still too young to be able to access healing magics too much. Even Tria wasn’t able to access them. The first and only time that he had was when he’d healed Prentiss, Morgan, and Aaron after they had been taken captive and beaten.

Closing his eyes, Spencer concentrated on the life near him. He could feel the ebb and flow of the humans. Human life was a bright spot in the world around him. He could feel a few shifters, even more elves, and quite a few faeries in the mall. It wasn’t hard to push them away as he opened his eyes again. Anyone who would have been looking at him would have seen that when he closed his eyes they had been brown but upon opening them the eyes were bright blue. He found the path that Aaron had made easily but off to the left, about fifty feet was another trail of magic. He cocked his head to the side and watched as the path went in and out of a woman’s lingerie store and then a children’s clothing store. If Aaron had made it while looking for him he would have gone into the knick knack shop in between the two as well all the shops around. Spencer followed that trail. It was recent. Made within the last hour. He and Aaron hadn’t gone into any of the shops, he was intrigued on who had made the trail and why their signature was so close to Aaron’s.

The path led him through several more stores that were ones that Aaron would never have gone into before finally going into a toy store and it wasn’t leading back out. Spencer shifted his messenger bag and slid the book inside. A quick thought had the book halving its weight so it wouldn’t be awkward in the bag. His coffee cup had been tossed into the trash four stores ago so his hands were free.

Spencer entered the toy store and followed the trail of magic back to where the younger kid toys were. There were only two people back there. A woman and a little boy. When the boy turned, Spencer gasped. He looked like Aaron. That explained the trail. This was Aaron’s son.

Aaron would never lie to him. He’d said he had no children alive. That meant that this kid was unknown to him. His mate had a child in the world and didn’t know it.

The kid turned and looked at him. Spencer let the kid watch him for several seconds before he closed his eyes and reopened them. The kid smiled at the change in his eyes and turned back to look at the toy in front of him. The woman with him turned to move down another aisle and Spencer knew her on sight. Even without his eidetic memory, he’d know her on sight. He’d only ever seen a picture of her once. Aaron kept it in a book that had pictures and drawings of his entire life. Spencer had been intrigued by the human woman who’d held Aaron’s heart when he’d first come to live with him.

Haley Brooks was standing there with a child of Aaron’s. The timeline fit for the kid’s age. She would have been barely pregnant when she’d left him. Why had she never come to him? Why hadn’t she told him?

Spencer had a decision to make. He could trace that other magical line back to his mate and bring him back. He didn’t know what that would end with. He’d never seen Aaron with a child of his. He had no clue how his last child to be born died. Was it a good, natural death? Or was the child ripped from him before their time? His other option was to look into it all. Figure out why Haley was keeping Aaron from his child and maybe even try and figure out what had happened to the last of his mate’s children.

There was no way to stop Aaron from getting hurt. His mate was going to be angry of the years lost with his son and hurt that a woman he’d loved had kept the child away from him. He needed facts. He needed to figure out as much information as he could before he broke the news to his mate.

One Week Later
Spencer had made up his mind days before but he’d waited the week to actually do anything about it. He’d spent the morning on the phone with Tria after Rossi had picked up Aaron for work. That had prompted a long discussion the night before. Spencer wanted to just use the bus and subway system but his mate was leery about that and had forced him to take the car to get to work. Rossi had been fine picking him up but the dragon was a little shy about asking for help like that.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like to drive. He’d gone and got his license renewed as soon as he’d made the decision to join the BAU with Aaron. He could drive and there were times he liked to do it but there were others that it was a pain. Sometimes his mind went in too many ways that concentrating on it was hard. Driving in Quantico wasn’t that bad but DC traffic was murder and that’s where he was. He’d driven into the city to pick up a surprise for Aaron. Along with it had been some of his things from his old house in Vegas that he needed, personal and magical items. Tria had closed down the house and put it all in storage, Everything had been safer that way.

Stopped at a light, Spencer let his mind wander. It would be at least a minute before it changed. He was thinking of what he needed to do when he got into the office when a truck barreled past him. He watched the swerve of the truck and then he noticed the sedan that it was heading right for. There wasn’t a single thing he could do. He pulled his car off to the side as he heard the crunch of metal on metal. He was up and out of his car, grabbing his credentials and the keys but leaving his gun and bag in the car. The other cars around the intersection were stopped so Spencer could run right to the truck. He jerked open the door, the smell of alcohol was so strong that it nearly knocked Spencer on his ass. It took a moment but he was finally able to stick his head in and he felt for a pulse but found none. The guy hadn’t even been buckled in and there was little that wasn’t sliced to shreds on his head. The smell of blood was strong. The guy had hit so hard he’d caved in the top of his head.

Giving up on the dead man, Spencer moved to the sedan. He had to cross to the passenger side and he was happy he could open the door and leaned into the car, resting his knees on the seat. The woman driving was covered in blood and while her airbag and seatbelt stopped her from being tossed around, that part of the car was all smashed in and even as he reached for her neck, he knew that she was dead. The lack of a pulse confirmed it. When he pulled his hand back, her head shifted, her face visible and Spencer gasped, his head snapping around and looking in the back seat. He’d been so focused on the woman that he hadn’t noticed the kid in the back seat.

Jumping out of the front seat of the car, Spencer ripped the back door off it’s hinges. The boy in the back seat looked up at him with no fear on his face, well no fear of him. The tears were streaming down his face and Spencer knew that the boy knew his mother was dead. He reached out, the kid’s magic flared and the belts holding him into his car seat snapped. The boy was in his arms. There was blood on him but not much, just from the scratches from the glass. The seat had done it’s job.

“Where’s daddy?” The kid asked as Spencer tucked his head on his shoulder. Spencer turned from the car and saw that an officer had finally arrived on scene. He hadn’t even thought of calling the police. The officer was approaching them.

“I’ll make sure to get a hold of him.” The kid’s dad was going to get the shock of his life. Spencer focused on the kid and was shocked when he felt a brush of magic over himself. The kid was looking for something. Before Spencer could even try and stop him, the kid brushed on the bond and a protective instinct that he’d never felt before flared in his body. He was sure that Aaron felt it even in Quantico.

Then there was a hand on his arm and Spencer spun a little to look at the officer. The snarl ripped from his throat and the officer took a step back, scared for his life because of the sound. Spencer tucked the child into his side that was the farthest away from the cop but it wasn’t enough. It had been so long since he’d gone feral and there was no stopping it now. The shift to Reed was easy and seductive. He could protect the child better in dragon form. The world whited out for a few seconds.

Reed looked down at the officer as the man now ran away from him. He snorted and smoke rolled from his nose. Thankfully the human didn’t draw a gun. He felt Aaron trying to reach him over the bond but pushed it away. He needed to protect the kid.

That was all that mattered.


Aaron felt a rush of protective and possessive feelings from Spencer. He reached out in the bond and was pushed away. He snorted and then went back to work. He knew that Spencer had stayed back to talk to Tria about a few things and he must have gone on a hunt before heading into work that day. It was one of the only times that he was pushed away anymore. He finished that file and opened up the second, moments going by. The only thing he felt now was the slight feralness that told him that Reed was definitely hunting.

“HOTCH!” JJ’s voice called out from the bullpen. There was a tinge of panic in the woman’s voice and it carried him out of his office at a faster clip than he’d ever run before. When he stopped at the bar, he took in his team, all of them were looking at the TV and even as he turned to look JJ pointed at it. He wasn’t sure what he was looking at at first. The screen showed a woman talking but the volume was too low. Morgan started to turn the volume up.

“…We arrived on scene moments after it happened. Our eyewitnesses have told us that a wreck happened and one of the first on scene was a young man who sprinted over to the truck before checking on the people in the sedan. One woman saw the young man pull the child from the back seat but when the first officer on scene tried to approach the man snarled at him. The snarl was heard by all bystanders at the scene and then the young man changed.” The camera panned and Aaron sucked in a breath.

There on screen was Reed. He’d seen Reed in his larger, darker form enough that he knew him on sight. There was a sedan at his back and he was shifted to where his wing was down. Aaron had seen him in the pose enough to know that he was protecting something. The kid. Reed had the kid tucked against him, protecting him from the officer. The dragon had never done that before, even on a case with an UnSub. Oh, he’d protected the kids but never like that.

Aaron tried to reach out but that slight feralness that Reed got when hunting was magnified so high that Aaron couldn’t breach it. Reed was gone. All that was left was the dragon and there was no way that the dragon was going to calm down with all those people around him. The phone in his office started to ring, it was his secondary line. As Judge he’d be called to contain the dragon. Little did most everyone know.

“All BAU teams!” Aaron yelled. He waited till he had all eyes on him. “We need to get to DC and contain Reed. I don’t know what caused this but I have a feeling that the kid that he pulled from the car is still there at his side. If you are not on my team, I need you to help get civilians and even LEOs back from the scene. My team, I want you front and center. Go!”

The other teams scattered, heading right for the doors. His team did not move, waiting for him. He moved back to his office, grabbing his gun and credentials. When he made it down the stairs, his team fell into place around him.

“He can’t feel me. Whatever is going on, he’s feral. He’s never felt like this before. I don’t know what we are going to find when we get there. There is no way that I can drive so Morgan, you take the wheel. I’d prefer if we all arrive in two SUVs.”

“He wouldn’t hurt the kid, right?” Dave asked.

“No. He’s in protection mode. That I could feel before he became feral.”


Aaron took the front seat of the first of the SUVs that was waiting on them. One of the other teams must have had them prepared for them. He was thankful. He closed his eyes and kept trying to get to Reed in his mind but there was so much happening over the bond that he didn’t know how to break through. There was something more going on than just Reed going feral.

The near hour trip only took half that with sirens blaring and Morgan’s combative driving. Morgan pulled up to the police cordon and was waved in by the LEOs. Anderson met him opening the door to the car.

“LEOs are running the plates of the car now to try and get information on who the driver is. We know that it’s a female with blonde hair. The kid looked to be around the age of five. It’s a boy and the officer who saw him said he looked fine except for a few cuts before the dragon emerged. Reed isn’t answering them at all. We’ve not said a thing, just answering ‘no comment.’”

“Thanks Anderson. Work with the LEOs to keep people back. No matter what he does, he won’t hurt me or the team. Don’t let them draw their weapons. There isn’t a single thing that we can do about this. Dave, find my car. It’s here somewhere. Get his bag out. He usually keeps his phone in there. I will need it.” Aaron tossed over the keys to the car and turned to face his dragon for the first time. Reed had his head tucked near the wing that was protecting the kid.

“Hotch. The car, the LEOs have a name for us,” JJ said as she stepped up to him from where she’d exited the car. “Brooks. Haley Brooks. Isn’t that…”

The gasp from Morgan was enough of an answer. Aaron started forward towards his mate. “JJ, I want you up here with me. Stay behind me. I don’t know what he’s going to do. If I get him to release the kid, I want you to get him free. Reed would never hurt him but we have jumpy cops who have never dealt with a dragon before.”

“Sure.” JJ passed off her gun to Prentiss and Aaron did the same with Morgan even pulling his backup off.

“Are you insane?” One of the officers asked as he watched them remove their guns.

“All a gun is going to do is piss him off.” Aaron turned to look at Morgan and he saw the Shifter nod that he would keep an eye on him. “Reed!” Aaron yelled as soon as he and JJ got far enough away from the others.

“It has a name?” That same officer asked, his tone loud. Reed’s head turned and he started right at the man. Aaron watched as those bright blue eyes started to get brighter and brighter. He knew exactly what that meant.

“Morgan, silence him,” Aaron yelled. It drew the dragon’s gaze from the man to him and JJ, which was exactly what he wanted. “JJ, I want you to work on getting the bodies out of the cars. The smell isn’t exactly helping keep him calm. Get the MEs ready.”

“Sure.” JJ turned to move over to the other side of the street to bring the ambulance and the medical examiner’s onto the scene. The rest of the team was still in ear shot. He’d need them next.

“Reed, I need to get these people from the cars. So I’m going to have Morgan, Dave, and Prentiss start to shift people around from the area over there then can you and the boy move there?” Aaron pointed over to the opposite side of the intersection. Reed looked over to where he was pointing. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the rest of his team did as he asked. Where Reed was now, he was protected at his back by the two wrecked vehicles. The area where Hotch wanted to put him was protected by two buildings. “Can you do that?”

“Yes,” Reed answered. The entire crowd gathered around them gasped.

“Do you know who I am?” Aaron needed to know how feral his dragon was.

“Yes, Aaron.” Reed’s tone told him that the dragon thought he was stupid.

“Well, you keep rebuffing me in the bond. You’re feral right now.”

“I am well aware of that fact.”

“Then you understand why I’m a little worried.” Aaron didn’t turn from the dragon, trusting his team to protect his back. A small cough from Morgan told him that the area was clear and only then did Aaron look away.

I’m not the one blocking the bond, Aaron.

Aaron’s blood ran cold at those words but he took a few steps toward the new area to draw Reed’s gaze there. Reed watched him walk a few more steps before he started to move. He watched as his dragon tucked his wing in closer to the side of his body and then started to three leg walk over the area. It was slow going but Aaron figured that the kid was tucked close to his body with the missing leg.

This wasn’t just a bout of feralness over a child being injured. If Reed wasn’t blocking the bond, the kid was. Haley had been human and not magical at all, if her kid was magical. The timeline was way too close. Aaron turned to see that JJ was staying between the rushing medical staff and him and Reed.

“He’s not going to let you take him JJ. I need to talk to Garcia.”

JJ smiled and handed over her cell phone. Aaron smiled back.

“Sir, my chocolate God had me looking up information on the kid and well…His name is Jack Brooks and he was born on October seventh two thousand and four. There is no father listed on his birth certificate. Locals have notified her next of kin which is her sister Jessica. She is on her way to take in Jack.”

“I’ll have Dave find her and bring her up,” Aaron turned to look at JJ as he spoke and she nodded, moving away.

“I have no picture of him, Sir. I can’t give you an answer to the question running in your head.”

“Thank you, Garcia. I think I’ve already got confirmation.” The question was running through his mind as he was sure it was running through the minds of the team.

“Yes, Sir. Anything else?”

“Can you go to my house? We will be heading there as soon as I can get Reed to change to Spencer. Or at least shrink down to fit into the car.”

“Of course, Bossman.” Garcia clicked off and Aaron pocketed JJ’s phone. She was still over talking to Dave. He watched as Dave handed over a set of keys and a phone to her before she turned to head back to him. As soon as she got close she handed over the phone. Aaron immediately searched for the phone number and called.

“Spencer?” Tria asked.

“Actually, it’s Aaron. I have a feral Reed in the middle of the streets of DC. He’s got a child tucked in so close to his body that no one can see him.”


“See, that’s what I want to know. Let’s say I have a child and he’s magical. How would the kid’s magic feel to him?”

“The same as yours. He would know your child by a touch if he was deaf and blind. Spencer told me you had no children alive right now.”

“Well that’s what I thought. Spencer turned into Reed in the middle of the streets after a cop tried to touch the kid. I am also having trouble getting a reading on Reed. He says he’s not blocking the bond.”

“What happened?”

“The child’s mother was killed in a wreck. Spencer was first on scene.” Aaron looked around the scene. The bodies were gone as was everyone but the team.

“If that’s your child, you are the only one that Reed is going to give him over to. He’s never gone feral like this, Aaron. Never. You need to get him calm and the first step of that is getting the child calm. He won’t hurt you. Just approach him like it’s any other time. Call if you need me.” Tria hung up before Aaron could beg her not to. He sighed and handed the phone back to JJ along with her own.

“Reed, I’m going to come closer now.”

The dragon didn’t answer him, instead he just stared. Aaron moved forward like he wasn’t worried that his mate could possibly react badly to his presence and hurt him. It was hard but he did it. When he reached out to touch Reed, the dragon shifted and his wing unfurled some. Jack was sitting on the leg of the dragon with a thumb in his mouth. He looked at Jack and knew. Jack was his.

“Jack, this is your dad,” Reed said, his voice pitched really low so that hopefully it wouldn’t carry. That confirmed what Aaron thought. Reed knew it was his kid as well. Jack dropped the finger from his mouth and just looked at him. It was several long minutes before he reached out to Aaron. As soon as the little hands touched his skin, Aaron felt it. This bond felt so different than the one he had with Spencer and it was a different feeling than any others he’d ever had with children long gone. The bond with Spencer felt the same but he could feel that Jack was scared and worried and so many other emotions and it was blocking Reed. The dragon was trying to keep Jack calm by taking on his emotions and it was making it hard for him to connect with Aaron.

Jack jumped into Aaron’s arms after that and buried his face into his neck. The little boy started crying. His emotions flowed over Aaron and he gladly took them. Reed shifted down to ] a smaller size. He stood shoulder to shoulder with Aaron. His eyes raked over the crowd gathered at the edges of the scene behind the barricades set up by the locals and Aaron got to watch as the entirety of the situation dawned on him. A shout from someone had the dragon’s head jerking towards the noise as his body shifted and Aaron and Jack were covered by a wing. Aaron kept his laughter down. It wasn’t a laughing matter but he’d protected Reed so much that it felt funny for the dragon to think he needed protection.

It’s Alan. The wing was drawn back at the words and then Aaron could see his friend moving towards them. Dave was walking with him but both of them stopped over ten feet away from them.

“My phone hasn’t stopped buzzing since this started. I’ve only taken one of those calls. I wasn’t aware that your lady friend had my number, Reed.”

Tria called you?

“She couldn’t get you or Aaron on the phone. It seems that the entire world has seen video of you shifting into dragon form. The magical council in Britain is calling for you to be brought to England for training. She wants to speak to you before she makes a decision. Aaron spoke to her and she knows why this happened. She just doesn’t feel right giving away your secrets without speaking to you. As long as you allow her to reveal her own secrets, she’ll allow you to reveal your own.”

JJ, come take Jack. He’ll feel better going to a female right now.

