Debates Lead To New Things

Title: Debates Lead To New Things
Year: Near Christmas 2010
Tags: University AU, Professor!Hotch, Student!Reid, Made Up Classes,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid,
Spoilers: None
Prompt: Hotchner is a professor of something! anything! criminology, forensic psychology, law, whatever you decide. Reid is a student in one of his classes. the two get into a heated debate/argument over one of Hotchner’s lectures. somehow they end up having sex in hotch’s office on his desk. would prefer bottom!not totally inexperienced!hotch and top!bossy!reid, but the author can go where they feel. HOTCH NEEDS TO WEAR GLASSES and those cute blazers with the elbow patches.
Words: 2,435
Notes: You can visit the HxR Prompt Meme HERE!
Warnings: None

Professor Hotchner wasn’t someone that Spencer had ever looked at twice. He knew the man was intelligent but he was much too reserved to attract Spencer’s eye. He only had one class with him this semester. Hotchner was the premiere brain on current Forensic Psychology. It was a wonderful class, Hotchner was even able to keep Spencer’s mind on his class when his class after was Experimental Science, the whole reason that Spencer was at Yale. It had been his safety school but he’d gotten into Cal-Tech and never thought of Yale again until the new class had been unveiled at the end of the last school year.

It wasn’t until just before the winter break that Spencer had even started to give a second glance to Hotchner. Spencer was working on his fifth PhD and had seven BAs at the moment. Spencer had seen him behind one of the buildings having it out with someone named Haley on the phone. The man had taken off his glasses and Spencer had stopped, just staring at him as he started to speak fiercely but never raising his voice. He’s always thought that the hacking jackets he wore with the elbow patches were nice looking on him but his manner had put him off. Spencer couldn’t remember a single thing that the man had said to Haley and it when it seemed like the call was winding down, Spencer had retreated to think about the new light he saw Professor Hotchner in.

While there were ethical issues, Spencer didn’t care about them. He was no blushing young thing and Hotchner’s class had no effect on his degree so there wasn’t going to be a look into him using Hotchner to get a better grade. He was fairly certain that Hotchner was at least fifteen years older than him but age didn’t matter. It seemed that since he’d seen the man, his fantasies had grown to epic levels. He’d never looked back once he’d figured out that he was bisexual during his teen years and he never kept it a secret either. At current he had no significant other in his life.

That was how Spencer found himself in Hotchner’s office the last day of classes, debating psychological assessments of various serial killers that had been found and caught in the past few years by the FBI’s BAU after the last lecture touched on the topic but not enough to satisfy Spencer’s curiosity. Hotchner had been shocked a little at his vast knowledge, it was easy to read in the widening of his eyes as they talked. His inclusion into the Yale student body had been quiet outside of the other science students and professors and given that Spencer had never seen the older professor with any science professors, Spencer was sure that Hotchner had no clue of his past degrees and small notoriety. He knew that Hotchner held two PhDs himself on top of his law degree. He’d never not been able to figure out exactly what the doctorates were in.

The debate was getting heated when Hotchner came around the desk and leaned against it, trying to tower over Spencer. He wasn’t going to have any of it though. Spencer stood up, taking a small step to bring him into Hotchner’s personal space. The flash of lust that came over the older man’s face was what did Spencer in. His hand shot out and pulled the man into a kiss. When it registered on his brain exactly what he was doing, Spencer moved to pull back but found that his own jacket was being held by strong hands. Hotchner’s mouth opened and Spencer felt a hot tongue trace his lips. Spencer parted his lips to allow Hotchner to explore his mouth. The hands that pulled him even closer were not inexperienced hands. He let himself be guided in between parted knees until their groins brushed.

Impulsiveness wasn’t in Spencer’s thought process. Everything he did was planned to exhaustion. Kinks in plans threw him for a loop but in this case, he didn’t care. With Hotchner’s hands like brands now on his hips and his tongue sliding with his own, Spencer threw plans away. The crash of things onto the floor was the only thing that pulled him from his pleasure. He stopped and looked to find that one of Hotchner’s hands had brushed a few books and what looked liked a picture frame towards the chair on the opposite side of the desk. The books had hit the chair but the picture had fallen to the floor, glass scattered everywhere.

“I’ll get it later.”

“We should…” Spencer tried to think but all he could think about was their groins pressed together. Hotchner short circuited his brain more as he sat fully on the desk, bringing them even closer together. He could feel hot breath on his face.

“You should fuck me,” Hotchner said as his hand slid into the back of Spencer’s slacks, slipping down to cup the flesh of his ass. Spencer growled a little as he pulled their faces apart and stepped back.

“Strip your pants off.” Spencer worked his own pants open as Hotch slid off the desk. The older man dropped his pants, kicking his shoes off before dropping his boxers as well. He was shocked though when Hotchner hoisted himself back onto the desk and leaned over it, jerking open a drawer so hard that it almost came all the way out. He heard scrambling of items before a bottle of lube was tossed at him. The older man was holding a condom in his hand when he sat back up. Spencer pushed away the thoughts that a professor at Yale kept lube and condoms in his desk drawer.

The packet was ripped open and Spencer held in a moan when he felt nimble fingers rolling the condom down his shaft. When the hand retreated, Spencer opened the lube and coated his fingers. He set the bottle down as Hotchner moved to take his jacket off.

“Leave it on. The glasses too.” Spencer thought for two seconds exactly how he wanted to do this before he spoke. The glasses and the jacket had to stay, they feature prominently in his fantasies. “Bend over the desk, Professor.”

Hotchner did as he told and Spencer stepped closer so that he could slip his first finger inside his tight ass. Hotchner shoved more things around on the desk so that he could lay down fully. His hand gripped the other side of the desk, bracing himself. Spencer just watched him as he worked his finger in and out. When his body relaxed, Spencer pulled out and lined up two. He careful as he slipped them both in. He expected the other man to tense up but he didn’t. Hotchner it seemed wasn’t exactly a newbie to gay sex and that had Spencer wanting to ask all sorts of questions but he kept his mouth shut. It wasn’t long before Hotchner was ready for a third finger and Spencer had to use his free hand to grip the base of his cock because the little sounds that Hotchner was making were getting Spencer a lot closer to orgasm than he wanted to be.

“Are you ready?” Spencer asked. Hotchner felt loose enough but Spencer wanted to be sure. He’d kept his fingers away from the other man’s prostate on purpose. As he pulled his fingers out though he finally brushed it and the curse that the other man let out had Spencer smiling. Pouring out more lube, Spencer coated his cock and lined himself up. “Are you?”

“Yes. Just fuck me.”

“Ask nicely.” Spencer held there, the head of his cock just brushing Hotchner’s entrance. He waited as the other man tried to push back. He braced his clean hand on the small of Hotchner’s back, holding him in place. “Ask. Nicely.”

Hotchner took a shuddering breath and then opened his mouth. “Please. Reid. Please just fuck me.”

Spencer started to push inside him. It was slow and controlled and Spencer watched Hotchner’s face as his cock slowly invaded him. The knuckles of the hand that was bracing his body turned white as he gripped the desk even tighter. Spencer gave him a minute to relax when he bottomed out. He hadn’t had full on sex since leaving MIT four years before. Hands jobs with classmates didn’t count. When he was sure that he wouldn’t hurt the other man, Spencer pulled out and slowly slid back inside. He did this a few times before adding more power and speed behind each and every thrust. He wondered briefly if this had been on Hotchner’s mind at all when he had invited him to his office. If it was why he’d tried to push him down a peg by coming around the desk. Or if Hotchner had planned to fuck him.

A sharp thrust finally cracked the veneer that Hotchner was showing and he started to beg. Pausing, Spencer grabbed a tissue from the box that was near falling off the desk and cleaned his hand before grabbing the hand of the other man that was trying to work it’s way under his body.

“Didn’t say you could touch, Professor.”

Spencer kept his mind away from how good it felt, buried balls deep inside of the professor because if he thought about it, he’d shoot off before he had Hotchner coming and that just wouldn’t do. Turning the hand and arm, Spencer drew it behind his back, holding it in place by the corner of a sleeve with his hand already braced there. He leaned over so that his now clean hand could slide under the back of the shirt and jacket before he slid it around to the bit of Hotchner’s stomach that wasn’t pressed into the desk. He kept his hand pressed there as he thrust in and out of the man harder and harder. When he felt his own muscles tightening, he finally moved his hand to take Hotchner’s hard cock. The man jerked on the desk and keened as he came. It had only taken that little touch, Spencer was smiling as he pressed in hard. He held himself there as he came.

Hotchner said nothing as he reached over for the tissues. He pulled out a few and passed two over to Spencer who cleaned his hand of the other man’s release before he pulled out carefully. He tied off the condom and wrapped it in the tissues. Hotchner took it from him and threw it in he trash. Spencer watched him wipe himself up and then the front of the desk, erasing all evidence of what they had done. Spencer opened his mouth to talk but stopped when the professor grabbed his pants, slipping them on.

“I’ve never done that before,” Hotchner said his voice pitched low.

“No?” Spencer questioned and winced when his voice cracked. “Which part the office sex, sex with a student, or sex with male?”

Hotchner looked up at him as he buttoned his pants before sliding the zipper up. “The first two. The third I’ve done before, quiet a few times. I was put off of a females a few years back.”


“You are unlike any student that I’ve ever had and I’ve been attracted to you since you corrected me in that second class. You breathe passion when you are talking about any topic that comes up in class. I never said anything and then a week ago you started up a debate after class and I saw your eyes. I’ve been trying all week to get you alone in my office, to talk and then you had to go and kiss me and I felt like I’d go insane if you didn’t keep doing it.”

“You are startlingly honest.”