Aaron heard the words so he figured that Reed was broadcasting to him so that he’d know what was going on. JJ started towards them and Jack went willingly to her. Aaron didn’t want to let go of his son but he knew what was going to happen. As soon as JJ moved back to where Dave was. Reed shifted into Spencer. He turned to look at Aaron.

“Are you ready for this?”

“To tell the entire world that not only am I one of North America’s Judges but that I am in a relationship with a dragon? Ready as I’ll ever be.”


The entire team plus Jessica Brooks was piled into the dining room at Aaron’s house. Boxes and boxes of Chinese food were scattered everywhere. Jack was settled on Aaron’s lap with Spencer on one side of him and JJ the other. The little boy had taken to JJ quickly.

Child Services had tried to fight Aaron taking Jack with him as he wasn’t listed on Jack’s birth certificate but the arrival of Jessica had changed that tune quickly. Jessica had taken the other woman aside and talked to her for several minutes and when the two had come back, Jack was allowed to go with Aaron.

Jack had eaten little but Aaron knew that it was normal. He was in shock no matter how stoic he acted. Having Jessica around helped to settle the boy but he hadn’t wanted to leave his dad’s lap since they had arrived at the house.

“Jack, Miss JJ is going to take you and Henry and you two can play in the backyard, how does that sound?” Aaron watched Jack’s face as he spoke. Jack’s face fell a little but he nodded. Aaron moved to hand him over to JJ but Spencer’s hand on his arm stopped him.

“Henry, where did you put Mr. Bear?” Spencer asked as he looked at the smaller of the two boys. Henry ran off into the living room and came back with a stuffed bear. Spencer touched the bear and it started to glow. Jack’s eyes widened and when the glow disappeared he grabbed the bear from the dragon’s hands. He crushed the bear to his body and turned back and forth. “Now, please go with Miss JJ.”

Jack nodded and took off towards where JJ was standing with her hand out. Henry followed after at JJ’s prompting. When they were out of earshot she turned to Aaron.

“What is he doing here?” Jessica asked, pointing at Spencer.

“Jessica, this is Doctor Spencer Reid. He’s a member of my team.”

“I am the highest ranking magic user in North America. I top Aaron and the other Judge.” Spencer relaxed back into his chair, picking at his food. “You’ve seen the dragon on the news, the little one that Aaron has had with him for a little while?”

“Haley told me about him. She was shocked that you accepted a familiar. She said you didn’t like them too well.” Jessica was looking at Aaron now.

“Oh, I don’t. Spencer is that dragon. He’s a High Dragon.” The look on Jessica’s face told Aaron that she didn’t know what that meant.

“I can change forms between human and dragon. I am more magical than Aaron and am Immortal. I am going to be blunt and ask the question that is the elephant in the room since Aaron isn’t going to. Why was Jack kept from Aaron?”

“Kept from him? Haley said that he kicked her to the curb when he found out she was pregnant.” Jessica looked shocked.

“No, I came home from a case and found that she had moved all her stuff from the house and she left a letter telling me that she wasn’t going to move back in unless I quit the BAU.”

“She told me all the time that you didn’t want kids.” Jessica shoved her plate away from herself and settled with her elbows on the table.

“I didn’t. I told her that up front. I don’t know if she wanted to try and change my mind. I buried my last family thirty years ago. They died in a car crash. I was thrown from the car but it caught fire before anyone could arrive on scene. I wasn’t ready to try and start another family.”

“Oh, she never said that, just that you didn’t want kids. Aaron, I’m so sorry. She told us things and we all believed them. I wanted to try and reach out to you about Jack but I trusted her and I didn’t want…you are very high profile. You could bury us if you wanted. All this time and you didn’t even know about him at all. I’m not going to fight you. I’ll make sure that dad doesn’t. I just want to see him.”

“We can discuss that more later. Right now we have an issue. Most magical children bond with their magical parents at birth. Jack’s always had the ability to bond with me but it’s never been allowed to happen. Touch is needed. He bonded with Spencer in a way due to the magical signature of mine that he carries due to our own bond.”

“Aaron, I don’t understand magic and I never have. Just plainer words.”

“Jack’s bond with me is very new and very clingy. He’s not going to want to be separated from me for a while. It could be up to a month, maybe longer. Maybe shorter. Even if I wanted to give him an easy transition into life with me, that’s not going to happen. You saw how he was there? I asked him to go to another room and he was going to do it but he didn’t want to. That wasn’t him just not wanting to. That was his magic not wanting to be gone from mine. That bear that Spencer gave him, it has my magical signature on it. While it will work for short term, it won’t for cases. I’m going to be here in DC for a while.”

“So we are going to be down you and Spencer?” Morgan asked.

“Why would I have to stay?” Spencer asked. Aaron tried to keep the laughter in but the look of confusion on Spencer’s face was priceless.

“I…” Morgan started but the scream of Henry interrupted the adults. The young boy came running into the room and jumped into Spencer’s lap. Jack came running after and stopped when he saw where Henry was. He stopped, a small scared look on his face. Aaron wanted to rush forward but Spencer set Henry down and then with a small flash and a crack of lightning, Reed was sitting in the chair. Henry squealed and clapped, reaching out and picking up Reed. He handed the dragon over to Jack who smiled and then the three of them were gone.

“And my dragon was just kidnapped by two children.”

“He turned into Reed,” JJ said as she entered the room. “He knows that Henry loves to play with Reed.”

“What was that flash and the crack?” Dave asked.

“That’s something he does for Henry. He did it once to scare me while JJ and Henry were visiting and well, the little boy loves it. I think he also did it for Jack’s benefit. Jack sees the dragon as his protector.” Aaron smiled as he heard Henry’s shrill laughter from the backyard followed by a burst of laughter from Jack. “What kind of magical training was Haley giving him?”

“Just the standard.”

“What’s his affinity?” Jessica just looked at him like he was crazy.

A burst of worry over the bond had Aaron on edge.

Aaron. Reed’s voice sounded worried so Aaron jumped from his chair and ran to the backyard. It was fenced in so he wasn’t worried about that. When he saw the flames his heart leapt into his throat. He found Jack and Henry who were both in Spencer’s arms. The small inferno was ten feet across and spiraling up like a tornado. Aaron could hear the others behind him but all he did was run to where Spencer was standing.

“What happened?”

“I found his affinity. I was showing them the elements I have control over and then Jack saw the small fire and it leapt out of control.”

“Shouldn’t we be doing something?” Garcia asked but Aaron shook his head. He held out his hands for Jack and the boy went to him willingly. He moved over closer to the fire and waited for Spencer to move closer to the flames as well after passing off Henry to his mother.

“Jack, what made the fire do that?”

“I did. I was cold but I didn’t want to go inside. I just wanted to get warm.”

“Can you make it stop?” Aaron sat down and set Jack in his lap. He felt the air around them shift and watched as the fire slowly died down. It took nearly ten minutes. When what remained was only the small flame that Spencer had ignited, Aaron picked up Jack and cuddled the boy close. The boy was tired. Spencer reached down and as soon as his hand entered the flame, it was gone.

“We need to get him into a different training program. He’ll be in preschool this year.”

“Kindergarten. He started preschool last year. Haley was able to get him a waiver to be allowed into school early since he was born in October. He’s never done something like that before.”

“My fire is….seductive to him. Normal fire is pretty to him and nice. My magical fire is like sticking a child at a buffet of desserts when he’s hungry. He couldn’t resist playing with it, especially since he was cold. I’ll make sure not to bring out fire around him.”

“Haley never said he had any issues. She said that he hadn’t shown an affinity yet.”

“That’s because of her…” Spencer stopped and looked at Aaron. “Why don’t you go settle him down in the guest room?”

Aaron nodded and moved past his dragon, kissing him on the cheek as he passed. Jack even leaned in for a kiss from Spencer. Jessica just watched in shock.


Spencer watched Aaron make his way back into the house. He was ever so thankful that Aaron had a large house. It wasn’t anywhere as big as Rossi’s ‘mansion’ but it was very big. There was room for most everyone to stay over.

“Miss Brooks, would you mind coming with me into the library, where we can talk in a neutral setting.”

“Sure.” Spencer held out his elbow and she took it.

“Morgan, JJ would you like to join us?” Spencer figured that she would be comfortable with another woman in the room and Morgan was a good neutral person on the magical side of things. “You all know the rooms that you can stay in. I think that Aaron was putting Jack in the one next to our bedroom.”

The library furniture was turned around to where the four of them would be able to sit and face each other. Jessica took the seat beside JJ and Spencer took the one beside Morgan.

“When Jack started his magical education, what did Haley tell the school?”

“That Jack was born of a one night stand.”

“Children of Immortals are very powerful. Aaron’s family line has always had an affinity for fire. His long dead family had one magic user out of four who didn’t use fire. I did a lot of research on him after he released me from my prison. If his teacher had known, he would have been tested for fire in much the same way that I just tested him.”

“You were trying to find his affinity, weren’t you, Pretty Boy?” Morgan asked with a smile on his face.

“Yes. I had a feeling he would use fire. Aaron was one of the few who had the ability to use all forms of magic but given that he was revealed to be an Immortal at a young age like Henry, it was understandable. We have a lot of issues to work through with Child Protective Services. We have a funeral to plan and a will to take care of. As well as custody and visiting arrangements to take care of.”

“His job hasn’t changed,” Jessica pointed out.

“No, it hasn’t. The brass will give him the month. I know that they will. You are welcome to stay the night and we can talk more in the morning. We are all still in shock. Today has been tiring and I know that your father and mother want to see you. They are more than welcome to come into town and stay here or I’ll put them up in a hotel.”

“You will?” Jessica looked shocked at his words.

“Of course. They are Jack’s family. We are all Jack’s family. He lost his mother but he gained a father and a large slightly crazy set of uncles and aunts.”

“And where do you fall in that?”

“Wherever Jack wants to place me.”

“What exactly is your role in Aaron’s life?”

“You know little of dragons but that’s normal for humans. High Dragons are rare. We are a different species from other dragons. You look at me and you see the age I represent and you saw pictures of me as Reed. I am not a young little thing, Miss Brooks. I was born at the same time that Aaron was. I’ve been alive for as long as him. When I met him for the first time, we bonded.”

“Haley spoke of bonds, there are many different kinds.”

“Most young dragons, which I let everyone think I was, bond with a magic user when they are too young to protect themselves. High Dragons only bond like that if not helped when young. I was taken in pretty young so I never needed that. That is considered to be a parental bond. There is also a bond much like Morgan and Garcia have. Friendship bond. It’s only created when nurtured for years. Sibling bonds and parental bonds are created upon birth when family touch each other. There is a love bond. It’s pretty common among magical users and other magical beings. The final bond is soulmates.” Spencer didn’t say anything about it because the name spoke for itself.

“Which do you two have? I saw the kiss. I didn’t think that relationships were allowed between those who are on the same team.”

“Soulmates. There is a great deal that they would allow of soulmates. They can’t keep me from him. Magical law doesn’t allow a dragon and their bonded, no matter what form of bond, to be separated. Of course, I proved what I’ll do when separated from him but that’s a story for another time. I am bonded to Jack as much as I am bonded to Aaron. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to keep him alive and safe.”

Spencer let Morgan lead him out of the room while JJ stayed to answer more questions.


“When did you see him for the first time?” Aaron asked as he leaned against the dresser in the bedroom. Spencer was hanging up clothes in the closet but the silence told him that he’d surprised the dragon. He waited for several long minutes before Spencer appeared from inside the small room. He was dressed like Aaron, in sleep clothes.

“When we went to the mall together. I traced your magical signature as I’d never done it before and when there were two current ones, I followed the one that felt a little different. It led me to a toy store where I saw him.”

“And you kept it from me.” Aaron wasn’t angry. Confused by not angry. It was a week. He’d known over that week that something was up. He knew about the present the dragon had for him, he didn’t know what it was but hushed calls and emails and the sense of complete happiness just a few days before that mall trip told him that something big was up. He’d thought the issue that Spencer was dealing with had to do with his small bout of jealousy he’d shown to the barista.

“I was on my way to the office to tell you this morning. I’d given myself a week to try and figure out the best way to tell you. I knew you’d be hurt no matter what. I tried to find more information on him and her but she kept a great deal hidden. I also couldn’t look too much as it would draw attention. He’s intelligent. When I trace magic, my eyes glow blue and I was in human form so he saw me for the first time with glowing blue eyes that changed when I stopped tracing. He didn’t freak out.” Spencer stayed at the closet, his eyes were downcast. He wasn’t looking up at all.

Aaron started across the room towards his mate. Spencer raised his eyes and the Immortal was happy to see that he wasn’t scared. He pulled him close and kissed his forehead. “I should be so mad but gods, I don’t know what I would have done that day in the mall if you had told me then. I don’t know what I would have done at all. Today could have sucked on so many levels. If the truck had hit her just a few feet over, Jack could have been killed. You would have known about him but I would have never. I don’t envy you the choices you’ve made.”

“I wasn’t going to…”

“Shush. I know. You’ve never lied to me, not without a very good reason. You aren’t lying about this. So what choice had you made?”

“Going with the truth. Pretty much what I told you. I’ve run the scenarios over the week and there was no way to lessen the impact on you. I couldn’t even sleep last night.”

“I know.” Aaron had woken every single time that Spencer had shifted in bed. It was part of why he wanted Spencer to have the morning. He hoped that whatever was wrong would come to a head. This he didn’t want. He was happy to have Jack in his life. He wasn’t going to turn the child away. Nothing that happened had been Jack’s fault. Jack needed him. “I’ll talk to Strauss in the morning. Morgan can step up and lead the team until Jack’s more settled.”

“And you are okay with me going without you?” Spencer turned to lay his head on Aaron’s shoulder. His arms wrapped around him tightly.

“Of course. Morgan, Garcia, and JJ stayed. Henry crawled into bed with Jack. Prentiss and Dave went home. He’s going to head in first thing and try and work on some things with Strauss before I call. Prentiss didn’t feel like sharing a bed. So what did you buy me?” Aaron wanted the mood lightened. He felt the shakes as Spencer laughed.

“You are sort of blind. Morgan hung it up earlier when we got home. I didn’t want it in the car in the hot sun.”

Aaron pulled back to look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Where is it?”

Spencer kissed him briefly and then waved at the wall above the bed. Aaron turned to look, keeping him close. His jaw dropped. It was a large painting that he swore he’d never see again. He thought it was lost to the ravages of time. It had hung in the dining room of the large estate he’d lived in as a kid. The painting was of his village he’d grown up in. It had been painted by a wandering magical user. His father had bought it and Aaron had fallen in love at age five.

“I found it by accident and I knew what the place was. When I was young, I’d heard of you but never thought that we were destined. The woman who owned it didn’t want to part with it but I was able to get her to.”

“How much did you spend on this?” Aaron didn’t even want to think how much the woman had asked for. Magical paintings were expensive, especially ones that were over five thousand years old. It was probably the only painting to have survived the destruction of the village before magic had come out to the world at large.

“It was worth it.”


“Aaron. Just feel happy.” Spencer kissed him, hard and it was passion filled. Aaron backed him up until he fell onto the bed. The dragon laughed as he bounced. He reached out and pulled Aaron down on top of him using his shirt. “Let’s settle down for the night. There is no way you are getting anything with Jack and Henry both in the next room. Who knows how Jack is going to react to it right now.”

“I know. I just want to hold you. When I saw you on the news, I was afraid. The news is just going to increase. When should we expect Tria and Serena?”

“Within the month. They will probably bring Brianna with them. If they do, I don’t think I can keep Henry from them.”

“You said that there was a chance that Tria wanted you to take her in. So we go from no kids to two in the space of a month.” Aaron knew that Spencer was worried about Aaron resenting that he was probably the only one who could help the little dragon. She’d been refusing to leave dragon form for a few days the last time the two dragons had talked. Aaron had been prepared. “We’ll need to see about making sure the fence is protected.”

“That fence won’t keep Brianna in. She may be small but she’s going to be able to fly. As soon as her wings were fully developed, she could fly. For me that was five days. I made Tria so mad.”

“So what kind of intelligence can we be expecting. You have your eidetic memory, reading speed, and the high IQ.” Aaron shifted around on the bed to settle down as Spencer pulled the sheet over them. When Aaron let his hand settle on Spencer’s stomach, under the shirt, he felt the charge on his skin. His mate had been right. He had gotten used to it. It didn’t excite him as much as it used to but it was comforting to him.

“That’s…Tria has a really good memory but pretty close to your own. My quirks, as Serena called them, are my own. I had the same chance of getting them much like humans do.” Eyes closed, Spencer settled back into Aaron’s chest, linking their hands. “We need sleep. Tomorrow we get to face everything, including my outing to the world.”

“Don’t think about it,” Aaron whispered as he started to rub at Spencer’s stomach with their linked hands. He could tell how tired his mate was. Between not getting any sleep the night before and the stress of the day, he was shocked he’d lasted as long as he had.

Only when Spencer was asleep did Aaron let himself relax enough to go to sleep. He hadn’t wanted a child but he wasn’t going to turn him away. Jack needed him and Brianna needed Spencer. The moment that his dragon had entered his life it had been changed, this was just another little bump. His last thought was that it wasn’t going to be two but three as Henry and Brianna were going to want to be together as much as possible. What a life it was going to be.
The End

Next Part

The High Dragon

Title: The High Dragon
Series: Here There Be Dragons
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 5
Category: AU: Fantasy, Magic is Known, Established Relationship,
Ratings: Adult
Pairings: Hotch/Reid,
Spoilers: Up through Season 5
Summary: Spencer has to make a choice, save Aaron or stay hidden. It’s not a choice at all.
Words: 9,580
Notes: Remember that Henry is a little older in this series by two years.
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,
Beta: Charlie_Remington,

Series Page

Spencer was relaxing back on the couch in the library when he felt it. He dropped the book to the floor and reached out. He could feel that Aaron was alive but that was it. The bond was being suppressed by severe magics. He wasn’t going to worry yet. He’d asked to stay back from the case and Aaron had allowed it. It had only been a few weeks since he’d killed Foyet and outed himself to his mate. He’d gone on two cases as Reed to show that he was fine but right now he wanted to relax in human form for a while.