“Lies and mistruths ended my marriage. Keeping quiet kept me in it longer than I should have stayed.”

Spencer didn’t know what to say to that. He realized though that he hadn’t tucked himself back in. He corrected that and when he looked up, Hotchner’s eyes were on his hands, following their every move.

“This wasn’t a one off, Reid.”

“Spencer. I think that you can call me Spencer.”

“Spencer.” Hotchner smiled and it transformed his whole face. It was something that Spencer wanted to see more of. “Aaron.”

“Aaron.” Spencer smiled as he said the name.

“A date tonight? My house. I’m afraid that I’ll be getting my son for the duration of the winter break here so this is our last chance for a date night alone.” Aaron leaned over and slipped his shoes on, leaving them untied for the moment.


Aaron moved around the desk and picked up the frame carefully. Glass pieces fell and Aaron turned it around to where Spencer could see him with a young boy who looked to be around four or five years old. “His mother is going with her new husband on a trip to England for the Christmas holiday and Jack wanted to stay with me. I wasn’t going to say no.”

Spencer turned the new knowledge over in his head and tried to fit it in place with Professor Hotchner.

“A date sounds wonderful.”

Aaron rattled off the address before turning to write it down, Spencer figured when he picked up pen and paper.

“I won’t forget. We have a lot to talk about tonight but I look forward to it. I need to get going though.” Spencer eyed the time and he had just enough time to get to his next class. He leaned over to grab his bag and when he straightened up, he was pulled into a kiss. He relaxed into it in a way he hadn’t last time and let Aaron have the reigns, only pulling back when he really had to go. “I’m sorry.”

“No. You are fine. It’s your last class yes?”

Spencer nodded.

“Come back here when you are done. I’ll be working on grading papers and then we can leave from here. I’ve seen that you catch the bus more than not. The campus will be deserted. Yes?”

“Yes!” Spencer smiled as he backed towards the door, fumbling it open after finding it locked. He hadn’t locked it so that meant that Aaron hadn’t wanted to be walked in on from the start. He wasn’t able to wipe the smile off his face all through his last class of the day. He was looking forward to the date.

And a possible repeat of sex.
The End



Title: Stuff
Year: Season 7
Tags: Coming Out, Established Relationship,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Derek Morgan, JJ Jareau, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia,
Spoilers: Up to Season 7
Prompt: Person A, disheveled and rumpled: Sorry I’m late, I was doing stuff.
Person B, also disheveled but with a smug grin: I’m stuff

Interpret as you will.
Words: 1,726
Notes: You can visit the HxR Prompt Meme HERE!
Warnings: None

Aaron knew that agreeing to Spencer being the one to decide when to tell the team about them was the best and the worse idea. The best because if it was up to him, he’d never do it. The worst because he didn’t know exactly when he was going to do it.

Morning came too early on the day of the team breakfast. Something that Dave had implemented after the dinner at his house at a way to get back at him for kind of pushing the dinner. Aaron rolled over to try and cuddle against Spencer. Only to find the younger man not in bed. He felt at the sheets to find that they were still warm. He hadn’t been out of bed long. Then the bed shifted and Aaron knew exactly where he was. He only had a few seconds before wet heat surrounded his cock. He gasped and shoved his hand under the covers to feel where his cock was disappearing into his lover’s mouth.

“Spence,” Aaron moaned as he subtly thrust a little farther into the hot mouth. He nudged the back of the his throat and then the heat got hotter and tighter. He’d never been deep throated before Spencer and he never lasted long when Spencer did it. He closed his eyes and braced for what he knew was coming but instead of going farther in, the heat disappeared. A hand enveloped his cock and stroked him up and down a few times. “Spence?”

“You were too tired last night to fuck me. I told you that I wanted fucked in the morning. So I got up before you and got myself nice and stretched. I even worked you up.” Spencer crawled up his body and settled on his hips. “So what do you say. Are you still too tired to fuck me?”

Aaron threw back the covers as he wrapped an arm around Spencer’s waist and flipped them on the bed. The genius settled on his back, legs spread and knees pressed into Aaron’s sides. He braced himself on his right arm, slipping his left down to guide himself inside his lover. He’d stretched himself just enough for there to be no pain but he was tighter than Aaron would have normally allowed him to be if he had stretched him.

“Spencer,” Aaron chastised as he slid inside of him but he couldn’t say much because the moan that his lover let out was obscene. He arched his head back and and his moans got louder as Aaron bottomed out. Leaning down he caught Spencer’s mouth in a kiss. He slid in and out a few times before he set up the rhythm that he knew his lover wanted. He shifted his knees to settle himself better and then leaned up. He pushed up off the bed and braced his arm on the wall. Spencer wrapped his legs around his waist and reached up to the headboard. Once his hand were set, Hotch pulled nearly all the way out and shoved as hard as he could back in.

Aaron kept the pace up as Spencer tried not to bang his head on the headboard. It had taken him weeks to not treat him like glass. Spencer had spent all day working him up, playing and teasing before Aaron had come into his office to find Spencer bent over his cleared desk, naked and legs spread. There had been bruises on his hips but the genius had been near speechless after his orgasm. For weeks, Aaron had been unable to sit at his desk and do work without thinking of it.

“Harder.” Spencer panted and when Aaron pushed in as hard as he could, the genius’s head snapped back and he came. He fucked the younger man through it and held on just long enough for him to look up at him before he allowed himself to come as well. He kept himself braced above the other man but gave in when he was pulled down.

It was a rush after that to get ready. There wasn’t time to fetch Spencer’s car from his apartment so they drove in together to the diner.

Aaron put his car into park in the back most spot in the little spot between the diner and the store next door. There was room enough for six cars. Before he could do a thing, Spencer pushed his seat back and crawled into his lap. “Spence!”

“Shush,” Spencer whispered before he leaned in and kissed him. They were too big to both fit so he knew that the wheel had to be digging into his back. Still he kissed Aaron with passion. Aaron couldn’t help but grab his ass and pull him down. Spencer hissed in pleasure.

“What?” Aaron felt the wiggle that Spencer did when his hands gripped gripped tighter on his ass. “You didn’t!”

“I did. Instead of cleaning myself up, I just slid it inside me. Before Jessica drops off Jack we should have time for the a quickie in that spot you’ve wanted to try.” Spencer opened up the jacket that Aaron was wearing slipped a little packet of lube into his pocket. Aaron moaned as he leaned up and kissed him. With Spencer already stretched and lubed, all Aaron would need to do was pull down their pants and slide into him.

Spencer slide back into his seat and then opened his door. Aaron got out as well. Spencer was digging around in his bag for something so Aaron went off first. Just as he was stepping in he door he realised that he looked disheveled. He started to straighten his clothes as the team looked up at him. He spied the clock over the counter and saw that he was twenty minutes later. Spencer had distracted him too much over the morning.

“Sorry I’m late.” Aaron looked at the team as they looked at him. The bell for the diner dinged as the door was opened and Spencer walked in. “I was doing…”

“Doing?” Dave questioned. The team looked a little worried. Aaron hadn’t been so tongue tied in a while.

“Doing…stuff.” Aaron knew right then that he’d fucked himself. There was no way that team was going to let that slide. Dave’s eyebrow shot up and Morgan had a look of shock on his face. Stuff wasn’t a word that he’d ever used.

“Hey.” Spencer slid into the seat that was open and patted the other for Aaron to sit in. Then his lover looked at the team with a wide grin. “I’m stuff.”

“What?” JJ asked. She looked at Dave and then Prentiss who were closer to where Aaron sat down. The table blocked the team’s vision of Spencer resting his hand on his knee. “Spence is something wrong?”

“I think that our boy genius robbed Hotch of his speech this morning.” Prentiss had a cheshire cat grin on her face.

“What?” Garcia asked and Aaron just groaned a little.

“Hotch said that he was late because he was doing stuff. Reid said he’s stuff. Hence Hotch was doing Reid. Given the blush that Hotch has going on, he didn’t think Reid was going to out them.”

“No, he didn’t but he did give me free reign to tell you guys when I wanted. I just couldn’t pass up on that.” Spencer squeezed his knee before pulling his hand away. He grabbed the cup of coffee that was in front of him and started to doctor it to his liking.

“You and Reid?” Morgan asked.

“Hotch and I have been dating for seven months.”

The waitress came and took the whole table’s food orders so discussion of the relationship was put aside for a few minutes. When she was gone though, Morgan’s gaze was right back on Aaron. JJ was smiling. Garcia looked like she was making up something in her head. And Dave passed Prentiss what looked like a hundred bucks.

“Thanks Aaron. I figured you talk to us in the round table room before a case. Prentiss had that you would allow Spencer to tell us. And JJ had that you’d be outed on the plane by accident.”

“What?” Garcia looked around. “How come I didn’t know there was betting?”

“Because you’d tell Morgan and Hotch would end up with a black eye.” Prentiss smiled as she took the hundred from JJ. “And Anderson had that one of you would get injured and that would out you two.”

“You knew? You all knew? ANDERSON knew?” Morgan near shouted the other agent’s name. Spencer though just looked at him. Stared. After a minute of silence, Morgan slumped down into his seat. “Sorry.”

“I told you that I would choose who I wanted and when. You laid off the attempts at blind dates and hooking me up when we went to bars and clubs. At the six month mark, Aaron told me that he thought it was time to tell the team but that it was up to me when and where. He gave me a perfect opening. To answer the question that is on all of your minds…”

Aaron couldn’t take it. He reached over and clapped his hand over Spencer’s mouth. He knew exactly what Spencer was going to say. The mouth on him was something that had taken a little while to get used to. It was downright hot when they were in bed but today was just to get a rise out of Morgan. His tongue darted out and licked at Aaron’s palm. Aaron jerked his hand away and there was a smirk on his face.