An hour was spent trying to read before he gave up and worked on cleaning the house even though it was spotless. When he still didn’t feel Aaron at the end of the night, he tried to call him, and it went to right to voicemail. Aaron’s phone never went straight to voicemail. He called Alan. He placed the phone on speaker and pitched his voice to where he sounded like Reed. It was simple.

“Hello?” Alan asked, sounding tired.

“I need you to find out what is going on with Aaron’s team, Alan.”

“Reed?” Alan didn’t sound so tired anymore.

“I stopped being able to feel where he is hours ago and he hasn’t come back. There is no area that large in the continental United States that he’s traveling through it.”

“Where did he go?”


“Are you prepared for what you will have to do if he’s hurt and captive and the FBI can’t save him?”

“I’ve been prepared for that for months, Alan. I’ll answer the house phone. Call me back on it.” Spencer clicked the button to hang up. He knew he wasn’t going to get to sleep and to call any of the team and reveal that he could feel Aaon like he did would give more information than he was willing to give. He eyed the cell phone that had been procured and the protective magics placed on it by Garcia. There was no way to trace the phone to him or Aaron. It was safe and he used it to call Tria once a week.

Packing an extra bag of Aaron’s along with some of his new clothes, he used his magic to place it in a small pocket dimension so he could access it just in case. He debated placing one of Aaron’s guns in there but decided against it in the end. If this ended like he thought, a gun would be useless. He’d need his dragon form.

The phone ringing four hours after his call to Alan woke him from a light doze he hadn’t known he’d slipped into.

“Where is he?”

“He’s still working the case and that is as much as they are willing to tell me. The Council is unwilling to give you the right to pass into their lands as they are afraid what it would do to those that Aaron is chasing.”

“He’s been taken captive hasn’t he?”

“They say no but I read between their lines and I believe so. Give me until the morning to get out there and see what else I can find out. Just stay in the house Reed.”

“Fine.” Spencer hung up and grabbed the cell phone. He dialed the number that he would never forget and waited. He started to pace as he listened for the click.

“Spencer? It’s a little early for this call,” Tria’s voice was tinny so he figured he was on speaker. She had to be in her office alone or with Serena or in their bedroom.

“Aaron has been taken captive and I am not with him. Whatever is wrong with him, I can’t feel it. I can feel that he is alive and that is it. He’s states away in Utah and I think he’s on ancient lands.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing. Alan is trying to figure out as much as he can. I will give him until the afternoon tomorrow and then I will go and take care of the Council and then get my mate back. I wanted to give you the heads up.” When Spencer felt the charge in the air he stopped pacing and looked around. He could feel the charge of the thunderstorm outside and he was actually feeding it and making it worse. He pulled in his magic and listened as the storm calmed down to a normal rage. He didn’t need eyes on him just yet. That would come later.

“You do what you have to do, Spencer. I’ve made headway since we last talked and well…the money trail stops at the emergency fund for the West Coast Council. If you want to force their hand and claim your lands, you are more than welcome. Just make sure that you can hold them.”

“Oh I can. My magic has nearly gone back to where it was when I was captured just over the weeks since Aaron unlocked the parts of the bond I was keeping down.”

“The sex has helped as well.” Tria laughed and Spencer caught a note of something in her voice. She was upset about something.

“What’s wrong?” If it had to do with him, she would have outright said something.

“You know me too well. The youngling isn’t settling. She’s not talking to Serena or I at all. I don’t know what to do.”

“I’ll speak to Aaron. We’ll figure something out.” Spencer hated keeping the knowledge of Henry from Tria but it wasn’t something he was willing to risk over the phone, even if he trusted the phone. His ten years estimate might be shortened by a great deal.

“Keep me appraised. I’ll keep an ear down for news as well.”

“I will.” Spencer closed the cell and dropped down onto the arm of the couch. He tossed the phone down with the house phone and listened to the storm again. He needed to get rid of his energy and there was only one way to do it. He quickly changed his form and took off for the open window on the second floor. He’d magicked the window long before to respond to him and only him. To anybody watching the house, the window would open and close but if they tried to get in, they would be thrown backwards and given that it was on the second story, they would be seriously hurt. It was always magically open only allowing him to go back and forth. Not even air moved through the barrier.

Spencer was nearly half a mile up when the storm started to center around him. It reacted to his presence and grew to a massive storm that, if it was over the plains, he’d be worried about a tornado but this area was too hilly for that. He juked in and out of the bolts of lightning that were arcing everywhere. This he could do with little issue. He let the storm grow and grow. The bolts struck to the ground and he followed them, chasing them. His magic called to the storm and it called back. Knowing that it was safer, Spencer settled the storm over the Potomac. For two hours he chased lightning bolts up and down the river. Only when he was tired did he finally turn towards home, letting the storm quiet back down.

If he was going to have to do what he thought he was in the morning, Spencer knew he was going to need to sleep. Before that, he needed food. On his way he found the small farm that he always stopped at. When he landed, the farmer stepped out to greet him.

“Young Master Dragon, welcome. Having fun in the storm?”

“Yes. I’m finding myself hungry.”

“What are you in the mood for?”

“A whole cow.”

The farmer just laughed and waved for him to follow. Aaron had set up the deal with the farmer long before. Normally it was okay for him to hunt the small animals and deer around the house and for many miles around that but in times like this he needed a large creature.

Settling back into the house an hour later, Spencer was tired. He was halfway up the stairs when he thought better of it. He didn’t want to sleep in a bed without Aaron. He moved back to the living room and dropped onto the couch, pulling the blanket off the back and falling asleep near instantly.


Landing outside the West Coast Council chamber, Spencer shifted to child form easily. He released the magic he was using to hide from cameras and stood waiting. To all cameras in the area he just appeared on the screens. He waited for five minutes while he listened inside the building. The security team was all for rushing outside and bringing him in while one of the council members wanted to wait.

Finally, the head of security stepped out.

“How may I help you?”

“I want to meet with the Council, now.”


“Tell them a dragon is waiting.” Spencer watched as the security guard just widened his eyes, and then a garbled voice echoed out of his earpiece. Spencer smiled and started towards the door. “Thank you.”

Spencer was led to the Council chamber. It looked exactly like the chamber had the last time he’d been in there over a hundred years before. He stopped in front of the chairs on the dias and barely gave them a look.

“What can we do for you?” One of the younger females asked. Spencer didn’t care to learn or remember their names at all.

“I want to know why I was denied access to these lands and I had to push and break ancient magic to even get access.”

“You broke the magical line?” the oldest woman on the Council asked as she stood up. Her chair sliding and echoing around the chamber hid the gasp from Alan, who was sitting at the side. Spencer looked right at him.

“I was denied access to move onto the lands and save my protector.” Spencer watched as the five Council members watched him. Two were scared, he could taste their fear on the air. The other three were mad. Alan was just staring at him. He was trying to figure out what Spencer’s plan was.

“And who is your protector?” the first of the mad male Council members asked. So far he hadn’t spoken yet. The other one was staying silent.

Spencer locked eyes with each Council member, holding that gaze for a minute each before moving on. He had a good idea who the one who had paid off Ethan was but there were two other candidates as well. Finally he looked at Alan.

The two females at the end are scared shitless and they will be spared but this will probably end with the death of the other three. You are the lead for my Council. I would prefer to do it with your permission but I will without it as well.

Alan just nodded in response and then waved his hand in a do as you wish gesture. Spencer turned to look back at the other humans. He let a positively feral smile alight on his lips. The two scared females started to shake. The other three did nothing.

Shifting forms was easy and no theatrics were needed, but for this time, Spencer used his lightning and seven bolts shot out from his mouth. When the light cleared, he was standing in front of them in dragon form. He took several steps forward and stopped when his head was just a few feet from the edge of the dias.

“Judge Agent Aaron Hotchner. You know me as Reed.”

The man that Spencer thought was the one behind it all just sat there. He looked shocked as hell. The oldest female looked at Alan.

“Judge Hotchner is protecting a High Dragon and you didn’t deem that we needed to know?”

“Aaron has never told me that Reed was a High Dragon. I assumed he was a refugee from the nest breaking of five years ago in California. It’s an interesting fact but doesn’t change a thing. Reed chooses his own protectors.”

“Spencer is too socially inept to be able to choose his protector. We should pull him and set him under guard,” the man who had been silent the whole time spoke. Quick as lightning, Spencer shifted forms back to his child form and was behind the man. The man reacted by trying to run but a hand on his throat and a partial change to talons had him stopping. Spencer let the claw dig into the neck, making pin prick holes in the flesh.

“So you are the one who paid to have Ethan hand me over to black market men. I should have known. You were the smartest on the Council at the time.” Spencer leaned closer and whispered in his ear. “If you hadn’t tried to have me killed, I never would have taken over the lands in your lifetime. I had no wish to.”

Spencer drew his clawed hand over his throat ripping out everything in his path. The man was dead before he got to the other side. The other two Council members tried to run but with a shift and a burst of speed from his wings, he was in front of them. His dragon form blocked the entire doorway. The older woman was the first to react. He felt her pull on her magic and then the wash of a spell over him. He laughed and used his front leg to send her flying backwards. She thudded against the wall and he heard her heart start to slow down. She was dead before her body slumped over on the floor.

Eyes turned to the last one standing. He spared a glance to see that Alan had a hand on each of the shoulders of the scared women.

“You are a worm lower than the other two. They hatched the schemes but you went along for money and power. Then when the other two couldn’t be bought, you killed one and had the other killed and blamed them on a poor man who died for your cowardice. I hope that you like what you have wrought.” Spencer lunged and the man fell to the ground. The smell of urine and feces filled the air. He let his form grow to full size and watched as eyes became large with full fear. “That’s right. I’m no weakling youngling. I was a master at magic long before your family line was even thought of. The only reason that I was captured was I trusted Ethan with my life.”


“No.” Spencer laid his front leg over the body, holding him down. His middle claw rested on the weak point of the man’s throat. Slowly he increased the pressure and the skin gave away. Instead of just pushing down he curled the claw. It followed his throat for several seconds and then he jerked, ripping ribcage from body. The man was dead before he even knew it. Retracting the claw let the bone cage fall, and he shook his leg to get rid of the blood. He looked up at Alan and the two women.

“One council. I’ll figure out who on yours to keep. Those two stay on and you for sure. We can talk more in DC. I have to go and save my wayward Immortal.”

“Know where to find him?”

“I have a bead on Rossi and JJ. I’ll get to him through his magic and I’ll go from there.”


David Rossi thought he’d seen everything. He’d been outside with the local Sheriff when a magical presence piqued his interest. For him to feel it, it had to be massive. He looked around but saw nothing before going back to looking at the Sheriff. The man wasn’t looking at him anymore though. He was looking up into the sky with his eyes wide. Dave turned to look and saw a massive shape coming closer. His own eyes widened when he figured out what it was.

The dragon was as large as a house and a rust red color. It looked old as hell and Dave tried to fight the urge to run. It landed with a thud ten feet in front of him in a large open spot in the parking lot. The Sheriff thankfully didn’t draw his gun. Still though, a group of cops came running out with their guns drawn. The dragon turned and looked at them and then snorted. The smoke billowed from it’s nose. The cops backed up as it opened it’s mouth and flames licked out.

“Your guns aren’t going to do a thing. Just put them up before the dragon takes offense and tries to kill you all,” Dave said as he moved closer to the dragon. When he stopped five feet away, the dragon turned to him. He looked in the eyes. He knew those eyes but there was no way.

“Where’s my Aaron?” Reed asked.

Dave smiled for the first time in days. The sound of running feet alerted him to the fact that JJ was heading towards them. She stopped level with Dave and looked at Reed.

“Reed?” JJ asked.

“I can’t feel him like I should. I need to know where he is so I can save his ass.” Reed’s voice was hard and full of anger and it scared Dave.

“Shrink back down and we’ll show you where we think the UnSubs are operating from.” Before the words were fully out of Dave’s mouth, he had a normal sized Reed sitting on his shoulder with his tail wrapped around his neck as an anchor point. Dave took him to the map they had been using as their geographic profile. Reed took a jump and landed on the top of it, flipped around to where he could look at it upside down. He shook his head.

“It’s not right. There is no way that the UnSubs can be in that five mile radius.”


“Only ancient magics can block our bond and well, if it’s ancient magic, it was placed by an Immortal and those lands don’t work. Aaron and Spencer would never live in that place. Never.”

Dave’s jaw dropped at the mention of Spencer. The dragon rarely mentioned him. The older profiler had figured that Reed was jealous of the relationship between the two Immortals.

“Walk me through this.”

Dave and JJ spent the next hour going through all that they knew. Dave was wary about the dragon being able to figure out anything. He was smart but this was beyond a dragon who had no understanding of it. JJ brought over a stool that the dragon sat on. When they had told him everything, he blew a puff of smoke at the map and a ring of slightly burned paper appeared. It was dead center in an area of woods that Dave knew.

“That’s where the witness of the last kidnapping lives. On a farm dead center there.”

“That’s where he is.” Reed turned on the stool and looked at them. He cocked his head to the side like he was thinking. “I’ll be hungry and for safety’s sake I would say that until I clear the area, only you two. He was with Morgan and Prentiss wasn’t he?”


“Then only you two. I know you and I know how you feel. I am afraid that if a LEO comes onto the land while I am trying to help them, I’ll kill them.”

“Understood,” the Sheriff said as he stepped up. He smiled. “So you are Agent Hotchner’s dragon. I am pleased to meet you. Whatever you need, just tell me.”

“I’ll need fruit first. It’ll help more and then meat. Rossi knows what I like. I need to go now.” Reed jumped into the air and hovered while JJ moved to the door to let him out. Dave watched him leave and dug out his wallet when the dragon was gone.

“So where’s the closest grocery store? I want chicken and shrimp. Freshest you got on the chicken. Frozen shrimp is fine. Some grapes and maybe some strawberries if they are good looking and the biggest bag of peanut M&Ms you can get. Bring it back here and keep it all cool. Anyone have some fruit you wouldn’t mind parting with?”

Every single cop scattered while the Sheriff took the three hundred dollars that Dave handed over.

“I’ll have it here by the time you get back. Go and take care of your team.”

The LEOs handed over a bag that had grapes and a mixture of other fruits inside. JJ took it as Dave started out the door.


Aaron cursed himself for allowing Spencer to stay behind. He could use the dragon right now. Spencer had wanted to stay behind and he had agreed to it. He knew why, but he still kicked himself in the ass mentally. Morgan, Prentiss, and Aaron had been held captive for almost two days at this point. They had gone to a farm to talk to a witness and had been on their way back when a pack of shifters had forced them off the road. Talismans used to block magic dropped him and Prentiss before they could lift a magical finger. A gun filled with tranqs took out Morgan and then Aaron and Prentiss.

All three had woken up on a different farm not far from the one they had visited, they had seen it when they’d been driving. Aaron had woken up for the first time ever and hadn’t felt a single thing from Spencer. That would alert the dragon before anyone else that they had been taken captive but he didn’t know what the dragon was going to do.

“Hotch?” Prentiss asked.


“I feel something coming. I don’t know what it is but…”

Aaron had been feeling it too but had chalked it up to their captives but as it got closer the feeling it was leaving in his body was changing. The slamming of a door alerted the three that they weren’t alone anymore. Aaron looked over to see the three UnSubs running towards them. They looked frightened as hell.

“What the fuck is that thing?” the sole female UnSub asked.

“I don’t know,” the taller of the males said.

The ground shuddered and then the barn door that had just shut shook on its hinges and then came crashing down to the ground. It was dark outside and whatever had knocked it down wasn’t visible, and then something moved in the darkness. The darkness wasn’t from the fact that it was night, it was the thing. The thing that had knocked down the door was larger than the door and was blocking all outside light from the barn. The building shook again and this time part of the side of the barn came crashing down. The thing shifted a little and then two large blue orbs were looking inside the barn. For a second, Aaron thought that it was Reed but there was no way as the thing was at least twenty feet above the ground and Reed topped at a like a foot and a half on all fours.

“Hotch?” Morgan called out, his voice shaking from fear.

“RUN!” the last of the UnSubs called out, but before he could even get a few feet on his shaky legs, a ring of fire appeared around them, trapping them. Aaron watched as the three of them huddled in the center as far from the flames as they could get. The blue orbs turned from them to look at Aaron and his team. The shackles keeping them trapped fell to the ground. Aaron felt magic wrap around him but in his suppressed state he couldn’t fight it. The magic was ancient and powerful and Aaron really hoped it was that old man or even the kid. That whoever this was was friendly. The magic was so much more powerful than him. Aaron was lifted off the ground and he moved outside of the barn. He was able to turn his head to see that Morgan and Prentiss were behind him.

Aaron was set down on the ground first, safely at the feet of the creature. It was too dark to see the creature other than it’s eyes. Aaron still couldn’t touch his magic, but this creature could and that spoke a lot to its power. It was old and powerful, and again he wondered if they were saved or doomed.

“Pitiful humans,” the voice said, its tone soft and the voice rumbly. Aaron had never heard it before but he was fairly certain that it was Reed. An inhalation and then exhalation and all three of them braced but a ball of light appeared at the mouth of the creature. It floated up and when Aaron saw the shape as well as the color of the scales, he relaxed.

“Reed?” Morgan asked. Reed lowered his head and butted it against Prentiss softly. The elf touched his snout and a small light enveloped her. She had suffered the most at the hands of the UnSubs. She had been beaten regularly while Morgan and Aaron had to watch. When the light disappeared, her bruises and cuts were gone. Reed turned towards Morgan next and the shifter gladly reached out his hand. When he was healed, Reed didn’t turn towards him. Aaron could feel his wounds healing already, the bond giving him what he needed. Touch wasn’t needed it seemed.