“He makes you happy?”

“Yes, I do.” Aaron was ready to cover Spencer’s mouth. He wasn’t sure exactly what had got into him but he didn’t think that the team was ready for a full look at away from work Spencer. His lover leaned into his side and closed his eyes, humming in happiness. Aaron wrapped an arm around him and pulled him in closer. The waitress set down the first of their plates around the table. As soon as Aaron’s was down Spencer grabbed his toast and seconds later when Spencer’s was done, he dropped half of his bacon on Aaron’s plate. The team watched with curious eyes but said nothing.

“He really makes me happy.”
The End

I Wasn’t Expecting That

Title: I Wasn’t Expecting That!
Year: Season 7
Tags: Awkwardness, Hidden Relationship,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Characters: Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan,
Spoilers: None
Prompt: Garcia and Morgan go over to Reid’s apartment. They use their key to enter and hears him yelling. They rush to the room and catches Hotch and Reid together. Awkwardness ensues.
Words: 1,811
Notes: You can visit the HxR Prompt Meme HERE!
Warnings: None

Morgan pulled the key he had to Reid’s from his pants pocket. Garcia had been trying to call him for an hour before she called and talked him into picking her up and going to Reid’s to check on him. His car was parked outside and he didn’t answer the knocks on the door. He opened the door and found the living room devoid of light. If Reid was home, there would at least be the kitchen light on so he wouldn’t have to turn it off and on to get refills on coffee or water. So that meant that he hadn’t been in since night fell. Gun on him, Morgan stepped farther in, making sure Garcia stayed behind him and that the door was shut. There was a muffled sound from the back and Morgan moved towards it.

“Derek?” Garcia asked, her voice soft.

“I don’t know, Mama just stay here.”

The noise stopped so Morgan did as he was just starting go down the small hallway to the bedroom door. A groan sounded and it didn’t sound like it was a good one. Morgan pulled his gun and crept closer to the door.

“FUCK!” Reid screamed and then “Don’t!”

Morgan grabbed the door handle and flung the door open. It didn’t crash into anything and he just stood there looking.

“Don’t stop. Fuck. Don’t. So good.” Reid was lying face down on the bed with someone over top of him. He was fucking Reid. Morgan was two steps into the room when Reid’s words cleared his brain. Don’t wasn’t a stop it was a call to not stop. The man on his was moving forcefully but he didn’t seem to be too rough. They were both covered in sweat. Reid’s head was turned to the side, eyes closed, mouth open panting. Morgan didn’t seem to be able to move.

It was a call to how focused he was on the pair that he jumped when a gasp sounded behind him. He didn’t turn though. His eyes were locked on Reid as the younger man’s eyes flew open and turned to look at him. He barely registered that the man on top was moving until he realized that he was eyeing Reid’s ass. Bareback. There was no condom on the other man. He looked up into Reid’s face and all that was there was shock and apprehension. He didn’t know why that look was there. Reid had told him a long time ago that he was bisexual. He wasn’t aware that he was with someone.

“Hotch?” Garcia asked, her voice barely loud at all.

Morgan finally turned away to look at the man who was covering Reid up with a blanket, himself still naked. It was Hotch. The look on Reid’s face made sense. Morgan turned, grabbing Garcia as he moved back into the hall. He didn’t even pull the door shut. He just marched right into the living room. Bareback meant relationship. That meant it had been going on a while. After turning on the kitchen light, he looked around the living room, seeing a few things for the first time. Hotch’s shoes by Reid’s at the door. A tie on the back of the couch that wasn’t Reid’s. Evidence of a dinner for two on the table and counters in the kitchen.

“No wonder he wasn’t answering.” Garcia wasn’t by him anymore. Instead she was over by the coffee table. She looked like she was going to sit and then thought better of it and moved to the chair by the chess table. Morgan moved to where he could see the couch and saw clothes in a pile on the floor. It looked like things had started in the living room and moved to the bedroom. The team was on stand down, mandatory after the wreck that had been the case before. The only thing getting them called back in was the President getting kidnapped. There were two cells phones sitting on the coffee table. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“No kidding.” Morgan wasn’t sure exactly what he was going to say. He’d allowed Garcia’s frantic worry about Reid to color what he would have done. He should have called the house phone. Reid answered it in case it was his mom. One hour of the genius not answering his phone wasn’t the end of the world.

“Morgan?” Reid called out as he entered the living room. He turned back to look at the younger man. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and what looked like it might have been an oversized t-shirt. He moved farther into the living room, throwing on the overhead light. The only word that Morgan was able to read on the shirt was law. It had to have been one of Hotch’s then. “Did something happen?”

“No. Garcia got a little worried when you didn’t answer your phone. She got me all freaked out.”

“You didn’t think to call…The landline isn’t broke. Or it wasn’t two hours ago. I used it to place an order from the local grocer for in the morning.”

“Like I said she got me worried.”

“I can’t fault you for coming into the room when I screamed. We’d switched positions.”

“Where’s Hotch?” Morgan asked, looking around Reid to the hallway. There was no light filtering out. He was ignoring the comment about positions. He was having enough trouble trying not to see what he had seen already, he didn’t need his imagination making more up.

“I told him that I would handle this. I don’t need two alphas fighting. This is awkward enough.” Reid did look a little upset but there was no shame on him. Morgan knew the age difference between the two but he didn’t want to say a word about it because it just made sense. Hotch was stable, something Reid didn’t have a lot of in childhood. Reid was the younger member on he team but his childhood stopped young. The thought of them together, happy, just fit. Reid’s eyes moved to Garcia and something nearly wicked passed over his face. “If you sat there to bypass the couch, you’d be better on a kitchen chair.”

Garcia was up like lightning out of the chair. She didn’t say anything but she looked like she might. She looked at Reid like she wanted to ask.

Reid beat her to it. “Strip chess. It’s the only time that Aaron actually beats me.”

“How long exactly have you and him been…” Morgan knew that Reid was baiting him.

“Dating? Six months after the divorce. We were about to tell the team and then Foyet and then JJ leaving. Prentiss’s death and then resurrection. We’d get to where we were ready but then something else would happen.”

“Five years?”

“That’s a close enough estimation. I could get down to seconds if you want.”

“No, thank you. I don’t needs the seconds.”

“Or the thirds?”

“Reid.” Morgan just glared at him.

“Which are you having more trouble with? That I’m sexual at all or that I take it up the ass from Aaron?” Reid’s posture changed but Morgan couldn’t say a word. He could understand exactly what he was saying though. Morgan relaxed and sat down on the arm of the couch. As soon as he did, Reid relaxed as well. Garcia took a few steps and when Reid smiled at her she moved up to him and hugged him.

“It was just a little much to take in, Reid.”

“I know it was Garcia but Morgan had his dander up and I wanted it gone.”

“You were hot,” Garcia mock whispered in his ear. Reid laughed and Morgan could see a blush creeping up his neck. “Boss man seemed to be giving you what you wanted.”

“Always.” Reid smiled and kissed her cheek before disentangling from her and stepped back to the hall entrance and nodding. The soft padding of feet was heard. Hotch stepped up behind Reid, looping an arm around his waist. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

“I guess it’s time to tell the whole team,” Hotch said with a smile on his face. Morgan watched as he slipped a hand under the younger man’s shirt. “I…”

“DADDY!” Jack yelled from outside the door. The door opened and Jack stopped his running when he saw Morgan and then Garcia before his eyes finally found his dad. “Look what Aunt Jess bought me!”

The boy ran right at Reid, letting himself be picked up and his prize shown off. It looked like some kind of lab kit.

“That’s cool. Is that for you and Spencer to set up in the morning?” Hotch asked. He let go of Reid and stepped around him. Jack though wasn’t showing an interest in getting out of Reid’s arms. Jessica entered then a smile on her face.

“I see what interrupted date night. I was shocked to get the text.”

“Yes. Well. Thanks for watching him.” Hotch kissed her cheek before she said her goodbyes to the room. The two youngest in the room were moving towards the kitchen with their heads ducked close together. Hotch shut the door and turned to Morgan. “Why don’t we see if everyone is available for dinner. We can kill two birds with one stone.”


“Can I put it in my room for tonight?” Jack asked loudly, drawing all eyes in the apartment to him.

“Sure. Just don’t open it up until your father or I are awake and in the room with you.”

“Okay.” Jack was set down and he ran to the back of the apartment to what Morgan knew had been Reid’s little office. Had he turned it into a room for Jack? Why had he?

“Our house isn’t quite ready to live in yet but we can host a dinner party there tonight. I’ll text the team the address. Spencer’s apartment is closer to the new house so we combined to live here instead of two different places in the final stages of the house renovations. We were going to wait until we were ready to move in and do the reveal but I don’t think that asking you both to keep it a secret is the way to go.”

“I am sorry for just barging in like that. I more than have a good incentive to never do it again,” Morgan apologized. He watched as Reid just smiled at him and Hotch nodded. Morgan was more than ashamed at catching them in that position. The awkwardness was there and he sincerely hope that he didn’t room with them any time soon as cases. He wondered if Rossi would be willing to room with him and they could just stick the two of the them in the same one forever. It would solve so many things.
The End

It’s A Boy

Title: It’s A Boy!
Ratings: Teen
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner,
Spoilers: Up Through Season 8
Prompt: Established H/R. The first time Jack calls Reid “papa” or a variant thereof.
Words: 1,434
Notes: No Beth, no Maeve. You can visit the HxR Prompt Meme HERE!
Warnings: None

Spencer settled another load of freshly laundered clothes onto the bed and started to fold them. Everything went into three different piles. One to be hung up in the closet, one that went into the drawers, and the third pile to a consignment shop three blocks down that Spencer found a lot of nice clothes at. He shopped there sometimes when he wanted to find off the wall things. He’d taken Jack there just two days before and the boy had found so many clothes that it had prompted a cleaning out of Jack’s closet. The things that Jack wanted to take to the shop were just waiting Aaron’s approval before they were taken there. The cleaning out of seven year old’s closet had prompted Spencer to finally get the last of his things from storage and move them into Aaron’s, their apartment. It was all clothes that he’d been grabbing a box at a time.

Aaron was away at a conference with Rossi in LA for a week and it was summer so Jack was home from school. Jack had been given the choice of staying home with Spencer or spending the week with Jessica. Spencer had been shocked when the young boy had chosen to stay home with him. It was the first time that he’d done anything like that. Spencer didn’t mind as the whole team was given the week off as a well since most of them were at the point where they were going to lose time off if they didn’t use it.

Jack was asleep in bed and Spencer was taking advantage of the time to just unwind. Sorting the clothes was calming to him. When the bed was empty, Spencer remade it with the clean sheets and laid down to read. He’d found a new used book store the weeks before and was making his way through their offerings. It was the rare moment when he was home without Aaron and he wasn’t sure what to do with himself.

The shifting of the bed woke him up. He set his book aside as he recognized the shape of Jack. The boy was under the covers and cuddled into Spencer’s side before Spencer was fully awake. There was only the bedside lamp on so there was darkness on Jack’s edge of the bed.


“I don’t feel good, Papa. I think I caught Aunt Jessica’s summer cold. My body aches and I’m cold.”

Spencer reached under the bed on his side and grabbed the heavy blanket there. It was for the nights when he was cold. He sat up and flipped the light blanket up to cover Jack with the heavy one and then the light one over top it. Jack cuddled back into his side. “I need to get some fever reducer in you before you go to sleep.”

Jack reluctantly let him go. Spencer went to the cabinet in the bathroom that held the medicines for Jack. The children’s Tylenol was right at the front and he read the back even though he knew the dose. This was Jack. He didn’t want to make a mistake. He poured out the dose and carried it into the bedroom. Jack was on Aaron’s side of the bed with a pillow under head. When Spencer sat on the bed, he rolled over and leaned up to take the dosage cup. Jack always took medicine with no issue.

JJ talked about how hard it was sometimes to Henry to take anything. Jack was a wonderful kid and Spencer loved him.

“Can I sleep with you?”

“Of course.” Spencer laid down and covered himself with the blanket. Jack rolled into his side and scooted to where back was up against Spencer’s side. Spencer reached up and touched the base of the lamp to turn it off before he set his glasses on the table.

It was thirty minutes before Jack slipped into sleep and Spencer allowed himself to started to drop off again. He just on the edge slipping when Jack’s words came back to him. There was one word that Spencer had never heard before. Jack had called him Papa. He sat up and looked down at the boy. Jack was dead asleep but he didn’t want to leave the bed. He wanted to talk to Aaron though.

Grabbing his phone he silenced it before he texted that the other man needed to call him. It was after midnight local so it was after nine where Aaron was.

It was under a minute when his phone lit up.

“Spencer, what is wrong?”

“He called me Papa, Aaron. He crawled into bed with me because he didn’t feel well and called me Papa.” Spencer knew his voice sounded panicked but he didn’t care. He wanted Aaron to tell him anything that would calm his now racing heart. He loved Jack, that was never in question. He’d agreed to be a father to the boy when he’d accepted moving in with Aaron and him. He’d just never let the thought Jack would want to call him anything other than Spencer enter his mind.

“You sound shocked.” The tone was like he’d stated a fact but Spencer could hear amusement in it. It was a purely Aaron tone. “Spencer, he loves you. You know that.”

“There is a difference between loving someone and seeing them as a father figure.” Unspoken was that not all father’s deserved the name.

“You didn’t…Pen, last week he gave a five page report on what his parents do for work.”

“Yes. He went over your job and even talked about Haley being a stay at home mom. I remember him talking about it.”

“You were working on that ASAP consult, I should have known you weren’t listening the whole time. He talked about my budget meetings and catching the bad guys. Spencer, he took visual aides. He took a geographic profile with him. That one you two made when his bike went missing two months ago. He even took a copy of that math proof you’ve been working on. He talked about the lectures you do and the papers you write. Haley and I got two pages, the other three were on you. The things you do that I don’t in the job but the rest on your academics. We both catch bad guys but you do better things than meetings and budgets.”

“I…” Spencer didn’t know what to say to that. He looked down at Jack who was wrapped up in the blanket so tight. His face was flush with fever. Spencer’s vision blurred and his words caught in his throat. The Hotchner men had a way of making him vulnerable in ways he never thought he’d allow himself to be. They blindsided him with the depth of their love. He’d told Jack loved him all the time. The boy said it back every time but he told all of his aunts and uncles that. Spencer had never thought it would any different than that. He’d been content. He would have happy with that for the rest of his life. Jack had two parents who loved him. His mother died protecting him. No one would have said a thing if he’d never accepted another parental figure.

Tears tracked down his face and Spencer couldn’t do a thing other than just let them fall. He laid down again and as soon as he was settled with the phone at his ear, Jack rolled over and laid his head on Spencer’s arm. His body was shivering with the fever. He was seeking out warmth and trusted that Spencer would help him.

“Tomorrow, I’m not needed. Dave can give lecture. I can fly home for the day.”

“We are fine, Aaron,” Spencer managed to get out. “We can spend tomorrow on that Star Wars marathon Jack has been wanting to do. I’ll go the store and get the comfort food he likes and then we can veg on the couch all day. You stay there. I have this under control.”

“Call me you need to talk.”

“I will. I love you.”

“Love you, too. Goodnight.”

“Night.” Spencer hung up and set the phone back onto the table, trying not to disturb the sleeping boy. Any sleepiness he had was gone. He curled around Jack as much as he could with keeping his arm in place. He thought about how he could never leave Jack. That he’d kill his own heart before he’d do that to him.

Finally, hours later the steady breathing of his son lulled him to sleep.
The End

Cheating Hussy

Title: Cheating Hussy
Tags: Established Relationship, Genderfluid Character,
Ratings: Teen
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner
Prompt: Hotch has a new bf the team knows about, but when Reid shows up at the BAU as Penny, the team thinks they’re leader is a cheater. Garcia makes it her point to reveal to Spencer that Hotch is no good. Funny ensues.

(Bonus points if Morgan or Rossi hits on Penny in front of Hotch before they find out the truth.)
Words:  1,331
Notes: None
Warnings: None

“Hello,” Morgan said as he looked around the bullpen. He eyed the woman walking in. She was beautiful and seemed to be a little lost. She looked around the bullpen and didn’t seem to be finding what she was looking for. Morgan dropped his file onto JJ’s desk and moved towards her. Her eyes cast over his face and then came back to him and she smiled. “Is there something I can help you with?”

“I’m looking for Agent Hotchner. He was supposed to meet me here…” The woman looked at her watch and sighed. “Ten minutes ago in the lobby.”

“Well, I am more than willing to keep such a pretty lady like yourself company while you wait for Hotch.” Morgan held out his arm and waited for her to take but instead she just looked down at it and then up at his face. “I’ll escort you to Hotch’s office.”

“Thank you,” the woman said and then waved for him to move. Morgan shrugged and moved towards the office, keeping in line with her. She smiled when she stepped inside his office. “Thank you.”

“So is it something that someone on Hotch’s team can help you with?”

“I don’t think so. It’s personal.”

“Personal?” Morgan watcher her take a seat on the couch and then moved to sit beside her. “Agent Morgan, Ma’am. I’m on Hotch’s team so I’m sure that whatever it is, I can help and keep it personal.”

“Penny! I’m sorry. Give me a few and I’ll be ready.” Hotch breezed into the room with Garcia on his heels. Morgan was shocked when he moved over to where they were and gave Penny a kiss. Morgan looked up at Garcia in shock. She was stuck still on the spot she was at. Hotch didn’t seem to notice at all. Instead, he grabbed a clothing bag that was hanging on the far wall and breezed out of the room again. Before Morgan could even process that Hotch was cheating on his boyfriend and that he needed to do something about that, Garcia was across the room.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Penny.”

“Did you know that he has a boyfriend! You need to leave and not think about him again. I’m so upset at bossman!” Garcia stormed out of the room where the rest of the team was gathered, staring at her. “Hotch is cheating on his boyfriend!”

“I’m sorry. I…Hotch does have a boyfriend.”

“I’m well aware of that,” Penny said. She smiled at Morgan and patted his wrist before standing. She moved out of the room and met Hotch at the elevators. The older man slipped his arm around her waist and she leaned into him. Hotch kissed her forehead and then they were gone.

No work got done by anyone on the team as they all discussed and tried to rationalize that Penny knew that Hotch had a boyfriend but yet it seemed that he was something more than just friends with her. Hotch came back from lunch but he went right into a meeting with Strauss. There was no time the rest of the afternoon so when it came time for them all to leave, they stayed. Hotch was still in the meeting with Strauss. The team all huddled in the round table room, making it look like they were working so they were shocked when at thirteen minutes after seven, a man exited the elevator and strolled right up to Hotch’s office. Rossi followed him in and the rest of the team moved to where they could see what was going on. The man waved off Rossi’s hand and said something that shocked the hell out of Rossi. Morgan decided to step into the office and heard the tail end of what Rossi was saying.

“Do you say that to a lot of people?”

“Not really. Just those that I like to mess with. What has all the agents on edge?”