“Rossi and JJ are alone and ten minutes behind me. The locals agreed to hang back for the time being.”

Aaron stepped even closer and touched his front leg. As soon as he did, Reed’s form shuddered and he shrunk to his normal size and draped himself around Aaron’s shoulders. His whole body was shaking and Aaron knew what it was from. Reed still couldn’t feel him and he still couldn’t feel the dragon.

“Our magic is…” Aaron stopped when he felt the hairs on his body starting to stand up. He knew the feeling of Reed’s more powerful magic now almost better than his own. It arced off the dragon’s body and rushed out over the land around them. As soon as it reached the edge of the lands, Aaron felt his magic come rushing back to him. It stole his breath and the bond flared.

“Taken care of. All your things are inside in a room at the side. I can smell the gunpowder form here.”

“I’ll get them,” Morgan took off at a run back into the barn. The room was only fifteen feet away and Aaron would have a line of sight on him at all time. The shifter appeared seconds later with his gun in his holster and credentials on his hip. In one hand were Aaron and Prentiss’s guns. The other held their credentials as well as all three sets of cuffs. He kept the cuffs but handed the rest over.

“Not going anywhere without me again. Stupid lower beings. Can’t keep themselves out of trouble for two seconds,” Reed muttered as he nipped at Aaron’s neck with his teeth. That bit of affection was new and Aaron wasn’t sure what to think of it. Morgan raised his eyebrows at the gesture and Prentiss just snorted. The Immortal had to fight back a blush because now was not the time for that.

“You were rescued by us first, Reed,” Prentiss said with a small smile on her face. All three of them were exhausted and Aaron knew that Reed had to be tired as well. He was fairly certain that the dragon hadn’t really slept since he’d been taken captive. Reed snorted at her, allowing a great deal of smoke to billow out before he tensed. Aaron wasn’t shocked when he left his shoulders. The dragon flew over to the fire he was using to keep the UnSubs trapped. When he landed he was the size of an SUV. He marveled at how well the dragon was able to change size. He hadn’t known that Reed’s size could differ. Another secret or just something Reed figured he knew, he wasn’t sure.

“I can feel the echo of every being killed on this land. If you had hurt my humans or my elf any more than what you did, I would have tortured you for years before killing you. As it stands, you are unworthy of your magic.” The ring of fire dropped and Aaron stepped closer. He knew what Reed wanted done. The dragon didn’t even have to tell him. Aaron reached inside them and destroyed the spark of magic in each of them. As he did, he felt something else from Reed. The dragon had destroyed their entire magical line. The power arced out from the dragon and it sent a shiver down Aaron’s back. The shock that it could be done was astounding to the Judge. He’d never heard of it being done. The three of them collapsed and seconds later Morgan was cuffing them. “We will talk about it on the jet and not a moment before.”

“Sure,” Morgan said. Prentiss nodded her assent.

The sound of a vehicle pulling up had Aaron moving to make sure it was JJ and Rossi. They exited the SUV with guns not drawn. Neither looked shocked at the size of Reed. There was a story there and Aaron couldn’t wait to hear it.

“Scared the shit out of me and the LEOs,” Rossi said looking at Reed. The dragon only laughed. “Standing outside the station talking to the sheriff and this dragon as big as a house lands in the parking lot. I wasn’t sure what to do. You are the only one capable of taking on a dragon and well, I think you would lose. The dragon though looks around and then zeroes in on me and asks ‘Where’s my Aaron?’ Well that meant only one thing. I admit. I like him cat sized better.”

The team started laughing, it relieved tension. JJ stepped closer to where Reed was, holding up a bag. Reed squealed. He shifted to his normal size and jumped to her shoulder as she held up a grape. That squeal got to Aaron every single time. The stress of the past two days lessened on his shoulders and he relaxed, if Reed was relaxed enough to squeal, he could relax as well.

“He said he’d be hungry. Some very nice officers sacrificed some fruit from their lunches and another officer is picking up some more as well as some meat for him,” JJ said as he petted him with her free hand. Reed arched into the touch.

“Some meat?” Aaron asked. Reed was barely chewing the fruit that JJ was feeding him. Aaron could feel how hungry he was. The magic he had expended had been massive. He’d seen what the dragon could put away in either form after expending magic.

“Three hundred dollars worth. Rossi gave him money.”

“Three hundred year old spells placed by Immortals are hard to break.” Reed grabbed the bag from JJ and took flight, landing on Aaron’s shoulder. He took the bag from the dragon and held it so that Reed could eat without someone feeding him. JJ wasn’t offended. Reed trusted the team but closeness was needed after the shock of the past two days. “It’s how I found you. I knew a general direction but the spells weren’t hidden very well, just hiding you well.”

“To you maybe. I never noticed them,” Aaron said. Reed only snorted.

“Damned dragon fixed our geographic profile as well. It was off by about ten miles,” Dave bitched with a smile on his face. Reed only shrugged as he snagged a piece of cantaloupe and handed it out to Aaron. The Immortal took it with a smile on his face and ate it. He was starved and knew that Morgan and Prentiss were was well. The fruit though wasn’t really calling to him. He wanted a meal.

“The Council will take it from here.” Reed grabbed the last grape from the bag. “We can leave as soon as the jet is ready.”

Aaron turned to look at Rossi who held up his hands in a ‘wasn’t me’ gesture and pointed at Reed. Aaron pulled Reed down from his shoulder and made the dragon look at him.

“They tried to tell me that I couldn’t come and get you. I may have gotten angry.”

“May have?” Aaron asked. The team was holding back laughter. Rossi was failing. They all laughed once the older profiler started. Once they knew what was going on, when Reed finally told them the truth, well, they weren’t going to be laughing then.

“I don’t play well with idiots. The East Coast Council and West Coast Council will no longer be such. It’s the North American Council.”

“Reed…” Aaron wasn’t sure he wanted to know what happened but he needed to know.

“I may have fired most of the West Coast Council.” Reed wasn’t looking at him as he talked.

“Fired?” Morgan asked. The team stopped laughing and were now staring at Reed like they had never seen him before.

Aaron knew what Reed had done from that statement. He just wasn’t sure if Reed had just fired them or had set fire to them as well.

“He invoked ancient laws. He is the most powerful creature in North America.” Aaron looked at his team. Everyone was shocked but Prentiss’s face told him that she had figured out what he was. Truly what he was. Nothing they said was going to shock her more.

“Lord?” Prentiss asked. Reed turned to look at her and snorted smoke at her. It shut her up.

“Jet,” Aaron said and the team nodded.

Two hours later, the rest of the BAU team was boarding the jet. Everyone had gone back to the station where Reed had used his fire to cook meat for the three of them and had eaten his raw. He even shared his fruit, except the grapes, with them. It would hold them all off till they got home. Aaron wasn’t surprised when he found two members of the Council waiting for them when they got back. Nothing was said other than they would handle taking care of the farm. The two women looked at Reed like he was their worst nightmare. That told him that Reed could have possibly set fire or electrocuted other members.

Aaron and Reed had gotten to the plane first. Aaron had already placed clothes in the bathroom for Reed to change into when he changed to Spencer. He hadn’t been shocked when the bag had appeared in front of him on the table. He recognized it and when he opened it he found some of the clothes that they had purchased for Spencer. Prentiss knew too much about High Dragons and it was better to get it all out now. The team didn’t notice that Reed wasn’t in the cabin as the jet took off. He’d found little hidey holes and sometimes napped in them. No one would be shocked if he was taking a nap.

“Reed took Lord status over the area?” Prentiss was the first to break the silence. Aaron didn’t answer, instead he linked the computer up with Garcia. She looked at him but he spoke before she could.

“Garcia, blackout protocols for your office.”

“Sir.” Garcia disappeared from the screen for a few seconds and then she reappeared. “Blackout in effect. Sir, it’s good to see you.”

The bathroom door clicked open, and Spencer took a step out. He was dressed in slacks and a button down, the clothes that Aaron had pulled out of the bag for him. He wasn’t wearing shoes but he was wearing socks, mismatched ones at that. His converse were sitting on the couch right by the bathroom. He grabbed them and slipped them on.

“Spencer? How did you get here? Did Reed bring you with him?” JJ asked. She looked between Aaron and him. He didn’t answer her just waited for Aaron to stand so that he could slip into the seat he always took as Reed when Aaron was sitting at the table. Aaron took the lid off the bowl of fruit that the sheriff had pressed on them, saying it was from his wife for the cute little dragon that had saved the town from the magic users. He slid the bowl over. He could feel just how tired Spencer was over the bond. He’s expended more magic in the past day than he was used to.

Rossi was the first to make a noise when Spencer started to eat the fruit. All of the profilers watched as he ate the fruit in near the same pattern that Reed always did. The shock in the room was thick especially when he shared a piece of cantaloupe with Aaron.

“My human name is Spencer Reid. I prefer Spencer for this form and Reed when I am in dragon form.” Spencer didn’t look up from the bowl of fruit as he ate piece by piece slowly. He was chewing it all the way as these pieces were a bit bigger.

Aaron watched the faces of every team member. He could tell that Prentiss knew that it wasn’t just a bond. Garcia was silent on the other end of the computer, but he knew that she wouldn’t be for long.

“The Council didn’t want me messing up the case. I was just a child of a dragon. When I figured out they weren’t going to let me across the boundary between east and west, I got really mad. I flew out of the house and before I was high enough up, I let my full form out. I landed just two hours later at the Council chambers. I stood outside in my human form, not letting them see me land. Security responded. When I was allowed entrance I wasn’t shocked to find that a full session was in progress with Alan visiting from our Council.” Spencer stopped speaking to grab at the last few pieces of fruit in the bowl. He handed the last piece of cantaloupe over to Aaron before eating the last two grapes.

Dave surprised them by leaning over and setting down a pretty big bag of peanut M&Ms. Spencer reached out to take them but stopped and looked up at him. “Go on. I got them for you…well dragon you.”

Spencer smiled at him and opened the bag. He shook out a few and when a blue one popped out, he handed it over to Aaron. The normalcy of it settled the team down. Seeing the human Spencer doing the rituals that Reed did calmed them.

“I wanted to stay in DC and just hide away for a while. Get my bearings under me, and then when I was ready, reveal myself. I should have known. The West Coast Council is wary of all dragons and for good reason. I found out today that three members of the Council, I don’t know their names, Alan would. Were the ones that paid my best friend Ethan to chain me up. I killed Ethan seconds after the betrayal before my form was shrunk down. I’ve had friends looking for who paid him to do it and they tracked the payment to the West Coast Council just days ago. I went in that room knowing that all or at least most of them weren’t going to make it out alive. I ripped the throat out of the ring leader, threw the most powerful into a wall, shattering every single bone in her body and ripped the ribcage out of the last one.” The stunned silence that followed his words was deafening. Spencer looked at every single one of them.

Aaron knew why he chose the words he did and why he was telling them. Every single one of them saw him as the little dragon that needed to be protected. He’d wanted it that way for a reason. No one suspected any of that from him.

“How old are you?” JJ asked.

“As I am sure Emily has guessed, I am a High Dragon. Right now there are three total High Dragons alive in this world. One older than me and one younger. The one older than me is well aware of my status and I’ve been in contact with her. The one younger than me well she is only a few years old and…” Spencer trailed off and looked at Aaron. “She is having issues and I think I know what those issues are. The seven High Dragon eggs that were hidden across the globe were enchanted. The second that our mates are born, we hatch. I am exactly as old as Aaron. Just like the third dragon to hatch did so on October twenty eighth two thousand and six at seventeen thirty two.”

Aaron was shocked. Spencer was going all out. The Immortal looked over at JJ waiting for her to figure it out.

“Jayje, isn’t that when…” Before Garcia could get the words out, JJ’s eyes snapped to Spencer.

“Henry was born, yes. I knew what he was that night that I met him but you have to understand. I hold one thing in greater regard than my own life and that is other High Dragons. Especially younglings. Brianna is the name she has chosen for herself. I haven’t met her.”

“Shit,” Morgan said as he ran a hand down his face. “You really go big don’t you?”

“I think that you once told me ‘Go big or go home’,” Spencer said with a smile.

“That was on a prank to be pulled on Strauss you little shit.” Morgan started to laugh and Aaron fit the pieces together.

“You two are the ones that died her hair that gawdawful orange?” Aaron asked. He looked between his dragon and the shifter, waiting for one of them to crack. Spencer only raised an eyebrow at him. Morgan looked away. “Strauss had Garcia spend three hours trying to figure out who put that candy in her office.”

“We know. Garcia was in on it as well, Aaron. Who do you think fixed the footage? I told Morgan that I would do the spell but I wasn’t placing it. He had to do that on his own.”

“Is every single joke that’s been played in the office on one of you two?”

“We moved on from our war between the two of us when I figured out that Reed was going to win every single time. He’s tricky.”

“In this current form, Morgan. I graduated from a Las Vegas high school at the age of twelve. I was a child prodigy. I had to have a tough skin to survive getting shoved into a locker.” Spencer’s face flashed and Aaron knew that he hadn’t meant to say that. He hadn’t meant to say it at all. His form shuddered and Aaron wanted to reach out and touch him but before he could, Reed was sitting there. Instead the Immortal picked him up and set him in his lap. Reed draped his head onto Aaron’s arm that was on the armrest.

“That’s kind of adorable,” Garcia said.

“What happened?” Prentiss asked.

“He’s a little shaky on staying in his human form when emotions overload him. He was stuck in this form for five years. It feels safe to him. He’s been doing well. Other than when he’s around you guys, he’s stayed in human form since the night Foyet attacked.”

“So…” Morgan started. He looked down at Reed and Aaron saw the emotions as they crossed his face, protectiveness, wariness, worry. “How…”

“Aaron met me in human form the night of Foyet’s attack. Just seconds after I used his backup weapon to shoot him. After I’d pulled myself out of the library, I saw Foyet standing there with the gun. I knew one thing, I had to do a head shot because anything less and he could still pull that trigger. If it hadn’t been for the gun in his hand, I prefer to rip the throats out of the people who cross me. It feels good.” Reed’s head raised up and he looked at those gathered around. “Let’s not delve too deep into that statement right there.”

The team laughed. Aaron had watched their faces as Reed had been talking and he knew they would never look at either one of them different for the lie. They were nearly as protective of the dragon as he was.

One Month Later

Aaron was in his office working when Strauss knocked on the door.

“We have a submission for the new opening on the team.” Strauss handed over a folder.

“What makes this one so special that you have to hand deliver it?” Aaron asked as he took the folder. He opened it up and looked at the first sheet of paper. It looked like the standard submission except where a picture would be there was none and there wasn’t a name as well. “Is this a joke?”

“No. It was submitted through the new North American Council and Alan rebuffed me at every single turn. Since the Council was abolished, things have taken a weird turn there.” Strauss was fishing and Aaron knew it. The knowledge of what had actually happened at the West Coast Council chamber was only known by a few. The other Judge for North America knew. Aaron had invited her personally to meet Spencer. That had shocked the hell out of her.

“I am bound by law and you know it.” Aaron went back to the file. The psychological profile, the intelligence test, even a polygraph test. Whoever this was, he or she looked really good on paper. Aaron flipped over to the education section of the file. His mouth dropped open and then he looked at Strauss in shock.

“Yes. I was rather surprised by that as well. That’s the kind of person we want as far as degrees goes. Alan told me that he reads at twenty thousand words per minute, has an IQ of one hundred and eighty seven, and has an eidetic memory. The catch is, that’s all we get. What’s on that file and what he told me, which was little. I know that it’s a male. I know that he’s a magic user.”

“And you want me to accept him to the team because you want to have an in with the new Council. You know how I feel about politics and my team.”

“You can’t tell me that someone like that isn’t a wet dream for the team. His gun qualification score is good too. Much better than I would have thought for an academic.”

Aaron leaned back in his chair. He thought about it. If the person didn’t work out, he could be transferred to a different team or somewhere else in the building. “Call Alan and tell him yes.”

“Thank you, Agent Hotchner.”

Aaron nodded and signed on the line on the loose page in the file. Strauss took the page and moved quickly out and back to her own office.

“Was that the sound of you making Strauss happy?” Dave asked as he entered the office. Instead of answering, Aaron handed over the file for Dave to look at. “That’s a hell of a person there. He’s a little over-degreed isn’t he?”

“With an IQ like that? I’d say under. It can’t hurt at this point. If I didn’t find someone by the end of the week, the funding was going to go to another division. I’d rather take my chances than lose it altogether.”

“Still, Strauss is happy with you. When are you going to tell the team?”

“As soon as we can gather them. Alan sent the person here. Magical HR is keeping his secrets. There are only a few people in the world that would want to be hidden like that. Human or inhuman.”

“Risks look good on you, Aaron,” Dave said with a smirk before he turned out of the office. Aaron smiled. He reached out in the bond and called for Reed. The dragon was hiding out in the library at the academy. He’d been holed up in there for two full days. At home he was fine but there was something else going on. Something was stressing him. Aaron was giving him the time to process it before he demanded to know what was going on. He hadn’t had a shift in weeks that wasn’t under his control. They had celebrated last night with a big dinner out.

A push back from Reed told him that he was on the way. He was the only one on the team that he was worried about taking a new person badly.

Ten minutes later, all of the team was gathered except for Reed. He kept looking out the door but found that he didn’t see the dragon at all. The only people in the hall were Anderson and another guy with shortish hair that Aaron didn’t recognize from behind. Anderson pointed towards him but Aaron ignored it, going back into the room.

“Anyone seen Reed today?”

“No,” everyone but Dave answered.

“Not Reed but I’ve seen Spencer,” the older profiler said as his eyes were looking at the door. Aaron’s head spun and he did see Spencer standing there. He was leaning in the doorway, a badge hanging from the bottom hem of his shirt but Aaron didn’t pay it any mind. What he did pay attention to was the haircut. Spencer had made mention of wanting to cut it but he hadn’t figured he’d go that short. It looked like something that belonged in a boyband.

“Spencer?” Aaron asked.