“Who are you?” Morgan asked and the man turned to him.

“Doctor Spencer Reid, Agent Morgan.” The younger man moved around the desk and sat down in Hotch’s seat. Spencer was the name of Hotch’s boyfriend. He opened his mouth to speak but the sound of a squeak from Garcia had him looking out the window to see Hotch and Strauss headed up to the office. Hotch smiled at the team.

“Why are you all still here?” Hotch’s eyes narrowed a little when he looked to see Rossi and Morgan in his office but when he entered the room and saw the younger man he smiled. “Section Chief Erin Strauss, may I introduce Doctor Spencer Reid.”

“Aaron has been talking about you for months. I must know exactly how you got Gibbs to allow you on his team?” Strauss asked as she settled in a chair across from where Doctor Reid was sitting. Hotch took a seat on the edge of his desk with his back to the doctor and facing Strauss.

“I solved a case of his when his entire team wasn’t able to. DiNozzo hadn’t realized he made out with a Trans Man and I picked it up. We were at the same place and I recognized DiNozzo. I’d gone one a tour of the NCIS building the week before. Gibbs called me thirteen times over the next year before he called me in to take over the spot left open by Agent Todd’s death. There was pressure to have a liaison with Mossad take the spot but Gibbs didn’t want that.”

“I thought that Gibbs had a woman on his team?” Rossi asked and looked at. “DiNozzo, McGee, and I can never remember the name of the woman.”

“I remember meeting you Agent Rossi, I’m not shocked you don’t recognize me. I’m fairly certain that Gibbs just introduced me as Penny.” Doctor Reid just smiled and Morgan knew that smile. The woman! “I came to drop off some files for Fornell as he had a meeting here at the Academy and I wanted to surprise my boyfriend. We were in the middle of a case and since I had started the case as Penny, I had to finish it as Penny.”

“Excuse me?” JJ asked.

“I’m a sapiosexual genderfluid man, Agent Jareau.”

“Aaron, I’ll talk to him about it but you know that it’s not going to go over well. No matter who broaches the subject. Doctor Reid, have a lovely day.”

Morgan watched as Strauss left the office. Hotch moved to stand beside where Doctor Reid was still sitting in the chair.

“I’d mentioned my boyfriend is passing but none of you all brought him up again. I know that I keep my personal life personal but no one ever asked about him, except for Dave and well…Spencer and I talked and we were going to let things fall as they may. I wasn’t aware that Garcia was going to announce to the whole of the bullpen that I was a cheating hussy. Anderson told me when I came back.”

Morgan thought about the fact that the person he had hit on was a male underneath and had been Hotch’s significant other.

“And Morgan, you got a pass this afternoon, you aren’t going to get another one. Keep your hands to yourself.” Hotch was smiling when Morgan looked at him but there was a seriousness to his look. Morgan raised his hands up and nodded. JJ was looking between them and then started to laugh.

“Sorry I called you a hussy, Sir,” Garcia said but she didn’t look to upset. She was looking at Doctor Reid like she had found a new friend. Morgan thought that maybe he should warn the young man. Garcia would probably eat him for lunch.

Still Hotch was happy and if this man who liked to be a woman made him happy, there wasn’t anything the team wouldn’t do to make sure they stayed together.
The End

My Captive Genius

Title: My Captive Genius
Year: Season 5
Tags: Kidnapped, AU, MPreg,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Jack Hotchner
Spoilers: Up through Season 5
Prompt: The Boston Reaper goes after Reid instead of focusing on Hotch after finding out Reid being real close to locating him, but Reid hasn’t told the rest of team of his findings just yet. Foyet kidnapps Reid, sends a message to Strauss on Reid’s phone indicating taking a leave of absence for personal reasons. Foyet then goes through Reids text messages and reads on from Hotch. The text reads along the lines of them taking a break from their relationship. The team is suspicious at first of the sudden leave, but Morgan or JJ had talked with Reid hours before Foyet kidnapped Reid and remember him saying he needed some time to finish yet another degree or something. While Hotch believes is because he asked for a break. Foyet still attacks Hotch in his apartment and Foyet makes a remark about having something precious of Hotchs’ but Hotch vaguely remembers what was said.

I was thinking the team doesn’t know about Reid until maybe Rossi makes some type of comment about needing Reid? He and/or Morgan go to his apartment and find his research on Foyet.

I would also like for Reid to be a carrier, meaning he is able to give birth. He is pregnant while in Foyet’s captivity but they both don’t know about it. When the team finally find Reid, he’s in the trunk of the car that Foyet drove to Hotch’s and Haley’s home? Once the doctors look over Reid, his diagnosis is that Reid is severely malnourished, a few broken bones and his knee is busted but he and the baby are going to be ok? This part is really up to the writer.
Words: 4,840
Notes: Goes AU after Amplification
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence,

Aaron walked out of his old house with his son in his arms. The house was on lockdown as CSU was still going through it but he wasn’t needed for that. No one had tried to take Jack from him. The street was filled with black SUVs and tech vans from the FBI but a car nearly a whole block down caught his eye. It looked like Spencer’s Amazon. He wasn’t sure who had followed him out of the house but he knew that someone had. He turned and then nodded with his head towards it. Morgan looked up quickly his eyes widened in shock.

“Is that?” Morgan started down towards the car and Aaron followed, keeping Jack in his arms but shifting him to where he was safe. Jack wasn’t upset with the shift. He just wanted to be in his dad’s arms.

“Why would Reid’s car be here?” Aaron was worried about that. After the anthrax case in May Reid had taken a leave of absence to work on degrees. That’s what the rest of the team thought, Aaron knew the truth. He’d wanted a break from their relationship and Spencer had wanted a break from seeing him. It was his own fault, he knew that. He’d wanted to talk to Spencer about it the moment the younger man had got to his apartment but he’d chickened out and it wasn’t until they’d had sex that Aaron had told him what he wanted. Spencer had been justly upset and Aaron wasn’t shocked that when the next day came around, Strauss had brought him the paperwork. He’d kept his mouth shut on the reasons that he’d taken the leave.

A week ago the team had found out that Spencer had more than just taken a leave of absence, he’d taken a leave of the area as well. Dave had wanted his help on a consult and hoped to extend some kind of branch for the man to come back only to find his apartment empty and signs that he hadn’t been there in a while. His research on Foyet had been spread all over the coffee table and Dave had called the rest of the team in. They’d spent the week going over it all and it’s what had led them to the apartment of Peter Rhea and then the marshall and finally Foyet calling Aaron himself.

The only part that hadn’t made any sense to him or the rest of the team was the taunt again about Foyet having something precious of Aaron’s. The comment had struck a chord with him and he swore that Foyet had whispered it in his ear when he’d been stabbing him in his apartment. He’d never figured it out but right now, staring at Spencer’s car. He was terrified.

Morgan opened the driver’s side door and pulled out the iconic mask that Foyet used. The agent turned to him, holding it up. “Hotch?”

“Morgan, take Jack.” There was nowhere to hide a body, alive or dead in the front or back seats that they wouldn’t see. He moved to the back and pulled out his work keys. Someone else on the team always had a key to each other’s places, for emergencies and a few swapped keys as well. Gideon had used to hold Spencer’s but Aaron had it since the agent had left. He slipped the key into the lock and popped it. He didn’t raise it though. He took a deep breath first.

Opening, the trunk, Aaron stared at the form of Spencer laying in the trunk of his own car. He turned to the house.

“MEDICS!” Aaron dropped to his haunches to reach out but the second that his hand touched Spencer’s arm, the genius’s hand grabbed his wrist and tried to break it. He moved with him and that’s what he saw that he was blindfolded and gagged. He looked malnourished. “Spencer it’s Aaron.”

“Pen?” Jack’s voice called out and that stopped Spencer’s movements in trying again to break his arm. Before Aaron could even move, Morgan was setting Jack down and the boy tried to crawl into the trunk with him. Aaron lifted him up so that he could touch and Jack’s touch on Spencer’s side calmed him down. He reached up when he was sure it was safe and pulled the blindfold off. The younger man blinked his eyes several times and Aaron’s heart broke when Spencer reached for Jack instead of him. Aaron helped him crawl into the trunk and his son curled around Spencer. He used his good hand to remove the gag and Jack handed it over to Aaron before he started to pet Spencer’s hair. He looked clean, like he’d been allowed to shower.

“Jack, buddy, how are you doing?”

“Mommy died. George killed her.”

The sound of running feet had Spencer trying to shift in the trunk to pull Jack to safety behind him and he cried out in pain. He was dressed in a t-shirt and what looked like a pair of sleep pants.

“Where are you hurt?” Morgan asked. The other agent stayed back from the trunk and when Aaron looked at him he saw the worry on his face. The rest of the team was on the heels of the medics.

“Spence?” JJ exclaimed as she got within visual range. Only the quick thinking of Morgan had him grabbing her to stop her. Spencer was sitting up and Aaron could tell that he was hurt. His one arm was tucked into his body and his knee…his knee was wrapped with something. The pants were hiding whatever it was but it wasn’t hard to see the larger than normal knee. The younger man had Jack behind him, sort of, in the trunk.

“Jack?” Spencer asked and the young boy moved closer. “Where’s your father?”

“Right in front of us.”

“And the nice people who are here to help me?”

“Just behind him.”

“I need you to go to your father.”


Spencer’s face followed Jack as he moved but Aaron wasn’t liking that while he’d pulled off the blindfold, Spencer seemingly couldn’t see. Morgan took a step towards Spencer when Jack was clear of the trunk but when the genius tensed up, he stopped.

“Doctor Reid, my name is Elizabeth. I was one of the medics that transported you to the hospital back in May. Do you remember me?” One of the medics said but she didn’t move.