“Agent Anderson is really sweet,” Spencer said as he moved into the room and took the seat beside Aaron. “I’m here now. Go ahead and tell us what you were going to.”

Aaron looked at him but all Spencer did was smile. The dragon had never talked about wanting to be in human form inside Quantico. Aaron though turned his focus away from Spencer and started to talk about the newest member of the team. He was waiting for a blow up from the team and Morgan delivered.

“Are you sure that was wise, Hotch?” Morgan asked, a little hot.

“Alan trusts him.”

“Alan trusted the West Coast Council,” Prentiss said.

Aaron leaned over to prop an elbow on the table and used that hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. The others were talking and he just wanted peace for a second. Spencer was happy and it was trying to push away his own feelings of stress.

“Why do you have a gun, Spence?” JJ asked.

Aaron snapped his eyes open and looked at Spencer who was just sitting there smiling. He was leaned back in his chair with one foot resting on the other knee. He did indeed have a gun on his hip, a revolver. The badge wasn’t a visitors badge either. It had his picture and his name on it.

“A magical person with no name attached coming from the Council over to the FBI? No picture? Really?” Spencer asked. He shook his head and laughed. “I had a life before I was taken. A life that I think would have lead here eventually. I was at college when Aaron and Agent Gideon came for a recruitment seminar. I was a little too deep into things with Tria at the time or I would have followed them to the academy as soon as I could. Would have made my first full meeting with Aaron very interesting.”

“You weren’t kidding? You really went to high school? College?” Morgan looked shocked. Aaron wasn’t. He’d done the same thing except for the changing age thing. He’d gone to college with his current life.

“Oh yes I did. Not something I would repeat. I thought it would be fun. It wasn’t. College wasn’t that bad. High school was horrible but then I was pre-teen at the time.”

“You can shift ages?” Garcia asked.

“Oh yes.” Spencer smirked and with a shudder he was sitting in front of him as a kid. Morgan’s mouth dropped open and he looked at Aaron. They both knew that kid.

“That was you?” Aaron asked.

“As was the old man. On the case, I could feel the magics she used and she left a pretty big magical stain on her apartment that we had found. I wasn’t ready to give away that much then and well, I knew with the coin, you would trust me.”

“And then you convinced me I had a stalker!”

Spencer started laughing and shifted back to his adult form. It was that moment when Strauss entered the room. She stopped at the sight of the new man in the room and the fact that the entire team was laughing.

“Agent Hotchner, Alan has told me that your newest agent was already in the building. Is this him?”

“Section Chief Strauss, Doctor Spencer Reid.” Spencer stood up from his chair and shook her hand. She by rote reached out. As soon as her hand connected with his, she jumped a little and jerked her hand back. “Sorry. I forget you aren’t Aaron and aren’t used to it.”

“Aaron?” Strauss looked at Aaron for clarification.

“You have a bag of M&Ms on you. For Reed?” Spencer asked. Strauss looked at him in shock. Aaron stood up from his seat in time to catch Spencer’s eyes change from brown to the electric blue of Reed. “I’m sure you can understand the need for secrecy at the time, Chief Strauss.”

“Reed?” Strauss looked at Spencer and then at Aaron and back again. Spencer took a hold of her arm and helped her sit down in the chair he had been sitting in. “Is this what has the Council acting so secretive on things?”

“At the current the Council is still the main authority for the whole of North America. The Council will come to me if they have something they feel they can’t handle or Aaron can’t handle.”

“And you are the applicant for the spot on the BAU team?” Strauss asked.

“Yes. As if I would let someone new on my team. I have these guys broken in just right.” Spencer was smiling as he talked. “Don’t need someone new.”

“What was that when you touched me?”

“By product of being a dragon. I am closest to my lightning so I have a low level electrical field that arcs on my skin. As a dragon, my scales absorb it, as a human my skin can’t. It’s why I don’t shake hands much.”

“I am feeling a little better now. I should go and work on your paperwork. So…cases, Agent Hotchner?”

“I think we’ll be fine staying in rotation.” Aaron looked at his team and saw their matching nods. The team was used to dragon Reed, human Spencer wasn’t going to be hard to get used to. Strauss pushed herself up out of the chair. She nodded at Aaron before she left the room. She pulled the door shut as she left.

“So…” Dave looked at Aaron and then Spencer. “How is this going to work? Everyone is going to notice that when Doctor Reid is around, Reed isn’t and vice versa.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. HR is handling that as we speak. I think Jeanetta said something about the care and feeding of a High Dragon in human and dragon form.”

“Seriously?” Aaron asked.

“No joke. Alan is in HR helping them with it. Tria’s dragon form is pretty unknown. There are a few that know a dragon exists in Wales but no one connects the two. I am the trial run and if I work out, well she’ll come out of the closet within the year. Those who I needed to be scared of are no longer around and even if the three on the Council had friends, they aren’t coming after a High Dragon and his Judge. That’s just stupid.”

“Why a revolver?” Morgan was looking at the gun.

“Works better with my magic and my low electrical field. I’ve fried two glocks during testing. I am not sure how I didn’t fry Aaron’s glock the time I shot it. So, who’s going to give me the nickel tour? Show me around?” Spencer asked with a playful smile on his face.

“I like him much better cat sized,” Dave said with a wry laugh. The whole team burst out laughing. Aaron smiled and pulled Spencer close to him. He’d make sure to read the email because he wanted to know what to answer if someone asked a question. Having Reed on the team had been interesting. Having Spencer was going to be even more so.

“Does this mean we can give him all the geographic profiles now?” Prentiss asked.

Very interesting.

The End

Next Part


Title: Spencer
Series: Here There Be Dragons
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 5, Nameless, Faceless
Category: AU: Fantasy, Magic is Known, First Time,
Ratings: Adult
Pairings: Hotch/Reid,
Spoilers: Up through Season 5
Summary: It started with a madman in his house from there is just got crazy. Really crazy.
Words: 9,642
Notes: None
Warnings: None
Beta: Charlie_Remington

Series Page

Aaron had gotten used to the sounds of someone else in the house again over the months that Reed had been living with him. He moved to the small desk in the corner of the living room, setting down the few case files he’d brought with him. The sounds of claws on the hardwood floors. The flap of wings. Now even the words that didn’t seem to be able to not come out of Reed’s mouth. All of those were normal sounds. The cocking of a gun was not. He turned and found himself staring in the masked face of the Boston Reaper, George Foyet. Both of his guns were in his bag, which was by the door. Magic was quick but there were few spells that could stop him from firing that gun and all of them would be visible and the killer would fire.

Reed was his best bet. Aaron reached out in the bond and found nothing. Even when Reed was hiding from him and not wanting to speak to him, there was something. A spark, feelings of warmth. Even when an UnSub turning over a bookshelf onto him and knocking him out, Aaron had been able to feel him. He shuddered at what that meant.

“If you are looking for your pet. He attacked me good,” Foyet said as he pulled off the mask, showing the scratches down one side of his face, all of them were bleeding and fresh. Reed had got him good. “He’s in the library. Dead. You should have taken the deal.”

Aaron felt his knees buckle but he stayed up, bracing a hand on the desk to help with that. He hadn’t felt Reed die. He hadn’t felt the bond leave him. He hadn’t felt Reed in pain at all. Hotch had dropped him off hours before. He’d gone out with the team to a bar to spend a little time unwinding. He’d been having fun while Foyet had been killing Reed. He felt sick to his stomach.

Foyet didn’t move except to raise the gun up to fire at Aaron’s head. There was only one way to get to Reed and that was through Foyet, who was standing at the mouth of the hallway. It made sense that Reed was in the library, it’s where the dragon spent all of his time when home and not with Aaron. Unless Foyet was lying. When Aaron didn’t move, Foyet relaxed a little.

“I never thought of you as having a pet, Agent Hotchner. Surprised me when I saw him with you in Boston. Surprised you brought him to Boston at all, given what I like to do to pets.” Foyet raised his gun again, aiming at Aaron’s head. The Immortal just stared him down. He was going to make Foyet look him in the eye as he fired that first shot.

It was a full minute later when a shot rang out. Aaron braced himself but felt no pain. He opened his eyes, not even aware that he had closed them. Foyet was lying on the floor at the base of the stairs that led down the hall. His head was turned and Aaron could see the hole in his head. Someone had shot him. He moved forward on shaky legs until he could kick the gun out from the hands of the dead man.

Turning to look, he saw Reed sitting on the floor, in his human form, with one of Aaron’s guns in his hand, raised still like he was waiting to fire again. When he noticed Aaron, he slumped into the wall and the Immortal could hear the click of the safety on the gun. The hand lowered and the gun slipped free.

Aaron took off at a run, closing the distance in seconds. A hand under Reed’s chin lifted eyes to eyes. “Where are you hurt?” Reed’s eyes just shifted to look at where the dead body was. He didn’t need the dragon freaking out on him. Even in human form, Reed could be deadly. “Reed!” The dragon looked up at him in shock, at least now he had his focus. “Where are you hurt?”

“I’m fine, Aaron. I just need to…” Reed pulled a hand away from his side, it was covered in red blood. “He knew nothing of my physiology. He slashed at my side instead of stabbing, thinking it would be enough to do the trick. He watched me bleed for a little, telling me what he was going to do to you once he’d told you I was dead. I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about. You just saved my life.” Aaron shifted his hand to cup one side of Reed’s face and then used his other hand to cup the other side. The second he had both hands on the dragon’s face, the bond flared back to life and it was painful like it hadn’t been the first time. He hadn’t realized how much he had come to like the bond until it hadn’t been there anymore. How much he cared for Reed. Having his hands on Reed’s face was throwing his thoughts into weird turns. He knew now what Reed was sorry about though.

“I was hiding it. He thought I was dead and you…he would have known if you could feel me. I’ve read his case files. I knew who he was but he…blitzed me.” Reed shifted to where he wasn’t leaning against the wall as much, using Aaron’s hands as a way to hold himself up. The puddle of blood wasn’t as large as he thought it would be. He pulled his left hand away to lift at the shirt that Reed was wearing. It was one of his, an older shirt that he barely wore anymore. It was the same with the sweats. He was swimming in the clothes. Pulling his thoughts away from the clothes and the body underneath, he looked at the wound. It had stopped bleeding. It had to have been a horrible wound because it looked like it had been bleeding a while, meaning it had been healing for a while as well.

“Where did he hit you?” Aaron didn’t want to just start feeling around on his head. He didn’t want to hurt him, he’d already been hurt enough.

“He used the butt of his gun. I was in dragon form, it’ll be sore for a few hours but I’ll be fine. Maria had left and I always stay in dragon form for a while. I didn’t know how long you were going to be gone and it just seemed safer to stay in dragon form.” Reed cocked his head to the side like he did when he was listening to things. Was his hearing the same in both forms? “Your neighbors have called the cops. I can hear them talking. I…can’t. Please Aaron. I need to leave.”

“Can you shift?” Aaron waited for a Reed to nod before he continued. “Shift and just stay here for now. I’ll take care of everything.” He tilted Reed’s head with the hand still on his cheek. “I’ll always take care of you.”

Aaron picked up the gun, wiping away Reed’s prints. He used his magic to silence it and fired the gun into a pocket void. It had been years since he’d had to do anything like it. That placed the gunpowder on his hand, just to be safe. Leaving Reed in the hall, he loaded another bullet into the clip. He set it down on the ground right where Reed had. Next was getting a hold of the team. It was after two am. Dave was going to be mad at being called until the subject matter came up.

“Please tell me you can’t unlock your door. Don’t tell me there is a case.” Dave sounded dead tired. The whole team was tired. Reed seemed the shudder and then Aaron was looking at the small dragon.

“Not really. I have cops on the way to my house. Foyet broke in and tried to kill me. Reed startled him, and I was able to shoot him. I need the team here.”

“How’s Reed?” There was worry in his voice. Aaron was thankful for that. The whole team had proven time and again that they cared for the dragon. He hoped that none of them would hold it against the dragon when he finally told them what he was.

“He’s healing. Foyet blitzed him and then slashed his side. I’ve got to go.” Aaron hung up and slipped the phone into his pocket before he scooped him up. Reed shifted to where his injured side was pressed against Aaron’s chest, protecting it. Blood smeared on his shirt but he didn’t care.

The cops arrived as Aaron was opening the front door. The first cop out of his car was a local. The second cop came out of an unmarked car and Aaron was shocked.

“Detective LaMontagne. What a surprise to see you.”

“Recognized your address on the radio. Shots fired. I knew you had just got back into town tonight. JJ would never forgive me if I didn’t check on you. Everyone is on their way.” The officer stayed back and let Will approach. “Hotch, you’re bleeding.”

“No. Reed is.” Aaron stepped back and let Will enter the house first. He could tell when Will saw the body and then when he recognized him. The detective turned to look at him.

“Shit, is that…He came after you?”

“I don’t know what he was thinking.” Aaron let a smirk grace his face.

“Go have a seat and just take care of Reed. This is pretty open and shut and I figure the FBI will want to take over. I’ll have my guys just set up a perimeter. Where’s the gun?”

“Hallway by a puddle of Reed’s blood. Will, I can’t…”

“Dragon blood won’t be touched. I’ll take a picture myself and then clean it up. Don’t worry. I met a baby dragon at home, little friend of a friend you know, last time I was home for a visit.” Will clasped him on the shoulder and directed him over to the couch where he sat down. Reed pulled away from the warmth of his chest. Aaron lifted his wing and checked over the area. He could see where the scales were damaged but it seemed the wound itself was healed.

“Hotch?” JJ called out as she entered the house. Aaron looked up surprised to see Henry in her arms.

“I’m fine, JJ. Reed is fine.”

JJ set Henry down on the couch beside Aaron. The second that he was out of his mother’s arms, he was on his knees, reaching out to Reed.

“Henry! NO!” JJ called out, reaching for him but Reed didn’t react at all like he normally did when strange people tried to touch him. Instead, the dragon stretched his neck and Henry touched a finger to his nose. Henry giggled and plopped onto his butt on the couch. Reed crawled over Aaron to curl up in his lap.

“Pretty, dragon,” Henry said as he petted down Reed’s back. Then his hand hovered over where Reed had been hit over the head. The bump was still visible. The room started to crackle with energy. Henry leaned down and kissed Reed’s head. Aaron gasped and looked at JJ in shock. He sought out Will, who had come down the hallway. “Friend.”

“Friend,” Reed whispered and closed his eyes, tucking in like he was going to sleep.

“Hotch, what just happened?” JJ was looking at her son in shock.

“Your son just healed Reed. You said he was magical but that is not something that even I can do.” Aaron just looked at the little boy who was petting his dragon. He tried his hardest to try and remember anything about magic users healing creatures and there was only a single instance of strange magic and that was in the creation of an Immortal. There was only one way to test an Immortal without trying to kill them. “Henry.”

The toddler looked up at him. Aaron reached out with his hand, touching a spot on Henry’s forehead. He let his magic mingle with that of Henry and the second the magics touched, Henry’s eyes flared green.

“Immortal. His immortality kicked in and the rush of magic is what healed Reed.”

“What does this mean? Hotch?”

“Nothing at the moment. He’ll age until a certain point like normal. I have no clue what his gift will be. Mine is magic. I knew a guy who could control fire. A woman who controlled water. Time will tell and I’ll help him. I’ve never been around someone whose immortality kicked in. God, what else do we need this night?”

Henry continued to pet at the dragon, oblivious to what was going on around him. The rest of the team arrived as did the FBI CSU unit and Section Chief Strauss. As soon as she arrived, she took a look at the pictures of the blood from Reed and sent Aaron to settle the dragon into a comfortable room. The Immortal gave his statement and it was declared a clean shot on the spot. It was near five am by the time that Aaron was left alone and he at least wanted to get a few hours of sleep. After ushering Morgan out of the house, Aaron locked the door and set his alarm. Reed had been home so it hadn’t been set. Now would be a good time to talk to him about maybe having it set even when he was home, since he could shift into human form to go in and out.

Entering his bedroom, Aaron wasn’t sure what he was going to find. Reed was asleep in human form on the bed. He’d changed into new clothes, more of Aaron’s. He was covered partially by a sheet but a leg was thrown out. He hadn’t even been sure that Reed would still be there. He had been seen in his human form without him actually wanting to reveal himself. The clothes were so big on him he looked so young. He was on his stomach. Aaron sat down on the edge of the bed that Reed wasn’t lying on. He wondered if this was what Reed did while he was away on cases that Reed either should or didn’t want to go on.

Aaron didn’t know what to do when the dragon shifted over and cuddled into his side, draping an arm over his legs and tucking his face into his hip. There was something so intimate about the gesture. Reed rubbed his face against his hip for a few seconds before he settled with a smile on his face. He let his thoughts go places he’d never let them before. High Dragons were creatures that were whispered about. When it was an unknown on whether Reed was one, Aaron never let himself think on him like that.

Reed was a High Dragon. He wasn’t a normal dragon. The bonds that normal dragons formed were not the bonds that High Dragons formed. Normal dragons formed bonds with humans as a means of protection when young. Even after figuring out that Reed was older than what he thought, he’d never truly thought about what the bond meant.

Reaching into the bond, Aaron found what he was looking for. Reed was an open book at the moment and there was no way for him to hide. He found a secret that Aaron wasn’t going to let him keep anymore. He would have never found it if he hadn’t known what to look for. Soulbond. It was why there were few High Dragons anymore. Once bonded, if one died the other did as well. Most High Dragons had bonded with humans. Immortals were rare and of what Aaron knew, no High Dragon had ever bonded with one. The human lifespan was short and even with the bond, it could only be extended so long. Humans were frail and died after several hundred years. Their bond was still weak but it was stronger than Aaron thought it would be given the actual age of it. It needed to not be hidden, and it needed Aaron to know that it was there.

The bond itself wasn’t sexual in nature, yet. It could turn that way easily. Aaron had met soulbonded over the years. He’d seen many who were just best friends to each other in the world while there were many who were in a committed sexual relationship. He wasn’t going to discount that the bond could turn that way with little provocation. Reed’s mind fascinated him as well as how much he cared about the humans around him. His human form was beautiful and he wanted to touch it. He turned his head to stare down at him, brushing a lock of hair from his face.

Aaron reached into the part of the bond that Reed was hiding. Feeling the flare of the bond, Reed jerked awake. He pushed away from the Immortal and nearly fell off the bed. He caught himself at the last second. The bond hummed in happiness and Aaron couldn’t feel better about it. Reed was just staring at him.

“What did you do?” Reed asked, his eyes were wide and scared. Aaron did like that look on his face. Reed, in dragon form had never looked so scared, even when they had first met. He needed Reed to understand he wasn’t mad.

“What did you do?” Aaron waited several minutes for the dragon to answer on his own before he started to speak again. “How long were you going to hide this from me? It’s been six months, Reed.”

Reed didn’t answer, he just looked up at Aaron with his eyes still wide in shock and then he was gone. Aaron was left staring at the dragon. Reed dove for the edge of the bed, trying to get away to hide. But the Immortal was too quick for him. He’d gotten too used to catching him when Reed was playing around. Before Reed could even get fully off the bed, Aaron had his hands around the dragon’s middle. He struggled in the hold for a few seconds before settling down. He wanted to be mad but he could feel how scared the dragon was. It was wafting off him in waves.

“I still don’t have great control over not shifting into dragon form when I am upset,” Reed said as he struggled in Aaron’s grip again for a few seconds before settling. The fear was dying down but it was still there. He set Reed down after crossing his legs on the bed to make a small nest. The dragon settled in, his head on Aaron’s knee. “I spent five years stuck in my dragon form and I turn back into it when I get scared or upset. I spend as much time as I can in human form when you aren’t home. Eve when you just run to pick up dinner and such. During cases I can’t change at all. I stay in dragon form even if I itch because of it.”

“You don’t have to. When we are in the hotel room, you can change.” Aaron let the words sink in as he petted down his back. Reed closed his eyes and started to almost purr. “I’m not angry, Reed. I am just trying to understand you. I’ve seen you in human form a few times. I’ve known for over three months that you are a High Dragon and suspected since I met you. I just hadn’t thought of the bond and what it meant if you were a High Dragon. You were a captive for five years. You didn’t do a thing in the beginning that would have been an issue. You’ve come out of your shell so much, I don’t want to go back.”

“I had to protect myself, from everything. When I figured out you were a Judge, that changed a lot but you are so close to your team and they, I couldn’t just trust like that.” Reed shifted onto his side to where he could look at Aaron’s face. The Immortal shifted his hand from back to stomach with little thinking. Reed’s eyes closed as fingers traced along the soft scales of his underbelly.

“I’ll never be mad at you for protecting yourself.” Fingers moved from belly up to neck and back down. As they moved, Reed calmed down even more. The fear was almost all gone. Reed’s eyes were searching for something on his face and he must have found it because a few seconds later his whole form seemed to shudder and then he was human looking again. His body was stretched down the bed but his head, it was still in Aaron’s lap.

Reed sat up, sticking out his hand for Aaron to shake. “Spencer Reid. R-E-I-D not R-E-E-D like I told you. I wouldn’t mind if you called me Spencer.” After a quick shake he pulled his hand back and covered a yawn. It was near dawn.

“Let’s get some sleep, Spencer. Did you want to take a shower real quick?”

Spencer shook his head. “No. I silenced the bathroom after you left me alone so I could shower. Got rid of the blood.”

“You showered with the place full of techs and the team?”

Spencer shrugged and wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I know that I’ve done a lot of things without asking but I figured it would be better to ask forgiveness than permission to borrow clothes.”

“You and I can go shopping for clothes for you soon. Until then, I don’t care that you borrow my clothes.” Hotch looked at the clothes he was wearing. Magic could change the clothes but they wouldn’t last long. Magic would break down the bonds and the clothes would just fall off him. When his eyes hit the sweats, he thought about the fact that his boxers wouldn’t fit the slim human form. That thought was a little more startling than it had any right to be and Aaron felt a little bad about it, even though he couldn’t stop thinking about what was under the clothes.

“Henry healed my head but my side is still tender. I heal better in my dragon form. Can I stay in here?” Reed patted the spot on the pillow that he normally laid on.

“My pillow is your pillow, I’ll shower and get ready for bed. I’ve taken care of the house. You go ahead and go to sleep. You’ve had a really rough day.” Aaron reached out and cupped the side of Spencer’s face like he had when trying to get his attention hours ago. After a few seconds, Spencer pulled back and shifted forms. “How about when you are in dragon form I continue to call you Reed, while in human form, Spencer. How does that sound?”

Reed didn’t answer verbally, he just stretched up and licked the side of Aaron’s face. He’d done it before when he was really happy and in a playful mood. Aaron laughed and rubbed at his face while Reed settled on the pillow. After getting up he turned off the light, grabbing sleep clothes by memory. Seeing how quickly the dragon had settled on the pillow, he was sure that he would be dead asleep by the time he was done with the shower.

Half an hour later, Aaron entered the bedroom from the bathroom and found Reed dead asleep like he thought. The Immortal crawled into bed and fell asleep seconds after his head hit the pillow. One hand rested on the pillow with tail curled around it.


Something pulled Aaron out of sleep. The sun was shining and he knew that he had slept later than he normally did, even after long cases and getting home late. There was something tickling his face. He brushed at it and found it was hair. He opened his eyes and found he was staring at the back of a head. He was wrapped all around the person. His arm was being used as a pillow while his other was wrapped around the chest. Whoever it was, it was a he. Spencer. There was no way that Aaron was getting away from Spencer without waking the dragon. It was a nice feeling. It had been years since he’s slept in the same bed as anyone. Haley had left him a few years after he’d started at the BAU. Spencer shifted in his arms but it wasn’t away from him. He was shifting, pulling Aaron with him, curling the older man around him even more. He went willingly.

What he hadn’t let himself think about the night before blossomed in his mind. Spencer’s body was beautiful and it felt wonderful in his arms but it was the mind and the attitude that really pulled Aaron to him. There was no small amount of want and passion and not all of it came from the bond. It seemed that over the night, the bond had grown larger with it’s new freedom. Aaron could feel how happy Spencer was in his arms and he wanted to keep that feeling in the dragon as much as possible.

“This was not what I was expecting when I opened the door,” Dave said from the doorway. Aaron rolled over without thinking. Dave was leaning in the doorway, a weird look on his face. “Who is he?”

“Dave? What the hell are you doing here?” Aaron sat up, pulling the covers up to make sure that he was covered and so was Spencer. Both were dressed but it was the thought of Dave seeing Spencer. He spared a glance to Spencer who he could tell was awake. The dragon wasn’t moving at all. He settled a hand on his back to calm him down. Spencer shuddered at the touch but didn’t move otherwise.

“We came over to help clean up the house after CSU and Foyet. I came up because we were worried because Reed isn’t in the house anywhere and you weren’t awake yet. I was not expecting to find you in bed with anyone.” Dave’s eyes were locked on the still form that was lying on the bed.

“We’ll be down in a few.” Aaron dismissed Dave with a wave of his hand. The older man stepped back out of the room shutting the door. There was a smile on his face but he wasn’t sure what the smile meant.

“Oh, God. What am I going to do? I can’t go down there.” Spencer seemed to shudder but he stayed in human form.

“We are going to go down there and face the team. I’ll tell them that Reed went hunting. I’ll get them out of the house as quickly as possible.” Aaron added strength to his voice even though he was a little worried. If he could keep Spencer calm, they could pull it off. It would be a great to show him what he could do it. He could stay in human form when he wanted.

“He thinks we…” Spencer stopped speaking, turning his eyes away from Aaron. “You were… I didn’t even realize I had shifted in my sleep. I’m sorry, Aaron.”

“I liked waking up like that,” Aaron admitted. He knew enough of Spencer’s attitude, there was no way that he wasn’t the same in dragon as in human form, that he wouldn’t hate being with him. There was no way that human Spencer was any more messy than dragon Reed. Sharing a house with a human looking Spencer might even be better. The dragon just stared at him. He cupped Spencer’s face between his hands, slowly moving forward, giving him every single chance to move away or shove him away, anything. The only thing he did was close his eyes.

Aaron pressed his lips to Spencer’s and he felt the spike in the dragon’s heart rate, where his fingers were touching the side of Spencer’s neck. After a few seconds, Aaron took a chance and let his lips part, tracing his tongue on Spencer’s lips. Spencer didn’t react other than to sigh. Hotch pulled back, watching Spencer’s face. He’d been right. It had turned into a very intimate soulbond. Both of them were feeling the same way.

“If we stay up here much longer, Dave will come up again, thinking we decided not to leave the bed. I’ll try and find you some clothes that look less like you borrowed mine for appearance sake.”

“I have the outfit I was in when I was…” Spencer’s eyes moved to the closet.

“No.” Aaron stopped him before he could utter those words. The clothes that Spencer had worn when he had been taken. He knew that the clothes were fine but the idea behind the clothes.

“The jeans are fine. The shirt wouldn’t do well. It was ripped a little.” Spencer shrugged like it was no big deal. There was something though that emanated off the dragon that told him there was more to his capture than the men wanting a dragon to sell.

“There’s a shirt in my dresser. A friend left it here last time he stayed. I think that it will look better on you than one of my shirts.” Aaron got up from the bed and moved over to the dresser. Finding the shirt, he tossed it at Spencer. “I’ll change in here. You can change in the bathroom. Dave doesn’t have much for boundaries. We’ll talk more about things after the team leaves.”


“I’ll head down and get coffee started. You lead, Spencer. I’ll play along with whatever you feel comfortable doing.” Aaron moved back to the bed giving Spencer another chaste kiss on the lips. Spencer waited until he stepped back before he moved to the closet and began digging around. After a moment, he pulled out a pair of jeans. The Immortal hadn’t even noticed that the jeans had been in the closet. He wondered what else Spencer had hidden around the house. He moved to the bathroom shutting the door.

It only took Aaron a few minutes to get dressed in a pair of slacks and a pullover. He opened the bedroom door to find Dave waiting on him. He knew that Dave hadn’t been able to hear a thing, he always had his room warded for sound.

“Was last night really the best time to go out…” Dave’s eyes flicked to the door.

“He heard about the shooting and was worried about me. He showed up just as I was getting to lying down. I wasn’t going to turn him away. It was nice to have a body in my bed last night.” Aaron wasn’t going to lie about that. Even if he had been confused about how the body got there, waking with Spencer in his arms had felt really great.

“So this is a relationship?” Dave asked.

“The start of one.” Aaron hoped that was true. He was fairly certain but it was on a long list of things that needed to be talked about with Spencer, when they were alone.

“Where is Reed? I was surprised that he didn’t come running when I made the coffee.” Dave started down the hall. Aaron followed him, surprised to see the team was already there and everything was cleaned up. They had been there a while.

“He probably went out hunting. Foyet did a number on him. He was probably starved this morning. He didn’t even wake me to tell me he was going.”

“I found the blood in the library. The team didn’t want to leave until they saw that both of you were fine.” Dave gave him the look that they shared when they thought ‘the kids’ were being overprotective. Aaron smiled and shook his head. He figured it was Garcia behind the not wanting to leave.

“Reed won’t be back for hours.” Aaron wasn’t lying. If he had his way, Reed wouldn’t make an appearance for a few hours, hopefully all day.

“They also want to meet your mystery man.”

“I was afraid of that.” Aaron braced himself for the reaction of the team. He wasn’t sure what Dave had told them. He’d never brought up his sexuality with the team. Everyone but Prentiss had seen him with Haley and he felt that was fine. He wasn’t ashamed it was just at his age, the gender of his partner didn’t really factor. He’d long ago stopped looking at looks and gender as a factor. That Spencer was beautiful didn’t hurt but it was his mind and his personality that drew Aaron in.

“Should I make another pot?” Morgan asked as he handed Aaron a cup of coffee.

“Spencer likes coffee. If there isn’t a half a pot there, I’d make more.” Aaron’s team had been in his house enough that all of them were comfortable getting what they wanted. There was evidence that they had fed themselves, if the clean dishes were any clue. They really had been there a while.

“Thankfully, Dave cooked for a platoon so there will be enough for Spencer,” JJ said as she sat down at the bar. Prentiss was seated at the table. There wasn’t evidence of actual food anywhere. “It’s in the oven, staying warm. We were a little shocked that we didn’t wake you.”

“Must have been sleeping pretty well,” Dave hinted.

The soft padding of bare feet had Aaron turning to look at Spencer. He was wearing the shirt which at least looked size wise like it could be his. The jeans were the dragon’s but Aaron couldn’t take his eyes off of him. He smiled at him as he moved closer to him. The Immortal pulled him in, kissing the top of his head. It settled Spencer down. He took the cup from Aaron and took a sip, frowning as he did. He wasn’t sure what Spencer thought was in the cup. Aaron liked plain, black coffee. Not the sweet concoction that he did.

“Eww.” Spencer untucked himself from Aaron and moved into the kitchen, pouring a cup of the fresh coffee. He poured in a fair bit of sugar but no creamer, different than when he drank coffee as Reed. The Immortal watched him as he took the first drink, his eyes closing in happiness. The rest of the team was watching him as well. Spencer looked fifteen years younger than him, now that he was really looking. This was going to go over real well. They were going to assume he was a human and the age difference there was huge. The look that Morgan was giving him told him that he was uncomfortable.

“Going to introduce us?” Prentiss asked.

Spencer turned from the coffee pot to look at the people around him. It was like he noticed them for the first time. His eyes widened when he noticed he was surrounded and Aaron was worried for a few seconds as he shuddered. He seemed to settle and then Garcia stepped closer.

“You okay, honey?” Garcia asked. Her hand was reaching out for his shoulder. Spencer let go of the mug and Aaron braced for the shattering of the mug. When no sound happened, the Immortal took his eyes off Spencer’s face and looked down. The mug was floating just inches above the floor, the liquid still inside and only rocking back and forth a little.

“I don’t like being touched. Please refrain from doing it.” Spencer’s tone was soft but strong. He looked at each member of the team. “You must be Aaron’s team. My name is Spencer.”

“Hi. My name is Penelope Garcia.”

“Spencer,” Aaron called out. When the dragon turned to him he started introducing the rest of the team, pointing at him as they did. None of them held out their hand to shake. Once Spencer had waved at everyone, he returned to Aaron, taking a seat on the stool in front and leaning back into the Immortal. It was easy to just wrap an arm around his chest to hold him tight against him. The way that Spencer’s body relaxed told him he’d made a good choice in what to do.

“How did you meet?” Dave asked.

“When I moved into the area about a year ago. I had heard rumors that another Immortal lived in the area and I set out to meet him. It didn’t take but a week or two. Then a few weeks back we crossed paths again. I was stood up for a date and Aaron kept me company. We’ve had a few dates.”

“So you are an Immortal like Hotch? They are super rare,” Morgan said, his eyes not leaving Spencer.

“I’m as old as him.”

The way that Spencer tipped his head back after he said it, told Aaron that it was important. He’d just admitted how old he was. That changed a great deal.

“I’ve been living in Las Vegas before I moved to DC.” Before Spencer could say another word his stomach growled, loudly. Aaron started to laugh, especially when the dragon ducked his head, blushing. He looked so cute, Aaron couldn’t help but pull his face up and into a kiss, it had little more heat in it than their one from earlier. .

“Let’s eat,” Aaron said as he pulled back out of the kiss. Spencer was smiling at him and it spread warmth throughout Aaron’s entire body. This was just so easy.

The conversation flowed back and forth while all of them ate. Spencer only told a lie when there was no other option as far as Aaron could tell. None of the team asked him anything too personal, like his full name. The Immortal could tell that they wanted to but they held back and Aaron was happy for that. The team only stayed a few minutes after the dishes were cleaned up from the meal. It was still early in the afternoon so everyone had the day. Aaron shut the door and then he was alone with Spencer.

There were so many questions that Aaron wanted to ask. He started with the most pressing. “Exactly how close to as old as I am are you?”

Spencer sat down on the couch and sighed as he tucked his knees up to his chest. “All High Dragons have a soulmate. Ten thousand years ago, the High Dragons who were alive saw the expansion of the magical races and prepared for it. Seven unhatched eggs were set aside and powerful magic was cast on them. We were bound to seven Immortals who were not born yet. As each one is born, we hatch. I hatched the second you were born. I never thought it would take this long to find you nor what would put me in your path. You were the only one who could have been able to take those chains off of me.”

“Seven? How many have hatched?” Aaron watched as a look of worry passed over his face. Spencer was debating how to answer the question without lying.

“Europe’s Judge, Serena. Lady Tria’s wife. They are both exactly the same amount of time older than us. I won’t give you the exact number because I’ve been told one never reveals a lady’s age.”

Aaron dropped into the chair behind himself, relaxing back into it in shock. Spencer though was looking at him like he wasn’t done with the shocks.

“And the third dragon hatched the second that Henry LaMontagne was born.” Spencer looked away from him then. Aaron let the words sink in his mind. The shock of Henry being an Immortal was still very fresh and this added knowledge wasn’t as shocking as it should have been. Still it was another secret that needed to be kept.

“Serena and I are Judges. Will Henry…?”

“Yes. Judges are appointed due to power. Every single mate will hold the power to be a Judge. Tria will know where the egg was that hatched. She will have him in seclusion just like I was. When the dragon is ready, she’ll seek me out to try and help her find his mate. Given what would be best, the dragon will come and live with us at that point.”

“Us?” Aaron asked, shocked.

“That’s a ways away. Years. A decade at the earliest. When Henry and the dragon turn sixteen at the latest.” Spencer was acting calm but Aaron could tell he was worried.

“That’s why Henry took so well to you last night.”

“I feel like his bondmate does. He’s young enough that he can feel the pull. If I had not been around it would never have become an issue. He knows I would never hurt him. That I will always protect him. It’s instinct, just like I trusted Serena when she found me hiding in the woods when I was a year old. I knew she was safe and I went with her.”