“I do. I have a dislocated left arm as well as a broken radius and ulna that I set and braced weeks ago. The should I have been unable to pop back in. I was shot just above my knee sometime in May. I don’t know the exact date as I was unaware but I know that it’s the same day that Hotch was stabbed by Foyet, I was shot when he returned from that. Foyet wanted me alive so I was given the things needed to treat the gunshot wound as well as antibiotics. I know I am malnourished but I was kept in vitamins. My blindness is not permanent and will fade in about an hour. It’s a mixture of some kind of herbs that given temporary blindness, he never told me what. The rest of my injuries I will gladly discuss when I reach the hospital and am with my attending.”

“Any place we should be careful of when helping you you?” Elizabeth asked.

“My stomach is tender, please don’t touch it.”

Aaron watched as the two medics helped Spencer out of the trunk of the car and onto the gurney brought over. Jack stayed in his arms up until the doors were closing and then he cried out. He wiggled out of Aaron’s arms and dropped to the ground and ran towards the ambulance. Elizabeth paused in closing the door and looked at Aaron. He’d almost lost Jack that day but Jack had lost his mother and he wanted Spencer. Could Aaron deny him that? He nodded at Elizabeth and the woman hopped out and picked up Jack to settle him into the ambulance.

“Strauss just got here,” Prentiss said.

Aaron looked over to where she was getting out of a car and her face was sad. He’d never been given access to the emails where Spencer had contacted her to set up his leave of absence and he wanted to see them now. He wanted to see how the hell Foyet had gotten to keep Spencer captive for five months and no one had known.

It was hours later that Aaron was able to go to the hospital and get Jack. Jessica had gone to sit with him and Spencer. Just for the sake of having someone to watch Jack. Spencer was set up in a room alone with a guard outside. Thankfully, it was Anderson. He nodded and opened the door as soon as he got near. Aaron expected to see Jack in bed with Spencer and Jessica at his side but instead there was a doctor standing at Spencer’s bedside and Jack was sitting on a chair to the side, a book in hand. Spencer saw sitting up in bed. His arm was casted and in a sling and it looked like his shoulder had been popped back into place. Blankets covered his leg but it looked like he had a brace of some kind on his knee.

“Doctor Reid, I need to know the…” the doctor stopped speaking when Aaron stepped farther into the room. “And you are?”

“SSA Aaron Hotchner, his unit chief.”

“Good. You are listed as his medical power of attorney on the file we received. Maybe you can talk some sense into him to take a rape kit.”

Aaron’s knees nearly gave out on him. He looked at Spencer in pure shock.

“And I have explained that even if a rape did happen, it was five months ago and therefore there would be no evidence of it.”

“Spencer?” Aaron asked.

Spencer ignored him though and looked back at the doctor. When the man reached otu to him, Spencer jerked away and Jack cried out. Aaron hadn’t even realized that the boy wasn’t reading anymore. Jack jumped down from the chair and kicked at the doctor’s shoe. Aaron opened his mouth to correct his son when Spencer laughed. “He said he was going to do that the next time you tried to touch me. I told you that I wanted a new doctor but still you stand here. Either get me a new doctor or I will leave this hospital AMA.”

The doctor huffed and left the room. Jack moved closer to the bed and pulled out what looked like a step stood and used it to climb up into the bed on Spencer’s good side. He cuddled down into Spencer’s side and Aaron noticed for the first time the round lump in Spencer’s middle. Jack’s hand went right to it and started to pet.

Aaron knew that Spencer was a carrier. The genius had told him long before they’d ever had sex for the first time. He was on birth control and they used condoms every single time. He could understand why the doctor wanted to run a rape kit but Spencer was right, if Foyet was the father, the evidence was long gone.

“He didn’t rape me, Hotch. He’s a hebephile and has no interest in men at all.”

The knowledge that Spencer had gone out and fucked some strange man just a day after they’d taken a break hurt more than anything in the world. The door opened before Aaron could say anything and the team all filed in. He knew the exact moment they all saw it. Aaron couldn’t take it. He fled the room, running into Jessica as he did. She didn’t say anything to him just gave him an encouraging smile and then went in the room. He stood there outside the door for a long while.

Nothing could penetrate the sound of his own breathing until he heard raised voices in the room. he moved back to it and hand his hand on the handle when he heard Morgan yell.

“Who else could the father be but Foyet? Just because you say that it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it will go away!” Morgan yelled.

“The father of my baby left me, Morgan. He gave me a pity fuck and told me to get out of his life. Is that what you wanted to hear?” The sound of beeping machines were the only sound for a few seconds.

“OUT!” Jessica yelled and Aaron took off running. He didn’t want to see the team. He didn’t want to see anyone. Jessica was there. She’d take care of Jack. He didn’t stop running until he made it into the office.

He worked on files and his report of exactly what happened over the entire debacle. From the call with Morgan in the car with him until the medics took Spencer away. When he laid down to sleep on the couch in his office, all he could see was the blood on his hands from the fatal shot that either he or Morgan had put into Foyet’s neck when he’d been hiding behind the curtain.


Aaron didn’t go back to the hospital until after the hearing to clear him and Morgan. He didn’t go back until Haley was in the ground. He didn’t go back until after Strauss offered him retirement. He didn’t go back until after Jessica offered to watch Jack whenever he needed it. He didn’t go back until his guilt at what he’d done to his lover was less than his guilt of not seeing him.

The hospital was quiet at eight at night, at least the floor that he was on was. Before Spencer had been in an ICU room until it was determined exactly what his injuries were. Once he was settled he was slipping into the maternity ward. The flash of his badge to gain access to Spencer’s room was disconcerting until the nurse told him that he was on a list of people to be allowed in if he was awake. The room was dark except for a light on a stand in the corner. Spencer was curled in a chair with his injured leg out in front of him on an ottoman. His casted arm was propping up a book and he was reading. It didn’t take Aaron long to see that he was reading for pleasure and not for speed.

“Did you need something, Hotch?” Spencer asked, never looking up from the book.

“To talk.”

“About? Was there something wrong with the statement that Rossi and Prentiss took?”

“I heard you.”

Spencer finally looked at him, closing the book and setting it on the stand. If Aaron didn’t know he was in a hospital, it would look like he was in a sitting room, if one ignored the bed. “You heard me?”

“The day we found you. When you yelled at Morgan. How are you…”

“You think that in the three days between you shoving me out of your life and being taken by Foyet I went and fucked around?” Spencer asked. His face was hard and he was reaching for the button that would call a nurse. Aaron crossed the room and tossed it away. He moved around the injured leg and dropped to his knees in front of Spencer, snagging his good hand. He brought the hand up to his cheek and relished in the touch. He’d had five months to figure out his mistakes with the younger man and he’d planned how to fix it all but finding the man in the trunk of the car had not even been anywhere near what he expected. All of his plans had gone out the window at that point.

“No.” Aaron dropped his head to Spencer’s good thigh and sighed. He let out all the emotions he’d been holding in. He started crying, not caring. Spencer had seen him cry before. If he’d been standing, he would have fell to his knees. The sobs only turned harder when he felt Spencer’s hand jerk from his hold. He braced himself for something, anything but fingers carding through his hair. Spencer curled around him as much as he could with his swollen belly. He was crying so hard that he could only hear the murmur of the words that Spencer was trying to calm him down with. He didn’t stop until he was exhausted and slumped on his hip instead of his knees. He didn’t even feel like he had the strength to lift his head.

“Come on, Aaron. Look at me. Please.” Spencer lifted at his head and finally looked up at him. “There you are. It wasn’t until my second week there when I realized exactly how much Foyet was stalking you that I figured out that you knew. You were certain he was stalking you weren’t you? You hoped that when you figured it out that it was in time to protect me. To push me away to keep me safe.”

“I could feel him watching me. I didn’t know what else to do.”

“So instead of asking for help, explaining to me what was going on, you did the whole lone wolf thing and looked how it turned out. We are a family, Aaron and families rely on each other. He took me because I was precious to you.”

“Precious…he said that just before I killed him and back when he stabbed me. I never…I never linked it to you until I opened that trunk. He told me he had taken you and I didn’t put it together.” Aaron leaned his head down onto Spencer’s stomach, feeling the swell there. “I’ve never asked the team. I was afraid. How is…he or she?”

“She is doing good. My body was taking care of her to my detriment. It’s why I’m still here. Her vitals signs are good and she’s on a good track for where she should be. I’ll need to keep to a good regimen and rest as much as possible. I wasn’t able to take prenatals but Foyet’s game plan ended with my death with you watching after he killed Haley so he was doing all he could to keep me alive. He wasn’t feeding me enough for me and the baby but I made sure that he never knew about her.”

“I read the report. I don’t know how you hide a pregnancy from him for five months.”

“I shudder to think what he would have done if he’d known about her. I was almost ready to escape when he broke my arm. I think he knew. He was so upset that you hadn’t reacted like he’d hoped when he sent the message through Arnold.”

“I was dead inside. Haley and Jack were in WitSec and you were gone and there was nothing for me except staying alive to get my family back. All of them.” Aaron knew that Spencer would stop him if he was uncomfortable with what was happening so he slowly leaned back and grabbed a few tissues to blow his nose and wipe at the tears on his face before he laid his hand on Spencer’s stomach, splayed out. He was shocked at the hand that pulled him up and into a kiss. He sighed as he felt the hand move from his cheek to his neck.

“I’m still not happy with you but I can’t…I can’t be angry anymore.”

“I’ll do whatever you want, Spencer.”