“How did you get captured by those black market men?” It was the one thing that he’d been unable to figure out. Aaron knew how powerful he was, he knew roughly how powerful that Spencer had to be, in either form.

Spencer looked at him, untucking his legs. He looked unsure. When his eyes kept flicking between him and the floor, Aaron got it. Reed spent his time wrapped around Aaron’s neck when upset. The hardening of the dragons eyes told him he’d made a decision. Aaron set his hands on the arms of the couch and watched as Spencer stood up, moving towards him. He sat down in Aaron’s lap, tucking his head into the Immortal’s neck.

“Trusting someone that I shouldn’t have. Someone that both Tria and I had known since he was a youngling. He had figured out exactly who I was but not her. Dragon magic is different. It lasts forever.”

“He used those chains on you.”

“And when he snapped it on me, I lashed out with claws and ripped his throat out.” Spencer shuddered in his lap and Aaron wrapped an arm around his front, settling it on the dragon’s hip.

“Does Lady Tria know you are here?” Aaron wanted to get word to her if she didn’t. He’d find a way to make it so that no one else would know.

“Yes. She’s content to leave me here for the time being. I can take care of myself, it’s just taking time for my magic to fully heal after years of being bound. I haven’t asked to be saved and have allowed myself to be seen on camera. She knows exactly where I am and could take me at any point if I wished. She knows nothing of the bond.”

“Do you want to call her? My cell can’t be traced except by Garcia.” Aaron had long ago had all the phones for the team cloaked in Faerie magic so that only that Faerie could trace them.

“Really?” Spencer shifted to where he could look at Aaron’s face. The Immortal answered by digging out his phone with his free hand. The dragon took it and immediately started to dial a number. When it started to ring, he settled down with his head on Aaron’s shoulder. It wasn’t hard to be comfortable with Spencer in his lap. The shape was different. The weight was different but the feel in his magic was the same.

“Who is this?” Tria’s voice echoed around the room and Aaron looked down to see the phone was on it’s speaker setting.

“Spencer and Judge Aaron Hotchner.”

Tria heaved a heavy sigh and then spoke. “Are you sure this line is secure?”

“It’s Aaron’s phone. A Faerie has her magic making it secure. It can’t be traced.” Spencer shifted his arm from kind of behind his back to between him and Aaron and used it to hold the phone, draping his other arm on Aaron’s chest, letting his fingers trace at the Immortal’s collar bone. Aaron moved his free hand up Spencer’s back and buried it in his hair, playing with it. All tenseness in his body seemed to leave as he did it and the dragon settled down.

“It’s Aaron’s phone is it?” The tone in Tria’s voice was unreadable to Aaron. “I’ve met the Immortal you are hiding behind. He’s a good man. You chose well.”

Do you want me to tell her? Spencer’s voice echoed in his mind. Aaron nodded his answer, knowing that Spencer would at least feel it if not see it. He didn’t want to shift to see where his eyes were looking.

“He’s a wonderful mate.”

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. Aaron started to get worried when he finally heard the intake of breath. “Serena and I will visit in the next few months. It won’t be odd to anyone watching me to look for you. I’ve crossed paths with Aaron on several occasions. I want to re-meet you, Aaron and I am sure that Serena will wanted to interrogate you. I visited California after you went missing, Spencer. I was one of the first magical beings on the crime scene. What you did to Ethan was stellar. It’s not safe still. We don’t know who paid him yet. You call me. I won’t call you unless it’s urgent.”

“Be safe, Tria.”

“You as well. Aaron, protect him.”

“I will,”Aaron said. The line clicked dead and Aaron knew she had hung up. Spencer leaned forward slightly and placed the phone on the arm of the chair before he relaxed back. His thumb was tracing an unknown pattern on his neck and it was all Aaron could focus on. Aaron forced his hand to keep moving in Spencer’s hair.

“How long until we go back to work?”

“Four days. Strauss ordered it. Part of that is worry over you. She wants to make sure that after the Anthrax scare and now this that you are in top condition before going out into the field with me.” Aaron shifted in the chair to try and find a comfortable position with Spencer in his lap. It surprised the dragon who huffed in surprise. Wet air puffed across his neck and his hand tightened in Spencer’s hair in response, pulling some. A low growl escaped from the dragon’s throat but it wasn’t a noise that Aaron had ever heard before. He turned his head to look at Spencer and was shocked at the wide eyes he saw. Instead of the soft brown orbs he’d been used to seeing, all he saw was blackness. “Spencer?”

Spencer opened his mouth, letting out a pant and it was all the answer Aaron needed. He used his grip on the dragon’s hair to push his face closer, crashing his lips over open ones. Spencer moaned and his hand on Aaron’s throat moved to the back of his neck. He used it to lever himself up, spreading his legs to either side of Aaron’s own, never letting their lips part. The hand on Spencer’s hip shifted to his ass and pulled him closer. The touch of Spencer’s lips was electric and when groin touched groin Aaron actually felt a charge along his neck where Spencer’s hand was.

Aaron didn’t know what they were doing but he didn’t want it to stop. The tangle of their tongues had all of Aaron’s blood rushing through his veins. He tightened his grip on hair again and held Spencer’s head still as he fucked the dragon’s mouth with his tongue. The growl sounded again but this time Aaron could actually feel it, it echoed throughout his entire body and he shuddered at the feel. Aaron pulled Spencer’s groin in again and started to thrust up against him.

Lips pulled back and Aaron moaned at the loss but saw that Spencer had pulled back to look at him. The dragon’s eyes were black still but there were sparks of blue like lightning. They were sexy as hell.

“What do you want, Aaron?” Spencer asked as he heaved in breath after breath. His one hand was still at Aaron’s neck and he wasn’t sure where the other was. He didn’t want to look away from Spencer’s eyes to figure it out.

“You.” Aaron felt a hand on his bare chest and looked down to see that Spencer had lifted up his shirt to get at skin. Aaron released his holds on Spencer and grabbed at the hem of the shirt and pulled up. Spencer groaned as he let go of Aaron’s neck to allow the shirt to be pulled off. Aaron tossed it to the floor and then pulled his own off. Spencer pulled his face up and started kissing him again. He moaned as the electricity started to lick at his skin again every single place that the dragon touched him. It felt wonderful.

“Let’s move to the bedroom.” Spencer moved back off his lap, using his grip on his neck to pull him up as well. He followed the dragon through the living room and up into the hallway, using his lips as a guiding beacon. He felt his pants drop at the top of the steps and stepped over Spencer’s not long after. The bedroom door was closed and Spencer ran into it, pressing their bodies together with the sudden stop. He let his hand trail down and remembered that Spencer hadn’t been wearing underwear at all, he didn’t have any. He pressed his cloth covered groin against Spencer and laughed when the dragon moaned. He reached down to drop his underwear off before using both hands to lift at Spencer’s ass. Bracing himself against the door, the dragon wrapped himself around Aaron, hanging on for dear life as the dark haired man opened the door.

Seconds later, Aaron was dropping him to the bed, looking down at Spencer. The dragon didn’t have an ounce of shame, he just stretched a little and then started to trail a hand down his stomach, reaching for his cock. Aaron leaned over, grabbing the questing hand and then stretched it over his head as he laid himself over the dragon. As soon as he was settled, Spencer flipped them. He smirked at the Immortal as he slid down Aaron’s chest. He kissed and licked the whole way down before he licked at the head of Aaron’s cock.

“Spencer, don’t tease,” Aaron begged. The dragon laughed before he licked a stripe up his cock. His tongue was warm. A lot warmer than any other mouth he’d ever come across. Aaron shut his eyes to stop himself from coming when Spencer took him in mouth. The heat was almost too much. He reached out to grab at Spencer’s hair and pull him up. The heat from his mouth and the surge of lust from the dragon was making him come undone. He knew the bond was pushing this but only in that it was magnifying the emotions between them. Aaron settled for kissing the dragon. Spencer allowed the kiss for a few seconds before he pulled away to stare down at him, He panted out the smell of ozone. Aaron wasn’t sure what he thought of it. He remembered the dream and the smell of ozone. It hadn’t been a dream. Spencer had carried him to bed and tucked him in.

Aaron’s entire body jerked when he felt a finger at his entrance. It had been a very long time since he’s allowed someone that much intimacy with him but this was Spencer. He dropped his legs open and the other man took it as the permission it was. Aaron felt the pressure and was shocked when he felt the warmth of lube on his finger. He knew that Spencer hadn’t grabbed it from the bedside drawer. Then a flare of magic as the dragon nipped at his thigh.

“Fuck,” Aaron whispered.

Spencer laughed. “That’s the plan, Aaron. Haven’t used conjured lube in a while?”

“I…” Aaron’s breath hitched as the finger slid all the way inside him. He didn’t know if he wanted to thrust down more on that finger or move away from it. The tingling that brushed against his insides was interesting to say the least he wasn’t sure if it was a good or a bad interesting. “I forget about it.”

“I don’t.” Spencer stretched up and took his mouth in a kiss as the finger was pulled out and two entered. The Immortal keened as the tingling magnified and the second that the fingers brushed over his prostate, he was coming. The fingers kept thrusting inside of him, staying away from his prostate but stretching him out to take in another as soon as he settled from the orgasm. “Do you like that? The charge that dances on your skin where I touch you?”

“Gods, yes.” Aaron panted out as he started to thrust down on the three fingers inside of him. The charge was lower now and the tingling not nearly as bad as it had been. He didn’t know if he was more used to it or Spencer was doing something to make it less.

“You’ll get used to it. Electricity is the element I am closest to and I can’t control the charge that spreads out over my skin in human form. It’s why I don’t like being touched. I was able to keep a damper on it earlier but I don’t like to and can’t long term. Tria’s is fire. Her touch seers across skin. Serena loves it.”

“It feels wonderful.” Aaron pulled Spencer’s face in and kissed him. He wanted Spencer inside of him but he loved the feeling of his fingers inside of him as well. The dragon leaned away from him, pulling his fingers free and Aaron whined a little at the loss of fullness. The hand trailed up over his hip and caressed his cock. The sound of the drawer opening and closing told Aaron that the other man was getting a condom. To Aaron condoms were still pretty new. He’d only ever used them with Haley. Magical women could control that with spells better than a condom and if Aaron wanted he’d place the spell himself.

Aaron forced his hands to move, grabbing the condom from his hands and threw it down onto the floor. He pulled the dragon in for another kiss before whispering, “I want to feel you.”

“Aaron, are you sure?” Spencer looked at him, mildly shocked.

“There is no chance of us having a human STD. Magical STDs would be very evident. You can’t…” Aaron stopped and looked him with a quirk on his lips. “You can’t get me pregnant right?”

Spencer started laughing and shook his head. “No. I can’t get you pregnant and there is no chance of me getting pregnant, not like this. That would require a great deal of spells and magic but it can be done but I would be female.”

“In case something happened and a male was the last dragon?”

“Yes. It was done once too. In the pre-recorded history of dragons.” Spencer shifted on the bed, lining up to Aaron’s entrance. The Immortal wrapped his legs around Spencer’s waist and helped pull him in as he filled the other man. The dragon’s eyes closed in pleasure and he let out a moan when Aaron pulled him all the way in. Forehead on forehead, Spencer stilled as Aaron adjusted to being filled.

When Aaron wiggled a little and kissed Spencer’s lips, the dragon smiled and thrust. He hit Aaron’s prostate on the first time and the Immortal moaned at the sensation. The tingle from electricity wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be but it felt wonderful still. Every time he thrust into Aaron the surge from Spencer’s hands where those hands touched his skin nearly made him lose control.

Long before he wanted, Aaron could feel his orgasm coming and there was no stopping it, especially with Spencer hitting his prostate every single time. “Spencer, I’m…” Back arched Aaron came before he could even tell the dragon and his cock hadn’t been touched, the only stimulation was when Spencer was leaned over to trap it between their bodies.

Spencer claimed his mouth in a kiss as he rode out Aaron’s orgasm, thrusting but moving to where he wasn’t hitting the Immortal’s prostate anymore. A few more thrusts and then the dragon stilled and Aaron knew he was coming as well. Panting into his lover’s mouth, Spencer just stayed still for a few long minutes before he slowly pulled out, careful not to hurt his lover and then dropped down onto the bed beside him. Aaron rolled onto his side, pulling him close and kissing him again. Spencer responded but Aaron could tell he was tired. Neither was working on enough sleep after a stressful night.

“Let’s take a nap.” Aaron watched the small smile appear on Spencer’s face as he pulled away from the kiss.

“After we clean up. I hate using magic to clean.”

Ten minutes later the both of them were sliding under the sheets after washing up quickly in the bathroom. Spencer was on his side and Aaron curled up around him, holding him close. This was nothing close to what he had ever thought his life would be like over the five thousand years he’d been alive, but he was pretty damned happy with it.
The End

Next Part: The High Dragon


Title: Affliction
Series: Here There Be Dragons
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Year: Season 4, Amplification
Category: AU: Fantasy, Magic is Known, Pre-Slash,
Ratings: Teen
Pairings: Hotch/Reid,
Spoilers: Up through Season 4
Summary: When the threat is Anthrax, Hotch figured his entire team was safe. Turns out they are not.
Words: 5,208
Notes: None
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,
Beta: Charlie_Remington

Series Page

There were days that Hotch hated working for the Council. Generally, the Council would wait for him to go home or would at least call. The East Coast Council would always wait for him. The West Coast Council, not so much. When he opened the door to his hotel room after spending the day finding a serial arsonist, he wasn’t expecting to find two men sitting on his bed. It was dark and the only light in the room came from outside, but he could see well enough to know that it was two men. He immediately scanned the room for Reed. He’d dropped the dragon off several hours before.

“Judge Hotchner, we would appreciate it if you had your pet release us,” one of the men stated.

Hotch reached out and flicked the lights on. The men were sitting on the bed just as he thought, but they were bound with rope. One of two men was even gagged. Neither looked very happy. He could tell they were both magic users by the tattoos on their necks. He knew the family they belonged to and they were idiots. Reed was on the floor in front of them, staring intently at the gagged man.

“You entered my hotel room without permission, probably broke in using magic, Reed is more than within his rights to have killed you. I am a Gods damned Federal Agent and you broke into my room. I have a cell phone and I answer it. Yet there are no calls from the Council so you have two minutes to speak before I let Reed do whatever he wants to you.”

The ungagged man started to speak, talking about a man who was using his magic to rape women. His mind was blocked to telepathy and no one had been able to crack him. He had raped thirteen women over the course of two months, and all of them had been magical, which was why the humans were not involved.

“I have paperwork to do tomorrow before we fly out. We finished up the case, but we have a few loose ends to tie up. I can delay the jet by a few hours at max. You’ll need to bring him here. I don’t have the inclination to pander to the request of the Council when they don’t have the time to ask in a proper way.”

Hotch waved his hand and the ropes disappeared but the gag didn’t. Both men took off like lightning out the door, slamming it shut behind them. Neither man had gotten within three feet of Reed.

“What did you do?” Hotch wasn’t upset, he just needed to know what happened to them so that when the Council yelled at him he could counter.

“I was asleep on your sweats in the corner when I heard the picking of the lock. I scrambled under the bed. Gagged man walked in first.” Reed was still on the floor, looking around the room.

“He was already gagged?” Hotch asked. He wanted to know why someone would gag themselves like that man had been before breaking into a room.

“No. I didn’t take the time to get their names. So gagged man and ungagged man. It’s either that or pissed pants man and unpissed pants man.”

Hotch pinched the bridge of his nose. He wasn’t sure he wanted to hear the rest of the story but he needed to. A knock sounded at the door and he sighed as he moved to open it. Dave and Morgan were standing there.

“I just watched two Council lackeys take off running out of the hotel.” Dave peaked around him and his whole body relaxed when he saw Reed on the floor, seemingly fine. Morgan had a coffee carrier in his hand, all four slots of it full. Hotch stepped back to allow them both to enter. Reed jumped from the floor up onto the bed. Hotch let himself drop onto the bed, relaxing back. Dave took the chair from the desk, and Morgan sat at the end of the bed. Reed crawled onto his leg and stretched down it, his tail curling around Hotch’s wrist as Hotch laid it on his back.

“Those two men broke into my hotel room. I was just getting the story from Reed when you knocked.”

Instead of answering, Morgan handed out the drinks, popping off the top of one and handing it to Hotch. The older man slid the hot drink in between his knees so that Reed could get a drink if he wanted. It smelled of sugar and chocolate.

“I hid under the bed because there wasn’t a good place for me to hide above that wasn’t in direct line of sight, and we all know that no one looks up unless they have to. So I went for the next best and that was under the bed. Both of them looked around and then ungagged man sat down on the bed. From their words, they were looking to find me alone.”

Hotch stiffened. Reed rubbed his face on his knee, silently asking him to calm down.

“They wanted to try and figure me out without you around. I waited. Gagged man reached out with his magic and tried to figure out where I was hiding because they had watched you drop me off. I wasn’t quick enough and gagged man dropped to the floor and tried to reach under the bed.”

“I bet that didn’t go well,” Dave muttered. Reed only laughed before taking a few long sips of the coffee.

“I lashed out and the bolt barely missed him, he has slower reflexes than you Rossi. Anyway ungagged man pulled in magic, trying to trap me but that didn’t work. I don’t know why the Council would send two men so stupid after a fucking dragon.”

The curse word that slipped from Reed’s mouth had Hotch on edge. Reed was more shaken than he thought.

“Gagged man started to stutter some kind of verbal spell and I gagged him. It’s not going to come off by the way. You might be able to take it off but the Council won’t be able to. I ran out the other side of the bed and then took the the air, landing on the curtain rod. Both men looked up at me and then I spread my wings out as far as they would go and shot lightning and fire at them. Ungagged man pissed his pants. I bound them with conjured ropes and forced them to sit and we waited. Two hours.”