“It’ll be months before I am back to work. She’s due in January and I have rehab between now and then. Then recovery from the birth and then we can see about getting me back into the unit. No one is telling me what is going on with you. Morgan thinks I don’t need to worry but then he doesn’t know about.” Spencer laid his hand over Aaron’s on his belly. He frowned and Aaron was worried and then he felt it under his hand. Just a subtle press against his thumb. He shifted his hand over and felt it more. Spencer started to cry and Aaron could see that it was tears of happiness. He knew in that moment what he was going to do.


Aaron smiled as he heard the faint knock on the front door. He settled Aisling back into Spencer’s arms and laughed as Jack jumped up to answer the door. The boy waited until Aaron nodded, peeking out the window to see the team out there. Jack threw open the door and ushered them all in.

With the complications of being in rehab for his knee and the birth, Spencer had denied anyone but Jack, Aaron, and Jessica seeing him at the hospital. Morgan and Garcia had been the most upset with not being allowed in. They’d respected his wishes but had complained to the rest of the team. He was still adjusting to being free. Five months of captivity, even if it had been relatively free captivity in that he was allowed around the room he was in, as much as he could move was still mind altering. He was cleared for duty mentally, when his body was ready for him to go back.

The team hadn’t known though that the entire reason that Aaron had taken the retirement that Strauss had offered was that he wanted to spend all of his time with his kids. Being there for Spencer during his recovery was a large part of it but they hadn’t known the full reasons for that. The genius wasn’t ready for that level of knowledge. The house that Aaron had bought in the wake of his retirement was two story but Spencer’s bedroom was set up on the ground floor. The upstairs held Jack’s room, the ‘guest’ room, and the master bedroom. The guest room was going to be the downstairs room once Spencer was healed from the c-section he’d had to have. The upstairs room was all set up as a nursery. Right now Aisling’s crib was set up in the downstairs room and Aaron slept in the same room, up until Spencer had been unable take him sleeping in the bed with him.

“Hey, hey Pretty Boy. I was shocked when texted that you were here. I figured you’d go back to your apartment now that you are cleared for stairs and non-bedrest again.”

Spencer just smiled at the agent but didn’t answer. He settled Aisling onto his shoulder and rubbed at her back. They had just gotten her to sleep.

“Spencer, how are you doing?” JJ asked as she passed Morgan, glaring at him as she did. She had a book in her hand. She stayed back until he patted the chair beside him. It was a rather huge monstrosity that Spencer had seen in the store two months before and had wanted. Aaron hadn’t been able to say no. It had helped with his back at the tail end of the pregnancy and had made it so that Jack could still cuddle with him for reading.

“Happy to be out of the hospital. I’ve spent too much time there over the past year.”

“How’s little Aisling?” Garcia asked as she moved closer. Her hands were full of bags.

“She’s doing well. All of her tests show that she doesn’t have a thing wrong with her from the extended time I went without medical care. Even her weight is good.”

“Good. Let me see her.” Garcia held out her hands.

“When she wakes up. She doesn’t will with being in strange hands.”

Jack came running and when he made to slip into the chair Morgan grabbed him by the middle and hefted him into the air.

“Woah, bud. You can’t just do that.” Morgan looking at Spencer so he missed the look of anger on Jack’s face. ”

“Why can’t I cuddle with Papa and Aisling anymore?” Jack looked crestfallen.

“Papa?” Nearly everyone on the team asked. Morgan and Dave looked at Aaron while JJ and Garcia looked at Spencer. Prentiss just smiled and helped Jack out Morgan’s stunned hold.

“What else he going call him? He can’t call him Spencer when Aisling going to call him Papa. Hotch is Dad, Reid Papa.”

Aaron looked at Spencer and saw the look of shock on his face. He tried to figure out why until he remembered that had asked about it the night before.

“Surprise?” Aaron said with a smile on his face. Jack crawled into Spencer’s chair and cuddled into his side. Aaron moved around to the side of the chair that Jack wasn’t on and sat on the arm. “Jack asked me last night about what we were going to have Aisling call you and he asked me if it was okay to call you that as well and I couldn’t say no.”

“Why would it matter what Aisling calls him?” Garcia asked.

Aaron almost felt sorry for her that she’d missed exactly what Prentiss had meant with what she said.

“Because it would be weird if Aisling call both of her father’s dad. And confusing,” Jack said as he leaned over and nuzzled at the Aisling’s hip. Aaron’s heart stopped at the sight. Jack was already so in love with her.

“Jack, do you mind watching Aisling while she naps?” Spencer asked. He carefully stood up from the chair and Jack was right at his side as they made their way towards where the crib was set up in the bedroom. As soon as the door was shut, all eyes were on Aaron.

“So you’ve adopted Aisling?” Morgan asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Look, no one believes him about who the father is.”

Aaron looked at the team and saw that the only one who didn’t look sad as hell was Prentiss. She looked mad. She sighed and dropped onto the couch.

“So you all really think that Foyet is the father? You didn’t believe him when he said who the father was?”

“He’s tried to pass off some story about a man who left him but it’s too convenient.”

“Not when the father shoved him out of his life to protect him but ended up messing things up worse. Hotch, will he mind if I go back there with him?” Prentiss asked.

“Yes. That’s fine. Maybe you can talk him into sleeping in his real bed tonight.” The smile that Prentiss gave him told him that she knew exactly what bed he was talking about.

“Look, Hotch. I can understand not wanting to face it but we know with Reid’s past, he’s not going to deny the father access to his kid, even if it was a pity fuck as he called it.”

“And he’s not.”

“Then where is he?” Garcia asked.

“Right here. I knew that Foyet was following me so I pushed him away. I didn’t realize that he’d already seen him. He took Spencer because he knew how much he meant to me. When the full scope of what happened came out, it’s why I retired. It wasn’t just Haley’s death and Jack but I couldn’t take it. He was held captive for five months and hurt because he loved me. He could have lost Aisling and I never would have known about her. I didn’t even realize the condom had broke that night. I was too emotional. I thought he’d left the unit because of me.”

“You are the father?” JJ asked.

“It’s why he’d been staying here and why he’ll continue to stay here. We’ve had a lot of time to talk and work everything out. He’s going to come back to the unit and I’m going to see about a part time job that I can do from home. I want to be there for Jack and now Aisling.”

Aaron motioned for the whole team to sit down and he started at the beginning and went right up until Aisling’s birth. the discussions, the fights, the tears, everything. Prentiss and Spencer stayed in the room with Jack and Aisling until the baby woke up and then it was all about her. It was a stressful day and he wasn’t shocked when Spencer started to tire long before the team seemed like they wanted to leave. When Spencer excused himself for the night and went to bed in the downstairs room, Aaron was a little upset but Prentiss whispered that he was more than willing to have Aaron sleep in the same bed. Aaron had kissed her cheek for that.

When he laid down in bed with Spencer that night, the sound of Aisling’s soft breathing in the background, along with Jack’s heavier in symphony with with, Aaron thought that while life had sucked for the months prior, he was happier than he’d been in a long while.
The End

Going With the Flow

Title: Going With the Flow
Tags: Wing Fic,
Ratings: NC-17
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid,
Characters: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Prompt: I honestly don’t care the reason, but one of them needs to have wings and the other needs to groom them. Grooming wings is a very personal things and the person with wings needs to really trust the person grooming them.

Preference for Hotch with the wings (but if you’d rather Reid have them go for it), and the normally straight-laced unit chief has trouble controlling his reactions when Reid gets his fingers into the sensitive appendages. Doesn’t have to be sexual but I would love either this leading to the start of a relationship or Established relationship.

Bonus: Hotch (or Reid) hasn’t had his wings groomed for years because he’d been focused on other things or hadn’t found someone he trusted.
Extra bonus: If Reid is the one doing the grooming, he is surprised by Hotch’s reactions and gets off on being the one causing them.
Words: 2,603

Spencer knocked on the door to Hotch’s apartment. He had been a little shocked to get the phone call asking him to come over and help him with an issue on his way home from work. Hotch had declared to the team as he’d left early that he had plans that involved an empty house and no stress. Jack was away at a weekend camp for soccer.

“Come in!” Hotch called out from somewhere distant in the apartment. Spencer was shocked that Hotch had left the door unlocked and the alarm off. Still, he turned the knob and entered. The living room lights were off and the only light was in the hallway leading to what he assumed was Hotch’s bedroom. He had left his bag in his car.


“Back here!” Hotch’s voice was normal sounding but it had Spencer on edge. What the hell was Hotch doing? He walked down the hall but drew his gun. He inched along as he neared the bedroom. “You can put away the gun. I’m alone, Spencer.”

Spencer stopped and debated doing what Hotch said but decided not to. Instead he stepped into the bedroom with his gun aimed. He stopped in his tracks when he took in the sight in front of him. Hotch was in a pair of sleep pants with no t-shirt on. He was facing Spencer and his hands were at his sides. The no shirt wasn’t what was drawing his eyes though. It was the two massive silvery grey wings that were unfurled at his back.


Hotch smiled at him but frowned as the wings started to twitch. It wasn’t a slow back and forth. It was a sharp twitch with just the farthest out quarter. Spencer moved to put his gun up and the entirety of the wings froze.

“It’s okay, Spencer.”

Spencer. Hotch had called him Spencer twice. He didn’t understand anything that was going on. His eyes couldn’t leave the wings that were taking up the room. He looked at them and it wasn’t until he blinked and they were still there that he noticed it. Wings in paintings and images were always pristine but Hotch’s wings weren’t. The feathers were messy looking.


“I wanted your help. I just didn’t tell you what I wanted your help with. I can’t care for my wings. I need help with them. I was hoping that you would help me.”

“You want me to do what exactly?” Spencer still hadn’t looked at Hotch’s face. He couldn’t take his eyes off the wings.

“Groom my wings. I’ll walk you through it.” Hotch said it like it was the most normal thing in the world. “Spencer?”


Hotch laughed and took a few steps towards him as he wings tucked in behind his back. He reached out with his hand when he got close and Spencer didn’t even think to try and step away. Hotch’s hand closed around his upper arm and his other hand took the gun from Spencer’s willing hand. He hadn’t realized that he hadn’t put it up.

“I’m willing to answer any questions you have but first I need your help.”

“How do I?” Spencer waved his now free hand at Hotch’s back.

“Well, first sit down on the end of my bed. Go ahead and take off your shoes. I’ll lock up.” Hotch moved past him towards the rest of the apartment and Spencer just stood there. It wasn’t until he heard the beep of the alarm that he toed off his shoes. He’d learned at a young age how to go with the flow when it came to his mother’s delusions. It made his ability to talk to the UnSubs in full delusions one of the best on the team. He wasn’t calling what he saw a delusion but his ability to go with it was going to help. He sat down on the end of the bed just as Hotch came back into the room.

“Is this fine?”

“Yes.” Hotch turned and sat down in front of him. His wings unfurled and Spencer was breathless at their beauty. Even messed up the wings were stunning. He reached out and touched the joint where wing met flesh. Hotch jumped and the wings twitched but the movement wasn’t shocking. It was more like the wings liked it. He trailed his fingers across each side’s upper section of bone. It felt much like fingers did. He pulled back. “It doesn’t hurt. Do whatever you feel comfortable with.”

Spencer brushed at the feathers and the wings settled. He hit a feather that seemed to be at an odd angle and helped move it back. He found a few that were broken and hesitated on them.

“Pull them. It won’t hurt.”

“Why are they in such bad condition?” Spencer asked as he pulled the first feather. There was no reaction from Hotch at all.

“The last time that I felt comfortable with someone enough to have them do this was with Haley, just after Jack was born. It’s personal and not something that I would ever take lightly.”

Spencer didn’t say anything to that. He didn’t know what to say to it. That Hotch was sharing this with him meant that he trusted him. He moved to the left as far as he could as he worked on that wing. When he was done with what he could reach on the bed he stood up. He braced the wing up with his hand and plucked a twig out of two of the larger feathers. He stayed standing and worked from outer in on the other wing. He sat down to work on the innermost part of the right wing. He stopped for a few seconds to try and soothe the muscles that were jumping around on Hotch’s back.

Hotch’s eyes were closed and his body was relaxed but Spencer couldn’t read him and what he was thinking. He hadn’t been told to stop so he kept up with what he was doing. He felt his fingers brush into the wings next and he kept up the motions. The touch under his fingers and palms was relaxing and yet exciting at the same time. He hadn’t touched someone in a long while and never so intimate ever. Sex had always been a way to fill a need. First to prove that he wasn’t afraid of it in college and then later to prove that he wasn’t a freak and unable to find someone to have sex with. He kept his body far away from Hotch. The man didn’t need to know what this was doing to him.

“Do you understand?” Hotch asked.

Spencer was jarred out of his petting of Hotch’s wings and moved back to finish what he was supposed to be doing. He ignored the question put to him so that he could finish up and get out of the apartment. He was so focused on the grooming that he missed it when Hotch shifted onto his knees. He leaned back and Spencer had to push himself back on the bed to stop contact from happening. The older man kept moving back though and he drew in the wings to where Spencer’s hand was trapped. His only option to free his hand was to rip it out of the wing, taking many feathers with it. He didn’t want to hurt Hotch that way.

“Hotch, let me go, please.”

“Call me Aaron, Spencer. People who do that for me have the right to call me by my first name.”

“Will calling you Aaron get you to let my hand go?” Spencer wasn’t sure how much longer he could go with the flow.


“Then I think that I’ll call you Hotch. Please. Let me go.”

“Follow it through to the end, Spencer.”

Spencer sighed and relaxed his hand and moved his other to try and relax the the joint. He rubbed at it and felt Hotch relax more but the man didn’t’ release his hand. He thought about what Hotch could be meaning. The fact he knew about this was that no one had groomed Hotch’s wings since Haley. Since long before the divorce. He didn’t talk about anyone else who had ever done it.

“Who did it for you growing up?”

“No one. My wings grew in after I turned eighteen. I was already in college at the time and until Haley, there was no one that I allowed to do it.”

Spencer tried to understand what he meant by that. He’d allowed Spencer to do to him something that only Haley had ever done. He was sure that Hotch didn’t mean it the way that Spencer was taking it. Hotch had trusted Haley and he trusted him.

“I can feel you.”


“When you touch my wings I get a low level feel of your emotions. It’s why I don’t allow just anyone to touch them. I learned it when my roommate at college came in to help when they were manifesting. He was freaked out and I could feel it.”

“What the hell, Hotch?” Spencer pulled his hand away from him and tried to free his other. Hotch let him go. “What the hell was this? A way to mess with me?”

“NO!” Hotch spun and his wings snapped out. Spencer stood up to leave and stopped when all he saw was silvery grey. There was nowhere for him to go. “No. I would never do that to you. I…I’ve been fighting with myself for two years, Spencer. I was a coward and instead of just telling you what I felt, I tricked you. I thought that you might feel the same so I did this instead. If you had felt nothing, I would have just dropped it and never said a thing.”

Spencer looked in his eyes and saw the truth of his statement. Hotch was looking at him as well and stepped even closer. The wings tightened around them and Spencer tried to step to where he wasn’t touching the wings and Hotch at the same time but it was impossible. Hotch’s hand settled on his cheek and he was pulled close, a kiss on his cheek prompted Spencer to make his decision. He stepped into Hotch’s body and was rewarded with a kiss on his lips. He felt hands on his hips and he was pulled even closer to the other man and he felt the hardness of his cock. The wings wrapped even tighter around him and he moaned into the kiss. It wasn’t hard to lose himself into the kiss.

“Touching my wings feels so good to me. Just as erotic as a blow job. I know that I shouldn’t have allowed you to do it without telling you it all but it felt so good. I miss contact with someone. While I have control of my wings, they are a better barometer for how people feel. How far do you want this to go tonight? Because if it’s nothing farther than this, you need to go now.”

“What are you offering?” Spencer leaned in and rubbed his cheek on Hotch’s. The wings wrapped around him shuddered.

“Whatever you want.”

“What do you want?” Spencer whispered in his ear. He trailed his hands down Aaron’s chest. The name felt right now. “What do you need?”

“I need to touch, with hands and wings. I need skin to skin contact. I want to see you fall apart in my hands.”


Spencer let Aaron take control of the kiss and felt as he was slowly stripped. He was paying more attention to the subtle and not so subtle shifts the wings did as Aaron’s hands touched each piece of newly exposed skin. The first brush of a wing tip down his back had him shuddering. His cock hardened even further at the feel. He’d envisioned sex with Aaron since he’d figured out he was attracted to him. Wings had never come into play, how could?

“You are beautiful.” Aaron stepped back from him and smiled. Spencer let him look his fill. His wings were touching him like they were hands. He allowed himself to be guided around to where Aaron’s back was facing the bed. He reached out and pushed at the waist of the sleep pants down until gravity took them the rest of the way down. It felt wonderful to step up to him, to feel the heat from his body and the feel of flesh on flesh of their cocks.

“You are too.” Spencer kissed him again. This time with a single purpose. To excite them both. He pushed Aaron back until the man sat on the bed and he followed into his lap. The wings tightened around him and helped to hold him up. A hand wrapped around his cock and he looked down to see that Hotch had them both in hand. It felt wonderful. He braced himself back on the wings and traced Hotch’s chest with his fingers. He felt the hitch of breath when he traced the first set of scars from Foyet. “Beautiful.”

Aaron’s hand that wasn’t wrapped around them buried itself in his hair and then he was being kissed again.

“I’m not going to last long.”

Spencer smiled into the kiss. “Don’t hold back Aaron.”

Aaron moaned into his mouth and his whole body jerked as he came. His wings pulled him in so tight that Aaron had to let go of their cocks. Spencer started to thrust into Aaron’s belly and it wasn’t long before he tipped over into orgasm as well. He stayed with his head resting on Aaron’s shoulder while he caught his breath.

“That felt better than I ever thought it would.”

“What do you mean?”

“I never had sex with Haley with my wings out.” Aaron blushed and Spencer could feel the heat on his cheek.

“If you want.” Spencer stopped because it was presumptuous of him think Aaron would want that with him.

“What?” Aaron pushed up at him until the older man could see his face.

“I could fuck you face down and touch them while I do.” Spencer watched Aaron’s face as he spoke. He wanted to see the man’s whole reaction to it. The look of pure lust on his face told Spencer he wanted it. He wanted it too. Or to be cradled in arms and wings while he was fucked.

“I want that but I think it’s a little adventurous with no lube. We can go shopping in the morning and get some. And stop at your place for clothes. I don’t want to let you go Spencer.”

“I don’t want to be let go of but we do need to clean up and sleep.”

It wasn’t long after that Aaron slipped into bed with him after his shower.

“Jack is coming back early Sunday morning. It’s up to you if you want be here when he gets here.”

“I don’t mind…I would love to be here.”

Aaron pulled him in close, wrapping his arms around him from behind. Spencer sighed in happiness. He liked Jack and Jack liked him. Whether he liked him as his father’s lover remained to be seen but he wasn’t worried. Anything that made Aaron happy would make Jack happy. He wanted this. More than he’d wanted anything since he’d got into the BAU.

“No freak outs allowed in bed.”

“Not freaking out. Just enjoying.”


Spencer could feel the smile against his neck as he started drifting off to sleep.
The End