“Well that settles something that Alan wanted me to do weeks ago. When you are in areas of control for the West Coast Council, you aren’t to be alone. Someone will take you with them if you can’t go with me.”

Reed nodded, not looking back at him. He dipped his head into the cup, drinking the coffee in long pulls until the cup was empty. The dragon wasn’t going to get a lick of sleep. He’d have to set up the computer or something to keep him entertained. He hadn’t brought any books with him. Hotch needed sleep, especially since he was going to need a calm head to deal with all he had to do the next day. He just wanted to go home but he had to see about getting a confession from a rapist and alerting Alan to what had happened.

“Someone on the team can keep you company tomorrow morning. Maybe JJ will take you to a bookstore or something.”

Reed moved off his legs and settled on the pillow at the head of the bed. He curled into a tight ball and was seemingly asleep in seconds. That was a little shocking. Morgan and Dave slipped out the door with a serious look on their faces. Reed wasn’t going to be able to slip away from the team tomorrow.

One Week Later
Hotch stared at the closed glass door. Morgan was behind him pacing but there was nothing to be done. Morgan had been on the phone with him when he’d called out Reed’s name. Hotch had listened with his heart in his throat as Morgan yelled for his dragon. Morgan’s only words after that were that Hotch needed to get there as soon as possible. He had arrived at the house at the same time that Hazmat had arrived. He found Morgan standing at a glass sliding door with Reed on the other side.

Reed was sitting on a stool, looking anywhere but at Hotch. Nichols’ dead body was laying on the floor, blood everywhere. The vials with white powder were all over the floor.

“It’s magical in nature. Hazmat isn’t going to be able to help. We need magic wielders to trace this and trace the man who spread it. I can feel his magical signature. We get this all cleaned up and we can catch him.”

Glaring at his dragon, Hotch watched him. Reed was nervous about something, he just couldn’t tell what.

“Magical anthrax?” Hotch asked. He’d never heard of it. Anthrax was nature made and human modified. Magic wielders had access to other forms of weapons of mass destruction. Other forms that were better, quicker, and harder to fix. His spell allowing his voice to carry through the glass into Reed and the dragon’s words back was holding strong, for now. When the cleanup crew got there and ripped the magic from the area, it wouldn’t hold.

“What’s been released before this has been modified to go after everyone. The magical ones have died first with the humans only dying when help isn’t found. This strain though goes after only magicals.”

“I have to get a hold of the correct people to deal with this, Reed. You try and see what you can see inside the room until it’s time to bring you out of there. As soon as it’s clear, you are coming out.”

Reed didn’t answer, and he still hadn’t looked at Hotch. He tried to reach over the bond, but he was hiding again. He’d deal with that after they found whoever killed Nichols. There was no way that Reed was affected by Anthrax.

When the lab was cleared two hours later, Reed came right out and settled on Hotch’s shoulder. He’d spent enough time around the Anthrax that he would be able to trace the magic to wherever the user was. The clean up crew still had work to do, but Reed was deemed safe to leave and not infect anyone.

The trace led them to the subway and Chad Brown. Morgan got the civilians out, and Hotch kept Brown from dropping the Anthrax. Brown couldn’t keep his eyes off Reed though. The dragon’s reaction to him was instant. He jumped from Hotch’s shoulder and landed just a few feet away. As soon as Brown’s eyes focused on Reed, his hand’s grip on the bag loosened and it was all Hotch needed. He jerked his hand forward and grabbed the bag, containing the poison inside with a burst of his magic, a containment spell. Others moved and grabbed Brown before he could do a thing.

Crisis averted, now it was just time for clean up.


Cases that took place near home were almost always the worst. It meant being close to home but not being able to be there so when Hotch entered his house for the first time since he’d got the call, he sighed in relief. He dropped his bag on the floor, not caring if it stayed there till morning. Reed was still wrapped around his neck and it had him a little worried. The dragon hadn’t spent that much time wrapped around his neck since he’d gotten used to be around people.

All Hotch wanted to do was go to bed and sleep for days. The case from start to finish hadn’t been that long but it had been stressful, before Reed had got himself into a room full of Anthrax. As soon as he hit his bedroom door, Reed stirred from his light slumber.


“Yes. Let’s get you on the bed. I think you are more tired than I am.” Hotch pulled his dragon from his shoulder. Reed felt like he might be running a fever but he pushed that thought from his mind. It was probably just the warmth from Hotch’s neck. Reed relaxed as soon as his body hit the pillow.

Hotch showered and dressed for sleep before he double checked all the locks on the house. When he made it back to the bedroom, he noticed that Reed hadn’t moved at all. Worried, Hotch touched the dragon’s side. He was barely breathing.

“Reed?” The dragon didn’t stir. There was no reaction at all. He grabbed his phone from the nightstand and dialed. Garcia picked up on the third ring.


“Garcia, I need you here at the house as soon as possible.”

“Bossman, what’s wrong?”

“I think Reed is sick.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Garcia hung up without even saying goodbye. Hotch didn’t dwell on that though. Reed was burning up now. He scooped up the dragon and made his way to the bathroom. He turned the water in the bathtub on full force and as cold as it would go. As he waited for it to fill up, he made sure that Garcia would be able to get into the house by unlocking the front door.

Reed finally reacted when Hotch lowered him into the water. Bright blue eyes opened and then closed again. No words and no other movement. He fully lowered the dragon into the water and kept a close eye. Reed floated naturally but he was worried. He kept one hand under Reed’s head and used his other to drop water all over the parts of his body there weren’t in the water. When the water was warm, Hotch let his hand still in the water and pushed with his magic, He pulled all heat out of the water, stilled the molecules. Blue eyes opened again.

“Sorry,” Reed mumbled.

“Shhh. Just rest.” Eyes closed again and Hotch reached out with his hand grabbing a towel. It was draped over one side of the tub and a quick spell had one side sticking. He draped the other end of the towel over the other side of the tub, letting it sink into the water to where it would hold Reed up. He arranged Reed to where his head was angled up on the towel and the bulk of his body was in the water.

The sound of his doorbell drew him from the bathroom. He wasn’t shocked to find more than just Garcia there on his porch. Morgan and Prentiss were behind her.

“I think the Anthrax infected him but I can’t be sure. He was so dead set that it wouldn’t bother him.”

“I can’t heal him if it’s Anthrax, Hotch. I don’t know anything about that.”

“No, but you can help the symptoms while I get a hold of the Council and figure this out. Alan is in town and I am going to his house to speak with him. I’ll be back as soon as I can. I have him in the master bath trying to keep him cool. He’s burning up.”

“Go, Hotch. We’ll take care of him.” Morgan’s voice was calm but worried.

Alan wasn’t happy to be woken up so late at night. He’d arrived from a visit to Japan and had crashed long before the sun had gone down. Hotch would have felt sorry except for the fact that he could now feel how bad Reed felt over the bond. Whatever was wrong with him it had reached a point where Reed couldn’t keep it from him any longer. His dragon was in utter pain. He could feel the ache in his own body.

“Aaron, what the hell. You know I just got back from Japan.”

“Magical Anthrax? Dragons are supposed to be immune to everything. How the hell does a dragon get Anthrax?”

Alan’s face lost all color. His eyes which had been sleepy were now wide awake.

“Where is he?”

“At my house with a Faerie and an Elf. I have them working on the symptoms. He was introduced to it around midday and seemed fine. I figure he was tired from tracking the UnSub who had unleashed it but it’s not that. He can barely stay awake and I can feel his pain now. He’s also burning up with fever.”

“No dragon has ever contracted Anthrax, magical or not. I need to see him.”

The drive back to his house was silent. Morgan met him at the door.

“He’s been a awake a few times and has answered questions. It’s not acting like the Anthrax that Nichols and Brown created. Garcia has been in tears since his mental shields dropped.”

“She can feel his pain, too?” Hotch took off at a run. He barely paid attention as Morgan and Alan followed on his heels.

“Not like that. The bond is leaking on his end.”

Garcia was sitting on one side of the tub with Prentiss on the other. Reed’s eyes were open and were no longer the brilliant blue. No, his eyes were dark blue, so dark that they looked black to Hotch.

Aaron, it hurts.

“I know, Reed. I’m here now.” Hotch reached down into the tub and felt the water. It was warm again. He pushed and the water cooled. “Alan needs to see you.”


“He’s behind me.” Hotch turned and looked at Alan. The council member moved around the crowd in the bathroom and moved to the side of the tub where Hotch wasn’t. He reached out to touch Reed but the dragon shifted away, falling off into the water and not coming back up. Alan pulled his hand back, looking at the Immortal in shock. “Reed, he needs to touch you. Alan is good at healing. Please.”

No. Over the bond, Hotch could feel how scared Reed was but he wasn’t scared of how sick he was. He was scared of Alan.


“Little one, you need to let me try and heal you.” Alan looked down where Reed had popped his head up out of the water.

I already took the antidote, it’s just taking longer to work. I hoped I wouldn’t even get sick. Reed turned his head to look at Alan. He snorted and smoke came out but even it was weak.

Hotch knew that no one else had heard it. Reed didn’t speak like that with anyone else. He rarely spoke with the Immortal like that, usually when they were home alone and in separate rooms.

Please, Aaron. Just send them away. The dragon’s head disappeared under the water again and the level of the water rose in the bathtub. When it reached about an inch from the edge of the tub, the top two inches froze over.

“Hotch?” Morgan asked, his voice soft. The dragon had never done anything like that before.

“He knew that it was going to work on him, the Anthrax. He says that he took a dose of the cure once it was figured out where it was.”

“There has never been a form of Anthrax that has ever made a dragon sick, Aaron.” Alan kept his eyes on the ice. It was clouded over enough that even Hotch couldn’t see where Reed was under the water. He touched the ice with his hand and it was so cold that when he pulled back he expected his skin to have frozen.

“I’ll try and get something out of him but right now he’s overwhelmed, feeling like crap, and pretty damned scared of you, Alan.” Hotch didn’t like that. He knew that Alan was keeping things about Reed away from him and before this, he hadn’t cared. Now though, Reed was scared of Alan. His dragon could just be scared of letting someone touch him, but he figured it went farther than that.

“There are things I can’t tell you, Aaron. Things that I have vowed to never speak of, ever. I spoke those vows before Lady Tria.”

“Lady Tria of England?” Hotch asked. It was the only Tria that he knew so it had to be her. Why would Alan have spoken a vow to her? He knew that she was powerful. She was another Immortal. She and Hotch had circled each other for a long time before he’d come across the pond.

“The one and only. In her years of living she has come across many individuals and there are many that are rare. She holds secrets that you wouldn’t believe. As I know you hold secrets.”

A sudden burst of magic flared from the tub. Hotch was never more thankful that his own magic was completely under his own control. Where Dave and even Garcia had to use words to get what they wanted, he used feelings. Alan jumped back from the tub at the same time that the Immortal threw up a hand that shoved Garcia, Morgan, and Prentiss out the door, shutting in time that the magical backlash from Reed didn’t hit them.

Reed’s head appeared through a hole in the ice just large enough for it and he stared at Alan. The Council member was struck still as Reed stared at him. Hotch was fairly certain that Reed was talking to him but he couldn’t hear a word. When Reed snorted and smoke flared out as well as crackle of electricity, Alan stood up and left the bathroom quickly. He fumbled at the door for a few seconds and then was gone. Hotch stared at his dragon.

“Reed?” Hotch felt the magic in the room increase. A blue sheen was coming off of Reed’s bright red scales. He wasn’t scared. Reed had never done a single thing that actually hurt him. Made him back off, yes but not hurt him. There was something about Lady Tria that had set Reed off. Something that had him scare off a Council member. “Stow that display because it isn’t scaring me off.”

The dragon didn’t though. All he did was turn to look at Hotch. The two inch thick ice around him started to melt and the water under was boiling. The blue sheen turned into actual arcs of lightning that danced across his scales. It was beautiful and deadly.

Over the bond, it wasn’t anger that was being projected. It was pure downright fear. Something that Alan had said scared the dragon so much he’d lost control of his magic. This was what made dragons so scary. Outside the house, Hotch could see the wind blowing and the rain pelting down. Reed was affecting everything around him. Hotch pushed up out of his crouch and took a few steps back. When he crossed the threshold of the door it slammed shut.

“I think he’s feeling better?” Morgan asked, eyes never leaving the door.

“No, he’s just so scared that his magic is flaring out. What the hell did you say that has him so scared?” Hotch rounded on Alan who was standing at the bedroom window.

“You are going to have to take that up with him, Aaron. Right now the only thing keeping him safe is that what he is has never been spoken aloud. That he’s careful with his magic. Even now in this flare up and the storm? Anyone tracking weird magic won’t see it as anything but a horrible thunderstorm that’s cropped up. Possibly magic user gaining control of powers or trying a new spell out. There isn’t a single person who is going to look into this storm outside weather freaks. His bond with you also protects him. To the world he is seen as a pet. A dragon who has found a friend in an Immortal. No one thinks it odd. There was a time when all dragons formed bonds with humans and magical beings.”

“So you won’t tell me?”

“I can’t tell you. I just promised Reed the same thing that I did Lady Tria. I hold their secrets until the secrets are no longer secret.”

Aaron turned his head and looked at the door to the bathroom. He could feel the magic in the room settling. Reed wasn’t as scared and he was getting better control of the flare up. Still he wanted to know what scared him so bad that he’d actually lost that much control.


On a case two weeks later, Hotch was the first to notice the weird kid watching them. He looked to be around eight years old. His glasses were rather large on his face and he looked too clean to be a street kid. The kid was staring at him and hadn’t stopped, even when Hotch looked at him. He tapped on Morgan’s shoulder and used his head to motion at the kid. The other agent looked and nodded.

When the Immortal got close to the boy, he slowed down his steps, he didn’t want to give the kid a fright. When he got right up to him, he crouched so as not to scare the kid. The boy though wasn’t scared. He looked at Hotch with wide trusting brown eyes.

“Got a quarter mister?” the boy asked as he rocked back on his heels.

Eyebrow quirked, Hotch pulled a quarter from his pocket. He’d grabbed a snack for Reed from a vending machine earlier otherwise he never would have had one on him. The boy’s eyes lit up at the sight and he grabbed the quarter. In a show of dexterity, he walked it across his left hand’s knuckles. Hotch laughed and the boy giggled. He smiled at Hotch.

“Miss Jean hated to take the bus but she would if it was raining.”

“Who is Miss Jean?”

“The lady you are looking for.”

Before Hotch could say anything the boy showed Hotch his empty hands and then the right was going up to his ear and then the quarter was there. The boy smiled at him as he handed back the quarter.

“We aren’t looking for a Miss Jean. The name of the lady taken was Allison.”

“Her name now is Allison Baker. It used to be Miss Jean.”

Hotch looked at the boy with shock on his face. Garcia had been having trouble finding much on Allison Baker but a name change? He turned and called for Morgan. When he looked back, the boy was gone. He was just gone, gone from sight, gone from hearing and when Hotch reached out with his magic, there was no trace that anyone had been there before.

“Where’s the kid?” Morgan was looking around as well so it wasn’t just him. The kid was gone.

“I don’t know. He said that Allison Baker’s name used to be Miss Jean.” Hotch looked at the quarter in his hand and realized it wasn’t a quarter. It was a piece of money he hadn’t seen for a very long time. On one side was a tree and the other a house. His heart ached at the house. It was a piece of money his village used when he had been young. Not only had the kid disappeared, he had a piece of history that should have been long gone. He’d searched for years in the area where his village had been and never found any piece of home to take with him. Who was that kid?

That was the break in the case needed. Allison Baker used to be Jeannie Lovett and she had been on the run from an abusive husband. The husband had found her and killed four other women so that no one would look at him. He’d been caught trying to kill his sixth. Reed had been station bound with JJ as they were in Washington State, and the dragon hadn’t fought him. The last case on the West Coast still in his mind. Reed had finally gotten control of his magic fully again after his brush with Anthrax, but Hotch didn’t want to push it.

The team celebrated with dinner at a restaurant that catered to the local magical population. Reed wasn’t the only familiar in the place, but he was the only dragon. That garnered a few looks, but nothing went farther than that.

“So, Hotch, what was up with the geeky kid? You looked like you’d seen a ghost.” Morgan had finished up his appetizer and was relaxing back in his seat. The rest of the team was fanned out from him with Reed taking a spot right next to him. The waitress had placed them in a large round booth and other than making it hard to go to the bathroom for some, it was nice.

“He asked for a quarter from me. Did a trick or two and then handed it back. It wasn’t until after he disappeared that I realized he didn’t give me back my quarter but a really old coin. From my hometown before it fell off the map.”

“It was a totally magical city wasn’t it?” Dave asked.

“Was it an accident? Giving you the coin specifically?” Reed asked.

“What do you mean?” Hotch asked.

“Would he have given that coin to any magical that came on the case, like Rossi or Morgan or just you. You said he looked to be around eight. This town doesn’t have a large magical community so does he actually live here or was he here to watch you?”

Hotch just looked at his dragon. He didn’t like the thought of someone following him? Child or not. He’d been around magic enough that he knew there were beings who could transform to look like whoever they wanted. He’d only met a few. The old man who had visited him on the first day he had brought Reed into Quantico popped up in his mind. Recalling the old man’s face, he thought about the eyes. The kid’s eyes and the old man’s were pretty similar in color and shape. There were actually quite a few similarities between them. Was there someone out there following him around?

“I guess we won’t find out unless the kid comes back. For now let’s just eat and then get some sleep. We have an early plane ride.”

The topic of conversation turned to other things. Plans for what to do over the weekend if another case didn’t pop up. Hotch though could only think of the fact that it seemed he had a stalker. A stalker that could shift from young to old and was following him on cases and even helping on said cases. Was it someone who was watching to make sure he took care of Reed? Or someone who wanted to take Reed from him? Or even harm Reed? He wasn’t sure, but he wasn’t going to let them get a hold of Reed. The dragon was his and no one else’s.
The End

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